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Hi it's me again! I was wondering if you had any updated info on pricing and when you think you'll open your preorders on the seven dakimakura, as there is also someone else I know who's interested in it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hello there, I’m sorry it took so long to prepare it, but I wanna make sure to give you guys the best quality I could ; w ;

I still don’t have the price yet since I’m not sure what kind of Dakimakura you guys want

Would you rather a 1 drawing one ( 1 drawing on both side) or a 2 sides with different drawing?  The 2nd drawing would be a more revealing verson but it may take longer time for me to finish it

^ the 1st drawing


teaser released on 02.22.2012

When I first saw this teaser, I thought he would be the shy, quiet maknae of the group. And I guess we were all surprised when we found out he was actually the rapper whose deep voice did not match his cute looks. What I also did not expect was how passionate, driven, and multi-talented he would be. From time to time, I still go back to watch this teaser and I feel proud of how far he’s come and how much he has improved over the last five years. I know Chanyeol will never stop learning and improving and these are just some of the qualities he possesses which I admire most about him. There’s so much more I want to say but I will keep it short as this is merely a small celebration and a thank you for giving us EXO’s voice and fire: Park Chanyeol. I wish you nothing but happiness and please don’t forget that your health is important, too. [02.21.2017]

Pigblr is grappling with the loss of one of our most iconic members today, the irascible but lovable, true ladies’-peeg, bony-butt Spoonie. He thrived and sneered in the face of illnesses and surgeries that might’ve brought a weaker pig to its knees. @triggerfishie has been an inspiration through it all with the dedication she has and the sacrifices she’s made for her pigs’ quality of life. The love she and the guinea pig community here on tumblr has for Spoonie means that he’ll live on in our memories for years to come. I always said that my aesthetic was “Numchucks sitting calmly in the foreground while Spoonie does something weird in the background,” and I’ll rest tonight knowing that Spoonie will always be in the background of our lives, doing his own weird things.

We love you, Spoonie. Hump in peace.

How can I do this?

I have to make a very hard decision. I’m already bad at making regular decisions, but this one…. this one is going to break my heart.

Artemis, my familiar since the beginning of my life as a witch, is not doing well. He is sick, and his quality of life is starting to deteriorate. I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to make the choice that any pet parent has to make.

I don’t want him to suffer. He’s given me so much, and I love him so very much. Through everything, he’s been with me, since my junior year of high school. Not just in my life as a witch, but in my mundane, everyday life as well. From moving out of my mother’s home, to living in shitty places, to broken hearts, to just regular days…. He’s always been there with me, for me. Teaching me and loving me as only he could. No one could have asked for a better companion in their life.

Everyone that has met him loved him. He’s the “coolest” cat you could meet, (as many people said). He’s so docile and chill, loving and sweet. All he wants is to be close to me, to people. And he’s also the most boy-loving cat ever. Seriously…. he loves men. If he was a human, he would be gay, without a doubt. It’s adorable how he follows guys around whenever they come over, and just another thing I love about him.

Not just people love him either. The Fae adore him, and always want to be around him. It can make things at home a little… annoying at times, but I would never change that. I would never change anything he is, not for the world.

So now that his health is declining, and I’m watching as his age finally catches up with him…. I know I’ll have to make a decision that brings me to tears at just the thought. I know it’s selfish, but I can’t imagine moving forward without him at my side, as he’s always been.

It’s a deep hurt… one I’ve never known. It’s suffocating and all consuming. He’s been my rock for so long in this world, I feel as if I’ll be washed away without him to ground me. It’s selfish, I know. But I can’t help it. How can I do this without him?

No one needs to reply, or anything of the sort, I just…. it’s tormenting my mind, so I needed to get these feelings out. Thanks for reading, and if you have a familiar, or just a pet that you love, be sure to give them an extra hug and kiss, because they won’t always be there for you to do so.

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EVERYONE KNOW THAT FIGURE SKATING IS A SUBJECTIVE SPORT. but nathan better in pcs than hanyu? jesus, chan, hanyu, uno, fernandez, brown etc are better in artisty (pcs i mean) than chen, it's not something subjective, it's a FACT, you've to stop defending him like your son, he has a lot of qualities but he has to improve artistically too


“it’s not something subjective, it’s a FACT”

please point out where i ever said nathan deserves higher PCS than yuzuru or any of those other skaters, my memory must be failing me. i quite clearly recall saying that i think he’s overscored but am still fine with him winning 4CC. please also point out where nathan actually got higher PCS than yuzuru, because as far as i can see, he was below yuzuru’s PCS in both the SP and FS. only the american judge went ham and gave him higher PCS than yuzuru, which is lol and a pretty clear case of national bias, but the american judge’s score isn’t the only one that counts towards the total.

there is definitely an argument about how much of a gap there should be between nathan’s scores and everyone else’s. if you say you think there should be a larger gap, that’s perfectly understandable, and i might agree depending on the PCS category. but going by this ask, i think you’ve completely missed my point so far.

all sudden this pic is in bad quality W H Y

btw, this is inspired by a picture i have on my Weheartit account aaaand a wonderful fanfic 80s AU called Alien Sex Fiend, even tho the main ship of the fic is Sheith (my babies, my supreme otp :3) but whatever, the picture really felt like Klance, if you know what i mean…

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How would you feel about a Thomas Sanders and Markiplier collab? And if you don't know who Thomas is, I definitely recommend checking out his YouTube channel. It's quality, and he's a super sweet guy, omg.

I LOVE THOMAS! Dude, it would be awesome. I would love it.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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I saw that you were answering asks about impatient scans' translation, but I remember reading you don't like that so if this upsets you please delete this ask :) I'm an exchange student in Japan and my Japanese sucks haha but I use your translations to read ANY and study. On page 17 where it says "himesama to onaji jikanbun itai nani o shiteitanodaro" is min-su talking about himself or Yona? You said Min-soo but impatient said Yona... can you explain the sentence to me?

Yes, thank you for remembering that. But don’t worry, your question falls within what I find perfectly appropriate. I think it’s normal for people to compare my translation and ask about the differences, because I’d want to know exactly what characters said in the original text in a series I care about, too. It’s just when Titania scans left the scene and the scan groups began their war over releasing chapters I received a lot of messages outright complaining about the quality of their translation, which put me in an awkward spot, so if the ask is overboard rude I usually just delete it.

So thank you for taking me into consideration, anon!!

This is the part you’re talking about, right?

My translation for this was:

I, on the other hand…
was crushed by guilt and despair.
Just what have I been doing all this time we’ve had?

The segment you’re asking me about (「姫様と同じ時間分、何をしていたのだろう」) would actually translate literally as: “In this same time period as the Princess, just what have I been doing?”

I’m not really a teacher, but I’ll try to explain how you have to read through this to understand it ^^ (sorry if my explanation sucks, I haven’t studied Japanese in a long time and usually rely on intuition at this point)

There’s two key points to understanding the subject. Start by looking at the WHOLE sentence instead of just part of it: 


The first key point is 自分 (jibun - myself). Min-Soo established the subject at the very beginning, which travels through to the second part. It would translate literally as: “When I was was crushed by guilt and despair, in this same time period as the Princess, what have I been doing?”.  I decided to cut “Princess” out of the formula in my final translation, but Min-Soo is pointing out that even though he and Yona have had the EXACT same time to get over what happened, and Yona’s been kicking butts here and there and getting her shit together, he hasn’t done anything about it - he’s just been moping. He’s asking a rhetorical question: “Just what the hell have I been doing?” 

Of course, Japanese being the vague pile of nonsense it sometimes is, Min-Soo doesn’t actually repeat “I” in the second half of the text, which is what I assume is tripping you up. You have to read this whole segment as a single sentence in Japanese, not as two.

The second clue is the  姫様と同じ Hime-sama to onaji, (”the same as the Princess”). If the princess is on the other side of this equation and she’s the target of his comparison, logically she can’t also be the subject of the question Min-Soo asks (“what has ### been doing?”).

I hope this helped you understand this part! I used to think manga was easier to read than novels, but because manga tends to skip punctuation and fracture sentences like this, it can sometimes be trippy to use as study material.

Last but not least: ENJOY YOUR YEAR ABROAD!! Keep up the good work; it makes me extremely happy to hear my translations help you study. You might think you suck, but trust me, practice and patience pays off!

By My Side (Simon x Deaf!Reader)

Prompt:  Hi, please can I request a Simon X female Reader where he takes a dead girl under his wing and stands up for her against the other Saviors and Negan?

Pairing: Simon x Deaf!Reader (platonic)

Author’s Note: Thank you for this request! It turned out to be a bit more platonic, but I’d be willing to write more with this pairing if people really wanted it to be romantic. It ended up being longer than I thought, and I hope the quality is there with it. Once again, thank you! If you want to request anything or become a part of my tag list, send me an ask! As always, if there are ANY mistakes, tell me. I want to know for future reference.

Words: 920 words

Warnings: Slight ableism, gore, death

Their shadows encroached upon you as you were devouring the last of your dinner. Though you couldn’t hear their vicious snickers, you knew they weren’t here to be nice, and that thought turned your stomach. Heart racing, you turned to face the men that surrounding your table, faking a smile. You knew it wouldn’t help, but you refused to let them bother you.

Their mouths were moving too fast for you to pick up what they were saying, but the malice in their eyes told you enough. You were used to the criticisms of others; even when you were a child, you had been forced to sit there while family members exchanged their concerns with your parents. Though you never could hear them, you had your suspicions.

Before you could attempt to ignore them, hands were grabbing at you, and you struggled to break free. Squirming, you kicked your legs, and you silently praised yourself when you boot collided with one of their noses. You hit the ground hard as they let you go, your head smacking against the wooden bench.

Disoriented, you climbed to your feet, turning to see the blood the gushed out of the Savior’s broken nose. His mouth was moving quickly, and you stumbled back when his gloved hands shot towards you. Just as his rough fingers grazed your shoulders, a bullet pierced through his forehead, splattering you in a fresh layer of blood.

You stared wide-eyed as the Savior dropped to his knees, gaping up at you, and you looked to see who had shot him.

Simon stood some few feet away, the gun hanging at his side, and you released the breath you had been holding as he moved forward. Stepping over the dead man, he reached for you, carefully bringing you to his side. You could feel the tight grip of his hand as he turned to face the other Survivors.

A part of you was happy that you couldn’t hear him, especially when you noticed the way all the color drained from their faces. They scampered off, and you lowered your head, staring at the sticky blood that puddled around your shoes.

Simon tapped his fingers against your shoulder, and you faced him.

“Are you alright?” He asked, your eyes following the movements of his mouth. He was still having a hard time learning sign language, but you were grateful that he was trying as hard as he was. If anything, he was the only one here that cared.

You nodded your head, the stench of blood invading your nostrils, and you moved away quickly. Simon followed you, shoving away anyone that refused to move, and you felt a hundred eyes burning into your skin. Since coming here, you hadn’t been treated well, especially by the Saviors.

You were glad you couldn’t hear their taunts, but not knowing what they thought about you unnerved you continuously. At first, Simon had been forced to guide you around, punishment for letting someone escape, and you were terrified that it would turn into a mess. However, something had happened to change the relationship between the both of you. One day, he started appearing at your side, defending you from the attacks caused by the Saviors. In some way, he had turned into your guardian, and you hoped he never abandoned you here.

Not watching where you were going, you didn’t notice when you nearly collided with Negan. Falling back, you gasped as Simon took hold of your hand, holding you in place. The Saviors didn’t terrify you as much as Negan did, and you clenched your fists. He wore his infamous smirk as he stared at you, his gaze steady. Your skin was crawling until you felt Simon squeeze your arm in reassurance.

Like all the others, Negan didn’t try to slow down and let you read his lips, and you wanted nothing more than to take Lucille and bash his brains in. Though he didn’t corner you, Negan did what he could to make others notice you, and it was beginning to sour your mood before your day could start.

Stifling those thoughts, you turned your head to read what Simon was saying.

“…bullying her. They were grabbing her, and I wasn’t going to let them push her down like that!” Simon said, standing tall. It wasn’t often that someone stood up against Negan, and you smiled wide knowing that it was you he was doing this for. He didn’t back down as his boss sauntered off, Lucille hanging over his shoulder, and you sagged against the wall.

His body relaxed, and the tension melted away, leaving the two of you alone to calm down. There was guilt brewing deep in your gut at the thought of what Negan would do to Simon when you weren’t looking. Punishments were a tradition here, and none of them were merciful. Simon would be lucky if he walked out with both hands attached.

After a second passed, you kicked your foot against Simon’s leg, drawing his attention towards you. He watched the graceful movement of your hands, picking them apart until he understood your message.

Thank you.

“Always, kid.”

Simon moved to your side and hooked an arm around your shoulders, twisting around to rub his knuckles into your head. Your wheezing laughter filled the space as you yanked free from his grip, your hands moving to fix your hair. You leaned into him, knowing that you could make it as long as he was with you.

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running on four hours of sleep and not enough caffeine i managed to

  • have a really successful meeting with my thesis director who was quite pleased with the progress of my work (even tho i felt like i hadn’t done enough and that what i did do was terrible)
  • participate a lot in my northern-american historiography class (even tho i hadn’t read all the texts)
  • absolutely NAIL my 30 minutes presentation on military history and its evolution. like seriously at the end of my presentation the teacher was like “i wasn’t expecting such high quality, not because i was doubting your capacities but because the students from the previous years were absolute disasters. but your work was great, congrats” and i was so relieved i could’ve cried because i struggled so fucking much with the preparatory work and i felt like i was doing a work worth of a middle schooler
  • reply to the 50-yo man in my class who’s super condescending and acting like he knows everything compared to us ignorant twenty-something and prove him i actually knew what i was talking about and he was better off not fucking test me because i was going to shred him and his patronizing ass to tears

ok imma take a 12 years nap now

Mr. Gladly named another group as the winners, by virtue of the sheer number of things they had come up with, though he made a point of saying the quality of Madison’s work was nearly good enough to count.  From there, he moved on to his lecture.

Quantity over quality. Sigh.

I mean obviously I didn’t want Madison to win, but y’know…

I was steamed and I could hardly focus on the lecture, as my power crackled and tugged at my attention from the periphery of my consciousness, making me acutely aware of every bug within a tenth of a mile.

Boom, superpower plot!

Hm. We’ve got a heroine whose power becomes a bit less controllable when she’s angry… and who’s got hints of anger issues like her dad’s… yeah, this is probably boiling over some day.

Rule of three?

I could tune it out, but the extra concentration that took, coupled with the anger I felt towards Madison and Mr. Gladly, was distracting enough that I couldn’t focus on the lecture.

TFW when thousands of bugs keep distracting you from your World Issues lecture. #relatable

I took a cue from Sparky and put my head down on the desk.  Being as exhausted from the previous night’s activity as I was, it was all I could do to keep from dozing off.

Honestly, Mr. Gladly seems more and more incompetent. He’s got at least two students doing this now, and he’s not even trying to do anything worth mentioning about either.

Still, spending the class half asleep made it go by faster.  I was startled when the bell rang.

Where what who whuh?