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Legit love your blog, my life is literally complete. I missed something and it was definitely your blog! Can I request a smut with Min Yoongi like I don't care about what concept, I trust you and know you will make it hella good like all your other writings. Damn I don't know what to say just that holy shit girl this blog is everything!


Please enjoy! 

Type: All kinds of nonsense (mostly smut) low key supernatural 

Member: Yoongi X Agust D and Y/N

Summary: The word Doppelganger is German and literally means double walker-as in a ghost or shadow 


All of us live with a demon inside …. Some days you control the demon…. And other days it controls you…

               Agust clasped his hands together the bitter cold nipped at his cheeks … he walked with a purpose …. the fall leaves had begun to change in color… swirls of maroon and yellow littered the streets and crunched beneath his feet… Agust was deep in thought as he continued to walk in spite of the bitter cold he felt warm … his cheeks heated and his heart skipped a beat as thoughts of Y/N danced through his mind… he could faintly smell her lilac shampoo…Agust ached to hold her close and feel her body quiver under his… he could feel the denim of his jeans straining against his growing erection as he continued to weave his way through the familiar street… it was a good 30 minutes before he saw another soul… the boy was small and looked to be lost … “Excuse me! Can you tell me where the closest ATM is?” he called out to Agust…  “Um sure, he agreed walking towards the boy… Agust heard the thud of his body collapsing from under him before he registered the sting of the needle that was jabbed into his left shoulder… he had been clean for four years now so his tolerance gave him a few seconds of clarity before the Euphoria set in… he could hear the boy calling someone over and then two pairs of arms pull him to his feet… he tried to call for help but his S.O.S sounded like a slurred jumble of words even to his own ears…. The last thought that crossed his mind before he completely lost consciousness was of her…. “Y/N“ he slurred…. Before the darkness swallowed him whole….


Name: Agust D

DOB: March 9, 1993 (23), Daegu Town

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Black

Height: 5′ 9″

Blood Type: O                        

Family: Unknown

Relationship Status: In a domestic relationship with Y/N, Y/L/N



                                                     What the hell kind of name is August? Yoongi asked as he continued to pour over the information on his desk, memorizing every fact about his new life, he looked through the pictures and saw a pair of curious eyes staring back at him… “What is she like?” he asked …” She’s okay” Jimin shrugged …. Yoongi ignored the younger boy’s comment… Guess he would have to see for himself just how “okay” she really was. There were two pictures of Y/N each taken with an extended lens…but despite the grainy quality Yoongi could see that she was very attractive, her skin was glowing and her hair was silky… her features were soft and she had large doe eyes… his cheeks felt flushed and his heart was racing…He shook it off and continued to snoop…there were pictures of the pair laughing, walking and kissing… Yoongi could feel the bile rise in his throat… “What can she possibly see in him?”  he asked himself, there was nothing particular about him, just an orphaned boy with no education and some street cred… Yoongi couldn’t relate to that, his parents had always showered him with gifts and affection and his street cred came with the last name … the Mins were the most powerful cartel in the city of Seoul and with Yoongi at the head of it all they would become the most powerful cartel in all of South Korea… But he wasn’t going to risk his life on this suicide mission… Mins are smart and they can afford to have someone else do the dirty work while they reap the reward…” Jimin, when can we meet our new guest?” Yoongi asked…his eyes still trained on the picture of Agust and Y/N …” He should be waking up right about now” Jimin said, the satisfied sneer adorning his handsome face reflected on Yoongi’s own… “Good” he replied … stepping towards Jimin and placing a chaste kiss on his forehead…. Jimin giggled and Yoongi lead them both towards the stock room…He was unable to wipe the wide grin off of his face…. his plan could actually work, he thought to himself… “Now I have to warn you, this guy can pack a punch and he’s a major dick” Jimin said as he unlocked the door” … “Maybe I should take notes” Yoongi quipped ….

                                                     Agust woke with a start… of course that might be because of the ice water he was drenched in…  Where the hell am I?  he asked himself … looking around the room, his head was pounding and he was tied to a chair… the room was dark and it smelled like moth balls…“Good, you’re up” …someone’s here! … Agust remained stoic and pulled on his restraints… the rope dug into his skin… fueling his rage… he was livid Y/N was waiting for him, he had to get home …. “I’m going to give you two fucking seconds to untie me before I do it myself and kick your ass” he muttered … “Ah! he speaks” Yoongi replied… stepping out from under the darkness and directly in front of Agust… who was squinting in an attempt to focusing on the man standing before him… When his eyes finally adjusted Agust was speechless… “Am I high?” he asked out loud… “Possibly, that dose we gave you was enough to knock out a horse” Yoongi replied… “What the fuck is going on?” Agust muttered …” Well it’s simple, Agust is it?” Yoongi asked feigning disinterest…. “Agust?!” Y/N called out to him as shook him awake… “Agust wake up you’re having a nightmare” she called out once more… Agust was tossing and turning his feet kicking the sheets off of himself … “Agust!” she called once more before he finally opened his eyes… the blonde woke with a start his hair stuck to his forehead and his hands balled to fists… he looked disoriented and pale… “What! Where am I!? Y/N!” he yelled…. “I’m here” she cooed softly… he pulled her close… pulling her towards him onto the mattress… “Don’t go” he begged… “I’m not going anywhere baby, but you have to go to work in a few hours” she replied…. “I know” he whispered… there was a comfortable silence before Y/N spoke “Are you ever going to tell me what those nightmares are about?” she asked…. “I can never remember” he confessed…. “Well how about I go and make you some tea so you can go back to sleep?” Y/N asked… Agust nodded and she placed a chaste kiss onto his lips before getting up and walking towards the kitchen …

                                                     He rubbed his eyes in frustration… What awful thing could I possibly dream of? He asked himself… his uneasiness taking a toll on his mood… he rose to his feet ,the cold hardwood floor cooling the soles of his bare feet as he padded towards the kitchen… Y/N stood at the counter preparing the tea… her hair hanging loose down her back in contrast to her teal scrubs which hugged her curves perfectly instantly caught Agust’s attention…. he could feel his cock harden at the sight of her… his eyes clouding over as he took  a tentative step towards her… Y/N turned at the sound of him but stopped dead in her tracks… Agust looked different …he was watching her with hooded eyes like a hunter closing in on his prey… “Come here darling” Agust said to Y/N , she didn’t hesitate… she ignored the steaming tea on the counter and allowed Agust to pull her closer… his touch was a balm to her and she wished for nothing more than this… Agust’s lips on hers silenced all of her questions… his lips were plush and petal soft as always and his tongue licked her bottom lip begging to be let in… she shamelessly let a sigh spring from her chest at the feel of his hands tracing her curves….the ache between her legs making her bold… Y/N’s hands traced along his slender frame pulling the thin shirt up his abdomen and  peeling it off… Agust’s cock was at full attention… her closeness clouded his mind and the heat from her body against his felt so good… he traced along every curve and dip undressing her slowly and committing every inch of her soft skin to memory… “Y/N” he whined when she pulled on his belt… her small hands prodding and grazing his erection… 

Agust tried to take his time but the blood in his veins felt thick with lust and his heart beat erratically with adoration and love… his palms rested on her bum squeezing and kneading the flesh before picking her up and walking her towards the queen sized mattress in the other room…  Y/N’s fingers tangled in his hair and her legs wrapped around Agust’s waist… she could feel his hardness through his cotton boxers and she bit on his bottom lip tugging at the flesh eliciting a throaty moan from his throat… she kissed him deeply and grinded her pelvis into his own…her own hunger taking over… as soon as her feet touched the ground she walked Agust towards the mattress… The mischief in her eyes made Agust’s cock twitch…. He complied and let her straddle his thighs… she slid his boxers down and scooted closer… Agust offered his hands for support guiding her frame centimeters away from his throbbing member… She wrapped a hand around him and glided the tip of his member along her wetness before aligning him with her entrance and sliding her tightness onto him…they let out a guttural moan in unison…  Y/N wasted no time lifting herself up only to slam back onto him… Agust moaned and she whined the pleasure spiking throughout her body… their hands laced together as she did this once, twice, three times… 

Agust watched her in awe… her perky breasts and silky hair bouncing to the rhythm of her hips as she continued to ride him… he sat up his chest flush against hers and kissed her deeply before flipping them around so that she was now under him… his teeth nipped along her jawline and onto her collarbones leaving purple blossoms in their wake… Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist once more and held him in place … her hands threaded in his hair and Agust moaned… his tongue claimed her mouth and his cheeks flushed beat red at the noises he was making… Y/N could feel the coil in her lower body starting to wear thin as Agust continued to snap his hips into her at an erratic pace… her mouth was agape and her breath was shallow… Agust continued to thrust into her his erection growing harder with every thrust… his lips attached themselves to her perk buds twisting them between his teeth before running his tongue along the areola… Y/N moaned and quivered beneath him… she was close…. she could feel her body winding tight and begging for release… Agust knew this …. And used his slender digit to draw patterns and shapes onto her engorged clit…. Y/N felt her body teeter over the edge… her vision went white and she clung to him for sanity… his name falling from her lips like a mantra…. Agust continued to drill into her in search of his own release… Y/N bit his shoulder in a feeble attempt to hold in her screams of pleasure… Agust increased his pace his member twitching before his seed spilled into her heat…  he gave a few lazier pumps before collapsing on top of her body… Y/N laid still her chest heaving and her body sticky with sweat… Agust still seated inside her ….his head resting on her chest… Y/N pressed a kiss to the top of his head… Agust peeked up at her and placed a chaste kiss to her lips before pulling out of her and pulling her to his side… “That was better for me than any tea” he said

                                                     Yoongi watched the two lovers as they slept…the sight of their naked bodies intertwined made the bile rise in his throat…. His eyes focused on Y/N her hair was spilled across the pillow like a dark silky sea and her eyelids fluttered as she dreamed…he naively hoped she dreamed of him…  his cheeks flushed as he took in her naked body…her breasts were full and her legs were spread… stuck to her like a leech was Agust… his milky skin that so closely resembled his own was wrapped around Y/N like a snake… Yoongi could have any women he wanted … but that wasn’t enough… he wanted her… he wanted to feel her tightness and touch her silky hair…. His lips ached to kiss her and his cock twitched at the thought of claiming her…. “Who’s there!” Agust called out in the darkness… he could just barely make out Yoongi’s slender figure pressed against the wall…. He couldn’t be dreaming… this was too real…

A/N As you can see this escalated hella quick… please let me know if you like and would like to some day see a part 2… okie?! <333333