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Waxing Gone Wrong

AU Bucky Barnes x Reader Fic

Another in the pornstar!Bucky series. This is a mostly true story, something which happened to a friend of mine. I nearly wet myself when she told it to me so I hope you all get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. As I have always said, anything you tell me can, and likely will, be used in a fic at some point in the future.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader |  Word Count: 2161
Warnings: The painful truth about what some women go through when waxing. Language.

You didn’t know what had ever possessed you to think you could get away with trying something of this magnitude. It had been a ridiculous thought, a very bad idea, and asking for trouble all wrapped up in one.

But the other girls did it, and Wanda and Natasha had sworn up and down it really wasn’t that hard. Just spread on the wax, rub on the linen strip, pull the skin taught, and tear. Easy peasy, right?


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Can we talk about Waverly’s coming to terms wiht her sexuality, and how she and wynonna both handled it. 

I think this was one of the big things that we tend to forget about, Waverly did this on her own, she came out to herself before anything else and she never had that moment of no i’m not straight. This is something so easy to look over but when you look into it more you realize what that means, it means that Waverly grew up knowing that it was ok what ever her sexuality would be, she knew that her family would love her. Waverly had Wynonna who wold not care if she was with a girl or a guy and who just wanted the best for her little sister

THIS IS SUCH A BIG THING THOUGH rather than her being scared of her sexuality she embraces it head on like it makes things click into place. Her coming out arch was not one of huge emotion but it showed her figuring things out, it was treated more like just any other romance it was given screen time it was given a slow growth.

We see that in the show wayhaught faces homophobia and you see Waverly deal with that head on she doesn’t stand for it she is strong and Nicole is the same in that they gave this romance a different flare to it, a different way of coming out and getting together


Who’s That Vans Girl?: @w.a.vyyy

When it comes to rad street style, model Anna Reaves has got it on lock. We instantly fell in love with the Virginia native’s casual cool outfits paired with classic Sk8-Hi’s and had to know more about her. Get to know Anna and find out who inspires her style after the jump…

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I just read all your Nalu writing and loved it!!!! Do you have any recommended Nalu stories or nalu authors?

AWWW you’re making me blush <3 Thank you so much for letting me know ;)

I do indeed have favourite Authors. I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t had a chance to read some fanfics. I’ll do a rec list now (since I didn’t do one for fanfic appreciation day):

@mushi0131 - Mushi is mah girl when it comes to nalu goodness. She understands me, smutty/angst is where it’s at ;) *cough*read hurricane*cough

@not-just-any-fangirl  - her nalu fanfics are 🔥🔥🔥

@siriusly-random - She has refined the nalu humour, it’s just 👌

@rivendell101 - Beserk…Natsu is hot af in that fic. How can you not? 

@cinderellasflower - Her drabbles/one-shots put a smile on my face. 

@summylise - She’s good at angsty goodness <3

@zerooff - writes NaLu fluffy drabbles that is food for my shipper heart.

@soprana-snap - Great imagination, love her one-shots very muchly.

And a worthy mention, whose fics I haven’t managed to read but I’ve heard much praise ;)


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As a Portuguese native speaker i’ve been thinking about the meaning of the word casca ever since i saw the sketches from chapter 348. Also, as a biology student i caught myself thinking about how “cascas” work on nature and its importance. I saw around internet that Miura chose this name to our Casca because it means she is empty inside, it might be, but i couldn’t disagree more considering what casca actually means in my language.

First, cascas are strong and resistant structures because it’s supposed to protect something. Just like our girl, she had to be strong for the sake of protecting someone ele’s dream (griffith, ew). But now she’s broken, and the sketches show it clearly. I know some people say that it means that she’s so broken that she can’t be mend again but here comes the greatest part: in nature, every casca has to break first in order to provide a new life. And that’s exactly what i expect for her character from now on. She’s broken, yes. But she will rise again, and this time she won’t rely on anyone else but herself. And i can’t barely wait to have my warrior princess back!!!!

Got7 Reacts: you ask for a threesome with another girl

You’ve been thinking about this for a while. You think about what they’d look like with their hands on another girl. The thought turns you on, but you’d want to be there too. What about a threesome? I wonder how he’d react if you ask…

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“WHAT?! Are you serious??”

“I mean… yeah, sure but… are YOU sure??”

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“I don’t think you’d actually like that.”

“I know you. It sounds good in your head but think about another girls lips on mine, and my hands clutching her waist… see. You’re already getting mad.”

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“Damn I didn’t know you had this kinky side of you.”

“You have anyone in mind? You should probably pick her.”

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“This isn’t a good idea.”

“I don’t think I want her touching you. Honestly I’d be jealous.”

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“I feel like … I don’t know I feel like I’m not that type of person.”

“I’ll try baby but I’m nervous…”

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“Yep. Yes. Absolutely. When? Now?”

“I’ll tell my manager I’m sick. Let’s get a room and make some calls.”

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::eyes wide::

“That’s… that’s not a thing that just happens in porn?!”


Hi Taylor! I am not sure if you recognize me but I would like to tell you something about me. I’m Kamila, I’m 24 and I live in Poland. I’ve been your fan for almost 10 years now so we can say that we were growing up together. In 2008 I borrowed an USB stick from my friend and I found your first album on it. I didn’t know who you were so I decided to listen to all songs. I was really capticated by your voice and melodies. I was curious who was that girl and what was she singing about. I started to look for the information about you online. Few months later Love Story came out, then whole Fearless album and that’s when I totally fell in love with your music. I started to learn English more intensely because I wanted to understand you. Your music has been my company during my whole life. You were here for me when I had troubles with my friends, when I fell in love for the first time, when I was heartbroken, when I was trying to find my old self and when I was trying to find happiness. Sometimes you were the only person I could ‘talk to’. Advices hidden in your songs and interviews have been everything to me and probably I am here thanks to them. My life has been crazy for last 5 years, I fell in love, I thought he is the one, then it came out that I’m not the one, he left and I wished he could come back. Then 1989 came out, you followed me on tumblr and your likes became something what made me feel better and motivated me to push forward. During 1989 era I saw you live for the first time. I travelled to Manchester and when I finally was in the same room as you I was the happiest cause one of my biggest dreams came true. Then one day he came back and gave me hope that we could be happy again. For the last two years I was living inside the bubble full of red emotions. Your albums helped me to understand that love shouldn’t be like that and they gave me the power to finish the most toxic relationship I’ve ever had. He lelft forever, but you stayed. I can’t fully express my feelings but I am really thankful for everything you do for me and for other fans. Thanks to you I found out what I want to do in life, (I graduated in August 2017, I got my degree and I’ll become an English translator soon). Thanks to you I got to meet the most amazing people and a lot of them became my friends for worse and for better. You still remind me that my happiness is important, my mistakes don’t define me and your Clean Speeches motivate me to reaching my goals and dreams, and to being brave and fighting for myself. Once I wrote this post on Tumblr: Someday Taylor Swift will hug you really tight and all your broken pieces will come back together. I know there’s a lot of deserving people, but you’ve taught me to dream impossible dreams, so I hope that one day I’ll be able to hug you and thank you in person for having such a big impact on my life. I love you so much, never forget that.
Kam, ultimate Red album stan (those songs helped me the most you have no idea).

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for your princess tutu writing piece, where keith and lance have a happy ending, does that mean everyone remembers lance or does he have to recreate all the relationships he had before everyone forgot him. also, i got soooooo happy when i saw your au. i dont know anyone else whos watched that anime and it makes me happy to see it! im rewatching it and the nostalgia is real. if i may, i recommend Cardcaptor Sakura its another magical girl anime and its AMAZING 0o0


(In my little AU everyone remembers Lance and comes to visit him and Keith while Lance is still a duck. It’s only when Keith’s story works everyone celebrates the return of their friend.)

I have been wanting to watch another magicl girl anime for so long ~! I have heard good things about Cardcaptor Sakura and I think I’ll check it out if you say I’d like it!

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🎶 Rucas!

“What are you up to tonight?” Lucas turns to the fridge as his Riley answers him, leaving his phone on speaker on the counter.

“Just putting some last minute touches on your Christmas care package.” Riley says, and almost immediately keeps talking, giving a beleaguered sigh.  “I know, I know, I’m cutting it really close to be able to get it to you on time, but there was something I really wanted to give you and I had to wait a long time to find out if it was going to work out, so here we are.”

Lucas smiles, shaking his head. Leave it to Riley… Of course, right away the amusement makes way for wistful discontent; with Riley studying abroad in a costly program, they’ll be spending the holiday apart for the first time since high school. The distance between them has been manageable in the months since she left, but it’s really felt like an insurmountable challenge since everyone had started putting their Christmas decorations up and pushing the narrative of spending time with your loved ones. 

He forces a smile back into his voice. “I’m sure I’ll love whatever it is. And don’t worry about getting it to me on time. Shipping rates are crazy this time of year.”

“Well, gee. I wish you had mentioned that you didn’t mind it being late earlier. I already paid extra for the express shipping.”


“I mean, your present should be on your doorstep in like…fifteen seconds.”

Lucas frowns. “Fifteen sec–,” A rhythmic knock sounds from the door, cutting him off. 

“I’d get that if I were you. It’s a very valuable present. You have to sign for it.”

Lucas rushes to do the door, leaving the fridge wide open, and fumbles briefly with his deadbolt. Riley’s standing there, with cheeks pink and flushed from the winter air, and she has a shiny red gift-wrap bow sitting atop her head. 

“Special delivery.” She throws her arms around his neck, and presses a kiss to his lips.

I don’t need a hundred gifts beneath the tree

Don’t you know the best thing you could give to me?

Nothing else will do, all I want is you this Christmas

~All I Want is You This Christmas, *NSYNC

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Remember when Mila said that she felt sexualized in 5h? And that there were times that she had to put her foot down? I'm wondering, what would it be like if she hadn't left? What would have happened to girls' music in this era? Would it be like the way it is now? Or more like with WFH vibe? [I noticed how the new album now has less sex undertones in the songs compared before (not including reflection album)] IDK if you've answered this kind of question but I'm just curious y'know? like what if?

I haven’t no, great question anon!

I don’t think it would have mattered. I feel certain they would have made her do the videos and performances either way, completely ignoring her discomfort. I don’t necessarily think the music is that sexual, I think its the visual interpretation which their label is using to sell sex (he like that and down) that ruins the whole thing for me. Take ‘Down’ out of the visual concept, contextually it fits the scene and story of a friendship. However, their team sexualised and degraded the whole video to the girls dancing around in a seedy motel carpark because it’s that same sexualisation that markets for profit. So no, I think it’d be the same anon, which is why low key it’s a blessing she’s not forced to be in that situation.

In light of Jensen’s tweet and everything that has been going on the past few days, I just want to say, me too. 

(This is not related to SPN, but I read a post of a good friend on Facebook and it left me speechless. So I wanted to share my opinion on the matter. If you don’t want to read a long rant about people being complete pigs, feel free to ignore this). 

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I had the weirdest dream where I asked you out (we don't know each other IRL) and you were half girl half ferret. Then I woke up and texted you laughing, then I woke up again and I don't know what reality is help!

I had a dream that I was friends with Thomas Sanders and his friend Joan. We were going to make an indie movie together, I don’t remember what it was about except for the fact that Joan was playing an actual dragon.

At some point I was explaining the supernatural implications of liminal spaces to them.

Idk man dreams are weird.

Chorizo update: they are so much more calm than Horchata and Sangria. I changed their paper towels for the first time, they stood their ground with ZERO flinching, backing up, or complaining grumbles. They have not made a peep so far! They of course were intentionally bred, but I think they must have had more human contact than either of the girls, who were also both bred but were very uncomfortable with me at first. Is it because of their breed(s)? Is their big hood keeping them calmer bc they can’t see me as well from the side? Are they sick/hurt/old??? Ugh, Saturday can’t come soon enough, idk how much the vet will be able to tell me about their age/background, but I just want to know more.

My brothers who know more about star wars than me were trying to help me find this character I only saw in a game poster once or twice a very long time ago, this popped up due to me asking about some star wars stuff.

I told them that the character looked like a girl but that was probably in the bad side ( a sith ) and I thought the character was very epic. I told them they had “white tattoos” on there face and wore a black outfit. My brothers kept searching for it thinking of what character it could be, until I decided to search for it on Google as “star wars video game posters” and finally found it.

His name is darth nihilus, and other than the game being made by obsidian, it turns out it wasn’t a girl but gawd damn this guy looks badass regardless. I now have a new favorite character. His hat looked like….a bridal thing so for some reason I thought it was a girl with a pretty hat idk lel

Cool tho :3c

overheard this girl saying to her friend in the 7/11 earlier “wanna know what the secret to being happy is?” but then i had to leave and now i’m never going to know.


It is big sister week in my sorority and for those of you who have no idea what that means it is basically all of the new pledges (like me) are given big sisters to help them through initiation. In my sorority, and a lot of others, there is a big sister week where the little sisters don’t know who they have been given as a big sister and they get little notes and gifts. 

So I was at an event tonight and I come back to my room and my big had broken in and left balloons and a little goodie bag! And since Sunday I have been getting little notes in my classes, on my door, from other girls in the chapter who were delivering them from my big and I know it is super lame to some of y’all but it just makes me feel loved? Like, they have to pick who they want and someone picked me and that is really nice. 

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my gf is super butch and i'm like the girliest girl and despite our different appearances, we both have had multiple! similar experiences of sexual violence throughout our lives. i hate that it's something we have in common, but you know... we are both still female. masculinity/femininity doesn't change that. thanks for your post on this issue

hey friend! yeah, its the same with me and my fiancee, who’s a femme. i often find that even stuff that seems like “opposite” experiences are actually the flip side of the same coin. it SUCKS but there isn’t some kind of magic escape from misogyny. thank god we have each other! 

Ok so I had this book when I was a kid (we’re talking late nineties probably) and it was one of those cassette/song book things and there was a song about a ghost train (my fave) and also like an octopus chef does anyone know what this book is??

- J

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#justclosetedtransguythings. I got asked out by a cute girl who i know is a lesbian and had to explain that i was actually a guy. All while i was wearing a dress too lol

Oh no I’m so sorry. That can be uncomfortable sometimes. But definitely relatable

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so despite having magic, werewolfs, vampires etc, the most unrealistic thing on SH is: why does Alec look like he is a soft and good kisser even he never kissed someone before and Jace who apparently had hundreds of girls looks like.... you know the fish?

i’ve had it with all of you, i rly have