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can you do The Fallout 4 companions reacting to ss just mindlessly cuddling up to them in their sleep?

HELLO I’m back in business! The past week I’ve been really really sick, it was bad. I’m a bit more functional now though! I’ve gotten even more backed up on asks so, anyone sending some in, please bare with me and be patient. 

Cait: As soon as Sole touched her at, she instinctively jerked away from them. Once Cait realized it was just Sole, she checked to make sure she didn’t wake them up. She settled back down and Sole went right back to cuddling up to her. She was a little irritated by their breathing right in her face but she decided to put up with it anyway. 

Curie: Curie was asleep but woke up immediately when she felt Sole wrapping their arm around her. She gave a small gasp before asking if they were awake; they didn’t answer. Curie smiled to herself, she thought it was kinda cute that they were that comfortable with her. She tried not to move for the rest of the night. 

Codsworth: Even if he did sleep, he probably wouldn’t be very comfortable to cuddle up to..

Danse: Danse couldn’t fall asleep, he just didn’t feel safe enough to. Just as he was about to get up, Sole cuddled up to him. He didn’t know what to do. For awhile, he weighed his options: move away from them and risk waking them up, or stay there and let them be so close to him. He ultimately decided to take the risk and get up, he wanted to be on watch. Danse was very careful not to wake up Sole. 

Deacon: Sole aggressively hugged him in their sleep, and Deacon was so surprised he nearly chocked on his own saliva. He looked over to them and laughed. In a hushed voice he said, “I wish I had a camera.” When they woke up the next day, he told them aaallll about how they were all over him in their sleep. 

Dogmeat: Dogmeat loves being close to Sole always!!

Gage: “Boss, you awake?” Gage whispered to Sole after they had moved uncomfortably close to him. He didn’t get a reply so he assumed they were still asleep. After a little while of thinking of what to do, he sighed. quietly. He figured they had more on their plate than he did, so he decided he could put up with a little cuddling. 

Hancock: Just as he was about to fall asleep, Sole - who was already fast asleep - rolled over and drew Hancock in close. He was startled, but after a moment he realized they were still unconscious. He smiled at the thought of what they could be dreaming about. Hancock decided to not move much, they looked comfortable and he’d hate to ruin that. 

MacCready: MacCready was a little nervous to be sleeping so close to Sole, but it was cold and they needed each other’s warmth. When Sole wrapped their arm around him, he froze. He wasn’t entirely sure of whether or not they were awake, and he was too scared to ask, so he just kind of, laid there. In his mind he kept telling himself they were so close because it was so cold. That HAD to be the reason why. 

Nick: After patrolling the area for awhile, he plopped down next to sleeping Sole. Nick doesn’t sleep, so usually he just stays up and keeps watch. As soon as he sat next to them, Sole moved closer to him. Nick chuckled to himself while looking at them. He stayed there for the rest of the night, they deserved the rest. 

Piper: “Blue?!” Piper was startled by Sole suddenly cuddling up to her. She waited for a reply but didn’t get one. Awhile had gone by before she moved a bit, when she did, Sole stirred in their sleep. In fear of waking them up, she stopped moving altogether. She kind of wished she wasn’t in this situation; she wanted to change positions. Sole looked like they were having a good dream and she’d hate to ruin that. In the end she decided to not move and let them cuddle up to her as much as they wanted to. 

Preston: When Sole moved their body closer to Preston’s, his body was stiff. He didn’t know if he should move away from them or not. Once they put their arm around him though, he knew he couldn’t move. He didn’t entirely mind being his General’s body pillow. He fell asleep a lot quicker than he thought he would. 

Strong: N o. 

X6-88: X6 wasn’t entirely comfortable being so close to Sole. He let them cuddle up to him for a long while before moving away from them. He knew they were in deep enough sleep that they wouldn’t wake up. 

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"When was the last time I said I love you?" With Henry pls??

Although it is merely five in the evening, when Henry unlocked the front door to your flat he was met with complete and utter silence. With your missing of his last two phone calls, he knew this could mean only one thing: you were asleep. Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed when he found you curled up on his side of the bed sound asleep.

Kal is pressed against your upper back, the Akita’s chin nuzzled and resting along your neck. It has become the dogs favorite position the past two months. Although resistant at first, Kal had found himself attached to you as of late. I guess that’s what happens when you have to share your owner with someone else. Or perhaps it was that you let him sleep on the bed when Henry is away.

Henry stops to stroke the Akita’s fur, paying a good amount of attention to the spot behind Kal’s ear, before stopping to press a kiss against your cheek.

He had planned on treating you to a home cooked meal, but something told him it might be one of those nights where you awoke long enough to raid the fridge before falling back asleep.

Henry stripped down to his boxers and a white t-shirt before stopping to use the bathroom. It was as he was washing his hands that he noticed it. He quickly dried his hands before picking up the pregnancy test placed on the sink.


Henry was smart enough to know that, but that did not stop the question of “is this real?” from popping into his mind. Neither of you had mentioned plans of getting pregnant. Sure you’d hoped to be parents, but with Henry rarely being home the past few months the idea seemed to be better left for the far future. However, it is not like either of you had bothered practicing any protective measures either.

Reaching up to comb his fingers through his hair, Henry glanced back into the bedroom where you still slept. He found himself wondering how long the test had been left for him to find. He knew you would never share the news over the phone.

He cuts off the light, stopping to carefully lay the stick on the bedside table before climbing in bed alongside you. Kal trudged from the bed as Henry managed to slip his arm around your waist. His intentions had been to move your body closer to his without waking you, but as soon as his touch registered your body stirred.

“…Welcome home…”

You lifted your chin, in your sleep driven haze, in an attempt to place a kiss against his lips. When your lips missed their intended target, instead brushing along the curve of his chin, a soft smile spread across your boyfriend’s lips.

Henry let his fingers lift your chin, his lips giving you what you wanted. As soon as his lips left yours you nuzzled your face against his chest, listening to the soft thump of his heart.

“When was the last time I said I love you?” He sighed as his grip tightened around you.

Your brow furrowed as his fingers lightly passed along your temple before slipping into your disheveled hair.

“Mmm…this morning?” You guess. For a brief second you think your mind might actually be strong enough, in this moment, to ponder his question. “…why?”

Henry can already feel the shift in your breathing pattern, the slackening of your fingers around the fabric of his t-shirt letting him know you were already falling back to sleep.

“I just want you to know I love you more than anything,” he mumbled against your scalp.


I just saw BMC at the exit 82 theatre. I’m gonna try to seriously summarize but I dunno

Okay. Let’s go by song

More than survive:


Also it was pretty much like the bootleg if you saw that. It was superrrrr dope. (Omg I’m gonna use this word too much) plus everyone SCREAMED when they saw Michael. Also the boyf riends vibes when Jeremy was singing about Christine while Michael was there were very high key👌. I loved it.

I love play rehearsal:


She was so adorable and I swear her wardrobe was all from Justice. She stopped in the middle of the song and started making weird noises. Meeeeee. Like the bootleg too

The squip song:

Only okay and not amazing thing about the whole show: Richs ITS FRON JAAPAAN. ya know? But otherwise It’s amazing and fantastic!!

Two-player game:


Michael is again adorable. I absolutely love him way too much. He is an angel. During this song HE DABBED. Yes DABBED. IT WAS FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

Be more chill part 1

Dope. It was great. I loved it. The squip was sooo good. He was probably the best actor. When Jeremy took the squip was amazing.

Do you want a ride?

Was good. It was kinda awkward with Chloe and Brooke all over Jeremy. But the pink berry part was awesome( I should put this in its own section but I don’t care)

Be more chill part 2

Was super good. I love it.

A guy that I’d kinda be into


Jeremy got super excited and I really felt bad for him. CHRISTINE AND HIM DANCED FOR A LITTLE TOGETHER AND HONESTLY IT WAS SO CUTE.


I cried. I’ll say that. I cried for my man, my main man Michael was super sad and stuff. I cried for him. I loved the squip. Also Christine and Jake were kinda ADORABLE. Also this was the last song before the intermissions n so I was like crying throughout that.



OMG so good. It was probably one of the best songs. It reminded me a lot of Big Fun from Heather’s. It was so good. I was so happy

Do you want to hang?

Was so good for the worst song on the album. It was hilarious and the dialogue was so good. Jake got super mad. And crashed through a window

Michael in the bathroom

The Michael protection squad’s anthem. It so really good. I thought I was gonna be disappointed but it was AMAZING AND I LIVE WHOEVER PLAYED MICHAEL. HE WAS AN ANGEL. But my heart? It hurt? I have feelings still?

The smartphone hour

The best. There were some of the male actors with crappy wigs on dancing with the girls and it was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. I was AMAZING.

The pitiful children

AWESOME. ya know those like light up on the soul shoe? Yea everyone was wearing them and marching and it was so cool.

The play

MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE!! He ran through the crowd and everyone screamed at him. It was amazing and Jake on his crunches and having both his legs broken was hilarious. Michael and Jeremy were like laying on top of each other when Jake poured the red Mountain Dew. And it was AFORABLE cuz Michael had his arm around Jeremy and it was cute cuz he was being protective of his boy.

Voices in my head

The diagolue before this was the best cuz you meet un-squip PRD Rich and he kept screaming I AM SO BI and I was like meeeeee. Plus he flirted with Michael. And Jeremy and his dad were talking about Christine and Michael looked super jealous. He song was great too.

The bows were amazing.

The way Jeremy (whoever played him, I’m in my car and it’s dark so I would put his real name in but I can’t read the playbill thingy) walked on to the stage was meee. He literally shuffled/ waddled or whatever. WE ALL SHOULD UP BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS FABULOUS. Plus the actor for Michael took a selfie at the end. According to my brother, Jake was dabbing. (He called him Dave. It was hilarious 😂)

I am so grateful for getting to see this show plus being there the same day as George Salazar. I’m so happy right now. Thank you to the whole team. You were amazing.

I know nobody’s gonna see this but I needed to get it out.

More mth trash. Very very lazy night time lights background cuz meh. Her skirt ended up kinda weird but whatever. And once again, Tumblr ruins photo quality…

I know sbj writes the girls and boys as they were animated (no fingers or toes, etc), but I always see them in my head as more like realistic humans. When I try to imagine them like in the cartoons, I always see them as their teen selves in the “Clipsville” episode, and I can’t take it seriously or get into it 😩


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can you give me some examples of pine being an intelligent guy? it just really gets me going that he is like that sometimes lmao

Oh man, there’s a plethora of examples to choose from here! I personally find his intellect quite obvious; he’s very self-deprecating and funny, which is a sign of intelligence in my book, and overall just has some insightful and (for want of a better word) deep stuff to say about a number of topics. Some ‘evidence’:

There’s heaps more though. Just read, watch, or listen to any decent interview with him, and you’ll notice. Some particular favourites that spring to mind are his Off Camera conversation with Sam Jones, the way he turns a derogatory, stupid question into a really interesting point about our culture’s obsession with tropes and romance:

…. and how super pleased he is about being the Mr. Wonder Woman with 0 powers, and how basically women > men:

And finally, let’s hear it from Zachary Quinto:

“I remember feeling, as I got to know Chris more, so impressed by his intelligence, which isn’t always the case with such a traditional leading man,” Quinto said. “I remember being pleasantly, not surprised, but …”

“You thought I was just a dumb blond,” Pine interrupted. “Actually, I have many more Spockian qualities than I do Kirkian qualities. We were two peas in a pod,” he said of Quinto, “in that we think about things way more than we should. We analyze.”

Astro as things my friend Justin has said/texted to me
  • Jinjin: I have many talents, including being the sexiest man alive.
  • MJ: I will pelt u to death with raisins tomorrow
  • Eunwoo: I can't accept responsibility for anything bad. It is always your fault somehow
  • Moonbin: I just found a roll of Girl Scout cookies living in my backpack!!!!! It's a Christmas merical!
  • *mericale
  • Rocky: U were having an interesting conversation on the stair weren't u. I hear more than u realize
  • Sanha: did you know that if you put a raisin in grape juice it will become a grape again
using each hero's ult
  • genji: if you have under 1k hp you're fucking dead motherfucker. and even then your life hangs by a motherfucking shoestring do not fuck with me
  • mccree: please don't kill me i want potg
  • pharah: oh you thought you were winning? cute
  • reaper: all of you disgust me and i want to win
  • soldier 76: i'm here to help my team
  • tracer: i hope this kills you
  • bastion: i want potg but i'm also kinda lazy
  • hanzo: get off the objective motherfucker
  • junkrat: I LIVE FOR DEATH
  • mei: i'm gonna look so cute in your killcam
  • torbjorn: i have literally never played even a second of torbjorn so i don't know what to put here except torbjorn sucks and fuck turrets
  • widowmaker: i don't want to be here right now, but i'm helping
  • d.va: just try capping/defending now, dipshits :)
  • reinhardt: whacking your soon-to-be corpse around with a hammer fuels me and gives me joy
  • roadhog: time for you to die even more than you were before
  • winston: haha try killing me now motherfuckers
  • zarya: suffer you weak, weak worms
  • ana: i relish destruction. make me proud, boosted teammate.
  • lucio: all y'all need to stop dying right now
  • mercy: all y'all need to stop FUCKING GODDAMN FUCKING DYING RIGHT NOW I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD i hate this team
  • symmetra: use this. USE this you fucks. please.
  • zenyatta: the enemy ulted now it's time for us to show them what a waste it was hahahaha

More pictures of Voltage’s Booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2014

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/convention/2014/tokyo-game-show/.78942

… But decent success? Voltage is way more than that. Proof?: YouTube subscribers and Tumblr fandom.

I guess stalking checking an anime news website everyday is a good habit, considering if there’s also occasional Voltage news on it… :P

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LBR, #2 will probs overtake SHINee soon. I'm tired of lazy fans sigh, & many probs don't know to vote. I know many fans are working hard, but the rest aren't. I know we should encourage instead of angry at each other, but obviously the encouraging-each-other tactic doesn't work so I'm left holding in my frustration trying not to knock some sense into shawols. WE are the reason Shinee always thinks they're not good enough. Anyway when #2 overtakes, we should try not to let the gap become too wide

i’m sorry, but i completely disagree with you. the fans aren’t being lazy - if they were being lazy shinee never would have gotten to the top of the voting in the first place. k-shawols are leading the voting for the smas and they’re smart with it: they know voting for the gdas and smas matters more than voting for the mamas which is why they decided to shrug that off rather than stress over it. second place is rising, more than likely, because of how big that specific fandom is. the fact that the jyj law recently passed and members of jyj will be able to appear on public broadcasts again is probably another reason why the voting is rising: they want to see junsu on air winning an award for the first time in years and i can’t blame them for that. this doesn’t mean that shawols are lazy and it definitely doesn’t mean that “we’re” the reason why shinee thinks they’re not “good enough”. shinee has emphasized time and time again that fans are what keep them happy, and if anyone’s the “reason” why shinee feels that way it’s their company. so, as said, i completely disagree. 

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Hey I was curious if rumors about the mods of this blog were true? It's being said that the people modding this blog are incredibly opposed to sexual!cecilos headcanons, to the point of threatening violence (maybe jokingly, I have only heard rumor) about it. To tell the truth, I don't want to follow anyone that is viciously against /any/ headcanon (other than white cecil. i'm cool bashing white cecil) so I would appreciate knowing...

We are not against sexual headcanons.

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