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why my chem teacher is the most dad™ teacher and all-around coolest ever

- spent 5 minutes one day complaining about the transition effects and lame fonts on the old chem teacher’s lecture slides

- had us take a survey the first day of school in which he included a question about being stuck on a desert island with justin bieber

- while teaching us nomenclature conventions for alkanes, pointed at “pent-” and said “obviously you show know some of these already; if you’re a satanist you probably know what a pentagram is,” opened a discussion of temple of satan vs. satanic temple, and said he’d be interested in joining the satanic temple one day 

- a lecture slide on calorimetry included a picture of a bomb calorimeter, which he explained in depth, then held up a styrofoam cup and said “here’s a public school calorimeter”

- someone asked a question about when electronegativity becomes polar, so he pulled up a spectrum running from non-polar to ionic and said “it’s a spectrum. like gender. you know how some people think a person is a girl even if they say they’re a guy and vice versa? there are still non-polar bonds with high electronegativity and people think they should be polar but just because they have a certain electronegativity doesn’t mean they’re polar. pls be understanding of ur covalent kids.” 

- uses a yardstick instead of a pointer

- waves said yardstick around frequently, mostly for no reason. 

- once said (ironically) that he saw less and less bullying in classrooms now and that was a bit disappointing even though it was good. added that “if i had to suffer then you all do too” in a bitter tone of voice. when a english teacher walked in and asked him why he was waving the yardstick around he said it was because he was reminiscing on the bullying days.

- couple of us asked if we should get a new periodic table to take the test with since we’d written all over ours. he said no because if we’re smart enough to think ahead and cheat then we deserve the a.

- actually has a degree in philosophy. he’s so fucking nerdy

- he bikes to school everyday and then carries his bike up two flights of stairs to his classroom

- sometimes during tests he pulls a bagel and peanut butter out of his desk and eats them while watching us silently

- this one time we walked into class and he’d shaved off his half-beard into a mustache and when we asked why he said “i’m not a huge fan of it but my wife likes it so i do it for her” 

- used the trump supporter kid’s logic against him without explicitly expressing his political views so no one can actually get him fired

- complains to our class about how much he hates us

- explained catalytic converters to us once, then pointed at me with the yardstick and said “barrett you’re gonna love this because it involves carbon monoxide and like, suffocating yourself”

- i started crying once in class and he literally refused to give me the test because he didn’t think it would be fair to make me test while having an anxiety attack so he sent me into the lab and closed the classroom door and let me ugly cry. i kept begging him to let me take the test tho so he sighed and said “im ur dad right now not ur teacher please don’t take the test just light some incense and listen to some reggae or something and chill”

- i used pig’s blood in my chem internal assessment and when i asked him where i could store it overnight he shrugged and was like “i guess put it in the fridge in the teacher’s lounge and i’ll just tell people not to drink your blood”

- he knows our class so well it’s a little scary. predicts exactly what’s going to happen in certain circumstances with like 100% accuracy

- this one girl in my class didn’t finish her homework but we submit in through pictures on google classroom so she sent in a picture of her dog and he accepted it and gave it 10/10

apologize ||  jeff atkins

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: The reader didn’t see Jeffs death coming, she thought it was his fault until she listened to the tenth tape.

Words: 1787

Warnings: angst, language, suicide, death, car accidents, talk of drinking and driving, flashbacks

Authors Note: The flashbacks are in Italics, the present is in a normal font. I listened to this song while writing.

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You don’t know when you stopped caring but you knew it was sometime that night after you got the call. It hit you so suddenly, like a slap in the face.

You inwardly groaned for the tenth time tonight. Instead of being at Jessica Davis’ party, like everyone else was, you were stuck at some family dinner. You couldn’t shake off this weird feeling you had, though. It was the first party of Junior year, it was supposed to be a life changer. But who’s life would it change?

There was this girl, Hannah Baker. You didn’t know her very well but she seemed nice enough. Every friend, or acquaintance, you’ve ever seen her with, the relationship doesn’t usually last long. It was weird to notice these things but everyone noticed it, right?

One thing everyone did notice, her new hairstyle. You had seen the pictures on Instagram that everyone was posting and you spotted her in the background. That was almost an hour ago, you put down your phone and haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe her life would change? New hairstyle, new… personality? You didn’t know what but something was off.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” Discreetly tucking your phone in your dress pocket, you stood up.

Your mom passed her conversation with your aunt and waved you off. “Go on, honey, but hurry back. Your aunt and I are discussing colleges.”

Colleges. You always laughed at that. They were discussing colleges for you without your consent. Like it didn’t matter where you wanted to go, it just mattered where they wanted you to go.

Well no, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t have a say in where or when you want someone to go. They just go and disappear, gone, just like that, out of your life forever.

His phone probably died. Yeah, that was the case, your idiot boyfriend, Jeff Atkins, always leaving the house with a low battery. But he promised that he’d call when he got home, and he didn’t call yet. So that means he wasn’t home yet, right?

Even if he wasn’t, he should be on his way there now but he’s not answering his phone. You don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, you want to make sure he’s okay but you don’t want him to get in an accident because you were calling his phone.

“Hurry up in there!” You nearly jumped out of your skin at the sudden interruption from your thoughts. Shaking your head, you flushed the unused toilet and opened the pipe.

“A fucking classy restaurant like this and they can’t even afford a public restroom with stalls… I’m coming!”

The door shut closed and you tried to refocus your eyes but they were filled with tears. Your mom has just visited again, the conversation between you two has been the same these past few weeks.

‘Are you okay, honey’ which really means 'You’re not over that yet?’

'I’m fine, mom’ which really meant 'No, I’m not okay. I fucking loved him.’

“Hello?!” You nearly dropped your phone when you heard it ring.

“Y/N, it’s Clay.” Clay? Was he okay, did he need a ride home from the party?

He was rambling on about something and you couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. “Clay-ok, Clay, calm down. What’s wrong, do you need help or-” Clay was at the party with Jeff. What if something happened with Jeff and that’s why he’s calling you?

“-Is it Jeff? Is he okay, did he drink too much?”

You heard heavy breathing over the phone instead of a response and you called his name again. “Just… come to the corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street, it’s urgent.”

“Clay,” Your voice came out more urgent and harsh now. “Tell me what happened.”

There was a moment of silence and you swore you heard ambulance sirens in the background. “Clay?!”

“I-it’s Jeff, he was in an accident.”

You remember being mad that day. He said he wouldn’t drink too much and that he would make it home safe. He promised. But he broke his promise and you’ve been mad at him ever since. You were mad at him for leaving you.

Clay said it wasn’t his fault and he knew that now, whatever that meant. You didn’t believe him until he shoved this shoe box in your hand. He was muttering something about how he shouldn’t be showing this to you and you responded with 'then why are you.’

He looked you straight in the eye that afternoon and said, “Because you need to know the truth.”

Clays sweater did nothing to provide you warmth and you took it off immediately. The ambulance and the police, who were currently questioning Clay, were all here.

The only thing that wasn’t here was the stop sign that you had stopped by so many times. You found it odd but didn’t say anything about it, you couldn’t say anything at all.

Everything felt numb, your feet, your hands, your cheeks. It was almost fall and it was getting chillier but the cold wasn’t the problem. After your call with Clay, you drove to where he told you, going over speed limits and almost getting into an accident yourself.

You had hoped that he was joking and that was just some cruel joke. But who would joke about something like that? No one would, no one should joke about something like that.

And, fuck, you just wanted to hear his voice again. You wanted to hear him tell you 'It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll be good at the party. I’ll only have like two beers’. You wanted to get that call from him late at night saying that he’s home and safe.

But it was too late for that now, they already put him in a body bag.

Is this a joke? This can’t be real. Hannah Baker is dead!

That’s what you yelled at Clay the next time you saw him. Why would he give you this, the tapes, to listen to? He asked which tape you listened up to, completely ignoring your question, and you scoffed in disbelief.

You only reached up to Tape 1 before you turned it off. He gently placed the box in your hands, from when you threw it at him, and told you to listen to Tape 10.

“Clay, what does this have to do with Jeff?” All you got for a response was 'you’ll see’. Clay had definitely changed since Jeffs death and you were worried about him. Along with a few other students, he was acting weird.

Maybe it was because of these tapes?

Nevertheless, you reluctantly put Tape 10 in the Walkman and pressed play.

You hated it. All this attention you were getting as you walked the halls. All the 'I’m sorry for your lost’ that you were being thrown your way.

You didn’t need anyone’s sympathy.

On your way to your locker, you saw that girl, Hannah Baker, and Clay fighting. Well, you wouldn’t call it fighting, more like arguing, but they both looked upset. Hannah was crying, but why? She didn’t even know him.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Mr. Porter was suddenly by your side and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Uh, yes Mr. Porter?”

He uncomfortably scratched his stubble, he was nervous. “I know that Jeff was your boyfriend and you’re probably hurting right now. Trust me, I know how you feel-” No you don’t “-I lost someone I cared about too-” Everyone loses someone they care about, what’s your point “-and  I know-” Once again, you don’t know anything, Mr. Porter “-that you’re in a time of need right now-” I need Jeff Atkins, that’s what I need “-so you’re more than welcome to come to my office, if you want.”

You let a dry chuckle escape your lips before closing your locker. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then you walked away.

You walked and walked until you were finally where you wanted to be. The corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street. They had put up a new stop sign, one that wasn’t made out of wood, one that couldn’t be knocked down as easily as the old one was.

One that wouldn’t be knocked down as easily as Sheri fucking Holland knocked down the old one. Sheri Holland killed your boyfriend, it was all her fault. Hannah Baker was there too but you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at a dead girl. Besides, she did call 911 about it, even though it was too late.

You were beyond outraged. You talked to Sheri more than once after Jeffs passing and she knew what she did. You finally knew the truth now, thanks to those tapes.

You hated yourself for blaming Jeff for what happened that night. It wasn’t his fault and you knew that now.

You were 'beyond outraged’ for about a minute. It’s like you didn’t even care anymore to confront her about it or to do something. You practically dragged yourself here, but you had something important to do.

Walking to the middle of the road, you sat down on the concrete for a few minutes before laying down completely. This was the exact spot where Jeffs car was that night, you had it memorized in your head and you didn’t know if that was healthy or not.

You looked up at the cloudy sky, it was November now, and a few leaves made its way into your line of sight.

It was then you realized what your excuse was for not being mad at Hannah. I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at a dead girl. But you were mad at Jeff for something that wasn’t even his fault.

A car made itself known from a distance, the driver honked repeatedly but you didn’t move. You didn’t care if you got run over, you didn’t care about anything anymore. Your eyes stayed concentrated on the clouds above despite the tears that spilled over onto your cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault, for something you had no control over. You didn’t deserve it and I’m sorry.”

And then you left, disappeared, gone.

Just like that.

Making Iverson pay

So, this is the last day. I hope this last one is good. Thanks for an amazing fluff week and hopefully, I’ll be posting another story on here soon.

Keith stomped into his room. He wanted to scream but his roommate was still in the room. He dropped down on his bed and opened his bedside drawer and pulled out his phone.

Are you out of class?

He tapped his finger against the side of his phone waiting for a reply. Finally, the phone buzzed.

Got out of flight simulation practise with Shiro. What’s wrong?

It’s Iverson. He accused me of cheating on my last test. I swear after I helped you get into fighter class, he’s been after my ass. This is getting ridiculous.

Why don’t you tell Shiro, you know, the guy who is friends with guys who are just as in a high position as Iverson?

I’m not going to let him get involved. He might have friends, but Iverson can still end him. I just need to get back at him, nothing bad. Have any ideas?

Oh mullet, you came to the right person. Just got back to my room, it’s empty. Come over.

Keith decided to change first. He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door when his roommate asked, “uh, are you going to come back tonight?” Keith looked at him. The guy shrugged, “you haven’t come back the past couple nights and I kinda wanted to invite my girlfriend over?”

Keith sighed. “Anything happens to my side of the room and I’ll introduce my knife to you.” He didn’t bother to see the expression on his roommate’s face as he left. It didn’t take long to get to the door and knocked.

“Come in.” he pressed the button for the door and it slid open. He walked in to see Lance in the middle of pulling his uniform shirt off.

“Showing off?” Keith asked as he closed the door.

Lance just smirked over his shoulder as he pulled his baseball shirt on. “Only for my favourite mullet.” Lance walked over and wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck, Keith’s hands automatically going to Lance’s waist. “So straight laced golden boy wants to cause some trouble? And all for my honour?”

“Iverson has had it out for you after I helped prove that you were good enough to be fighter, because he likes his choose at cream of the crop and doesn’t want to admit he missed one.”

“Well I am still taking simulation lessons from Shiro, which isn’t amazing as I thought. Not bad, really, cause I get to know Shiro, who is awesome, but not amazing as I thought.” Lance pointed out

“Most lessons are Lance. But seriously, he can’t do this but pissing him off by calling him out on it is just going to make it hard on you.”

“Aww, babe, you care.” Lance sounded like he was teasing but his eyes said different. Lance was on his way to being a cargo pilot but Keith went to the people who decided who went where and fought for him. Iverson was against it, but the other high ups decided to give him a chance. Lance’s grades were good, it was just his placement test was a very points short. Iverson wasn’t happy and decided to try and mess with Keith almost to get back at him.

“I just want to get back at him without the messy things.”

“So a prank. Alright, I might have a few ideas.”

“Just remember, nothing insane. I’m trying not to get us expelled, or extremely disappointed by Shiro.”

“I’ll try my best, but now do I get to spend time with you?”

“There is something I’ve been wanting since you walked in.”

Lance’s smile showed he caught on instantly, “oh well. Maybe I can figure out what it is. Did you want a hug, something to drink? Or maybe…” Lance was quick to plant his lips on Keith’s. The kiss was just what Keith needed and he pulled his arms around Lance’s waist to kiss him for longer before Lance pulled away. “Maybe that?”

“That works just fine.” Keith said, before stealing another kiss. “Ok, but what do you plan to do?”

“Well, the new website is going up tomorrow right? Iverson’s supposed to have a big picture and my dad would be very disappointed if all the web design stuff he taught me wasted away just because I’m training to be a pilot.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“My laptop, the stuff Pidge taught me and if you still have the school wide text of that old picture of Iverson, that would be amazing.”

The two curled up on Lance’s bed as he typed away getting into the school’s mainframe before opening the html to edit the page.

“How mad do you think Iverson will be?” Keith asked as he watched Lance type away in what he guessed was code. Web design was not his thing.

“Hey if he tries to yell at us, we’ll most likely be around most of the students and other teachers. He can’t do much.”

Keith rested his head on Lance’s shoulder still watching his boyfriend type away. “I like this. We should try and plan more pranks together.”

“Oh trust me babe. Stick with me and you’ll fall in love with it. But you do it to me and you’re declaring war.”

Keith stifled his giggles as he watched the home page of the new website was plastered on all of the TVs. The fonts were changed to the annoying symbol ones, pictures of generic aliens replacing some of the pictures of students in training. The best one was the high school Iverson picture, full of braces, crooked glasses and poor outfit choices.

“Was the Iverson picture too much?” Lance asked, hiding his laughter in Keith’s shoulder. No one knew they were going out but people weren’t paying attention to how close they were being right now, their attention on the TVs.

“Well they see he’s not so scary after all so no, this is perfect.  You are amazing.” Lance gave a big smile in return.

“KOGANE!” everyone turned to see a fuming Iverson stomping down the hall, his eyes locked on Keith. Shiro, who was nearby, followed after. “Alright, I know you were behind this. You get into a huffy fit yesterday and then you’re not found in your room last night. I know it was you.”

“Keith was with me.” Lance said.

“And why would he be with you McClain?”

“What, I’m not allowed to spend time with my boyfriend?” Iverson seemed stunned, and Lance and Shiro looked surprised anyway. Keith just shrugged. “What? People were gonna find out soon anyway. We haven’t been as secretive as before. Besides, I want people to see I stand by those I care about.”

“Aww, babe.” Lance planted a wet kiss on Keith’s cheek, making him wildly react and glare at him a bit.

“Sir, I can confirm they’re together. The website was being put up today. You can’t really blame this on them. It could have been anyone.” Shiro offered

Iverson couldn’t deny that. He left with a glare and a huff. Shiro turned to the two fighter pilots.

“Keep the pranks to a minimum you two.”

“No promises.” Keith said

“If it’s a good date idea, then well…”

Shiro feared for the next time Iverson pissed Keith off. He feared so much.

The Mission: A Suicide Squad Fanfic - Part 6

The paper sat on the desk in front of her; taunting her.

Certificate of Death

Names: Lynn and Elliott Y/L/N

Died: 2/11/14

Immediate Cause of Death: Fractures to skull and various internal injuries

Due to: Collision with inebriated driver

Then, yet another form was placed on the table before her. It read, ‘Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights’.

This form was essentially an out. A way to escape being her little brother’s legal guardian. A way to live her life without the burden of acting as a parent.

She reached for a pen that sat adjacent to the sheet, scribbled on it, and walked out of the room.

It wasn’t y/n’s signature, but the words ‘hell no’ written in ink, and set in stone.  


It was a cold, bitter night in Gotham City. Y/n folded her arms close to her chest to retain heat as she turned a corner into a dark alley. She was on her way to Eve’s Diner to work the graveyard shift for the second time that week. Her worn down converse tapped the ground lightly with each step she took. She heard a small thud coming from behind a dumpster and quickened her pace.

‘Hey.’ A voice said menacingly. ‘Hey, I’m talking to you!’

She stopped and clenched her eyes shut. If she was held up by some trigger happy douchebag, she wouldn’t live to tell the tale. She had spent all of her money on her brother Jaxon’s meds the previous day. She slowly turned around and found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

‘Shit.’ she whispered.

‘Hello…kind sir.’ she began, raising her hands. ‘Um, do you…do you need directions? Or- or maybe a map of some sort? This area is not exactly safe at this time of night.’ She chuckled nervously. ‘If you need some help, I’m an excellent tour guide. B-because I’m sure you’ve got places you need to go. And, and I’ve got a job to get to where people are expecting to see me…ya know…alive.’

‘Shut the fuck up,’ the man said aggressively, moving closer to y/n.

She stumbled backwards and held her hands out in front of her body. “Look, hey, I’ve got a brother. Okay? He’s only 13 and he’s got heart problems. He’s in the hospital. It’s just him and me. He doesn’t have anyone else.’

The man raised his gun threateningly, saying, ‘Well where the hell are your parents, huh?’

Y/n gulped. ‘They got killed by a drunk driver two years ago.’ She saw the man’s hostile expression falter for a split second, so she continued. ‘Just, please, just let me go. I-I’ll bring you some money when I get my next paycheck, I swear, just…please.’ Her pleas must have had some impact on the mugger, because he ran off into the night without laying a hand on y/n or her wallet.

She held her breath and stood in the alley for about thirty seconds, staring at where a gun had been pointed between her eyes only moments ago, before saying, ‘I’m a motherfucking sorcerer!’ She was helpless to contain her laughter. ‘I’m invincible!’ She yelled. Just then, a faint ‘meow’ came from behind her, causing y/n to jump and yell ‘SHIT!’ She then hauled ass out of that alley and made her way to work.

She rushed to Gotham Mercy General Hospital after work to visit her brother. She greeted the receptionist and proceeded to climb four flights of stairs to reach Jaxon’s room. ‘Hey, stranger.’ she joked. ‘How ya doin’?’

‘Well, I got that cute nurse, Annie, to hug me during an impromptu screening of ‘Marley and Me’. So, I guess things could be worse.’

‘How’d you get to be so smart, kid?’ Y/n asked, chuckling at the cleverness of her younger brother.

‘Hey, when you’re moving along the stages of life as quick as me, you gotta make sure you sound the part. I have a congenital heart defect, sis. I’ve got the heart of an 85 year old, and it’s on it’s last legs. I’m just embracing it.’

‘Hey,’ y/n said, attempting to remain positive. ‘Don’t talk like that, Jax. You and me, we’re doing just fine. You’re- you’re gonna be just fine. And so am I, for that matter. You know that surgery Doc Allen said he could do? The one that could cure you?’

Jaxon nodded his head, a cautious smile forming on his face.

Taking notice of her brother’s blossoming optimism, she continued. ‘Yeah, well, I’ve almost got enough. Money, I mean.’

Jaxon’s eyes lit up like stars in a pitch black sky. Y/n relished the look of hope that fell across his features. That was the greatest news y/n had ever gotten to give, except for the fact that it was total bullshit.

She was nowhere close to reaching the amount of money needed for Jaxon’s surgery, but she didn’t have to tell him that. She was still desperately clinging to the hope that a miracle would occur and she would raise every penny that was required, and maybe a little extra.

‘Lemme tell you, Jax, we’re gonna find a way to get by. Just like always. And I will do everything I can to make sure you’re outta here in a few months. Hopefully, with Annie’s phone number.’ Y/n joked. ‘Ok, little bro, I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.’ She leaned down and kissed her brother’s forehead before turning and walking out of the room.

She exited the hospital and stood, silently, outside. She inhaled deeply, trying her best not to lose it. Sadly, her attempts were ineffective. Tears began to trickle down her face, and then the waterworks began. She covered her mouth to stop a horrendous sob from escaping her swollen lips. She trudged over to a nearby bench and plopped down. ‘Oh, god.’ She choked out, weeping uncontrollably. Her hands flew to her bloodshot eyes as she did her best to hide from the world that terrified her.

Then, like a ray of hope from heaven, y/n lifted her head up and her gaze shifted to a utility pole with dozens of neon flyers stapled to it. But one flyer in particular caught her eye; it was the only flyer that wasn’t colored. It was plain white with no extravagant fonts or anything else that would usually make it noticeable. Y/n stood up and crossed the street to get a better look at it.

It was an advertisement for an experiment that required a test subject. The nature of the experiment was not stated on the flyer, but it said that any volunteer test subject who fit the requirements would be paid $1,000 a day for ten days.

That would be more than enough to pay off Jaxon’s medical bills and pay for his surgery. So, she ripped the flyer off of the pole and returned home.

Later that morning, y/n went to the address that was written on the flyer. Lucky for her, she fit the requirements for the experiment to the letter. 

The scientists put her into a comatose state and performed whatever experiments and tests they needed to for ten days straight.

On the tenth day, after the the scientists had finished their tests, one of them sat y/n down and explained to her what she should expect.

‘First of all, Ms. y/l/n, we here at the Briarwood Center for Scientific Research and Development would like to thank you for your participation in this experiment. Some side effects that you may experience are as follows: migraines, nausea, and fatigue. However, if this experiment comes to fruition as we hope it does, you can expect to see something, well, amazing happen to you within the month.’ Y/n just nodded along, indulging the scientist.

‘Alrighty!’ She replied, feigning enthusiasm. ‘Wow, can’t wait! Can I get my money now?’

Y/n took her big, fat check and went to see her brother at the hospital. She bounded up those four flights of stairs and practically skipped into his room. ‘Jax! Guess what I- who the hell are you?’ She asked, noticing that the person lying before her was not her brother.

After speaking to Doctor Allen, y/n discovered that Jaxon’s condition had worsened in the ten days since she had seen him. He had been transferred to the ICU just three days earlier.

She used her money to pay off all of the medical bills that had been piling up, which cost more than she had anticipated, but she didn’t have enough for the surgery. Once again, y/n was desperate. She worked day and night trying to raise enough money for her brother’s surgery, while dealing with the side effects of the experiment she had participated in.

One night, she arrived home from work and ran straight to the toilet to puke up her dinner. That paired with the brain-melting migraines and how difficult it was for her to keep her eyes open, she became convinced that she was trapped in her own personal hell. ‘What the FUCK did I do to deserve this, huh?’ She yelled, still bent over the toilet bowl. ‘I’m a good person, goddamnit!’ She shrieked, wiping the vomit away from the corners of her mouth with her shirt sleeve.

She stumbled into the piss-poor excuse for a living room in her tiny apartment and dropped to her knees. She became filled with a white hot rage. She felt so unbelievably angry at everything. She was angry at the world, angry at the scientists who experimented on her, and she was angry with herself. She clenched her fists, shut her eyes, and screamed as loud as she could.

All of the pictures that hung on the walls fell to the floor, her television rose into the air and dropped just as quickly, her bed lifted off of the ground, and the dishes in her sink flew across the room and hit the wall, shattering them. By the time she opened her eyes, her apartment was a complete wreck.

‘W-what?’ She wondered quietly. She looked down at her hands and noticed that they were glowing. ‘What the hell’s happening to me?’ She asked, knowing that no one was around to answer.

Then, an idea popped into her head. An idea that she dare not say out loud; it was too heinous, too reckless, too…bad.

‘No. Uh uh, this-there’s no way…’ She trailed off, realizing that there was, in fact, a way. A way that would solve all of her problems. A way that would make everything alright for her and her brother.

In that moment, y/n decided that if she wasn’t going to be given anything in this world, she would have to take it.

She started by robbing local mom-and-pop banks to get the money for her brother’s surgery. She robbed 7 small credit unions before it happened. She got a call from Doctor Allen.

‘Y/n? It’s Doc Allen. Please come to the hospital as quickly as you can…it’s urgent.’

She ran to Gotham Mercy as fast as her legs could carry her. She shoved the doors open and slammed her hands on the front desk.

‘Where is he?’

The receptionist looked at y/n with sad eyes, ‘I-I’m so sorry, sweetie.’

‘No.’ Y/n insisted. ‘No, no, no, no, no. He’s fine, he’s ok, please…tell me he’s ok!’ Some nurses gathered around her as Doctor Allen approached holding a clipboard with forms attached. She recognized those forms.

Certificate of Death

Name: Jaxon Y/L/N

She was sobbing without shame as she yelled, ‘NO. HE’S OK, HE HAS TO BE! NO, NO, NO, NOT AGAIN!’ The nurses held her arms as she tried to collapse on the ground. Y/n was now completely and totally alone.  

Her brother was dead and y/n was livid. She was filled loathing and fury that couldn’t be contained. Jaxon was all that she had left. He was the reason that she stayed good and sane.

But he was gone now.

Now, instead of robbing banks to help her brother, she was gonna rob them to avenge him. She decided to get revenge on all of the rich people in Gotham, all the people who had everything and wanted for nothing, all the people who would have been able to pay for her brother’s surgery. She decided to rob Gotham National Bank.

She planned the heist out for months, put together a team of four other criminals with the skills she required, and then it was finally time.

Y/n’s crew stood at the back entrance to the bank, waiting for their leader to open the door for them. After she had put the idea to go bowling into the minds of the guards at the front entrance, she made her way to meet her team. She walked in front of the group and put her fingers to her head and closed her eyes. The door slowly lifted off of its hinges, and then landed quietly on the ground. The thieves rushed inside, knowing their time was limited.

Every member of the group was loading stacks of cash, uncut diamonds, and priceless jewelry into their rucksacks. That is, every member except for y/n.

‘Hey, sexy,’ one of the more grotesque male group members began. ‘Why aren’t you gettin’ anything?’

Y/n chuckled lowly, then said, ‘I’m not wasting my time. I’m just gonna let you all do the dirty work for me, kill you, and keep everything for myself.’ A hush fell over the group, but then y/n began laughing.

She continued to laugh until she had every crew member laughing with her, and then she used her powers to snap each of their necks.

One by one.

She grabbed each bag that was filled with riches and left the bank, smiling at her wickedness. But, just as she thought she was home free, who should drop from the skies but Batman?

She stopped dead in her tracks, ‘Well, well, well, what do we have here? The big bad bat making an appearance just for me! How sweet! If I’d known you were coming I woulda dressed up a bit.’ She chided.

‘You’re coming with me, Hypnotica.’ Batman said through his teeth.

‘Hypnotica? Really? Is that what people are calling me? I mean, I get it. I control people’s minds, it makes sense but it’s so cliche!’ Y/n turned her back to Batman while still complaining about her nickname, but when she went to face him again he was gone.

‘Huh,’ Y/n said, feeling an eerie sense of relief. ‘That was almost too easy.’

Then, she heard a ‘whoosh’ sound coming from behind her, felt a sharp pain in her neck, and everything went black.

Her eyes fluttered open and she yawned. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She inquired. She sat up from the uncomfortable mattress that she had been lying on, stood up, and walked to the door. She shook the handle and yelled, ‘HEY! WHERE AM I?’

A man in a uniform with the words ‘Arkham Asylum’ written on the chest walked up and said, ‘Shut the hell up, Hypnotica.’

As the man walked away, y/n yelled after him, ‘THAT’S NOT MY NAME YOU ASSHAT! MY NAME-’ she trailed off, and then said under her breath, ‘my name is y/n.’

Y/n remained a prisoner at Arkham for about 8 months until she attempted to strangle a guard because he didn’t give her a full scoop of mashed potatoes.

The night after the mashed potato incident, while y/n was sound asleep, she was heavily sedated and transferred to another institution. An institution called Belle Reve Penitentiary.

This was the place where y/n would live out her three life sentences; where she would remain for the rest of her days.

Or so she thought.


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Eruri Week Drabble: Family (Day 1)

“Levi,” he rapped his knuckles on the door. “Are you ready?”

Levi wrenched open the door, his shirt unbuttoned, bootless, jacket flung carelessly on the bed. He glared at Erwin and stomped back over to mirror. Erwin took in a deep breath and then followed him into the room, pushing the door closed behind them.

“I don’t see why I have to go to this shitty thing,” Levi huffed, staring at Erwin in the looking glass as he hastily fastened his shirt buttons and reached for his cravat.

“Because he’s a friend,” Erwin offered, resting back against the desk.

“He’s not my friend.” Levi stated, fumbling with his cravat in irritation.

“Here, let me.” Erwin offered, stepping in close and tying the cloth, pulling it into place and flattening it down against Levi’s chest, his fingers rested a little longer than necessary above Levi’s heartbeat.

“Well then, he’s a commanding officer, and he has presented you an invite. It is only professional for you to accept.”

“Load of fucking bollocks, spending my day off going to a christening.”

“It’s my day off too, Levi.” Erwin countered, as he picked up the jacket and held it up for Levi to step into, the royal blue complementing his pale skin and dark hair perfectly.

“I know one way I’d prefer to be spending this day.”

Erwin knew that look in Levi’s eyes and his gut clenched slightly in anticipation of something they wouldn’t be doing for at least the next seven hours.

“At least your arse looks nice in those trousers.” Levi continued, wistfully.

“Ditto,” Erwin said, moving to the door before he could be further tempted by Levi. “The carriage is waiting.”

Levi scowled at him one last time, and then ducked under his arm and out into the corridor, setting a fast enough pace for Erwin to keep up with. Levi dosed off in the carriage, his head softly lolling on Erwin’s shoulder. The journey was longer then he remembered and in the warm morning light, watching the life go by outside the window, he too found himself lulled.

When the carriage jerked to a halt, Erwin’s chin jolted against Levi’s head and Levi moaned. They both looked at each other for a moment, and then the carriage door opened, and Levi jumped out ahead of him. The church was bathed in bright sunlight and he could see the colour from the stained glass windows fragmenting everything inside.

“You OK?” Levi asked, his tone was unconcerned, but his eyes showed the opposite.

“Yes, darling.” Erwin replied, slapping himself mentally the second the endearment was out of his mouth. They were in public. He had to be more careful. It was a slip that made Levi’s eyes narrow. “I’m fine.” Erwin reassured, placing a hand on his shoulder, close enough that he could brush his thumb along Levi’s jaw.

“Erwin,” he turned at his name being called, only to have Marie launch herself into his arms, hugging him tightly; he tensed and then let it go, embracing her back. “You’ve been such a stranger recently, I’d almost forgotten what you looked like.” she chided.

“I’ve been -”

“- busy,” she concluded for him. “Yes, I know.”

It was an old excuse.

“You look well.”

“If you mean a don’t look like a bulbous whale anymore, you’re right. My ankles were huge, Erwin.” she demonstrated the size of her ankles with her hands. “Huge.” she reiterated. “And it was all his fault.” Marie added loudly as she saw Nile push his out of the church and make his way over to them.

“It takes two, dear.” he muttered into her hair as he kissed her head. “It takes two.” he said to Erwin with a smile. Admittedly, one of those two did need to be a woman. Nile reached out a hand and Erwin willingly took. “I’m glad you came.”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

Nile glanced at Levi, who stood just a little behind Erwin’s right shoulder.


Levi nodded.

“We’re about to start.”

People began to file in, filling the circle of the church. Pastor Nick stood in the centre by the font of water, ready to bath the baby’s head. Erwin had been christened here, or so his mother had told him; he’d been named under the protection of Maria, Rose and Sina. Not that it was surprising considering how much of a devote wallist his mother had been. His father, on the other hand, had always been more of a devote scholar. Erwin had ended up somewhere in between, both searching for proof and wanting to believe; often times, calling on the walls to protect him, while at the same time knowing that it was his job to protect them.

“Are you asleep?” Levi asked quietly beside him and Erwin smiled, peering sideways at him.

“Not yet,”

“I’ll wake you, if you do nod off,” Levi said helpfully.

“Thank you, Levi.”

Erwin hated having Levi and Marie near each other, those two parts of his life that should never mesh, and it wasn’t because of any fear of jealousy; Erwin had proved to Levi time and again that he had nothing to worry about on that score. It was only that when they were together, he couldn’t help but compare.

The life he could have had, with the life he had now.

All of this. All. Of. It could have been his, right down to woman now holding the wriggling, screaming baby in her arms. It could have been him standing beside her now, smiling at her, holding her tight. That baby; well, not that exactly baby, but it could have been his.

The wife. The baby. The family.

He could have chosen that life, but instead he’d chosen this one.

Erwin reached out and gently brushed his fingers with Levi; Levi linked their little fingers together.

He wouldn’t change it for anything. The choice he’d made back then had been the right one. That being said, he did still want a family. And that was reinforced a little later on when Marie handed him the baby and he took the precious, tiny little thing in his arms; so small that if he’d held her along the length of his arm, she wouldn’t even have reached his shoulder.

“You’re a natural,” Marie said, a sadness in her eyes; a sadness for him.

Erwin looked passed her at Levi; Levi who was watching him with an expression Erwin hadn’t seen too often before; soft almost.

“You want kids,” Levi said once they were safely ensconced back in the carriage. “I didn’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

They sat apart. Levi changed that quickly, moving to climb onto his lap, straddling his thighs.

“Well, we could give it a go.” his eyes laughed as he rubbed forward against Erwin. “Maybe if we try enough times, a miracle might happen.”

“You can such a bastard sometimes,” Erwin breathed into his neck, holding him tight against his chest.

“How about it though, wanna make a baby with me?”

Erwin looked up at him and Levi kissed him; gentle and deep and slow, hands caressing each side of Erwin’s face. They were never going to make a baby, but it sure would be fun trying.


Levi slumped into the chair beside him, reaching for Erwin’s hand, entwining their fingers together.

“You’ve been quiet, what’s wrong?”

Erwin looked at him sideways and smiled.

“Hanji dropped this by earlier.”

It was the latest article the gazette had run on him: ‘how to successfully take down a government without getting excuted’. It had an artists impression of him which was fanciful to say the least. Levi picked it up and flicked through the story, snorting in amusement from time to time.

“At least it’s better than the other one.” he quiped. “What was that?”

He looked at Erwin for help, but he’d be damned if he was going to give it.

“Oh, I got it. ‘what to do if a titan’s got you by the arm: a survival guide.”

Erwin shook his head: “I have no idea who writes this drivel, or who reads it for that matter.”

Levi rubbed his thumb lightly over Erwin’s knuckle.

“It’s going on the wall above the counter, like the other one.”

“If that’s what you want, darling.”

They both stared out at the garden.

“Hanji also dropped this by.” Erwin said after a while. “I haven’t opened it yet, she said it was for the both of us.”

Levi frowned: “I don’t like the sound of it, you open it.”

“You open it.” Erwin insisted and Levi did, moving aside the brown paper to see the placard inside: “Smithermans Teashop.” Levi laughed and held it up for Erwin to see.

“I like it, it’s got a certain ring to it.”

“Shame then,”

It had been Levi’s slightly peculiar wish to open a Teashop once the fighting was over, and so that’s what they’d done. It had taken months of planning and permissions and permits and then there’d been the building and decorating, but they were finally ready to open.


No frills, quaint and dainty. Just like Levi.

They’d debated for a while whether they should just sell tea, or if they should also serve tea and in the end they’d decided to do both; although Erwin had a sneaky suspicion that it’d more than likely be him at front of house, while Levi stayed happily out back taking inventory.

“We can put it in the kids room.” Levi suggested, slipping the placard onto the table. “It’s accurate enough.”

Erwin liked that idea.

“Molly’ll like it, I think.”

“As long as they don’t start thinking it’s their surname.”

Erwin laughed softly. He had been reading: ‘how to acclimatise to life outside the military: learning how to be a civilian.“ but all things considered he much preferred Levi’s company. And life outside the Military wasn’t so bad, especially considering he’d never expected to make it out alive.

“You’re going to let them go, aren’t you?”

This time Erwin had no idea what Levi was talking about, until he caught the direction of Levi’s gaze. The rabbits. They’d taken up residence about a month ago and in that time a family been born; tiny, blind, helpless creatures, entirely dependent on their mother. Erwin had spent a lot of time watching them, seeing how the mother would stand guard over the warren, uncovering the hole to allow them to feed, frantic, crazy, hungry mouths all vying and fighting for milk, before she tucked them back into the ground, safe and away from predators. It was only when Levi mentioned that he’d seen a family of foxes also in the garden, bouncing and dancing and prancing on their mother, biting her tail and ears, that Erwin had decided to put up a fence around the warren to keep the bunnies safe. He hadn’t thought anything of it until a few days ago, when he’d gone a little too close and petrified them, too terrified to move. They’d been at the edge of the fence, reaching up to try and see what was on the other side.

“Yes, I am.” he replied eventually.

“Even though you know that the foxes will likely eat them?”

“It’s the chance we all have to take,” Erwin muttered.

Levi squeezed his hand.

“Ok, but you’re the one explaining to Samuel where the bunnies have gone?”

“I will.”

They sat for a while longer and then Levi sighed.

“It’s getting cold, c'mon.”

The kids were tucked up in their beds, snug and warm and so very beautiful. Erwin kissed them both on the forehead and then fixed the covers around them. It was one of the best decisions he’d made, letting Levi talk him into adopting.

“Hey,” Levi whispered from the end of the corridor, leaning against the door frame of their bedroom, arms crossed loosely in front of him. “Wanna make a baby with me?”

If You Love Me

this is part 1/3 of Jealous!Soul: the trilogy, formally called If You Love Me Let Me Know, which can also be found on ffn and ao3. a huge shout out to ProMa, Lunar, Ash, and Bendy for looking this over.

Summary: When another weapon asks Maka out on a date, Soul has to work through his own feelings of jealousy and loyalty as he watches the one he loves slipping away. But is it really too late?

A pigtail dangles into view first on the other side of his doorway, at the edge of his vision, followed by a groomed brow and the delicate curve of a rosy cheek. She’s not as inconspicuous as she thinks. But then again, he doesn’t need to see scarred fingers curling around the doorframe or half of a face peering into his room to know it’s Maka. He feels her like a sixth sense.

She pauses, blinking once, twice —

“Hey, Soul?” She is the harmony of silence. “I’m getting ready for my date. Can you help me curl my hair?”

Snark is his armor: “Does this look like a hair salon to you?”

Determined not to look into her pleading green eyes, he abandons plucking at strings that have calloused the pads of his fingers to wave around his room, pointing out his posters and weird knickknacks. Certainly his acoustic guitar is not as interesting as Maka, but he’s invested an entire week of attention to it since learning of her unexpected curiosity about dating. While redirecting his energy to ignoring the envy gnawing at his insides may not be the greatest coping mechanism, it’s a marker of his personal growth that he hasn’t sought comfort in lazing around, snarling bitterly and sulking.

Please?” The way she enunciates these words breaks his will.

“Bring your thingy,” he relents, setting the guitar aside and wringing his hands in preparation for handling stick straight golden hair. Surely she absorbs sunlight like a flower, and he only hopes he’s worthy of touching such heaven.

Flashing a vibrant smile, she vanishes down the hallway as quickly as she appeared, socks muffling her footfalls. “It’s called a curling iron!”

And like always, he’s left with the aftershock of both boxing away his feelings and making space for them. Little moments like these highlight how undeniably, incurably, and rampant his feelings for Maka have grown. Every gentle word and soft look she gifts him only nurtures the longing he perpetually fails to smother.

Envy and regret might corrupt him.

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Loud Neighbour vs. Short Tempered German.

Warning: This story is very long but well worth it. Also there is “Too Long; Didnt Read” at the bottom of the story.

This was about a year ago. I had just moved into my new flat because the previous one was quite uncomfortable, as the owner and other flatmates were generally dicks. Lots of clashes with them and LOTS of leassons learned on how not to deal with people. Your usual college experience stuff, you know?

Now I had a job and money: Time to live on my own!

I move in and all is fine for a month. But I am exposed to loud gaming noises. I’m a gamer myself, so naturally I am not too annoyed about this. But these game noises would normally not stop until 1am/2am. Which is kinda shitty for my sleep-cycle and the enjoyment of weekends.
Trying to do the civil thing I ask the neighbour to turn it down. Turns out my neighbour is from New Zealand and doesnt speak German. (Hint, this is all taking place in Germany)
My english is good enough to have some chitchat and I try to build a friendly “bond” by idenitfying that he is either Aussie or NZ. He’s amazed by my english and confirms to be a Kiwi. He concludes with saying that it is no problem to game quietly; says he can do that definitely.

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One Week Before (Fancy a Roll in the Hay? sequel) - Part 4

I actually managed to get this uploaded on the right day this time. Shit is starting to happen so hopefully more people will get into it like with FARITH haha. Please do like and reblog if you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4

You wake up, your head throbbing, your stomach lurching. You jump up and glance around the room, and run for a door which mercifully lead to the bathroom. Staggering inside you empty the contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl, your throat burning. Once your stomach settles you rinse your mouth out and walk back into the main room. Last night after the wedding you had gone to a bar with Bucky, but left early and got a hotel room. You couldn’t drink and got tired a lot faster than the happy, drunk Bucky. You had let Bucky know where you were staying and what room, but he hadn’t come home.

You sit on the bed, but jump up immediately. There was a pain spreading through your butt cheek. With a sigh, you remember what Bucky had stupidly convinced you to do last night. Peeling back your underwear you see your brand new tattoo. Bucky’s name. Just that in a simple font, on a space nobody would see except him. Although you regretted it slightly, it wasn’t the most tasteful of tattoos, it meant something to you and you liked the fact Bucky got a matching one with your name.

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“Are we really going to do this?” Dex pokes his head out the window, into the Samwell Hockey Haus Reading Room. Nursey is wearing a black and red blanket as a cape and hanging his feet off the edge of the roof. Dex turns his head to look into the hallway. There’s no one else Nursey could be talking to, except him. 

He climbs out the window and joins him. Dex doesn’t like heights so he sits with his back against the wall of the Haus. He doesn’t like cold so he draws his knees up and wraps his arms around them.

“We’re going to kill each other,” Dex says.

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ourqueenandknight-deactivated20  asked:

Ok idk if you take prompts but BOY DO I HAVE ONE ANYWAYS. I was watching Parks and Rec 5x19 and almost died laughing thinking about bellarke in that situation. Bullheaded Clarke trying to go up against Bellamy in a historical live-off? Grumpy friendless Bellamy who complains about the anachronistic fonts the historical society uses? YES PLZ

Yes you are right this is a beautiful prompt and it kind of got away from me in weird ways WHAT ELSE IS NEW. Also on AO3!

Clarke loves her town, she really does.It’s amazing. There is nowhere in the world she’d rather live. It is the best place there is, as far as she’s concerned.

But sometimes–just sometimes!–she wants to murder every single person who lives here and start over from scratch.

“I’m just saying,” says Bellamy, infuriatingly calm and reasonable, “these laws have worked for us for a long time. What gives you the right to just change them whenever you want?”

“Mr. Blake,” says Clarke, and bites back a satisfied grin at his brief scowl of annoyance. They’ve never been that close–he’s a good few years older than she is, so there wasn’t much school overlap, and they run in different circles now–but his sister is a year younger than she is, and they were friends before she left for college, so she certainly knows him well enough to be on a first-name basis. She just likes to piss him off with excessive formality. He likes to piss her off right back, so fair’s fair. “The people gave me the right to change laws. That’s why we have elections.”

“I didn’t vote for you so you could change our historical laws,” he shoots back, and Clarke tries to ignore the odd glow of pride she feels when he says he voted for her. She didn’t really think he liked her that much. He’s been coming to open forums to antagonize her since she got hired on in Parks a few years back; she assumed he was actively campaigning against her, honestly. “Those historical laws are awesome.”

“Awesome,” Clarke repeats, dubious. “This is–look, the law was clearly intended to–”

“I think you should leave historical intent to historians,” he says. “You can do politics.”

“The history is still affecting us today, you fu–”

Wells, who doesn’t even work at City Hall, is the one to cut in. “Okay, great,” he says. “Thanks for coming out, everyone. That’s all the time we have for this open forum, but we’ll post information about the next one as soon as we can.”

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