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kisses all around

summary: Richie’s kissed all of the Losers at one point in time. Whether it be for a dare or figuring out his sexuality or because he’s dating one of them. Although, the Losers think Richie hasn’t kissed Eddie - it makes sense. They’re in a secret relationship. But, of course, Richie forgets that small detail. 
warnings: boys kissing, swearing.
pairings: reddie (richie/eddie) with a side of stenbrough (stan/bill), bichie (bill/richie) & platonic beverie (richie/beverly).
a/n: Honestly, I hope you guys like this bc idk what I’m doing tbh. I’m basically winging this. Also I’ve never done a boyxboy fic so bare with me, pals. Oh & sorry if any of them are out of character, I’m need to get used to writing their personalities. (also please give this some attention if you like it).

Richie Tozier liked boys and girls.

He figured that out when he had to kiss Stan Uris in a game of spin the bottle at a party during their freshman year in high school. Of course, he was very much confused afterwards and went up to Beverly Marsh the weekend she decided to visit Derry, Maine. After smoking a cigarette or two with the redhead, he asked to kiss her. Although, Beverly wanted a reason why. She pushed and prodded at Richie until she got the answer.

He was just confused, simple as that.  She agreed right then and there, and proudly kissed Richie.  But somehow that made him even more confused, because what the fuck, I like both? Beverly came out to Richie then to make him feel better.  She liked both, too. Over the years they started talking about cute boys and girls together whenever they could.

A year later during their sophomore year, Richie was a proud bisexual but only out to a few people: Stan, Beverly, and somehow Mike Hanlon figured it out. Richie exactly wasn’t sure how, but he did. During their fall break, the Losers were playing a game of truth or dare at the Quarry. Bev had once again visited Derry, Maine, and they were all extremely happy.  It wasn’t the same without their redheaded girl.

The game was fun - it was there when Richie was dared to kiss Ben. He simply laughed and walked up to the boy. He grabbed Ben’s face and planted one right on his lips before walking away. The Losers who didn’t know of Richie’s sexuality didn’t really think anything of it. It was Richie, why would they?

A year down the road, in their junior year, the trashmouth ended up getting drunk at a party with Bill Denbrough and they made out in a closet until Ben found them. Ben just stared at them for a moment before walking away; though, Ben questioned them both the next day when they were all hungover, but sober. Neither boy talked about it much, surprisingly. They had tried dating but eventually figured out they worked better as best friends than anything. (Kind of because Richie liked someone else who was shorter than him, feisty, and a hypochondriac; and Bill liked a curly headed Jewish boy).

The day when Richie kissed Mike was a completely blank of mind and mostly an accident. It was out excitement.  Mike had gotten Richie a vinyl of his favorite band at the moment for his birthday, and Richie got so happy that he just smashed his lips on Mike’s before continuing his excited shouting. Mike wasn’t grossed out, though. He didn’t mind it; he had to reassure Richie that a couple days later when the glasses wearing boy realized what had happened.

Now, onto Eddie Kaspbrak. Richie Tozier first kissed the smaller boy not too soon after he and Bill tried to do the dating thing. Richie had gotten so fed up with pining after Eddie that on Valentine’s Day, he kissed him in an empty hallway, blurted that he had feelings for him, and walked off. But, then, Eddie ran to him and pulled the taller boy down by the collar of his shirt.  Eddie quickly kissed Richie, again, and stated that he liked him back.

That was a full year ago. Maybe a few days added. Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak have been dating an entire year, completely unknown to the other five Losers.  Well, mostly.  Bev had her suspicions and Bill caught on pretty quickly. The others just chimed it up to be Richie and Eddie hanging out or being the weirdos they are every once in a while.

That is, until Ben brought up Richie having kissed everyone. They were stuck inside Bill’s living room because of the pouring rain outside.  An abandoned game of Go Fish sat on the coffee table and another forgotten game of Monopoly sat near the TV. Bill was sat beside Stan on the two seated couch; Bev sat on the arm of the recliner where Ben sat; Mike was sprawled out on the couch while Richie was by the wall; Eddie had disappeared to grab a snack from the kitchen.

“So, Richie, you’ve kissed almost all of us. Why haven’t you kissed Eddie yet?” He asked, genuinely curious. Bill rolled his eyes, obviously knowing the truth, and Bev covered her growing smile and laughter.

Richie scoffed and leaned against the wall, crossing his arms.  “Well, fuck, Benny Boy, why the hell wouldn’t I kiss Eds? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything,” he sarcastically retaliated.  But he quickly realized his mistake and his half closed eyes widened behind the glasses, which caused his eyes to look even bigger.

“You and Eddie are dating?” Ben asked.

Eddie, who was walking in from the kitchen, dropped the family sized Doritos bag and stared equally wide-eyed at their group of friends. They were all staring back. Except Bev, she was trying not to laugh. And Bill, he was grabbing a couple of dollars from Stan, who was actually glaring at them.

Richie!” Eddie yelled, voice high pitched as he turned to look at his now not so secret boyfriend.

Richie laughed, albeit nervously, and slung an arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “Obviously I’m joking, I haven’t kissed Eds ever! We’re not dating, why the fuck would-?”

“Cut it, Richie, you can’t fool us anymore,” Mike interrupted with a sly grin.

Eddie groaned and Richie rolled his eyes. Though, no one hated on them like Eddie thought would happen. It was why they kept it a secret. Richie didn’t want to push him into coming out and so he went along with keeping the relationship on the down low. At seeing none of them with disgusted expressions, Richie just grinned at Eddie. Eddie flipped his boyfriend off as he picked up the bag of chips.

“For outing us, I’m not kissing you for a whole day.”


Everyone laugh at Richie’s response. Eddie smirked and sat down by Mike’s feet on the couch. Richie grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms again as he leaned against the wall.

“Oh, cheer up, Richie,” Beverly laughed, “An entire day won’t be that bad.”

“Yeah, yeah. Fuck off, Marsh.”

a/n: okAY I hope you guys liked this, I thought of it half asleep this morning & decided “fuck it, I’m writing this” so here ya go, pals!! sorry for any spelling mistakes btw, I’ll fix it up later.

Ok y'all here we go

I’ve written a hundred posts about this and deleted them all because they were all snarky and angry. I’m not trying to be snarky and angry right now. 

I hate idendity politics, but if it you’ll make you guys listen, i’ll throw my players in the mix. I’m not white, I’m from a third world country, I have a cocktail of mental illnesses, I’m queer, I’m pretty sure I have everyone here beat by a mile in the oppression olympics.

The reason I’m constantly speaking out against discourse on tumblr is not because I disagree with the end goal. Of course not, I’m actually a pretty leftist person, but I’ve been on this website for a while and I’ve seen what it does to you. It’s actively harmful, not just to the cause but to everyone involved. 

For the brief period I bought into tumblr’s ideology, my mental health went down the drane. I was so hopeless and suicidal. It was so dark. It’s actually why I left bandom, because it was drowning in discourse and i couldn’t do this anymore. I see this happening again and i’m not gonna stay silent. 

I’m not gonna dog pille on someone over a stupid edit. I’m not gonna yell at a teenager on the internet when everyone who works with design or photography uses brightening devices. Because in the end that’s how all of this looks to me, attacking the weaker because you can’t reach the big dogs in this fight. 

That’s how most of the extreme discourse on this website goes, politics as an excuse for bullying, and I’m not down with that. I care more about human beigns than fictional characters or internet pictures and that is not gonna change, so you guys can take it or leave it (in fact, feel free to leave it, block me or unfollow me, do your thing.) 

For those of you who decide to stay, this a reminder that this space is open to everyone as long as you’re respectful (and not, actually kkk or a neonazi or something, but that goes without saying) and i hope we can have civil arguments about the stuff we disagree on. 

Supernatural Preference- Why It’s Obvious They Like You

Gadreel gets way more pissy than usual when people are talking about you and that’s how it’s obvious he likes you.
“I mean that y/n that hangs around with the Winchesters should be easy enough to intimidate, I’ve never seen a human so weak.” Metatron says to Gadreel
“Shut up.” Gadreel growls at him. 

Kevin gets really distracted and makes mistakes in his research, that’s how it’s obvious that he likes you.
“Kevin the spell you’ve written here is wrong.” Sam says to him confused.
“Huh? Oh sorry about that.” He says pulling himself out of his daydream.
“Wow Kevin getting something wrong? I guess theres a first time for everything.” Dean said as he came into the room.

Michael starts to leave heaven a lot more and that’s how it becomes obvious that he likes you.
“I’ll protect you y/n.” He says to himself as he watches you and makes sure you’re safe. He knows he shouldn’t be away from heaven this much but he can’t help it, he needs to make sure you’re safe. 

Dean lets you drive Baby and that is one thing that makes it extremely obvious that he likes you.
“Wait y/n’s driving again?” Sam asks as you all walk up to the car.
“Yes they are.” Dean says nonchalantly and earns a look from Sam.
“Get in the car.” He tells sam as he avoids the look Sam just gave him.  


I’ve had the question pop up a couple times asking how I colour, unfortunately I only have the process of a 2012 piece D: I still pretty much use this process now so it still applies lol. Apologies for the copious amount of spelling/grammatical mistakes <: B

Sidenote: check out skoptsy<3 she is the queen of values<3 *A * and needs all zee love <3

Time Will Explain

apparently i write fanfiction now? lol its my first fic ever pls go easy
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Summary: In the year 2020, Liam Payne, sits down for an exclusive interview with Ellen on The Ellen Show, to promote One Direction’s reunion album and to reveal a secret about his personal life.

He bounced on his feet, rubbing his palms together, trying to settle his nerves. This was the most difficult part before any interview but he was looking forward to this one. And there was a special reason why.

A frazzled looking technician edged forward from the curtain and gave him a jerky nod, trepidation and awe in his eyes. That was his cue; with a skip, he moved forward through the curtain and a door and out into the blinding studio lights. A deafening applause was the only thing that filled his ears, followed by a shrill cacophony of screams of ‘Liam!’ and ‘We love you’.

Still humbled by the positive response of his fans, he made his way to the couch and met Ellen with a warm hug and a hello. After a lot of waving and grinning at the audience, he sat down on the white couch, screams and shouts still echoing in the studio. Ellen only continued grinning at him and looking back and forth at the audience, laughing slightly at their response.

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i am one of the 28 black widow agents with the Red Room. training is hard, but the glory of the soviet supremacy, and the warmth of my parents…. all my parents…. makes up for… you’ll have to excuse me… //natalia alianovna romanova//black widow//

There is a typo on Awakening’s Fire Emblem

I was going through the Awakening artbook and saw the cipher for the ancient text:

since people already translated the Falchion text, I decided to translate the Fire Emblem itself. This was the best picture I could find online that I could make out most of the text:

Its all just basic descriptors of the orbs “White Frame Orb Holy Light” and “Black Frame Orb Dark Knight” but then…

Oops.  Naga forgot the “E” on “Frame” in “Blue Frame Orb Starry Heavens”

Now its worth noting that theres a few different models of the Fire Emblem both in-game and in promotional material, so its possible that this mistake isnt in all of them, but this is at least the Fire Emblem on the title screen, so enjoy knowing that everytime you boot upAwakening and get to the title screen, theres a spelling mistake hidden right behind the waterline.

I guess Naga was right: she isnt a god after all.

[ I’ve been thinking about Mic’s fighting style and new headcanons were born.

Though his tactic is to mainly focus on the usage of his quirk, he is capable of close combat too. He definitely isn’t on the same level as heroes whose speciality it is, but what he can do is usually enough to at least protect himself from potentially fatal hits.

He knows that his neck area is a place he needs to protect at all cost so he wanted to learn some kind of self defense. If he for a reason or another wouldn’t be able to use his quirk to keep enemies at bay, he’d have at least something he could do.

Though he knows the basics, it’s not likely he’d use them unless his life is threatened and there simply isn’t anything else he can do in order to keep himself safe.

Simply put, he is much better at defending and avoiding hits than pulling off a successful physical attack and is very, very hesitant to use his physical abilities unless he really needs to. ]

people who speak in english on this site even though it’s not your native language:

you are amazing. the fact that you know and can read and write this fuck-up of a language, even though it may not even be in your native fucking alphabet, is badass as hell and you’re utterly rad. i mean some of you have taken what little they told you in school and expanded your knowledge, and some of your have taught yourself english through watching tv shows and movies and reading books and iT’S SO IMPRESSIVE THAT YOU’VE DONE THAT

so what if you sometimes make a few mistakes in spelling or grammar or word choice?? anyone on this site who’s worth talking to will know how completely hardcore you are for being able to communicate at the level you’re at, and i challenge anyone who laughs at you or thinks you’re stupid for making a mistake to learn an entire language like you have

tl;dr – you are incredible and we think you’re diddly-darn cool

ok so i since they announced that there is going to be a new gem many people think its going to be a fusion and while i dont really think its going to be it did get me thinking about fusion so i was looking some up and then i saw that theory about how the temple being a giant statue of all the gems fused.

for a while i thought this was ture but then i started thinking and i realized that it was probably made during the war and amethyst wasn’t in the war in fact shes just 6000 years old so this way before her time. then i took a closer look at the temple and i noticed that the gem were amethyst gem would be looks nothing like hers

in fact it actually looks alot like pearls gem 

so did rose , pearl and garnet know another pearl in the past. i mean its not impossible. theres that theory that pearls were just mass made androids so maybe.

but hey maybe this is dumb but i thought it was worth mentioning.

i apologize for any spelling mistakes or if some parts didnt make sens   

Submission by birddad

oh my god so many aus, its like ive found my fuckin drift partner, i’m known in my friend groups as the au powerhouse and its embarrassing?? do you ever get that??

anyways let me hit you with this: the post thats going around about the soulmate au being what you draw on your skin showing up on your soulmates? and theres the real cute early-life stuff like fingerpainting bitty as a kid covering himself in a motley of bright colours, jack bored in class with his chicken scratch handwriting on his arms,

but shit goes down when jack ends up in hospital and rehab. not much gets on his skin besides stuff like nurses writing on his arms (they do that sometimes im just spacing and cant think of an example lol), and like, when he gets his IV out and theres a drop of blood trickling down his elbow, he watches it, transfixed, before smearing it across his pale skin. 

but through the entire time bitty has been doing stuff like writing notes for himself on his arm, shopping lists, and some days all jack could do was repeat these lists in his head, admiring the cramped but neat handwriting that appears on himself? he Doesn’t Think About Soulmates, he just. likes having a constant amidst the chaos

meanwhile bitty has been slowly getting nervous about it all because who wouldnt? (surely in this culture where its The Norm, people would b more casual about writing on themselves, do it more often, yknow?) and while jack hasnt really ever been a Writer, he would do enough that bittle was still satisfied that he was around, y'know?

so theres essentially radio silence from jack, and then there’s this bright red streak, smeared across his arm and he cant scrub it off and he knows that’s not paint or ink or anything like that he knows and he cant lose the one constant through his life, not like this

eventually the skin stuff from jack falls back into a muted regularity, small things, hockey plays, notes to himself, just casual things to kind of, pay back the favour? he knows its a Big Deal to not have the Writing anymore, that aspect of popular culture wasnt lost on him, and he feels a weird sense of obligation to pay back the stranger who has kept him company through his lonely stay at rehab

time skip to when bitty is at samwell and ?? somehow jack never manages to see bittys handwriting and vice versa, they still write little things now and again, but in more hidden places? the older you get the more secretive ppl get of it i suppose? idk. whenever something new appears on jack he covers it with long sleeves. he doesnt like people seeing what shows up on him, he wants it to be for his eyes only.

so they never see the writing on one another, but one day theyre going shopping for baking supplies, (and jack still has the habit of memorising the ingredient lists that appear on his skin, its an old habit that calms him like nothing else) and somehow jack doesnt realise that theyre buying the exact things on the list, until theyre heading to checkout and jack is like, “bittle, didnt you forget the cinnamon sticks?” and bitty is like!! *pulls up sleeve, checks wrist* “thank you jack! you were right!!”

and it fucking hits him like a freight train. the writing is bittle. how could he have not realised?? how is he supposed to bring this up?? whats the protocol here?

and he notices that bitty has this unconscious nervous tic, he traces down his arm, elbow to wrist, with a broad stroke in the middle. he knows that motion, its one of the clearest moments in the weeks after the overdose. he didnt realise that it transferred? fuck

hoo boy anyways i didnt mean to fill your inbox with this, i’m real sorry that its not capitalised and that theres massive paragraphs and everything, sorry if theres any spelling mistakes!! its almost 2am and i had to get this out

feel free to add or change or fix up any dorky ooc stuff lmao

cheers on the awesome blog!!! :-)

anonymous asked:

the lyrics also say "someone to write break-up songs about" and that clearly screams haylor

is that how everyone is taking that line??? i totally didnt take it like that…

someone to write break up songs about is someone WORTHY of writing break up songs about… someone who you love so much that when you break up you will put pen to paper and write a long song ballad about… someone whose love is so perfect for you that if you were to break up thats all you could think about, was losing the perfect love, so you write songs about it..  not someone who you’ve already ‘broken up’ with…

like, the way dan wrote that sentence makes it sound like harry is saying hes the one those break up songs were written about… but dan only put “ “ around the lyrics  “someone to write break-up songs about” … which to me, leaves it ambiguous enough to mean that harry is talking about someone else, not harry being the one spoken about… otherwise dan would’ve included the rest of the lyrics, wouldnt he?

idk maybe it is all about haylor and it’s a total joke song that larry wrote together… but unless it was a final drag to taylor, just before they come out, so that she’ll have egg on a face when they do come out, im gonna wait to hear the rest of the lyrics (because who knows if these are legit) before i think about this further

whyliveonyourknees  asked:

So hey in today's GotG, there's a mistake and MJ says that Amara was close to curing 'autism' not 'alzheimers'. I wouldn't bring it up, but I get the feeling that's the sort of thing some people might give you flak for so you might want to get in front of it before it becomes a huge thing. Love your work, as always xxx

you are absolutely correct. i discovered this last night.

for those who have been reading iron man for the last couple of years know that, yes, Amara is close to curing ‘alzheimers’ this was some kind of spell check snafu. 

and i am sure it probably offended some. and for that, man, am i sorry.  total fuck up on our end.