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stone-river  asked:

Oh my gosh, can you do a fic where Kara sleep-flies or floats? Have SuperCorp sleeping at someone's apartment. Lena is sleeping on Kara, when all of a sudden she feels like her body is being pulled up. Her arms instinctively latch on to Kara's neck and now they're inching up towards the ceiling. Lena tries to think of a way to wake up Kara before making a hole in the roof. And you know what they say about waking up a sleep walker? You don't. Ooo Bonus: The blanket falls and they're naked.

Sleep Floating

Kara is always so warm.

It’s the first thought her sleep addled brain has, and it brings a slow smile to her face.

She snuggles closer - if that’s even possible - nuzzling her nose into Kara’s bare shoulder. This is easily one of her favorite parts of dating Kara, the way their bodies twine together in the middle of the night; how she never fails to wake up feeling safe and loved. Because even when she doesn’t wake up like this -half on top of Kara, with the Kryptonian’s heart beating a steady drum underneath her ear; when Supergirl duties have called Kara away in the middle of the night -  she still wakes up to the smell of Kara’s perfume lingering on her sheets, to the knowledge that Kara will be back just as soon as she can. It’s comforting, the confidence that someone will always come back - barring some extraordinary circumstance.

She clutches Kara tighter at the thought, fingers digging into the warm skin of Kara’s abdomen, and her knee slipping farther between Kara’s thighs.

Only her leg doesn’t stop at the bed; because there is no bed.

No bed.

Her eyes flash open, but she forces herself to remain still, despite the pounding in her chest. She fights the urge to flail about, sensing her precarious position. It feels like when she wakes up at the edge of the bed, teetering on the edge of crashing into the floor.

Only she isn’t teetering on the edge of the bed, she’s …


Or rather Kara is floating and because of their tightly cuddled sleeping position Lena is balanced on top of her.

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