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(Separating a Slash and Axl fight/Slash asking you out)

It had been a few years since you moved to L.A. with your big brother Axl. You and him lived in a small apartment and one of his best friends, Slash, had just moved in. These two guys sure did know how trash the place, you constantly had to pick up beer cans and various bottles of booze every morning. Besides being used to the constant messes they’d made, you were also used to Slash and Axl fighting quite frequently.

“Slash, you can’t fuckin’ do that! Do you want me to kick you out of the band?! Why don’t you just go back to Poison?! Wait, that’s right they rejected you!” After Axl’s comment Slash had enough and swung a blow to the jaw at the fiery ginger. Now the two were still yelling loud enough for the next building over to hear and continuously swinging at each other.

Sitting in your room at first you thought the fight was just like the one’s you were used to until you heard more noises and screaming than the usual scuffle the two would get into. You burst out of your room and ran down the hall to see the both of them violently swinging at each other. As you approached closer to them you heard both of their slurred, mumbling of inaudible things to each other, you knew they were intended to be quite offensive if the words could come out right.

At this point you knew you had to stop this before one of them killed the other.
“Knock it off you two!” You pleaded as they continued to brawl right in front of you. Growing more and more fearful of what could happen if they weren’t stopped you needed to do something and quick.

“Y/N get the fuck away from here!” Slash growled as you tried to separate them. Ignoring the angry, curly haired man you wedged yourself further between them to push them apart. In the process of pushing them apart Axl managed to punch you instead of Slash.

Blood now gushing from your nose, you held your head back covering your nose. “Get out of here now! Both of you! Don’t come back until you two can start acting like grown ass men and settle things out without fighting!”

“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to hit you, you shouldn’t have got in-between us!” Your brother looked at you concerned; trying to avoid the fact you just kicked him out of his own apartment.

Enraged at the fact neither Axl or Slash listened to your demand, you began to turn red with fury. “I said get out, and I meant it. Now go.” Noticing how calm your voice was, the two men hurried out of the house scared by just how upset you were with them.

Slash and Axl asked if they could crash at Izzy’s for a few days until you had cooled off. “Wait, so you punched Y/N?! Axl! That’s your sister!” Izzy stated, stunned by the fact they were both too carried away in their own anger not to stop fighting when you went to break it up. “You two fuckers need to go make things right with her, especially you, Slash. You know she likes you, man.”

Three days passed and you hadn’t seen or heard from your brother or his friend. You came to realize you missed picking up after their messes and how noisy it could be with them around. You missed them but you didn’t miss them constantly pounding on each other over the dumbest things. It was a quiet day around until you heard the sound of the door unlocking.

“Axl, do ya think she’s still mad?” Slash questioned seeming obviously uneasy to see you for the first time since his and Axl’s violent altercation.

“I dunno, man, it’s Y/N. She’s probably fine, then again she’s a lot like me. You never know.” Axl unlocked the door and made his way through the apartment looking for you. Impressed by how clean the apartment was, he couldn’t wait to make a mess later that night if you forgave him.

You came out of the room you designated as your office to see Slash and Axl shyly sitting on the couch, nervous to see your reaction of them being there. “So, are you two done being idiots or are you coming to pick up more stuff to stay at Izzy’s permanently?” You made your way to the couch to sit between the two of them.

Axl slung his arm around you, realizing you weren’t mad at him anymore. “I’m sorry I punched ya, baby sis, can you forgive your mean big brother?” He chuckled as he poked you in the ribcage as you pulled away, accidentally falling into Slash’s lap.

Quickly pulling yourself off of him the room fell silent. Axl sensed the awkwardness and got up to use the restroom, knowing Slash wanted to talk to you alone.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry for the other day. It got out of hand, to make it up to you I’d like to take you out on a date… If that’s okay with you, of course. I mean Izzy told me you liked me so I-“ You cut him off before he continued to ramble on any further.

A soft smile now spreading across the entirety of your face, you looked over at Slash. “Say no more, I’d love to go out on a date with you.” Slash let out a deep breath and began to smile himself.

“Hey, how’s that nose feelin’? It looks a little crooked…” Completely embarrassed by Slash’s discovery, you covered your nose in horror. Slash put his hand on your leg as his way of apologizing again.

The two of you heard Axl chuckling from down the hall from Slash’s comment. “Sorry about that, Y/N!”

Maybe they should go back to Izzy’s for a few more days…

I’m sorry to the person who requested this that it took so long - I’ve only just realised that the list I was keeping of all the requests wasn’t in the right order. It’s hopefully been amended now but the couple of days without my computer really shook things up. Quite enjoyed this request, it was interesting deciding how the Avengers would stumble upon the relationship. The request was made by mattandbenedict but theunlikelyavenger asked to be tagged in anything with angst or secret keeping or both and this story fills at least one of those criteria. Enjoy, darlings!

Prompt: Steve and the reader are in a secret relationship since idk maybe 3 or 4 weeks and they trying to hide it, but somehow they get caught (kissing!?) by one of the avengers and the rest knows and teases them about it. <3

“Secret Keeping”

You sat at the table with Avengers, poking the rice with the prongs of your fork. Steve’s hand had slipped boldly onto your thigh during the course of the meal and, despite knowing he meant it as a purely romantic gesture, you still could feel yourself blushing profusely.
“Are you alright (y/n)?” Bruce asked subtly whilst the conversation was at its loudest. He was leaning over and peering into your face concernedly. You nodded politely.
“Yes, sorry. It’s a spicier curry than I’d anticipated.” You lied.

Recently you had become more practiced at lying and for good reason. When Steve was thawed, you’d been one of the few scientists responsible for keeping him alive afterwards. As a result, not only had you met the infamous Captain America but he’d also dropped your name at SHIELD so that you were employed with two more big names - Dr Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Both your job and home were now inside Avengers Tower and after many long nights spent helping Steve to cope with the modern world – as you felt was your responsibility having brought him into it – you soon began a relationship, right under the nose of your peers.

“If you’re feeling ill, I can take you back to your room.” Bruce offered with a soft smile. Cap interjected.
“Allow me.” He said, drawing the attention of the others at the table by standing up.
“Everythin’ alright Cap?” Tony asked with a cocked brow.
“Yes. I’m escorting (y/n) back to her room – she isn’t feeling well.” He stated before brashly taking your hand and practically yanking you out of your chair. As you left the room, you could feel the eyes of everyone in the room watching you.

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