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NCT didn’t break their spines and knees for nothing…

guess whos back on their bulshit (its me)

“Usually I wouldn’t say this, but can you please just use your magic?”

“You were the one who suggested this, darling.”

“Yes, well, I was wrong.” Alec looked down at his once clean black t-shirt and jeans which were now covered in flour and the occasional splatter of marinara. “Obviously. So, can you please just magic this mess away and steal a pizza, or however it is you magic in ready-made food?”

“Alexander, I’m offended you would even think I don’t pay for the food I get.” Magnus smirked at Alec as he continued to assemble the misshapen pizza.

“Magnus. Come on,” Alec said, closing the distance between himself and his boyfriend so that the sides of their bodies were pressed together and he could sneak an arm around Magnus’ waist to pull him even closer.

“We’re almost done, love. If I magicked up a pizza now all of this would have been for nothing.” Magnus sprinkled another layer of mozzarella on the misshapen dough with an understated flourish that made Alec smile.

“All right. We can finish making it. But if it turns out disgusting will you at least let me order a pizza instead?”

“If the pizza we lovingly made together turns out unpalatable, then yes, I will magic a pizza in.” Alec shook his head at Magnus’ put-upon tone, his smile becoming wider with affection.

“Thank you, Magnus. I love you,” Alec said, leaning in to press a kiss to Magnus’ temple.

“I love you too, Alexander. Although, if you really loved me you would eat the pizza we made together even if it does end up being disgusting.”

“I would do anything for you Magnus. You know that.” Magnus turned away from the pizza for a moment to look into Alec’s eyes, his own eyes bright with love and a hint of disbelief hiding in their depths, still surprised by the loving words that so often passed Alec’s lips. He opened his mouth to reply, but before he could Alec interrupted him. “But asking me to eat disgusting pizza is too much.”

Magnus laughed, his head tilting back and his chest shuddering. Alec wondered at how Magnus laughing somehow made him more beautiful than he already was. His face lighting up as he smiled wide, glowing in such a way that Alec was mesmerised, never wanting to look away, content to live the rest of his life taking in Magnus’ features and watching different expressions play across his face. Alec swallowed hard, his heart beating faster when Magnus turned that ethereal smile his way and gazed at Alec with so much love and softness.

“I suppose it would be too much to ask. I’m sorry I even suggested it,” Magnus teased, wiping his hands with a dish towel before placing one delicately against Alec’s cheek, an action Alec invariably leaned into, his eyes fluttering shut for a moment of their own accord as they always did. Once he opened his eyes Magnus smiled gently before leaning in and pressing their lips together for a mere moment before leaning back, rubbing his thumb against Alec’s cheek.

“Now, will you help me put this definitely not disgusting pizza in the oven?”

“Yes. You know I will,” Alec said smiling and shaking his head minutely so as not to dislodge Magnus’ hand.

“Great,” Magnus said, punctuating the word by patting Alec’s cheek before pulling his hand away and turning back to focus on the pizza. “I am sure that it is going to turn out amazing.”

“So am I.” Alec shook his head fondly, unable to disagree with Magnus when he was smiling like that.

“I’m glad you’re seeing reason, Alexander.”

Alec huffed a laugh as he opened the oven so Magnus could slide the pizza in. He took one last sceptical look at it before closing the oven and releasing a deep breath. As Alec continued to stare at the closed oven doors, worrying about his near future inevitably full of him eating at best subpar pizza, Magnus entered his space,  placing his hands on Alec’s hips. Alec turned to look at Magnus happily; he took in the content smile on Magnus’ face and felt a matching one settle on his own.

“You know, that pizza won’t be done baking for at least eight minutes,” Magnus breathed, tugging Alec just that little bit closer.

“Hmm, really?” Alec’s gaze dropped to Magnus’ lips and his heart startled in his chest.

“Really,” Magnus replied, smirking as he watched Alec stare at his lips.

Alec hummed in response before breaching the space between them and kissing Magnus, catching Magnus’ bottom lip between his own. Magnus sighed into the kiss, bringing up one of his hands to the back of Alec’s neck, scratching at the short hairs there.

After what Alec believed to be much too little time, Magnus broke the kiss, pulling back far enough so he could properly look into Alec’s eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Alec breathed, unable to stop a soft smile from forming as he got lost in Magnus’ eyes and his entire body hummed with warmth and love.

[171019] Fan Accounts of DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Kanazawa

When Daesung sang WINGS today as extra encore he changed a phrase of the chorus that originally says “trust me more, trust me more” into “trust me more, just leave it to me”. He always tells us “leave your happiness to me” (= leave it to me to make you happy). (© mshinju)

Dna SHOW in Kanazawa today was sooo much fun! 💕 The crowd was great! Daesung sang an extra song for encore (WINGS) and the Kang Daesung calls were super loud 👍 he was so happy 😭 (© mshinju)

A fan asked if Daesung had a house in Japan, which prefecture he would live. Since the show today was in Ishikawa prefecture he said with an obvious lip-service face “Ishi…kawa… prefecture… obviously” but then he named things that he really liked about the place like fresh seafood (which is known to be really good in Kanazawa, the city today’s show was held in) & the fact that it was quite cold in Kanazawa (he loves the cold). When he asked what fruit is famous in Kanazawa and found out that it was grapes, he said it’s destiny 🤣👍 (© mshinju)

Q: What kind of event would you want to do with your fans in the future?

DS: Something I haven’t done before? I would really like to go on a trip with my fans. It doesn’t need to be any far away destination. I want to eat together and if you want to drink, you’re free to do so Then I’ll take pictures of you (while drunk) & will show them to you in the morning. “Good morninnng~~♪ *shows picture*” I always see you prettily dressed up with perfect make up, so I really wanna see your 7am faces. I want to know the level of your transformation skills. (© mshinju)

Daesung practiced the dance for A•ze•cho! with us today in Kanazawa, joking that if we couldn’t do it then he’d immediately stop singing and leave. It’s a quite easy to remember dance in the “oh oh oh” part of the chorus. They called it wakame dance in the newspapers 🤣✋👋 Apparently we did well enough when he performed a•ze•cho! right after because he gave thumbs up to the audience while singing 😁👍 (© mshinju)

Btw, today was the first time ever for Daesung to hold an event in Kanazawa (actually his first time ever visiting Kanazawa in general). The audience welcomed him very warmly & enthusiastically, clapping loudly to the rhythm of the opening music before the curtains were raised 👏 (© mshinju)

At the very end of the event Daesung said “I’ll work even harder to become someone who remains inside your heart. Please keep supporting me in the future! I’m already looking forward to the next time that I can see you. Let’s meet again!” (© mshinju)

Imagine this happening
  • *jughead bumping into Veronica in the hallway*
  • Jughead: snob!
  • Veronica: women hater!
  • Jughead: I don't hate all women! I only hate you!
  • Veronica: and why me?
  • Jughead: because lately you keep popping up inside my head! I keep thinking about you as if you were food or something! *mumbles underneath his breath* and I love food..