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I’m sorry to the person who requested this that it took so long - I’ve only just realised that the list I was keeping of all the requests wasn’t in the right order. It’s hopefully been amended now but the couple of days without my computer really shook things up. Quite enjoyed this request, it was interesting deciding how the Avengers would stumble upon the relationship. The request was made by mattandbenedict but theunlikelyavenger asked to be tagged in anything with angst or secret keeping or both and this story fills at least one of those criteria. Enjoy, darlings!

Prompt: Steve and the reader are in a secret relationship since idk maybe 3 or 4 weeks and they trying to hide it, but somehow they get caught (kissing!?) by one of the avengers and the rest knows and teases them about it. <3

“Secret Keeping”

You sat at the table with Avengers, poking the rice with the prongs of your fork. Steve’s hand had slipped boldly onto your thigh during the course of the meal and, despite knowing he meant it as a purely romantic gesture, you still could feel yourself blushing profusely.
“Are you alright (y/n)?” Bruce asked subtly whilst the conversation was at its loudest. He was leaning over and peering into your face concernedly. You nodded politely.
“Yes, sorry. It’s a spicier curry than I’d anticipated.” You lied.

Recently you had become more practiced at lying and for good reason. When Steve was thawed, you’d been one of the few scientists responsible for keeping him alive afterwards. As a result, not only had you met the infamous Captain America but he’d also dropped your name at SHIELD so that you were employed with two more big names - Dr Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Both your job and home were now inside Avengers Tower and after many long nights spent helping Steve to cope with the modern world – as you felt was your responsibility having brought him into it – you soon began a relationship, right under the nose of your peers.

“If you’re feeling ill, I can take you back to your room.” Bruce offered with a soft smile. Cap interjected.
“Allow me.” He said, drawing the attention of the others at the table by standing up.
“Everythin’ alright Cap?” Tony asked with a cocked brow.
“Yes. I’m escorting (y/n) back to her room – she isn’t feeling well.” He stated before brashly taking your hand and practically yanking you out of your chair. As you left the room, you could feel the eyes of everyone in the room watching you.

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(Separating a Slash and Axl fight/Slash asking you out)

It had been a few years since you moved to L.A. with your big brother Axl. You and him lived in a small apartment and one of his best friends, Slash, had just moved in. These two guys sure did know how trash the place, you constantly had to pick up beer cans and various bottles of booze every morning. Besides being used to the constant messes they’d made, you were also used to Slash and Axl fighting quite frequently.

“Slash, you can’t fuckin’ do that! Do you want me to kick you out of the band?! Why don’t you just go back to Poison?! Wait, that’s right they rejected you!” After Axl’s comment Slash had enough and swung a blow to the jaw at the fiery ginger. Now the two were still yelling loud enough for the next building over to hear and continuously swinging at each other.

Sitting in your room at first you thought the fight was just like the one’s you were used to until you heard more noises and screaming than the usual scuffle the two would get into. You burst out of your room and ran down the hall to see the both of them violently swinging at each other. As you approached closer to them you heard both of their slurred, mumbling of inaudible things to each other, you knew they were intended to be quite offensive if the words could come out right.

At this point you knew you had to stop this before one of them killed the other.
“Knock it off you two!” You pleaded as they continued to brawl right in front of you. Growing more and more fearful of what could happen if they weren’t stopped you needed to do something and quick.

“Y/N get the fuck away from here!” Slash growled as you tried to separate them. Ignoring the angry, curly haired man you wedged yourself further between them to push them apart. In the process of pushing them apart Axl managed to punch you instead of Slash.

Blood now gushing from your nose, you held your head back covering your nose. “Get out of here now! Both of you! Don’t come back until you two can start acting like grown ass men and settle things out without fighting!”

“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to hit you, you shouldn’t have got in-between us!” Your brother looked at you concerned; trying to avoid the fact you just kicked him out of his own apartment.

Enraged at the fact neither Axl or Slash listened to your demand, you began to turn red with fury. “I said get out, and I meant it. Now go.” Noticing how calm your voice was, the two men hurried out of the house scared by just how upset you were with them.

Slash and Axl asked if they could crash at Izzy’s for a few days until you had cooled off. “Wait, so you punched Y/N?! Axl! That’s your sister!” Izzy stated, stunned by the fact they were both too carried away in their own anger not to stop fighting when you went to break it up. “You two fuckers need to go make things right with her, especially you, Slash. You know she likes you, man.”

Three days passed and you hadn’t seen or heard from your brother or his friend. You came to realize you missed picking up after their messes and how noisy it could be with them around. You missed them but you didn’t miss them constantly pounding on each other over the dumbest things. It was a quiet day around until you heard the sound of the door unlocking.

“Axl, do ya think she’s still mad?” Slash questioned seeming obviously uneasy to see you for the first time since his and Axl’s violent altercation.

“I dunno, man, it’s Y/N. She’s probably fine, then again she’s a lot like me. You never know.” Axl unlocked the door and made his way through the apartment looking for you. Impressed by how clean the apartment was, he couldn’t wait to make a mess later that night if you forgave him.

You came out of the room you designated as your office to see Slash and Axl shyly sitting on the couch, nervous to see your reaction of them being there. “So, are you two done being idiots or are you coming to pick up more stuff to stay at Izzy’s permanently?” You made your way to the couch to sit between the two of them.

Axl slung his arm around you, realizing you weren’t mad at him anymore. “I’m sorry I punched ya, baby sis, can you forgive your mean big brother?” He chuckled as he poked you in the ribcage as you pulled away, accidentally falling into Slash’s lap.

Quickly pulling yourself off of him the room fell silent. Axl sensed the awkwardness and got up to use the restroom, knowing Slash wanted to talk to you alone.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry for the other day. It got out of hand, to make it up to you I’d like to take you out on a date… If that’s okay with you, of course. I mean Izzy told me you liked me so I-“ You cut him off before he continued to ramble on any further.

A soft smile now spreading across the entirety of your face, you looked over at Slash. “Say no more, I’d love to go out on a date with you.” Slash let out a deep breath and began to smile himself.

“Hey, how’s that nose feelin’? It looks a little crooked…” Completely embarrassed by Slash’s discovery, you covered your nose in horror. Slash put his hand on your leg as his way of apologizing again.

The two of you heard Axl chuckling from down the hall from Slash’s comment. “Sorry about that, Y/N!”

Maybe they should go back to Izzy’s for a few more days…


Sebastian Stan X Reader
Inspired by the song “Can’t stop drinking about you”- BeBe Rexha
Y/f/n- your friends name
Warnings: alcohol use, also language and depression, and attempted suicide. TRIGGER WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE HAD SERIOUS ISSUES WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE WARNINGS! I’m here for anyone who needs to talk to me!

The bright New York city lights are blinding as you stumble back to your apartment. For the past month and a half this has been your routine. Go to the bar, order the strongest drink they have, and get drunk off your ass, before stumbling your way home. You never planned on becoming this person. You thought that you had left the depression in the past, but obviously you were wrong. You were happy. Happy with your life, and happy with him. It had been the best two years with Sebastian, that is, up until about four months ago. You both started to grow distant, one work schedule always conflicting with the other. Before you knew it, you were fighting with him every night. And then one day it was over. He was gone, and that’s when you fell back down the rabbit hole. You’d told Sebastian about your past with depression, but you never really told him just how serious it was.

He had no clue of your downward spiral towards your own impending doom. One of his close friends told him that they saw you out walking around the city with a new guy, but that friend was mistaken. Sebastian thought you were happy. Even though he missed you and wanted you back, he didn’t want to ruin your new found happiness. So he kept it to himself. If only he knew what was happening to you.

You wake up to the sound of your phone vibrating. You sit up to answer it when you feel your head start to pound: hangover. The phone goes to voicemail before you have the chance to pick it up. “Y/n, I’m getting worried. I’ve called you four times now and you still haven’t picked up, and let me not forget to mention that you were photographed last night by the paparazzi! Call me as soon as you get this!” Your best friends voice comes through the little speaker of the phone, causing your head to pound even more. You decide to get up and get some asprin, before calling your friend back. She picks up after three rings and the loudness of her voice makes you cringe in pain. “THANK GOODNESS! I thought you had died or something! Why didn’t you answer?” “Hangover” you grumble, laying back against your soft feather pillow. “Well then,“ your friend says, “I’ll take it that you haven’t seen the cover of People Magazine?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, not remembering any photographers from the night before. When you don’t respond she continues talking. “Yeah, the cover says, "Sebastian’s girl going off the deep end?” and let me just tell you it’s not a very pretty picture. Y/n, what’s going on? This isn’t like you.“ The concern in her voice is completely obvious. "Come over. I’ll tell you everything.”

About 30 minutes later there’s a knock on the door. Already knowing who it is, you open it letting y/f/n inside. She wastes no time grabbing your hand in hers and pulling you over to the couch. She sits down next to you and turns, looking at you and waiting for you to speak. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. "When Sebastian and I ended our relationship it came back.” She nodded, knowing what you meant when you said “it.” She was with you through your first episode of depression and every episode after that. “He was always there for me when I started feeling down. He was my rock and now,” you say struggling to hold in your tears, the pain beginning to seep through the cracks in the inner wall you’d worked so hard to put up. “now he’s gone. I managed to push away the one person who was willing to put up with all of my shit. All of my flaws, my bad habits, my unstable emotions, he accepted all of them. He accepted all of me, and I pushed him away.” A few stray tears manage to slip out, cascading down your cheeks. Y/F/N pulls you into her side, cradling your head in her lap, shushing you as you begin to cry. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. I promise that I wont let you fall. I’m here and I’m not leaving until you’re better. Come on now,” Y/F/N says, “ sit up. How about this. You go take a shower, and get all of this makeup from last night off of your face, and I will pick some movies, go get some pizza from your favorite little restraunt and snacks from the store, and then set up the living room. s'that sound good?” Nodding, you stand and walk down the hallway to your bedroom. You hear the apartment door shut letting you know that your friend had left to get the food. After getting a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants out of your dresser, you head into the bathroom shutting the door behind you.

You turn the shower on and sit on the bathroom floor with your back against the side of the bathtub as you wait for the water to heat up. Remembering what your friend had said earlier, you pull your phone out and go to the People’s Magazine website. When you see a photo of yourself pop up on the screen, you click on it and read the article. As you read, the blurry walk home starts to become clearer, and by the time you’ve reached the end of the article you remember almost all of what happened. At the bottom of the page there’s a video, and when you click on it you immediately regret it. "YN! Y/N! Where’s Sebastian?“ you hear one of the reporters call out to the drunken mess that was you on the small screen. Several other questions are being shouted at you as well, like "is it true Sebastian left you for Margarita?” or “is it true that you were pregnant with Sebastian’s child?” You see yourself trip, grabbing on to one of the men who was holding a camera in your face. You giggle drunkenly and tell the man sorry followed by an “oops. That was fucking weird!” Now that he had your attention, the reporter takes the opportunity to ask his questions. “Y/n, where's Sebastian? Why isn’t he with you? Are you still together?" You stop and wobble a little on your unsteady legs, before looking up and into the mans eyes. A drunken look of sadness appears on your flushed face, your makeup is smeared, and your eyes appear glossier than usual, while slurred mumbles leave your lips in an incoherent manner. "No,” video you says like a small child, “we aren’t together anymore.” The reporters get frantic at your revelation all shouting at you, wanting to know what happened. You responded to no one in particular, just letting word vomit escape your mouth. “We fought! I pushed him away. He was too good for me anyway. I really never understood why he chose me. I’m just a broken mess who destroys everything in its path. I’m glad he got out before I could destroy him too. He’s too good for me, and I was an idiot to ever believe that I could be fixed.” At that, you began stumbling away and the video ended. You lock your phone and stare blankly at the fogged up shower glass in front of you, praying that Sebastian hasn’t seen that video yet. Your mind goes into overdrive as you think about your secret being out there for the whole world to see, and judge. You think about the nasty comments that are probably blowing up your twitter and instagram feeds. Needing to prove yourself right you check your twitter and scroll through your mentions. After seeing things such as “if y/n is so depressed than she should just do all of us a favor and kill herself,” and several other hateful comments you decide that if that many people think that you should be dead than it must be true. You put your phone on the counter and put the plug in the drain of the bathtub, before filling it up and climbing in, preparing to end it all.

Unbeknownst to you, Sebastian has already seen the video several times, each time causing his heart to break a little bit more. He can’t stand the thought of you drinking your pain away, the pain that he caused you. He couldn’t take it anymore, so here he was in the backseat of a New York cab on his way to save you from yourself hoping that he’s not to late, but something in the back of his mind was telling him that he’s running out of time.

Should I write a part 2? Let me know what you guys think. (Sorry it’s such a grim story)