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Anyways, thanks for 100 followers! Here’s some Paladin centric HCs for you guys!]

★ Keith convinced Pidge to try on Allura’s crown while she wasn’t paying attention

  • It got stuck on her head and they panicked and tried to cut it off with Keith’s sword

★ The “””Bonding Moment””” is a meme forever engrained in paladin history

★ Pidge voice: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a lion should be able to fly

  • Lance, sliding across a table towards Keith: So, ya like jazz?

★ Everyone has seen high school musical so whenever they form Voltron, they scream the chant

★ Lance convinced everyone to do facemasks as a bonding exercise

★ Alteans never grow hair anywhere besides their head and face

  • Lance remembered all the time he’s spent shaving and cried

★ It’s an ongoing joke to lean towards Keith at random times to see if he’s turning purple yet

★ Shiro found a space Sephora in another space mall and broke down in tears while Keith just patted his back awkwardly

  • “Listen, I know it’s been a while, but people are staring. Shiro, get up, you’re the black paladin omg”

★ It’s a regular thing for Hunk to just carry another paladin around

Hunk voice: It’s a castle, it’s a ship, it’s a castle ship!

★ Pidge, Coran and Hunk upgraded the Gladiators to be more challenging and unpredictable, but in the end almost ended up killing everyone

  • Allura and Lance ended up taking them out

★ They all changed outfits once out of boredom

★ Shiro found a group chat setting in the lions, and just sent a shit ton of lenny faces

★ Shiro knows for a fact that Keith has been pining over Lance since before all this Voltron Nonsense, and proceeds to be the annoying brother Keith wished he never had

  • Shiro, thirsty for gossip and enjoys making his brother suffer: So what’d say to him once you saw him for the first time since the Garrison
  • Keith, already planning ways he can kill himself: I pretended i didn’t know him
  • Shiro, spitting out his nunvil: yoU DID W H A T

★ Coran’s mustache got cut off once, and everyone was horrified.

  • It??? Grew back in a day though????

★ Pidge climbs onto the nearest person when she gets scared

Lance voice: We are Voltron bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

★ Coran is the one to insist he doesn’t have a favorite, but everyone knows it’s Lance

★ The paladins tried to find out if Shiro wore eyeliner or not

  • They camped out in the rafters, courtesy of Pidge, with motion detectors in Shiro’s room and cameras in every bathroom
  • They didn’t get their answer, and Keith fell out the rafters

★ Hunk: Gee, it sure seems like updog in here

  • Lance: Hunk no
  • Coran: What??
  • Hunk: Y’now updog
  • Allura: What??? Is updog???
  • Hunk is too busy screaming to answer, and Lance is done

★ Kaltnecker is still around and scares the crap out of the paladins

  • Lance, jumping five feet into the air: hOLY COW
  • Hunk, Pidge and Keith: ( ° ʖ °)
  • Lance: NO

★ Everyone has a group chat where the scream about Klance

★ Coran and Shiro scream the most since Keith and Lance respectively go to them more often

★ They quietly whisper right hand man whenever Allura shows up in her battlesuit

★ Alteans can glow and nobody finds out until the castle has a blackout and the paladins are shook

  • Coran: Worry not paladins! We’ve got the situation under control
  • **Allura and Coran begin glowing**
  • Pidge, quietly underneath her breath: yo wtf

★ The paladins find out they can have elemental powers and proceed to freak the fuck out

  • Pidge: I am the Lorax i speak for the trees
  • Hunk: I can be friends with the Balmera!
  • Shiro: I can finally fly away from all my problems

★ They all unlock them in different ways

  • Keithy-boi accidentally lights his pillow on fire because he was thinking about Lance
  • Somebody makes the mistake of pissing off Hunk and a rock goes flying towards them
  • Shiro was finally chilling until Lance started screaming that he was floating
  • Pidge got really frustrated about an invention while they were on another planet and a bunch of trees surrounded her
  • Last but not least, Lance got super homesick at one point and all the sudden all the waters on the planet started rising

Allura, sitting at a table, eyebrows pinched in thought: What the quiznak is a peanut?

Paladins, pouring nunvil into tiny cups: SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS

★ Hunk has blackmail on everyone, but will only use it if he deems it completely necessary

★ Nobody ever lets Pidge curse and she is Tired™

★ On several occasions have the Green and Yellow lion had to save their paladins from doing something stupid in the name of science

★ Everyone tried to make lightsabers

  • They were in space so why not??
  • They cut off Coran’s mustache again

★ They went to a planet and drank something?? They next thing they knew is that they were in the castle, Hunk suddenly had longer hair, Pidge’s glasses were gone and that Keith and Lance had strangely similar rings

★ Lance made everyone matching letterman jackets

  • Coran and Shiro teared up

★ Pidge and Hunk made Lance a camera and he screamed

★ Existential crises become a normal thing

  • Shiro, suddenly pausing his training: We’re just fucking power rangers
  • Hunk, dropping Pidge who he was carrying: Oh my god—to Allura and Coran we are the aliens
  • Keith, stopping in the middle of an argument: My entire life, i wondered if aliens were real while i was an alien

★ Everyone assumes its Hunk who doesn’t curse, but it’s actually Lance

★ “How many episodes of Steven Universe have we missed oh my god”

Allura, who just found this out about balloons from Shiro: Ah, Pidge! how exactly does one get square balloons?

  • Pidge, finally seizing her chance: You blow square breaths
  • Allura, holding one finger up: (ό‿ὸ)ノ w h a t

★ Hunk remembered they disappeared before he got to see Moana and just laid down on the floor for several hours

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is basically his dad meaning Hunk missed his dad’s disney movie.

★ They accidentally stole a Yupper that was owned by Prince Lotor

Shortly after forming Voltron: What in formation?

★ Hunk has made a mental note of how many times he’s been right about people not being trustworthy

  • It’s 157

Shiro at one point: jeez we need an adult

  • Shiro, this time horrified: wait i am the adult

★ “It’s not gay if it’s in space.” “Actually the moon is a lesbian, so it is gay. check and mate, Lance.”


★ They programmed the castle to play the wii music, and Shiro nearly went on a rampage

★ Lance actually ended up knitting all the arusians sweaters

★ “We are beauty, we are grace, we are just gays lost in space” “Shiro liKES MEMES?”

★ Aliens are lowkey terrified of humans now

  • “The black paladin got his arm ripped off and managed to escape the galra? Count me out

★ “Wait, Voltron is just five lions stacked on top of each other omg this is wild”

★ The castle is actually haunted somewhat

  • Nobody knows by who, but they know weird shit is always going on

★ “Who you gonna call?” “VOLTRON”

★ They’re so confused on why Allura and Coran have british accents

  • We’re in space???this makes no sense????

★ Hunk tells Coran he’s helping him cook but really he’s making sure everything is safe for human consumption

★ Lance broke his arm once and Allura passed out

★ Lance and Hunk are the only ones with normal sleeping schedules

  • Coran is always awake?? Nobody knows if he actually goes to sleep, they’re afraid for him

★ Coran taught Pidge every way through the vents and she now uses it to her advantage

★ Hunk is always getting marriage proposals from aliens

★ Pidge has almost been adopted on several occasions

★ They start a service that kinda works like fan mail and are surprised by how many kids want to be them

  • “Why do all these kids want to be dead inside???”

★ The tag yourself meme becomes a usual thing

  • “Tag urself, im that king that keith accidently set on fire”
  • “I’m Shiro screaming hysterically”
  • “I’m that guy who just doesn’t give any shits”

★ Allura is forever deemed Space Beyoncé

★ Coran has a special cup to protect his mustache from getting tea in it

Lance, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: Does liking Keith make me a furry?

★ Voltron malfunctioned somehow and threw them all onto the planet they were saving and no one has recovered

  • Voltron somehow beat it on it’s own???
  • Everyone is salty bc it did a better job than they ever did

★ “It’s okay if you’re a furry and a texan, we still love you.” “i alREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH YOUR BROTHER BUT NOW T H I S”

★ Slav hangs around and drags everyone into the Multiverse theory

★ “gO GO POWER RANGERS” **bad sound effects**

★ They argue over what sound the particle barrier makes

  • “Guys, no. it makes that sound when you hear a window opening, y’know?”
  • “No, Lance, it’s more like the sound you hear when you’re on a swing”
  • “Both of you are wrong, it makes that sound you hear when you drop out of the sky”
  • “WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THE GALRA. But it actually makes a noise kinda like Shwooop.”

★ “How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals??”

  • “Hire Voltron”
  • “Everyone started hiring Voltron”
  • “Rich important people hired Voltron. Poor people who could not afford to hire Voltron did not hire Voltron”

★ **The Galra start attacking the ship** “Knock knock, it’s the Galra. With huge ships. With guns. Gunships.”

★ Shiro voice: Think about it, everyday we get one day closer to getting nachos

  • Hunk voice: that’s actually really nice
  • Pidge voice: what if i die tomorrow and don’t get nachos?
  • Keith voice: then tomorrow is nacho lucky day
  • Lance voice: nO

★ Lance is always the last to find things out without fail

★ Once something was inside the castle that basically put people into a coma when the went to sleep, so everyone had to stay up for at least 2 weeks straight

  • Keith was so sleep deprived that he told Lance bad space pick-up lines for two hours while they cuddled

★ They have a board that reads “The last time we did something gay”

  • The longest they’ve gone is 4 days

★ Everyone always forgets what number they are

  • Coran: Come on, number 3, I have something to show you!
  • The Paladins:  **Caveman spongebob meme**


★ They have Bonding Sessions where they talk about their families and what they hope they’re doing

★ Everyone thinks it’s Keith or Pidge who talk about punching Iverson, but nope, it’s Hunk

  • He told everyone that Matt, Professor Holt and Shiro were dead and is probably telling his family the same thing
  • He’s not letting that shit slide

★ They visit Balmera regularly so Hunk can see his rock girlfriend

  • BALLmera is life amirite?”

★ Everyone has so many questions over Allura’s hair

  • “Is her hair made out of clouds, or am i dreaming?”
  • “How did she get all of that into a bun? i can barely put my hair into a ponytail wtf”

★ “I’m paladin” “I hate this fucking family”

★ No one can count how many times they’ve seen Keith staring at Lance while he wasn’t looking

Coran, obviously frustrated shortly after Pidge goes missing at some point: HOW DO YOU LOSE A WOMAN?

  • Hunk, quietly, but with a lot of feeling: You forget to cherish her
Property of Dean Winchester

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SUMMARY: You and Jensen are best friends, you accompany him to Nashville for the convention and drunken hijinks ensue!

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x (bestfriend!)reader

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: So i have been struggling with writing and what not, and the other day this idea hits me. I am basing it off the information that I saw about NashCon and it just grew to this fic. This would be my first attempt at writing a possible more than friends type fic based on the actual actor. I mean no disrespect to Danneel, we will just consider her happy with someone else for the purpose of this fic. Also a huge shout out to Daddy B aka @bigdaddymongoose, she is my rock and helps me out sooo much with writing!

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“C’mon you two, let’s hit another bar!” Jared laughed, drunk off his ass already.

You giggled, watching your best friend trying to walk unaided. His bow legs making the staggering all the more comical. Finally, he made it to your side, he threw an arm around you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground.

“I think Jay here has had enough,” you snickered.

After the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery and all the free shots, then the dart throwing game with Jason and the guys and more shots imbibed. Next, Creation Ent wanting to celebrate Jay’s birthday during the Saturday Night Special concert with you guessed it more alcohol involved. Let’s just say when Jay sang Tennessee Whiskey, he was almost three sheets to the wind then. If Jared got his way, this would be the third bar you all hit.

Jensen started shaking his head, “No, I-I think we need more bars,” he grinned. “Me likey, more acl-aco-alc-,” he furrowed his eyebrows like he was concentrating, “drinks.”

You laughed, “I think everybody is done for the night. You two have a panel in the morning, remember?” You smacked Jensen’s hand away from your face as he tried to “boop” your nose. “Stop that!”

Jared just gave you “Sam’s puppy eyes”, “Nope, Pada-gigantor, those will not work on me. I am impervious to “Mr. Awesome,” you jerked a thumb at Jensen, “you don’t stand a chance my tall friend.”

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responding to some “Dipper is cis!!1!” arguments :)

1) “Don’t force child characters to be trans!”

- Applying a theory does not count as forcing
- Trans children exist in real life. There are kids who are 4, 5, 6 years old that get diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria, and it’s only fair that they get some kind of representation.
- Dipper is a fictional character, stating on the internet that I think he is trans will not affect him in anyway because he ISN’T REAL
- There are bigger issues regarding fan theories than the transboy dipper, transgirl Mabel, transgirl Grenda, etc. theories. Within the fandom there is shipping going on involving incest (Mabel/Dipper), pedophilia (Dipper/Ford *shuddering*) and abusive, interspecies (?) (Bill/Dipper (does bill count as another species? He’s not human and he’s definitely not 12 so it’s still a bit weird)) relationships. If you think saying that a male character could have been born female is the biggest problem facing the show, then you have some issues

2) It’s a children’s show, stop trying to make it LGBT+

- Children have a right to see LGBT+ characters from a young age. There’s nothing wrong with being LGBT+, and by hiding it from children it’s just enforcing the idea that it’s bad or should remain hidden
- Please return to this argument when it’s possible for children to google “My Little Pony” without seeing content that is actually inappropriate :)

3) Dipper has been seen shirtless and his chest is flat

- Hormone blockers are a thing. There is a perfectly reasonable chance that he is on blockers and so his chest has remained as flat as a prepubescent girl 

- He is 12 (13 by the end of the show), and on average femal puberty starts between the ages of 9 and 14 (google it). He may not have hit puberty yet, and this his chest is still flat.
- Similarly, Mabel has a pretty flat chest. They’re both children, why are their figures so important to you?

4) Alex Hirsch tweeted “if anyone wants to know what I consider canon, it’s easy: it’s what happened in the show” (x)

- Gravity Falls airs on Disney. Disney Channel has been around since 1983 (and Disney XD since 2009), and in almost 33 years has had two canon gay couples. There is no chance that Disney would have let them have a canon trans character, because parents would complain and it could damage ratings and profits and whatever
- He also tweeted “[Headcanons] don’t need my input” (x). Alex isn’t for or against trans!Dipper. If he’s not fighting it, you shouldn’t either.

5) Mabel wouldn’t tease Dipper about not being manly I he was trans

- She probably doesn’t mean to upset him? She’s clearly not saying the jokes seriously or out of malice, and she probably just doesn’t realise that it affects him
- If she would make those jokes towards him if he was cis, why should she not just because he’s trans? Personally, I sort of see that in a way like her saying “I see you as just the same as any other boy, and I’m going to treat you like I would treat any other boy”.
- She is a child. Children say stuff without thinking it through.

6) There have been flashbacks to when they were kids and Dipper was a boy then (x)

- As mentioned in an earlier point, children are trans. Children can express gender dysphoria from a young age and so it’s perfectly reasonable that dipper could have been out and living as male by the time he was 5 or 6.
- These memories come from Mabel and Dipper. Mabel and Dipper see Dipper as a boy, and so they could have altered their memories to fit in with that. When I look back on things I did as a kid, I think of it as “when I was a little boy”, and erase the female side of it. Mabel and Dipper could be doing that as well.

7) Grenda is more obviously trans than Dipper

- Why should we be limited to only having one trans character? LGBT+ characters aren’t just little tokens to prove that the show supports our community. Dipper could be trans, and Grenda could be trans. EVERYONE COULD BE TRANS! Why limit it to just one trans character? Let’s have a million!

8) “it’s disgusting”

- Would you like to elaborate on that? Because until you’ve given me some reasons, you’re just being transphobic. Transphobia isn’t cool.
- there is nothing disgusting about being trans. There is nothing disgusting about suggesting a fictional character could be trans. Shut up.

Please stop attacking trans!headcanons. They aren’t harming your enjoyment of the show. Unless you are genuinely being attacked for not accepting trans!dipper as your supreme overlord, then you’re not being affected by the headcanons. Please just let people enjoy thinking what they think.

These are just responses to some arguments I’ve seen. If you have anything else to add, feel free. I just really like trans!dipper and would appreciate not getting attacked for thinking it.


Summary: You and your fiancé Priestly are attending your niece’s concert at school and run into a good friend and her husband and new baby, Isabelle. Priestly and Isabelle are introduced and teeth rotting fluff ensues. 

Pairing: Boaz Priestly x Reader

Word count: 1,141

Warnings: Not a single one. Priestly being heart breakingly precious? That should be a warning. 

A/N: This was inspired by a happening with a friend and I at the high school band concert a few nights ago and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Started off as a Dean x reader, but now we’re here! I’m so happy with how this turned out! Also…. I would have beat my head against a wall forever if it hadn’t of been for @dustycelt and @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms. THANK YOU LADIES FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

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Movie Marathon

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi Meg! Thanks again for answering my request question! I do have another request: a Steve Rogers x fem!Reader one. So, I know little to nothing about Lord of the Rings and since you do it would be cool if (Y/N) was a huge fan of the LOTR books/movies. When she finds out Steve has never read/seen them she decides to introduce him to them. Movie nights and fluff commence lol. And could Steve and her already be in a relationship? :)

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Steve. He is the property of Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluffy fluff

Pairings: Steve Rogers x fem!reader

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

“Hey, baby. Are you ready for our date tonight?” you asked your boyfriend. Steve smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist. “I’ve been ready for weeks, Doll.” You stretched up to press a soft kiss to his lips. Date nights were rare for you and Steve. Well…uninterrupted date nights anyway. However, Steve had decided that, unless there was an emergency, the rest of the team could handle whatever happened. The two of you needed the time together.

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Amateur Night

Summary: Sam and Dean need cash after a hunt and, when they discover there’s no where to hustle pool, turn to amateur night at a local strip club.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Pairings: None

Word Count: 480

Warnings: a little bit of cursing; implied nakedness

A/N: Just a little drabble about everyone’s favorite brothers based on this lovely gif

Originally posted by eclipsedbydestiel

“I can’t believe we just had to destroy the only bar in a 50 mile radius,” Dean grumbled as he and Sam climbed into the Impala.  He turned the key and pulled onto the road, pointing his baby toward the motel.  “Shit, Sam, give me your wallet.  We need gas and I’m out of cash.”

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Sam’s Truth

Summary: After your dad says some nasty things, Sam comforts you.

Italics are the other end of a phone convo.

Betas: @talesoftheimpala @winchester-with-wings 

W.C. 1417

Tag Forevers(let me know if you want to be added!): @quilliamfears @animefanatic1728 @castihelloboys @autoblocked @wayward-wheels @cestladoulerexquise 

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Notes: lots of parental angst lately for me so I wanted to get some of it out with some fluffy Sam stuff. Feedback appreciated! Find it on AO3 here. Might write a second part, morning after smut, if I get enough feedback!

Having Sam Winchester by your side when the rest of your family was telling you to go to hell was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Sam Winchester was the world’s kindest, most burdened soul, and he took on the pain of everyone that he came into contact with, hoping to ease some of their suffering.

When you first met Sam, you’d been taking down a rugaru and he and his brother burst in just as you were firing off the flame shots. Dean and you had teamed up before. When you were both younger, and you’d heard stories of the infamous Sammy, but meeting the man was an entirely different story. Dean had said Sam was tall, but tall was an understatement. Standing 5’4”, you weren’t exactly tall yourself, but Sam towered over you by at least a foot, and you felt like a dwarf. Of course, he tried hiding it, tried making himself seem smaller than he was, and your heart squeezed a bit for this thoughtful man.

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Am I allowed to submit more than one? Because your writing is just so spot on that I need as much of it as I can get - requested by @impalaimagining

Read THIS (Girlfriend part 1) then give THIS (little drabble I did for Girlfriend) a glance then read THIS ( Girlfriend 2) - now, as you were…

You had always loved the Supernatural Conventions; you had watched all of them on YouTube courtesy of the fans that had recorded and posted them for all to enjoy. This was however, the first time you had attended a Supernatural Convention. Being Jared Padalecki’s girlfriend definitely had some perks, and not just the obvious ones. Jared had set up everything so you had access anywhere. 

This was easy, you thought to yourself as you strolled through the vendors area. You and Jared had not gone public with your relationship yet and no one knew who you were. You were just another fan here to enjoy the weekend. 

The last three months had been amazing since you met Jared on that family cruise. You didn’t get to see each other, but you spoke every day, video calling when time allowed. When he told you he wanted you to come to the Convention this weekend, you jumped at the chance to spend time with him. So here you were, biding your time while he and Jensen did their photo ops and meet and greets. You picked up a few things for Mary as you looked around and a few for yourself as well. 

Your phone started buzzing and lit up with Jared’s face. 

“Hi Baby! You all done now?” I asked, answering my phone.

“Yeah, we are. I have about an hour before the afternoon panel starts. Meet me by the back door and we can grab some lunch before okay?” Jared asked.

You met up with him and the two of you were able to enjoy a quiet lunch before the panel started. Even though you had a seat, you were staying in the green room during the panel and were having the time of your life as everybody passed through. You got to watch everything on the screen backstage and laughed watching the boys have a good time. Where did the fans come up with these questions?!

“Hi, my question is for Jared.” You heard the young girls voice. “Jensen posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts that he and Danneel dragged you on their family Disney cruise a few months ago. I wanna know if you had any fun or if you got stuck watch JJ and the Twinckles while Jensen and Danneel had a good time?” She giggled at the end of her question and it was so cute.

“Well, that is a good question, Miss. Turns out I did have a really good time. I grumbled the entire flight to Jay for dragging me on that vacation, complaining about being there, the flight, the cruise, everything. And now I have to thank him for bringing me on the best vacation I have ever had.” Jared replied to her question, keeping eye contact with her. This is how they really connect with the fans.

“Really, how so?” She asked him.

He looked a little shy before he flicked his tongue out, running it over his kips. “Well, I actually met someone on that cruise. Y’all may not know this, but…” He paused and through the screen, I saw him get up off his stool and head backstage. My heart was stuck in my throat. He is not going to do what I think he is going to do, is he? I am so shy and if he thinks he is gonna drag me out there on that stage, he is insane.

“Baby?” I heard him ask me, but I refused to open my eyes and look at him. I just shook my head. 

“Jared, I can’t go out there.” I opened my eyes and they locked on his instantly. “I can’t.”

“Taylor, you can. I don’t want to hide you from anyone. You are family. We are all family. Please?” He wrapped his arms around me and I felt safe. “I won’t let go of you for a second. I promise.” I nodded and he led me out on stage and helped me up onto his stool.

The crowd was crazy loud and I was turning multiple shades of red, but he didn’t leave my side. Jensen rose and gave me a big hug.  Kissing my temple, he whispered in my ear “We got you, it’s okay.” 

Jared cleared his throat, turning back to the fan and continued, “So y’all, I was telling you I met someone. Everybody say ‘Hi’ to Taylor.” The crowd went wild, everyone yelling ‘hi.’ 

“Hi everyone.” I spoke into the microphone Jared held in front of me. 

“So I just wanted y’all to meet my girlfriend. She is the reason that trip was the best of my life.” He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me gently in front of everyone. “I love you.” He murmured in my ear.

I turned my head to whisper in his ear so only he could hear me. “Amen Padaleski.” 

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Behind The Story - Pt. 8

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. A peek into their summer and hiatus life. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Fluff.


A/N: Hope y’all like this, feedback is always appreciated it.

Behind The Story Masterlist


Browsing for clothes slowly started to become your daily challenge, giving the fact that you were currently 23 weeks pregnant. Sometimes you would get self conscious over the changes  of your body yet always tried your best to stay confident and don’t give too much attention to the thoughts inside your head. You gasped when JJ threw one of her daily kicks. You scoffed caressing your belly, feeling her weight resting on the left side..

“Guess you will be as athletic as your father.”

Another kick.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Twitter Beef: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Reader gets into it with Azealia Banks and Tom tries to stop her before it gets any worse. If you don’t know who Azealia Banks is then you are lucky lol. But she got into a twitter war with Skai Jackson and Skai snatched her edges and drug her for filth. (y/u/n= your username) Reader is African- American but of course anyone can read and relate lmao!

This was previously mentioned in Twitter Password

Tom was on his way back from work when he got a text from Haz. You have got to see this mate! Y/N is fucking wild😂

He attached a screenshot of you and Azealia Banks going back and forth over twitter. He sighed and called you, “Hello?”

“Get off of twitter.” He said, “Nope this bald headed bitch asked for it.” You said and hung up. Tom watched as the insanity unwinded in front of him. He tried to go back to when it started:

@azealiabanks: Watching this movie with @y/u/n. Where the fuck did they find this dusty bitch?

@y/u/n: Aren’t you the washed up rapper who gets into twitter fights with little girls?

@azealiabanks: Aren’t you only famous for dating that British Spider-man?

@y/u/n: Was famous before I started dating him hun, but at least you tried!

@azealiabanks: Bitch you aren’t pretty. I don’t even see how he wants you. I hope the pussy is good. 

@y/u/n: Mother told me to never go back & forth w/ a psycho but you always seem to do these things to urself

@y/u/n: Do I need to pull the up the Skai receipts? Remember the 14yo who ended your life on twitter?

@azealiabanks: You & that little bitch aren’t shit. You both suck and are seriously ugly as fuck.

@skaijackson: @y/u/n sis please go in! 

@y/u/n: @skaijackson lol not yet

@azealiabanks: it’s sad you need a 14 year old to help you. Pathetic. 

@y/u/n: What’s pathetic is you constantly trying to call out people who actually have talent and do something. 

Tom walked into the penthouse and saw you and Happy pacing the floor. “Y/N give me the phone!” He said. “Nope.” You said. 

Happy was on twitter watching if she said anything else, “Oh she replied!” He said. You opened your phone, 

@azealiabanks: Talent? @skaijackson is a disney robot. And you prob only one that oscar becuz u sucked someones dick

@y/u/n: No dick sucking just pure talent. You still sucking dicks & can’t even get on Billboard’s top 100

@y/u/n: you’re sad. you need to go find help  :(

@azealiabanks: fuck you ugly ass bitch!

@y/u/n: someone find me some chia seeds to put on this bitches edges! I got the water!

Twitter blew up and declared you the winner after that one tweet. “Yes bitch! Drag her!” Your cousin laughed. Tom shook his head, “Why are you even engaging with her? You said it yourself, she is nuts!” He said, kissing your forehead. “Well she called me a dusty bitch.”

Tom smiled and walked into the kitchen. “Oh bitch she said something about Tom!” Happy said showing you her tweet. Tom ran out of the kitchen and grabbed the phone. “Fucking cunt.” He whispered. 

@azealiabanks: edges? bitch your boyfriend is ugly as fuck. two ugly asses in a relationship lmao

Tom snatched your phone out of your hand and started typing. 

@y/u/n:  @azealiabanks Ugly boyfriend here. Don’t you have to go pass out your mixtapes at a gas station?

“Yes baby! You get her!” You laughed high fiving him. You and Tom took a picture with your middle fingers up and tagged her. Happy was laughing his ass off at you two and was still watching her respond on twitter. ONe fan commented, 

@username: damn @azealiabanks how u gon let a british boy and a prissy ass actress fry you? Take your L like a champ. 

@username2: crazy thing is @y/u/n probably taught Tom how to clapback! She must be so proud!

@username3: aye a couple that claps back together, stays together❤ I love them ❤😂😂

“She’s still responding Y/N!” Happy said. “Let her be. We won that one!” You laughed. 

Haz called Tom, “Did you really tweet that?” 

“Yes, I learned from the best.” Tom smiled giving you a kiss. 

I know that was short but I’m tired as fuck! 



Summary: Dan loses Phil at Disney World and goes on a wild goose chase to find him. Humorous fluff, featuring Louise!

“We have to do something! You don’t know Phil like I do…he’ll probably meet some really creepy weirdos, or walk into a dangerous zone and get decapitated by a roller coaster, or get kidnapped by a crazy fan. Anything could happen Louise, anything!”

“Okay, right, calm down!” Louise ordered, although she looked quite panicked herself. “He can’t have gone far.”

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and I s2g if anyone fights me about this I will throw my fridge at you


like, really gay.  full, raging homo.  why on earth would you ship him with a girl?

- “but it’s not confirmed!” /  “he could be bi!”

“What made you want to add a gay character into the Percy Jackson series? What inspired you to write the series?” was asked and answered on Rick’s Goodreads a while ago.  Note, “gay”, with no dispute in the answer.

“Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times all humans had been a combination of male and female.  Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs.  Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half - man and woman.  Ever since, humans had felt incomplete.  They spent their lives searching for their other halves.  And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.  It wasn’t his favourite story.”  (Blood of Olympus, chapter 15)  Yes.  Very bi/pan/poly.  So much fyi i like vagina.  He’s entirely into girls.  What is a dick anyway?


It’s his sexuality. Idk about you, but I’m aro/ace, and people even jokingly shipping me with anyone else makes me, like, really uncomfortable.

- “but you ship straight characters in same-gender/polyamorous relationships!”

Since we’re talking about Nico here, we’ll leave other fandoms out of it.  Not a single character in any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series has a confirmed sexuality - except for Nico.  And if you’re going to assume characters’ heteroromance/sexuality from their lack of canon attraction to their gender, you and your straight-until-proven-otherwise mindset can just leave.

“I’m only shipping it.  What’s the harm?  I think they’re cute.”

Would you vote for Donald Trump in an election?  Y’know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but, like, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one vote.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  (if you would, please, please just leave right now) However insignificant it might be, it’s just wrong.  Also, you’re adding to all the other people that have voted for Donald Trump - quite possibly thinking the same thing.  So don’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t ship Nico with Thalia or Annabeth or Reyna or the bloody genderbent Will that this demonic corner of the PJO Instagram fandom is a fan of.  (don’t even ask)


I’m sorry, but I can name exactly two book series aimed at middle-grade kids that have LGBTQIA+ characters; Pretty Little Liars and The Heroes of Olympus.  (we’re not counting Harry Potter here.  saying years later that Dumbledore was gay with only minor implications in canon isn’t representation imo, sorry Jo.)  Having representation in kids’ series is so important, and wiping out that representation by ignoring his sexuality or erasing it and headcanoning him as bi/pan/poly is pretty homophobic and disgusting.  We have representation.  Respect it.


Reyna sees him as a brother??  He barely knows Thalia or Annabeth??  And as for “”Willow”” (genderbent Will.  It’s hellish, I promise), that’s straight down homophobia if you keep Nico as a boy.

anonymous asked:

Favorite Janiel moments thus far?

Ooookay, this may take awhile! Haha how about I do favorite Janiel moments of 2016?
12 months of Janiel:
-When Janiel went on that ski trip, and were completely adorable. Daniel pulling Joey with his ski poles…when Joey wanted to switch board for skis and Daniel put his boots on him (so cute how he tied his shoes and pulled his pant leg over them, it was so caring). Also, Daniel took a cute snap on the ski trip where he called Joey “Josey” and Joey turned to him in a really cute way, posing for a picture cause he didn’t know it was a video.
(Okay…this is going to be longer than I even thought).

-Obviously Janiel confirmed.
-But also when Daniel took Joey on the adorable Valentine’s date. He made it so special (possibly because it was Joey’s first Valentine’s day), took him to the mountain where they had their first date, brought and spread rose petals, brought cute little valentine’s treats, it was so cute. Also, Joey making Daniel the freaking scrapbook, and Daniel giving Joey a Valentine’s card from the dogs. It was just really damn cute.

-In bed with Janiel, for many reasons. Because they really seemed like they were letting their true personalities show. Daniel completely took charge and Joey was more reserved. The hand holding, oh the hand holding. Also, all the insight into their relationship, yes please.
-Also, I love the Bubble Wubble video because they seem so comfortable finally sharing their relationship on camera. It has Daniel’s iconic, “I’ll tie her up like I tie you up.” Also, Daniel filming and admiring Joey’s booty. Also Daniel looking Joey up and down and saying, “I just want to wash you off myself.” (Or something like that).

-Janiel in Hawaii. Daniel holding the camera and yet again admiring Joey’s booty, and claiming it as his (I bet if Daniel was a vlogger we’d get comments on Joey’s booty in every video, haha.) Also when Joey tweeted about being a little drunk and Daniel responded “A little?” Lol. And we got one of my favorite Joey sleeping on Daniel snaps.

-Joey’s birthday trip to Disney Japan, such a cute vlog! Daniel being so adoring, so many cheek kisses, Joey seemed so damn happy.
-Also when Daniel took the camera and filmed Joey, “Look at him, look at how cute he is, THE cutest!” THAT was the cutest!

-I think my favorite moment in June was Daniel’s plane snapchat story coming back from NYC, documenting drugged up Joey and taking care of him, then Joey sleeping on Daniel’s lap. “Always asleep on my lap, my puppy.”

July was an excellent time to be a Janiel fan. So much to love!
-Joey riling Daniel up and Daniel responding by kissing him all over his face.
The chapstick challenge. I didn’t even know I wanted a chapstick challenge until it happened (I was like “I’d rather see them kiss organically”), but it was so much better than expected!
-Janiel anniversary. Enough said? Haha. And Daniel’s snap video of Joey shaking his booty in the cutest way, “twerking to the wedding”.
-“Aw, it’s stuck in your hair, sweet boy.” (I swear, that one made my heart explode.)

-Janiel on the plane heading to vacation with Joey’s family, being so lovey because they missed each other while Daniel was in Montana.
-Joey not being able to keep his eyes off naked Daniel in the pool.

-Their interactions in the Gelli Baff video,
J: I need you to wash my face off please!
D: come here little boy, aw you’re cute.

-When Hope was taking pictures of Daniel, and Joey is just gushing about him, “That’s my boyfriend daniel, and he’s not and sexy, and he’s a model.”
-Daniel kissing all over Joey’s naked shoulder and neck in bed, distracting him when he is trying to talk to the camera.

-The streamy’s, Joey’s little personal speech to Daniel, “I forgot to thank the most important person…” and then later them cuddling in bed, Daniel running his hand all over Joey’s chest under his shirt.
-Them being so adorable and couply ice skating together in NYC.

-“Just kidding, I love you, you’re the best camera man I could’ve ever asked for.”

The Janiel promise rings, how Daniel hugged and kissed Joey when they revealed Daniel’s, and how happy Joey was about his. ❤❤❤

i’m wonderstruck | shawn mendes imagine

requested by anonymous

word count: 1,130

author’s note: title from “enchanted” by taylor swift.

Your name: submit What is this?

First there was the issue of getting him to sit still on the couch for more than two minutes, which proved to be a far more daunting task than you had previously anticipated. Shawn was incessantly bouncing his leg up and down which distracted from the center of the shot, but when you tried to explain this to him, he didn’t quite understand.

“Can’t you just edit that out?” he asked.

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cute thanksgiving/autumn fics 

(✳ means my favorites) 

 always expanding (by loutwix): Gemma brings Louis home for Thanksgiving, and Hot Harry is the last thing he expected. (38k) 

nothing sweeter than you (by sweetrevenge or @cocoalou): Harry and Louis meet waiting in line for Black Friday deals. It’s meant to be. (3k) 

 bring out feeling in me i never show (by tomorrows or @tornorrows): Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving. Or, the fake boyfriends au no one asked for. (24k)

with you i am never alone (by LiveLaughLoveLarry):  Louis comes up with the idea of holding a Thanksgiving dinner for their families. Harry loves it. And him. (6k)

hope your heart is strong enough (by suspendrs or @fukcinglouis):  Set in the US, Harry spends Thanksgiving with Louis’ family, or vice versa. Chaos ensues. (4k)

be thankful (by personalobserver): Harry was blessed with a kind soul and picks up Louis in the pouring rain to take him where he needs to go. They hit it off and smut happens. Featuring Harry’s turkey boxers.Also known as The Mandatory Thanksgiving Fic. (3k – series)

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AO3 link here!

Kiki’s 200 Follower Celebration Challenge (@deathtonormalcy56)

Prompt: Gabe x Reader, food

Summary: Where are those damn cupcakes?

Wourd count: 704

Characters: Gabriel, Sam and Dean Winchester with Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings/tags: disgusting fluff, it’s unbeta’d so all the mistakes are mine! (I just want to raise my self-esteem a bit by posting unbeta’d stuff)

A/N: So, first time writing something longer with Gabriel, hope I did him justice! 

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post, those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

You were going crazy or all of it was just a stupid joke.

You were baking cupcakes, like always when you knew that boys would be back from a hunt soon, if you were sitting a one out.

It didn’t happen often, but the last hunt had left you with more bruises than you could count and you hadn’t exactly been in shape to head for another one. (Cons of becoming a ghost’s punching bag.)

That’s why Sam and Dean had told you to stay at the bunker, assuring you that they would do just fine without your assist. You had gone crazy with cleaning after they left, organising books in the library the way Sam had taught you and doing research when they had needed you to.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going thru the social media au rec religiously right now because there are so bomb ass fics on there and now I have an obsession with YouTube au's

so, 1000 years later, I finally answer you ! SORRY !

- From Eight Until Late, I Think About You  : After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. They fall for each other long-distance, but put off meeting face-to-face as long as possible, too nervous that they’ll screw it all up. Involves a bunch of YouTube challenges (AKA excuses for Harry to get naked), some awkward snapchat mishaps, and a whole lot of pining. (35k)

- kiss me on the mouth and set me free  :  He moves on to Twitter next, where things get marginally weirder. His newsfeed is full of tweets about someone called Larry, and that apparently everyone is trying to ship him somewhere. There are a good amount of people though, mostly his hardcore gamer fans and ones with little crushes on him, that are screaming about how this Larry guy is gross.  Fifteen minutes of scrolling tells Louis that Larry Stylinson isn’t a person, but instead a combination of his and Harry’s names. The people that are claiming to ‘ship it’ are apparently rooting for them to get together, which. Okay.Or, Louis is a gamer and Harry is a beauty guru, and VidCon is a good place to fall in love. (17k)

- MARRIED FOR A WEEK?!  :  Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all  - Louis x (20k)

- cause all i wanna be is somebody to you  : There’s things in life that look better when you see them up close and in person. The Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, Disney World, a favorite band in concert, even. Louis’s seen all of those things and they were much, much better in person. But Harry Styles, he tops them all.
or–  the one where Louis’s a YouTuber that gets to interview Pop Star Harry Styles (14k)

- Finding Lou  : Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him. (60k)(technically not a YouTuber AU, but YouTube plays a big part of the plot)

- You Always Seem To Bring Me Light. : He jumps when he feels a hand stroking his hair lightly. “I love it like this,” Louis murmurs, reaching to tug a wayward curl.“Love what like this?”“Your hair.” Louis’ touch is hesitant, almost reverent, all trace of humour gone now. “When it’s still kind of damp but the ends are dry and curl up like corkscrews. It’s supposed to look gross but it doesn’t.” He pauses before continuing quietly. “Your curls are so lovely.”Harry swallows. Louis is a hurricane, and amidst his whirlwind of emotions, he slowly says; deliberately says, “So are you.” In a world where YouTuber baker Harry pines for the (inconveniently taken) Louis. In other words, another YouTuber AU. (18k)

- Let Me Give You My Life  : Gemma has one rule for Louis while he stays with her family at Christmas; not to hook up with her little brother, so of course that’s the one thing Louis does. (14k)

- the wonderful part of the mess that we’ve made  : louis is a popular youtuber and he gets his boyfriend harry to agree to do a boyfriend tag video (3.5k)

- Speechless  : It was due to unfortunate circumstances that Louis had to start doing Youtube videos, trying his best to make ends meet for a charity he wouldn’t have started if he’d had any other choice. It was by chance that he caught the attention of one Harry Styles, member of One Direction and the only boy in the world to ever make him speechless.One awful knock knock joke and everything goes downhill from there. (40k)

- Chasing the Clouds  : Louis is a youtuber. Harry’s obsessed. (7.5k)

- We Could Be A Story In The Morning (But We’ll Be A Legend Tonight)  :Louis is a famous Youtuber, British and openly gay, who’s finally introducing his boyfriend to his subscribers via Youtube video. Harry’s just worried that Louis’ fans won’t like him. (2.5k)

- As if No One Knows Anything but Us  : YouTuber Louis watches Beauty Vlogger Harry’s coming out video. (10k)

- From The First Note Played : One of the perks of being friends with Dan and Phil is that sometimes they invite Harry to see their celebrity guests.One of the downsides of being friends with Dan and Phil is that sometimes they invite Harry to see their celebrity guests.Specifically, Midnight Memories, Harry’s absolute favourite band. Harry is certain he is going to utterly humiliate himself.Except that apparently he did something right, because he keeps running into them, and then Louis invites him to do a collab. If he can just keep from passing out or saying something particularly stupid, maybe he’ll somehow be lucky enough to get to call them his friends. (26k)

It Started With a Tweet

Pairing: Joe & Caspar

Word Count: 3,053

Summary: Caspar had a crush on Joe for a long time nad when he works up the nerve to tweet him before vidcon, he never knew it could lead to what it did.

Caspar has had a crush on Joe since he saw his video with Zoella, who happens to be his sister. Caspar just started YouTube only a year ago and he wasn’t that popular. But, he knew many YouTubers like Zoe and Pewdiepie and Dan and Phil. But, it was only a few months ago when he knew who Joe was.

It was one night while he was browsing YouTube for inspiration. He had about five hundred thousand subscribers back then and had an audience to impress. He spent a lot of time looking at Shane Dawson and then he somehow ended up watching Zoella, only to see she uploaded a video with her…brother?

Now, Caspar always had a small crush on Zoe, but he wasn’t a legit fan. He didn’t watch all of her videos, so he barely knew much about her. But, when he clicked on the video, his heart dropped as he saw a very cute boy appear on the screen. He was small, but rather masculine in a petite way and Caspar found himself staring more at Joe instead of Zoe now.

Ever since then, he’s binged watched all of Joe’s videos. He wasn’t obsessive, honestly, he does that to all YouTubers. But, he had more fun watching Joe than anything. The boy was funny, witty, sarcastic and a bit hotheaded. However, Caspar figured it was just part of his character. Sort of like how Caspar acts annoying on purpose.

Most of the time.

As of now, Caspar was so nervous. He knew that he was going to be seeing Joe at VidCon and he was freaking out. It was the first time he was going to actually meet his own fans, rather than going just to see other YouTubers. Caspar was tagging along with his friends; Oli and Josh, who were also YouTubers. Oli had some little more subscribers than him and Josh just started out.

On the way to VidCon, Caspar was freaking out. He kept scrolling the twitter on his phone, looking outside the plane with a hesitant expression. He had the urge to tweet Joe, because surprisingly, Joe did follow him. Maybe he thought Caspar was a fan, since his account wasn’t verified, but Caspar had over one hundred thousand followers and it said YouTuber in his bio, albeit adding ‘wannabe’ to the front of the word.

“Are you going to type or just look at the white, blank screen?” He heard Oli chuckle next to him.

Caspar scoffed,”Well, obviously I’m keeping it blank. It’s more unique that way.”

“Yes, I see a lot of depth with your masterpiece,” Oli quipped, rolling his eyes. “I don’t see why you don’t just DM him. Lots of YouTubers talk and chat around, that’s how collabs happen. I’m friends with Alfie and he’s dating Zoe, ya know. I can get Joe’s number if you want it.”

“No, that’s just pathetic and embarrassing,” Caspar pouted, thumbs hovering over the keyboard. “I just don’t know what to say. He’s just so…nice and pretty—what if he thinks I’m a loser? What if he’s straight? Should I bother? I mean, I’m younger and—“

“Relax, Casp,” Josh laughed from next to Oli and leaned forward. “Joe’s so nice, I’ve seen him interact with fans and stuff. Even if he is straight, he won’t be mean or anything. He’d just let you down easy.” He then added with a snap,”Not that he’ll reject you or anything. I’m sure he won’t, you’re a cool guy.”

The pep talk was not helping at all. If anything, he was just more nervous now. Caspar frowned and glanced out the window, contemplating if he should even try tweeting the guy. Maybe he can be casual. He’s going to vidCon and so is Joe, perhaps a small tweet won’t be that strange since everyone is tweeting about it.

Caspar_Lee: @Joe_Sugg heard you’re going to vidcon !! it’d be cool if we met up or something ! Up for a collab or something? :)

Simple, but effective. Caspar nodded slowly and he clicked the button before he could hold back. As soon as he tweeted it, there were over a hundred retweets. His fans are very dedicated, he adored them. He saw tons were shipping them already and Caspar blushed. He really hoped Joe wasn’t against that, some YouTubers hate it.

Caspar was fine with the idea of people shipping him with anyone. Because, he didn’t see it as annoying or a bother. He ships people, he’s pretty sure everyone secretly does. As long as he’s aware of who he’s dating, that’s all that matters. Some people take it too seriously and get offended, but he won’t judge them for that.

He glanced down at his phone and sighed, then saw Oli was putting in a DvD into the player that they had. It was on the back of the seat in front of them and he handed the earbud to Josh. But, then he saw Caspar pout and rolled his eyes. “Do you want one too? Cause, here,” He handed an earbud and got another pack out, glad there were two slots for headphones.

“What are we – seriously?” Caspar laughed when he saw Oli put on Frozen.

The boy blushed and muttered,”It was the only thing I had on DvD.”

“You had Orphan and 22 Jump Street,” Caspar pointed out and smirked at Oli’s pale face. “Chill, it’s fine. We can watch Frozen. Just be aware, I know all the lyrics and that means I will be singing and that means we might be pushed out of this plane.”

Josh groaned,”Great.”

Caspar laughed maniacally and leaned back, watching as the screen of the tiny TV went through the adverts. There were tons of little clips from other Disney movies and he hummed quietly as the movie started up. Caspar yawned, finding the beginning a little boring and leaned his head on Oli’s shoulder, despite the boy trying to push him off.

As the moving started, he tapped his fingers and then grabbed his phone to check how much longer they had left on the plane. But, he saw a notification and his face blushed deep red as he saw a familiar name and it was like his world stopped. He clicked it and read it and it was then that Caspar knew he could never feel more alive than he did in that moment.

Joe_Sugg: @caspar_lee hey man, that sounds great. Can’t wait to see ya ! love your videos :)

And in that moment, Caspar nearly fainted.


The tweet was ringing through his head as soon as he stepped in America. It was his first time in the continent and he was so nervous when he first arrived. He was rooming with Oli and Josh, so that wasn’t very fun. But, he dealt with it since he was used to them anyways. He was more concerned about seeing Joe.

The night before vidcon, Caspar was up for hours trying to find the right outfit to wear for the day. He wanted to impress Joe, to not look like the dumb person he acts as in his videos. Though, most of that is truly him, he does exaggerate as does every YouTuber. YouTube is like reality TV; it’s real life, but exaggerated.

Caspar had ended up with a light blue, nearly white t-shirt and some skinny jeans that were a bit baggy so they weren’t too tight. The next morning, when he got ready, he fixed his hair up and made sure it was neat and brushed in a somewhat quiff. He wouldn’t call it that, but it was a similar style.

After he made sure he looked okay, he checked once more and heard Josh groaning,”Casp, c’mon. You look great, can we go before your fans flip shit?”

“Fine, fine,” Caspar let out a nervous breath and he nodded to himself before rushing out after Josh.

The two boys headed downstairs since Oli was already there. Caspar was nearly shaking in the elevator and excited, yet scared to see who showed up. What if no one went for him? What if no one was excited to meet him? Bigger YouTubers are there; he doubts anyone went just for him. He’s not good enough.

However, when he entered the room, he was surprised when he saw tons of people gathering to the stage where it looked like Tyler Oakley was interviewing someone. Caspar smiled, he loved Tyler Oakley and hoped he could meet the guy. He’s one of the YouTubers that made Caspar feel okay with his sexuality.

“Caspar?” A female voice asked, causing him to turn and the girl’s eyes to widen. “O-Oh my god, Hi! S-Sorry, I won’t freak out. I just, hi. I love you so much.”

“You do?” Caspar furrowed his eyebrows, not expecting people to say this. “Well, thanks ! Want a picture?”

He only asked since she was holding her phone as if ready to ask. The girl nodded eagerly and then cleared her throat, trying to brush off her nerves. She walked over and Caspar asked Josh to take the photo. They took two, one with him kissing her cheek only because she asked. Then, he gave her a quick hug.

It was so surreal for him to meet fans. He’s only met a couple since starting videos. Considering he doesn’t go out often, he never really has the chance to meet anyone. But, while trying to get to the backstage area where other YouTubers were, he was stopped often and asked for many pictures. It was so sweet, he loved it.

But, then he went to the backstage area with Josh in tow and halted.

There in front of him, was Joe Sugg.

The boy was laughing along with Marcus Butler and nodding his head quickly to whatever was said. Dan and Phil were on stage, doing a little show for the fans and answering questions. Caspar felt his heart nearly stop at the sight of Joe. His breath caught in his throat, unsure of what to do because the love of his life was right in front of him.

Before Caspar could run off, Marcus noticed him and gave a small smile. Caspar blushed when Joe turned and it was like everything soon came together. He hesitated and opened, closing his mouth repeatedly. Joe was confused but then he grinned brightly, easily recognizing Caspar as he walked over and laughed.

“Oh, it’s you! Hey, Caspar,” Joe greeted, holding his hand out.

Caspar took it timidly, shaking his hand and gulped,”H-Hi! I-It’s nice to meet you.”

“So formal,” Joe teased and nodded to Marcus. “The lads and I have been talking! We thought it’d be fun if you came on with us. You seem like a cool guy and we’re gonna answer some crowd questions and stuff. It’d be fun.”

Caspar frowned and glanced to Josh. Then, he said,”I-I don’t know, I only have like, a quarter of your subscribers. I’ll look like a random.”

“Nonsense! You’ll be great,” Joe nudged him and joked,”And you look pretty damn hot, so even if no one recognizes you, you’ll probably gain twice as many followers from this.”

Caspar wasn’t sure. Despite being a rather confident performer, he gets nervous with live audiences. In his room, he can mess up as much as he wants and not be afraid of someone seeing. But, Joe was right in front of him, asking him to join on stage and he’s not going to say no. Not when he has a chance to be near Joe.

So, he agreed and Joe grinned brightly,”Great! C’mon, Dan and Phil are almost done. Have you met them? I think you’ll like them, they’re pretty cool.”

Joe took Caspar’s hand and led him to the guys (Marcus, Alfie, Jim, and Will) that were gathered around and chatting animatedly. Josh awkwardly followed behind and Caspar felt bad. But, then a girl who was working with headphones on and a walkie talkie caught his attention and Caspar laughed quietly.

Caspar tried not to feel awkward around the guys. They were all friends and he felt like a dork, just standing there and laughing when he had no idea what they were talking about. Alfie was being loud and talking over everyone, Will was trying to jump in the conversation, Marcus and Jim were arguing and Joe was…he was just staring at Caspar with a small smile.

But, then Dan and Phil were done and Caspar went to say hi, however they were already being pulled onstage and Caspar gulped when seeing the huge crowd of people. There were so many. Joe gave his back a small pat and then took the microphone he was handed, giving Caspar the second one.

The man on stage introduced,”Alrighty here, we have Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Will Darbyshire snd Caspar…?”

“Lee. Caspar Lee. With an A, please remember this,” Caspar said sheepishly as people laughed.

Joe teased,”Okay, Caspar Laa.”

“No, like my name Caspar is A-R nor E-R,” Caspar whined, pouting a bit as he heard the audience chucking in amusement.

The man laughed,”Alright, Caspar with an A! We’re going to answer some questions the audience has been dying to ask. Erica is down there with a mic and will go around trying to find the best questions for our British YouTubers.”

And that was how it went. Literally, it was just some questions and they answered them. Caspar was trying to be funny, maybe trying too hard? But, it was better than sitting back and not talking. Joe kept laughing at his jokes and slide remarks. Caspar tried not to get flustered by his smile and he joked around with the guys.

He literally met them only minutes ago, but it was fun. He’s watched their videos, so he knew how they acted and how they were. Jim was probably his favorite aside from Joe, only because Alfie and Will and Marcus were more loud and outgoing than Jim. Jim was nice, he didn’t tease Caspar like the others.

But, then the questions got more tense and everyone was asking for dares more often than questions. When a girl asked when was Alfie going to propose, the guy just chuckled and said ‘one day’. So, the Q&A was ending soon and Caspar felt relieved since he was afraid of the questions now that he knew they were getting friskier.

“Alright next question!” Erica cheered, going to a girl with a Dan and Phil t-shirt on.

The girl stood up and spoke into the mic,”This one is for Caspar; can you kiss the cutest boy on the stage? Considering you have come out as bisexual, I thought it would be funny.”

Caspar’s eyes widened and the crowd began cheering. He glanced at the boys, then at the interviewer. The guy laughed and nodded to the british boys,”Go on, c’mon. I am not objecting to seeing some boy on boy action, it’s vidcon!”

“I – I don’t know,” Caspar hesitated, glancing at the guys he literally just met.

Alfie chuckled,”We don’t mind. Even if we’re basically all dating someone, the girls won’t care.”

“It seems wrong,” Caspar argued with a pout.

Joe scoffed and exclaimed,”Just do it, Caspar!”

And fine, if Joe wants him to do it, then he’ll do it.

Caspar stood up and turned back, glancing to all the boys. Then, he looked at Joe and maybe he finds Alfie more attractive in a general sense, but he’s attracted to Joe in all. He gripped Joe’s shirt and pulled him up, pressing his lips to the smaller boy’s. Joe made a noise of surprise and Caspar had no idea how Joe couldn’t know he would choose him.

Everyone was cheering, but it was white noise in Caspar’s world. He just felt his heart flutter and stomach flip. Everything was on fire, but in a good way. It was as if he was flying and Joe was the wings that made him soar. His lips tasted like tea and they moved slowly against Caspar’s, small hands gently placing at his waist and pulling Caspar closer.

However, they were in public and even though Caspar wanted to keep kissing, he pulled back and smiled shyly at Joe who looked so stunned. Joe then chuckled awkwardly and wiped his mouth as he said,”Ha, nice to know someone finds me attractive.”

Caspar felt his heart ache a bit. He hoped Joe didn’t hate him. He really thought Joe liked the kiss, but maybe it’s just a joke. He forced a laugh as well, sitting down and stayed quiet. For the rest of the interview, he willed himself not to brush his fingers against his lips that tingled from the reminder of Joe’s kiss.

He felt small nudges here or there, glancing to Joe’s foot that kept kicking gently at his back. Joe gave him a timid smile and Caspar just slouched in his seat, trying not to look pathetic considering he’s stupidly crushing on Joe Sugg; a boy who only ever liked girls. He always mentions girls. He likes boobs, not dick.

After the interview was done, they all said goodbye and Caspar hoped he could just run back to his room and pretend like this whole night went differently than he thought. However, as he rushed out, a hand grabbed his wrist and he stumbled right into a smaller body, nearly knocking the person over and causing himself to stutter apologies.

But, then his words were silenced as Joe’s lips were kissing him deeply and Caspar tensed before timidly kissing back. Joe chuckled as he pulled back and stood on his tiptoes. He asked Caspar with a small smirk,”Do you think you might wanna go on a date with me?”

“A date? Really?” Caspar asked, not believing this.

Joe rolled his eyes,”Yes, Caspar. Really.”

And the two did go on a date. That night, they went to the restaurant near the hotel. And then they dated. And then they got engaged a year later, Joe getting down on one knee at vidcon on stage. Then they moved in together and got married and Caspar couldn’t be happier changing his accounts to ‘Caspar_Sugg’.

Cause he’s a Sugg now and he’s glad he sent that tweet.

top ten frat aus

1. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows (31k)

It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym.

Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain.

Louis jogs across the street and jabs the key into the car door. It opens easily, not that he was expecting anything else. He copied the key for a reason, after all.

He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

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