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I feel like this has been done before but, concept, the zimmermanns recreating The Photo after the falconers win the Stanley cup

oooooh anon you have hit a humor trifecta for me here: people recreating childhood photos, hilariouslyembarassing!dadbob, and any mention of strange babby jay-z. so here we go:

so a few years after jack joins the falconers, they win the cup. it’s amazing, and emotional, and crazy etc. bad bob is so damn happy for his son. it’s been a rough go at times but he’s so happy jack has achieved this major goal. 

shortly thereafter, feeling a bit nostalgic, he is looking through old pictures when he comes upon it, *that* picture. how had he not busted this one out before? its hilarious. and sometimes when you’re a parent you get to embarrass your kid a little. so his wheels start spinning as to what he’s going to do with this lovely photograph. he’s scrolling through facebook (or something) later when it hits him. he has the perfect idea. but he’s gonna need to recruit a little help…

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Don’t ask.

It’s 3 am and for the first time in a while I NEEDED to draw. Shame it’s just a doodle at the moment, but who knows? Maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow???

Naruto alone in his office, behind his hokage desk, picture in hand: Where are you now? Where have you gone? I..miss you. All of that pain..we could have gone through it together. Do you yearn for me the way I yearn for you? I could’ve helped you..instead this is where we ended our journey. We could’ve helped each other. Instead of saving each other, we had to save ourselves and I still couldn’t reach you..why didn’t you take me with you, we could’ve endured this together..I love—

Boruto: Dad?

Naruto, startled and dropping the photo: Oh! Boruto—how long have you—how much did you—what do you want?

Boruto, walking over with a picture in hand: I..just came to remind you about Himawari’s birthday tonight. To not miss it.

Naruto internally: I have to send a shadow clone. No way in hell I’m going to miss Sasuke dropping by.

Boruto: Also, why were you looking at a picture of Uncle Sasuke..while saying all that—

Naruto: Sasuke?! Where is—oh you mean—I was actually talking about your mother! I just—look at Sasuke’s photo so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Naruto internally: Damnit he’ll never buy that!

Boruto: Whatever, old man. Speaking of mom, I found her photo in the toilet in the civilians bathroom *handing the photo over*

Naruto internally: What the hell?! I’ve asked Shikamaru to get rid of this trash three times!!

Boruto: Thing is, this is the third time I’ve found it down there. I keep bringing it back to your desk and it somehow ends back up in the toilet..

Naruto: I’ll hold onto it. Thanks for letting me know. I’m a busy man. I’ll be seeing you.

Boruto, turning to exit: Right. Don’t forget, old man.

Naruto internally: Maybe I can ask Sasuke to use his Amaterasu on the photo..

Boruto: Oh. And dad..all Himawari wants for her birthday is for you to just spend time with us.

Naruto internally: That just might work..I can’t wait to see Sasuke. I have so much to talk about.

Naruto: Right. By the way, Boruto.

Boruto, turning towards Naruto: Yeah, old man?

Naruto: That’s daddy Sasuke to you.



Boruto: Ex..cuse me?

Naruto: Oh..did I say that..out loud?

Boruto: Yeah. I’m leaving now, dad.

Naruto internally: That was close.

Naruto: I almost told my own son my deep, inpenetratable admiration and love towards Sasuke that I’ve felt for the last fifteen years.

Boruto at the doorway: What…

Naruto: Fuck.

New Starts

Word count: 1000+

Reader’s boyfriend cheats on her, revenge and confessions. 

Characters: ReaderXCastiel, Dean, Sam. 

You came back to the bunker after breaking up with your boyfriend. You stormed in and slammed the door, “STUPID SON OF A BITCH!” Both of your brothers jumped up from the library table, “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” You walked pass them and headed towards your room with your brothers not far behind you. Dean grabbed your arm before you could keep going, “Kiddo, just stop for a minute. What’s going on?”

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Can I just say thank you for your continued Zayn support/ blogging? Because it's amazing and I love seeing posts about him from people who support Larry as well <3

I mean…Zayn might be the embodiment of this gif:

But I still love that hoe. I love his music…literally the intro to Mind of Mine is some of the best fifty-seven seconds of music I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the rest of the album which deserved so much more than the half-arsed promo it got. No doubt thanks to the fact that it’s still linked to Syco’s ineptitude. 

Look at him at his last 1D concert:

I just don’t think he’s this evil diva that he’s being made out to be. Considering that he might actually be the only member of One Direction still contractually tied to the old team, I just don’t see the logic in side eying everything in the tabloids about the other four, but just taking whatever is said about Zayn at face value. Whatever the truth is I don’t think we’ve heard it, nor do I think we’ll get it from this book. 

Anyway here’s my favourite photo of Zayn:

Also remember when he was way too excited about Harry feeling him up?

Like, chill. You know we can see what you’re doing with your face, right?

Also I lied, this is my favourite photo of Zayn:

Every time I see it I’m like 

Anyway, yeah. I love Zayn. I hope he’s alright and that his treehouse is structurally sound because ever since I found out he built it himself I’ve been extremely concernicus about it. 


As a kid, I loved every opportunity to go stay at a hotel. It was rare - my family didn’t go on many vacations. But when we did, the hotel room was always more exciting to me than whatever we were actually there for. Just being somewhere new. Sleeping on a different bed. Being confused by the number of sheets/blankets/covers there were. (I still don’t know what all of them are for. I just have my bed sheets and a blanket at home… Am I doing it wrong?)

Anyway. Lately, my self-esteem has been at an all time low. Current self-image is pretty negative. So, I thought I’d go through my old photos and find some where I looked happy and try to channel myself from back then. These photos were taken around this time one year ago. I was travelling to Alberta for an interview and I stayed at a hotel in Calgary overnight. I had a grand time. A king bed all to myself! Stacks on stacks (of towels)! I was a little bored in bed so I took a few selfies, as one does…~

Oh, and I got the job, so I guess that was good too!

Actual conversation between me and my father who happened to be a big tease again:

me: yesterday Mario uploaded a new photo showing his sexy back, and I couldn’t help but tweet him telling his back is beautiful.

he: it will pass…

me: eh?

he: his so-called beaty… he’ll get old and it’ll pass. this is just a temporary shit.

me: fine… *I roll my eyes and leave, not because I don’t agree, I know beauty is just a temporary thing. I left because this was what he highlighted and not the fact that I messaged him in JAPANESE, what is a pretty big thing for me*

he: *joins me after some minutes* okay, show me what you wrote

me: you can’t even read it, as I said it’s in Japanese

he: whatever, just show me

me: okay… *I show him the photo with my tweet*

he: *looks at the photo* are you sure this is not a girl? his face and even his back is feminine… I have doubts if this is a boy

me: dad… stahp

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I'm so glad they have a Voltron account like this on Tumblr. This is what I exactly wanted! <3 Just an idea I thought about. Team Voltron confessing to their s/o How would they do it? Would they be nervous or bold? In private or in front of everybody? Thank you ☺️💕

Aww! Thank you!  Welcome to The Paladen. We’re so glad you decided to stop by. Eeeep this request is so cute. Hope you enjoy it!


There is an internal struggle that prevents Shiro from confessing so quickly. He’s known his feelings for a while now, but there is a persistent nagging in the back of his head that taunts him (“You’ll never be a good lover.”). One of his biggest fears is not being good enough. Be as it may, Shiro would eventually overcome his own doubts. His s/o would heavily play the part as moral support.

The actual confession would have to be flawless. Shiro is a bit of a perfectionist, so he’d pay special attention to every fine detail. As he tends to lean towards the more traditional ways, Shiro would set up a date at home. There would be a table set for two with a candlelit, homemade dinner courtesy of Hunk. 

Once dinner is over, the two sit outside under a sea of stars, and bathed in the silvery sheen of moonlight. There is a prolonged period of silence before Shiro would finally muster up the courage to tell them. With his good hand firmly intertwined with theirs, he’d begin to explain just how much they mean to him.

“I love you,” and he can finally breathe. “I love you so much.”


Lance is the guy who finally realizes his own feelings for his s/o when they are doing something pretty mundane, such as folding laundry or washing dishes. Still, it takes him a while to truly understand what’s going on. Although not that dense, Lance is pretty oblivious to the obvious. But also because he hasn’t really explored a relationship as the one he has with his s/o, there are many experiences to be had, one of which is love.

What is love? And why does his chest suddenly hurt all of the sudden whenever he sees them, or whenever they talk to him? 

… Wait.

As blindsided as he is, Lance is quick to confess. Well, maybe not that quick. He’s nervous–yeah, the blue paladin is nervous. He’s definitely that guy in the bathroom practicing in front of a mirror, but no matter what he says or how he words it, nothing’s right. It all feels so fake.

Lance still manages to find the courage to ask his s/o out on a date. It’d be the obligatory dinner at some fancy-schmancy restaurant where it would be required to dress in formal wear to even enter.

During the whole meal, Lance would be rather nervous and he would try so hard to wait for the right moment to tell his s/o. However once it came to dessert he couldn’t hold it out and blurt “I really love you” as he blushes profusely and takes their hand in his. He’d then tell them how much he loved them and how happy they made him. Lance would honestly be out of breath by the end because he literally blurted it out all in one breath.

Keith would not want to admit he has feelings for his s/o. He’d probably try and avoid his s/o at first, since seeing them would make his heart race and his cheek flush. His s/o would be sad, and frustrated that Keith seems to be avoiding them, and they’d probably talk to one of the other paladins. Eventually someone (Shiro or Lance?) would totally notice what he’s doing, either on their own or with the s/o and call him out. Like, “hey you’re avoiding ____?” And Keith would be like “N-No I’m!” But after some pestering he’d finally cave and admit it. He’d explain he loves them, but doesn’t quite know how to tell them that.

 Once he finally does admit to being in love with his s/o, he’d debate on how to talk to them about it forEVER. Like at least a week of talking to himself and trying to plan it. Finally he gets them flowers, thinking that’s probably the best option after doing tons of research on romance, and he hands them to his s/o after pulling them aside. He’d rub the back of his neck and shyly admit that…he sort of loves them or whatever and he’s sorry for not being honest right away.

Hunk would realize that he loved his s/o when looking at old texts and photos between them. He’d realize that he really doesn’t want to be without them. He’d be so happy about this realization he couldn’t dare hold it in. 

 He’d probably go around shouting “I LOVE _____. GUYS GUESS WHAT?! I LOVE _____!”. The whole team would know before his s/o and he wouldn’t care. He was just so happy. And every moment until the next time he sees his s/o he’d have to mention that he loved them to whoever was with him at the time. 

He’d say it so much that his teammates would end up saying “WE KNOW”. Hunk would just grin and say “Well I do”. And the second he does see his s/o he’d smile widely and just say. “Hey ____.  I love you. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me” he’d tell them as he hugs them tightly in his arms. Then he’d kiss them happily. 

Pidge would know from the very beginning that she liked her s/o. Yet she never admitted it and didn’t believe it at first. However, the closer she had gotten to them the more she fell for them.  When the realization actually hits her she does so much research on love and what it is that her internet history is filled with websites dedicated to love and such. She would even ask advice from Alurra and Coran.

Pidge would still not know how to confess though because how Alteans express love was a bit different than what is considered normal on Earth. Also Pidge was way to embarrassed and also too stubborn to ask for any of the other paladin’s help. Fortunately though because she was amazing at programing she decided to get Rover help to her out. Rover would seek out her s/o and motion to them to follow it to a secret place in the castle. There would Pidge be, on her laptop and she would look up and smile when she sees her s/o. 

“Oh there you are. I’ve got something to tell you. I’ve realized that I have these feelings for you and from what i’ve researched I believed it’s called love. So yeah I guess I love you. And  well…”

Her s/o would stop her rambling with a kiss and she’d melt.

Also sorry this took so long. It’s cause all three mods help put this one together!


I see @professor-beatrice-hotchkiss post her Polyvore clothing sets (or whatever they’re called) and I don’t have an account on there (maybe I’ll make one, who knows?), so I wanted to make my own version of this.

Unfortunately these are just pictures that I found on Google and I didn’t research enough to know where to buy these clothes or how much they cost, but oh well. This was just for fun! :) I hope you all like it!

this may come across wrong but i feel like seeing these pictures of harry humanized him. i feel like i’ve been seeing a masquerade of harry since 2013 and these pics just sort of brought him down off that pedastal everyone puts him up on. the harry we know and love is more than just crazy shirts, long hair, and a quirky personality. i’m never for leaking personal photos of anyone, but for whatever reason they were leaked i feel like we can agree its nice to see the old harry agin, just being him.

Eyes in the Photo

“When did you take this one, mommy?”

The youngest of the Bennett-Mikaelson children sat on her daddy’s favorite comfy green chair as she looked through her mother’s photos. She loved looking through her mommy’s pictures. The Bennett witch rarely does it now but when she does, she always brought her little sweet pea along.

Bonnie turned her head from her camera and instantly smiled at the black and white photo her daughter held out to her.

“That’s an old one. I’ve taken that way before I had any of you.” She leaned down over Aurora to look at the picture. “Your daddy had this sudden urge to have adventure.”

Aurora looked up at her mommy puzzled. “Why?”

Bonnie shrugged. “Just because.” She slid behind her daughter and sat her on her lap. “We didn’t really have responsibilities then. We traveled a lot. Your father took me to so many places around the world. Places I never imagined I would get to see. Beautiful places.”

“Where was this taken?”

“That was taken in Siena, Italy.” Bonnie leaned back in the chair letting her memories swarm her. “Daddy just got finished buying this painting he wanted for a long time.”

“Is it a part of his special collection?”

“Mhmm. Right in his study downstairs. Ask daddy to show it to you later.” The little girl nodded her head. “After he got the painting, we were going through the markets. I remember it being so lively. People were everywhere. Across from the markets farther away, there were bakeries, floral shops, and some restaurants. A lot of places. Right next to this one restaurant, I forgot the name, there was a live band in this square. The locals would sing and dance while others gathered around watching them.”

“Did you dance, mommy?”

Bonnie nodded her head. “I did.”

“Did daddy dance too?”

“Nope.” Both mother and daughter frowned. “Daddy just watched.”

“Party pooper.”

“Pooper indeed.” Bonnie kissed Aurora’s dimpled cheek causing the four year old to giggle. “Daddy doesn’t dance. He knows how, he just don’t like to. Complete opposite from your Uncle Elijah.”

“Uncle ‘Lijah loves to dance, especially with me and Aunt Gigi.”
Aurora stared back down at the picture of her father. “He looks handsome.”

“Very.” Bonnie leaned over Aurora shoulder to stare at her husband’s eyes. Even through a photo the man had a way to grab onto her soul. “I loved that morning.” She whispered. “The sun was out. There was a nice breeze…” Bonnie shook her head as she bit her bottom lip. Her finger ran lightly over Klaus’ face. “Everything… Everything about that day was magical.”

Aurora’s attention was pulled away from the photo when she heard her mother’s soft voice. Her sapphire eyes stared at emerald ones moving steadily over the picture. The little Bennett-Mikaelson could tell her mommy was remembering something, something important. It was an copious amount of moments on that particular day her mother cherished greatly. And as she remembered, Aurora could see the look her mommy gives everytime she sees her daddy.

“It was just fantastic.” Bonnie sniffed then grinned down at her daughter.

“So when did you take the picture?”

“We were walking through the back streets. It was away from the crowd but we could still hear the music playing. It was just muffled.” Bonnie hummed the tune rocking back and forth. “Run away with me in the moonlight.” She sung softly. “Run away with me tonight. Run away with me and hold me tight.”

Aurora loved when her mother sing, especially to her. “I like it.”

“I do too.“Bonnie cleared her throat before she continued. “Anyway, I saw someone selling jewlery. I went to buy some while daddy waited for me across the street. I was coming back to him to finish our walk and then…I froze.”

Aurora pinched her eyebrows together. “Why?”

“You know I can’t really explain it.” The Bennett-Mikaelson witch chuckled lightly. “He was leaning against the backdoor of this old antique shop looking at something or thinking of something.” Her eyes glazed over reminiscing that exact moment. “Whatever it was, he was completely at peace. He was…” Bonnie huffed and sucked her teeth feeling flustered with herself that she couldn’t find the right words. “I can’t tell you how it was in words because…I just can’t explain it.” She finally gave up.

Aurora turned from her mother to the photo in her hands trying to see what her mother was seeing.

“All I knew was I had to capture this because I knew I won’t be able to see it again for a long while.” Bonnie pulled her daughter more to her and leaned her cheek on Aurora’s chocolate curls. “So, I grabbed my camera ready to take it. Soon as I was about to click away, your father turned to me and my heart just stopped.”

Warmth and love filled her heart as the words continued to pour out of her. “I was breathless. Absolutely breathless.” Bonnie rubbed her thumb over Klaus’ face. “Though his face was stoic and ready, his eyes were still unguarded. They still held that contentment he had from before. And I snapped the picture.” Bonnie kissed the top of Aurora’s head. “Though you can barely see how soft his eyes were, it’s there if you look closely. It’s my favorite picture out of all the pictures I’ve taken. You know how daddy hates taking pictures.”

“Then what happened?” Aurora questioned not wanting the story to end.

“Then he walked over to me, took my camera and placed it in my bag, he kissed me gently on my lips then took my hand into his and we danced.”

Aurora turned fully to her mommy wrapping her arms around her neck excited to hear more. “You were dancing?”

“We danced in the middle of the street.”

“Was daddy a good dancer, mommy?”

“I was a great dancer.” Klaus entered the room walking towards them. “Superb even.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “He was alright.”

Klaus placed a hand over his heart. “You hurt me, love.” When stood in front of his two favorite girls, he kissed his daughter and wife hello. He was about to move away until he caught the black and white photo of him being held tightly in his daughter’s hand. “Bonnie, I told you to get rid of that horrid picture.”

“And I told you no.” Bonnie batted back.

Klaus pouted. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“I don’t know why. I’m not getting rid of that photo, Nik.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“We will.”

“Anyway,” Klaus turned away from his irritating beautiful wife to the bundle in her arms. “Hayley is downstairs with Oliver. She wanted to take you to the swa-”

“Nik -” Bonnie warned.

“- a fine outing.” Klaus corrected himself. “Lucas and Henrik are with Hope. They wanted to have a late lunch together. Hayley wants you to come along.”

“Mommy can I?” Aurora turned to Bonnie with her big eyes filled with hope.

“Of course you can.” Bonnie kissed cheeks before letting her little girl go. “Make sure you bring your backpack with you and bring your little napkins for your nose.” Bonnie called after her daughter as she sprint down the hall and stairs to meet her godmother and god brother. “And make sure you wear your jean jacket!” Mother and father chuckled hearing a long sigh and little footsteps coming back up the steps.

When she heard the group downstairs say their goodbyes and door close, only then the couple of twenty years glared meanly at each other.

“Burn the picture.”


Outside the Bennett-Mikaelson Tudors home, Hayley was walking hand and hand with her munchkins to her truck.

“So here’s the deal, I need to do a little shopping before we go to the park. We go to the park, then meet up with Jackson to meet with Hope and the boys for lunch at the cottage, then later movies and ice cream. How does that sound?”

“Ice cream first.” Ollie jumped beside his mother.

“No. Ice cream comes later.” Hayley opened the car door. “Get in, pup.” Oliver hopped in and sat in his car seat to be buckled in.

Aurora went to step in the truck but stopped remembering something. “Can I get something from the house?”

“Hurry up, Little Bit. We got to go.”

Aurora ran back in the house as fast as her little feet could carry her and hurried up the steps to her parents room. She wanted to show Ollie the picture of her daddy.

When Aurora came to her mommy and daddy’s room she did not enter. In front of the little Bennett-Mikaelson her parents were dancing in the middle of the floor. Her mother’s head was lying in the crook of her father’s neck with her arms wound tightly around her husband’s waist. Her father swayed them slowly back and forth humming the same song she heard moments ago from her mommy.

“Run away with me in the moonlight…run away with me tonight…”

Aurora didn’t know how long she was watching them but hearing her godmother call for her got her attention. She caught sight of the picture on the green cushion chair. Quietly she grabbed the picture as her parents continued swaying to father’s soft raspy voice serenading his little witch.

Before turning away to leave, she caught Klaus giving a half sleeping Bonnie a kiss on her forehead whispering words the little girl didn’t understand.

However, what she did understand was that her mommy and daddy loved each other.

Aurora giggled at the thought. “Very much.”

- I was taking a break from writing and seen this picture of Joseph Morgan and instantly felt inspired to do a little Tumblr mini one-shot for my klonnie fanfic Just Ours 😉😊 -


If it’s about taking rad photos that your friends are going to condescendingly call ‘so tumblr’, it’s about doing that. If it’s about singing at the top of your lungs when you’re tone deaf, it’s about doing that. If it’s about showing of your ass because you know it’s cute, even if you get called a slut, it’s about doing that. If it’s wearing something you probably can’t pull of like woman’s platform converse shoes when you’re a 19 year old man, it’s about doing that. Whatever it is, I urge you to do it. Don’t let people stifle you because you’re doing the shit that they have always been too scared to do. Love your body, let your mind wander and let yourself be the person that you’ve secretly always wanted to be. 

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

- Troye Sivan

I miss you. My favorite thing to do on nights like this, is listen to your favorite songs and watch videos I know always made you laugh. I like to sit wearing your sweatshirt, and scroll through old photos of us. I always end up crying whenever I do this. I miss you a lot actually. But I fully understand that you don’t miss me. And that’s okay..well not okay for me..but it’s okay for you. It’s whatever.
—  j // I need to stop
Losing Her (part 3)- Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Yay! The conclusion to Losing Her is finally here! I want to say thanks so much to everyone for all the likes on my last post holy wow I couldn’t of asked for more. To get into writing this final part I was listening to Fitzpleasure by alt-J for the fight scenes and All I Want by Kodaline for the ending! And now, Losing Her part 3! Thanks to all who followed and enjoyed this story! :)

POV: Peter Parker/Spiderman

Part One         Part Two

Originally posted by teamunderoos

I made my way through New York silently aiming my webs at roof tops, allowing my self to swing above the streets. It took a while to find the place, but the smell gave it away. The air around the shabby abandoned building was tainted with the scent of booze and cigars. How stupid were these guys, all meeting in one place, practically setting them selves up for the cops? I shook my head landing quietly on a building above the scene. 

Below me a group of villains leaned against the brick wall no doubt comparing tattoos and laughing about how many crimes they committed this week. I felt something building in my chest as I glared down, crouched in the shadows, it was pure anger, the days of waiting, of looking, the days without her were driving me crazy and now I was so close. Don’t get me wrong I tried to think rationally about how to confront these guys I mean they were twice my size and I was out numbered six to one outside of the club, who knew how many were actually in the place, but suddenly none of it mattered. I swung down landing right in front of the men and stood to face them. At first they were caught by surprise, but they recovered quickly stepping towards me reaching for knives or guns or whatever they had on them. I however, was not in the mood. 

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Two crucial ideas I just had about my future (while stoned)

1) When I’m older I’ll secretly give my journals away to my absolute favorite vintage / antique shops all around the USA in states / places dear to me. At 27, 40, 53, 75… Whatever she feels right. I have this idea because in a vintage shop I was in yesterday, I found an old photograph Baby log book about a baby born in 1967. I read through it and found names, and photos, and memories his mother wrote down and it was amazing to read. It’s weird and beautiful! Someone beautiful could find my journals someday. They will have new songs to listen to and comfort words and hopefully know that someone else felt sad and happy like them too.

2) Maleguena Salerosa by Chingon WILL be MY wedding song, EVEN if I get married to MYSELF. The baby’s yours, Bill!


SO. While going through old photos I saw that I had this one on my fb (for whatever reason). And I fancied doing a quick redraw to test my skills. Needless to say I definitely feel like I improved, ALOT. Not only did I draw this a billion times faster (granted I know it’s like, half the sketch, but I remember very vividly drawing this) but I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on volume. And eye line. Holy shit has that gotten better. 

Original: November 2014
Redraw: June 2016. 

P.S. Since the old drawing I’ve adopted a three legged cat that I promptly named Hiccup <3 

So. I’ve been asked to say something about this, and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it, because I’m somehow dead inside, but here we go ha. 

First of all, because this is probably going to get long as it always does when it comes to me ad you might not finish the whole thing, I want to say that your safety and health comes first. I want to put emphasizes on this, because I’ve been in the fandom for years and I know this is the worst that they’ve thrown at us and I know it is stressful as fuck. It’s manipulative and gross and I encourage you to take a break if you feel like that’s what you need to do, alright? That’s the most important thing. This stuff will blow off eventually, and you need to do what is best for you. That should be your priority now. I, personally, am not going anywhere you can count on me not giving them what they want right now, but there still might come the time when I need to take a break. And that wwould be alright, because everyone deals with things differently. You need to make sure you are alright. 

Being said that, I am really uncomfortable now. The whole thing crossed the line for me when TMZ posted the picture of different baby, though I know this might be intentional, it just made me very uncomfortable about the whole situation, because they got another innocent human being involved. And that is why I am beyond grossed out right now. They actually got another innocent human being involved right now, whether you think the photo of Louis is photoshopped, or it is old photo of him with one of the twins or whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me, because what really matters is the fact that they want us to think it is Louis with Freddie, whether it is him or not, they are manipulating w people and they are doing all this to Louis, the boys and their families, and they are doing this to us and I am tired and I don’t like this at all. 

Being said that, theres so much violence and bullying being spread around the internet right now that I can’t believe my own eyes. I can’t believe there are people capable of treating larries this way, without larries actually hurting them (and I know that for a fact as I have never ever attacked an anti and I simply delete/block their messages and I am being continuously attacked without a reason) and I encourage you to block hateful messages. In fact, blok posts, unfolloww people, block people. Do whatever you need to fo in order for you to feel alright. Please know that you will be alright, please know that there is nothing wrong with believeing your own intelligence and critical thinking, there is nothing wrong with believing in Harry and Louis. You are NOT ruining their lives, you have NOT driven them apart, you are NOT the one to blame for all the mess that is happening. Remember that we talked about it. That the photo was posted when there were starting to pop up paternity test articles, as small outlests as those were. As I said, if you start believing this now, well good for you, if you have the ability to do that then just do it, I get that it can be easier and I won’t be stopping anyone. But I stand firm in my belief. Noww more than ever and I just can’t ignore the facts. I can’t ignore the fact that Louis never spoke publicly about it and suddenly his Twitter was so happy, when only pap photos where he smiled were the ones on the phone from 26th, without the baby and B. I can’t ignore the fact that Oli went with them to ‘doctors appointment’, that she never looked like she actually gave birth, that Louis was not seen interacting with her after the scandal broke, that Jay didn’t pay any attention until now, that the boys and Louis’ real friends are not paying attention. 

I can’t ignore the fact that this comes in time with the boys leaving modest and Syco, I can’t ignore the fact that Louis has always been the one that Simon really fears, I can’t ignore the fact that the smear campaiggn has been happening for months. I would like to do so. But I can’t. Larry aside, this doesn’t add up, larry aside, this is really fucking wrong. 

I still believe Harry and Louis are together and strong and they are going to win. Because this is nothing more than the final battle of the war that’s been on for five years now, and I know that they are going to get through this. I hope, from the bottom of my heart that Louis is okay. I hope they both are okay, because i believe in them. I hope they kow wwe are rooting for them. And I can’t unsee last five years either. I know enough to put the pieces together, I can’t ignore the tattoos, I can’t ignore the body language  I can’t ignore how they shut down their friendship for public, I can’t ignore the fact that I now enough to say that Harry and Louis are together and actually believe it. Still I need to say, DO NOT OUT THEM OUT Of YOUR FRUSTRATION. They deserve to come out on their own terms. 

And again, larry aside, this doesn’t go with what I knw about Louis at all either. I have seen enough over the past years to know that this is not how he would treat the mother of his child even if they weren’t together, this is not how he would treat his chid even if it was an accident. This is not Louis we know, and this is them trying to ruin Louis, this is nothing more than revenge. 

I still believe in them, and I hope they know that. I know they are going to make it. But I want to say that you are going to make it as well. I don’t know what to expect right now, so I am trying to not expect anything, I think this was the last huge thing, but there could be more, it is possible. It is possible they drag it out for longer than we tought. I don’t seriously know what’s going to come. They might deny it now when public’s eye is on it and they might not. But I am not going to speculate, because I am not in that position. Just brace yourselves, please. I still stand where I said the last time, I can’t bring myself to answer messages doubting larry, it offends me right now, and I will not stand for any mmessages saying Louis l/Harry let you down, owe you something etc .They don’t. 

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Please be safe. All the love. x