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commissions !

Hiya! im opening up for commissions! however, i hope you can wait until mid-december for me to start drawing them, as ill be having exams ive gotta ace! im just in need of some ka-ching so i can buy my pals and fam sweet presents this christmas for once 

my coloring will be simple af to non-existing cause im poop w it, but here are some samples of like a $19 single bust-up i can do:

and a $32 couple bust-up:

i can also do shit like this pink couple hips-up?? for like $33: 

and if youd like me to draw a mini comic thats 2-4 panels long thats a thing too! you can just look through my blog for samples there ! price will be discussed!

just pm me about w/e youd like and however youd like it! B^)



People who say the relationship between these two isn’t at all romantic literally make laugh out loud 

Listening to baby Zelo’s HOWLER, dancing sloppily at 3AM while smiling like a proud mom…

Ps. No. He isn’t following JB’s trend nor is he inspired by JB’s cover of Despacito. He also isn’t cashing in on the said trend nor is he trying to be relevant to the American people who idolises JB.

Zelo has been talking about liking and loving Latin and Latin inspired music since last year. Both him and Bbang has been learning Spanish for some time because they love the culture and the language itself. The maknae has, also, always been vocal about how much he loves J Balvin. So I really don’t get how some people keep on insisting things that aren’t even remotely true.

The amazing track the kid has put out is free. Let yourself enjoy it and try not to taint it with your delusions that everything is western artists’ influence and everyone is after your country’s audience share and money. Okay?

that damned stupid

It’s a few days after…well, whatever it is that happened at the middle school–and Flo is filing the paperwork from when Powell and Callahan brought in Jonathan Byers. Hopper interceded, insisted that the Byers family was going through a lot at the time and Jonathan was just acting out. Neither Callahan nor Powell had been happy about having to do the paperwork, and maybe that explained why they had failed to get Hopper’s signature.

“Chief,” Flo calls as he breezes through the office, trying not to interact with anyone.

“Hmm?” he grunts, still hustling towards his office.

Flo sighs and follows him, closing the door behind her. “I need you to sign off on the paperwork for Jonathan Byers.”

“Ugh. Fine.” He takes the paperwork from her, gropes for a working pen to use.

“Do you know who he reminds me of?” Flo asks, finally growing exasperated and giving Hopper the pen in her pocket.

“No, who?” Hopper doesn’t really care, but he asks to be polite. He’s trying to be better about that now.


He pauses, pen hovering over the form. “Really.”

“Mmm-hmmm. I can recall a certain young lady having to get ice for your face that day at the diner.”

Hopper remembers that day with a surge of–what? Guilt? Giddiness? Embarrassment? That had been almost twenty years ago. He’d been sixteen then–the same age Jonathan was now–and head over heels in love. He forgets, sometimes, that Flo used to wait tables in the diner he and Joyce used to frequent. She’d seen everything–including the day he’d gotten in a fight with George Burness after he’d called Joyce an unflattering name. He recalls that the owner of the Hawk Theater had called that same day to report vandalism, some kids who’d spray-painted another unflattering name on the marquee for all to see.

“I told Nancy Wheeler the same thing I told Joyce Horowitz,” Flo says, stirring him from his reverie. “Only love makes you that crazy, and that damned stupid.”

Hopper finally looks up, handing back the signed paperwork and pen. “Huh,” is all he says.

Flo gives him a Look. “Chief.”

“I know,” he sighs. “I’m being damned stupid.”

She looks satisfied. “Long as you know.” And with that, Flo swans out of the office. She doesn’t know the real reason Will Byers disappeared or what the Upside Down is or any of that, but Hopper has a feeling that if she did know, she’d just say it again.

Only love makes you that crazy…and that damned stupid.

Jon & Sansa parallels 7/∞ : The Pomegranate

And commanding them would be red-faced Bowen Marsh, the plump Lord Steward who had been made castellan in Lord Mormont’s absence. Dolorous Edd sometimes called Marsh, “the Old Pomegranate, which fit him just as well as "the Old Bear” fit Mormont. “He’s the man you want in front when the foes are in the field,” Edd would say in his usual dour voice. “He’ll count them right up for you. A regular demon for counting, that one.”Jon, A Storm Of Swords

Petyr cut a pomegranate in two with his dagger, offering half to Sansa. “You should try and eat, my Lady.” “Thank you, my Lord.” Pomegranate seeds were so messy ; Sansa chose a pear instead, and took a small delicate bite.” - Sansa, A Storm Of Swords

anonymous asked:

I'm curious... what is a youkai? Do they grant wishes? Or do they just hang around shrines?

Professor Karamatsu will explain! In general, youkai can be anything supernatural! There are some youkai that are inanimate objects (for example, the ittan-momen, possessed cotton that attempts to smother people) or natural disasters! Most however are creatures: animals, spirits, monsters, and more! Youkai is a very general term for the supernatural.

Some do grant wishes! For example, it’s rumored that if you can take a kitsune’s hoshi-no-tama (star ball), they will grant you anything you desire!

Ichi: Isn’t that just extortion, though….

Some are benevolent, some are malevolent, some are just mischievous! Some are benevolent only if you follow their rules, some seem malevolent but were just trying to cause mischief… It all depends on the specific youkai!

lena headey is the most incredible actress

she doesn’t need hair, makeup, or costume to completely change who she is, the person she is

and yes she’s an actress and it’s her job but HOLY HELL she’s god tier (and just…. DOESN’T have an emmy?? like who’s in charge here?)

just look at her in character as cersei:

and then, still in costume but out of character:

a comPLETELY different entity (i honestly think she’s unrecognisable as cersei)


it’s the way she moves her mouth?? and her gait?? and just everything holy guacamole

she has just,, been a diFFerent person?? in all of these gifs?? hOW? these are from only like 4 OF HER PIECES OF WORK

tldr; lena headey is an actual chameleon as well as being the most beautiful angel and all around lovely human and deserves all the awards

Quick scrappy fanart before bed for the most adorable BMC fanfic by @actualbird called “is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine

If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it!! Their writing is fantastic and they deserve all the love and support <33


The educational system personally came into my house and peed in my cereal