i know the quality's shitty sorry

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


why is it so funny, Jongup?…

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots


I was watching Malec trailer ( again)  and I got an idea,

you know that scene when Magnus throws someone against a wall? so what if that shadowhunter attacked Magnus&Alec and that’s when Alec got hurt? + Magnus is wearing the same clothes when he’s leaning to kiss Alec.

I’m sorry for shitty quality tho.couldn’t find better ones

hey, writers!

i would really love it if we could do larry remix fic fest like they do for hp/drarry. i really love reading those and i think it would be really cool. right now it’s just a thought and idk who else reads them or knows what i’m talking about, but i’m about to tag the hell out of some writers just to make sure you see this and think about it a bit. here’s a link to the 2017 drarry remix fest, check out the faqs and info so you can see what it’s about. 

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ok so tumblr is being a pain in the ass so i’m not tagging anyone else, but please reblog or message or whatever. this is just literally a thought that i just had when the hd-remix post came across my dash, so i have no well formed ideas about it at all. it’s totally possible that this has been done before and i’m just not aware of it.


I tried to upload those videos on Youtube but YG was quite to block them every f*cking time. So the only option I found was Google Drive, I hope it will be ok.
I’m really sorry for the shitty subtitles (they don’t stay long enough sometimes ughh -.-’). I really did my best, enjoy guys :s

G DRAGON  ///  T.O.P  ///  TAEYANG  ///  DAESUNG  ///  SEUNGRI


what your first route says about you

707: memer, spams group chats, makes absolutely no sense and talks about things no one knows about

yoosung: broke and/or college student, procrastinates everything, bad priorities

jumin: c a t, unironically bland, mean

jaehee: ‘i have something to do sorry’, hiding a secret kink, group mom

zen: vain but in a way that also makes fun of yourself, ‘u ever smoked a weed’, thinks your outfit looks good (it doesn’t)