i know the the armor is bad

Good news: I finally cleaned the helmet!

Bad news: I ran out of white wine vinegar, so I couldn’t make it as clean as possible

Better news: I ordered some Brasso wadding as recommended by numerous armor polishing tutorials. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s like a special material used for polishing metals. This means my helmet is going to look drop-dead gorgeous when I use it.

I’ll keep you all posted. Until then, praise the sun!

Does Al realize how lucky he is that his dad happened to own a suit of armor?? In the moment, Ed picked the best item to bond his soul to based on what could make his life easiest. What if the armor hadn’t been there? Ed was bleeding out, he didn’t exactly have a lot of time to think about it. Like

“Hi. I’m Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist. I saved my brother’s life by binding his soul to this side of the portal.”

*gestures to a desk lamp*

*Al’s voice* “Yo.”


Doing some concepts for a few of Vox Machina’s weapons/items. Basically just doing the ones I’ll be needing for comic purposes. I’ll just update this post as I sketch the others. (Many thanks to @otdderamin for this post to reference Bad News and soon, Animus.)

Bad News - Overall I’m happy, though I know full well I tossed out some proper gun structure in favor of appearance and silhouette. I already have some tweaks, but they’re mostly just for my nitpicking.

Diplomacy - Used plate armor and some Izzet League aesthetic for inspiration (and prolly some Iron Man, b/c let’s be honest, yeah). Apparently it is stated sometime that there is a wire connecting Diplomacy to Cabal’s Ruin, though I think I want to design some sort of neck piece that the wire from that top core connects to that IS in contact with Cabal’s Ruin. Rather than, just, this wire that Percy duct taped to the inside of his cloak. (Though I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy the idea that he just electrocutes himself every time he uses that lightning shot.)


My first time making armor and I didn’t know how to make the design on it. Usually I see another layer of foam or worbla but I couldn’t figure out a pattern so I just did a lace paint over.

Basically I spray painted everything in a matte gray paint. Put lace over it when it dried and sprayed a metallic silver over it.

I really like it. I think it could be improved but not bad for a first time.

You know what I really want to see (but will never happen)

Shit goes down and they need more firepower. Mick sees that they’re not gonna make it, and remembers that these are people Len died to protect.

He leaves and gears up in old armor he’d left behind.

As it turns out, the Time Masters have a long grasp, their servants too, and while the Dominators have never heard of Mick Rory EVERYONE knows about Kronos.

Outlaws headcanon

Ok so if you know a little about Starfire u know that she can absorb sun power more or less thru her skin, partly why she wears so little.

Imagine her explaining this to Jason and Roy and Jason and Roy both being horribly concerned like “yeah I know you’re a space princess and shit but organs everywhere! And soft bits in the open! Not safe”

So Jason and Roy work together to make a protective body armor for her that can absorb power for her and transfer it to her as well as give her boob support so she’ll quit having such bad back pain post fight.

I really like body armor as a whump concept. Because picture a character who just took a bullet to the chest and hit the floor in plain view of their friends/team. And maybe they even manage to gasp out “I’m hit” but continue to lay there because it hurts so bad and even they don’t know if the vest stopped the bullet or if they’re actually dying right that second. And there’s just that eternity minute of utter horror on everyone’s part and then they slowly realize that there’s no blood and even though the character is probably out of commission (or, at least, should be out of commission) for the rest of the episode, they don’t have a sucking chest wound that will kill them before their friends/team can establish scene safety and rescue them.

I was playing around of an idea of a superhero AU, and holyshit, I got carried away.

* Oikawa is your typical rich-boy-turned-superhero, named as the Grand King, who, after his parents were murdered, turned his focus into crime-fighting. He has a maid (Yachi), who helps him with costumes and gadgets.

* Iwaizumi showed up one time, as a ‘mysterious armored man’, saving Oiks’ life, saying that “every King needs a knight”. In real life, he’s Oikawa’s business partner, but they don’t know each other that well.

* Kageyama tries to follow the Grand King, but at the same time, be better than him. At first, he does it real bad, doing more harm than good, earning him the mocking name of “King”, but after he became a part of a team, and learns the power of friendship teamwork, he gets better. He’s a police officer

* Hinata is a speedster. I mean, look at him. He’s really clumsy at first, because, only speed and determination isn’t always enough. He make illustrations for children’s books (he started it because Natsu, who’s also a speedster, but still too young to be a hero)

* Tsukishima’s an alien, who only arrived on Earth two years ago. His main ability is telekinesis and telepathy. Yamaguchi found him, and took him in, and he’s still his only close friend. Only wears his glasses for identity conceal. Don’t really like this 'hero-thing’, but still does it. He works as a bartender, because, he kind of likes it.

* Yamaguchi is only ever viewed as Tsukishima’s sidekick, both in real life and as heroes, but without him, Tsukishima would be long dead. At first, he was really afraid, but he found his bravery. He has a kick for magic. Also, very good chef.

* Asahi is all about strength. He can harden his skin, and can punch you to the moon. He’s really frightening, until you know him, because he’s just a big softie. He’s an elementary school teacher.

* Noya can control the weather. His power come from an ancient amulet that he accidentally found, when he was out hiking. He is a photographer, and sometimes take pictures of his superhero friends, to earn money. A hero needs to pay rent too.

* Suga is a seer. It’s a curse on his family, but he tries to use his abilities for the best. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming to see all those things, so he made a special 'alone-room’, where he can shut out everything. He’s a writer.

* Daichi is only partly human. Because hell if I leave out the 'cyborg’ character from this thing. He was in a car crash that took the life of his parents, and he would’ve died too, if his aunt doesn’t build him a new body. You can only see he’s “different” up close.

* Tanaka can mimic someone’s ability, the closer, the stronger. He loves to party, but it can end real disastrous. He owns a bar, that doubles as a hideout for him and his super friends (it’s the same bar where Tsukki works)

* Kuroo is an immortal entity from another dimension. He visits Earth for fun every few hundred years. Don’t really need a job, but sometimes helps Tanaka out in his bar.

*Kenma can construct anything he can imagine, to use. All his time playing videogames now pays off, because he can conjure a variety of weapons. He works at Oikawa’s company as an IT. He can feel his soul fleeting his body with every workday.

* Bokuto can transform into any animal. No need to say, but his favorite form, yes, you guessed it, is an owl. He works at the zoo, because he can communicate with the animals, and help them if there’s something wrong.

* Akaashi is a powerful magician, who run a magic supply shop. For common people, the shop’s about cardtricks and whatnot, but for another magician, it’s quite useful.

* Yachi is Oikawa’s maid, and eventually became his sidekick. She’s mostly working in the background, but sometimes helps out in missions. Really supportive of Oikawa, but she can put him in his place too, if needed.

* Kiyoko was in a laboratory accident, where her girlfriend died, but she somehow survived. Now she has superhuman strength, flight and all that jazz. She’s also a teacher

* Saeko can manipulate fire, she can even became fire. Her and Ryuu’s mother was from the same dimension as Kuroo. She works as a tattoo artist.

* Tendou is also from another dimension can create a fusion of two person, making one, with both of their strengths and weaknesses. He’s having too much fun with it. (and I watched too many SU)

* Ushijima has super strength. He didn’t choose the hero life, he just want to be in peace with his plants, but someone always nagging him. He’ a botanist, and has a little flower shop.

Fun Stuff to Imagine If Karl Survived (not made Tranquil) and He was Recruitable:

Party Banter- Is he just as loud about mage rights as Anders? Perhaps he’s a moderator between Anders and Fenris or Sebastian. Maybe he’s a bit more accepting of Merrill. If you have him and Anders in a party, maybe they Have a couple-y banter.

If you take Anders to Aveline’s personal quest in Act 2, he tries to give really bad and ultimately irrelevant relationship advices based on his and Karl’s relationship (”Well first you should make sure no one knows your feelings about him because you don’t want them to use it against you and definitely don’t have sex in the First Enchanter’s office because it’s the only room with a door that locks.”)

If you take only Anders or Karl out, they might have a banter where they worry about each other (”I hope Anders remembered to eat today.”)

Armor Upgrades- Probably really Circle-y stuff like Formari Enchantment Woven Lining purchased from the merchant at the  Gallows

Gifts - What awful thing would Hawke give Karl, A rare tome of spells? An Account of Kinloch Hold’s Annulment by a Templar Initiate?

Personal Quest - ????

Romance - Is he romanceable separate from Anders? Maybe if you flirt with both of them you can have a poly relationship?

Skills / Talents - I know it’s common to headcanon him as a healer but for the sake of the game, he would probably have his own skill tree, maybe a more extensive primary magic or Entropy magic.

Friendship/Rivalry - Which Hawke personality does he like best? I would like to think diplomatic but who knows??


30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

I was wondering why Greed even kidnapped Al. He’s a homunculus & they dont have souls so even if he was told how to bind a soul to a suit of armor he cant do it. & this lead me to this funny idea of what if Greed just wanted another odd friend to join his crew, but was to embarrassed to actually ask Al or something like that. I was thinking about drawing a little comic of Ling seeing that memory & ask why he even wanted to know that since he dosnt have a soul to use in the first place & ends up just thought Al seemed cool. He is a moving set of bad-ass looking armor after all.

anonymous asked:

Can't believe I'd ever wish for Danielle smug face back after one night of seeing resting bitch face I'm too good for you let me pretend I care about Louis now he won't know I'm a piece of shit talker he's so unstable I am the light to his darkness his rock and shining armor so everyone sees how amazing I am let me hold his hand like I care I bet the 1D fans will praise me for that one i love Louis so much I watch the originals to laugh at his exes bad acting with him for date night Calder.

Wow that was such a good name description 


Request: If you’re not too swamped can you do a one shot where the girl is Stiles’ girlfriend and she is the same height as him and she is super self conscious about it b/c everyone jokes about it and Stiles comforts her? Sorry its so vague! Love the blog!

Note: I honestly thought that this was such a sweet request. I want every single one of you to know that you are incredible exactly the way that you are. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about the way you look. You are perfectly you. 

Liam had always been that “annoying little brother” that I cared for in a friendly sense and joked around with on a daily basis. He was goofy and spastic at times, which I found completely hilarious. At others he was huffing and puffing and for some reason, I found that even more funny. 

But this particular day Liam’s  good-natured teasing hit a chink in my armor. I know he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. I know he was just joking. But it still stopped me in my tracks, erased the laughter from my lungs, and had me at a loss for a few seconds. 

“Oh shut up, you walking light pole.” Liam retaliated after I laughed at him for needing help retrieving a book from the top library shelf. “You’re like a giant or something.” 

My brows furrowed slightly at his comment. I never really thought about my height until recently, when I started to date Stiles. I had always been a tall girl-in fact, I was as tall as Stiles- and then it became a secret weakness of mine. I had always read stories romanticizing short girls, spelling out their dainty features and how the boys always went after them because they were something small and delicate. They were how girls were supposed to be. 

But I had never gotten the chance to be that. I was tall, with long lanky limbs and big feet. I wasn’t delicate; I was durable. I wasn’t small; I took up space without meaning to. And I hated it. 

But Liam didn’t know that. So when I lamely offered “I’m not that tall” in response to his remark, he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh no? I bet you can’t even wear heels when you’re out on a date with Stiles ‘cause you’d pass him up.” The glint in Liam’s eyes hinted that he had said it without the intention of being mean. 

But he had hit the nail right on the head, and it hurt. Badly. 

I gave him a weak smile. “Hey, Liam, I’ve gotta go. I have Pre-Cal homework to catch up on. I’ll see you tomorrow?” 

“Yeah sure.” He smiled, not picking up on my damp spirits. 

“Hey babe,” Stiles chirped when I picked up his call on the second ring. In reality, Stiles was the last person I wanted to talk to right now. But it wasn’t his fault that I was the way I was, or that Liam had picked that particular subject to joke around about. So I had answered the phone and attempted to sound up-beat. 

“Hey,” I winced at how off I sounded. 

“You okay?” Stiles asked warily.

“I’ve been better.” I told him honestly. “What’s up?”

“I’m just trying to decide which movie we should watch tonight.” He sounded slightly winded, as if he were moving around quickly, or just finished doing several jumping jacks. Knowing Stiles and his spontaneity, it could be both. “I’m kind of leaning towards Indiana Jones because I haven’t seen it in a while, but you still haven’t seen the third Iron Man yet, so…”

Crap, I had almost forgotten! Stiles and I had planned to have a movie night at his place since his dad was going to be working late. 

“Stiles…” I chewed my lower lip. “Listen… about tonight…”

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. It seemed like he was rummaging through something- probably the huge storage bin of dvds in his closet. 

“I’m not really feeling well… I think we should do it tomorrow or something…” 

“Wait, what do you mean you’re not feeling well? Y/N, what happened? What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Stiles spit the questions faster than I could answer them. It tended to happen like that when he got worried. 

“No, I’m feeling fine, I promise. I’m just not in the best mood right now.” 

“Why? What happened, baby?” I flinched at the sentiment in the pet name.

I didn’t really want to be one of those girlfriends who relied on their boyfriend to shower them with compliments and make them feel like a princess. That wasn’t my style. I had never told Stiles about my insecurity. But he was asking… 

I sighed. “It’s just that… today Liam and I were talking, you know, goofing around, and… he wasn’t trying to be mean, I’m sure, but he kind of… hit a soft spot with one of his jokes.” 

There was a silence on the other line. “What would that soft spot be?” His voice was careful, level. It was almost emotionless. 

The words came out almost in a whisper. “My height.”

“Your height?” Stiles echoed me, although he was louder and much more hostile. “That shrimp is giving you crap about your height? He’s a damn two by four! I could pick him up and probably shove him in a washing machine! Not that I would actually do that…” 

I let out a light laugh, despite the fact that my eyes were stinging. “Yeah,” I agreed. “He sure is small.” I wish I was that way. 

Stiles snorted. “That’s one way of putting it.” He was very quiet for a few seconds. Then, in a softer tone, he said, “Don’t let one stupid kid’s jokes get you down, okay? Like you said, Liam didn’t mean anything by it. He doesn’t know how to filter anything that goes through that microscopic brain of his.” 

“The thing that gets me though is how right he is.” I couldn’t stop myself. It all came pouring out of me like a geyser of painful inner thoughts that’d been bottled up since I was a little girl, since I was first told that I was tall, since I had first met Stiles. “I am tall: freakishly, annoyingly tall. Pretty girls are short and they have tiny feet. I’m tall and I have big feet. I can’t wear heels or I’d look like Godzilla. And damn it, Stiles, I’m as tall as you are, and it makes me so mad because I can never wrap my head around why you’d want some monstrosity like me, and-”

“Y/N,” Stiles interrupted me. “I want you to take a deep breath.” 

“Okay.” I said- admittedly a little bitter about being cut off, but I still did what he asked. 

“Alright, again. And I want you to keep doing that. Now listen to me. You probably won’t believe me, but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t care that you’re as tall as me. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal either. We literally have the best hugs ever.” I could practically hear him smile. “Don’t worry about it, okay? I think you’re pretty just the way you are, and I wouldn’t change anything. Plus, my feet are still bigger than yours, my dear.” 

Laughter suddenly slipped through my lips, and I covered my mouth to try and contain it. “Okay, thanks Stiles.” 

“No problem. You know you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” When I assured him that I did in fact know and that I felt the same way, he said, “Great. Now, this might be a bit insensitive, but I kind of want to watch Godzilla.” 

“Eh, kind of. I’ll be over in twenty. Have the popcorn ready, if you please.” 

“Sure thing.” 

on the one hand im entirely against impractical armor designs and i most definitely feel that women in fantasy works deserve much better than this

but on the other hand im super gay and i love girls and looking at girls and girls with really pretty bodies and!!! idk!!!!!! some of my friends have made me feel like shit lately for supporting “problematic things like that” and i feel like a horrible person!!!

i like badass lady warriors, i like boobs, i know its bad but please let me have this if only for self indulgence


We’re not built to kill. We don’t have claws or fangs or armor. Vets that came back with PTSD…that didn’t happen because we’re comfortable with killing. We’re not. We can’t be. We feel. We’re connected. You know, I’ve interviewed over 825 people who’ve done terrible things. I’ve only met one evil person. Some of them were born with bad brains, some of them got sick along the way. The rest were just damaged people. Traumatized themselves like you, but they could heal. Some more, some less, but they can. We all can, I know it. It’s all a circle and everything gets a return. The door is open.

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