i know they're just scared


“I think that their definition of friendship is always tested by their situation of life and death and how they can’t lose one another. That huge aspect of ‘I can’t live without you’ creates that loving bond that I think is, you know, ‘Oliver and Felicity on a romantic level’. I think, yeah, there have been a lot of bumps in the road but they’re…obstacles or just sort of things that are forces working against a relationship between them, but they have a connection that no one else is gonna have. And that is a colossal deal.” - Emily Bett Rickards (x)


5-year-old hyung throwing tantrum over his japanese skill


Let’s get a house we can’t afford and a dog that makes us angry.

And dedicate an entire cabinet to grocery bags, and realize we have a favorite flavor of olive oil.

Why so aggro
  • Caller:Hello, is this [name]?
  • Me:No, you have the wrong number, and I think you might have the wrong number in your system. You call me all the time, and—
  • Caller:Um, WELL, it wouldn't just be ME. I'M not the only one calling.
  • Me:I just mean I get calls from y'all a lot, and I wanted you to check your records, because I get all these voice mails about medications and I'm worried that the person isn't—
  • Caller:I'm VERY sorry for your INCONVENIENCE. I'm going to repeat the number back to you. [Does so. I confirm it's my number.] We'll get that removed from our system RIGHT away. [Hangs up.]
  • Me:?????????
  • Me:what the fuck were they so mad about

uuugh I have to drive with my dad because then “”“u will trust yourself more when you drive!!!!!!” And so far I cried, yelled at my dad and I kinda wished I had an accident to prove how bad I am and how much I hate this

You know that feeling when you’re literally so anxious and so terrified of what can happen?

That’s me. Right now.

i hate it when my parents yell at my sister