i know the gifs are crappy

Greetings! This is a one-shot for thegirlwiththeimpala​ which took a lot longer than it should’ve done so apologies. I hope I’ve done your request justice and it’s the happy ending you were looking for. If it wasn’t, let me know and I’ll give this story another once over. :)  I know that the ending is a lil crappy but endings are hard. Also if you don’t think my analogy involving puzzles and ships in bottles is the best thing ever then you are wrong. ;) Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Maybe you can do another oneshot for me!?💛 one where Steve and y/n are best friends, but a lot of people(other avengers too)think that you like each other and don’t tell it bc you’re shy. But you don’t know what you are feeling and you’re just really confused! The confusion and the whole talking about you two stresses you out a lot and you take your distance from Steve. I’m know sure how to continue but a happy end would be cute.

“Go Figure”

“(Y/n) loves Steve! (Y/n) loves Steve!” Clint sung at the top of his lungs, intoxicated incredibly.
“Clint, you’ve been singing the same three words for the past twenty minutes. Shut up!” Natasha ordered, searching the room for something to lodge in his throat. You were sat on the sofa beside Steve with your legs draped across his lap whilst Clint teetered dangerously on his feet in the middle of the room. His slurred words travelled through the air using the alcoholic stench on his breath so that no matter how much you tried to ignore him, you couldn’t.  

You and Steve had been best friends since you joined the team – your healing capabilities proving invaluable. The pair of you spent an immeasurable amount of time together: sharing jokes, playing around, and training together.
“I swear to God, Barton, I will strangle you right now.” You chuckled, pressing the cold beer bottle to your lips and taking a swig.
“What for?” Clint hummed, falling back onto his butt harshly.

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look at his little smile, he’s so cute ahh

I was inspired by a post from @big-fluffy-dragon on CALLING MONSTER’S CUTE BECAUSE THEY ARE!!! And….

I don’t know why I did this as a crappy animation. I should have just done a comic and not wasted 3 hours rip why.