i know they arent in order

Advice for the signs

Aries:you are amazing. I admire your courage, although i do believe your impulsiveness and irrationality is a little too much at times. Dont ruin your life chasing decisions you made impulsively.

Taurus:you are so easy to talk to and so chill no wonder you make friends easily. But sometimes realise, its okay to step back and save your energy. You cannot always win and thats okay. Nobody is out there to get you, nobody is against you. Be firm and believe in your values, thats all you gotta do.

Gemini :its weird isnt it? Your confusions? What matters is that you try. You know inside your heart whats good and bad, just try to follow it and rest will come naturally. I know temptation and easy ways may make you fluctuate bt its okay as long as you know wjat kind of person you want to end up as.

Cancer: you are strong. Remember that. You may try to hide your emotions, you may think you are overly emotional but try to rationalise it. Try to step back and understand your emotions like a theory. And when you do something wrong, which you dont always do intentionally,realise and admit. Its okay to be a mess at times, nobody is judging you..

Leo:your nose up in the air, may mean you feel confident. Your judgement and criticism of others wont fix you. You know the root of your problems, you know you are not a bad person, you are just a human. Its okay to judge, as long as you keep it to yourself bt remember putting others down wont make you rise anyway so learn to cope with insecurities and learn to give others equal space.

Virgo: you dont have it together, you probably wont anytime soon, either. Thats the best thing about life. Dont keep trying to find and fix stuff. Sometimes life means the exact opposite. Learn to let go of things and try to be a little flexible in your judgement. You are okay, you are doing fine. Everything will fall in place.

Libra: you are enough okay? You hear me? You are enough. You dont have to be liked or loved in order to feel valid. If you like love, chase it bt carry your mind with you too. You deserve the same treatment you give to others.its okay to be giving bt save some for yourself too. I know your friends matter alot, your lover matters alot but learn to balance. They arent everything that good about you, its you.

Scorpio: you are loved. Learn to accept love. I know things seem so messed up.i know your feelings are messed up and you either overthink or dont think at all and its okay. Its okay to fall back, let loose and be vulnerable. If you are ever deceived, its never a reflection of who you are. Sometimes people are bad just because they are. But try to manage your emotions healthily, you are gold underneath all of it and you better believe it. If you hurt others, its okay to accept and apologise bt dont beat yourself too much, you said sorry, you felt guilty thats all you can do.

Sagittarius :i know you care and you also hurt. Dont feel guilty to put yourself first bt try to do it in a friendly way. Your judgements and needs are all valid, try to communicate it thoroughly. Have faith that they will understand you, they do. If you do good, it always comes back in some form. Go for the damn adventure. You are star youd survive. You always do.

Capricorn:it gets too much doesnt it? You are always busy, always disappointing people, stress out easily and people always complain you dont give them time. They call you shallow and materialistic. But they dont know. They dont know the hard word, the emotional draining exercises, the mental work, the heart wrenching things you do for your dreams. I know you are tired, i know you dislike relaxing when you know you can be doing other amazing things. But its okay to give up at times, its okay to be lazy, to be imperfect or lethargic. You can always pick yourself back up.

Aquarius:you are intelligent, you know that. Relationships may seem difficult, pointless at times. But its alright, try to make peace with the situation and dont think about the future.you know it in your bones if its right or not, don’t think much, do what you like drop regrets and guilt. You maybe unique bt everyone deserves equal respect. They are all as important as you are.

Pisces:my fish, you question it all, dont you? Is he lying? What did he mean by that? Why wont they reply? Why are they so mean? How can i fix it? Do they need my help? Fish, you need to lie down and stop thinking. Turn it off. If they need your help, they will ask. If they dont respect enough to respond to you, then its a reflection of who they are, not who you are. If they leave, its their loss. You maybe attatched bt we all are wired to survive alone. He maybe be god to you, bt if he leaves you can always believe in yourself. Whatever people do is who they are, not what you made them do. Be kind, if they disrespect you, still be kind bt dont let them walk all over you.

bts as roommates (namjoon)
  • three words; A MESSY ONE
  • his excuse: he works well if it’s messy
  • SO YOU DON’T HAVE ANY COMPLAINTS bC you’ve heard his works 
  • ryan plushies everywhere dUH
  • (he’s obv LYING when he said brown over ryan)
  • headphones, cables, earphones, extensions, charger, laptop chargers chords!!! everywhere bIH
  • eats in his studio :(((
  • being the nicest roommate you are, you bring him food when he forgets to eat 
  • Thank you Y/N!! you’re the best”  while scratching his eyes
  • “i know i am” with matcHING SASSY WINK ;o
  • he doesn’t mind to be bothered, but it’s best if you don’t 
  • has small plants by the window :’D


  • doesnt dry his back after showering 
  • always showers before bed
  • doesnt mind being topless arOUND YOU
  • “kim namjoon do you want to catch pneumonia?? put some shirt on!” 
  • “do you think im not sexy?” and he’ll pout with daT DIMPLE VISIBLE
  • not wearing a shirt while it’s negative degrees outside isn’t” 
  • reads books if he isn’t so tired from practice/working
  • really helpful when you ask for help (for scHOOLWORKS geeZ not that)
  • 100% a cuddly baby 
  • but that is just your opinion bc roommates dont just cuddle casually myGOODNESS
  • HIS SWEATERS/FLANNELS/BEANIES/SHIRTS are the nicest thing in the world :(
  • extra PLUMP lips during winters
  • assorted lipbalms lollies
  • smells really really good :(
  • TOUGH image but is actually fifty percent clumsy
  • injured his pinky toe one time, you two have to go to the nearest hospital
  • “jeEZ are you okay?” and you two burst out laughing until.. “it hurts so bAAAD” 


  • your whole neighborhood knows he snores 
  • but you got used to it bC youre the queen of ADAPTATION
  • his tough image and all goes down in the drain when he sleeps :”)
  • MORNING VOICE!!! makes!! you!! question!! your!! dating!! status!!!!!
  • your morning involves either: RUSH OF EVERYTHING
  • or drinking coffee in big shirts with one feet on the chair 
  • “y/n” “what” “how about this” 
  • “HOW IS THAT YOU LOOK AMAZING IN EVERYTHING” you sigh every single time
  • and he’ll hit you with “BUT NOT AS AMAZING AS YOU” bc he’s smooth af
  • that will get you internally screaming “WHY ARENT WE DATING!!!!” 
  • buys you clothes whenever he goes home from japan :((( 
  • and in exchange you’d buy him small things like notebooks and cute pens :D
  • On nights, when he’s on break you guys would order chicken and sOJU 
  • and you know he’s drunk when he starts to talk abyss level philosophical things
  • you finally got the courage to ask that one question
  • *namjoon’s laughter* “KIM NAMJOON!” “WHAT!” *more laughter* “WHAT ARE WE” *abrupt stop of laughter* “What do you mean???” *slurry hand gestures from yours truly* “LIKE US I MEAN HAHAHAHA” 
  • “i think you had too much to drink y/n” and he’d scratch his nape “nO i think i can manage” “i saw your lock screen… is that your girlfriend?” “no?” *checks his lock screen* *sees tinashe* *LAUGHS* “but why is she there” “because i love her” “SO SHE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND” and you start sobbing because of your sad fate
  • “why are you crying” “because i like you, dumbass!!” 
  • and that’s your cue to pass out
  • because…
  • exhibit a: you are on his bed
  • exhibit b: namjoon is beside you
  • exhibit c: hangovers
  • exhibit d: his hand over your waist
  • exhibit e: YOUR CONFESSION
  • exhibit f: HE IS WAKING UP 
  • “good morning, y/n” he said in a teasing voice and you slap urself
  • “anything you have to say???” he asked while wearing a knowing smirk
  • “i’m sorry i called you dumbass..” AND YOU’LL BOTH LAUGH AND HIM PULLING YOU TIGHTER :(((
  • “just a few more minutes”…

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so, you like shiro's and keith's paralells yes? i dunno if you've seen this but, the one parallel that always hits me is when they strenghten their bond with their lions, shiro when he is fighting zarkon on that mental plane and saying that earning each other's trust is more important than power and then black comes and attacks zarkon, and then with red when keith decides that helping others is what is important leaving the mental shack and red starting to attack the BoM base to get to him(1/2)

oh man yes,, i love their parallels so much!! i think its one of the most compelling things about their dynamic. and i really love it when the lions demonstrate their sentience. we’ve seen stuff like this before in season 1–yellow jumps in front of blue and takes a hit for her in the pilot. lance thanks hunk for this, but hunk is basically just like “ya well,,, i was actually trying to dodge, but it just kinda jumped in–” later in The Gladiator pidge and shiro’s lions come to rescue them on their own, and the paladins’ response is kinda like “oh…i guess they can do that??” so we know all the lions have this ability to act on their own to some degree.

but keith and shiro’s lions seem especially strong willed and active. the way black just “takes off” with shiro even when he’s yelling for her to stop and listen, the way red is willing to destroy marmora’s base just to get to keith. and ya!! there’s like this moment for both keith and shiro when they have this big revelation and their lions react immediately, i love it 

i also love how, even though theyre close with their lions, the lions arent afraid to challenge them or act on their own. and also, speaking of parallels!! you know when i think black’s lesson really sunk in for shiro? this part right here:

and keith, who shiro has setup to be the black paladin, eventually says this:

like, i dont think the similar wording there is accidental. especially since shiro has already learned this lesson with black about not ordering her around, about trusting her and fighting alongside her as an equal. similarly, even though kolivan literally says that no one should allow keith to go, even though allura also looks very against it, shiro still allows it. 

like, he doesnt look happy about it. he grits his teeth and closes his eyes and looks like he needs to take a moment before he accepts it. he clearly doesnt want keith to sign up for something everyone else calls a suicide mission 

But ultimately, he decides to put his faith in keith, to trust that he’ll be able to pull through and respects the fact that keith is going to commit to this whether he wants him to or not. 

basically, i love how shiro trusting black to act on her own and follow her instincts kinda parallels this exchange with keith. and ive said this before but red going to rescue keith on her own also kinda relates to shiro since they both literally start fighting the bom at the same time, and both seem very much ready to fight the entire order just to get to keith. i just,,, i really love the parallels between them and their lions and everything,, 

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Best anime of all time in your opinion?

yeaaaah were not choosing one anime only youre getting my top 5… sorry (also they arent in any particular order bc fuck sorting them i dont have the heart to do that)

1. Haikyuu!! (should not be a surprise)

Originally posted by shokasonjuku

2. Boku No Hero Academia

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

3. Owari No Seraph

Originally posted by kuronashiro

4. 91 Days

Originally posted by studioimagin

5. Yuri On Ice

Originally posted by flecks-of-starlight

also honourable mentions to: assassination classroom, bungou stray dogs, black butler, gekkan shoujo nozaki kun aaaaand kuroko no basket!

sorry if you wanted a more indepth analysis of what i consider the best anime of all time! come back and let me know if you did and ill do it on whatever one i can decide is my favourite!

thank you for asking me this! 

yo come sedate my desire to be noticed dudes i love attention yall dont even know yet

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Related to the "Posting You Art Online" video, may I ask what is your take on the "fanart trap" scenario? What I mean by that is mentality of an artist doing fanart not because they want to (and having fun) but have to in order to succeed and/or be popular just for the sake of it.

eh. couldnt care less. 

i feel like people make too big of a deal out of these things lmao theyre not hurting anyone? and theyre still making content that people are enjoying?

People are too like…grossed out about people doing shit for success/fame but I dont think theres anything wrong with wanting that. It’s kinda what you need in order to profit off of art. Hard to make money when no one knows you/your work. And fanart is good for that boost. 

MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING LESLIE!!!!” I never said it was but money sure does make life hella easier cuz uh…yknow…rent…bills..food…YKNOW THE BASICS. so we really outta stop shaming people for wanting money and for wanting popularity (again as long as they arent hurting anyone)

IM SURE theres videos of me saying “omg only make fanart if u like it!!!” BUT LIKE opinions change and shit and now I understand that telling people not to draw something cuz theyre not a true fan or whatever is stupid af. fucking do what you gotta do man. 

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I had this regular customer that ordered food weekly and I'm the only one who remembered the what she wanted. I'm polite but our relationship does not extend outside of that. The day I left active duty ( I return once a month as a favor to my boss ) she insisted on giving me a hug and a gift... And then the day I returned for my monthly shift someone told her I was there ... And she talked about how my coworkers arent as good as me. I don't care? I know you're being nice.. but it's creeping me .

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hi! as a korean viewer of SU, why do some people think the korea tour scene was problematic? arent many of the show's designers korean? i thought it was a really cool way for them to incorporate the culture into the show!

I really don’t know outside of Ami’s explanation. As an American viewer I found the sequence in Korea to be a great feature of what I’ve learned Korean life to be like (as well as an expanse on that learning), a really lovely feature of it and a great cheer for the studio that works with Steven Universe to produce episodes (Rebecca and Ian have visited Korea several times, I believe in order to keep up to date on the studio in Korea that works with the series, thus the visual ‘shout out’ of Greg being animated). 

The only thing I can even think of is perhaps Greg wearing what appeared to me as traditional Korean clothing being inappropriate, but even that I’m not certain on, as I am not Korean! The entire sequence felt to me like an understanding of culture and learning from a new country with Greg and Steven along the way and not in any way an appropriation, so I really would like to better understand from those who might have found this sequence to be problematic.


do u evr just cry because 5 yrs ago ppl were so mean to u and u just took it bc u knew u were the better person and they didnt even deserve a reaction from you but its just like why r ppl so mean my feelings arent even hurt i just feel sad for the person i was 5 yrs ago going thru tht but maybe now i can cry because i can look back on those times and know i am doing just fine in my life like i knew i would be back then run on sentence in order to unleash the run on of emotions 

my favorite scene in the ToG series is probably the rowaelin reunion is QoS because its just…so pure?? like at this point they arent romantically involved, they are just “friends.” and so basically rowan’s motivation to ignore aelin’s orders and go across the sea is because he misses his best friend?? i mean lorcan is a reason too but also he’s just like FRIEND i missed you w only an ~ocean~ btwn us i had to come be by your side!!! and im like u know rowan i get that u are 500 yrs old but an ocean is p far away its okay to miss aelin

but he’s so shy and nervous about admitting it because he’s like I Am Rowan “Screeching Hawk” Whitethorn I Am No Man’s Friend™ 

and Aelin dgafs and just cries all over him because she misses broing out w him 


thats just so cute

their relationship is built on such a strong friendship like

my heart just overflows every time i read it 

This is kinda a long one. I work at a popular coffee shop, and I have this one regular who is usually super nice! Well recently she’s been getting meaner and meaner to the point where she openly berating new employees (who are being trained during our biggest promotion of the year) for not knowing her drink order, and trying to tell them they ARENT new. Like???? This poor guy literally started THIS WEEK. And she screamed at me in drive through for taking too long during a promo on frappucinos when there were DOZENS of drinks before hers. I’m not going to prioritize you because you’re a regular. She got so bad that I actually had a nightmare about her in which she was so happy I got her order wrong (and that she could belittle me) that her face pulled back in a joker smile, like it was being pulled by fish hooks. It was so creepy that it actually woke me up.



Im posting more news about the keychains!!! aaaah!!! alright so!! ive been working on these 💪🏼💪🏼 and i can finally update you a bit on the situation!! 

Under the cut you’ll have me rambling about the work status for like three paragraphs so you can just skip to where i talk about the technicalities, prices, dates blabla bla. just wanna clarify for now that nothing is set in stone and i don’t have definitive prices yet 

i’m still working out everything and keep in mind it’s my first time doing this!! 

The tag for this on my blog is “keychain stuff”, i dont have the time to do a proper faq page for this im so sorry i cant stress myself even mORE LOL but hey i try to give some info in this very post!

anyway here we go

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I know why asian people order hot water! It's usually to clean out the bowls or cups. So they put a bit of hot water in a cup/bowl, mix it around, dump the water into a different bowl, and then wipe it clean! They do this because sometimes the dishes arent the cleanest so it's just a way to ensure that their dishes are clean


(is my family weird cause we order hot water to drink haha)


Okay, Chuck, that’s enough. Run. I’m going to try and stay and defuse it. No, I’m not leaving you. Go, that is an order. No. I said go. Oh, I see. So you’re going to shoot me to prevent me from getting blown up? That’s a great plan. Why are you so stubborn? Actually, I consider this a rare moment of courage. I don’t know where it’s coming from…

at my resturaunt we sell lots of soup. we have a quart size so people can take home soup for dinner or whatever. we can sell more than that at a time but soup takes a while to cook, so we really arent supposed to sell more than 3 qts of one soup at a time without prior notice. apparently people forget that soup needs to you know, cook and try ordering gallons at a time and it annoys me so much because 1. its the same as a pizza place u cant just order a sheet pizza and expect it immediately and 2. i get hissy fits and “dont u want my money????” honey. i dont see that profit. i see you leaving me without a ton of soup for like an hour and many other annoyed customers because that soup had run out. the best was these women who stood thinking about their order for a solid 30 minutes and proceeded to buy 9 quarts of soup, but no more than 3 of each kind they wanted (hope that makes sense) so i couldn’t really say no. i have lots of work-stress type dreams about that one.

Ive been thinking about this for a while and I want to be sure to word this in a way that doesnt invalidate those who are happy with their labels. This post isnt for people who are already happy and secure in it, it is for those women who are agonizing on being a lesbian vs bisexual and for whom this distinction is causing them emotional stress.

I want you to know that it is okay to identify as questioning & that you do not have to pick a label.

I also want you to consider that being attracted to men may not really matter that much. I know how it feels to go anaylze every interaction with men, looking for evidence of attraction, forcing yourself into intimate situations with men, trying to prove to yourself that theres attraction there, how it feels to say “well being with a man could be worse, I can endure this.”

Please listen to me when I say that your energy would be better spent focusing on women. Honestly it would. We dont have to focus on men. We dont have to chase after them to find out if we are “really” attracted to them. It doesnt matter. You are allowed to leave men alone, to abandon this anylsis, to choose to focus on loving women.

You do not have to explore your attraction any further than “I like women.” Thats really it. Thats all you need to know. Its honestly okay if you never know how you truly feel about men. You dont have to find out in order to be a member of our community. You dont even have to use a label if you dont want to. But if you do want to use a label, thats okay too. And you arent lying to anyone by using lesbian.

You like women & I support you in that. Forget men. Forget exploring men. You like women & that is what truly matters.