i know they were good

hello darlings! sooo, skam ending, eh? well, the skam website being updated is indeed something we’ll no longer see, but to me skam isn’t just completely over yet. because they’ll still be there, these four seasons we had, with all the moments we cherish and all these characters we’ve grown to love. you’ll always be able to watch your favorite scenes, you’ll always be able to re-immerse yourself in that universe, when you have a day off and you feel like watching complete seasons, or when you’re thinking about that particular clip and you have 15 minutes to spare so you rewatch it 

and you see, the wonderful thing about skam being in real time is that it really does feel like these characters will continue to live their life after today. they’re all still going to be there tomorrow, in the skam world. and i know some of these characters have provided good representation and were people you could see yourself in and people you just cared about, and the beautiful thing is that you’ll always get to keep them with you. you always get to picture what they’re doing at a particular moment, and picture their future. as odd as that might sound, they’re sort of like different colored playdough, that is shaped a certain way now, but that are still malleable and that you get to shape however you want from now on

now i’m not going to tell you the typical “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” because it’s okay if you’re feeling sad about not getting skam updates anymore. it’s understandable, and you’re not overreacting, and you’re allowed to feel the way you feel. but i truly hope that, if not today, then tomorrow or the day after, you’ll still smile because it happened, and as it keeps happening. because as long as your love for these people and their story is there, as long as your imagination is there, skam lives on, in a truly special way 


ennotana week day 1: third year

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!

I have another OC story named End of the Line/Division 6, n the reason I stopped drawing them is because there’s been alot of shows coming out too similar to the story I had already written for EOTL/D6…so I might have to change alot of things again just so it doesn’t seem ripped off 

 Cuz ppl seem to miss me drawing them and I do too but they r on the backburner for now…

Gil, everytime Ryder gets back from a mission involving the nomad, probably: RydeR whaT ThE fUCK


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind


@gro-ggy commissioned me to draw a set of Esmeralda pictures from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie for a friend of hers. Esmeralda has a very fun body type and I’m a fan of all of Shen’s work so it was just all in all a blast to draw! 

Me: *thinks about the in the heights movie and all of the hype I’m giving it despite the fact that it most likely won’t feature any of the cast members that caused me to fall in love with such a production, the fact that it’s still a few years away so I have no idea if I’d still even like in the heights by the time it comes around, the ridiculously high standards I have for the cast especially in casting an all poc cast being my number one want (something Hollywood’s been notorious in withholding), the fear of adding foreign plot points or even worse SUBTRACTING important plot points, the fear of somehow removing women from the narrative, the fear of watering down such a beautiful story in general*

Me: *cries*

Why the frick is every. single. march. on SATURDAY?

Like y’all know that Sabbath-observant Jews (*coughs* LIKE ME) are completely excluded, right??

Unless we live within walking distance (*coughs* WHICH I DO NOT) then we can’t travel to them on Sabbath.