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i am one of the 28 black widow agents with the Red Room. training is hard, but the glory of the soviet supremacy, and the warmth of my parents…. all my parents…. makes up for… you’ll have to excuse me… //natalia alianovna romanova//black widow//

Basic Information; Aoife Bedivere

Full Name: Aoife Bedivere (ee-fa bed-uh-veer)
None! (unless we’re including all of the fun ways myself and other muns like to butcher/spell her name ha ha ha….)
Midlander | Hyur
31st Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Dark ash brown fading into a lighter brown. The light brown slowly consumes her natural hair color with every aether outburst she has.
120 lbs
Main Job:
White Mage
Off-hand Job(s):
Dragoon/Monk. Aoife would never set out with anything but her staff, but she has picked up tricks and self defense skills from her mother, Rozlyn (dragoon) and older brother, Callum (monk) because she knows she can’t always rely on having the advantage of range in battle. In close combat, she’ll resort to using her staff as an improvised spear/polearm/etc, or if stripped of that, Callum has taught her enough to fend for herself. Aoife is of course not nearly as skilled in those areas as she is a white mage and could probably not hold out for as long.
Aoife likes to consider herself a fairly decent chef! She learned everything she knows from her father, who is a well known culinarian in Limsa. Very few things make her happier than cooking for friends, family or even strangers. She may often times be seen giving meals she prepared to those who are less fortunate, especially close to Starlight.

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I don’t think straight people will understand what the LGBT+ community goes through when these crimes happen to us.
Once you hurt one of us you hurt all of us. I don’t know any of these people whom were in Pulse or effected by the crimes or any other crimes that is targeted on LGBT+ community but I can’t sleep at night, I cry myself to sleep because I hate these people who have hurt us for being who we are. People have constantly told me to be myself and yet if I do then I’ll become a target…? It’s hard enough to come out with the knowledge that your parents and family will reject you but it’s worse to know that because I’m being me I’m more likely to be hurt because my sexual orientation isn’t straight. I’m not effecting or hurting anyone in the public and yet we are still targeted…?
It hurts because we have never harmed anyone… At every rally or pride parade we don’t show aggression? And yet we are still targeted and have to hide ourselves away for our own safety.
Being gay isn’t a crime and yet I feel like a criminal.

seachtain na gaeilge ar tumblr

alright, so as all of you probably know, Seachtain na Gaeilge is from the 1st to the 17th of March. the whole point is, no matter what your knowledge or level of Irish is, to make an effort to use whatever little bit you can, in any way you can. 

as was drilled into many of us through around 14 years of ranganna Gaeilge, beatha teanga í a labhairt, lads. if we don’t make an effort to speak, use, and preserve the language, it’s going to die, and that’s something i certainly don’t want, and i know many of you feel the same. 

social media can be an extremely powerful tool for the sharing, learning, and preservation of languages. if a language becomes something you use in a fun way, to communicate with friends, rather than something you were forced to learn for the Leaving, it becomes something people cherish and value. 

so that’s why i think that those of us on tumblr who have any command of Irish at all, whether it’s fluency or being able to yell póg mo thóin, should make a point of getting involved in SnaG this year. 

 most of you are probably familiar with “speak your own language day” here, and I think we should have a similar day (or week, or the full fortnight if you wish!), but focused on Irish, to show off our beautiful language, and show that Irish shouldn’t be confined to the classroom, it’s something you can make the choice to use in your everyday life. 

if you’re interested in the idea, and want to set up a day for something like that, a like or reblog would be really appreciated so i know, or else my ask is open to any suggestions or improvements. 

come on lads, let’s show the tumblr community that the Irish language is as alive, relevant, and useful as any other! 

go raibh míle as bhur gcuid ama, agus tá súil agam go thaispeáinfidh sibh bhur dtacaíocht. 

ok so i since they announced that there is going to be a new gem many people think its going to be a fusion and while i dont really think its going to be it did get me thinking about fusion so i was looking some up and then i saw that theory about how the temple being a giant statue of all the gems fused.

for a while i thought this was ture but then i started thinking and i realized that it was probably made during the war and amethyst wasn’t in the war in fact shes just 6000 years old so this way before her time. then i took a closer look at the temple and i noticed that the gem were amethyst gem would be looks nothing like hers

in fact it actually looks alot like pearls gem 

so did rose , pearl and garnet know another pearl in the past. i mean its not impossible. theres that theory that pearls were just mass made androids so maybe.

but hey maybe this is dumb but i thought it was worth mentioning.

i apologize for any spelling mistakes or if some parts didnt make sens