i know the last one kill me too



Do you think that’s Magnus’ hand on Alec’s waist in the last gif?

(We know that’s where he likes to put them, but wanted to check with you guys because I could very well just be seeing things. xD Looks like I may be seeing finger-tips or something, and yes I know I was analyzing this scene way too closely to find out where Magnus’ hands were, as I was kind of hopeful one would come up to Alec’s neck.)

Hello everyone! So I’ve decided to let more people in my server!
We got a lot of inactive people and I’m going to remove them and let new people join!

If you want to join: read the rules and contact me trough ask (not private message but ask!) GIVE ME YOUR USERNAME!

(version 1.11.2 of minecraft)


- BE ACTIVE! Don’t ask me to join, and never be online!
- You need to be following me! (I’m doing this for my followers not random people xD)
- DO NOT STEAL FROM OTHER PLAYERS CHESTS - (we will know if you do)
- You can make a shop and sell anything you want!
- 100% survival! If you are not confortable with it, just don’t join!
- Don’t build your house too close to spawn (this area is for shops)
- Be polite!
- last rule, thats not really one! just write “rose” as a proof that you did read the rules!

Imagine you and Dean acting as a couple for a hunt and Sam becoming jealous.

“So what…you like him better or something?” Sam spat. What would be the difference if you acted to be a couple with him? How would that screw up the hunt?

“Sam, quit being ridiculous,” you laughed. “Of course not.” Now it was Dean’s turn to looked offended. “I like you both equally.”

“Then why are you so against me being your partner?”

“I’m not! This was Dean’s idea! Chew him out! Not me!” You knew that was a lie. Well, half of it was anyways. You didn’t want to act like you were with Sam because it would be nothing but torture to you. Acting out your dream and knowing it wouldn’t last but for one night would kill you. Besides, he would be too much of a distraction.

“Oh, trust me, he already has,” Dean scoffed. He opened his mouth as if he was about to add on to his sentence, but he closed it just as quick. “It’s really not that big of a deal, Y/n. We can tweak the plan if it’s bothering Sam that much.” The look of amusement on the eldest Winchester’s face only made red sneak onto your cheeks.

“Let’s just keep it the way it is.”

Sam’s jaw hit the floor. He had had enough. Almost knocking the chair over as he stood up, he pointed his finger in yours and Dean’s direction. “Fine! But you better not kiss!”


I still can’t believe one of my favorites shojo animes is officially over.

I read the manga and I cried soooo much, and now with this I can’t with all these feelings… it was so short but I loved it. Tomoe killed me once again, he truly loves Nanami even if he did not know at the beginning that she was her true love for too many years, he finally found his happiest, he finally is with the love of his life and I’m so so so proud.

It’s really sad that Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) is not longer with us, that this and the extra chapter for the manga are the last things that we’re going to see. Not third season, that makes me feel so depressed😭

PSD: Jirou is one of my favorite characters, I laughed so much in this part😂

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*slides into your inbox with sabo h/cs) one thing ive noticed about asl is that while luffy is a future person ('IM GONNA BE KING OF THE PIRATES'), ace is a present person ('just living for today is enough') and sabo is a past person (remembering his brothers and fighting with a pipe like he did when he was a kid) and that intensifies the irony for me of him being the one to lose his memory and?? just??? the parallels kill me ok ;_;


i can’t believe i’ve never thought of this before but you’re right, they do really exemplify those.  sabo has the line about ~agonizing over what ace’s last thoughts must’ve been every night since he died~ too so he’s definitely got a running theme of being stuck in the past/memory, whereas luffy is all about moving forward to his dreams and goals.

ace’s true dream- to know if it was good that he was born- is very present-orientated too.  he didn’t really want to achieve anything, he just wanted to be able to feel good about himself and feel loved by those around him currently.

damn i just….this information’s got me shaken but i don’t know what to do with it lol it deserves a cool edit/art related to it but idk how 

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a - age: 20

b - biggest fear: losing people i love

c - current time: 9:15 pm
d - drink you last had: cedevita
e - every day starts with: checking my phone
f - favorite song: too many

g - ghosts, are they real: who knows? not me

h - hometown: zagreb

i - in love with: sleeping

j - jealous of: no one and everyone

k - killed someone: one time i stepped on a bug and started crying, which i think sums up my personality quite well

l - last time you cried: a few hours ago
m - middle name: -

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: travel to japan
p - person you last called/texted: eva
q - questions you’re always asked: “why do you always wear dresses”, “why do you always have food”, “who are you and what are you doing in my house”

r - reasons to smile: puppies

s - song last sang: the water (johnny flynn and laura marling)
t - time you woke up: did i really wake up

u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: japan, portugal, new zealand, ireland, bhutan, amsterdam, vietnam… anywhere really, just take me

w - worst habit: internalizing stuff and then blowing up at the worst time possible

x - x-rays you’ve had: lungs, thyroid gland, brain, ?
y - your favorite food: spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, pizza

z - zodiac sign: sun in virgo, moon in pisces

tagging: everyone who wants to do it 

The time I’ve finally surrendered everything to Trollhunters

Otherwise called, this family of trolls, humans, and changelings is giving me too many feelings


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Alphabet Facts

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A- Age- university age

B- Biggest Fear- loneliness 

C- Current Time- 2322

D- Last Drink You Had- Water

E- Every Day Starts With- a 6:30 alarm and me dying a little inside

F- Favorite Song- Too many! Currently ‘Never Look Away’ by Vienna Teng

G- Ghosts, Are They Real?- nah

H- Hometown- Scotland

I- In Love With- sleep

J- Jealous Of- people who are capable of responsibly balancing their lives

K- Killed Someone- not that I know of

L- Last Time I Cried- I stress cry a lot so probably like a few days ago tbh

M- Middle Name- Eleanor 

N- Number Of Siblings- a brother

O- One Wish- To actually pass medical school please god give me this

P- Person You Called Or Texted- my flatmate group chat

Q- Question You’re Always Asked- What’s going to happen in the Rivals series and I’m still not gonna tell any of you ;)

R- Reason To Smile- My friends and family

S- Song Last Sang- History Maker in the shower this morning

T- Time You Woke Up- 8am

U- Underwear Color- black

V- Vacation Destination- Antarctica - it’s the only continent I haven’t visited yet

W- Worst Habit-  Way too many to list

X- X-Rays Taken- Pretty much every part of my body because I am the worst combination of adrenaline junkie and accident prone

Y- Your Favorite Football Teams- none

Z- Zodiac Sign-  pisces

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I HEAR YOU WANTED TO EXPLORE KREM/LAVELLAN my buddy that is my jam. “ i want to either kiss you or kill you right now. ” something funny and fluffy? <3 Thank you!

HELLO NEW FRIEND they’re my jam too. I got my first prompt for them last week and I’ve thought about them every day since.

I don’t know if I can do funny on command, but. I’ll do my best.

Krem/FemLavellan for @dadrunkwriting

“If you call me that one more time.” She levels her best glare at Krem, but he just smirks at her in return, leaning forward with both elbows on the table between them. 

“You’ll what, your worship?” The title slips from his lips like a challenge, and she squints at him. His grin grows, taking over his face, and they both forget the crowd of the tavern around them. “Throw me out of Skyhold? Send me on a mission to the Approach?”

She rolls her dark eyes and makes sure to harden her glare before meeting his eyes again. “I… I’ll…” her thoughts are scattered, hard to gather back together to form a coherent sentence when he’s this close to her. “I… don’t know.”

Krem laughs, his eyes crinkling at the edges, and it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. Her blush deepens.

“I can’t call you anything other than ‘your worship’,” Krem says. “It’s just who you are.”

Her smile slips from her face, and she looks away. She takes a deep swallow of her drink and closes her eyes, more to avoid Krem’s gaze than to savor the taste of the watery ale.

He notices.

“I… your… Linise?” He stumbles through the names he’s allowed to call her, searching for the one that will bring the smile back to her face and the light back to her eyes.

She finishes her drink. “If you call me anything other than Linise or Lin again,” she says, voice low, “And I’ll either kiss you or kill you. It depends on my mood.”

She slips away from their table before he can respond.

The Signs as things I've said while playing Kingdom Hearts
  • Gemini: Sora has bags around his eyes, they should really let this poor boy get some sleep-wAIT SHIT NO
  • Capricorn: Listen, I know that your some very fine ladies and you have needs, but you can do so much better than Ansem. Seriously
  • Aquarius: Axel's hair is full of secrets. That's why it's so red. And also probably from the people he's killed. Could be that too.
  • Pisces: *gross sobbing* your a somebody to ME
  • Libra: there's bad life choices, fucked up life choices. And then there's whatever the hell your doing right now
  • Cancer: Aw, why thank you Cloud! That's no nic- wait a lvl 4 card? CLOUD YOU CHEAPSKATE
  • Leo: I'm gonna kick literally everyone's ass. Ya'll are all fake bitches
  • Aries: Next person to so much as think a bad thought about Namine is gonna catch these hands
  • Sagittarius: of course I remember those other kids from Destiny Islands! There was Wakka, and Sophie and...wait shit what was that other kid's name
  • Virgo: I mean I'm not really sure why we're respecting a promise we made to a bad guy but w/e, you do you my dude
  • Taurus: I feel like you perhaps missed the point of "let's never be apart!" Because it does not mean immediately ditch them on an island. That's like the exact opposite of what it meant
  • Scorpio: why do all of the bad guys have a good point. And also why are all of them *remembers old Xehanort* most of them hot. I feel like that's an inherently bad combo to give your villains if you want us to fight against them

I had the leisure to make a badge for myself for making it to one month without drinking coke (or any kind of cola). I know that some people are able to do this quite easily but for some people, soft drinks can be really hard to avoid especially when accustomed to drinking it almost every day.

I had some realizations about my habit of drinking soft drinks while making my resolutions. I thought of it as killing my body slowly. See, I have really big plans for myself and if I am to finish my very long term goals, I need to be healthy for a very long time so I decided to give it all up and stop drinking coke. I started last January 2 but had a slip-up when I was with my friends, hence the 5th. Currently, it’s getting quite easier to say no coke knowing that I’ve gone too far to go back to day one. My mother and our helper support me with this thus making the journey a lot more easier.

Will I ever drink coke again? Maybe.When I learn to only drink it occasionally ;)

No spoilers below…

I just finished Kings Cage and I am sooo ready for the last book. I need it now I cannot believe what is happening. Two times bruh! Two times! My eyes, my heart…I weep. We learned so much more about these characters. Ughhhh…I want to know more about Cal though. Can we get some chapters on his perspective too, even Maven’s. Omg…I can’t.

One more whole year until the next book bruh. I won’t be happy until May when the last book of ACOTAR comes out and then I’ll suffer more months by these series. 

Gah….kill me…I should have read it slower! Now I can’t stop rereading my favorite parts…

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  • boss: why didn't you come to work yesterday?
  • me: *sniffs* there's been a death in the family...
  • boss: again? wasn't that your excuse last week? and the week before that? and the week before that? how many family can you possibly have?
  • me: *sniffs louder* I don't know why it keeps happning, I really don't
  • me: oh by the way, I'll proabby be out next week too...
  • boss: why?
  • me: cw network, they're about to kill another one
The most romantic ‘fight to the death’ scenario scene that’s ever been filmed... ever.

“The air is getting thinner.”
“There’s one way to double how long it lasts.” - “Kill me.”
“Has the lack of air driven you mad?”
“It could give Richard the time he needs to find us and when he does you can give me the Breath of Life .”
“As tempting as the offer to kill you may be, Richard would never forgive me if I let you die.”
“But I’d only be dead for a short time. And then you could bring me back.”
“It’s too big a risk. We don’t know how long it’s gonna take Richard to find us… but there is another way.. I’ll die instead.”
“I can’t bring you back.”
“But you can live.”
“Cara! No. If you die your death would be final.”
“Better one of us than both of us.”

And I’d like to mention that during this conversation these were the kind of faces they made at each other:

(and then the following scene)

I mean how do you top ‘we’re stuck in a tomb and the air is running out so I’m gonna kill myself so you have more time. what do you mean you will physically and brutally fight me with all you have, to stop me and get to that dagger first yourself, so that you can drive it through your own chest? I will not allow this.’.

And then both dropping to the ground from lack of oxygen because they used up all the air fighting while trying to stop each other from dying. Oh, the irony.

(That’s the correct use of ‘irony’, I’m pretty sure?)

Cue the most touching hand-holding scene (also ever):


Seriously their scenes in this episode always make me dizzy with a sort of blissful agony.

And the thing is… Kahlan’s plan even kind of makes sense. I mean she’s a crazy martyr who obviously thought of this largely because she cares abut Cara, but the plan actually has logical merit. They need more time, one person breathing takes up less air and Cara can bring her back. So yes, it makes sense.

Except that by now Kahlan dying is out of the question and killing Kahlan is unimaginable. I mean there’s a scene that basically amounted to the same thing at the end of the season, when Cara couldn’t shoot Kahlan even to save her, because she was too afraid that she’d be unable to bring her back.

And there’s one more thing that makes Cara’s plan to kill herself a huge deal.

Cara joined their little ‘world saving’ group for one reason and one reason only… to protect Lord Rahl. She’s been raised since childhood to carry out that one cause. And to do that she needs to remain alive. She can talk as much as she wants about how saving Kahlan would have been what Richard would want, but she’s shown previously that she can disregard Richard’s wishes when she thinks that what he actually needs is something else.

And Richard Rahl being happy is always secondary to Richard Rahl being alive.

Which brings to question why being there alive to protect Richard is secondary to Kahlan’s life?

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Age: 23
Biggest Fear: losing a loved one
Current Time:  8.15 pm
Drink last had: Rooibos Tea
Everyday starts with: checking the time
Favourite songs: too many to list
Ghosts: I’m sceptical, my grandparents both say they haven’t seen a thing and they’re both in their 90s. But who knows.
Hometown: Durham City
In love with: being alive  
Jealous of: CATS!!
Killed someone: not yet ;)

Last time you cried: a few days ago
Middle name: Ellen
One wish: A trip on the Tardis to see the Pyramids being constructed.
Person you last texted: a work friend 
Questions you’re always asked: you’re not from around here are you? are you Irish? are you Welsh? are you Scottish?
Song last sang: Small Town Girls - Gary Barlow
Time you woke up: 8.30am
Underwear colour: black…everything is black
Vacation destination: Orkney to the Ring of Brodgar
Worst habit: I’m a chain tea drinker…seriously
X-rays: I’ve had one taken of my forearm and wrist, which I sprained when I was a tomboy. 
Favorite food: Avocado on toast the same as @tremendousdetectivetheorist :D

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Regulus listen. I was in a dark place last year. I felt the same way as you do but I held out somehow. No one even knew. You have your friends and they love you very much. I want you to use their help to pull out of this, you hear? You can do it. It took me a long time but now I'm alive and happy and I didn't kill myself. I'm safe. You will be too. You have a right to be happy and you'll find that happiness. I know you will. Keep going. I'm so proud of you for getting this far. *hug*

Regulus: I’m so sorry about what you went through and I’m so glad you managed to get through it.

Regulus: I’m trying… I really am.  It’s just so hard, and I feel like every day is getting worse.  But I’m trying.  Thank you.

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Nickname: El
Gender: Female

Height: 5′11 (I’m trying to grow that extra inch because being stuck at this extremely odd number kills me)

Time Right Now: 10:08

Last Thing Googled: Dominos Pizza (I’ve been craving their pizza with pepperoni and jalapeño for a while now)

Favorite Bands: Thirdstory , PVRIS , Twenty one pilots, Pentatonix, The 1975 (I’m starting to get into them) , The Neighbourhood , Fifth Harmony

Favorite Soloist: There are too many to choose from

Last Movie Watched: I just saw Get Out (10/10 go watch it)

Last TV Show Watched: Currently watching Ultimate Beastmaster (kind of like ninja warrior and wipeout)

When Did You Create Your Blog: 3 or 4 years ago I think

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: I’m a shit blog so just about any and everything

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: It has not reached its peak yet (😭)

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: No

Do You Get Asks Often: No (wish I did though. No one likes to talk to me I guess 😭😂)

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I was looking at SAT vocabulary I think and I saw the word arcane and it just became one of my favorite words so I thought It’d be cool to use it as a URL

Following: 313 I need to unfollow people though (do you ever end up following a blog that you know for sure you never clicked follow?)

Posts: 14,437

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Colors: Grey, black and blue

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-9 hours

Lucky Numbers: idk 16?

Favorite Characters: I have none ?

What Are You Wearing Right Now: A shirt that says I’m so fancy and some gym shorts

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 1

Dream Job: Professional photographer ( I’m thinking of joining the Air Force though as a photo journalist )

Dream Trip: Just to travel around, see the world

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Submission: Sebastian Stan and IG comments

To an extent Seb becomes the bully here, is this poster stupid and immature, yes but they could also be young and minor (again like last time) Seb sending his attack dogs out on them on IG is very bad behavior. Last time he did do it to a minor, and that person was being told to kill themselves. What if due to the amount of hate this user is receiving from Seb’s fans they actually do that? That’s very possible. You don’t know anyone’s mental state and obviously if this person feels the need to make an account like that I imagine they don’t have a very good one. All this shows me is Seb doesn’t think at all before he acts and given his fanbase and the craziness of it, he needs too. Just last week his fans were defending rape comments for him, they were saying that their is nothing wrong with joking about children being raped. Does he not see the mentality of his fandom. If Seb says “attack” they attack. They don’t hesitate and they will be as vicious as possible.  

And I’m not saying this at all because the poster is right, they are in fact very wrong. However if this behavior continues and Seb keeps sending his attack dogs on people eventually the result won’t be just an IG account deactivation. The police would also be able to prove that Seb had involvement due to his comments on IG in this hypothetical situation. What would happen then? If Seb becomes involved in some’s fans death because he bullied them do you think studios will hire him? He could get a huge amount of backlash. 

He needs to get his temper under control. It will not end well for him if he doesn’t. He is a C +/nearly B- lister, he needs to be able to learn how to cope with negative comments about his life. Celebrities have coped with alot worse then he has. He’s also a 34 year old man, he needs to grow up a bit. All this recent behavior shows is he is still a rather immature man and quite frankly with a mentality like this he will not make it far in Hollywood. I fear Seb might stunt his own career by acting like this. 

Furthermore if it was Margarita who told Seb to say something about the user (which is not at all out of the realm of possibility) then she too needs to grow up. A a 37 year old woman is upset over IG comments on her personal life? None of this speaks highly of them as adults. Instead it makes them seem like children. Also it becomes increasingly obvious why both Margarita and Seb have not risen that far in Hollywood. Seb is only lucky that Bucky became so popular or I fear he wouldn’t be getting the work he does. Having a temper in Hollywood isn’t a good thing. 

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1) age: 14

2) biggest fear : Rejection, Never making it, Being forgotten

3) current time: 12:30 pm

4) drink you had last: Dihydrogen Monoxide

5) everyday starts with: “Am I in Germany yet?, Oh wait that was just a dream..”

6) favourite song: Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz

7) ghosts are real: They would’ve killed me if they found my sketchbook WINK WINK

8) hometown: Good ol’ Huntertown

9) in love with: Dead Nazi Husbands: I have way too many, halp me

10) jealous of: Anybody who knows how to draw human anatomy

11) killed someone: uhhh….*hides bodies*

12) last time you cried: 3 days ago

13) middle name: Elaine

14) number of siblings: One sister she’s 20

15) one wish: Become immortal and rule the world forever

16) person you last called/texted: I think Mod-Blengele, I can’t remember anything lol

17) questions you’re always asked: Why do I obsess over the worst things? when does Hitler’s hair ever have volume? Is Kaisar Wilhelm ii secretly Waluigi??? Why is my sense of humor so awful? WHY DO I HAVE CRUSHES ON DEAD PEOPLE???

18) reasons to smile: WW2 memes, my close frendos, kek

19) song last sang: Mumford and Sons Dustbowl Dance

20) time you woke up: 7:15 am

21) underwear colour: navy blue

22) vacation destination:  G E R M A N YYYYYY

23) worst habit: Procrastination, Worrying waaayy too much over others, Perfectionism

24) x-rays you’ve had: Some when I was little and had stomach issues

25) your favourite food: Anything with pork or beef

26) Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius

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