i know there are people who don't think he's humble in interviews

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I know harry is a little busy bee and will be for a long long time but where do you think he'll live when he settles down and has children? I feel like it might be LA (boo👎🏻) but how cute would it be if he settled down and raised his kids near his hometown??

I don’t think it’ll be LA. I have a strong feeling that he’ll settle down in London, if not Cheshire. Considering how private and down-to-earth he is, I would imagine he would want his kids to be raised the same way. Also, I don’t see Anne or Gemma ever moving out of the UK, and I think he’ll want both of them to be incredibly involved in the lives of his children.

I was once listening to an interview on NPR with Jeff Daniels, who despite starring in movies over the years, continued to live in Michigan and raised his kids here (I say “here” because I live in Michigan), only flying to shooting locations when need be. He said, “My wife and I don’t know how to raise kids in Los Angeles. We know how to raise kids in Michigan, so that’s where we decided to have our family.”

I think Harry will have the same mentality, really. He won’t want his kids to grow up in LA. He’ll want his kids to have the childhood he had, with humble beginnings surrounded by family.