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18 + jikook

Send me a pairing + a number: “Fuck. Off.”

canon compliant | well :)

“Fuck. Off.” Jimin ponctuates, attempting to get Jungkook away from him by pushing his shoulders back – with more strength than initially intended, maybe. “Get off.”

“Why?” Jungkook presses harder, though, not a single sign on his annoyingly beautiful face of pulling away. He has one knee in between Jimin’s thighs and a pair of elbows pressed against the wall behind them, in a very successful way of preventing the older from escaping, “Give me one good reason.” His tone has been increasingly dropping since he started pinning Jimin against the red brick wall of their building’s terrace, to the point it was now just a soft murmur blown in the cold air of the night – and inside Jimin’s hot mouth.

They are so close to each other it sends a sudden awareness of nostalgia up Jungkook’s lips – a kind of longing he hadn’t witnessed himself feeling since… Well, never. Their chests warmness and oxygen are all mixing; Jungkook’s nose is touching Jimin’s and he can breath in Jimin’s scent so well it’s fucking driving him insane. Jungkook wants to kiss him so bad it’s physically absurd – and so it is how long he had resisted before finally ending up here, staring down at Jimin’s lips with a need it clenchs his stomach and burns his chest.

He still remembers the first time he kissed them, in the practice room, three months ago, for accuracy. Not that he had counted or anything stupid like that. But he remembers. How they felt so soft, and warm and right against his own. Well, at least for the first five seconds, before the dizzy spur of their tired – and mildly sexually induced by the song they were previously dancing to – minds hit them like a violent wave in the shore, crashing upon them and making them drown. He remembers how Jimin began to kiss him breathless, and how he kissed back until they were both lightheaded and panting. Jungkook’s hands gripping Jimin’s ass and pressing him down where he so painfully needed, Jimin’s own hands roughly tangled on Jungkook’s hair, pulling hard and making the younger moan.

“I swear to god, if you don’t back off, I’m going to fucking deck you in the face.” Jimin threats and Jungkook leans down, so they’re eye-level and Jimin doesn’t have to look up to talk to him. This, however, only seems to riles Jimin up more, his hands crumpling the fabric of Jungkook’s tshirt and consequently pulling it up slightly, exposing some inches of his lower belly to the cool air.

“Why is that?” Jungkook repeats, pressing their chests harder. They didn’t have sex, back in that night, thanks to Jimin’s phone going off when they were about to lose their pants. If Jungkook was relieved or frustrated, he couldn’t differ. It’s not like he didn’t want it to happen, he just didn’t want it to be… In a stuffy room, with both of them too tired and too horny to be thinking straight about decisions they were surely regretting the other day. Although, from that day forward Jimin had been blatantly avoiding him, acting like nothing happened and shoving the subject away whenever Jungkook tried bringing it up. Now, three months later, Jungkook seriously can’t take it anymore. “Because I’m finally having the guts to properly talk to you about this? I’m tired of playing games, hyung. If you hated it so much just straightforward tell me so I can apologize for kissing you, instead of pretending I don’t exist whenever we’re alone. It kinda hurts.”

Jimin’s fingers soften it’s grip on Jungkook’s tshirt and he looks down, a frown molding his features.

Jungkook wants to kiss his pout away. But he doesn’t.

“I-I didn’t… hate it…” Jimin mutters, fidgeting the cloth. “It’s just…” he lifts his eyes and meet Jungkook’s gaze for a second before diverting it again. “Aish, I don’t wanna talk about this.”

“Why not?” Jungkook asks, an ache menacing to show up on his voice.

It’s kinda unfair, he thinks. How Jimin is dealing with everything like it means nothing, when Jungkook can not not think about it for a single day. How Jimin is not shifting his gaze down to Jungkook’s lips, like Jungkook has been constantly doing for the past minute, dying to catch Jimin’s lips on his own. Or how he seems almost restless to get away from Jungkook, when all Jungkook wants to do is hold his body on his arms and not let go.

“Because…” Jimin nearly whines, frustrated. Their chests are still tightly pressed together, but it feels softer, the atmosphere having made Jungkook faintly pull away, scared of Jimin’s answer. “I don’t want to serve as a reckless experience for you to kill your curiosity only and then–“

“What?!” Jungkook chokes out, shocked. “What the fuck?! Who ever said you were–“

“No one needs to say it, okay?” Jimin snorts, looking everywhere but Jungkook’s face. “This already happened before. I’m sure of my… You know. But you’re not and I’m just sick of being used as an–“

“Shut up.” Jungkook cuts him off. He feels irritated somehow. “With what right do you go out carelessly making assumptions about me and comparing me with the assholes from your past?” Jimin is silent all of a sudden. “Goddammit, hyung! Three months! Seriously, this is absurd, why couldn’t you just talk to me when I tried to?”

Jimin is eyeing his left hand on Jungkook’s t-shirt, so the younger angles his head to be on Jimin’s field of vision and force him to stop avoiding his stare. “Look at me.” he says, and this time he is able to hear the hurt on his voice, his brows furrowed as if that would help him read Jimin’s mind.

“I…” Jimin starts, lips pursed and Jungkook’s chest aches with how much he wants to kiss it, but he somehow expects for Jimin to do it first. He doesn’t want to push himself on him, just to be rejected later. “I…” They’re holding eye contact and it makes kind of hard for Jimin to properly think with such a short distance between them. “It makes me feel awkward.” He finally lets out, gulping.

“Why?” Jungkook asks, and feels like it’s the thousand time he is repeating this question.

Jimin fists his tshirt harder, before his hands go cup the sides of Jungkook’s neck, the cold palms against his warm skin making his breath slightly hitch. “Because…” he seems to be painfully trying to form words and Jungkook’s heart is beating so fast he is sure Jimin can feel it against his chest. “It’s your fault. You make me feel awkward.”

Jungkook had unconsciously tilted his head to the side, the angle rendering difficult for him to pretend he can’t feel Jimin’s breath hitting his lips anymore.

“You make me feel awkward too.” he whispers.

Jimin is bitting his lips, and it takes him a whole second to close his eyes and tangle his hands on Jungkook’s hair after the younger’s words fall out of his mouth, pulling him closer. Their lips are brushing and Jungkook is happy Jimin is somehow holding him in place, because otherwise he’s sure his legs would be betraying him – but still none of them is moving further and Jungkook is so fucking frustrated, because what the fuck is still holding Jimin back?

(Jungkook’s pride is holding himself back, because even though he is sure Jimin’s hands fisting his hair means a lot more than just consent, he still doesn’t want to be the first to give in – considering he had been the first to do it the last time. He needs a stronger reassurance Jimin wants that as much as he does, and he is determined to get it.)

That’s what impells him to part his lips and allow the hot air from his throat to curl around Jimin’s lips, the red flesh of their mouths skimming and providing both of them a tingling feeling on the tip of their stomachs. Jimin is still motionless and Jungkook is so damn impatient, he sinks his teeth on Jimin’s bottom lip with force and no previous warning, making Jimin hiss and then moan when Jungkook pulls it forward just to let it softly slide from his teeth back to its place.

Something clicks inside Jimin’s mind and he chases Jungkook’s lips with a hunger he has no idea he possesses, their mouths finally, finally clashing with an eagerness built during months.

Jungkook’s lips fits under Jimin’s so naturally well that it’s almost surreal, as only the pressure of their mouths against each other is able to make Jungkook feel on the verge of exploding – longing washing over him and proving his imagination is such a weak representation of reality. He could never truly recreate this feeling, it didn’t matter how many scenarios he pictured.

It’s when Jimin licks his lips – almost demanding for Jungkook to let him in – that he melts, their tongues meeting in a simultaneous warmness and thirsty that needs no further actions to demonstrate how desperate for each other they actually are. Jimin wraps his arms around Jungkook’s neck, angling his head in a way there’s not an inch of air between them, standing on his tiptoes and sucking Jungkook’s lips with just the right amount of pressure to drive him crazy. He takes his elbows off the wall and envelops them around Jimin’s waist, in an impossible attempt to pull him closer, needing to completely intoxicate all his senses with Jimin and Jimin only. Not that it took a lot of effort.

“Mhm…” he hears the whine falling out of Jimin’s lips and feels the vibration on his mouth and chest. His arms tighten around the older’s waist in response and the clenching on his stomach urges him to lick in Jimin’s mouth more intensely. He does, and on the second time, they moan together, Jimin’s hands gripping Jungkook’s shoulder so hard, his nails are sinking on the skin.

They pull apart for lack of oxygen, both panting and with swollen red lips.

Jungkook kisses Jimin again for a second, not resisting to stay away for too long. He watches as a shy smile appears on Jimin’s lips, so he kisses it one more time. And then another, and another. He keeps on pecking Jimin’s lips repeatedly until he is giggling and blushing. Jungkook smiles, burying his face on the older’s neck and sucking his scent to his lungs.

Jimin’s skin smells the sweetest.

“You’re so dumb.” He lets out, voice muffled.

Jimin chuckles. “So are you.”

“Yah!” he pulls back offended to look him in the face. “I was the one trying to fix everything up, why am I dumb?!”

Jimin brings his face closer to Jungkook’s. “You should’ve caged me against a wall and kissed me breathless three months ago.”

He smiles before catching Jungkook’s lips on his again.

“Hey! You kissed me!”

“Shut up, asshole.”

y’all: blue diamond is still grieving and wants to preserve pink diamond’s “possessions” (e.g., humans, the earth-made quartzes, and all the bubbled rose quartzes–actual LIVING BEINGS) out of sentimentality, so obviously garnet must have misrepresented blue diamond as an oppressive tyrant or lied about how cruel she is in “the answer”

…I cannot believe this is an actual idea floating out in this site and fandom.

1. who is Blue Diamond grieving for? hint: it’s not the billions of earthlings about to be destroyed–as far as she and Yellow Diamond know–by the cluster, the dozens of rose quartzes bubbled in retaliation for the Crystal Gem Rebellion, the desecrated, violated gems agonizingly forced together in the cluster experiments, the hundreds of both crystal and homeworld gems corrupted by the diamonds’ parting shot at the Crystal Gems at the end of the rebellion, or any of the hundreds or thousands of gems and humans destroyed or brutalized during, prior, or after the war for Earth. no. it’s Pink Diamond, another diamond. 

2. whose live even has the privilege to be considered “grievable?” the earthlings slated to be annihilated by the cluster? the generations of dispossessed humans, literally animalized, infantilized, and objectified in the human zoo until they forgot their cultures and homes? Ruby, who would have been murdered by Blue Diamond for fusing with Sapphire and would have accepted this willingly because she was made to believe that her own life didn’t matter? the gems forced together to create the cluster? the countless gems and humans who died in the war? no. only Pink Diamond’s life, and it’s only Pink Diamond’s so-called former “ownership” of the human zoo and the Earth–and, by extension, all the gems made and indigenous lifeforms living there–that motivates Blue Diamond to “preserve” them out of grief and sentimentality.


yes, even tyrants and dictators like the diamonds are multifaceted beings with the potential for love and grief. but guess what? their potential for SELECTIVE love and grief does not absolve them of the atrocities they’ve committed and continue to commit. in fact, Blue’s and Yellow’s capacity for (selective!) love and grief is all the more damning; in other words, it’s not that they’re incapable of them, but that they simply Do Not Care to put any effort into caring for other beings but themselves, diamonds. and when that disregard for others intersects with their absolute power over gemkind, it adds up to a whole lot of accountability for the atrocities they’ve committed and the kind of empire/society they preside over.

Blue Diamond demonstrably does not care about any of the beings she “preserves.” Garnet’s memory of Blue Diamond’s cruelty is just as true as Blue’s grief over Pink Diamond. she threatened to shatter Ruby in “The Answer”; she only chooses to preserve Greg–BY KIDNAPPING HIM AGAINST HIS WILL–because she’s surprised to find out that he too has the capacity for grief but, moreover, for EMPATHY, which she lacks but finds appealing in others because, obviously, it allows them to relate to her and her feelings and make her feel better; when she sees Sapphire in “That Will Be All,” she becomes cold, dangerous, and threatening again until Sapphire makes up an excuse and reminds Blue of her grief.

yet between Blue Diamond’s cruelty and capacity for love and grief the most significant is her cruelty, and it’s precisely because of the effect her cruelty has had on beings like Garnet, who she had nearly absolute power and control over. BLUE DIAMOND–AND YELLOW DIAMOND, AND PINK DIAMOND–HURT(S) PEOPLE, CONSTANTLY. the diamonds’ insular intimacy, love, and care for one another do not redeem them; it just makes their tyranny, oppression, and disregard for all other life all the more unforgivable.

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What about the eye abominations of so-called 'new changelings'? Also, I'm working on my own take of your awesome bug queen

What on earth?? I guess I’ll be watching whatever the fuck these sparkly bastards are this summer….

Aside from the hardened forewings I don’t think I’d draw them too different from that concept I did of Queen Chrysalis. The eyes are definitely compound eyes with pseudopupils, not sure how to make eyelids work with that setup though… Their… uh….. wing tails?? Are weird as heck… do they just not fold their wings properly under the casing? Is it actually coming out of their butt? I’m not sure how to portray that in a way that isn’t dumb…

Heathen Army Modern AU Prompt

So here’s my take on modern AU Ivar. I know this is terrible, please forgive me sisters.


„Ivar? Are you here?“ You yelled as you rushed through the back door. Ivar looked up from the papers he’d been studying and raised an eyebrow at your panicked voice.

“You have to leave. Now. They are coming for you.”

He looked at you blankly. “What are you talking about? Who is coming?”

“The feds. They say you shot a cop.” You were almost sobbing now. “Is that true, Ivar?”

His face didn’t show any emotions at all. “How do you know?”

“Ubbe called. He couldn’t reach you so he called me. They’ve been at his place asking about you.” You tried hard to fight back your tears but lost the battle. “Is it true, Ivar?”

You could see his jaw clench as he looked away from you. So it was true. The realization hit you like a fist into the guts and you felt your heart sink. Although you had always known that being with Ivar was a dangerous game, you had pushed away the thought that something like this would happen eventually. You had started dating him back in High School. He had always been the bad boy and you had always been helplessly drawn to that. His father was the leader of the gang that basically ruled the town you had grown up in and that had made him something close to royalty. He was the prince and you had loved being his princess. Everyone in town knew and threated you with respect. You knew that his family wasn’t exactly running a legal business but Ivar had always kept you out of it. Things had gotten more messy after Ivar’s father had died and Ivar had taken over the crown. You had risen from princess to queen and with the title came the responsibilities and difficulties. You were supposed to be the strong woman by his side, keeping his secrets, lying to the cops, giving him alibies when he needed them and also taking care of the other gang members. You thought that until now you had done a good job as the gang had become something like an extended family to you, but this here was more than you felt you could take.

“What happened?” You asked in a small voice, not sure if you really wanted to hear the answer.

Ivar kept looking out of the window for a long moment before he turned to face you. “Do you want me to tell you the truth? The whole story?”

You shook your head. “Maybe, but not now. You can tell me when we are a couple hundred miles away from here.” You grabbed his hand and tried to pull him up, but he did not move. “We have to go. They could be here any minute.”

“I cannot leave. We are getting a delivery tomorrow.”

You stared at him in disbelief. “Have you not heard what I said? The feds are coming to arrest you. I’m not going to visit you in prison for the next twenty years because of a fucking gun delivery.”

His face darkened and you could see anger glowing in his eyes. “I can’t go. Who will ever follow me again when I run away like a coward at the smallest problems?”

“No one will ever follow you again when you are imprisoned for the rest of your life.” You shouted, voice full of despair.

A dark smile appeared on his face and he produced a gun from the waistband of his trousers. “I’m not going to make it easy for them to arrest me.”

You stared at him in shock. Was he completely mad now? “Ivar, you killed a cop. They will happily take every opportunity to shoot you. Please don’t do this! They will kill you.”

Ivar looked into your eyes. The half-mad smile still hadn’t fully left his features. “Let them try.”

A wave of desperation rolled over you and you knelt down next to him and placed both your hands on his forearm. You felt tears run down your cheeks as you looked up to him. “Please come with me. Let us go away. We can start over somewhere else.”

He placed his hands on both sides of your face and pulled you closer to him. As he kissed you deeply and lovingly you forgot everything else for a moment. But that small peaceful moment turned into pure horror when you realized he was kissing you goodbye.

When he pulled away he leaned his forehead against yours. “You know I can’t leave. But you should. There’s money in the safe in my house. If things go wrong here, take it. It should be enough for you to start a new life somewhere far away from here.”

You couldn’t stop the sobs that were escaping your throat. “I can’t leave you.”

Ivar pushed you away from him so that he could look into your eyes. “This is really not the time to argue, woman.” He let go of you. “GO!”

You knew you wouldn’t be able make him change his mind. Still sobbing you got to your feet. “Please don’t get yourself killed. Come back to me, Ivar, please.”

You could see the torment on his face as he nodded. He knew as well as you did that the odds weren’t on his side in this one.

Your knees felt weak and you weren’t sure for how much longer they would carry you, so you left the place and somehow managed to get into your car. You were maybe a mile down the road as four dark cars passed you, blue and red lights flashing. New sobs shook your body as you prayed to the gods that they would watch over Ivar.

Wyatt Logan: Part Two

@idatheactivist sent me a message asking if my opinion of Wyatt has changed since I made this post.  And since this quickly got a little long, I made another post instead of flooding tumblr’s tiny messaging system.

Also, I think it is a good question. Because Wyatt did have some character development in the second half of the season. In 1.12, he was even the one concerned with protecting history when Lucy was distracted. I won’t ignore that. I will start by saying again, just one more time, I don’t dislike Wyatt. He’s just my least favorite, the most boring, and the irritating pinnacle of having his transgressions completely swept under the rug by canon and fandom.

But I’ll put the rest under a cut.

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Moving Out, Falling Down, & Speaking Up

New OneShot
Hinny, Ronsy, Dramione

Hermione rolled her eyes. “We all know how you two get when you drink together,” she said.

“How do we get, Hermione?” Ginny chuckled.

Hermione blushed. “You  know  what I mean!” she said indignantly. “You both get…  handsy with one another.”

Ginny snorted a laugh. “Potter!” she called out. “You are not to get handsy with me today, do you hear? No funny stuff.”

Harry gave her a mock salute. “I promise to consider your request. Just know that when I inevitably decide not to listen, I will feel terrible for it.”

“You will not,” Hermione sighed again.

Harry turned to look at her and gave her an exasperated look. “Well, no, of course I won’t feel bad, Hermione, but I’m trying to lie to my wife. A little support please?”

[FFN] [AO3]

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My boyfriend (well ex now I guess) just broke up with me because he found out I am bisexual. We were only dating for like two days, but I feel so fucking terrible right now and I don't know what to do. Am I a bad person for being Bi? I feel like such a shitty person now.

let’s clear this this up really quickly: if anyone makes you feel like this because of your sexuality, then you are to remove them from your life immediately. this little fuckboy out here acting like he’s shit but he’s just a little pussy don’t even let him fuck with your head like that boo. you’re perfect how you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re sucking dick or munching box. be yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t.

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i fucked up big time again. i haven't had energy all day, i skipped school cause i couldnt get up, and my best friend in america(i'm in europe) he texted me "morning" but i didnt answer, then he texted "???" later in the day and i said "sorry" to him. and he just answered "oh." back and havent said anything else for five hours now and i literally dont have energy to bother talking to him and it makes me hate myself so much bc i know i'm being an asshole and a terrible friend but i literally cant

Just tell him what you feel. I know it’s sometimes so hard to get the energy up to do anything at all but he’s your friend and he can help you to feel better. Just tell him you aren’t feeling that well. I don’t want to sound like a parent because I skipped school too but skipping school won’t get you far in life. Even if you feel like shit try to go there. I still remember that one day when I almost passed out on my way to school because I’ve been crying all night long. I had school from 8am until 7pm. I was so done but friends kinda helped me. School can distract you a little bit from the mess in your head. Stay strong honey 

Another shikatema problem..

Yes I know….I am terrible person for not worshiping this pairing, like 97% of the fandom does… 
Its not a bad couple ((I like this couple)), It just SP is doing a shit job writing the pairing…. 

What is my problem this time??
Temari being too bitchy..  

Like yeah she isnt one of those “take shit mums” but I feel like she would be strict in a cool/chillax way..
Not scary/dramatic Ino/Sakura..  

Mmmm I dont know how to explain it, I guess I can re write that scene where temari was a total bitch and Shikadai was complaining about metal lee and how he isnt a good ninja…  
Instead of temari being a psycho, why couldnt she go like.. 

Temari: Well since you feel so superior, why doesn’t the man with the amazing skills set make dinner for tonight…*walks out to grab a apron*

Shikadai: *sigh such a drag crap*

Shikamaru: Mmmm troublesome… but you heard your mum..*about to take a drink from his bottle, temari comes in with apron and takes the drink from shikamaru, throwing the apron at shikadai*

Temari: Shikadai, you need to stop sleeping in class, and wake up!..   Now if you dont mind, I am going to relax in the tub till dinner is ready. “Walks off drinking the bottle*  

((And after dinner, while sulking outside and thinking about what temari meant by sleeping in class and the unfair treatment, shikamaru goes outside to explain why he got in trouble, and how metal lee/lee and blah blach))

I feel like it should of been more like that!…..((not exactly but similar)) 
Temari is not like Ino/Sakura, so she shouldnt have gone off the handle bars like she did. .
I feel like she would work better as more of an intimidating but yet cool character… 
Also its becoming like the same thing with every couple. 

sakura: SCARY
karui: SCARY
hinata: …..Apparently scary… 

Cant we have that strict, but cool mum that doesnt need to be scary. I feel like Temari should do that >> 

p.s…………..STOP MAKING HINATA SCARY ((I know its irreverent, but god does that piss me off))

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You know she had multiple relationships before Dylan and she apparently broke it off with Dylan several times that her friends had to call her "immature" because of the way she acted? Like that's fucked up, the whole relationship is completely one sided and I feel so so sorry and heartbroken for Dylan because he shows so much love for her and all she does is manipulate and bitch and moan and it's nerve wrecking and idk it makes me cry honestly

I didn’t know that! She’s just a terrible, immature, selfish, horrible person. I think Dylan is almost too sweet for his own good sometimes because I kind of feel like he puts up with her because he doesn’t want to be the one to cause pain to anyone, if that makes sense. 

there;s no way tttou let u see im sorrr y although i really am SO i;;;m leavin it at this,,,, u don;t have TO reply OR do anythin with this aask, i;;m goin to leave u be now- ju st kn ow i know i;;m a TERRIBLE peurs onn thaot needs to die,, i;;m not loeokin for apologies from u AND i;m nnnot averse too bein called outtt or anythin u just said- i;;;m not,,,, but ie dont want to argue and cause drama anymoreu by sayin somethin thait will hurt u more,,, so i won;;;t…… i reaully am sorry…..

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Okay, I'm all new to this Britt Robertson hate thing. Does everybody not like her because she's a big mouth and a bad actress? I'm hearing multiple reasons to hate her. Then again, I haven't seen her act.

I mean, I can’t speak for everyone but I know I don’t like her because she’s a terrible actress and a terrible person. I’m sure there are a few people out there who probably don’t like her just bc she’s with Dylan but I think the majority of us seem to dislike her for more acceptable reasons than she’s dating Dylan lol.