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I’ve had the question pop up a couple times asking how I colour, unfortunately I only have the process of a 2012 piece D: I still pretty much use this process now so it still applies lol. Apologies for the copious amount of spelling/grammatical mistakes <: B

Sidenote: check out skoptsy<3 she is the queen of values<3 *A * and needs all zee love <3


i am one of the 28 black widow agents with the Red Room. training is hard, but the glory of the soviet supremacy, and the warmth of my parents…. all my parents…. makes up for… you’ll have to excuse me… //natalia alianovna romanova//black widow//

people who speak in english on this site even though it’s not your native language:

you are amazing. the fact that you know and can read and write this fuck-up of a language, even though it may not even be in your native fucking alphabet, is badass as hell and you’re utterly rad. i mean some of you have taken what little they told you in school and expanded your knowledge, and some of your have taught yourself english through watching tv shows and movies and reading books and iT’S SO IMPRESSIVE THAT YOU’VE DONE THAT

so what if you sometimes make a few mistakes in spelling or grammar or word choice?? anyone on this site who’s worth talking to will know how completely hardcore you are for being able to communicate at the level you’re at, and i challenge anyone who laughs at you or thinks you’re stupid for making a mistake to learn an entire language like you have

tl;dr – you are incredible and we think you’re diddly-darn cool

seachtain na gaeilge ar tumblr

alright, so as all of you probably know, Seachtain na Gaeilge is from the 1st to the 17th of March. the whole point is, no matter what your knowledge or level of Irish is, to make an effort to use whatever little bit you can, in any way you can. 

as was drilled into many of us through around 14 years of ranganna Gaeilge, beatha teanga í a labhairt, lads. if we don’t make an effort to speak, use, and preserve the language, it’s going to die, and that’s something i certainly don’t want, and i know many of you feel the same. 

social media can be an extremely powerful tool for the sharing, learning, and preservation of languages. if a language becomes something you use in a fun way, to communicate with friends, rather than something you were forced to learn for the Leaving, it becomes something people cherish and value. 

so that’s why i think that those of us on tumblr who have any command of Irish at all, whether it’s fluency or being able to yell póg mo thóin, should make a point of getting involved in SnaG this year. 

 most of you are probably familiar with “speak your own language day” here, and I think we should have a similar day (or week, or the full fortnight if you wish!), but focused on Irish, to show off our beautiful language, and show that Irish shouldn’t be confined to the classroom, it’s something you can make the choice to use in your everyday life. 

if you’re interested in the idea, and want to set up a day for something like that, a like or reblog would be really appreciated so i know, or else my ask is open to any suggestions or improvements. 

come on lads, let’s show the tumblr community that the Irish language is as alive, relevant, and useful as any other! 

go raibh míle as bhur gcuid ama, agus tá súil agam go thaispeáinfidh sibh bhur dtacaíocht. 

Submission by birddad

oh my god so many aus, its like ive found my fuckin drift partner, i’m known in my friend groups as the au powerhouse and its embarrassing?? do you ever get that??

anyways let me hit you with this: the post thats going around about the soulmate au being what you draw on your skin showing up on your soulmates? and theres the real cute early-life stuff like fingerpainting bitty as a kid covering himself in a motley of bright colours, jack bored in class with his chicken scratch handwriting on his arms,

but shit goes down when jack ends up in hospital and rehab. not much gets on his skin besides stuff like nurses writing on his arms (they do that sometimes im just spacing and cant think of an example lol), and like, when he gets his IV out and theres a drop of blood trickling down his elbow, he watches it, transfixed, before smearing it across his pale skin. 

but through the entire time bitty has been doing stuff like writing notes for himself on his arm, shopping lists, and some days all jack could do was repeat these lists in his head, admiring the cramped but neat handwriting that appears on himself? he Doesn’t Think About Soulmates, he just. likes having a constant amidst the chaos

meanwhile bitty has been slowly getting nervous about it all because who wouldnt? (surely in this culture where its The Norm, people would b more casual about writing on themselves, do it more often, yknow?) and while jack hasnt really ever been a Writer, he would do enough that bittle was still satisfied that he was around, y'know?

so theres essentially radio silence from jack, and then there’s this bright red streak, smeared across his arm and he cant scrub it off and he knows that’s not paint or ink or anything like that he knows and he cant lose the one constant through his life, not like this

eventually the skin stuff from jack falls back into a muted regularity, small things, hockey plays, notes to himself, just casual things to kind of, pay back the favour? he knows its a Big Deal to not have the Writing anymore, that aspect of popular culture wasnt lost on him, and he feels a weird sense of obligation to pay back the stranger who has kept him company through his lonely stay at rehab

time skip to when bitty is at samwell and ?? somehow jack never manages to see bittys handwriting and vice versa, they still write little things now and again, but in more hidden places? the older you get the more secretive ppl get of it i suppose? idk. whenever something new appears on jack he covers it with long sleeves. he doesnt like people seeing what shows up on him, he wants it to be for his eyes only.

so they never see the writing on one another, but one day theyre going shopping for baking supplies, (and jack still has the habit of memorising the ingredient lists that appear on his skin, its an old habit that calms him like nothing else) and somehow jack doesnt realise that theyre buying the exact things on the list, until theyre heading to checkout and jack is like, “bittle, didnt you forget the cinnamon sticks?” and bitty is like!! *pulls up sleeve, checks wrist* “thank you jack! you were right!!”

and it fucking hits him like a freight train. the writing is bittle. how could he have not realised?? how is he supposed to bring this up?? whats the protocol here?

and he notices that bitty has this unconscious nervous tic, he traces down his arm, elbow to wrist, with a broad stroke in the middle. he knows that motion, its one of the clearest moments in the weeks after the overdose. he didnt realise that it transferred? fuck

hoo boy anyways i didnt mean to fill your inbox with this, i’m real sorry that its not capitalised and that theres massive paragraphs and everything, sorry if theres any spelling mistakes!! its almost 2am and i had to get this out

feel free to add or change or fix up any dorky ooc stuff lmao

cheers on the awesome blog!!! :-)

anonymous asked:

the lyrics also say "someone to write break-up songs about" and that clearly screams haylor

is that how everyone is taking that line??? i totally didnt take it like that…

someone to write break up songs about is someone WORTHY of writing break up songs about… someone who you love so much that when you break up you will put pen to paper and write a long song ballad about… someone whose love is so perfect for you that if you were to break up thats all you could think about, was losing the perfect love, so you write songs about it..  not someone who you’ve already ‘broken up’ with…

like, the way dan wrote that sentence makes it sound like harry is saying hes the one those break up songs were written about… but dan only put “ “ around the lyrics  “someone to write break-up songs about” … which to me, leaves it ambiguous enough to mean that harry is talking about someone else, not harry being the one spoken about… otherwise dan would’ve included the rest of the lyrics, wouldnt he?

idk maybe it is all about haylor and it’s a total joke song that larry wrote together… but unless it was a final drag to taylor, just before they come out, so that she’ll have egg on a face when they do come out, im gonna wait to hear the rest of the lyrics (because who knows if these are legit) before i think about this further

whyliveonyourknees  asked:

So hey in today's GotG, there's a mistake and MJ says that Amara was close to curing 'autism' not 'alzheimers'. I wouldn't bring it up, but I get the feeling that's the sort of thing some people might give you flak for so you might want to get in front of it before it becomes a huge thing. Love your work, as always xxx

you are absolutely correct. i discovered this last night.

for those who have been reading iron man for the last couple of years know that, yes, Amara is close to curing ‘alzheimers’ this was some kind of spell check snafu. 

and i am sure it probably offended some. and for that, man, am i sorry.  total fuck up on our end.

ok so i since they announced that there is going to be a new gem many people think its going to be a fusion and while i dont really think its going to be it did get me thinking about fusion so i was looking some up and then i saw that theory about how the temple being a giant statue of all the gems fused.

for a while i thought this was ture but then i started thinking and i realized that it was probably made during the war and amethyst wasn’t in the war in fact shes just 6000 years old so this way before her time. then i took a closer look at the temple and i noticed that the gem were amethyst gem would be looks nothing like hers

in fact it actually looks alot like pearls gem 

so did rose , pearl and garnet know another pearl in the past. i mean its not impossible. theres that theory that pearls were just mass made androids so maybe.

but hey maybe this is dumb but i thought it was worth mentioning.

i apologize for any spelling mistakes or if some parts didnt make sens   

Now that I’m making changes, I take this occasion to let know about the existence of the cs names masterlist to the new members or not so new of this ship.

What’s the cs names masterlist?
It’s just a list of the captain swan shippers real names and the place where they’re living (or they come from). You can also check  who draws, who writes metas or fics, etc.

  1. If you’re a cs shipper and you’re not in the list, send me a message with the next:

    ·your name
    ·the place you live or you come from (if you’re from USA, tell me the state abbreviation or just avoid it)
    ·previous urls while you were active under the cs tag

    as you see, it’s not important to have special skills to be in our list.
    But, if you have some, read the next!

  2. If you’re a writer (meta and/or fics) and you have no symbol alongside your name, reblog this post and tell me what you write, if you’re frequent or not and add the links -super important!-
    Also, make sure you’re already in the list. If you’re not, follow the steps up there.

  3. If you’re an artist (drawings and paintings), reblog this post and add this symbol () Careful, make sure you’re already in the cs names list. If you want to, add your links.

  4. If you’re a video maker reblog this post and add this symbol (✖) If you want to, add your links.

  5. If you just want to say suggestions, just reblog this post. All proposals will be considered.

  6. Optional: spread the word. *adorable smile*


P.S: Yes, I’m thinking of adding the category for gif makers and graphic makers. I just don’t know how to do it at all. Help?

P.SS: We’re more than 700 lolol


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