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...did seb get his nose done?

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I’m not an expert, but I don’t think so? in my opinion it’s probably just a combo of camera angles and shadows and The Aging Process taking him from fresh-faced twink with a bit of roundness and puppy fat to the haggard old man grown adult he is these days

who knows, though, because these profiles look a lil different, but again: the mystery of photography and post-processing

whatever. a mystery for the ages. I like his snoot either way, it’s a good nose. YOU GOT A GOOD FACE, PAL.

just as an aside, look at this photo I found while deep-diving into google images for “sebastian stan 2006″

that’s… a Look, seb. this whole situation is a Look. every woman in their late 20s-early 30s remembers dating one or more of these archetypes, and all of them were wildly disappointing.

I miss you. My favorite thing to do on nights like this, is listen to your favorite songs and watch videos I know always made you laugh. I like to sit wearing your sweatshirt, and scroll through old photos of us. I always end up crying whenever I do this. I miss you a lot actually. But I fully understand that you don’t miss me. And that’s okay..well not okay for me..but it’s okay for you. It’s whatever.
—  j // I need to stop


My name is Emily and I’m from Germany, where I go to a university in Berlin.
I started playing Mystic Messenger half a year ago and recently finished Seven’s route, which was my last route. And Zen is still my favorite, as you can see on the charm, which I purchased some time ago.
A fun fact: My birthday is on the same date as Zen’s, in fact the 1st of April. I was so happy when I found it out. ^.^ This year I’m going to be 20 years old, but I actually don’t want to be that old.. D: Sounds stupid, I know.

The first photo was actually shot in summer and so it’s some months old, but I look terrible today and don’t take many selfies like Zen, haha. But I didn’t changed my look, only my hair is now a little bit red/violet because of some hair rinse or whatever it is called in english..

Besides Mystic Messenger I’m playing also some other free Otome games, like Midnight Cinderella and some Shall we date? game. But I’m not playning only Otome games, there are many other games I like to play, that is for example the Assassin’s Creed franchise or Tomb Raider and so on.
Sometimes I also like to draw or to write and I would like to write some fanfiction, but I can’t write in english very well. This post is actually kinda hard for me, if I’m honest, but what can I do? ^^
I also like to watch animes and read mangas… 

And… yeah, I don’t know anything more, besides that I’m really shy, but if I’m comfortable with someone, I’m actually so hyper and crazy… but also kind :3

Yes… that has to be everything. So to those, who are reading this:
I hope you have a happy day or night or something like that!

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So like I'm trying to show a friend of mine a cosplay you did and I had stumbled upon some pretty old pictures of you (like the pic with the piercings or whatever) and it made me realize that you looked like Sebastian from Stardew Valley in your dark ages LOL or could it be your cosplay skills are so strong you go into the past and cosplay it before anyone even knows what it is? B)

Dark ages” ah yes, when we strolled down to ye old pub and discussed the black plague and ran from rats (or is it gerbils now? Science!).

Though yes, I can see how you’d think that based on my old modeling photos.

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Is it possible for you or photo anon to take a look at 2mm photos? LY bridge pic where she's jumping, it's a bit far away, but I think she might be wearing same thing and be in same location as the nov NC bridge pic when a certain scot was there. Could be wrong. Could be coincidence? Perhaps used old photo?

I don’t know if one or both are old pics or not-but whatever is going on with those two pics they are not a match. After Sam so obviously missed the much touted Thanksgiving dinner with the fam and there was no hint of his lovely hostess at the grocery meet and greet several days later in the nearby town-there suddenly, as Sam is heading for the airport on his final day in NC- is a pic of the lady, alone, on a footbridge at a scenic area high in the mountains. And then the next day another one is posted of the young lady on the same bridge- but this one is from far away and she is leaping in the air. I am sure the idea is for us to think that this is another shot from the same outing since Sam was no longer in the area on that second day post, but with closer inspection it is clear that she is wearing different clothing in each shot. As we have no way of knowing what she was wearing on either day it is not possible to know if either shot is in “real time” but what is clear is that they are not from the same time. It is a popular spot and I am sure she has visited it often in the past- and that she also took pictures.


SO. While going through old photos I saw that I had this one on my fb (for whatever reason). And I fancied doing a quick redraw to test my skills. Needless to say I definitely feel like I improved, ALOT. Not only did I draw this a billion times faster (granted I know it’s like, half the sketch, but I remember very vividly drawing this) but I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on volume. And eye line. Holy shit has that gotten better. 

Original: November 2014
Redraw: June 2016. 

P.S. Since the old drawing I’ve adopted a three legged cat that I promptly named Hiccup <3 

Michelle Dockery says that if you asked her parents when she began performing they would answer that it was when she was two or three-years-old. “I wanted to entertain from such a young age, doing impersonations and putting on plays with my sisters,” says Dockery. “I always had it in me and loved it. ” She remembers being nine, performing for family members when they came to visit. “I would sing Sinéad O’Connor songs or whatever,” she shares. “Can you imagine a nine-year-old little girl singing “Nothing Compares 2 U” knowing nothing about life?” – Excerpt from FORBES [March 13, 2017]

READ the full article by clicking on the link below:

Michelle Dockery: ‘Everyone Needs Encouragement And Someone To Believe In You’

PHOTO of fetus Michelle from @theladydockers

Mm. Well, this is obnoxious.

Apparently you have to get a new passport photo taken if you’re renewing your old one. And I’ve filled up all the visa pages of mine, so now I have no choice except to wait in this literal hours-long line to get a new photo done. This is real life, total bullshit, people. I do not have time in my schedule for this today.

Oh, and– hi, or whatever. Sebastian Smythe. 

If you don’t know who I am, Trey should revoke your membership in this network because obviously you didn’t really go to Dalton.

Jikook’s old tweets for/about each other compilation

Aren’t you all curious about what is the maknae doing lately? hh he is doing well kk a photo we took together, certification shot~!

Jeon Jungkookie! He doesn’t know I’ve taken a photo of him! He can’t know I uploaded a photo ㅜㅜ!

[Jikook tweets on jungkook’s birthday 130901]

[JIMIN?] Jungkook who got tricked thank you and I love you ^^ you’re not an easy target so it was so so fun ^^^!!

[JUNGKOOK] Ah I can’t believe I got tricked… ah I’m mad!!! I’m good at noticing things quickly!!

Today at Shout-out-your-anger-Bangtan, Jungkook screamed a lot but Jungkook practices singing like this?^^ Jungkook-ah, you’re close to your hyungs?~ answer me…

#HappyBTSJIMINDay hyung congrats

Bangtan’s most charming ones.. We’ll go Japan and be back safely~~


[JIMIN] @BTS_TWT Who took this for you? Could it be the handsome and innocent Jiminie hyung who took this for you?

[JUNGKOOK] @BTS_TWT (I took it) myself. By self-timer. To have the right timing you have to stay tense.

Today as well let’s start the day excitingly shall~~~?we?hehe

Jiminie-hyung is sleeping beside me but he’s snoring :( He’s really loud,  he seems really tired… hoho

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If it’s about taking rad photos that your friends are going to condescendingly call ‘so tumblr’, it’s about doing that. If it’s about singing at the top of your lungs when you’re tone deaf, it’s about doing that. If it’s about showing of your ass because you know it’s cute, even if you get called a slut, it’s about doing that. If it’s wearing something you probably can’t pull of like woman’s platform converse shoes when you’re a 19 year old man, it’s about doing that. Whatever it is, I urge you to do it. Don’t let people stifle you because you’re doing the shit that they have always been too scared to do. Love your body, let your mind wander and let yourself be the person that you’ve secretly always wanted to be. 

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

- Troye Sivan

Interviewer (using a hairbrush microphone): So, Flutish, how do you feel about your Kickstarter being fully funded and having reached your first stretch goal?

Flutish: Oh well, you know, a bit like this old photo from my childhood! It’s 20:00/8PM and I think lying down on the floor and sleep-laughing sounds like a really great idea!

Interviewer: That’s… really weird!

Flutish: Whatever, this photo makes it seem like my sweatshirt says “tea” rather than whatever teamwork nonsense it was trying to sell. Tea! Tea!!!

Interviewer: *slowly backs away*

Can we have real talk

Okay first of all, y'all can ship whatever you want. Keep in mind, ships that are like: taoris, xiuhan (which conspiracies have shown me that somehow that they LIVE), hunhan, taohun (which brought me to love exo) you know… they have separated. Seeing old photos of kris and Tao; luhan and minseok is weird because I know (at least kris and Tao) they don’t talk anymore. What’s at the past stays there. I know how much they meant to each other at one point in time but that is in the past you can’t bring the past back so why waste time shipping something by digging through ruins of what used to be there? You have already looked through all the evidence. There is none left to prove, and one day Tao is going to find somebody, kris is going to find somebody and luhan definitely is going to replace his cats one day. Y'all need to end this suffering you keep ahold so tightly.

I’m trying to save y'all

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1: If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?
Well I guess I’d start off with Brian Molko, just cause, why not you know? Then Mark Hoppus for insanity and Ray Toro for positivity. Then I don’t know I’m thinking Travie McCoy cause there’s too many white guys (well idk if we’d count Brian as a guy but whatever) in there. Lastly I don’t know, someone who’d get the others up to no good so like Tre Cool or Frank Iero?

2: If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be?

an actual photo of one of my tattoos:

3: Older music or newer music?
Depends on the band, I’ll be honest I’m kind of more into FOB’s new music than they’re old stuff but to be fair I’ve been listening to FOB since like 2004 so that might just be cause I’m used to it. But like for Panic! that’s easily their old stuff cause their new stuff sucks. But then for like Paramore I’m really into self titled and Brand New Eyes is my favorite album, so it’s really a toss up based on the band. 

But in general, newer music is inherently better, because music is more complex and sophisticated than it used to be and also better recording equiptment, like I love the clash and the beatles but honestly you can’t pretend that the beatles are actually better than modern bands like the strokes.

4: What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up?

I’ll be honest I’d take a few creeper shots, and maybe, MAYBE, if i were to get enough courage I’d maybe ask for a picture. Also depends on the band, like if it were Paramore there’s nothing, not even my social anxiety that would stop me from talking to hayley, but if it were like all time low I’d just be like texting my friends “yo, guess who’s at the restaurant right now” *insert creeper shot*

in the death of dr. ogden, they said that her father was over 70 years old. so presumably under 75 or they would’ve just said that. in the photo of a young lionel ogden and caroline hill, they look to be in their early to mid 20s. that was apparently the most recent/only photo she had of them, which implies that she never really saw him again after that point in time. so then he got married to julia’s mother and she got married to someone else.

i originally thought julia’s mother was probably like 20 years younger than lionel but that can’t be the case if he was young when he married her. so if julia’s like 35 as of s7, then, they apparently didn’t manage to conceive for at least 10 years given this timeline…which could be the case, but really doesn’t seem to add up. cuz the likelihood they’d manage to conceive twice after so many years of trying isn’t very high. unless they didn’t have marital relations for 10+ years, which is also possible, but not very likely, even if they weren’t truly in love with one another.

or maybe julia’s mother had a number of miscarriages before she managed to have julia…

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This blog hasn’t been greatly maintained recently and I don’t know how many people are still on here but I’ve just posted this photo (x) and tonight my thoughts are with everyone here or who has been here. it’s kinda comforting to know whoever we all are, however old or young, whatever gender or sex, whatever race or religion we are all under the same sky. I just wanted to let you all know you are not alone, no matter how lonely you feel or what life or your eating disorder throws at you there are people here, even if they are strangers, who believe in you and will continue to believe in you. Wishing you all a night of as much peace as possible.

Nothing but love,


Thoughts on S2E19 (the episode that will earn Spader an Emmy nomination)

Random thoughts…

All in all, good episode. I’m happy the Brandon writing team was at work along with a couple of others.

About time they finally give Spader dialogue worthy of an Emmy nomination… then Liz’s reaction kind of ruined the moment, but not quite because he is Spader. Still though, can’t Liz express something besides anger once in awhile? Pretty please. The anger and tears are growing old.

Red’s apartment with all those vinyl records. And his cat. Lots of photos, but I didn’t notice one of his former wife or daughter… something to study later.

Mr. Kaplan with that revolver taking out the cabal operatives, showing Red she cares by kissing his forehead, leaving to do what he’s asked because she knows whatever it may be is priority. This is a strong female character and she is amazingly portrayed.

Dembe. Oh Hisham, how you stole nearly every scene you were in. One of the smartest things TPTB has done is to make this character a series regular for S3. This gentleman is a true actor, how he shines when given an opportunity. We need much more of him (and Aram).

Tom. I dislike you. But I dislike what TPTB are doing more, sweeping past transgressions under the rug. Guess what, we won’t forget. And just because Tom was shooting the cabal guys to “help” Red, that doesn’t make us like him any better. And it sure appears that Tom has taken Ressler’s place as Liz’s partner which again makes me wonder about a possible character death.

Tom’s “lecture” at Red where the S1 hospital meeting was discussed. Nope, not buying that explanation. TPTB, you will never convince us that it was part of your original plan for Red to have hired Tom. You changed this part of the story over the summer, before S2 began.

Former doctor flame that Liz cheated on to be with Tom. This guy has potential. Good actor, got the George Clooney thing going on. Too bad Liz cheated, I thought more of her than that. If she wanted Tom fine, but at least have the maturity and respect to break up before your boyfriend finds your new lover in the kitchen. Classy Liz, classy.

The fulcrum. Cool device and technology, but I’m glad that’s done. 

The Cabal. I miss Fitch. Alda’s departure left a void that was somewhat filled tonight by the actor playing Leonard Caul. They should keep him around.

Red reaching for Liz and their bloody hands gripping each other. Yep. Priceless.

The scene below… wow. Why Red, why? Because you’re in love with her and can’t stand the thought of losing her? Uh huh, that’s what we thought.