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Me, You and the Zoo - Josh Pieters

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Pairing: Josh Pieters & Y/N
Words: 1.5k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request:  josh imagine of maybe anything where you’re friends beforehand and want something more? I know there’s a lot of these out there but maybe you’re on a day out with the lads or something to the zoo an josh is being really cute?
A/N: its a shit title I know but it rhymes

You had met Josh through Joe and Caspar. You had been helping them out with hair and makeup for the two hit the road films that they did. Through that you got to know the two crazy boys, eventually getting invited out with all of them to go on nights out. You hit it off straight away. The easy-going attitude and his sense of humour making it easy for you to talk.
You became better friends with Josh than anyone else within the group, helping him out with small pranks on Caspar and Maddie, helping behind the camera and writing little bits here and there for skits.
But because of this you were on camera sometimes. When you started becoming proper friends with them they sat you down and had a serious conversation about whether you wanted to be on camera or not. You immediately said no, being in front of the camera was not your forte. However gradually the viewers would see short clips of you, whether it be your legs in shot while handing over a prop or the back of your head in one of the boys’ vlogs.
Eventually the boys became so used to you being around that some of them forgot when editing their videos. The first few were fine, millisecond clips of your face that none of the viewers noticed. However, it was during one of Joe’s vlogs that he had been in his kitchen and had gotten you and Josh messing about in the background.
Within a few hours there were hundreds of tweets, gifs made and screenshots about you and Josh and people trying to figure out who you were.
Joe apologised profusely when he found out about it and promised to take it down. However, you just laughed, knowing that inevitably, with the boys’ lives being online it was bound to happen sometime. You agreed to do a small guest appearance in Joe’s livestream he was doing later in the day, hoping that a live you would be better than an edited, video version of you.
That brings you to now. You were known to the boys’ viewers, but you never featured in any of their videos, you liking to just be in the background with no spotlight on you. However, the viewers noticed how close you and Josh were. Seeing the cuddles on the sofa in the background of snapchats, seeing the piggy backs you forced Josh to give you when you got tired in the background of vlogs, and they saw the blush rising on your cheeks and the matching cheeky smirk on Josh’s face whenever he said something flirty or inappropriate.
They liked you two together, so much that even the boys agreed with them, making jokes at every possible option.
You and Josh had talked about it, a heart to heart at 5 in the morning sitting on his balcony watching the sun rise. You both agreed that you liked each other, a lot. However, you both decided that just letting things happen on their own rather than forcing it would be the best way to go about it.

It was a beautifully sunny day when Joe rang you asking if you wanted to go to the zoo with all the boys. Reacting like a child on Christmas morning you swiftly agreed.
You were on your way there, Josh, Joe, and Caspar in your car, Josh sitting in the passenger seat to keep you company. You both talked like there was no one else in the car, puns and flirty jokes coming from the both of you. In the back-seat Joe and Caspar gave each other a smirk, turning on their vlogging cameras to get footage of what was happening between you.
Eventually getting into the zoo all the boys turn their cameras on, letting it know that they had arrived and how excited they were to go see certain animals. You walked ahead slightly, not wanting to ruin their shot, but also not wanting to be too close with Josh in case the viewers go crazy again. It was frustrating because all you wanted to do was joke about and enjoy the animals with him.
After the boys staring and making bad jokes about one animal for 40 minutes you were getting bored. So, you wandered off, walking up a ramp and coming to a glass railing where you could look over into the large sandy enclosure. You looked out and saw the baby giraffe hobbling beside its mother on long and unstable legs. You smiled out at them, glad to be getting some quiet time. You loved all the boys but they definitely got very loud at times.
You were in a daydream when you heard a voice very close behind you.
“You’re giraffing me crazy.”
You turned to look in his direction, finding the tall man with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.
You chuckle, shaking your head as you turn back to face the animals.
You feel strong arms wrap around your waist, Josh’s head rest itself on your shoulder.
“That was awful,” you tell him, turning your head slightly to see him better.
He smiled, and turned to place a soft kiss to the apple of your cheek.
You smile but look to the other side of you, assuming that since Josh was here the rest of the boys would be too, having a field day with the footage they would get. However, they weren’t. Josh assured you that it was just the two of you for now, the boys being too busy to pay any attention when yous left.

You and Josh walked around the zoo by yourselves, you both enjoying it so much that Josh forgot to vlog anything that was happening. You went to go see certain animals, played a short game of hide and seek (which you won because let’s be honest, Josh isn’t exactly small is he), and along the way there were lots of hugs, jokes and cheek kisses that were getting closer and closer to your mouth.
Around lunch time you received a call from Conor, asking if you and Josh wanted to join them for lunch, a lot of jeering and jokes being made about you both being alone together.
You walked to the restaurant that was located in the middle of the forest-like surroundings. Along the way, you and Josh were talking, eventually your brushing hands becoming intertwined with each other, not really realising it, just doing what felt natural.
All the boys were in the restaurant, waiting at a large table by the window for you to arrive. They were all talking about nonsense things when Oli looked out the window to see you both holding hands. He alerted the guys, all of them scrambling for their cameras and pushing and shoving to get to the window to see more clearly.
“My boy’s grown up,” Caspar said with a fake sadness to his voice.

You were now sitting up against Josh’s head board, duvet snuggled up against you as you scrolled through your phone waiting for Josh to finish editing the little of his zoo vlog that he had.
You had just refreshed your twitter feed when you received a lot of notifications, all being about Joe’s latest vlog and how cute you and Josh were.
You clicked onto Joe’s latest vlog and called Josh over to watch it with you, not knowing what any of the boys had captured from that day.
He comes over to his bed, lifting up the side of the duvet that was closest to him and got underneath it, sighing in content at the heat that had built up from you being underneath it.
He rolled over to be right beside you, wrapping an arm loosely around your waist as you waited for the video to load.
Towards the end of the video is when they got the moment of you both walking hand in hand, cheesy grins on your faces as you laugh at a bad joke that Josh had just told.
In the background you can hear the cheers of the boys and the cheeky comments made until you heard a clearer one from what sounded like Joe, assuming he was closer to the camera’s mic.
“They’re so freaking cute, I’m kinda jealous.” He said, amusement lacing his tone.
Josh turned to you, a smile gracing his face.
“We are pretty cute, aren’t we?”
He turned so that his body was hovering over yours, his weight supported on his elbows.
He leaned down, pressing kisses to your forehead, to your cheeks, the tip of your nose and along your jaw. You giggled at the silly act of affection, reaching up to steady his face, bringing it down gently to meet his lips with yours.
Your kiss is sweet to begin with, gradually it became more heated as your lips got firmer on each other’s as Josh brings one hand to rest on your waist, pushing your shirt up so that he could trace small circles onto your skin there.
You both pulled away to catch your breath when a smile overcame your face.

“I think we need some koala-ty time alone.”

Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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nathaniel raines – companion au


description: ghoul male
location: mass bay medical center
associated quest(s): walk right in // address unknown
romance: yes
perk: old world edge

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Bc you both have a crush on eachother from flirting on twitter and keem is being cupid omfg please

Okay so this is the response to the “Drama Alert” request. Let me know what you guys think. Send in your requests and I will get to them as soon as possible. Some requests have been asked multiple times, that’s why those may get answered before one that has been in my ask box for longer. I will get to them, though. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Drama Alert

You didn’t know how you got into this predicament in the first place. One week you’re talking with Calvin on Twitter and the next week you’re on Drama Alert being confronted about it. Did you think that those messages and directs are what you would be talking about? No. 

Keem had invited you to come on the show a few days ago. He messaged you saying something along the lines of: “Yeah, we just want you to come on the show and talk about some things with your channel. You’ve been blowing up recently and a lot of people in the community have been asking you to come on.” Thinking that it would be a good opportunity, you agree to come on the show. 

Recently, you were becoming more apparent in the youtube and gaming community. With this came talking with a lot of the popular competitive teams and even doing some streams of your own on twitch. People appreciated your sass and relatable commentary. Well, that and the fact your gameplay was the only thing on the screen besides a couple of streams with a face reveal. You enjoyed playing the games and that’s all that mattered to you. Eventually, you started uploading your streams to YouTube and posting a gameplay video every once in a while. You had a decent following of a few hundred thousand subscribers. 

Where your channel started to explode was when people started shipping you. With who? Only the Reptile King himself, Calvin. After you started following Calvin on Twitter and commenting on a few of his videos, people started to pay more attention. His fans, and some of yours, eventually found pictures of the two of you talking at a recent party. As a result, the reptilian army went a little crazy.. Between tweeting the two of you nonstop and the constant comments on your stream, people just wouldn’t let it go. They would go so far as to tag you and Calvin in edits of the two of you together with the caption “#ReptileGoals.” Neither of you would ever seriously respond to them. You found them quite funny and would comment “lol” on a few, as would Calvin. 

As funny as they were, you had developed a bit of a crush on the reptilian streamer. The two of you had just met at that party when Pyro introduced the two of you. There was no way he liked you back, right? Figuring this was the case, you decided to ignore your feelings and just focus on promoting your channel and creating content. That was, until Keem had to bring everything up. 

You joined the Skype session and thats when everything unfolded. Keem introduced you and then proceeded to introduce Leafy, well Calvin. Which was a complete surprise to the both of you, obviously. Both of you immediately asked what was going on and why you were both on being that you two didn’t have any beef. 

“Well, you see, that’s the thing. We are very confused with all of these indirect tweets and I would like to get to the bottom of this. Are you guys going out or what? There appears to be a lot of flirting going down on twitter between your accounts.” Keem says.

You chuckle a little bit and respond with, “We aren’t going out. As funny as those edits are, we’re not together. We just talk on occasion.” 

Calvin pauses before adding in, “Yeah, I wouldn’t really call it flirting. Though, some of those edits are quite hilarious.”

Keem is quick to respond by saying, “Oh really? Well, what about this picture of the two of you at a Twitch afterparty? You two seem to be quite close and chatting.”

“That would be because Pyro introduced the two of us and it was terribly loud inside so we weren’t about to be screaming at each other,” Calvin answers.

Keem laughs to himself a bit and says, “Speaking of Pyro, he managed to send me some DMs and coordinate this whole thing. Something along the lines of ‘being tired of your bullshit and neither of you saying anything.’” 

“Wait, what?” you ask. And it was at this moment that you were ready to drink a gallon of bleach from the embarrassment of your last conversation with Pyro a couple days ago. 

Just then, Keem loads a picture of both your conversation with Pyro and Calvin’s conversation with Pyro. There are various screenshots of DM conversations and texting convos. A lot of them are you guys saying how you like each other but you don’t think that the other person does as well. Additionally, Pyro telling you two to both take a chance but neither of you listening to him. 

Keem reaches forward and grabs his popcorn and says, “Pyro also had some interesting words he said he would like to share.” Just then Keem adds Pyro to the Skype call.

After joining, both of you are sending a stream of curse words his way. Including: “Dude! What the fuck?!” and “What the fuck are you thinking, Pyro?!”

Pyro chuckles to himself while Keem is clearly enjoying this way too much. Pyro begins by saying, “I am tired of neither of you saying anything. Y/N you like Calvin but you don’t think he likes you, so you don’t say anything. And Calvin, you’re being too much of a little bitch to just ask Y/N out already. I’m tired of you messaging me saying you are going to ask Y/N on a date, and then not following through on it! Just fucking do it already.” Immediately after finishing, he leaves the call. 

Both of you are absolutely silent after this, you are ready to end your life at the embarrassment that has just concluded your existence, and Keem is simply laughing at what has just happened. “Anything you two would like to say for yourselves?” There is a brief pause before he continues, “No? Well, you heard it on Drama Alert. Calvin and Y/N both have a crush on each other but neither of them are willing to take the first step. Let us know in the comments when you think the wedding will be!” Ending the video, all you can hear is Keem laughing in the background and you saying, “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” 

After the Skype call ends, you immediately get a DM from Calvin saying, “So I know it’s really fucking stupid asking at this point, but do you wanna hang out or catch a movie or something?” 

Laughing to yourself, you respond with, “I think we kind of have to go on a date at this point” and a “crying laughing emoji.” (😅😂)

After the video was posted, fans went crazy and a lot of similar YouTubers were commenting on how cute you two would be together or asking if you two were joking or not. Needless to say, it was going to be an even longer week. 

So this was probably kind of lame, I had to type it throughout the day. (I’ve been a taxi driver for my brothers all day). Hope you enjoyed!

100 Notes and I’ll go on Drama Alert ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reposted Art and You: A Guide for the Rest of The Fandom

AKA “How the hell can I tell if artwork is stolen and what do I do?”


I’m just a grumpy dubber who doesn’t like to see people getting credit for work that isn’t their own. Every day, or just about, I prowl youtube for stolen artwork. I think my record of reposts reported to artists in one night is 15 or 16. If you’re one of the people I’ve spoken to in the past, again, you’re very welcome. :)

But there’s a lot of stolen stuff out there and there are more sites than just youtube. I can’t do everything here, people. Work with me.

If you’re reading this and you’re someone who’s had a video of artwork you posted taken down, HELLO! I might just be the little bitch who snitched on you.

This is tailored towards the Miraculous Ladybug fandom but it applies EVERYWHERE. ALL FANDOMS.


If it’s not on tumblr or deviatart, you should assume it’s reposted. The only exception I know of this is the user on instagram who made ML photo edits - but they now have a tumblr account anyway.  If it’s on: youtube, weheartit (FUCK this website), pintrest, instagram, anywhere else, 9/10 times it’s been reposted.

Keep in mind that not all reposters are inherently thieves. Technically speaking, as a dubber, I’m a reposter. (cue dramatic gasps)  However, when I repost, it’s done with the artist’s full conset and proper credit is given in the description, along with indication that I am doing so with permission. So, yes, I am technically a reposter, but I am not a thief. And there are a number of others like me. We are benevolent and we’re just doing what we love and supporting the artist. 

Then you got these other douchewaffles who are reposters and thieves. These are the people who do NOT have permission to repost OR reposted w/o following the conditions set by the artist. By not adhering to the rules set by the artist, you are in violation of the agreement/contract and, therefore, guilty. 

Do not let them get away with it.

Some artists are chill with talking to the people and getting them to put proper credit and that’s that. Cool, dude. Resolved peacefully and the artist can get more exposure - assuming people on youtube are smart enough to read the fucking description and, uh, as a dubber, I know for a fact we’ve got some real gems over on youtube. >_>    HOPEFULLY, the poster has learned their lesson.

Some artists don’t even fucking care and straight up flag that shit. …Personally, I agree with this one more. That person didn’t have the fucking courtesy to even ASK YOU. Why should they be allowed to reap the benefits of your hard work?  Flag it. Report them.

Is it stolen?

If it’s on instagram, pintrest, weheartit– assume it’s stolen. I know this is a generalization but it’s one that is well-supported.

If you see a video of artwork/a comic on youtube that:

  • been made with a video editor that’s left a watermark on it
  • Has no credit  or something like “Art is not mine!” “Credit to the artist” “found on x website!”  or, lol, has the artist name but no link to their tumblr
  • Has really bad audio quality if it’s a dub
  • Has a name like “Miraculous Ladybug Comic #”
  • Has a watermark visible on the image that is not theirs
  • Is by tumblr user sapphireluna
  • Part of a large picspam


Oh crap I think this is stolen. What do I do?!

TELL THE ARTIST IMMEDIATELY. Give them a link to the stolen artwork or video. If they have their messages and askbox set to private or off, make a tumblr post and tag them if you must. Just make sure they see it.

If you do not recognize the artist and there is no watermark or legible signature, take a screenshot of the video or if it’s a picture download it, and run it through google’s reverse image search. Tumblr and deviantart are likely to be the locations of the artist. OR, shit, send it to me and I can try to find them.

If you’re nervous to contact the artist….don’t be. You’re helping them. Artists, if someone comes to you with a link to a stolen video or image post, thank them. Even if it’s the third time you’ve heard about it, you know they’re just trying to help you.


Do not bully the person, do not harass them, but make a fuss! I don’t recommend it but you’re going to drag them, be smart about it. Yes, I know, cussing and yelling is easy–LOL I don’t think there’s anyone who’s followed me for at least a month who hasn’t seen me go to town on someone–but the best smackdowns also include logic and reason.


What about dubs?

Many dubs are not on the level. No matter how well put together they may seem. Some of the well known dubbers steal. Yes, that’s right. Your favorite dubber might just have stolen that artwork. 

How do I know? Well, see, between being an active member of the fandom, a dubber, and finding stolen artwork, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to and befriend a lot of artists throughout the fandom. I know who people have problems with. Or, HAH, in one case, I found one of their dubs using my girl piikopoko’s music. (That music box theme song, y’all? It’s hers. Use it without permission and you’re stealing. I will fight you.)

On that note: philsterman01, kujirashonen, and neitheram are on the level. I know they always ask and they got some good dubs. There are other dubbers who I’ve heard get consent but I just don’t know them well enough to vouch for them.

And there are dubbers who I wouldn’t vouch for period. (…Unless, idk, someone offers me a million dollars, then I might.) As much as I’d like to, I’m not going to call anyone out here. This isn’t that kind of post. But I know who you are and you know who you are and you should be ashamed.

In summary: keep and eye out and speak up! Reposters of the rotten sort are everywhere and artists cannot be. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING. My salty ass will keep on prowling youtube every day but Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, help me.

For a better understanding of Fifth Harmony’s recent events: (Part 1)

(also read Part 2) (Léelo en Español aquí) (Você pode ler o texto em português aqui)

This comes from all of my learning while investigating the subject online as I have always been interested in the subject to understand how this work for all my favorite artists. This is only an opinion and is not intended to claim the exact truth, which only people living this situation know. My sources are Wikipedia, forums and videos. These are only my conclusions.

·      Before reading please take into account that these are all really young people and try to imagine them as that. Think about how old they are now and when they were in X-factor and signed the contract for the program.

Ally  -   23 – (19 in X-factor)
Camilla - 19 – (15)

Dinah -  19 -(15)

Lauren -  20 – (16)

Normani - 20 –(16)

 Now think about the age of the executives that have Fifth Harmony under their power and the number of years they have been working in the industry and doing this to other artists.

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anonymous asked:

Hey A do you remember that time when someone asked you why you didn't stan Dinah and you made that list? Could you do one for all the others and add in the receipts?


note: i’m fully aware that people can change and all that but i’m just providing receipts as asked so yeah (also take note that i still stan 3/5). update: i only stan 2/5 now.


You and I - Chapter 1

Summary: Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, both famous youtubers, admit to their subscribers in one of their videos that they are each other’s crush. They start talking and soon they realize that they want to be more than just friends. They end up being together and submitting videos as a couple. People call them ‘the hottest lesbian couple on the internet’. They video-tape everything they do together. Literally.

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WTF happened with The 100?!

I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I expect nothing and I’m still let down by this show every week since S3 started. Read it or don’t( I’m not expecting anyone to read it tbh) but this is me just trying to figure out what happened with The 100 and it’s characters? I don’t even know anymore with all the basic writing and rushed decisions I just can’t.

It has some sort of evidence & I tried to put some gifs to light out my anger lmao but yeah so here I go. It’s long but i’m trying to make a point here okay. Bear with me.

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Well, hello, there.

My name is Grace. I’m sure you know that by now, as I sign off nearly every non-fact post with my name. But I always feel like it’s cool to introduce myself, because who am I to assume everybody knows my name?

I’m here to write that really long post I promised you. I’ve just hit 30,000 followers, and I feel like right now is a good time to give you this. I said I’d cover how the blog started, and now I am going to expand on that; who I was, where my life was, and a million other little things that just tied into the beautiful thing that you have made for me here.

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Show Business: Marketing for Those That Hate Marketing

A lot of indies don’t want to market their games and I tend to agree with them. Marketing is a bad word and a shitty thing. It has been selling us stuff our whole lives. When I see a billboard yelling at me to try the new CrunchMeatwich 5000 for just $2.99, I clench up. Most of us do when we’re sold something. It’s an uncomfortable spot that we don’t want to put anyone else in. “Hey, try this it’s free! TRY IT!!!” makes us feel like we’re not artists but instead, hucksters. It’s a distraction from what’s important: our work.

I’m right there with you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to “do marketing”. This isn’t french fries, paper towels or cleaning products; it’s art! It’s whatever you want to express for whatever goals you have for your work of art. The real problem is how we’re looking at what the rest of artistic mediums do for “marketing” and thinking that’s the only way.

Movies are the number one influencer of videogame marketing and videogames in general. Trailers, stills, websites and the rest. Two titanic entertainment industries that separate making the damn thing and telling people about it in just about the same way. Movies might even be worse…

When a studio takes on a film, it’s usually tasked with doing all the marketing. I think it’s been this way for a long long time and this carries through in videogames. It’s absurd that an incredible movie with an amazing director doesn’t have creative control over the trailer; essentially a film. They worked hard crafting 120 minutes of film, surely they might have a vision for the 2 minutes that tells people about it…

That’s not to say there haven’t been great trailers executed by directors… But as you watch, think on the last movie trailer you watched that felt honest and indicative of the film’s flavor like these do below. It seems (unsurprisingly so) that Stanley Kubrick had a heavy influence on his trailers:

Official Trailer for The Shining

Official Trailer for Dr. Strangelove

Official Trailer for A Clockwork Orange

But clearly, he wasn’t involved in this one: A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Edition Trailer

And that’s not even that bad of a trailer by anyone’s standards. But clearly it’s dishonest, after seeing the three directed by Kubrick himself. Your trailer, your screenshots, your website your… whatever, is an extension of your core work. Treat it as such. If it’s not working, try again.

So why do we default to the old concepts of “marketing” and “marketing teams” to tell people about our work? Those are old and weird and they don’t work for us anyhow. If a game is made with an indie spirit, that will shine through if the same soul is put into everything surrounding the game itself. If you make a trailer with dubstep because you saw a talk about dubstep’s effect on game sales, well, you’ve sold your soul and you’ve made the mistake of “marketing” your game.

Most recently I released Threes with Asher. We searched for a single sentence for 8 straight months that would describe Threes. We went through hundreds of name ideas. I sat up in bed many nights thinking what would make sense for our “trailer”. The “tagline”, the trailer, the screenshots, the pull quotes and the website all needed to be tiny. We didn’t know that until a couple months before release. Just as I remade the art for the game dozens of times, the extensions of the game itself had just as much energy poured into them.

For the duration of your works development, search long and hard for what makes it special. That beating core of phosphorous hidden inside that makes your eyes widen when you finally see it. It’s never not taken me the whole time and it’s never not felt amazing when after dozens of concepts and false-starts I finally Get It and everything is in its right place. The rest is the easy part. Making the trailer, the website and the screenshots. It’s The Discovery that takes months.

It feels great because we’ve managed to make our game that much richer outside of the space it resides in. It feels honest. When you get it, and you put in the work, it’s the opposite feeling of “marketing”.

A lot of folks in the community know me for my graphic design approach, but this applies to everyone. Whether your game is about an interpersonal relationship, classism or desserts, the same search for the soul of your work applies. It’ll look, feel and taste different than anyone else’s work and that’s the whole point. Your game should be an extension of you and let that same expression extend out into how you show it, or maybe how you don’t.

You don’t have to be Stanley Kubrick, you just have to be honest and brave. Below is an incredibly honest, soul-bearing trailer, undoubtedly directed by Tommy Wisseau. It seems to give away all the major plot points of the movie, and yet it hides just enough of the beautifully bad yet quiet moments littered throughout that make it worth watching. Oblivious or not, Tommy made this trailer with the same passion and vigor that is imbued in The Room itself.

Use your limits. You had them when you made your game. Maybe they’re different when it comes to a trailer, but they’re still there to guide you. Making a videogame is incredibly technical and involves some of the core skills involved in creating trailers, websites and screenshots. Plus, we live in the internet. It’s not all directly applicable, but the execution of these things should be much less trouble then, say… for a novelist.

I’m not saying this is easy stuff. I’m not even saying we even have the kind of time required. But if you’re letting yourself off the hook because you “don’t know how” or hate “marketing” you’ve missed a step in the process of bearing your soul through your artworks.

Stop selling your game. Show it.