i know the storyline is bad

something i want for season 13 is for sam to grieve cas so we can see his pain too, not only dean’s. sam and cas are friends. sam and cas care for each other. sam and cas would do anything for each other. sam and cas would suffer if anything bad happens to the other. i know that dean and cas share a more profound bound, but that doesn’t mean that sam and cas aren’t close too. i just want the show to focus a little bit more in sam’s feelings and how he is dealing with the whole jack thing, and how he’s gonna get through his friend’s death and his mother’s disappearance. pLEASE I JUST WANT SAM’S STORYLINE TO BE AS IMPORTANT AS DEAN’S PLEASE

>> Black♥Jack Masterpost! <<

Hello everybody! Today is finally the day I write a Black♥Jack masterpost with all the related stuff up to this point! I didn’t even write a single line of this post and I’m already sweating, I detest the way Tumblr uses HTML… ugh.
I must state something first: all this art has been made by Rem289, but I am, for the most part, the author of every story and concept. I know it may sound a bit pretentious, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that is Rem who does most of the job, since I don’t even know how to draw a three, but I think I should at least claim what is mine – that is, the idea which moves every drawing.
That being said, cut the chatter and let’s go!

♠) Black♥Jack storyline:
♠) Zoom on the Black♥Jack characters:

♠) Extra involving Black♥Jack characters:

I’ll update this post whenever a new part of something comes out! Hope I didn’t forget something, I and Rem surely did a lot of art together… and that’s beautiful!

Because I needed a break from commissions and these shows are practically my life right now. xD


Keith (AKA ‘Red’ because he’s just that original) possesses the enhancement quirk 'instinct’, which essentially gives him the speed, strength, senses and reflexes of an animal - a lion, to be specific. Team that with a lifetime of combat experience courtesy of a shitty neighbourhood and an inability to think before he acts, getting into U.A. was a breeze - during his time there he was the best in his class.

Lance (AKA 'Sharpshooter’ because 'Cool Ninja Sharpshooter’ was apparently too long and too stupid) possesses the quirk 'Bullet Fingers’ and it’s pretty much what it says on the tin - the boy can shoot bullets from the tips of his fingers. The density of the bullets all depend on how much iron he’s consumed, so he’s got to eat a lot of red meat to keep his bullets effective. He was originally a student in the General course before wowing the teachers at the sports festival enough to get him transferred into heroics.

(more info beneath the cut)

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I can't watch reality TV shows anymore. I don't know what's changed, but overnight I stopped fucking with them. It's boring and honestly, I can't relate to any of the storylines plus I feel like it gives a bad reflection on my community.

Grown women, 47 years old, still fucking around with waste men and throwing drinks at other women. God forbid I continue to let that nonsense into my frequency. If I’m not leaving the program with something insightful, then I’m not watching it.

The things that I know about "Supergirl" without actually watching it.

*Maggie Sawyer invented dimples and heart eyes
*Sanvers aka ship of dreams (1000x better thank clexa)
*Bad lighting in sanvers scenes
*another wave of the great lesbian migration
*Everyone misses Cat (that was her name? Idk)
*Lena can’t be straight
*Lena and Kara have more chemistry than Kara and Mon-Ew
*Kara had better storyline in season 1
*Some guy thought that Kara was gay
*Just buying each other flowers - yeah gal pals
*Alex’s coming out story is really important and it had a strong impact on many people
*Kara Danvers and potstickers
*Danvers Sisters bond is pure and important
*Kara is #1 sanvers shipper
*There’s this guy who seems cute and nice and he doesnt have any powers (idk if im right)
*“Sanvers centric episode” was not “sanvers centric episode” and sanvers shippers are mad because they were fooled again
*Nobody wants Mon-Ew to babysit Kara because she can take care of herself

*+ the glasses don’t help (really)

Spec: Nicole’s ‘Death’ & Subverting BYG

Hear me out. Two reasons why I love the speculation out there that Nicole will possibly die and be resurrected this season: 

  1. It would be a stellar continuation of Wynonna Earp’s subversion of the Bury Your Gays trope, which the show began in 1x13 with Nicole surviving a gun shot by wearing a bullet proof vest
  2. It would be another homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a rectifying twist

It’s no secret that BtVS helped inspire Wynonna Earp, and many fans and television reviewers have repeatedly noted the connection between the two shows. We’ve already seen one big nod to Buffy in WE 2x08 where  Wynonna “dies” for a few seconds and is resuscitated, leading to Bobo’s return from hell. That parallels Buffy’s “death” in BtVS 1x12 for a few seconds before being resuscitated, leading to the activation of the next slayer.

I watched Buffy live during its run, and one storyline that wrecked me when I was younger was Willow and Tara’s split in S6 over, interestingly enough, trust, control, and betrayal issues. Then, as many of you know, right after they reconciled, Tara was killed, leading Willow to go full-on Dark Willow.

So right now in Wynonna Earp, we have Waverly and Nicole still in a bad spot over - wait for it - trust, control, and betrayal issues. We know that Nicole is in danger thanks to Widow Mercedes and that, per Syfy’s site, Waverly will have to choose between saving Wynonna or Nicole. There have also been two instances of Waverly and Wynonna saying in previous episodes that Waverly “would die” if something happened to Nicole.

Furthermore, Emily Andras jokingly tweeted last week about having to avoid fire from fan reaction after 2x09 and 2x10. (She’s also joked several times on twitter about writing out Kat/Nicole.) So what could possibly incense fans even more after 2x09 than Nicole’s death? lol

If Nicole does die (maybe Mercedes bites her? Idk), I’m betting that Waverly’s grief will cause her to go full on “Dark Willow.” Not necessarily in an evil sense, but I think Nicole’s death would trigger Waverly’s supernatural side, whether she’s half-revenant, half-angel, half-something else. 

The big twist, of course, would be that Nicole doesn’t stay dead for long and is resurrected, either by Baron Samedi (thank you Purgatory Case Files), Mattie the Blacksmith (aka the “white witch healer whore” lol), or some other unknown force.

So in one fell swoop, Wynonna Earp would again pay homage to Buffy while continuing to subvert the BYG trope. At least I hope!

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Are there any list or compilation of characters making snide comments or subtle notice that there are something more than just a profound bond between Cas and Dean? Also, why did Aaron choose to flirt with Dean to hide the fact that he was tailing him? They never met, so what tipped him off, and that it worked so well?

Hi! well, a while ago I made this post.

So we have… off the top of my head:

Balthazar, Meg, Naomi, Lucifer, Charlie, Benny, Hester, Crowley, Amara, Metatron, Ishim, Nora, Bobby, Sam and Cain… basically MOST of the characters who either know them well enough individually or have seen them together for more than 30 seconds.

My favourites though are Crowley, Lucifer and Amara

Crowley because he knows them both so well. He teases Cas about Dean being his boyfriend, calls Cas a “love slave”, ‘saves’ Cas in order to make Dean human again because he knows he needs Cas for this, he teases Dean about their own escapades as demon!dean, with Dean it’s less about Cas and more about Dean/him as he is jealous, teases him about being able to shove the bomb where the sun don’t shine “well, you could…” etc.



Amara literally is the Anti-Cas throughout all of season 11, the bond overrinding his free will, but her bond is not as strong as Cas and Dean’s, despite being God’s sister, she has to use Cas to get through to Dean, she only appears when Dean is longing for Cas or when Sam mentions Angels for example. She also exposes that Dean REPRESENTS Humanity, a hark back to Metatron’s “Cas is in love with Humanity”, wow this story is so layered it takes YEARS for pieces of the puzzle to be made obvious, by which time the GA have probably forgotten, but we haven’t and when people rewatch once it is canonically acknowledged I’m sure there will be floods of people going “OHHHH I see now when they did THIS and THAT it was because they’ve been in love all along!”.

When she then is portrayed as caring about Dean, she exposes his emotions, his feelings of love and shame (as the love monster, but it still counts as it is her representation and the monster literally says “who I am is not important” ie. THE WRITERS SAYING LOOK AT WHAT THIS MONSTER IS SAYING BECAUSE ITS TRUE), of his self worth and his feelings for CAS, which have been the overriding theme of all of Dean’s story for the end of the season, which Amara USED to get close to him… I mean JEEZ exposition much? 

The whole season’s plot makes no sense if you don’t see Dean as so deeply in love with Cas that the big bad uses it in her own storyline, the plot for the WHOLE SEASON RESTS ON IT. 

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Lucifer because he was inside Cas so canonically knows how he feels… Tbh I’m still waiting for this to come out at some point… probably towards the end of Lucifer’s story we should get some kind of reference to him using Dean to get to Cas or just coming out with it as he is a master manipulator , of course he would use this against them, he knows, he should do something with this information, I’M WAITING!

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Re: Aaron, Aaron was SMART. 

Tbh I think he just thought that Dean would be super uncomfortable and back off if he was hit on by a dude, as most guys would, it’s a great tactic. 

BUT Dean actually gets flustered and looks like he might actually be interested… so Aaron is like SHIT and basically then backs off himself, trying to tie up the conversation and move Dean along. Luckily for him Dean’s phone rings. But if you watch it, Aaron is hitting on Dean up to the point where it seems like Dean might actually be interested, then he completely changes to trying to end the conversation. 

He’s all “have a good night” instead of actually trying to get a date out of him as he would if he was really interested after Dean made the face he does when he says “is that supposed to make you less interesting?”.

source: @caffeinedeathwarrior


Aaron thought that last flirtation would be the nail in the coffin to make a straight guy get so uncomfortable he’d end the conversation and walk away, but Dean pulls that face and Aaron’s FACE! He’s like SHIT CHANGE TACTIC, ABORT ABORT! 

It’s awesome.

Same as most of my meta on Dean being bi, its often not actually about Dean himself or the top layer, it’s other peoples reactions to it (the Siren for instance), I LOVE this moment.

Honestly the CW is in many ways the embodiment of my issues with current attempts at “diversity” in the mainstream media when it comes to queer rep. I’m not going to sit here and say that television is still the same cis heterosexual landscape it was a few decades ago, there have been improvements, but movie studios and television networks alike are still really quick to pat themselves on the back for bare minimum efforts to provide meaningful representation while making sure they haven’t alienated their “core” audiences too much. The CW is imo one of the worst offenders of this - doing just enough to get noticed, but rarely anything of any real substance, and much less anything that would actually risk altering their key demographics.

On this network, “groundbreaking” queer pairings exist as side ships (i.e. Sanvers) or are axed when they become a threat to their real goals (i.e. Clexa). If you don’t think this is because the network doesn’t want to offend the type of viewer that would be scandalized by having to watch more than 5 minutes of non heterosexual interactions per episode, you’re much too naive. The CW doesn’t defy anything. The CW does JUST enough to get praise and then will course correct to the normal, and that’s partly because for some shows they prioritize catering to straight teenage girls that will throw a fit over not having m/f or m/m ships to salivate over, which is basically what’s happening with Sanvers and Karolsen in Supergirl. Healthy interracial relationship where the guy is actually pretty great? Nah, that needs to be axed so that your standard CW bad boy asshole can romance the female lead instead. WLW relationship with a coming out storyline? Good for diversity points, not worth doing much with really, priority must be on the patented CW bad boy asshole that they’re convinced teenage straight girls will swoon over. Supercorp? I love their chemistry, but not only do we know it’s never going to happen, it’s shameless queer baiting that they’re getting away with because they can use Sanvers as a shield to say that they’re not afraid of canon wlw romances (god forbid one of their shows has more than ONE wlw romance at a time though right?).

They don’t just care about straight teenage girls btw. The CW is making an active effort to reel in an older audience, and a more male audience too. This started with their first DC shows and is particularly the case for shows like, ahem, Kidz Bop Game of Thrones/Westworld/Terminator/Black Mirror (i.e. The 1OO). If the CW has to choose between providing meaningful representation to young queer audiences and retaining the older/male demographics they desperately want to court, BELIEVE ME, they will toss aside your rep no questions asked.

Hell, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with Kidz Bop Grim Dark Shitty Sci Fi. I strongly suspect that Lexa getting killed off was in part because older male audiences wouldn’t have tolerated the continued presence of a non sexualized lesbian character that wasn’t there to tantalize them and/or be a moustache twirling villain. Even if Alycia hadn’t been cast as a main in F/TWD (which we always knew was a bullshit excuse to begin with), Lexa probably would have been killed off because her existence and role in the show were threatening not just the network’s vision of what they wanted their Kidz Bop For Adults HBO Rip Off to be, but who they wanted the main audience to be as well. This of course doesn’t even begin to touch the other characters/storylines that have been ruined probably for the sake of appeasing this audience, often with racist/sexist/xenophobic effects. They succeeded, BTW, the demo numbers for the show are higher in older demographics and their best ratings for episodes consistently come from male viewers. So brava CW, you finally have a product that can be 100% embraced by older male viewers that get off to gratuitous violence and shock value, with the added bonus that you managed to fool some other audiences into believing you were actually doing something daring or socially progressive.

The CW wants to have its cake and eat it too. They want to bask in the attention that comes from having any queer romance whatsoever while not doing anything truly groundbreaking with it. Because groundbreaking would upset their bread and butter as well as the new demographics they’re actually targeting. Groundbreaking would mean upsetting the status quo of the only audiences they truly care about.

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Tumblr mom, what do you think of Harry Potter? One of my old teachers absolutely insists that I read them, and I tried but ended up highlighting every instance of the word "said" in the first half of the first book instead. The whole thing feels poorly written and I don't know how to reconcile that with the sheer number of people who love the series so much. I'm sure the storyline is fine, but the bland writing is so distracting.

For me, personally, Rowling’s writing has not held up well. 

It was great when I was ten and twelve and suddenly reading about magic was cool and not liable to get me shoved into a locker as often, but even by the time the final book came out right before I hit my twenties, it felt…bland isn’t the right word, but rather, meandering. 

The repetition of “said” wasn’t quite such a bad thing (as an editor, I’d rather you used “said” than completely fucked up your narrative dialogue by writing like you’re being bludgeoned to death with a thesaurus at your desk) but I was spotting things that could have been said in four paragraphs with some cleverly inserted narrative exposition, that were being said in entire books chapters that I honestly sort of skimmed through because I felt like I was reading an accompanying anthology companion, rather than the final installment to a book series I had been reading for well over a decade at that point.

A while ago I tried to go back and reread the series, and unlike other favorite childhood authors I had enjoyed, such as Tamora Pierce, it did not hold up well. 

I’ll be in my 50s and 60s still returning to the Tortall and Circle series every summer, but I doubt I’ll make the effort to reread Harry Potter again. Which is a shame because they were a rather large part of my formative years, both with school friends and in online fandom. I still like the idea of the universe and I live for a lot of the really amazing things other people have done with the HP universe, but I have little desire to read anymore of Rowling’s work, personally.

I tried to read her “adult” novel The Casual Vacancy, and while it had really vivid moments, they were just that, moments—like frozen scenes of color in an otherwise muted world I could not get invested in. She also has a habit of over simplifying things to a degree I find irritating. There’s no real nuance to anything, and even when she tries at subtlety it’s a bit like performing a lobotomy with your kitchen silverware—all spoon and very little delicacy.

I may have perhaps been spoiled to her work by being handed Terry Pratchett novels roughly at around the same age, devouring what was then the entire series in the span of one summer like a mad thing possessed and I’ve been reading and rereading those books for the better part of 20 years now, and I’m still finding things I never noticed before. It’s hard to go back to Rowling after something like that. It’s a very simplistic form of writing—which is no bad thing! children need simple stories that tell them the world is not always what it seems and dark and terrible things can and will happen, but so long as there are good people, the darkness can be defeated. Children, and yes even us adults need that reassurance. 

I just happen to think there are better authors out there who are able to reach much deeper emotional depths, with a far greater level of subtlety and skill—some of them are even writers in the Harry Potter fandom, who honestly connect and resonate with me in ways the canon never did. And that’s also sort of the thing to keep in mind with how popular the HP fandom is. The internet was a thing long before Harry Potter first came out, but it was becoming widely available in individual homes around about that time through cheaper dial up and the eventual mainstreaming of broadband. Suddenly fandom spaces were that much easier to be a part of online, and with that came a surge in fan created content (and lawsuits!) and certain popular fandoms positively thrived as a result. I can’t help but feel if HP had come out in the late 80s, it wouldn’t have quite so much the online presence it has now.

So no, it doesn’t surprise me that as a slightly older reader than I was back in 1997, the books don’t quite catch you the way they do younger children. But then I also feel the same way about Tolkein. Dear God I never want to have to read anything written by him again. Love the concept, love the world and the moments of pure shining brilliance and hope it has given me—and the fandom it allowed me to be a part of—but I’ll take Diana Wynne Jones over Tolkein any day, and be far more entertained in the process. 

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Try Jones, or heck, try Pierce. We might not have the same massive online presence, but we’re devoted, and with good reason :)

  • Game of Thrones: inconsistent and one-dimensional characterization (see: Sansa); inconsistent time and space frame resulting in characters "teleporting" from one place to another in the duration of one episode; exaggerated use of "meaningless" violence (meaningless as in violence that has no bearing on the plot whatsoever, is only there for shock value and has no repercussions in the rest of the series (see: Cersei blowing up half of King's Landing weirdly results in her being applauded by the smallfolk in season 7, Sansa being raped by Ramsay so she would become a Strong Female Character and a Real Player of the game of thrones); racist storywriting (see: the treatment of Dorne, Slaver's Bay); sexist storywriting (see: female characters are only Interesting and Strong when they're Badass and resort to violence to reach their goals); infantilization of characters (see: Dany who needs Tyrion to explain Every Single Thing to Her about Everything in the History of Ever); endorsement of toxic masculinity which results in the horrible treatment of male characters who don't subscribe to said toxic ideas about what constitutes Real Men (see: Bran, Loras); endorsement of stereotypes about the LGBT community (see: Loras whose personalization is reduced to his sexuality); inconsistent, nonsensical and vague dialogue (see: "I drink and I know things." - Tyrion); importance of individual scenes > the overall story which results in a series that consists out of a patchwork of Epic Scenes instead of a consistent and logical narrative; the idea that every sort of religious practice is Evil and Bad; the mistreatment and consequent killing of characters in whom D&D aren't interested (see: Stannis); Big Events happen but afterwards nobody seems to care about them (see: Jon's resurrection not being a big deal); ageist writing (see: Melisandre's "transformation" into an old woman); unnecessary subplots (see: Sam's storyline in season 7)...
  • The general public: Good Television, GIVE THEM ALL THE EMMYS!

don’t think i missed the fact that they swerved around the white slave owner thing but the supergirl producers are right when they say they’re in the “drama business”. yet they’re telling me that they can’t write drama into a couple where both of them are noble and heroic. they’re implying that james isn’t flawed, so they’re either self dragging or, more likely, just fucking racist and plain stupid.

christ, they literally wanted to make kara the good girl fixing the bad boy, but you know what?? all they fucking did was make kara stoop down to the “bad boy"s level instead of raising him up bc she’s so quick to forgive him for everything and her entire fucking development was fucked.

they’re so bad at their jobs they can’t even write a misogynistic storyline successfully. they’re so bad at their jobs they can’t even write drama between two characters who may be noble and heroic, but are also flawed. between two characters where one is a caped hero and the other is a civilian (where have i heard of this kinda romantic pairing before? Hm Wow). they’re just SO FUCKING BAD AT THEIR JOBS. so what i’m saying is fire them and fix their mess.

Shadowhunter 2X10 BEST EPISODE YET <3


1. MALEC SAID I LOVE YOU (proving they just keep getting better and better)

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2. Made Asexual Raphael a canon

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3. THEY END THE CLACE INCEST STORYLINE IN THE FIRST HALF OF S2 (so you know how happy I am cause with the books we didn’t find out till book 3 do you how frustrating it and bad you feel thinking you ship siblings)

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4. Izzy finally came to her senses and kick ass helping her brother

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5. Last but not least Simon Lewis is finally a DAYLIGHTER I have waited for this all season one of my favourite thing from the book come to life

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Now I’m gonna rewatch both season over and over till Monday June 5th for Season 2B to start and then we get Sebastian, the Seelie Queen (Hopefully the Court scene with the Clace kiss), Hopefully we might get to see a little Sizzy (Just a little please) and Lots, lots and lots more Malec.

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‘  the world is a little happier with you in it.  ’
‘  i have the right to be happy and i will not let you or anyone else take that from me.  ’
‘  i’m done apologizing for who i am.  ’
‘  i am stronger now and i will not say sorry.  ’
‘  let this moment be your starting point. let this moment be the one when it all began.  ’
‘  if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.  ’
‘  it’s never too late to rebuild yourself.  ’
‘  healing takes time, but it will come.  ’
‘  your warmth and kindness is more beautiful than you know.  ’
‘  your feelings are valid.  ’
‘  your opinons are valid.  ’
‘  your happiest moment is still yet to come.  ’
‘  turn off the light and close your eyes. it can wait until tomorrow.  ’
‘  self love is a daily commitment.  ’
‘  don’t let those thoughts that are telling you can’t keep you from trying at all.  ’
‘  not today. i won’t let it defeat me.  ’
‘  stop punishing yourself. please. you don’t deserve it.  ’
‘  breathe.  ’
‘  you don’t deserve that! demand better!  ’
‘  i hope you find what your soul really needs.  ’
‘  i hope you find the happiness you yearn for.  ’
‘  there is a point where you have to let go of the anger.  ’
‘  even if your voice was shaky and you stuttered on your words, you still spoke up and i am so proud you did.  ’
‘  there’s something incredible about you and i can’t quite tell what it is. maybe that’s the magic in it.  ’
‘  i know you want more and your heart is driven like that, but don’t take on too much.  ’
‘  people aren’t always going to do and say what you want them to and that’s okay.  ’
‘  you are a living, breathing masterpiece.  ’
‘  some might not understand your beauty, but you are art nonetheless.  ’
‘  quiet down those thoughts. it’s not worth it tonight.  ’
‘  try to have gentle thoughts.  ’
‘  your intrusive thoughts are just thoughts and nothing more than that.  ’
‘  i love you… i always have.  ’
‘  i tell myself i don’t care, but i care too much.  ’
‘  maybe you and i exist together on a different wavelength than the rest of the world. perhaps, we are on a separate frequency.  ’
‘  concept: we’re both in our softest pajamas, your arms around me and our legs are intertwined. you kiss the back of my neck and tell me you won’t ever let me go.  ’
‘  look close enough and you’ll find how much i adore you in every subconscious thing i do.  ’
‘  there are countless parts of you i’ve yet to meet, yet to memorize. nevertheless, i’ll keep wanting to get to know you even when i know everything.  ’
‘  you make me feel loved in my unlovable moments and beautiful even in my ugliest ones.  ’
‘  oh darling, how deeply you’ve become a part of me. i can’t help but feel something is missing when you’re gone.  ’
‘  i can’t help but feel something is missing when you’re gone.  ’
‘  thank you for never making me inadequate or dumb or inferior.  ’
‘  your constant love and respect has given me incredible strength and confidence.  ’
‘  thank you for seeing all the good in me.  ’
‘  every night i image you beside me.  ’
‘  it breaks my heart that you can’t fall asleep with me in the same room or the same city, but i always remember that even an imagined silhouette of you is better than nothing at all.  ’
‘  the spaces between your fingers are where mine fit perfectly.  ’
‘  by some miracle, the universe created you. of all the infinite combinations of atoms, somehow that infinity filtered down to form you.  ’
‘  what people think of you is not equivalent to who you are.  ’
‘  the moment i let myself believe i was going to be okay was the moment i finally was.  ’
‘  protecting your own happiness ins’t selfish.  ’
‘  you deserve every ounce of happiness.  ’
‘  a week, a month, a year without you is nothing compared to the lifetime we’ll spend together.  ’
‘  tomorrow is a new day. and a new day after that. it’s never too late to start over.  ’
‘  i finally realize that i no longer need your approval and i never really did.  ’
‘  maybe i will be okay in the end.  ’
‘  maybe i will find all that i’m searching for.  ’
‘  maybe i will figure out all that i am.  ’
‘  whatever. whatever. whatever. let is pass right by you.  ’
‘  you are not a failure. please believe that.  ’
‘  you are only presented with obstacles you are strong enough to conquer.  ’
‘  it’s been long enough. it’s time to forgive yourself.  ’
‘  your bad days don’t make your good days any less good.  ’
‘  even in your darkest times, the sun still rises.  ’
‘  your existence wasn’t a mistaken accident, it was a creation from almost nothing to something incredible – a miracle even.  ’
‘  your feelings are your own. no one should be allowed to define them for you.  ’
‘  ever since our storylines intertwined, i haven’t stopped smiling. you are the best plot twist.   ’
‘  your thoughts are something that deserve to be heard.  ’
‘  sometimes it’s not meant to be, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in it happening.  ’
‘  your greatest love story is the one you have with yourself.  ’
‘  i have the right to be happy and i will not let you or anyone else take that from me.  ’
‘  your existence alone has altered the world. you are more important than you know.  ’
‘  thank you for letting me forget all the bad, even just for a second.  ’
‘  you were built for whatever is thrown your way. you are ready.  ’
‘  no matter what your mind is telling you, please know that you are enough.  ’
‘  what i can’t fathom is how we can be so close yet so far away.  ’
‘  you are not a bad person for having bad thoughts. forgive yourself.  ’
‘  you are growing from this.  ’
‘  you will heal in time.  ’
‘  your strength and kindness is more beautiful than you know.  ’
‘  i’m just trying to be happy and stop thinking about what other people think.  ’
‘  i want to be someone who sees magic in ordinary things.  ’
‘  be extra. enjoy things and show it. stop apologizing for it.  ’
‘  why do you keep trying to impress people who don’t matter?  ’
‘  let go of the hate. let go of the anger. let go of the resentment. just let it go because it’s holding you back.  ’
‘  you’re really cute and you make me really happy.  ’
‘  show me your genuine care.  ’
‘  why are you beating yourself up over things you can’t control? breathe.  ’
‘  people annoy me too easily. i need to cut that shit out. i’m not cool enough to be trying to pull that.  ’
‘  underestimate me and give me the ability to prove you wrong.  ’
‘  you don’t have to have everything figured out.  ’
‘  you’re not a bad person for being angry.  ’
‘  forever is an adventure with you.  ’
‘  you are not a failure. please believe that.  ’
‘  you’re my favorite reason to stay awake.  ’

XF Fic: The Tattoo

Summary: Mulder and Scully finally discuss her tattoo and her trip to Philadelphia.

Rating: Here Be Smut. (Mature.)

Notes: There is no such thing as too much post-Never Again smut. With thanks to @agoldenpalace for the excellent beta work, reassurance and friendship.

The mark on her back is years old when Mulder finally asks her to talk about it.

“Tell me about the night you got your tattoo,” he says.

The question startles Scully out of the easy rhythm her mind and body had settled into. She might have chalked the request up to possessiveness, or even insecurity. But given that he asks it while he’s in the middle of fucking her, she doesn’t need to be a profiler to suspect it’s just the opposite. The threat presented by Ed Jerse, both as a sexual rival and her attempted murderer, have faded away with the years. What remains is a hot tattoo and a dirty story.

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What I Want From Volume 5 - Naïve Edition


  • Like….Have Ruby develop? Show her development? Give her the focus you stole from her in Volume 4?
  • Have her actually react to what happened in Vol3? Show more than just 5second scene of her looking PTSD-y?? I mean, VOl3 fucked up her world.
  • Have her actually BE the protagonist instead of a sidekick? Don’t make her screentime about Jaune’s development ever again.
  • Narrative remembering that she is not some dumb bag of brawn and actually brain of operation and a tactician would be nice too.


  • Make her have actual progress in her story? Like actually have it go somewhere.  trip home was nice  but in the end it did not really go anywhere new - she is still running from her family towards her own goal just like before.
  • Don’t fuck up what already is there from Volume 4? IDK, her Vol4 story was decent even if it went nowhere.


  • Give her a better outfit? Please? Pretty please?
  • Give her actual storyline that does not restrict her agency.
  • Like, don’t write off her issues as “moping” or “cowardice”??? Her abusive ex came back to her life, hurt Yang and promised to go wherever Blake goes and kill everybody she cares about. Thus she is scared, she blames herself for what happened to Yang, she feels unsafe, she feels like Adam is everywhere looming over her and she feels like she lost her agency. That’s not “moping” That’s a “battered person syndrome” - a real fucking psychological condition abuse victims suffer from. And treating that as ‘moping” would be disrespectful to abuse and stalker survivors all over the world.
  • Yang Exists. Blake knows that Yang exists. Blake is allowed to actually talk about Yang and to show her emotions in regards of how Volume 3 ended and the responsibility and guilt Blake feels for Yang being hurt. Also no, Sun being tasered because he talked shit to an enemy is not even close to being same.


  • Retcon away the “quickfix” of Yang’s mental issues in Volume 4. Make it clear that you can’t actually just handwave that shit away and ACTUALLY. ALLOW. HER. TO. DEAL. WITH. HER. ISSUES. She suffered a mental trauma and lost a limb a silly mansplaining peptalk is not gonna cut it.
  • Like….remember that  she was framed as the villain in front of the WHOLE WORLD on live air during Remnant’s equivalent of Olympics? Billions of people saw her break a defenseless guy’s leg on live air. Don’t just handwave that roadblock away.
  • Don’t make her arm a magical all-fix. Prosthetics is not a real arm. Prosthetics is not arm being regrown or replaced. She might be armed but she is still missing an arm and a lump of metal being placed there should not change that. Dozens of people have prosthetic limbs in our world. They don’t just magically go back to “normal”.
  • Somehow work in the Vol2 finale post credits into the story? A dream, something - don’t make it a plothole.
  • Blake exists. Yang knows that Blake exists. Yang is allowed to actually talk about Blake and to show emotions in regards to how Volume 3 ended. She should be allowed to show her feelings about Blake leaving and how betrayed she feels. No - her vaguely staring at pile of books is not that.

Group Dynamics

  • Actually let other members of JNPR show grief over Pyrrha?
  • Maybe give a flashback of Ruby and Pyrrha training or interacting since Pyrrha was personification of what Ruby wanted to be?
  • Actually explain what the fuck RNJR team dynamics are and why they are sticking together. I mean reasons are obvious  in terms of psychologically replacing what you lost with something else, but have narrative actually acknowledge that.
  • Like….remember that Blake and Yang actually know each other, separated in uber dramatic fashion, have issues with each other and are allowed to talk about the said issues instead of forgetting each other exists????

Other Characters

  • Pyrrha’s family? Parents? Something? A fucking statue maybe?  She was quite a star in Mistral so its weird nobody seems to know her…
  • Actually address Sun creepily stalking Blake for 3 months, disrespecting her agency  and overall being ass and how that was absolutely BAD for Blake who is running from an abusive ex who denied her her agency(and pretty much promised to stalk her and kill everybody she loves in their last confrontation). Just make narrative admit that was fucked up - I don’t care how - make him apologize, make him go the way of RedVsBlue-Felix, I don’t care how or in what direction. Have narrative actually admit that it was fucked up and should not be glorified.
  • Give Sun his own storyline? That does not involve him going all Jaune on Blake? Or just, you know, don’t try to forcefully push him into storylines of others in turn damaging his character even more?
  • Acknowledge how creepy and wrong is the situation of Ozpin stealing little kid’s body?
  • Give Raven more substance than just 3 minutes of her playing The Pronoun game With Qrow???
  • Don’t make 70% of the Volume 5 be about Jaune?
Weekly Reading List #5

Alright y'all… here’s my weekly reading list, hope you like it. I’ve added a ‘Keep Reading’ this time, bc freaking Smut Appreciation Day made this list pretty long. Enjoy it, and please feel free to leave a feedback, my askbox is always open!

Hookup by @jpadjackles
Prompt: Sam meets up with the reader at a bar, and neither of them want to go home alone. Both their jobs require them to move around a lot, and sometimes, they get a little antsy and crave the affection of another person. That leads them to Sam’s motel room for one night of pure fun.
Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) fingering, this is PWP

this was incredibly hot and sweet. sam’s character was on point. i can imagine that they exchanged phone numbers to met again someday. at least that’s what i wished for.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Slow Ride by @rizlowwritessortof
Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…
Warning: Smutty Smut

Good god, after that scene, i hoped that someone would write a fic about it, and this is absolutely perfect!!!

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

The One With The Poking Device by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess
Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.
Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

This Fic is hilarious, seriously, it cracked me up. Awesome work, and hot af. Love it!

Originally posted by evergreendean

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I think the problem with this particular theory stems from the fact that it is a litmus test on how you view Jon Snow’s current character arc.

Hyperbolically speaking, either Jon is a cruel cad or he is a faithless idiot. If you step away from the hyperbole, his pragmatism or naivety might actually make him less of a righteous cookie-cutter hero and more like a flawed human being. But it’s the internet and ideas are quickly distorted into their most hyperbolic versions of themselves. If Jon isn’t wholly good, he has got to be evil. If Jon isn’t smart, he eats crayons for breakfast.

Regardless of reception, has the theory itself some merit?

You know I keep ask myself one question over and over again while looking at all the dangling plots from Season Seven:

Is this bad writing or actual foreshadowing?

I mean when characters are doing stupid shit, are they gonna be punished for it like Ned did when he told Cersei all his plans?

Or are they gonna get away with it because the plot needs to move from point A to point B and the character doing a stupid thing is a great short cut? (Like the should-have-been-suicidal wight hunt storyline that was apparently conceived to get the Night King finally past the Wall.)

Or do the writers actually consider that stupid thing actually not stupid but rather brilliant and amazing? (“Mean Girls Winterfell” was their best idea for getting rid off Littlefinger.)

And it’s not just that characters make ambiguous choices or have ambiguous characterization beats. (Cersei – smartest woman in the room for forcing her antagonists to fight among themselves before fighting her or completely myopic for not fighting the Great War?)

It’s also ambiguous presentation where stuff gets lost in the direction (like those redshirts in the wight hunt whose number actually varies from scene to scene, making their deaths and the heroes’ survival feel even more unearned) or on the editing room floor. (When exactly did Sansa decide to move against Littlefinger? In the script it’s in episode 7.07, in the show the editing allows the interpretation that she and Arya decided it five seconds after their reunion.)

So every time I try to look at Season Seven for clues about Season Eight I ask myself if I look at foreshadowing, intentional misdirection or the show letting the audience down.

And I can never tell. And everyone who says they can… well, they are selling you something.

Jon pretending to be in love with Dany for the Greater Good is an interesting theory but if anyone thinks it’s sure and true and something-this-or-that is the proof, they are not operating in good faith because the show isn’t operating in good faith and they should have noticed.

Anyone who puts the show under enough scrutiny to judge characters’ microexpressions, should notice that Jon’s five miraculous survivals on the wight hunt alone (zombie bear, convenient ice breakage, Drogon ex machina, not drowning, Benjen ex machina) is bad faith writing.

It should be impossible to not acknowledge that this show is entirely capable of fucking up a storyline and character to the degree that a theory where it’s all a ruse looks like the better explanation than the intended reality.

In Season Seven the show’s writing had one Stark sister threatening to kill the other in all seriousness over an obviously planted letter written by a imprisoned, pre-pubescent child. The editing allowed for the kinder explanation that Arya was always faking this to mislead Littlefinger. But the original intention was for it to be real. Aside from being a bad plot, this also does something incredibly unkind to Arya’s characterization – and she is a major character and fan favorite.

It pains me to say this but there is no longer a baseline to what is possible and realistic to expect in GOT. Any character can survive being dumber than Ned. Any character can survive putting themselves into a tighter survival spot than Aerion Brightflame when he drank wildfire. Any character can turn stupid. And any character can turn so unexpectedly briliant and smart that they are defeating whole armies single-handedly.

Anything goes. It’s deus ex machina, handwaving and plot holes all the way down.

The problem with a theory like Undercover Lover is the same as any other theory which relies on the argument that the creators wouldn’t execute a core plot this badly. The counter argument is in the pudding.

I mean I really would like to talk about how the show tends to normalize and soften up romantic relationships from their book counterparts. How they alter female and male characterization in order to give characters a more appealing romantic storyline. And whether something like this can be currently observed. But I try to examine the evidence and all I end up with is the same old question:

Is this bad writing or actual foreshadowing? Misdirection or wobbly characterization? Is this shot meaningful or is there any meaningful shot at all if they don’t even have a consistent number of redshirts to sacrifice?

The real implication of this uncertainty, of knowing that “anything goes” goes unfortunately much farther than one theory or ship.

It means that every theory is built on quicksand. I still believe that Cersei will die and the Night King will be defeated but I am sticking to what I’ve written about book canon. I am washing my hands off speculation that is based on show-only stuff until further notice.

There is just one thing I do wanna say as a response to Season Seven.

It’s the conclusion I arrived at in 2013 about what a potential book canon Jon/Sansa endgame has to be in order to be meta-narratively satisfying. Namely, that it needs to be narratively dissatisfying:

“…no one, not the characters, not the readers, would consider the far away possibility of happiness a happy ending. [Jon/Sansa] would be merely the least terrible of all choices. No one’s gonna be happy with that - not even people who would actually like the idea of Jon/Sansa.“

It’s time to consider the possibility that getting the ending that you ship might significantly differ from getting the ship you like.

Discourse already on Villainous needs to stop.

all these people shitting on villainous for stupid reasons like

“the people working on it are problematic!!”

“The desgins look like deviantart ocs”

Rant under cut.

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iron fist
  • them: omg I don't know why people are shitting on Iron Fist, it's not even racist! Name one bad thing about it other than your sjw shit
  • reviewers: bad storyline
  • reviewers: boring
  • revieweres: incoherent
  • reviewers: bad writing
  • reviewers: bad fight scenes
  • reviewers: it's trash