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hey, guys!!

so i’m applying for this really cool job opportunity, but part of the requirements is having 500+ followers on personal social media profiles. tumblr has done so well for me, but i need help on the instagram/twitter side. 

i could use a ton of help! my personal instagram is @heyrhianne and my personal twitter is @heyrhianne. if you want to just follow my studygram, it’s @studyrhianne. :D i don’t post much on twitter but i might have to start! 

edit: oh, i guess i should mention that i’ll be following back! i should’ve said that already lol.

if you guys can help me out in any way (even just boosting this post), i would be so grateful! this job sounds like an awesome opportunity and i know i can do it. i just need to hit these requirements first!


By popular vote the next topic for the Babygate in Pictures masterpost series is going to be about theories why bg is happening in the first place.

I collected some stuff already, but if you could link me some posts/asks that explain the situation, or some theories extreme or non-extreme, I would be grateful :)

I have to include the Simon vs the boys, and I know @quietasides collected a ton of gifs, so that part is covered, I think,  but the links for theories about babygate are the most welcome.



I know I need to stop commenting on posts that suggest there is no LGBTQIAP YA but also it is the laziest fucking complaint in the world and harmfully inaccurate besides. Could we use a ton more? Hell yes. Is there already a lot, especially of LGB? Yuuuuup. And if you don’t know that, you could’ve found it out in less than the time it took to make your whiny lying post.

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Hey I just want to let you know that you are fucking amazing with how much writing you do, and how you will write a prompt that you already got just to get to everyone. There's a word for people who write so much good stuff so consistently. Prolific. You do so much and you deserve a ton of credit for it. So thank you, on behalf of the fluffy G/t community.

Ahhh shush you’re too kind! (◡‿◡✿)

Honestly it’s my absolute pleasure to write for the people who send me prompts and for the community in general, it brings me so much joy to write and without so many people sending me ideas and just being here to see my daft ramblings i dont know where i’d be!

Not to mention i’ve had so many days where just the incentive to get on this blog and hear all the things that have been sent my way has got me out of a depressive slump or writers block- It should be me doing the thanking really!

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I don't have Kakao or LINE but I might make an ID cause this sounds fun!

Yes you should!! I’m not on as much as I should be (terrible admin and a terrible texter im like the worst person imsorry) but everyone else seems to be having tons of fun!! Something I’ve noticed is that there’s more people on Kakao than LINE but go ahead choose which you’d like more^^

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I am actually excited (and hoping ) for your DamnRa reactions and post TAGS hahahahahha :))

I actually haven’t seen it. 😅 I’m about to watch it and I’ve seen a tons of gifs already and I’m already bald. 👴😭 I actually alarmed my phone last night so I can watch the v app broadcast and the performance afterwards but my phone’s volume was set on low so yeap I slept throughout 😑😑😑


mojoflower replied to your postRegarding AMNESIA

You and me both, girl. I wrote WHAT????

thescienceofobsession replied to your post : Regarding AMNESIA

Relationship tags are not trigger warnings - you don’t get to whine about them! Grrrr. But yes - ha! - I feel you in the memory darlin’

Thank you, my lovelies! LOL, that was exactly what I thought: Really?? I wrote what?? Seriously though, that fic has got a TON of tags already. I really don’t know what else people would expect me to add there to make it even more cringe-worthy:

Johnlock - Freeform


Unresolved Sexual Tension

Medieval Medicine




captivity issues





First Meetings



hawking and falconry


Unequal relationship





Anal Sex


mention of torture devices

some cruelty to experimental animals


Non-Consensual Voyeurism

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

dom-sub and consent issues typical of bodice rippers

alternate universe- Medieval/Renaissance



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are they referring to Tarasque? because like… he’s… not.. an.. OC…??? oh Lord

LOL!!! Exactly!! Though I am really curious as to why people thought he was somebody else!

i…..don’t even know what to say about the concert it was the best night of my life jb loves the gays aka me and we just…..had such a good time oh my god i already posted a ton on twitter so i’ll write something longer here tomorrow and post some pictures or videos but i funking love got7 and imm so happy right now

//So I’m back on here today & re-reading things before I do some replies.

I might post up a starter call since I have a ton of new followers & I know they may be too shy to talk to me. We’ll see…

A reminder to all that I did add in two new verses before my ‘holiday’ so if you’re a new follower or you just fancy a new thread (which I’m always up for even if we have ten going already), message me to plot.

Also I wanna remind youse that if we have been threading awhile I’m up for adding you to my relationships page (friends, enemies, whatever); I started doing this with some peeps before my break who’ve been with me awhile. 

Consider this as me saying if you’re a shy lil’ muffin who wants to ship our characters in any way, this is your chance to open a discussion about it rather than sitting there waiting for me to ‘pop the question’ ‘cuz honestly I don’t do the coy thing & my spidey-senses tell me that some peeps are waiting for me to realize it (even if I do, I mightn’t approach you ‘cuz I’d rather torment you in to doing it yourself).

In other news, life is 50/50 as always but what use is there in complaining? Rorschach has settled in with us & is getting to grips with his furry brother & sisters, I’ve been able to write offline after a dry spell, my relationship is trucking along, I’ve lost weight & my stomach’s shrunk a little, & with my new Inquisitor in DAI I’m currently trying to decide who to romance while I save the world (I love Cullen, Blackwall’s okay, Dorian’s my all-time favorite guy, but I wanna do somebody new).

I also randomly ran in to an old friend from my teenagehood the other day in the park & though it was as if we never lost contact (& she was high), I was a complete awkward twat ‘cuz one of the last times we talked before she vamoosed I had a wet dream about her.

Ah, young love xD


Okay so……
Sometime soon I’m going to post a picture
Of my torso area
I think it’s disgusting
But I’ll let you be the judge
I trust you guys
I know none of you guys in “real life”
So that’s my decision
If I get hate
It’s immediately coming down
I already have crippling depression
I don’t need tons of crap on top of it
That is all my friends

K so I know I’m posting a ton of shit and y'all probably never wanna hear from me bc I’m annoying but SERIOUSLY can all of you go and listen to Rafael’s Soundcloud? Like I’m sure all my Daveed fans have probably already done so buts he’s seriously talented so please go listen I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone it’s not my intentions but I have to say that while I appreciate and am grateful that people are trying to help i’m kinda getting frustrated that everytime I post about my hair I get 30 people trying to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing like I may not have finished cosmetology school but I do know a thing or two about hair, especially when it comes to my own hair and it’s just getting old getting tons of messages with unwarranted advice telling me stuff that I already know or like just plain bad advice like I’m not rlly looking for advice I just am complaining and I understand people may not have known I went to cosmetology school (for a while anyways) but still like no one even knows what I’m doing to my hair in the first place I’m just posting a tiny fragment and people are like “ALL YOUR HAIR IS GUNNA FALL OUT YOUR HAIR IS OVERPROCESSED LAY OFF THE BLEACH GIVE IT A REST USE TONER” and no one bothers to ask me what I actually did everyone just assumes they know everything so like thank you for trying to be helpful I appreciate it but like I know what I’m doing to my hair and you don’t, so….