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*Lloyd bursts into the room, startling all the ninja and sensei Wu, Jay clutches his chest where his heart is in panic.*

Lloyd: you know what? no. we need to change the name of this shop - “Steep Wisdom”? What does that even mean?? 

Wu: Lloyd we can’t jus-

Lloyd: NO. You know what a better name would be?

Cole: Lloyd-

Lloyd: Anxietea -

*everyone looks at each other, kind of concerned but maybe a little intrigued*

Lloyd: - because everyone can relate. I have it-

Jay: Lloyd, we get i-

Lloyd: Jay probably fucking has it.

Nya: *trying to calm him down* Come on, Lloyd, let’s get some candy.

Lloyd: THINK ABOUT IT! *he points at everyone and then directly at Wu, before leaving with Nya*

Kai: I mean, he’s not wrong. 

Jet Lagged (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: I’ve got 26 prompt requests and this isn’t one of them lol I’m the worst. Thanks so much to @hamimagines and @god-damn-it-miranda for reading it over and giving feedback. I think you’re the best.

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t posted anything in like two months and truthfully I’m in the middle of 25 things that are all on their way soon… but this came first. That was a sex joke.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: Lin has just returned home from 7 months in London and is due to present an award at the Tony’s that night. Exhaustion is hard to avoid, but you know exactly how to help.

Rating: M for explicit oral sex

Warnings: Yeah there’s a blowjob that’s about as explicit as it gets. Fair warning.

Words: 1304


@huffleheyguys (who still isn’t sick of being tagged in everything)

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“Hey, Y/N,”

The faint sound of Lin’s voice pulled you out of a deep sleep. You groaned, barely opening your eyes to find him kneeling by your bedside, fully dressed.

“I’m leaving,” he whispered, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be back around three, okay?”

“Don’t go,” you protested, pulling him closer. “Stay in bed with me. You haven’t even been home for twenty-four hours.”

“I have to go to rehearsal.” he insisted, kissing your lips this time. “I’ll be home in a few hours. I promise.”

He kissed you one more time before leaving your bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Lin had returned from seven months in London the previous afternoon, a fact that had you nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. You picked him up from the airport, had dinner, gone to see Waitress, and headed home only to pass out a few minutes later.

Today was the day of the Tony Awards. While he wasn’t up for any awards this year, he was expected to present the award for Best Musical. Rehearsal started at 7 am, which explained why the sun had barely risen when he kissed you goodbye.

As much as you wanted to stay home with him catch up on all of the physical activity missed while he was gone, you knew he had a responsibility to be there. Instead of hoping, it would be best, you figured, to be productive.

You got up, started the coffee maker and began rifling through his things in an attempt to put them back where they belonged. Clothing that had been washed before he flew home was promptly put away, the dirty clothes placed in the hamper to be washed later.

You managed to get a few loads of laundry done in the basement of your building and put some other household items back in their place. Things Lin could have (and would have) easily done himself, but you were feeling particularly generous due to his return.

When you glanced at the clock after getting a large amount of work done, you realized it was just after three. He was due home any minute.

As if on cue, the front door opened and he stepped in, looking visibly exhausted.

“You look more exhausted now than you did this morning.” you pointed out, greeting him with a brief kiss.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, though you could tell he was clearly lying.

“Why don’t you try to take a nap?” you suggested, slowly nudging him toward the bedroom. “You’re gonna be out late tonight, you could really afford the extra sleep.”

“I should help you.” he insisted, catching sight of the stacks of clean laundry waiting to be put away in the living room.

“I don’t need your help. I need you to take a nap.” you insisted. “I’ll wake you at five.”

Though he still didn’t seem to agree with you, he headed into the bedroom anyway.

When five rolled around, you made your way to the bedroom only to find him already awake, typing away on his phone.

“You didn’t even try to sleep?”

“I got maybe an hour,” he assured you. “I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just started responding to emails.”

“Well, it’s five,” you reminded him. “You should probably start getting ready to leave.”


You could hear the faint sound of the shower running from the bathroom as you relocated the clean clothes to your bedroom. You’d managed to put most of it away by the time he got out, instead focusing on your attention on watching him get dressed up. A fact that he found rather amusing.

“Am I distracting you?” he teased, staring in the mirror as he tied his bowtie.

“A little bit,” you confessed, a small smile on your face. “You clean up nicely.”

“Yeah?” He smirked at you.

“Your hair is a little flat though,” He turned to you as you stood up and adjusted his hair slightly so it rounded a bit more. “There. Better.”

“Is it good?” he asked, glancing at himself in the mirror again.

“Your hair looks fine. You still look really tired though,” you admitted.

He seems slightly defeated by your words. “I guess I can’t fight jet lag.”

“I can help.” you offered with a sly grin.

“Wait how can you—” he stopped mid-sentence as he watched you kneel in front of him. He stepped back, pressed against the wall, watching you reach up and unzip his dress pants.

You smiled up at Lin, meeting his eyes while you pulled him out of his briefs and took him in your hands. You cupped him in your hands, loving the feel of the soft skin, gently running your fingers along the base. You offered him a wicked smile before you licked the tip, swirled your tongue all over the head, and kitten licked up and down his length. You paid special attention to the bundle of nerves right below the head before swallowing him down.

He groaned, running his hands through your hair; not forcing you down, just holding you as you wrapped your tongue around his dick and sucked and licked and—

“Oh god,” he moaned, arching forward, fisting his hands in your hair. You took all of him, swallowed him down to the hilt. You chuckled with him still in your mouth. He breathed heavily, “Fuck, this is so go… good.”

As you bobbed your head back and forth, you could feel him tensing up. You moved your head slower, grazing your tongue slowly along the bottom of his dick.

“I’m close,” he managed through staggered breaths. You glanced up at him again, winking when your eyes met. That sent him over the edge.

With a long groan, you could feel him spill onto the back of your throat. You swallowed with ease, pulling him out of your mouth and licking him once more for good measure.

He was out of breath, wiping a few beads of sweat from his forehead as you stood up.

“Feel better?”

“I uh… I’m awake.”

“I know, you look it.” You tapped him on the shoulder once, kissing him on the cheek. “Alright, go get ‘em.”

He was gone within minutes, off to meet his parents downstairs before heading downtown. After finishing with laundry, you pulled your laptop out and sat in front of the TV, waiting for the awards to start.

It was a while before they started and even longer before he was on to present the final award.

When he did come on the stage you headed to Twitter, where there a large were a number of people discussing Lin and how good looking he was considering he’d flown in from London less than 48 hours before. Some mentioned how young he looked, another person added that he looked rather ‘bouncy’. Even you had to agree they were right, he looked much better on stage than he did after rehearsal a few hours ago.

You were at least partially responsible for that, you figured, which gave you a small sense of pride.

You pulled out your phone, typing a quick text to him knowing he would see it after the show.

Everyone says you look really hot… I guess I saved the finale 😏

I’m taking full credit. My blowjobs are magic

It was a few minutes before you received a response.

That’s probably true, but maybe we should try a few more times just to make sure? 😉

You smirked at your phone and quickly typed up a response.

I hope for your sake you get home before I get to bed


After a few minutes, he responded.

I have never wanted to leave the Tonys so quickly in my life.

A Convoluted Code

A/N: This is hours late, but here it is!

Originally posted by gdiminyoongi

Pairing: College au! TA! Taehyung (based off of 707 of Mystic Messenger

Genre: Fluff (Soon), Comedy

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: Technological Special Agent, Kim Taehyung, never made mistakes… until he did, and that led him to you, a mistake he couldn’t live down

It started out as just another petty job so that he could buy another computer. As if the multiple screens that surrounded him in his office plus the five laptops lying around weren’t enough for him. However, he was the best, and he required the best equipment.

The job was simple enough, hack into this guy’s phone and see if he’s cheating, but even the best make tiny mistakes.

Usually all he needed to hack into a person’s phone, laptop, and any other accounts was just a phone number, this was thanks to how connected everyone’s accounts were.

Then Taehyung could sift through what he wanted to, report back, get the money, and call it day. The customers he worked with were usually fairly prestigious, so he figured that they would be intelligent enough to write down a stupid number correctly.

And with that foolish assumption concerning the snooty, the best had made a mistake.

It was somewhere between his third caffeinated soda and second bag of chips he realized he hadn’t hacked into Seung Chanwoo’s laptop, it was yours. However, he realized this only after hacking into your laptop camera, it was then the texts he had just read from you and a Soha had finally made sense.

You: Oh btw, I can’t close it anymore

Soha: What? Why not?

You: It’ll snap right in half, and I need it until I can find the money to get a new one… or a sugar daddy that’s around my age, whichever comes first tbh

Soha: Yeah right, have fun writing your little heart out

Maybe a man and his mistress wouldn’t be talking about getting sugar daddies.

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Wanna One After Your First Date Together

A/N: I will start doing Wanna One reactions/scenarios!! I hope you all can request what ever you guys want and I’ll work hard to make them great! It might take a while though since there are 11 members in the group! Also some of the reactions scenarios might be like BTS but I hope you guys don’t mind and enjoy it anyways! Thank you for reading! 

Edit: HOLY HECK 100 NOTES i know i’ve gotten 100 notes for bts before but still whenever i get 100 notes i get shocked because I don’t expect this many people to read the stuff i create! Thank you guys so much I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this! 


Even though you both had been dating for a good while he never had the chance to take you out on a date because of how busy he was. So after your very first date at the nearby cafe just catching up and holding hands across the table, something simple that you both had liked. He walked you home and when you were about to go inside he pulled you back and embraces you in a tight hug. 

“I had a really great time today and I hope we can do this again. I’ll text you later.”

Originally posted by aceyng


You both didn’t really think about the importance of dates but once Sungwoon had taken you on a midnight stroll at the beach as your first date you had began to appreciate why dates were so much fun. You both were just casually walking while holding hands. You occasionally caught him looking at you and it was the same the other way around. Once you had reached your home he was holding both of your hands in his while smiling really brightly at you. 

“I know our first date wasn’t anything important but I think we should start doing dates more often, you looked really beautiful tonight.” 

Originally posted by sour-satang


Minhyun had decided that the right as to spend your very first date together was at a nice restaurant. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest, it was something that you both had been craving for a while but never got around to actually going to it. Through out the whole date he was just complimenting you on how nice you looked and held your hand, stroking your hand while gazing at you softly. Once you guys arrived back to your place he brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head before leaving you for the night. 

“I think that it was a date well spent. I hope that we can go out like that again, you looked even more stunning underneath those restaurant lights.”

Originally posted by hyun95


Seongwoo would probably think of things that would remind you of the things you liked. Even though a lot of what he said was in a joking matter this first date meant a lot to him since he wanted to show you that he really put in a lot of work to make you feel special and happy. You both went to have a moonlight picnic on the hill where you both confessed to each other on You both soon laid down with his arm around you looking at the stars and just casually talking. After the date he would probably give you something special that you can just look at and be happy. 

“I know this isn’t much but I really thought about what you would like and I bought hoping that you would like it. I also enjoyed looking at both you and the stars tonight.”

Originally posted by peachyniel


Jaehwan would take you guys out on a simple first date. Since you both have really common interests he knew that whatever he wanted to do you would probably end up enjoying it too. With that in mind he brought you to a park and took out his guitar to sing a song that reminded you of when you both first met. He even taught you a little bit about how to play the guitar. After the date he would just give you a long hug and talk about how much he enjoyed today. 

“I know it was simple but I really just enjoyed spending time with you today. Seeing you enjoy my singing means so much to me.”

Originally posted by kim-biased


Your first date with Daniel would consist of things that he had wanted to teach and show you. He would probably teach you some of his bboying which would cause him to put his hands on you hips and a lot of hands on teaching. You both would probably blush at the contact even though you guy are almost always hugging each other and other stuff. Later you would probably go to his place and you two would play with his cats and he might blurt something out after the date is technically over which would cause the two of you to blush and get all flustered. 

“I can’t wait until we live together and then get another pet that we both can name together.” (pls ignore the beer can HAHA)

Originally posted by peachyniel


Jihoon wouldn’t really overthink possible date ideas, he would just like to spend some alone time with you as your first date. Since you both like gaming he would invite you over to play some video games and you would end up sitting on his lap while he has his arms around you with the controller and you both are trying to beat each other in game. The date would probably end with him tackling you and then tickling you on the couch because you beat him multiple times at a game he’s really good at. Once you leave to go home he’ll probably hug you and then kiss you on the forehead and tell you that even though it was just like a regular hangout he enjoyed it a lot. 

“Even though we hang out like this often I think I really enjoyed it. I just like spending time with you in general.”

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Woojin might be a little to shy to ask you out on a first date even though you’ve been dating for so long so you would suggest that you would watch him dance and practice and that he could teach some of the moves to you. This would make him overjoyed and he would actively teach you a lot of the dances that he knows. You might end up falling which would cause Woojin to rush over to your side and make sure you are okay. When he walks you home he’ll probably hold you hand and it’ll be a comfortable silence until you reach your house. 

“I thought you looked really pretty while dancing even though you fell over. I hope you feel better! I’ll text you when I get home.”

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Jinyoung would take you out to a place that sells a lot of music since you both really enjoy listening to music together. While you guys are roaming around holding hands and finding music he would often show you certain songs and mention how it reminds him of one of your personality traits for hobbies that you like to do. He would secretly buy a song that reminds him of your guy’s relationship while you were in the bathroom and give it to you when he’s dropping you off. 

“I think this song really reminds me of how our relationship is, you should take a listen and tell me about it later.” 

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Daehwi would want to take you out to a place where you both would have fun. He would take you to a amusement park and would probably buy you a lot of matching things like those cute matching head bands that you were just casually looking at. You would probably ride a bunch of rides together and scream while holding each other’s hands. After the date when he’s dropping you off he’ll take out another couple item that he thought would suit the both of you. 

“Here’s something to put on your bag! I have one too so whenever you look at it, it’ll remind you of me and vice versa for me!”

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Guanlin would take you to a local arcade so that you both could have fun together and that he could also try to get you something from the claw machine. it took him twenty tries and he only got a really small plushie BUT you really appreciated his efforts to make you happy so you both got a lot of tickets and ended up getting something that you could give to him! After the date he would probably smile really big seeing you hold the plushie in your hands and really quickly give you a peck on the cheek before almost running away. He would also probably be so proud that he kissed you on the cheek for the first time that day. 

“I really enjoyed our first ever date and I really love the present you got me from the arcade!” 

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anonymous asked:

hey can i request that you bts reaction They see your guy friend being too friendly with you

Okay, quick note for this: done 2 types of reaction – fluffy and smutty, and I think the general idea with all of these is that with the fluffy one, you are less familiar with the member personally, whereas with the smutty one, the two of you have more of a backstory and know each other better.

Also this is probably my last response for a while but I do always work on requests when I can and requests are always open!

This made a very infires Skype call for me and @kimlisamarie

Rap Monster

Fluffy – Although he’d feel upset seeing another guy being ‘friendly’ with you, he would primarily concerned, wondering whether you are giving permission for the said contact / way the guy is acting around you.

If he thought things were getting out of hand, he’d definitely step in, using the power of his brain to make the guy flustered about his actions and maybe even force him to go away. Regardless of whether you are fine with the contact or not, he would ask if you are okay, because if he was there to see it, then clearly the contact was too public and he doesn’t believe a girl should be exploited in that way (‘exploited’ is for the lack of a better word).

He would insist on being a gentleman to you, take you out for a coffee (he pays of course) in contrast to ensure that you know in your mind that not all men are going to see you in this way, and maybe later confess that he would like to do this again sometime, if not that, then something a bit more forward like giving you his number incase you need someone to talk to or even asking you out on a date to give him a chance (the latter being if you were indeed fine with the contact this other guy was giving you, wanting to prove that he is the better man for you).

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

Smutty – Daddy Namjoon mode because he feels the need to assert his dominance. Not even sorry for literally starting the first sentence with the word ‘daddy’.

He’d step back and wait until this guy has backed off, not wanting to potentially annoy you to the point that you don’t want him. Then, when he gets his chance alone with you, he would instantly send chills down your spine, pushing you up firmly against the wall, telling you how much of a naughty girl/boy you are for teasing him in this manner, like “why must you make me feel this way godammit?”

Whispering sin into your ear, he would use his dominant sexy side to make you completely forget about your guy friend who was getting too intimate with you. Even if there was no relationship between you and Namjoon prior to this situation, he would tell you that “you’re mine and mine only baby; I don’t wanna share you with anyone else” because seeing you with this guy has made him realize he can’t just stand by whilst other people touch you.

Forgetting for a moment where you are - in public - he would then grab your hands and pin you up to the wall and full on kiss you, soon turning it into a hot makeout session. Then, realizing where the two of you are, he would grab your hands again, this time to lead you back to his house:  “You’re coming back with me”.

Originally posted by wanna-be-korean-unicorn


Fluffy – I feel that Jin would be generally quite an awkward person when it would come to situations regarding a girl he likes, so he wouldn’t really be able to think of any other way to stop the situation other than coming over to start a conversation and being really awkward with the conversation, making awful jokes, some of them not even making sense because him seeing you with another guy just makes him have so much on his mind.

He’d probably apologise for his behaviour afterward (even though he probably isn’t sorry if he successfully put the guy off being so intimate with you,) and similarly to Rap Monster, he would offer to make it up to you by offering to take you out. On the ‘date’ (it wouldn’t have been said between either of you that it’s a date, but he totally wants it to be a date,) he would be much more mature, flaunting his knowledge of the world, paying for everything, and requesting a kiss at the end without pressuring you to if you don’t want to.

Originally posted by littlecandyqueen

Smutty – When the two of you get a moment alone, he would mumble into your ear “Are you sure you want him to touch you like that?… Don’t you think I could do a better job?” And he knows there isn’t much competition with him around…

Grabbing your hand, quite romantically actually, he would then start just walking with you, then when you realise he isn’t walking in the direction he knows you want to go and you ask ‘where are we going?’ he simply replies “Somewhere where I can do a better job”

Originally posted by jhopefluxo


Fluffy – Suga would be more passive when the situation is actively going on, not wanting to make a fool of himself. He would most definitely feel super hurt, but still a little stubborn about confessing or expressing his feelings, instead letting them out through some private writing.

After the guy friend who is talking to you a little too provocatively and touching you slightly too intimately has made his exit, Yoongi would just make out like he is just happening to be casually walking by and ‘accidentally’ bump into you. He would make general conversation with you at first, not wanting you to know he has just been watching or is at all bothered by the situation, then leading the conversation into some excuse to meet up with you another time.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Smutty – Again, quite passive whilst the situation is going on, but afterwards would take some sort of action, possibly via a text with something quite sexual to get you going, like “why are his hands all over your body and not mine?” “You know you can do better than that” “Fuck, I really need you to come over so I can show you what you’re missing out on”.

Originally posted by hidden--demons


Fluffy – He wouldn’t confront the situation face on but he wouldn’t just let it happen either, and would likely do something clumsy in the background to grab your’s and the guy’s attention and make it stop. Then he’d use like an unnecessary amount of words to apologize, distracting your attention from the guy’s for as long as possible but without actually talking directly to him or having a full conversation with either of you about this.

After that, he would just generally try to catch your attention more, hoping that you will think of him more often and hoping that the two of you can be closer to the point that he would feel comfortable to ask to meet up with you for reasons other than school/work/etc. Then on the first or second time of meeting up with just the two of you, he would open up more and express his feelings towards you, briefly mentioning how seeing you with that other guy made him realize that he can’t just hold back on how he feels about you.

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Smutty – Instead of just leaving after apologizing for the background clumsy thing, he would insist to your guy friend that he needs to pull you aside to have a private word and that it’s quite urgent and can’t wait. Dragging you by your hand, he forces you to leave and takes you to the nearest secluded area possible.

As soon as you’re there, he would say something along the lines of “why do you like that when you know I could do so much better…” walking towards you and backing you to the nearest wall. “I know deep down you want me; right here, right now.”

Originally posted by hohbi


Fluffy – The poor little mochi wouldn’t know what to do or where to look, quite hurt that he isn’t the one being intimate with you and probably feeling like he wouldn’t compare to the other guy in terms of how he wants to make you feel. He would just watch and so badly want to shower you with love and kisses – not inappropriately touching you carelessly without regard for what you want.

He might send a text later in the day after it playing on his mind so much, but nothing more than a simple ‘hey’ to start general conversation, secretly hoping that his text has made your day but thinks it’s a long shot since seeing what happened earlier.

Later on, he’d maybe have a few drinks to bring out his confidence and phone you up to confess his feelings like “Hey, I hope you don’t mind me randomly calling you… I need to get something off my chest…”

Originally posted by jmins

Smutty – After witnessing the situation, he’d send you an urgent text with very little context just stating that he needs to see you. Figuring that something is the matter and he just needs someone to talk to, you happily go find him and meet him.

The minute you get there, he would be straight in there, pressing his lips against yours, engaging you in a passionate make out, pulling away merely once to say “damn, I can’t believe I stood by and let myself just watch you and him earlier”

He’d continue kissing you, touches being quite cautious but it’s not long before he has to give in to his desires and say “I am sorry… Sorry I didn’t do anything earlier” and whisk you away up to his room.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Fluffy – Even if you weren’t the closest of friend with V, he would be brave enough to make a bold action to stop the situation and make you completely forget about it, like he would brisk walk over and lift you up over his shoulder and carry you away, literally sweeping you off your feet. You’d say ‘Tae! What are you doing? Put me down!!!’ and he’d calmly giggle with something like “we’re going on an adventure!”

He would make the most of his usually 4D personality and let people put down his random actions to that, and that thought being the reason why he wouldn’t care that he has just made a big scene.

Tae is a pretty straight forward guy, so when eventually he puts you down - and it’s a long while before he does because he wants to make sure you know how strong he is - he gets straight to the point, so you’d still be asking him things like ‘Tae! What the hell was that back there?’ ‘…and what’s this adventure we’re supposed to be going on?’ And he would be so smooth just taking your words and using his response as a way to confess like “the adventure where you discover my feelings for you; I really like you”

Originally posted by taedamn

Smutty – He’d still be extra and physically pick you up and take you away, but in a more sexual context, he would instead carry you away to a private yet not so closed off type of area such as a balcony or an elevator and tease the fuck out of you, using actions to speak  louder than words by running his hand along your thigh, but the minute you respond positively to this, he would cease contact and tell you that before you can have him, you need to stop allowing other guys to touch you so freely, leaving you with a kiss to the forehead and leaving you and your thoughts to let loose and go crazy about him.

Originally posted by xxtaetaexx


Fluffy – He’d be quite surprised to see this kind of thing going on in public, unsure of whether his initial judgements of you were correct, but there is that grating thought that maybe you don’t really want it and as shy as he may be, he can’t stand by and watch your guy friend be like this around you with that potential outcome in mind.

With a very nervous heart and mind, he would approach you and try to calmly ask “do you really want him to touch you like this?” genuinely concerned for you, and even if you were fine with it, you would still appreciate his concern nonetheless, (so if the guy has a problem with what Jungkook has just said, you would defend Jungkook, assuring him that he hasn’t done anything wrong in showing concern).

Again, despite his shyness, he would definitely fight this guy either verbally or physically, should the situation spiral out of hand that he would have to stoop to this stage, letting his feelings for you overpower any cowardice he has within him.

Originally posted by grape-joon

Smutty – Instead of trying to get involved in the situation like in the fluffy scenario, he would stay back and let it happen, but as soon as the guy leaves, he would be by your side in a flash - “Are you really going to let that guy touch you like that?” he would ask sternly, ensuring you are face to face with him. “I’m the one you’d want to take it all the way with, right? So why let any other guy get involved?” he’d wink, starting to send shivers down your spine with his touches on any bare skin he can find. “Let’s not make this complicated, yeah? I want you, and I know you want me” he asserts, pulling you in for a passionate kiss.

Originally posted by sugutie

we don't get uncomplicated love stories (trixya) - dragonfly


This is my first fic! I don’t ship Trixya so much as I ship Katya/Katya’s unrequited love for Trixie, but Katya has been basically writing her own fic prompts at this point and I couldn’t help myself. It’s just a super short one-shot about recent events.

He/him pronouns but drag names because Brians.

“I’d prefer her just to be my boyfriend.”

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BTS | You’re In Your Home Country And There’s An Earthquake And They Can’t Reach You

Anonymous said:
Can you make a reaction where you are in your home country and there’s an earthquake and you can’t answer your phone because of the bad signal and they obviously worry a lot about you. I want to make the reaction of Monsta X, Bts and Got7 (yes, in my country this is quite common) PLEASE and THANK YOU~

Y/H/C - Your Home Country

He’d try his best to distract himself from the fact that you hadn’t called back yet. ‘Don’t worry Jin, Y/N will call back soon. Just probably a downed cell tower or something keeping her from calling back. I’ll just eat some of these noodles which aren’t as good as Y/N’s…..Y/N WHY HAVEN’T YOU CALLED ME BACK.’ *Tiny internal meltdown*

Originally posted by fuck-yeahsouthkorea

“Yoongi, you don’t look so good…” Jin would comment seeing the tired expression on his face.

“That’s cause I’ve been up all night…calling Y/N and waiting for a call back. You know I get there could be downed power lines…but all I need is one little text…one. And I would feel a whole lot better.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

“All flights to Y/H/C until further notice…” he mumbled looking at his phone, “I can’t reach Y/N by phone and now I can’t even take an emergency flight to go bring her home.”

He’d worry and try every possible means to try and get ahold of you and would stop until you finally managed to answer back.

Originally posted by tbhobi

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
I think he’d be one of those “calm, not calm” people. You know the type where he’s keeping it together but he could literally snap because of the stress.

“Hyung, are you sure you’re okay? I’m sure-”


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*Staring at his phone* “Wait…wait the call is going through…DAMN IT!”

“Quit yelling Jimin,” Jin would scold him.

“I’m sorry…but the call keeps cutting out and…I can’t reach Y/N to know…I just need to know if Y/N is okay.”

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He’d be unusually quiet as he waited for you to call back one of his many calls. Any ring of his cell and he would be picking it up and if it was anyone but you he wasn’t very happy about the call.

“I’m waiting for Y/N to call me back Jimin…can’t this wait until you get back…no? Okay, but just…hurry up and tell me, ok?”

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He wouldn’t completely know what to do with himself; on one hand, he knew he probably just couldn’t reach you because of downed power or cell towers, but on the other hand he was completely freaking out that something might seriously be wrong and that’s why you weren’t answering him. ‘What if Y/N is really hurt…no…I can’t think like that…Y/N is fine.’

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wherever you are {m.m. x reader}

hey there!! this is my first ever fic on here so i apologize in advance for how horrible it is!! 

im willing to write for a lot of different musicals, mainly bmc and deh because im absolute garbage for both but if you have a request for a different musical just tell me!! 

i really do hope you guys enjoy this because it took me a bit to write aha 

also there are definitely time skips in this so i apologize if anything is confusing 

word count: 1,047


for a while we pretended
that we never had to end it
but we knew we’d have to say goodbye.

you and michael didn’t want to speak about your departure for college in the upcoming week. you both knew that being over a thousand of miles away from each other wouldn’t be easy. in the beginning the both of you were so willing to try, but as time grew on and college came closer, you knew it’d be for the best if you didn’t.

you spent every waking moment with each other, hardly ever wanting to leave each other’s side due to not knowing when the next time you would see each other. jeremy knew to keep some space from the two of you so you both could enjoy the limited time you had with each other.

you were crying at the airport
when they finally closed the plane door
i could barely hold it all inside

(y/n) couldn’t stop crying no matter how hard she tried. you just couldn’t imagine going to college without you boyfriend. you both told each other that ending this would be for the best but (y/n) was definitely having second thoughts.

“you know, it’s only four years. my basement is always open for you when you come back.” michael softly said as he continued to hug you, taking in the last moments he had with you.

(y/n) nodded against the taller boys chest, unable to look at him in their current state.

“all boarding to seattle, washington.”

they pulled apart from each other before (y/n) mumbled a soft ‘i love you.’

“i wish this wasn’t the way we had to end things but, you’re going to be amazing out there (y/n). go show them what you have.” michael smiled before kissing your forehead one last time. “i love you so, so much.”

you nodded before turning away and heading towards the plane. you looked back one last time at michael before heading onto the plane.

once the plane doors shut, michael felt tears start to slowly roll down his face. he shook away his tears before waving one final time to you before leaving the airport.

it wasn’t until he got inside his car when he finally let it all out.

torn in two
and i know i shouldn’t tell you
but i just can’t stop thinking of you

two months. two months since the dreaded day at the airport and two months since the last time (y/n) spoke to michael. you had wished that the both of you could at least be on speaking terms but, you thought that it’d be for the best.

you had just gotten back from a class when you flopped yourself onto your bed and began going through your social media. a few minutes later, you got a text.

from: michael smell

you silently laughed at the contact name you had put in for him before looking at the text he had sent.

‘i know you’re out doing amazing things and this probably isn’t the right time but, i just can’t stop thinking of you. i hope you’re having fun out there.’

you slightly teared up at the message before deciding not to respond, you didn’t know if that’d hurt him more than you thought it would but, you knew it was better this way, at least for now.

every night i almost call you
just to say it always will be you
wherever you are

michael waited a week for a response, seeing that you had read the message. he knew he shouldn’t have sent it in the first place but, he just missed you so much.

“maybe they’re just busy michael, don’t worry to much about it.” christine had said to him one night as he was third wheeling. michael shrugged before looking down at his phone. 

‘maybe they are busy.’ he thought to himself before he put his phone away before he could dwell on it more than he needed to.

i could fly a thousand oceans
but there’s nothing that compares to
what we had, and so i walk alone

michael had been forced to go on blind dates at the request of jeremy and christine so they wouldn’t feel as bad for michael when he would be their third wheel. 

every person he would be set up with was very nice and a few shared his love for bob marley but none of them came close to (y/n).

after the most recent double date, jeremy and michael got into a heated argument in the middle of them trying to beat a level on god knows what game. 

“you should really stop moping around here all the time and find a girlfriend because last i checked, (y/n) isnt coming back for another three years man, or they might not come back at all. i know how heartbroken and lonely you are but, it’s time to move on.” 

all michael remembered after that was screaming at jeremy to leave and crying himself to sleep that night.

i wish i didn’t have to be gone
maybe you’ve already moved on
but the truth is i don’t want to know

(y/n) had been going through old photos on her laptop, deleting some that they knew they had saved somewhere else so they would have more space.

for a while, most of the photos consisted of their family or a vacation taken years ago. 

but finally, you struck all the photos of you and michael. 

you smiled at the photos you took from your very first date and the photos from when you went on a small road trip with him to the middle of nowhere. 

it wasnt until you finally reached the last photo that you realized that you had began to cry. you tried to shake the tears away but just couldn’t seem to do so. 

you reached for your phone to call michael to tell him you needed him back and how much you’ve missed him but then you immediately began to overthink. 

‘what if he’s already found someone else?’

‘what if he hates me?’ 

‘what if he’s blocked my number?’ 

the thoughts in your head finally took over as you put your phone down and shut your laptop. 

maybe one day.

You... Hi!

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Pairing: Fem!Reader x George Ryan Ross III

Request: Nope. I’m just bored and no one has been requesting anything.

Warnings: SFW || No warnings.

Masterlist: Here

Guys, I start school within the next few weeks, and I won’t have nearly as much time to write. So if you have a request, don’t hold back. Feel free to shoot me a message and lemme know what you want to read. Oh, by the way this is set in one of the eras where Ryan was still in the band, not specified which though. It’s unedited so there may or may not be typos, don’t hate me. Enjoy. xx

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Tumblr-Girl (Part 2)

Tumblr – Girl (Series)

Part 1
Part 3

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: the day after the first conversation
Word Count: 1.913
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt

Notes: it is my first ever fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me, I hope you like the idea, there at least some more parts to come. :) 
IMPORTANT: I’m looking for someone like a beta-reader (since I’m not an English-native-speaker there are (probably) loads of mistakes in my texts as well as some ideas seem better in my mind than in the text, so you know what a beta-reader does, don’t you? Just shoot me a message if you want to help me with my texts 

Now enjoy the second chapter ;)

Your POV

The next day you woke up, your body in pain and extremely tired, you swore you would never again trust a single human being who wants to help and certainly not some guy on tumblr. Yesterday you thought this guy really cared, that you have finally found someone to get this weight from your shoulders, but as everyone else he just let you down. Just wanted to play a knight until he read this few lines and recognized your unappealing character, until the game got boring, as it always does when you were involved. 

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ok, what is Bambi? They look like a fuzzy void, I honestly can't tell if they're a cat or not, like, the angle makes them look vaguely dog sized, is Bambi some Schrodinger animal? Where until you get close to them you can't know what they are?

This is my favorite ask.

Bambi’s an eldritch beast borne of shadows and a heavy aversion to having her picture taken. Her fur’s probably some sort of portal to an alternate world and I would advise against putting your hands too deep in it.

Lonely Thanksgiving

Summary: You are alone on thanksgiving because you & your family aren’t on good terms. But then you meet Harry and he tries to make you forget everything and have a happy thanksgiving


You blankly stared at your tea cup, tracing the rim with a shaking hand, trying not to cry. It was the evening of Thanksgiving and you couldn’t of felt more alone. The laughs and conversations around you in the cafe was ringing in your ears. Looking outside, every seemed happy on this holiday. Everyone was with family, everyone but you. The entrance to the cafe slammed, and it made you remember the last time you saw your parents as you slammed the door behind you.


“Is that really how you feel about me?” You said in disbelief as you stared blankly at your parents.

“Honey, we just think you’re throwing your precious education away, to be a writer is really nonsense.” Your mom told you.

“Is this what you believe Dad?” You reached out to him to hope he didn’t feel the same. I’m

“I agree, we are very disappointed in what your doing with your life. Did you ever think how this was going to make us look?” He said sharply.

You looked at them as the sadness dissolved into anger. “I can’t believe you guys are thinking about how this is going to affect you! How about my life. This is what I want, this is what I’m passionate about! And if you don’t agree with it fine, I don’t need your permission. I am 18, an adult now.” You yelled as you stood up.

“If you walk out of this house young lady. We will never forgive you.” The person you called your mother said.

Tears started to form in your eyes but you blinked them away. You stared at your parents right in the face and said, “you know what sucks. You guys didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. You doubted me. You just assumed I would fail. And coming from your own parents, that’s heartbreaking.” That was the last thing you said to them. Before you walked out of the house and slammed the door you called home for so long behind you.

*End of Flashback*

You wiped the almost fallen tears with your maroon sweater of that memory. It was always so hard this time of year, being alone on holidays where you should be with your family. All the great memories you made as a kid during these times are the things you hold onto.

You are so deep in thought you almost didn’t notice someone talking to you.

You blink and turn to see a tall guy holding a warm drink in his hand. “Excuse me?” You said not catching what he said.

“Do you mind if I sit with you.” He pointed at the empty chair across me. “It’s bloody packed in here.”

You look around to see there are no open seats beside the one by you.

“Yeah for sure.” You said as he sighed in relief.

He pulls the chair out and slides right in. “Ah thank god. I honestly thought you were going to turn me away.” He chuckled and a cute dimple popped out of his cheek.

“Why would you say that?”

“I just thought you were waiting on someone.” You shake your head, as he is added sugar to his tea.

“A boyfriend maybe.” You shake your head. “oh no, I wasn’t.”

“Or just family since it’s thanksgiving.” You sadly shake your head. “Nope, it’s just little old me.” You smile sadly.

You didn’t notice but the guy looked up at you through his lashes and saw how upset you looked. While you looked down into your tea. He thought you were very pretty, and for some reason wanted to make you smile.

“I’m Harry by the way.” He takes out his hand for you too shake.

You look up “I’m Y/N” you shake his hand back.

“What type of tea is that?” Harry said looking at the mug you have in your hand.

“Well I usually always get Earl Grey but today I decided to be adventurous and tried this apple cinnamon. And it’s actually really good. How about you?” You tell him.

“Really? That sounds really good, can I try some?” He randomly asks.

You were a little shocked that this random guy you just met like 5 minutes ago wanted to drink from your cup. But for some reason you laughed,nodded, and handed it to him. You watched Harry bring your mug up to his pink lips and before he took a sip, he winked. You realized how cheeky Harry actually was, but he was pretty cute you couldn’t deny that.

“That’s some good stuff” He said “Do you want to try mine?” He offered you his cup. You didn’t hesitate to take it and take a sip while Harry stared at you. As you moved the cup away from your lips you realized you left a lipstick stain on the rim.

“Oops I’m sorry.” You say handing him back the cup. Harry just smiles and brings the cup to his mouth to drink it, on the same spot your red lipstick was. He smirked and you blushed.

You and Harry really hit it off and for the past hour you’ve just been talking about everything. You forgot how sad you were and just was happy. Harry was really good at making you feel that way. Until he brought it up.

“So what are you doing tonight for thanksgiving? Are you going to your families?” He questioned.

You break eye contact which you haven’t done and sigh. “Um, no. Im actually not doing anything. Just gonna probably go back home in a bit and maybe order pizza and just watch a movie. Nothing spectacularly on this night.” You tell him.

Harry wondered why you weren’t with any family or even friends. But at the same time he was happy cause he liked spending time with you.

“Yeah, well I’m not gonna doing anything either, with the family. My flight got canceled last night because of the storm, and back home in England, I wouldn’t have made it. So here I am, with you. But at the same time I’m not complaining.” He smiles and you do too.

“I’m so sorry Harry. That much suck. I honestly would do anything to be with some family right now.” You didn’t know why but you just felt like telling Harry everything, he was so easy to talk too. “My parents and I haven’t spoken in awhile, so this is my first ever thanksgiving alone.” You tell him.

He looks at you with a sorry look on his face. He sensed that maybe your parents and yourself weren’t on good terms. Since you barely mentioned them.

Harry unintentionally reached for your hand across the table. “Well Y/N, this is my very first thanksgiving alone too. And maybe we shouldn’t be all by ourselves.”

“What do you mean?” You weren’t really catching what he was getting at.

“Maybe we can go get that pizza you were talking about and have our own thanksgiving minus the home cooked meal.” He offers a little nervously, he didn’t want you to say no.

You laugh at his statement. Pizza does sound good right now. “Yeah, let’s do it.” You say.

“Really?” He didn’t actually think you would just go with him so willingly.

“Yeah. But first you have to apologize and say Pizza is a very gourmet meal.” You say while smiling.

Harry laughs as he stands up from the table. He takes out his hand, and you take it, as he eagerly pulls you out the cafe.

The pizza parlor was dead. It was only you and Harry and all you can hear were the ringing of both of your laughs. Harry was telling you jokes that were so bad you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ok ok last one!” Harry said trying to contain his laughter for the final one. “Ok, who doesn’t eat on thanksgiving?” He asks you.

You thought for a second but couldn’t figure it out. “I don’t know who?”

“A turkey, cause it’s always stuffed!” He lays his head on the table and breaks down laughing. The workers kept looking at you funny. But You couldn’t care less. You were having so much fun to stop.

Eating the rest of your pizza and drink you look up to see Harry already looking at you. “What?” You asked subconsciously. “Do I have something on my face?”

Harry just shakes his head, “No, I just thought you look particularly cute, love.” You blush and shake your head trying not to smile with food in your mouth.

“I look disgusting but thanks, Harry.”

The waiter came and asked if we were finished, and Harry insisted on him paying even when you refused. But in the end he won. Harry drove you back to your apartment, and walked you to your steps.

You both stood their in silence, it wasn’t awkward, it was nice. You didn’t know what to say, you really wanted to see him again. You just hoped he would to.

“Well” you pulled out you keys from your purse. “I really appreciate you hanging out with me this evening. It really means a lot since I didn’t have anyone here. And I know you probably would of wanted to hang out with your real friends.” You sayed looking down at your keys and playing with them. Suddenly you felt kind of embarrassed for some reason. You hoped he didn’t hang out with you out of pity.

“Hey no.” Harry lifts his chin to make you look at him. “I had a really great time, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. And here.” He pulls out his phone and you put your number in it, and texted yourself.

“Well I should better get inside.” You say. And Harry nods, and starts to walk down your steps. You hadn’t put your keys in before you run down the steps to catch him before he left.

He turns around surprised. “I just wanted to say that this thanksgiving I’m really thankful to have met you. So thank you for today. For everything, it made me incredibly happy.” You ramble off, you didn’t know why you just ran to tell him that. But you did.

“I’m thankful to have met you too.” Harry said & You smile, nod, and turn back to go inside but before you could Harry had taken your hand to bring you back around, and kissed you.

It was slow and passionate, and caught you by surprise. But you kissed him back.

He pulls back and says, “ I’ll see you soon, Y/N . Happy Thanskgiving.” He smirks and leaves you on your front porch.

You watch his car drive away. And you realized all the things you are grateful for, and Harry is now one of them.



As You Are | 3

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Chapters: [1] [2]

BTS Song Series: “As You Are,“ The Weeknd

Word Count: 3,947

Pairing: Min Yoongi & Yong Sun

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, angst. Very brief mention of sex trade. Nothing too dark or smutty here. Yoongi being a sweet lil fucker. 

Notes: Ah, finally the mystery around their former company is revealed. More Yoongi romance development. Hints at future story pairings. I love seeing things start to come together. Enjoy! 

Contentment was an odd feeling. She wasn’t even sure that was what she was really feeling, having never felt it before. Can one be content and filled with worry at the same time? Whatever she felt, watching her little sister act like a normal little kid in front of the television made her happy. 

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Summary: (based off the above prompt) Dan wants to spend Christmas with Phil’s family this year so in return he invites his family to visit their London flat.

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope it’s okay I switched this to just Dan’s parents instead of both!! I just couldn’t imagine having both sets staying at their house at the same time, it’d be much too crowded lmao.  I hope you still like this though!!

Dan wouldn’t say that he had a bad relationship with his parents per se, but it certainly was anything great.  Sure, they talked at least once a week over the phone and he normally went home for the holidays, but compared to Phil’s family that seemed like practically nothing.

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❋ ✳ ★ ( dalton )

❋ for a hopeful text

[ SMS ] Dalton: you know that things are always looking better.  i never would have expected to be where i am now, but i’m glad i am.  you’ll find it too.

✳ for a holiday text

[ SMS ] Dalton: happy thanksgiving! i was making that pie you like and it made me think of you.  

★ for a dumb meme or inside joke text

[ SMS ] Dalton: so i found the haunted carnival bear while going through a box of stuff.  pretty sure he’s pissed about being in storage for so long.  did we have a custody agreement on this thing?  it’s your turn to be haunted by a toy.  if i die the weirdly lopsided teddy bear did it.

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Could you do a thing for all the members (including V!!) on how they would react when meeting mc for the first time? Thank you!!

AN: i’m going to assume that you’ve just been talking for a while through messages and you’re finally going to meet up/see each other irl for the first time and you both like each other romantically

! semi-spoiler on V !


  • Poor baby would be so nervous as soon as he sat down to wait for you at a small cafe or something and messaging all the RFA members like crazy and they’re all trying to get him to calm down 
  • probably mumbling rehearsed compliments under his breath
  • you’d send him a text complimenting his scarf
  • he’d turn around and just gape a little
  • all those rehearsed compliments - g o n e
  • “i-i’m sorry you look m-much better in real life i d-don’t really know what to say”
  • you’d just pull him into a bone crushing hug and you could feel his face warm up a lot since he wasn’t THAT much taller than you
  • for the whole ‘date’ he’d be shy to look at you so you’d have to tilt his head up and reassure him it was okay 
  • he’d be a little better and open up more but you found up avoiding your gaze and blushing profusely every time you made eye contact
  • when parting you’d kiss his cheek and he’d be so so so stunned but super happy and he’d pull you in for a hug (ᵔᴥᵔ)


  • You’d agree to meet him after his show and Zen was pretty confident until he was backstage
  • His hands became sorta clammy and his heart started pounding when he realised that you were actually going to see him and a small voice in the back of his head thought that you may dislike his acting (past memories sob)
  • He’d message the members also saying he felt slightly on edge not realising you were online too so you manage to sneak in backstage
  • The second you call his name Zen would instantly whip his head around recognising your voice instantly
  • He’d open his mouth to say something but you hug his tall figure and say that theres no way you’d dislike his acting and he’d realise 
  • that you saw all his messages
  • but he wouldn’t care
  • he’d break into a smile and hold you closer and kiss the top of your head his hands resting on your waist
  • he’d deny he wasn’t even nervous and this was all a ploy to get you backstage like sure zen 
  • until he went on stage there was a lot of eye contact and sly brushes against your hands and cheeks - he would be a nervous mess on the inside though
  • when he actually performed he’d be beaming and kept looking at you while blushing and when he finished he would take you out for dinner and he’d be a flirty gentleman there ;;;;
  • probably kisses your hand like 20 times


  • You’d decide to meet at a bakery - somewhere warm and casual because you want her to feel relaaxed y’know?
  • She’d be very nervous before meeting you but unlike zen and yoosung she would keep this to herself and fiddle with her jewellery and loose strands of hair
  • she’d probably order you a drink before smacking herself because what if you don’t like it or it gets cold damn it jahee
  • she’d just be about to call you to see what drinks you like but you slide down in the seat next to her
  • “hey.. how did you know my favourite drink?!”
  • oh god poor jaehee she’d be startled and go into work mode and offer her hand for you to shake 
  • you’d shake her hand before smiling and giving her a quick hug too
  • she’d freeze in her spot and quickly re-adjust herself before thinking - well they smell good
  • you’d thank her for the compliment and she’d almost choke on her tea realising she said it out loud 
  • for the day she’d listen to you and let out a few laughs before realising how comfortable she really was around you and leaving the bakery with a genuine smile looking forward to seeing you again


  • He’d meet you at a fancy restaurant and be there like ages earlier and you bet he’s booked up the whole restaurant because he loves his privacy
  • He’d be the most composed out of the members but he’d check his reflection in the mirror a few times internally a little worried
  • he’d spot you coming in shyly from a mile away and hesitated a little
  • what the hell was this feeling?
  • you’d feel slightly self conscious at his staring as you walked up to him and like jaehee he’d definitely stretch his hand out for you to shake
  • but you’d completely ignore his hand and just hug him and he’d be 
  • o_o
  • but after a few seconds he’d definitely hug you back (quite lightly) before pushing back and re-adjusting himself
  • for some reason he’d introduce himself and you’d almost spit out your drink laughing and he was super confused like 
  • jumin i’m not a client
  • ah yes, I apologize
  • he’d give you some sort of gift a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine but then mentally hit himself at how cheesy it was
  • i can’t explain how much he’d stare into your eyes - he’d be SO infatuated and he’d find himself losing all train of thought looking at you while you talk and make hand gestures
  • he’d be adamant on taking you home at the end of the night but didn’t know if he should make or move or not
  • so you end up staring at each other for a while and you get out of the car disappointed
  • he’d probably smack himself 
  • and not mentally 


  • cat cafe cat cafe cat cafe cat cafe cat cafe cat cafe
  • you’d probably be there first playing with all the kittens not aware of your surroundings at all 
  • and he’d rush in kinda late because he overslept (poor baby has too much work)
  • he’d almost run to you before stopping himself and would melt a little seeing you play with all the cats
  • he’d dramatically fall to his knees next to you 
  • “error 707 overload of cuteness help me”
  • he’d probably hug you first and wouldn’t pull away for a while and have the biggest grin on his face 
  • he was super nervous and wouldn’t show it
  • he’d get you a gift!!!
  • honey butter chips and dr pepper!!
  • “welcome to my world!”
  • you’d both be babbling and laughing together it would be super natural even though he wouldn’t be able to look into your eyes properly
  • just a few glances here and there before he had to wipe his clammy palms on his pants
  • “luciel..i have to go”
  • “you’ve gotta be kitten me..”
  • you’d get up quickly and just leave with him doubling over with laughter begging you to stay
  • and you do obviously
  • “ I guess im purr-suasive..?”
  • “yep - nevermind i’m going”
  • pulls you into a kiss to make you stay (A/N: ugly sobbing)


  • he’d want to meet you in an open space like a flower field or a park 
  • waiting for you leaning on a fence would be V staring upwards into the sky lost deep in his thoughts and nervous to what your reaction would really be
  • you’d see him and edge towards him trying not to startle him and call his name
  • he’d LOVE the sound of your voice too and turn around and smile
  • you’d both grin and you’d fit perfectly into his frame as you both gave each other warm hugs
  • he would feel a sense of relief that you hadn’t acted strangely and treated him normally throughout the day
  • your voice to him would be soothing and he’d stick very close to your side when you both sat down 
  • he’d automatically calm down due to your soothing voice and fiddle with your hair 
  • there would be a lot of silence the first time you met but they would be comfortable silences as you listened to nature
  • he’s quite gentle and give you really sweet compliments 
  • he’d apologise several times for not doing anything more exciting
  • but you’d pull him closer to you and hold him saying that this is perfect
  • he’s slightly hesitant but then ends up holding you 
  • and thats how you stay for a few hours

(A/N sorry if this is shit but i wanted to expand a lil from your request - hope you don’t mind!)

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I've been dealing with the same issue. I get into depressive episodes and don't respond to my friends. They always get annoyed at me and I've lost friends because of it. Assholes. We both deserve better. People who are actually understanding of our situation.

funny enough, i would probably agree but it’s important to look at things from both sides. i can’t speak for your situation, but i know in mine my friend did what she did because she thinks ignoring her text is a sign that i don’t like her (or that i don’t care… i’ll disappear… any of the other possible variables). the friends you had in your life probably thought the same. which, even though that may not be true, you can’t blame someone for thinking that. like, thinking it over, i imagine it was very difficult for her to work up the courage to text me something so personal, just like its very difficult for me to reply to texts during bouts of depression. it’s pretty hard to be friends with someone who has depression. that doesn’t mean i’m going to apologize to try fixing the friendship (definitely not) and it doesn’t mean you should either. i just think it’s important to look at things from other perspectives. anyway, you should make sure to explain to the friends that are currently in your life that if you don’t text them back for weeks at a time, it’s not because you don’t care about them but that on days where you don’t want to get out of bed or eat, the last thing you’re thinking about is messaging a friend back. that’s just my take on the situation

based off the anonymous prompt: ‘bellarke + sexting’

written by guest writer oktevia​ of the Bellarke Fanfiction Network

It’s nearly 8 p.m. and Clarke’s been on her feet for the past twelve hours. The community art center that she runs downtown is popular; they have day and night classes for beginners, along with specialized, more advanced classes for the regulars. They have a well-organized system worked out, and usually, the volunteer instructors are only asked to work a few nights a week.

But this week, two instructors bailed at the last minute, and their classes fell into Clarke’s lap. She was happy to take them, mostly because she enjoys the students, but adding that to a full workload is tedious. By the time she closes up the center and sets the alarm, her eyelids are drooping shut.

 The worst part of it, though, is going home to an empty apartment.

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Tour Series #3: FaceTime/Skype

Luke: (His POV) Being on stage is one of my favorite places to be, even if it means I’m without Y/N. Today was one of the few days that I felt like the worst boyfriend in the world because it’s Y/N’s birthday. I couldn’t even be with her on her birthday and that was tearing me apart on the inside but I was trying my best to hide it from the guys. I talked to her this morning and was the first one to wish her a happy birthday at midnight, even though it was the wee hours of the morning here. Waking up for her was worth it, it always will be. The 1D guys and the rest of the band help me sing her Happy Birthday and I later got a novel long text thanking me for the giant bouquet of flowers that had arrived at our doorstep with her name on them. Other surprises would be arriving throughout the day and she deserved every single one of them. 

Now being on stage, it was the middle of our set and even though it was the middle of the night back home, I got an idea. “Okay guys, I have something to say!” I said into the mic. “Oh shit, Luke’s got something to say guys!” I could punch Calum sometimes. “It’s my girlfriend’s birthday back home and I love her very much. I feel really bad for not being at home with her, so I have a favor to ask you guys. Wanna hear it?” The crowd screamed so loud I thought I lost my hearing for a few seconds. Taking out my in ears was not my best idea ever. “Awesome! I’m going to ring her up on FaceTime on my phone, and we’re all going to sing her happy birthday. Her name is Y/N! Do you think we can do that?” I got another loud response so I took my phone out of my back pocket and smiled. I unlocked it while Mikey and Calum kept the crowd busy and dialed her number. I felt bad for waking her up, but she was going to love this. 

“Luke? What the hell? Aren’t you on stage?” She answered after a few rings, looking like she was just fast asleep. “I have a surprise for you. There are some people here who want to tell you something….,” I turned the camera so it faced the crowd of 20,000 people and I saw her gasp and quickly put her hand over her mouth, “OKAY GUYS ON THE COUNT OF 3. ONE..TWO..THREE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Y/N! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” The crowd screamed after they finished and the smile on her face was so big. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy before, apart from when we got together. I turned the camera back on me so she could see my face again. “Oh my god Luke that was incredible! Thank you so much baby. I’ve never had anyone do anything like that for me before!” “She loved it guys! Thank you for helping!” “Tell them I love them too!” “She says she loves you too! Alright baby girl, I have to play the rest of the show now, but I’ll call you right after okay?” The entire crowd went “awwwwww” as we finished our conversation. “Okay Lukey. Thank you again. I love you!” “Love you too Y/N!” I pressed end and put my phone back in my pocket. “Aren’t Luke and his girlfriend cute guys?” Mikey said into his mic. I glared at him, “At least I’m getting some Michael!” The smirk immediately wiped from his face and I laughed. “Alright guys, this one’s called Wherever You Are!” After the show I had a notification from twitter, it was Y/N. “Got a surprise call from @Luke5SOS for my birthday… Had 20,000 people sing me happy birthday. NBD.” with a screenshot of the crowd and bunch of shocked emoji’s. Best Facetime call ever. 

Ashton: It was the middle of the night for Ashton, but it was hard to keep track of what time it was while he was gone. You had been in bed sick for a few days, with only your dog to keep you company since Ashton wasn’t home to take care of you. You wished you could see his face, or hear his voice just for a few minutes. You knew that would make you feel better, even if it was just a little bit. You were cuddling in bed, watching what was probably the billionth episode of some TV show in a row when your dog hopped up on your bed and started whining. “I know Merlin, I miss him too.” He laid down in Ashton’s spot in bed and you smiled. It was the little things that got you through the day. The last text you had gotten from Ash had been a few hours previously, right after they finished their set, which was why you didn’t expect to look over at your phone and see “Ashton Irwin <3 would like to facetime…” appear on your screen.

“Ash? Isn’t really early there?” “Yeah, but I can’t sleep and I know you don’t feel good. I thought we could both use some cheering up.” You both smiled at each other wide, knowing you’d remember a little moment like this forever. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” You ask him quietly, laying your head down on your pillow, finally able to relax a little bit. You let out a huge cough making it sound like you were dying. Ashton gave you his famous puppy dog face which made you laugh a little bit. “Remember how we met? You were the only one at our first show who knew every word to that All Time Low song. I could never pass up a girl who shares my music taste. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you silly.” “ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN YOU KNOW THAT’S NOT TRUE.” You could tell even by the little light showing on his face that he was blushing. It was almost like you two were cuddling right there in your bed like you did every night before bed. 

“Is that Michael I hear talking in his sleep?” You ask, trying not to laugh because you would feel bad. “Oh yeah. He’s been talking about becoming a pokemon master for over an hour now. He’s part of the reason I can’t sleep!” You couldn’t hold in your laughter now even if you wanted to. You felt bad that Ash couldn’t sleep, but Michael talking in his sleep about being a pokemon master was one of the best things you had heard all week. “Ash?” You mumble after you stop laughing. “Mhmm?” “Can you tell me a bed time story? I’m really tired and my head hurts…” You cuddled up with Merlin, making sure that Ashton could see the both of you. “Of course I can sweetheart. This is gonna get pretty cheesy okay? If you fall asleep, I’ll text you the ending. Alright, now, once upon a time, there was a VERY  beautiful princess, and her name was Y/N. She was the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. Her parents wanted her to marry a man named Luke, but Y/N wasn’t in love with Luke, she was in love with Ashton, the bakers son from the village outside the castle…Y/N?” Ashton looked up before he started the next part of the story and smiled, you were already fast asleep. “Sweet dreams Y/N. I love you.” 

Michael: (His POV) Here we are again, waiting in another airport to board another plane to another country. I can’t complain though, I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Sometimes I just wish I had more time to me. I was snapped out of my thoughts when my phone buzzed. It was Y/N sending me a text message. “Have a safe flight, let me know when you land. I love you to the moon and back.” I smiled to myself, reading it over a few times before responding. “Are you free? Can we Skype?” I replied. Once I got her reply I pulled out my laptop, paying whatever ridiculous fee the airport had for an hour of “high speed” internet and opened Skype, clicking her name for a video call.

My heart skipped a beat seeing her smiling face answer the call. “Hi baby!” She squealed, waving like a kid. I chuckled, waving back. “Hi pretty girl! I missed you!” “I missed you too, Mikey.” Y/N frowned. “You look so exhausted. Have you slept?” She asked, I shook my head. “No, I tried but Luke wouldn’t stop talking last night. I swear I hate him sometimes.” Y/N chuckled before frowning. “I’m sorry, tell him to shut up and let my baby sleep or I’ll burn his penguin.” God, I love her. “This is why I love you.” I laughed. She giggled. “How long is your flight? Hopefully you can sleep on the plane.” “It’s about four or five hours I think? I’m going to try, but I doubt it’ll happen. Sleep doesn’t come easy to me anymore.” I admitted.

“Why? Are you alright? Talk to me.” My eyes fell to my keyboard, then back up to her beautiful face, the face of home. “I miss sleeping beside you.” I told her. “I miss holding you and playing with your hair while you cuddle into me and trace aimlessly on my chest. I just miss being with you. Everything is so crazy during the day, at night is when it really hits me that I’m not near you and it kills me.” “Michael,” Y/N sighed. “I know this is hard but it’s gonna be over soon enough. I can always come and visit for a few days or something soon. Don’t stress out about us being apart so much it’s not good. You need your sleep. If you need to why don’t you call me every night before bed and we’ll talk until you fall asleep? How does that sound?” I smiled at her idea and nodded. “Yeah, that sounds good.” I looked around me, sighing. “My flight is boarding, I have to go. I love you so much babe. I’ll see you soon.” I waved before closing my computer.

Calum:(Your POV) Calum had been gone for about a month now. Some days you were okay being without him, getting a quick phone call or a text from him, or even a cute selfie telling you he missed you. It was the little things when he was away. Other days were hard, sometimes unbearable being away from him. If you had a bad day at work, you came home to an empty apartment. Calum wasn’t there to vent to or to say something stupid to make you laugh. You could try and call him, but half of the time you got voicemail, considering the time difference. You knew Calum tried to answer you calls whenever he could, but sometimes he just wasn’t able to and that was alright.

You were having the worst day you could imagine. You woke up late for work, the car wouldn’t start, it was pouring and your boss yelled at you until you were in tears. All you wanted was to go home and cuddle up into Calum’s side and never leave, but you couldn’t. Instead you took a detour on your walk home and sat down at your usual table at your local cafe. This spot just so happened to be where you shared your first official date with Calum and it always held a special spot in your heart. You sighed looking around the almost empty cafe. Biting your lip you pulled your phone from your purse and clicked on the FaceTime icon next to Calum’s name. You weren’t sure if he’d answer but you hoped he would.

Your face lit up when you saw Calum’s face appear. “Thank God.” You smiled, relieved he had time to answer you. “Hi baby girl, what’s wrong? You look upset.” Calum frowned, fixing the beanie on his head. “I’ve just had the most horrible day and all I really want is to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie with my favorite boy…but he’s too busy being a rock star on the other side of the world.” You smirked at the last part. “I’m sorry you had a bad day, love. I wish I could come cuddle you. It looks like perfect cuddle weather over there.” You sighed looking out the window at the dark sky pouring rain. “It’s miserable here. I’m miserable here.” “I know it seems like things are going horrible lately, but you’re gonna be alright, okay? We’re gonna see each other again soon and everything will be fine. I have to go do sound check now, but I’ll call you later, okay? Go home and run a nice warm bath and light some candles. Put on your favorite playlist and relax. Everything will be alright. I love you.” You smiled at Calum, holding back tears. “You always know what to say. I love you.” You blew a kiss before ending the FaceTime.  

(Luke and Ashton written by Danielle, Michael and Calum written by Nessy)