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What would happen if Cat Virgil got lost? I know they're in the mind-scape so maybe Roman accidentally leaves his bedroom door open and Virgil wanders in and gets lost in Roman's world of imagination and creativity. The others get so worried about him and Virgil is completely freaked out. Sorry about the really long idea, but I'm just pondering story possibilities....

Ah, a very real possibility, as cats wander away from home frequently! 

I’m going to answer that, but first, I’m going to use your ask as an opportunity to talk about–

What To Do If Your Kitty Runs Away

A lot of these tips are lifted directly from Pet FBI. I’m just distilling them into a list and adding a few of my own suggestions from experience. :) 

First and foremost: most kitties don’t go too far from home!!! This is the number 1 thing to remember. Cats have a great sense of direction and an even better sense of smell. They know where home is. 

 If this is the first time they have gone out, they are probably scared and hiding. You can check around your home in nooks, crannies, hidey holes, etc–under bushes, in your house’s crawlspace (if you live in a house), 

But remember: cats are VERY good at hiding. You are far more likely to have success luring your cat back than you are finding him on your own. Here are some tips to do that: 

- Leave something that smells familiar to the kitty outside, like a pillow they slept on or even a scoop of used litter. I know that sounds kinda gross but cats tend to return to familiar smells. 

- Leave out some food. The stinkier the better. Tuna, anchovies, sardines, etc. Heat it up for an even stinkier enticement! 

- If you have a garage door, leave it cracked open far enough to let kitty slip in. 

- LISTEN. Cats meow and scratch at doors but they tend to be most active at night. Make sure you’re paying attention! Pet FBI recommends you sleep near the door or even use baby monitors to alert yourself to your kitty’s return. 

- Sit outside and talk. Don’t call for your kitty or cry or plea, but sit outside and talk on the phone or with a friend in your normal speaking voices. Cats respond well to that. 

If your kitty doesn’t return, make sure you check the ‘found’ sections of your local message boards. You can call shelters as well. Alert neighbors to keep an eye out, or make ‘lost’ posters. If kitty hasn’t returned on his own after a few days, there’s a good chance they’ve gotten stuck somewhere, so remember to look UP, too–trees, rooftops, etc. Cats are much better at getting UP than they are at getting DOWN. 

Cats can get stuck in other people’s garages and sheds, too. Take a walk around your neighborhood and chat on the phone, pausing to listen now and then. If kitty is stuck nearby and hears your voice, he may start mewing to get your attention. 

The big thing is don’t panic, and don’t give up! Cats are very independent creatures, and even animals who have been raised indoors have very good instincts for survival. I’ve had cats missing for months who returned one day, pert as you please, like ‘oh yeah mom no big deal, just back from my world tour.’ Keep these strategies in mind, and remember, the sooner the better. Enticing a cat back early is always the most successful method!

Now, for those of you who read this far, a quick little headcanon: 

CatVirgil gets into Princey’s realm when Roman accidentally leaves his door open. Roman runs in after him but Virgil quickly disappears because Roman’s realm is huge and expansive, with forests and meadows and castles and just about anything else you can imagine. 

Roman admits what has happened to the others, and the three of them venture into Roman’s realm to find him. They spend days searching, calling for Virgil, following clues and whatnot. Then one night, they’re sitting around the campfire just talking, and Roman breaks down and starts to cry because he feels so guilty and afraid for Virgil. What if Virgil is hurt? He’s got to be so scared, out there by himself. If anything happens to him–

Just then, the others gasp, but Roman doesn’t notice, because he’s too busy berating himself between his tears. But he does notice when he feels a tiny bump against his elbow. He jerks up and looks down and there’s Virgil, staring up at him, eyes wide and concerned. Roman immediately picks him up and hugs him, crying and laughing because Don’t you scare me like that again, Virgil! and I’m so glad you’re okay!!! 

And Virgil curls in against him and purrs like “yeah no big deal, but i knew you loved me.” 

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Do you really not cry when writing the very emotional chapters e.g. Shade's death, Mare breaking down, King's Cage epilogue...? All of your readers are sobbing over these characters who seem so real to us- surely if they're your own creation you feel so much more heart broken when they hurt?

I don’t know if this is weird or not, but no, I don’t get very emotional over these scenes. Maybe it’s because I see the seams? It’s more clinical for me? Sort of like a doctor doesn’t get squeamish over blood? But I can definitely be moved by other creative works. So far not my own. That seems a bit self-indulgent, I think, to be crying over your own words. 


So I haven’t seen this yet on tumblr….A very creative and hella coordinated cover of Hello.

the signs as people i know
  • aries: kind of cool but usually has a superiority complex. love arguing. i've had a crush or something close to one on every aries i know i think. they're super passionate about the things they love! and i think they seem to be very mature.
  • taurus: i always get close to them (and then they hurt me lol). they're usually really easy going people, but getting them angry is a no. self centred way of thinking when they're upset. the first boy i ever fell in love with was a taurus and he was so cool and he loved music and working out. was obviously pretty insecure. and one of my best friends is a taurus and he can make me angry like no one else on this planet. the stubborn stereotype is very true. bottle things up often. but yea when they're in a good mood they're so chill and just love to feel full of love and life. creative.
  • gemini: so many conflicting feelings about these guys. one of my best friends is a gemini and he's so funny and smart! and just generally a sweet kid who loves people and life. but he's also insensitive when it comes to his humour sometimes. my grandma was a gemini and i loved her with all my heart but after she died i found out she was very manipulative. and then when i was in a relationship, a gemini guy kind of wiggled his way into my heart and he was really kind and sweet but ruined my first relationship ever aha. gemini's definitely love up to the "two-faced" stereotype for me, but not necessarily in a bad way. it's just that you don't get to see all of their sides. they have big plans and they love to learn. they're wise and somehow always know the right thing to say (to me at least)!!
  • cancer: again, very conflicted about these signs. the first boy who ever had a crush on me was a cancer. he was very troubled and addicted to drugs already in elementary school. but he was wise in a way and very emotional. actually all cancer boys i know are very troubled. they're insecure but they hide it by being weird on purpose. the cancer girls i know are very sweet. i have a giant crush on one, she's very shy and soft but really funny. both of the cancer girls i know are funny and have nice senses of style! and they're just sweethearts. they're also easily distracted and don't like school.
  • leo: ugh. i'm biased here because my ex was a leo. she was a lot. i think all leo's i know are just /a lot/. not in a bad way but if you get involved with them they're going to be a big part of your life, they won't be background characters. very generous people. most of them that i know are very conscious of their outward appearance, and work to create aesthetics for themselves. opinionated but open minded.OH and one of my very sweet internet friends is a leo, she's funny and charismatic and creative! i think leos like to share what their world looks like through art?
  • virgo: hey it's me. i know like 4 other virgos though. they're all very likeable people. virgos can be either introverted or extroverted but they give off the same vibe either way? usually teachers favourites, even if they don't mean to be. they just seem easier for adults to approach than other teenagers for some reason? also they are really clever at getting out of things they don't want to do. usually a lot of people know their name but don't really /know/ them. they putter at small tasks when nervous. messy rooms but like everything else to be tidy.
  • libra: two of my best friends are libras! they're TOTALLY natural flirts omg they love it. very very funny. quick thinker. hates making people upset at /them/ but isn't the most sympathetic person and can be blunt. little bit of a victim complex, but that's really how things feel to them. hates stupid people. obsessed with love and relationships and feeling wanted. things are very black and white until it's about them self. super sweet when they want to be. they like writing and always have a lot of ideas! and they get really dedicated to the things they're interested in.
  • scorpio: my brother and my best friend's sister are scorpios. also a few people i know in school. they're funny. the boys are very sensitive, maybe the girls are too but they don't show it as much. thinking before acting? they don't know her. they have wicked smiles. like to make people feel stupid. they do not ever get embarrassed!
  • sagittarius: tbh i only know two of u. had a crush on both but didn't know them toooo well. they're really funny! and passionate. also really chill unless you insult someone they love? honestly they just love to have a good time! sorry that this ones short :(
  • capricorn: one of my kind of close friends is a capricorn. she's super strange and she has adhd. she used to be bullied a lot and i stood up for her but then she turned around and bullied me? we were still tight though. she is super passionate about about gymnastics and hairstyling and that's what she dedicates her entire life to. in high school we became better friends with no bullying involved and im honestly just so proud of her for continuing to work hard through all of her struggles. also she's a hoe and has a lot of fun with that. opinionated and mature in a unique way. like they aren't gonna do stupid embarrassing shit so they're mature like that, yet childish when it comes to controlling them self and understanding their own emotions
  • aqaurius: my parents are both aqaurius and my ex best friend was one and a boy i was in love with was one and one of my close pals is one. passive aggressive as FUCK. major god complex. awful senses of humour but they're still funny. emos cuz they feel like they're different than other people, and they usually are. theyre cool and inspire me. afraid of real emotions but they feel a lot of them. probably have had an encounter with a ghost or UFO
  • pisces: you little fuckers. i can't meet a pisces without getting a crush on them. they're soft. very unique compared to the people they hang with. they have huge beautiful minds and you will feel SO special when you get to witness their thoughts.honestly just the cuddliest looking people. thinking about them hurts my heart. i think my soul mate is probably a pisces. they probably love music and sunrises.

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Hiya,just wondering if you have any fiction on mace and Jules?They're adorable and I'd love to read about them!Not smut or shiz like that,as that never really focuses on characterization or plot, but a Bella gay romance would be fantastic if there is

Aww aww this message made me so happy it’s always so nice to know people are interested in my characters!! (´•ω•̥`)

Unfortunately I have no writing about them. I’m not very confident in my creative writing skills which also explains why I haven’t worked on that darn lesbian webcomic. The most I can do is comic strips. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Thank you so so so much for being interested!! Here is a doodle to show my appreciation!! Mace walks Jules to art class! ( shh they don’t know the class peeks at them & Jules always wonders why people giggle when he enters the room.)

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Hey! I know you've probably got stuff on but if you ever felt like adding to I am hockey (and so can you) I'd really appreciate a post on the playoffs. Atm I have NO idea what is going on :/ 1 minute this is the most important game next thing you know they're playing again??? I come from a bg of A(ussie)FL and once you lose against the team your playing against, you go out and get drunk bc your season's over. So yeah. I am VERY confused. If you just want to Reply, that's fine 😊 (I'm an edm fan)

oh man, a whole post on how seeding works would take a million years, but this is the basics: there are four rounds, the very creatively named rounds 1 &2, the conference finals, and the stanley cup finals. in each round, teams play to the best of 7. in the first round, 8 teams from each conference start off (so, 4 matchups total). 

right now these matchups are:

eastern conference

leafs v caps
pens v jackets
habs v rangers
sens v bruins

western conference

ducks v flames
oilers v sharks
hawks v preds
wild v blues

in the second round, the winners play each other, also to the best of 7. in the conference finals, the two teams still standing from each conference play each other. the winners of the conference finals go on to the stanley cup finals, and whoever wins that wins it all and gets a shiny new boyfriend (or, in my case, keeps their shiny old boyfriend, because he loves us the most and we’ve built a life together over the course of the last year).

hope that helped! no offense but i hope your team loses and mine repeats.

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Oddly enough, I can actually see Sanji and Riskua becoming good pals. I can see them have that kind of friendship where they flirt with each other but both know it doesn't mean anything and it's more like witty banter. Just remembering all of Sanji's sneaking around as Mr. Prince and how he's actually pretty observant (and very kind to people). I feel like Riskua would appreciate the sneakiness in a crew filled with hotheads. Also with her writing and his cooking, they're both creative types.

Yeah, Sanji and Riskua are going to get along, but then again all the Strawhats get along, despite the occassional bickering. Riskua’s rarely one for confrontation though, so her interactions with a lot of them will be significantly easier. 

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What do you think about The New 52 and not just Superman and Wonder Woman? Many people inssist that it was terrible and that DC Rebirth is the beast thing in DC Comics and while i admit that Rebirth is very creative in some areas i can't stop feeling confuse because of what they're doing. Also, i came to think that maybe The New 52 indeed made some mistakes (Bar Torr and Lobo) but i still think that it was actually better that most people realize. So i will like to know everyones opinion.

Stories from the new 52 were very good. From Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Batwoman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Animal Man, Metal Men, Harley Quinn and so many more. They were easy to get into as well.  These people are long time fans who want no change. They want what they read for the last 20 some years to stay the same. No other people it seems have a right to have updated versions of the characters. They alone should dictate the direction of comics. Compare honestly Rebirth to New 52. New 52 was creative. Rebirth is a recycled rehash of the 90ties that has been so convoluted that many people are confused by what happened or did not happen or have to get so messy and complicated in their explanations to try to justify the changes that it just suggests bad writing .DC jumped the shark to give older readers…the “meat and potatoes”…”the longbox” collectors what they demanded than try to build on what they did in the 2011 reboot and  have a more diverse and broader readership. They deliberately messed up the new 52 .

 DCYou was an initiative tried to be more diverse but it also ended up messing up the momentum of many good books with necessary crossovers and idiotic plot points. Eg Peter J Tomasi who had Clark tell Diana he did not love her anymore as the main selling point. Tell me. You love them as a pairing or a casual and new fan to DC, is that a way to get you buy their title? Tomasi was out to sabotage a successful book. DC was already planning to screw the new 52 and a good Superman version.

End of the day DC’s core audience don’t want diversity. It can be seen by the poor response to DCYou and even the few diverse titles in Rebirth. Look at Cyborg, New Superman and Batwoman and Apollo and Midnighter, etc and where their numbers are post Rebirth. They are terrible. It says something about the readership DC pander to and sadly something about DC in that they allow themselves to not try to be more creative, experimental and inclusive. Also take the blurbs that go along with Rebirth and the manner they address the readership. They make it seem as if new 52 fans mean nothing. The new 52 actually according to analysts saved the industry. It gave DC and Marvel and huge boost and DC are spitting at it and the fans by not acknowledging it. I stopped buying DC when the new 52 ended. DC are not catering for the likes of a reader like me. Their titles imo are too conservative and stagnant and lack creativity. If I wanted safe and basic I’d never read in the first place.

Ironic thing is the numbers sales wise don’t really justify Rebirth over the new 52. Other than the old time readers singing praises for lackluster stories…the sales figures are not better or greater. DC Rebirth was a reboot trying not to be one seeing they already did one not too long ago. They got some #1′s. Had initiatives the new 52  never had like double shipping and returnability and staggering the release of #1s.  They got market share for a bit but lost it again. Even Marvel at its worse has taken back market share. They say Rebirth Superman is selling so great. Look Superman is at 50k and dropping currently and he is supposed to be a flagship character and supposedly his new status quo is what everyone wants. Those are not good numbers. I am sorry compare him to Batman and he is waaay behind. This Rebirth initiative has not done anything spectacular sales wise. Same for Rebirth  Wonder Woman. DC keeps using all this hyperbole. Greg Rucka is a “fan favorite”. He is a favorite of some fans I can give you that. But not all fans. His Rebirth Diana story is not exactly a great one. Just a rehash and mish mash. And the sales of Diana reflects the response. It is now in the 40k range in less than a year. Azzarello stayed 3 years and even the Finches sold around the same or better. My point is no one can say new 52 is bad stories or deserved ending because based on comparative numbers…both initiatives had ups and downs and the sales are the true arbiter, not PR and hyperbole. Nor bitching online. Even the  Rebirth Justice League stories and sales are not as good as new 52. Look end of day good or bad is subjective. Readers have bias. But the new 52 era was a very good time in comics. Some of the best ORIGINAL story lines came out of it. I shall treasure the books I have and it is a shame DC can’t acknowledge its importance.

Rebirth is going to be doing a lot of events and crossovers to get sales up. It is the norm when you run out of ideas. I mean, if you freaking going to drag in the Watchmen and blame them for your poor management of your comics division…And if aging readership is the core readers you want to keep then expect other readers to migrate else where. Image and Vertigo and the independents seem to be doing some good, exciting and new stuff. Other than that maybe DC might get some good talent on AU or lone graphic novels…because imo canon is not worth wasting money on every month. I mean 5 years of story you thought happened  never did. But 5 years of money did leave your pocket. 

His fingers brush across my grayscale skin and I’m finally starting to show some color. He loves the way my cheeks and lips bloom a rosy pink and I’m glad he does. He tells me how exciting life seems through his tinted lenses. He says that I’m starting to look like art. I don’t tell him that I didn’t mind living in black and white.

His fingers graze against my shaded wrist and I’m surprised by his touch. Violent reds mark my skin like the prints on pointing fingers and the vision of an artist who stopped trusting his paints. He says that he is sorry; that not all of his mistakes can be erased, scratched out, colored over. I don’t tell him that some mistakes should just be avoided.

His fingers wrap around my canvas neck and I stare at him with widened eyes. He stares back like he’s gazing at an art exhibit and I miss the feeling of going unseen. I’m marked with shades of violet and blue and he says that I look beautiful. He doesn’t realize how cold this picture has become. I don’t tell him that I would’ve gasped if only I could breathe.

His fingers close the lids over my blackened eyes so he can focus on all of the color. There is no rhyme or reason to his abstract motivations, no scheme to follow or pallet to use. To him, it is my fault that I’ve been reduced to this constructed mess but to him, I am still beautiful. He says that I am his masterpiece. I don’t tell him how ugly I feel in his colors. I don’t tell him that he’ll never be an artist.
—  quitethefallacy , Shades of a Different Kind of Art

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I'm in love with your creativity!! What does kenpachi and shunsui's s/o do or say that makes them realize they're actually in love?? :]

Shunsui Kyoraku: Shunsui actually falls in love with his lover when they say I love you first, just the way their face lights up and the love shining through their eyes, he knows that they are very serious about this.

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi starts to notice how you react with Yachiru, when he sees his lover and Yachiru get along he knows that they are the one, he knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with them.

The signs as I know them IRL
  • Aries: cynical, sarcastic and can be rude and dismissive towards someone they hate or just about anyone when they're in a bad mood. also can be very enthusiastic, especially about things they love, and is equally talented in making new friends and deterring them. it's obvious when they're flirting, but they don't actually do it very often. contrary to popular belief, they are creative and have a big imagination - they can be poets, authors, songwriters, choreographers, etc just as well as some of the more "creative" signs. either acts on impulse or thinks too much. belligerent and more than willing to fight for what they want to protect, and sometimes for smaller reasons than that. has a tendency to say stupid or crass things to cheer others up, as they are not much for comforting. witty and has a rather satiric approach to humor. loud and free about their opinions. usually closed off about their emotions and thoughts, except towards the few they trust. strong in every sense of the word, but actually more sensitive and observant than they seem. honors honesty and tolerates no bullshit. doesn't care how others think of them. always the most likely to stand up for themselves or their friends.
  • Taurus: friendly and warm personality, usually very welcoming towards everyone. kind to everyone they meet until they have a reason to behave otherwise. tend not to hate people or things in general. extremely hardworking and can look down upon those that don't, but never outwardly rude or condescending. a little bit stubborn in their ways and opinions, but usually for good reason. an all around person, probably has a decent-sized group of friends that they trust and value. loves having fun, but is also responsible. has a way of making people feel comfortable. naturally seems like a trustworthy person. a person people would have a hard time trying to hate, since they don't have any intentions to do anyone wrong. in fact, usually selfish about their intentions, except for the ones they truly love. usually open with what they're feeling or thinking. exceptional support system towards their friends. steady and reliable, usually unchanging in every way.
  • Gemini: outgoing and chatty, always able to find things to talk about and connect with in other people. childish with a youthful kind of energy which is contagious. has a way of cajoling people out of their shells and can talk to nearly anyone. when hurt, they shut down, shutting people out until they have control again. can go on for hours about the most insignificant things, never really shuts up, even when asleep. changeable and can be easily swayed in terms of opinions or other matters. can leap to conclusions. jumps from friend to friend sometimes. can be hurtful with their words and not even realize it. quick to apologize in small or petty situations, but otherwise not so much. has a strong judgement of logistics and other people's emotions. forgives, but not so easily forgets. has a way of letting their own emotions cloud their common sense at times. loves being around people. somehow an analytical and emotional person all at once. is the epitome of a people person - they love being around people and people love being around them.
  • Cancer: sensitive and slightly temperamental, they can go from sweet and friendly to snappish and rude in a span of a few minutes. unbelievably kind towards those they love, but also rather judgemental towards strangers and those they don't like. are actually very hardworking people, with fierce determination and their eyes set on the prize. they can also harbor hidden talents that they don't like to show off. gentle and selfless people, generally. likes to avoid confrontation and doesn't usually stand up to their problems, instead sorting through their thoughts and emotions later on in privacy to try and get a fresh perspective on their situation. actually doesn't like sharing their feelings, they usually bottle them up until they explode. typically levelheaded and introverted. quietspoken. very loveable people. as harmless as they seem, don't push them, as they have a breaking point and that is when they snap. contrary to popular belief, they do know how to defend themselves, and will not hesitate to do so if necessary.
  • Leo: confident and a lil bit conceited, but in an endearing way. super protective of the people they love, like a lioness. not much for seriousness and would rather go out and have fun. does like talking about themselves, but are just as fine with listening attentively to others. has a love for dazzle and the glamourous. popular and well-liked, loves attention but doesn't really go looking for it. could have a small temper but it usually blows over quickly. might seem fickle but is as loyal as they come. treats all of their friends the same, they don't play favorites. against stereotypes, they are also not vain - they put nearly no effort into their appearance but still just manage to look effortlessly attractive. has a talent of taking people's minds off things, if only for a little while. optimists, with a very bright outlook on life.
  • Virgo: either a neat freak or a messy slob, and sometimes both. they take much pride in the things they are good at. has a critical eye and can be judgemental of other people, especially if they consider themselves better than them. might even tend to point out others' flaws. always pays attention to detail, and typically engages in a lot of creative things. might adopt a perfectionist's state of mind. has no problem speaking up and defending their opinion, or standing up for a friend that might not have the courage to do the same. usually patient but can be restless when trying to teach something and their student doesn't get it. doesn't care very much for their reputation - they do what they think is right. they can also be stubborn and refuse to hear things about because they believe that they are right (but usually, they are). not very tolerant towards mistakes. more outgoing than they are generally portrayed. not very emotional, and has a skill of looking at their problems (and others' as well) in a logical fashion.
  • Libra: has a kind of allure that makes everyone like them and makes people fall in love with them, even if they're not the most outwardly attractive. flirts a lot without knowing it. very indecisive and tends to rely a lot on their friends. is a little bit awkward, but this can be considered in an "adorable" way. flighty and changes topics when talking often and without warning. has a tendency to say irrelevant and random things at the strangest of times. has a way of seeming to engage people fully and makes them feel appreciated and valued, even when their attention might be divided or elsewhere. has a happy and sunny vibe. sometimes is too worried about conflict that they avoid it completely, even when it is necessary. can be a little flighty and moody, but knows how to keep all their friends, both old and new.
  • Scorpio: isn't necessarily dark and brooding or moody and mean like the stereotypes assume. instead, they get along with all sorts of people very well. friendly and an entertainer, hard to hate. has a way of seeming very open to people without saying a thing about themselves. very secretive and doesn't like to tell people things. can be deadly quiet when in a bad mood or angry, but they are not aggressive people. only has a few close friends, but due to selection - more than enough people want to befriend them. doesn't go looking for attention or action, but handles it well when put in the situation. usually keeps to themselves. good conversationalist. has deep and intriguing thoughts, and considers the people closest to him priceless. sharp and unique thinker, commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted. much more intense and emotional than they appear at first glance.
  • Sagittarius: bright and mischievous, with a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue. quick and witty thinker. has an unquenchable thirst for challenges, adventures and fun. can be too blunt and insensitive to others, but they're the ones people can count on to keep things real. athletic and can tend to be cocky. careless about most things in their life, and doesn't get very attached to people or things. still, has unbreakable loyalty for the ones they do choose to stand by. doesn't really like apologies, whether it be receiving or giving them. creates trouble, but it often ends up being worth it. can be very reckless and irresponsible, and doesn't care what others think of them. likes to hide weakness and emotion, doesn't really trust people. might be selfish and have a strong sense of self-preservation. playful and has a talent of convincing people to go along with their ideas, whether they're good or not. hard to stay angry at, and rather likeable people. even the people that dislike them find it difficult not to entertain their desires.
  • Capricorn: can be a little bossy, but only because they need everything to be right. extremely hardworking. can get a little whiny and worked up over small, shallow things. set in their ways. could be unwilling to apologize or admit to being wrong. might be too proud and uncompromising. very loyal and logical. protects their friends if need be. usually doesn't show emotion, or shows it in a very level way, until they are pushed too far or they need to let things out. loves having fun, contrary to their strict, severe stereotype. both honest and trustworthy - they are the ones people can trust with their secrets and believe that not a word will be said about them. like Virgo, they are also more friendly than people assume. also tends to look at their feelings in a sensible and rational perspective. can be impressively stubborn.
  • Aquarius: very independent and a little quirky, sometimes slightly arrogant or cocky. has a unique, strange sense of humor, but funny all the same. can be cynical or sarcastic. seems detached from their emotions, and doesn't display them, especially in front of unfamiliar people, but they feel very strongly and love passionately like every other sign. they are observant and straightforward with their thoughts - they would not hesitate to tell people what they thought. openminded and strong in their opinions. likes to act weird and doesn't care who judges them for it. very faithful and protective towards the ones they love. not afraid to try new things and embraces the unknown. much more intelligent than they seem. either loves meeting new people, or is reluctant to do so.
  • Pisces: kind and sensitive, easily hurt by others. very perceptive of other people's feelings. nurturing and comforting towards anyone that needs it, whether they are friends or not. doesn't like to talk about themselves or their personal life. extremely attentive listener, makes others feel as if they matter. a little strange, but in a funny, endearing way. find it very hard to say no even if they want to, especially to those they care for. considerate and selfless, places others' needs before their own. softspoken and doesn't voice their opinions often. is very well liked and seems very sure of themselves, but in private they let their insecurities show. would probably lie to spare someone's feelings, since they hate hurting others, but they are very trustworthy people. they will always play nice, even if they cannot stand the other person.
what I love about the signs
  • aries: determined and actually rly caring
  • taurus: good musicians and they know their own mind
  • gemini: can hold a conversation and they're very intelligent
  • cancer: loyal to friends/family and will always stand up for them
  • leo: good sense of humour and great hair
  • virgo: independent and always super reliable
  • libra: never jumps to conclusions, funny, considers everyone
  • scorpio: knows what they want and you can talk to them about emotional topics
  • sagittarius: will always see the best in you
  • capricorn: crazy ambitious and witty
  • aquarius: good-natured, strategic, able to think on their feet
  • pisces: creative, rly modest and good listeners
Elevated Vision
  • Sam: Why do you always use binoculars?
  • Suzy: It helps me see things closer. Even if they're not very far away. I pretend it's my magic power.
  • Sam: That sounds like poetry. Poems don't always have to rhyme, you know. They're just supposed to be creative.

anonymous asked:

I know that writing is a hard market to make a career in, but all of these quotes from established writers saying "when you're young your writing is awful" or "write for ten years and you might be able to pay your electricity bill" or "don't quit your day job...ever" really gets me down. As someone who wants to write, all of this negativity makes me feel unworthy to even try. I know what they're trying to get across, that writers don't live a glamorous lifestyle, but how can I remain optimistic?

Other than the first one, none of these is necessarily trying to be negative – it is trying to be blunt and very realistic. Making a living as a writer, using that as your career, is an incredibly unreliable, unstable way to make a living. This is true of pretty much any career in the creative arts.

That being said, if writing is truly your calling, if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, then you will find a way to do it. Yes, your writing is probably going to be bad for a while. That’s true of anything when you start, because you have to work at it to get better. Yes, you’re going to likely have a hard time finding a job writing that actually allows you to do nothing but write – and especially if all you want to do is write what you desire to write. Professional writers often have jobs doing articles, teaching, critiquing, technical writing, etc., to sustain them financially while working on their passion projects.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to take up a life you hate in order to pursue something you love. It means you have to be extra hardworking, extra dedicated, to what you truly want to do in order to ensure you can do it well and make a living at it. It means you have to push through times of despair, feeling that your writing isn’t good enough, and write anyway. It means you may have to sacrifice a couple hours sleep to fit in time to hone your manuscript between working two jobs. It means you may have to pick up an extra class to teach to cover your rent for two months so you can keep pitching that screenplay. It means that if writing is what you want to do for the rest of your life, and you want to make a career out of it, you will find a way to make your life fit around writing, to infuse your life with it, the way writing infuses you.

Negativity and despair will come and go throughout all of this, just as they will throughout life. What you do to lift your spirits and motivate yourself through these times is up to you, but know that if writing is truly what you want and need to do, you can do it – because you will find that you must.

Hope this helps!

- O

Reunion .2

Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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if one direction saw tumblr hate, probably
  • zayn: I dunno like you never know what someone else is going through so like, it's not fair to judge them cause they could be goin through somethin like way worse than you, ya kno
  • niall: haha ! this is great craic !! love it so funny
  • liam: :( y are people so mean we're just normal lads havin a good time
  • louis: f*** off
  • harry: heyyyyyy that's not very nice... but actually that is kind of true, haha very creative did they get credit for that? they should get credit for that cause they're beautiful everyone in the world is beautiful I love u

pedestalphan  asked:

They've obviously put a fuckton of work into this book, it's not just them jumping on the bandwagon! They said months and months ago that they've been working on a lot of cool things that they're really excited to show us, and jfc, people are so unappreciative, I don't understand?? Like, if you don't want to spend money on the book, don't buy it! If you think the tour tickets are too expensive, don't go! Other people will instead! You know?

very well said, my friend.

what makes me laugh is the thought of people thinking dan and phil would allow someone else to work on their book. like come on, especially dan here, as if dan howell would be okay with that, he’d be so against it it’s just laughable. and phil is very, very creative, with a degree in english might i add, so i highly doubt he’d let someone else do the work.

people are jumping to such shitty conclusions without thinking about who the hell dan and phil are