i know the photo is old but whatever

I miss you. My favorite thing to do on nights like this, is listen to your favorite songs and watch videos I know always made you laugh. I like to sit wearing your sweatshirt, and scroll through old photos of us. I always end up crying whenever I do this. I miss you a lot actually. But I fully understand that you don’t miss me. And that’s okay..well not okay for me..but it’s okay for you. It’s whatever.
—  j // I need to stop
Greetings, again.

How’s it going? I have submitted before, but unfortunately my friendships wilted away like a flower with no water. My name is David, but you can call me whatever you desire. I would upload a photo if it was not due to my phone being egregious. I am 18 years old, and reside in the United States, more specifically the state of Kansas (I know don’t let that drive you away). I adore overcast weather, with rain being my favorite of any; reading (mainly philosophy and science) and meditating are some of my main interests along with video games. Music is also a colossal piece of my daily life, with my taste being mainly alternative/indie music, however I can stand to listen to mainly anything you except country and metal! I really love to think about everything, and enjoy having deep conversations. I can practically speak forever, and am quite a good listener in addition to giving good advice/comfort. If I’m honest I’m looking for anyone that ranges from 16-20, and will not stop talking to me after a few days or weeks. I will say that if you are discriminatory, racist, or degrade anyone else for no reason then abjure from reaching me. I also forgot to mention I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and am decent at French and German. I suppose that is all for now, if you decide I might be some sort of intriguing to you then you can contact me at
Tumblr: sinisterruffian
I hope to hear from you soon!:)


SO. While going through old photos I saw that I had this one on my fb (for whatever reason). And I fancied doing a quick redraw to test my skills. Needless to say I definitely feel like I improved, ALOT. Not only did I draw this a billion times faster (granted I know it’s like, half the sketch, but I remember very vividly drawing this) but I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on volume. And eye line. Holy shit has that gotten better. 

Original: November 2014
Redraw: June 2016. 

P.S. Since the old drawing I’ve adopted a three legged cat that I promptly named Hiccup <3 

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1. How old are you? - 18
2. Dream job? - idk
3. What’s a big goal you are working towards or have already achieved? - FCE, I passed it last June
4. What’s your aesthetic? - sky at dawn and gloaming, pastel colours, neon lights, Italian landscapes and city photos
5. Do you collect anything? - not really
6. What’s a topic you’re always up to talk about? - whatever honestly
7. What’s a pet peeve of yours? - spoilers, people who make jokes at other’s expense thinking they are funny
8. Good advice to give? - don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable, sometimes it’s okay to let your guard down
9. Recommend 3 songs? - Lost on you by LP, Jump by Astrid S, Young and beautiful by Lana del Rey

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Jikook’s old tweets for/about each other compilation

Aren’t you all curious about what is the maknae doing lately? hh he is doing well kk a photo we took together, certification shot~!

Jeon Jungkookie! He doesn’t know I’ve taken a photo of him! He can’t know I uploaded a photo ㅜㅜ!

[Jikook tweets on jungkook’s birthday 130901]

[JIMIN?] Jungkook who got tricked thank you and I love you ^^ you’re not an easy target so it was so so fun ^^^!!

[JUNGKOOK] Ah I can’t believe I got tricked… ah I’m mad!!! I’m good at noticing things quickly!!

Today at Shout-out-your-anger-Bangtan, Jungkook screamed a lot but Jungkook practices singing like this?^^ Jungkook-ah, you’re close to your hyungs?~ answer me…

#HappyBTSJIMINDay hyung congrats

Bangtan’s most charming ones.. We’ll go Japan and be back safely~~


[JIMIN] @BTS_TWT Who took this for you? Could it be the handsome and innocent Jiminie hyung who took this for you?

[JUNGKOOK] @BTS_TWT (I took it) myself. By self-timer. To have the right timing you have to stay tense.

Today as well let’s start the day excitingly shall~~~?we?hehe

Jiminie-hyung is sleeping beside me but he’s snoring :( He’s really loud,  he seems really tired… hoho

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If it’s about taking rad photos that your friends are going to condescendingly call ‘so tumblr’, it’s about doing that. If it’s about singing at the top of your lungs when you’re tone deaf, it’s about doing that. If it’s about showing of your ass because you know it’s cute, even if you get called a slut, it’s about doing that. If it’s wearing something you probably can’t pull of like woman’s platform converse shoes when you’re a 19 year old man, it’s about doing that. Whatever it is, I urge you to do it. Don’t let people stifle you because you’re doing the shit that they have always been too scared to do. Love your body, let your mind wander and let yourself be the person that you’ve secretly always wanted to be. 

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

- Troye Sivan

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Out of control hits the nail on the head tbh. Idk like I know larries have always been slightly questionable and I knew that even when i was one, but it never felt quite this mean spirited. I feel like with every hit they take they're growing more and more into this huge monster just because they're not winning anything anymore, like even when they celebrate whatever they take as a win you can tell it's hollow. I really hope more people see that soon.

tru like from what i’ve seen lately and also thinking back on an old larrie friend who dropped me completely and how she used to get upset even seeing a photo of danielle or freddie on her dash and how she would literally claim she was depressed because harry and louis couldn’t come out yet… they are hopeless people clinging to something they know isn’t real and letting it impact their personal lives and relationships to an extent that is honestly scary to watch :///

This blog hasn’t been greatly maintained recently and I don’t know how many people are still on here but I’ve just posted this photo (x) and tonight my thoughts are with everyone here or who has been here. it’s kinda comforting to know whoever we all are, however old or young, whatever gender or sex, whatever race or religion we are all under the same sky. I just wanted to let you all know you are not alone, no matter how lonely you feel or what life or your eating disorder throws at you there are people here, even if they are strangers, who believe in you and will continue to believe in you. Wishing you all a night of as much peace as possible.

Nothing but love,


Ok, listen. I’m a 20 year old American woman. I’m dating a 21 year old American man. I also know many 20-something American guys. Never have I ever heard any of them utter the words “give it a go”. Give it a try, yes. Give it a go, no. As I suspected since quotes started being published from family and friends, the players in this drama are being compensated for having their names and pictures used. Somebody in the UK is making up the quotes and putting whatever words they want in their mouths. Hence this little slip up with the Brit speak.

Briana’s first post baby bombshell photo op. This ho stroll was brought to you by Adidas, proud sponsor of Louis Tomlinson.

What a coinky dink. No really, these stunt coordinators think of everything. Because obviously, Louis has a promo deal with Adidas.

He wears it:

His friends/entourage wears it:

Now alleged baby mama is wearing it. Too convenient. Another little detail that points to intentional stuntin’ and staged fakery.

And first XFactor UK winner, Steve Brookstein, called all this out quite nicely:


this may come across wrong but i feel like seeing these pictures of harry humanized him. i feel like i’ve been seeing a masquerade of harry since 2013 and these pics just sort of brought him down off that pedastal everyone puts him up on. the harry we know and love is more than just crazy shirts, long hair, and a quirky personality. i’m never for leaking personal photos of anyone, but for whatever reason they were leaked i feel like we can agree its nice to see the old harry agin, just being him.

Thoughts on S2E19 (the episode that will earn Spader an Emmy nomination)

Random thoughts…

All in all, good episode. I’m happy the Brandon writing team was at work along with a couple of others.

About time they finally give Spader dialogue worthy of an Emmy nomination… then Liz’s reaction kind of ruined the moment, but not quite because he is Spader. Still though, can’t Liz express something besides anger once in awhile? Pretty please. The anger and tears are growing old.

Red’s apartment with all those vinyl records. And his cat. Lots of photos, but I didn’t notice one of his former wife or daughter… something to study later.

Mr. Kaplan with that revolver taking out the cabal operatives, showing Red she cares by kissing his forehead, leaving to do what he’s asked because she knows whatever it may be is priority. This is a strong female character and she is amazingly portrayed.

Dembe. Oh Hisham, how you stole nearly every scene you were in. One of the smartest things TPTB has done is to make this character a series regular for S3. This gentleman is a true actor, how he shines when given an opportunity. We need much more of him (and Aram).

Tom. I dislike you. But I dislike what TPTB are doing more, sweeping past transgressions under the rug. Guess what, we won’t forget. And just because Tom was shooting the cabal guys to “help” Red, that doesn’t make us like him any better. And it sure appears that Tom has taken Ressler’s place as Liz’s partner which again makes me wonder about a possible character death.

Tom’s “lecture” at Red where the S1 hospital meeting was discussed. Nope, not buying that explanation. TPTB, you will never convince us that it was part of your original plan for Red to have hired Tom. You changed this part of the story over the summer, before S2 began.

Former doctor flame that Liz cheated on to be with Tom. This guy has potential. Good actor, got the George Clooney thing going on. Too bad Liz cheated, I thought more of her than that. If she wanted Tom fine, but at least have the maturity and respect to break up before your boyfriend finds your new lover in the kitchen. Classy Liz, classy.

The fulcrum. Cool device and technology, but I’m glad that’s done. 

The Cabal. I miss Fitch. Alda’s departure left a void that was somewhat filled tonight by the actor playing Leonard Caul. They should keep him around.

Red reaching for Liz and their bloody hands gripping each other. Yep. Priceless.

The scene below… wow. Why Red, why? Because you’re in love with her and can’t stand the thought of losing her? Uh huh, that’s what we thought.