i know they probably dont realize it

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Fam, can you give me some dungeon master tips? I'm dm'ing a group of friends of mine and it's all of our first time playing and i'm not reallg entirely sure that i know what i'm doing...

my #1 advice to new DMs is to not be too reliant on the source material. If you’re doing a published adventure, realize that your players probably wont do everything *exactly* as the book says. They’re going to try to go places that arent in the adventure or will come up with solutions that you didn’t expect.

For situations where the players do something you dont expect, just ask them to do an appropriate skill check (ie. if the fighter wants to get on top of a building to get a better view of the town, ask them to make an athletics check). just use this rule of thumb:

If something is easy, the DC should be about 10 or 12 (10 if its hella easy or if u want to be nice to your players)

If it’s moderately difficult, the DC should be 15.

If it’s hella hard, to the point that you wouldnt expect the players to be able to do it, the DC should be 20

Also, you should learn to be comfortable with improvising. NOTHING goes as planned in DnD, and that’s a good thing! It keeps the story fluid and organic, and it makes it a lot more fun for the players to not be stuck on rails. Personally, I do very little preparation other than monsters for encounters and a few NPCs because I just LOVE improv and DMing is a great exercise for that!

The point of it all is that DnD is a game, and games are supposed to be fun! So try not to tell players they can’t do something. They can *try* anything, and sometimes you just have to tell them “nothing happened”. It feels a lot better to be told that the thing you tried didnt work than to be told you couldnt try it in the first place.

(the only addendum i’d add to this is that if a player tries to use a spell slot for a spell that wouldn’t work, you might want to elaborate on how the spell works and explain to them why it wouldn’t work in that context so they don’t feel like they wasted a spell slot. BUT! if they learn something from using the spellslot, even if it’s that “you’re in an antimagic field” or something of that sort, then you should definitely let them cast the spell.)

Anyways, I hope this all helps! Have fun!!


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


so im absolutely obsessed with @skyesentinels ‘s youtube au and i got an IdeaTM (pls read the voltron youtube au frfr it’s s o good)

-For april fools, Keith and Pidge make a new channel for ‘supernatural hunting and alien spotting’
     -The video they post is just them running around Keith’s apartment while lance chases them while wearing a bedsheet
          -there are many gifs of lance tripping and face planting because he can’t see
-they all think it’s just an one time thing they did for a funny april fools thing but no
     -the fans won’t allow it
-the channel somehow gets to 100,000 subscribers, and keith and pidge get sent an actual silver play button from youtube for a channel they made as a joke
      -then they realize that they can’t just let the channel die now
-So they continue making videos
-they start out mostly the same as the first video, just obviously fake ‘paranormal activity’ while someone chases them
     -there are also many gifs of shiro dragging keith away while being the ‘ghost’
     -also many, many audio clips of keith’s high pitched screaming as this is done
-Lance is a fan favorite in these videos because he always ends up screaming and falling into keith’s arms
     -the klance shippers l i v e for this channel
-shiro is the worst to have in these videos unless he’s the ghost
     -shiro: maybe the real ghost was the friends we made along the way
     -keith: sh u t up shiro this is s e r i o u s
     -”yea i’d punch a ghost. I’d fight every single ghost in the astral plane. im not scared”
-there’s a video of keith filming lance in the middle of his morning routine and yelling “look guys! It’s a ghost, and it’s hideous
     -the rest of the video is the camera shaking while keith runs for his life
-there are x-file memes everywhere
     -every single video there are new clips on tumblr with the x-files theme playing
-g h o s t  a d v e n t u r e  m e m e s
     -”My name is Keith Kogane. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Pidge Holt and our equipment tech Hunk Garrett. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.”
     -this leads the fandom to make memes about zak bagans being keith’s boyfriend
     -lance doesn’t realize that it’s all a meme and he’s??? So confused?? Like i thought keith and i bonded???? Who is zak and what does he have that i dont???????
      -”zak bagans is my boyfriend and i would die for him” -keith probably
      -keith does have a lowkey unironic crush on zak bagans and the only one that knows is shiro
-then they start making other videos of them doing things like looking for aliens/bigfoot/mothman ect
     -everyone likes these videos too because keith almost always starts ranting that mothman is r e a l.
     -pidge does the same but with nessie
-this leads to them making videos about conspiracy theories
     -these are basically just 30 minute long unedited videos of them screaming about cryptids
-they also start doing those cursed games like the bath game and midnight game
     -they get the whole gang together to play the midnight game but it’s basically just them sitting in a dark room with candles pretending to feel stuf
     -except lance who claims he’s actually feeling things, but in reality its just keith messing with him
-their videos sometimes end with the police showing up one way or another
      -once they had to pause making a video because keith screamed so loud that his neighbors thought he was dying so now there’s footage of keith awkwardly explaining to a police officer what they were doing
      -the fandom has started making bets to whether or not the police will show up in the next video or not
-theres a compilation of videos from pidge’s snapchat that are just a slow zoom of keith’s face as he does something with the caption ‘caught a cryptid on video!!!!!!!!’
     -keith tried to get her back but he’s much less sneaky about it so most of keith’s video’s usually end with pidge tackling him
-the fans get ‘#cryptidkeith’ treading on twitter and keith wants to die
     -most of it is edits of keith’s face of bigfoot or screenshots of keith in the background of a shot with that red circle and zoom in of him (see: @keithsightings)
     -theres also a lot of keith x mothman
     -keith has never been more impressed and also disgusted by his fandom

okay im sorry but ive been reading wayyyyy too many superhero AU’s but can we just step back and imagine for a second:

  • Nico di Angelo being able to manipulate the shadows and get to McDonalds before anyone else.
  • Chiron being a leader of like 50 kids, all with superhero powers
  • Chiron making rules like no interaction with civilians, whats so ever
  • And Nico being like ‘okay, cool. i dont really give a fuck’
  • but then will motherfucking solace
  • saves his ass from something, probably from not eating enough since will is always looking out for others
  • will being a fucking intern or something at a hospital and one day realizing holy shit i can heal people with my hands this shit aint normal but refusing to tell anyone since it’s like Xavier’s school for gifted kids you dont know and they find you
  • but no one finds will until nico saves his ass
  • nico accidentally being hit by a bus or something and will already being at the scene and is like holy shit that’s the hot guy that saved me from a mugger or something
  • and then he, like, makes up some lie and drags nico’s body off the street or whatever and something happened and he’s like “okay, dont freak out”
  • but nico doesnt tell will about the camp or whatever because he wants him to have a normal life 
  • but eventually will gets too nosy and follows nico after a freaking date or something and sees this shit and is like. what. the. fuck
  • and nico has to make up an excuse
  • they make a freaking emergency demigod ambulance thing
  • making out in superhero suits
    im sorry i just cant get it out of my head

Cuddling With Astro

Note: this is all just my own opinion, i have no actual proof that they’d be like this


Myungjun (MJ):

Cuddling with Myungjun is absolute perfection. People would expect this time to be really energetic but (in my opinion) it’d be the one time of day where he could just calm down and relax. He loves spooning you, the feeling of having your right up against his chest would make him feel all warm and giddy. Holding hands is a must too, it makes him feel like he’s really connected with you. He’d probably like to talk with you about his day and about yours. In all, cuddling with Myungjun would be really relaxing and warm.

“Tell me about your day, jagi.”

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Jinwoo (Jinjin):

Cuddling with Jinwoo is just really cute. He’d rather be facing you, whether it be the two of you on your sides or you laying on top of him, he likes being able to be face to face [to admire your perfect self ;)]. His arm would definitely be around you, pulling you flush against his chest. Expect a few cheeky kisses here and there, but nothing too extreme. The two of you would probably talk about the most random things. Cuddling with this man boy would just be really soft and fluffy.

“Do you think cacti have feelings?”

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):

Good luck surviving cuddle sessions with Dongmin. You could literally be reading a book and he’ll suddenly come in and start hugging the shite out of you. His hands would be on your skin; even if you’re wearing pants and a long sleeve he will find warmth no matter what. He’d whisper random compliments about you, your hair, your eyes, etc. If you did the same to him, he’d definitely be a blushy baby. Random kisses on the eyes, nose, lips, etc. would be the norm when you’re cuddling. Basically he’d be worshiping you and if youre not worshiping him what are you doing hes lee dongmin

“You’re really attractive, did you know that?”

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Bin (Moonbin):

You know how he’s known as a puppycat? Yeah, he becomes an actual puppy during cuddling sessions. Spooning or hugging is a must. Tbh it’d probably be hella warm and comfortable, so it’d be normal for the two of you to fall asleep while cuddling. His voice omg kill me now would sound really slurred because cuddling makes him tired (in a good way ofc.) and your voice would probably be the same. He would really like hiding his face in your shoulder.

“[Y/N]… I lobe you…” *omg imagine his tired voice i–*

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Minhyuk (Rocky):

Cuddling with Minhyuk would either be really quiet or kind of loud, there’s no in between. If he’s tired or if you’re tired, you just enjoy to be in each other’s arms. He’d probably be tracing random shapes on your body or kissing your shoulders. On the other hand… If you’re not really that tired, cuddling with Minhyuk would be fun. He’d randomly tickle you without warning or attack you with kisses. The two of you would probably talk about the future or the past or about how idiotic the boys were being that day (he loves them tho.)

“Remember when you asked me out-” “[y/N] let mE LIVE”

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Oh my Gods cute shy babyy. Cuddling with Sanha would be awkward at first. You wouldn’t know what to do and he wouldn’t know what to do– it’d be a mess. Over time, it’d get more natural, but Sanha would probably still be a bit shy about cuddling. Unlike the others, you and Sanha would probably just lay side by side, holding hands. Your head would be on his shoulder though, but that’s about it. The two of you would talk about whatever came to mind and you’d let each other rant if either of you were feeling frustrated.

“Hey, [Y/N]? … I love you–” *intense blushing*

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I dont think you realize how weak this made me omff– this group is going to be the death of me

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nick robinson posted an apology on twitter. i know you discussed him a lot so i thought youd like to know

(heres what he posted)

ok so, nick is a complete fucking moron for not realizing the position of power he was in and that he was using it, even if totally inadvertently, to get attention and nudes from his fans. thats so incredibly fucked up and he really should have realized what the fuck he was doing and why it was bad. i looked at the screenshots though, and they dont scream “i know exactly what im doing and i am manipulating you with my position” as much as “i am an idiot manchild that is unaware of my reach and flirts with people like im a god damn 17 year old that doesnt know how human beings work or what they want but this works for me even though its actually fucked up i just dont realize it yet.”
im not in any way being an apologist for his actions, ESPECIALLY if its proven that he did in fact try to pull this shit on anyone thats underage (i havent seen proof of that specifically, which would obviously be totally inexcusable and would render anything im saying moot because holy shit fuck him if he did that so much). my personal opinion is that theres a difference between someone like him, who is an adult that clearly hasnt grown the fuck up and needs to, fucking ASAP, and someone fully aware that what they’re doing is harmful and that they’re hurting people but they just dont give a shit because they’re full on evil predators.
at the same time im trying really hard not to give him any leeway he doesnt deserve because hes in his mid-20s, hes a god damn adult. he should know better and its good that he got punished. literally if he was just god damn mature enough to realize what he was doing, which he fucking should have been, none of this would have happened. but i dont think hes evil just really really stupid and he probably shouldnt ever have the complete trust of any of his fans the same way he did before nor should he have the amount of fans he had before. even if this wasnt as bad as it could have been i dont want for a second for anyone to feel like what they’re doing is in any way ok if its similar to what nick was doing because it is just, not, ok.

chensung headcanons
  • chensung is actually one of the cutest ships to ever exist sorry i dont make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • the ‘first love’ relationship dynamic
  • it’s like puppy love except it’s amplified by a billion
  • the relationship where they think theyll be together forever because they genuinely have not loved anyone more than they love each other
  • they’d honestly and truly put their life on the line for each other
  • theyre so naive and they dont know a lot but they do know that they love each other more than anything
  • they just click so naturally and can just roam the world for days on end without getting tired of each other
  • chenle luVS HUGS
  • “hey chen what do we have for homewoRK- aaaand ur in my arms and we are hugging”
  • probably tasers each other for fun
  • if you dont know what i mean by taser i just mean jabbing each other on the side like theyre being ‘shocked’ idek i just realized people might not know what thAT MEANT
  • like have you seen them resting their hands on each other’s thighs
  • chenle probably does that out of instinct now
  • he’s just so used to it and he wont get any reaction from jisung unless he squeezes his thighs
  • *aggressive thigh squeezing war*
  • that sounds bad
  • they dont cuddle bc theyre still young and awkward
  • ok jisung’s still young and awkward
  • chenle hugs onto jisung like a koala bear
  • he swings his leg over jisung and wraps his arms around him and just buries his face in his neck and aHH BOYFRIENDS
  • HONESTLY AND TRULY, THE TYPE OF COUPLE TO GO “u hang up” “no u hang up!!” “no U hang up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • supportive bfs who cheer each other on like their life depend on it
  • i feel like when they hug, chenle pretends to be a smol bit shorter so his head is like right by jisung’s chest and jisung can just hold him like that and ruffle his hair and it gives him easier access to kiss chen’s head oh my gosh
  • they give each other The Look™️️ that makes the other burst into laughter
  • jisung lives for chenle’s cute giggles and his OHMAIGADs
  • THEIR !!!!!!!! HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sometimes in the middle of the night when they have their living room sleepovers, jisung will take chenle’s hand and just hold them together to see the difference
  • and chenle probably laughs and tells him to fuck off but jisung always laces their hands together and peppers kisses all over chenle’s face
  • “im the hyung in this relationship” “shut the fuck up jisung before i smack that ugly ass smirk off your face” “>:((((((((((((((((((((((((“
  • chensung are like markhyuck in the ‘ur my best friend for life and im dating u’ relationship but chensung’s so much softer
  • markhyuck are like blazing stars in the middle of the night, spontaneous and unpredictable but chensung are soft and slow like the early mornings when everything’s still hazy and mangled
  • they probably havent had their first real kiss yet
  • like sure jisung kisses chenle’s forehead and chenle kisses jisung’s cheek and all that cute shit but theyre probably too afraid to kiss each other on the lips
  • that or chenle’s waiting for jisung to pull the first move
  • “angery reacts only >:((((” “shut the FUCK up jisung omg”
  • chenle calls jisung baobei and refuses to tell jisung why so he ends up asking renjun and turns bright red every time chenle calls him that
  • chenle !!! teaching !!!! jisung chinese !!!!!!!!
  • their selfie game is 2 strong and it scares the other members
  • hugs to make up for everything
  • at least that’s how chenle apologiZES 
  • jisung’s the type to stare at chenle dreamily like he’s in some kdrama and he’s the soft cute lead
  • and everybody knows when he’s just completely out of it
  • his eyes just melt into this soft brown and this smolsmolsmol smile just sticks to his face
  • and every time chenle catches him in the act, jisung just laughs and so does chenle and they just find their way to each other
  • ok jisung probably makes chenle play video games with him and gets mad when chenle kicks his ass

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Say if Sheith happens, who do you think would come to terms with their feelings first, Shiro or Keith?

hm i kinda feel like there was always something sort of there, going back to prekerberos. not something that either of them ever thought about too deeply or brought up to the other, but just like a “well, thats a problem for another day” type thing they kinda filed away. with keith especially i think its hard because after being alone so much and having no real friends or family its probably hard for him to judge different relationships and their levels of intimacy? like, how do you know that someone isn’t just like a brother if you’ve never had one? how do you tell the difference between a really close platonic friend and a crush if you’ve gone literally years without making any other friends? 

he’s also very self-sacrificing and willing to die for basically anyone on his team so like, it probably doesnt help that he has this really overwhelming sense of loyalty to the people he cares about. though bom makes it clear that, on a subconscious level at least, he knows shiro is definitely the most important person in his life. keith also prioritiezes his personal loyalty to shiro over his duty as a paladin, which is why he and allura both didn’t want the team to attack zarkon’s base, but keith immediately runs off to fight the emperor one on one to defend shiro. it’s also notable that fake shiro’s little speech about how the team needs him and they’re all a family isnt what convinces keith to give up the knife–losing shiro, and the knowledge that he would be completely alone as a result, is what breaks him. 

so while keith knows how important shiro is to him, i dont think he has a word for that yet really. it would probably take him a while to actually put together what he’s feeling. shiro on the other hand might actually put two and two together pretty quickly, especially since keith tends to let slip how important shiro is to him pretty easily. 

so i can see keith kinda unknowingly saying something that sounds like a confession and shiro kinda realizing that keith has feelings and maybe sorting out whatever’s going on with his own based on that. then again, i think its also possible that keith might become aware of his feelings on his own, and he just starts avoiding shiro. closing himself off more and more until shiro kinda just checks in on him again or pulls him aside and tells him that whatever’s going on, they need to work it out 

either way, whoever becomes aware of it first, i think shiro would have to be the one to actually bring it up. but huh i never really thought too much about this. anyone else have a different take on it? 

guys…. you do realize the voice actors literally have NO say on what gets written into the show, right?


I just realized….

My first “Crush” was me being pressured into thinking I had a crush

My second “Crush” what purely an aesthetic attraction

My 3rd: Literally just me trying to figure out “why the hell dont i have a crush, let me try flirting and see if that helps” (it didnt)

My 4th: I wanted to get to know him. Thats it. I classified the feeling as a crush. It was probably just a strong Squish. 

And I dont understand dating at all. Like what (other than sexual activies) Can you do with a S.O, That you cant do with a friend.

Like… I can go to dinner with friends, and buy my friends chocolate. I can take them to the movies, and we can go to the park. I DONT GET IT??? What am I missing here? Idk.

I keep being told “i’ll understand when I am older” but I kinda hope I dont. Dating seems like a lot of work anyway

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Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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Underaged littles

Hi unicorns,

Let me start by saying I know i will possibly get back lash from this and im prepared for it but it needs to be said. A while back i made a post on underaged littles more of a warning to doms about underaged littles that are complete assholes and lie about their ages. I ment to follow it up awhile back, but i got side tracked and i apologize. Let me start by saying i support underaged littles. There is nothing illegal about wanting to act 3, color, eat snacks, suck on pacifiers and so on. It is however illegal and very rude to tell someone to kill themselves (yes i read a text post and decided to include it in this post). There are good underaged littles out there that dont want anything more than to be treated like all littles do. Unfortunately there are assholes that think they should be banned because this is bdsm and isn’t for children. I agree it isnt for children if You’re having sex. Sex isnt for children. However you are not their parent and neither am i. My page is for anyone who wants to learn more about the community doesn’t matter if your underaged or not you can come and learn. The thing that bugs me the most is that people try to block underaged littles from ddlg until their of age. Well let me tell you a few things. In Britain the age of consent is 16, in Japan its 13, and in America its 18 (but that changes depending on what state you live in). Everywhere the age of concent is different. What might be legal in some places might be illegal in others. Im not saying that underage people should have sex. No definitely not! Have sex when your ready and be safe! But i am saying that by people blocking them out of a community that they’re intrested in is bad because they wont get the infomation they need and will go in blind. I seriously can’t see the difference between a 17 year old and a 18 year old little (doms are different and i will explain that in another post. I know double standard but until you hear my reason please dont judge). I know you’re probably going to say “well its proven that your brain is more developed at 18” ok but by that logic its more developed at 19. 18-25 is when people make their biggest mistakes which is funny because thats when their ‘grown up’. I just hate when i see someone go “18+🚫” but then turn around and support underaged littles. I realize the 18+ is for show and they dont want to get in trouble but it seems like youre fake supporting. I also realize that yes they might get older doms and those doms might treat them horribly, but isn’t it possible that maybe if so many people weren’t against them and allowed them to learn more then maybe they would’ve been able to see the signs of a fake dom early. Im not saying go to an underaged person and go “hey you know whats fun? Ddlg” no im not. Im saying if an underage little comes to you or wants to follow your page you should allow them. Because 1. You aren’t their parent. If their parent is careless enough to allow them to look up stuff like ddlg or bdsm then thats on them & 2. Because i feel as if it’ll help alot more underaged littles not be hurt.

You say they’re stupid but isn’t it possible they haven’t been taught? They didnt have anyone going “no he seems like a really bad daddy. I know you want one but not him! Trust me” instead they had people going “of course you got hurt because you’re to young to understand any of this! You shouldn’t even be in ddlg. Its bdsm and you’re still a child” on the subject of the “youre still a child” i wanted to point out that some underaged littles NEVER got to be children. They had to grow up faster than normal humans which is why they want a chance to be little. On a side note i do feel as if youre younger than 15 or 16 you shouldn’t have a dom and i will explain that in a different post as well it has less to go with the little and more to do with the dom but as i said im not your parent if you like older doms then im not going to say its wrong because so do i.

Bottom line of this post was please dont treat underaged littles bad. Because they need to learn or they might get hurt. Its not their fault if they had no one to teach them and all they had was articles and porn so they do it incorrectly and now are scared for life.

Ok, thats the end of this post im sorry its long.


I know this wasnt a request or anything like that, but i just. Reaaaally wanted to draw this
I have no idea how to @ people on here so my apologies go out to treesidedtriangle

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hey, my name is ana, im from colombia, (i'm actually not sure why i'm writing this in english) anyway, i've been wanting to learn korean for a while now, i learned hangul but the thing is that i don't know where to continue or what resources i can use, since it's really hard to find something korean related here; so i just wanted to ask you how you started learning and how do you manage your study time. I hope i didn't bother you ^^

Hola Ana!! :D Learning hangul is the first step, asi que comenzaste bien! c:

What I did: learn hangul, build some vocab with memrise, and then not improve at all for months because I had so many resources that I didn’t know which one to pick. I did check a few lessons of TTMIK and I used the textbook My Korean 1 (made by an Australian University, I think), but to be honest I didnt improve as much as I could have. Now I know the two reasons why: 1. TOO MANY RESOURCES: I was accumulating resources, books, sites, EVERYTHING, but didnt actually pick one to use. 2. Lack of discipline: I didn’t make time to actually study.

Know that I’m more experienced I highly recommend yall to not repeat my mistakes lmao. PICK ONE TEXTBOOK OR WEBSITE AND STICK TO IT. Don’t worry about missing out extra information or whatever. Only look for another explanation if the first one you used wasnt clear enough and you really couldnt understand, but AFTER TRYING; annotate, practice, review, and if it is still unclear then switch to another (reliable) resource. I’m NOT saying that every explanation is going to be accurate and should be trusted, but if it isn’t correct you will probably realize it after you become more comfortable with the language.

Everyone praises TTMIK and they deserve it, they have awesome lessons. My advice is that you find their curriculum (on their page) and start. But remember: DONT STOP. You dont know what to do? Go to the next lesson. As simple as that. Listen to the audios, repeat what they say, read aloud, make flashcards with the vocab and say “I will learn ALL THIS WORDS by the end of the week”, make your own sentences to practice vocab and grammar points, KEEP GOING. You can even skip some lessons (advanced learners are gonna kill me for saying this tho). Dont stress over “but what im a gonna do after i finish all their lessons?!?” You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

Another option that I recommend for grammar is using the book Korean Grammar In Use (Beginner). It has a lot of grammar points with simple explanations, sample sentences, conjugations and exercises. You can pair it with the TTMIK lessons if you are a little worried about not getting enough practice.

For vocab I suggest the list of ‘Most common verbs/adjectives/nouns’, and I think some people have already created them on Memrise/Quizlet/Anki (I personally prefer quizlet).

I try to study at least 5 minutes a day. I’ll make a full post soon about how I’ve been managing my time these past few months, but this is what I try to do every week:

  • Grammar: it can take just 30 minutes to make notes for a grammar point. How many G.P. you do is up to how much time you have. I’m doing 3-5 per week (intensively selfstudying) but I think even one per week is fine!
  • Vocab: make a list at the start of each week (or month) and review every moment you can: before sleeping, while eating, on the bus. It shouldnt take you too much time either: 30 minutes for the list and 5 minute breaks for reviewing. Make goals: Ill memorize this list by the end of the week, Ill review 5 days of the week, Ill review 4 times each day. Be honest with yourself, but try to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Listening comprehension: listen to audios of the lessons, listen without reading the transcript and try to pick up words, listen to kpop too and other media like dramas or youtube videos. Doesnt take much time either and its fun to do.
  • Some kind of pronunciation practice: imitating the audios and reading aloud. If you have a native friend or anyone who knows/is learning korean, talk with them
  • Some kind of writing practice like journaling your day, solving workbook exercises or making sentences with what you learn. Time varies with this. My journal entries take me 5-15 minutes (they are very short but sometimes I have to look up words that I dont know/remember)
  • Reading practice: write the dialogues from the lessons that you study and read them! they probably combine the grammar and vocab you are studying. Also write the sample sentences that they use. Read kpop lyrics and webtoons.

Hope this helps a little bit c: I’ll probably make more posts about this with more information. Lo mas importante es comenzar y seguir! No te bloquees. Si ves algo, aprendelo; no lo guardes para despues. 

Kakashi and Yamato

Their canon relationship is SO interesting to me. Like, Kakashi seems to trust Yamato and his abilities so thoroughly that he relies on him without even giving it another thought. It’s almost like a reflex. He trusts his team to him without blinking, he doesn’t even pay attention to Naruto’s training despite the fact that he could transform into the freakin’ tailed beast at any moment because Yamato is there and he’s clearly got it…it just seems unparalleled to anyone else in the series except Gai.

The funny part about that is that Kishi seems to have dropped the character after a certain point, which makes one want to diminish his importance in the series automatically. But in the new Naruto Gaiden series, Kakashi basically states that Yamato is “on it” in regards to a new threat (or Sasuke…I didn’t really understand the conversation) which means that despite Kishi seeming to ignore the character, Kakashi still depends on Yamato like TWELVE YEARS later. And if he is, indeed, referring to Sasuke…that’s a big freakin’ deal. Sasuke is kind of incredibly powerful -and kind of an asshole. So not only is he strong, but he’s hard to deal with. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that’s pretty telling.

Not only all of that, but Kakashi also seems incredibly comfortable around Yamato. Take this for example:

When this happened, I sat back in my chair and was like “wow what the…when does Kakashi ever get that close to people?”

When does he, though? The only other example I can think of is when Gai gave him a piggy back ride to Konoha because he was too weak to stand. The only OTHER example is when he carried Naruto because HE was too weak to stand. But, on a regular basis, he just doesn’t. Not in the manga, anyway.

There’s also the fact that Kakashi mercilessly teases Yamato, to the point where anyone who cares enough to pay attention or analyze it will question whether or not he’s flirting. It IS in his personality to tease people, for sure. But, when you combine the trust Kakashi has for Yamato and how comfortable he is around him with his merciless teasing, it kind of makes me want to grin a little. CLEARLY Kishi isn’t actually insinuating anything is going on, but that’s why I find their relationship so confusing. Kishi creates this character with SUCH history with Kakashi, creates a rich friendship between them, and then disregards the character for like 400 chapters. I mean…Kishi forgets about characters all the time, but still. Why did he even bother doing it?

Also, and I have a feeling only KakaxYama shippers paid any attention to this scene, when Yamato and Kakashi were trying to explain chakra combining to Naruto during his training Kakashi REPEATEDLY shared inside looks with Yamato. Like, every time Naruto said something stupid, Kakashi would shoot Yamato a look like “ugh, do you see what I have to deal with?” and any time Yamato did something impressive, Kakashi would stand there looking all proud and not at all surprised, like “Yup, he’s a badass.” And any time Kakashi did something impressive, Yamato would do the exact same thing. I mean by the end of the two episodes I was just gob-smacked. It’s like they were both enjoying the other person showing off. Like they are both so clearly proud of each other it gives me cavities.

That entire interaction is incredibly washed down in the manga, though. To the point where this is the only thought they share:

The anime seems to LOVE embellishing their relationship, to the point where they insert scenes of the two of them having “moments” together which makes me and many other shippers basically 100% sure SOMEONE high up on the SP scale is a serious KakaYama shipper.

Although. Does anyone notice Kakashi loves whispering things to Yamato?

Just for a refresher, Naturo was standing like…on top of a freakin’ massive waterfall WAY too far away to hear them if they were just casually talking to each other. Whispering was unnecessary. Also:

Why is Naruto sleeping so far away from them? Did he feel like a third wheel? >:)

One last thing:

This scene is probably one of the most well known “moments” between them, but usually one where people realize Yamato idolizes Kakashi. But, what does this scene say about Kakashi? He may be a bit of a dick sometimes, but he isn’t usually the kind of person to take advantage of others. When I see this scene now, it feels like Kakashi is showing off. He clearly knows how Yamato feels about him, and I think he’s proud of it. He is showing off the power he has over someone who is powerful themselves. He never would have done this to someone who was truly beneath him, or significantly less intelligent than him. I think it is a huge ego-boost for Kakashi that someone like Yamato will get that flustered over him. You can probably REALLY read into this and say it’s almost a possessive act. Like “look how much power I have over him. He’s clearly mine.” 



Holy shit. I didn’t even realize how huge this was until now. Kakashi designed this entire training program knowing that he was 100% depending on Yamato to keep everything together. I don’t think Yamato had any idea how big of a responsibility this was until he actually started training Naruto. Kakashi is right that they dont have a choice but to try this, but imagine how much faith he has in Yamato to form this kind of a plan and actually put it into motion. What would they have done without him?


So. This entire arc was full of Kakashi/Tenzou moments of the two of them ALWAYS standing next to each other, reading each others movements/emotions and working together seamlessly. But this particular panel was really interesting. First, we have Kakashi and Tenzou talking strategies like they’re talking about the weather; clearly they’ve done this about a million times before. But at the end, I can’t tell if Kakashi is thanking Tenzou for his solid advice, or thanking him for considering him Hokage material. Maybe it’s both. Either way, Kakashi holds Tenzou’s advice and opinions in high regard. I find it very interesting that they have a secondary character this close to Kakashi, especially since he barely gets any time with Gai until shit starts going down with Obito.