i know there's only 4 but whatever

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1, 30, 31, 32

1. fave jojo? i like josuke! he’s cute and sweet and is a perfect good boy who also starts house fires

30. rank the jojo main villains: starting from number one: daddy dio, kars, kira, the pink italian gemini, whatever the fuck the others are. i think i mentioned it before, but i jump around parts so i dont really know the plots of the later parts other than sailor 4 balls exists and there’s cowboys at some point

31. rank the jojo parts: starting from number one: part 4, parts 1+3, parts 2+5, and then the others. part 4 is the only concrete spot, its my fave and the others move around at times.

32. rank the jojo stands: theres A LOT of stands so i’ll just rank the stardust crusaders ones! starting from number one: silver chariot, star platinum, watermelon stripes, magician’s red, hermit purple. silver chariot belongs to my boyfriend so he’s automatically the best #facts…………………………………………………..after writing all this i realized that this wanted me to rank the actual stands that belong to the jojos………………………….rip……….anyways star platinum is the best jojo stand jot that down!!!

thank u for sending these!!!



Fanart in the form of embarrassing merchandise. Mostly prints, mugs, and iPhone/iPod cases.

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Die-cut, waterproof vinyl stickers! You automatically get a 50% discount when you buy 6 or more in one go, and psst they don’t have to all be from my shop.

(I’m aware that the pictures are horribly blurry and desaturated when you click to zoom, that’s because Redbubble treats them like t-shirts. Everything I upload for print is 3” x 4” and in 300 dpi, so the zoomed out image on the preview page should be closest to what you’ll get in terms of colour, saturation, and size. Only in better quality.)

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Aw that's so sweet they accommodated your walker. Were you relegated to a different section for the elderly? If Caroline flack ever decides to go will you warn her of the age restrictions. I think she's only 4 years younger than you. Yeah she's Harry's ex girlfriend but I mean once you're over 30 there's no point in living. Like he's a grown ass man. He can fuck anyone of any age he pleases. And older ladies have pleased him in the past. Whatever!!!

Yeah, I got earplugs and some Depends.  So ya know…all in all it was a win win for me.  

She and I have old lady meet and greets where we knit and talk about the olden days so she’s well aware of the age restrictions at 1D concerts.