i know the first one is a bit fast

you’re having a really bad day and look up and kinda say, “please, please, please, someone help me”, and one minute later a guy with little horns pops up from NOWHERE and just goes, “man, you don’t know how fast angels are. like, daaaaaamn. can you believe I am feeling the tiniest bit exhausted? WOW”
apparently the Devil’s son heard your request and had to fight several angels just to arrive first and be your helping “guardian” because “you’re cute”.

An open letter to Griffin and the McElroys

Lup is a trans woman.

I can explain what this means to me, but it’ll be long and emotional, so please forgive that.

Sawbones was my first McElroy podcast. I knew right away that I identified with Justin - the fact that we’re both peripheral to medicine, and around the same age, with similar frames of reference helps a lot. He’s also a complete goof, which people who know me will likely find at least a bit familiar.

Over the years I’ve started listening to more and more of y’all - Interrobang, MBMBaM, and Griffin and Justin’s work on Polygon, but as a dyed-in-the-wool nerd, TAZ has fast become my favourite of all your body of work. One of the reasons that I identify so strongly with y’all, is that I see my brother in you.

My brother, Dan, died almost seven years ago - he would’ve been Travis’ age now. In all of you, I see his sense of humour, his passion, his encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and music, and above all, his kindness. In some very small way, listening to the three of you and your relationship has helped me keep close what I treasured most about my own brother.

Dan died before i could come out to him as a trans woman. I don’t have any doubt that he would’ve been loving and supportive, because our relationship only improved as we aged, but I still never got to tell him about this thing that is so central to who I am as a person. Griffin, it may have seemed like a simple decision to include a woman like me as a character in your podcast, but your acceptance of and sensitivity toward people like me was like a touchstone to how i feel Dan would have reacted if I’d had the chance to tell him. It’s why I broke down with tears of joy listening to the episode, and it’s why I’m crying now, writing this.

I know it’s a little weird to be so emotional over one group of people I’ve never met, and another group who are entirely fictional, but this strange daisy-chain of associations means that this simple gesture was actually of deep, deep significance to me.

From the bottom of my heart, and from my brother and me, thank you.

Drunken Words- William Nylander

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(You try finding a bad GIF of Willy)

Ok so I had work last night (which kicked my butt) then an emergency this morning, so I’m changing things up a bit ok! I’ll still get caught up this weekend, but I was able to write this real fast before bed and had the Tkachuk one already done so bear with me guys ok. I’m going through some shit right now! Anon let me know what you thought!!

Warning: drunk Willy, cussing

Anon Request: Omg I’ve been requesting so many willy imagines 😂😂 but could you do one where he says I love you for the first time but he’s drunk and the reader doesn’t know how to react and then the next morning is really awkward, but end with them both saying I love you?


              “I love you (Y/N)” Willy announced.

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Everything Johnny Cade says in the book.

“Leave her alone, Dally.”

“You sure didn’t show it. Nobody talks to Dally like that.”


“How come y’all ain’t scared of us like you were Dally?”

“Dally’s okay. He’s tough, but he’s a cool old guy.”

“Hey, Two-Bit.”

“Aw, cut it out! Dally was bothering them and when he left they wanted us to sit with them to protect them. Against wisecracking greasers like you, probably.”


“There was a whole bunch of them. A blue Mustang full…I got so scared..”

“Your boyfriends?”

“Gee, I thought you and Darry and Soda got along real well…”

“It’s the truth. I don’t care.”

“It’s because we’re greasers. We could have hurt her reputation.”

“Man, that was a tuff car. Mustangs are tuff.”

“I can’t take much more. I’ll kill myself or something.”

“Well, I won’t. But I gotta do something. It seems like there’s gotta be someplace without greasers or Socs, with just people. Plain, ordinary people.”

“Ponyboy. Hey, Pony, wake up.”

“I don’t know. I went to sleep, too, listening to you rattle on and on. You’d better get home I think I’ll stay all night out here.


“Easy, Ponyboy. We’ll be okay.”

“Well, don’t be. You’re scarin’ me. What happened? I never seen you bawl like that.”

“I think I like it better when the old man’s hittin’ me. At least then I know he knows who I am. I walk in that house, and nobody says anything. I walk out, and nobody says anything. I stay away all night, and nobody notices. At least you got Soda. I ain’t got nobody.”

“It ain’t the same as having your own folks care about you. It just ain’t the same.”

“Okay. Okay.”

“Ain’t you about to freeze to death, Pony?”

“I don’t know. But I bet they’re looking for us. We picked up their girls.”

“It’s too late now. Here they come.”

“You’re outa your territory. You’d better watch it.”

“I killed him. I killed that boy.”

“Go ahead. I won’t look at you.”

“Yeah. I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you. And they had a blade…they were gonna be me up…”

“Yeah. Like they did before.”

“They ran when I stabbed him. They all ran.”

“Calm down, Ponyboy. Get ahold of yourself.”

“We gotta get outa here. Get somewhere. Run away. The police’ll be here soon. We’ll need money. And maybe a gun. And a plan.”

“Dally. Dally’ll get us outa here.”

“I think at Buck Merril’s place. There’s a party over there tonight. Dally said somethin’ about it this afternoon.”

“Dally! We gotta see Dally.”

“We figured you could get us out if anyone could. I’m sorry we got you away from the party.”

“Wish I had me a weed.”

“Sure, Dally, thanks.”


“The first stop’ll be Windrixville. I don’t see why he gave me this. I couldn’t shoot anybody.”

“Blast it, Ponyboy. You must have put my legs to sleep. I can’t even stand up. I barely got off that train.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t want to wake you up until I had to.”

“Go ask someone. The story won’t be in the paper yet. Make like a farm boy taking a walk or something.”

“I’ll have to stay here. You go down the road and ask the first person you see where Jay Mountain is. Then come back. And for Pete’s sake, run a comb through your hair and quit slouching down like a thug.”

“You know, you look an awful lot like Sodapop, the way you’ve got your hair and everything. I mean, except your eyes are green.”

“Shoot, you are too.”

“I swear, Ponyboy, you’re gettin’ to act more like Two-Bit every day.”

“Come on inside. Dally told us to stay inside.”

“A week’s supply of baloney, two loaves of bread, a box of matches…”

“I remembered you sayin’ something about it once. And me and you went to see that movie, ‘member? I thought you could maybe read it out loud and help kill time or something.”

“We’re gonna cut our hair, and you’re gonna bleach yours. They’ll have our descriptions in the paper. We can’t fit ‘em.”

“We’d have to anyway if we got caught. You know the first thing a judge does is make you get a haircut.”

“I don’t know either—it’s just a way of trying to break us. They can’t really do anything to guys like Curly Shepard or Tim; they’ve had about everything done to them. And they can’t take anything away from them because they don’t have anything in the first place. So they cut their hair.”

“Oh, come on, Ponyboy. It’ll grow back.”

“No. We gotta bleach it first.”

“Cut the front and thin out the rest. I’ll comb it back after I wash it.”

“Go ahead and cut it.”

“I guess—I guess we’re disguised.”

“Oh, shoot. It’s just hair.”

“Well, we got to get used to it. We’re in big trouble and it’s our looks or us.”

“I’m sorry I cut off your hair, Ponyboy.”

“I know. Things have been happening so fast…”

“Two-Bit shoulda been in that little one-horse store. Man, we’re in the middle of nowhere; the nearest house is two miles away. Things were layin’ out wide open, just waitin’ for somebody slick like Two-Bit to come and pick ‘em up. He coulda walked out with half the store. Good ol’ Two-Bit.”

“Stop it! Shut up about last night! I killed a kid last night. He couldn’t of been over seventeen or eighteen, and I killed him. How’d you like to live with that?”

“I didn’t mean to, but they was drownin’ you, and I was so scared…There sure is a lot of blood in people.”

“This is my fault for bringin’ a thirteen-year-old kid along. You ought to go home. You can’t get into any trouble. You didn’t kill him.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Ponyboy. Don’t cry, Pony, we’ll be okay. Don’t cry…”


“Nope. We’re all cried out now. We’re gettin’ used to the idea. We’re gonna be okay now.”

“I bet they were cool ol’ guys. They remind me of Dally.”

“Yeah…in the manners bit, and the charm, too, I guess. But one night I saw Dally gettin’ picked up by the fuzz, and he kept real cool and calm the whole time. They was gettin’ him for breakin’ out the windows in the school building, and it was Two-Bit who did that. And Dally knew it. But he just took the sentence without battin’ an eye or even denyin’ it. That’s gallant.”

“Golly. That sure is pretty.”

“The mist was what was pretty. All gold and silver.”

“Too bad it couldn’t stay like that all the time.”


“Where’d you learn that? That was what I meant.”

“You know, I never noticed colors and clouds and stuff until you kept reminding me about them. It seems like they were never there before. Your family sure is funny.”

“I didn’t mean nothing. I meant, well, Soda kinda looks like your mother did, but he acts just exactly like your father. And Darry is the spittin’ image of your father, but he ain’t wild and laughing all the time like he was. He acts like your mother. And you don’t act like either one.”

“Yeah. I guess we’re different.”

“You’re starved?”

“Yeah. Whatever gave you the idea we ain’t?”

“You sure can cuss good, Dally.”

“You’d better believe it.”

“Gee, it sure will be good to get into a car again.”

“A spy? Who?”

“Cherry? The Soc?”


“We’re goin’ back and turn ourselves in.”

“I said we’re goin’ back and turn ourselves in.”

“I got a good chance of bein’ let off easy. I ain’t got no record with the fuzz and it was self-defense. Ponyboy and Cherry can testify to that. And I don’t aim to stay in that church all my life.”

“We won’t tell that you helped us, Dally, and we’ll give you back the gun and what’s left of the money and say we hitchhiked back so you won’t get into trouble. Okay?”

“I’m sure. It ain’t fair for Ponyboy to have to stay up in that church with Darry and Soda worryin’ about him all the time. I don’t guess…I don’t guess my parents are worried about me or anything?”

“My parents, did they ask about me?”

“I was scared. I still am. I guess we ruined our hair for nothing, Ponyboy.”

“Would you rather have me living in hide-outs for the rest of my life, always on the run?”

“Hey, Ponyboy.”

“The window stopped him.”

‘Naw…Too fat.”

“Where’s the kids?”

“Shut up! We’re goin’ to get you out!”

“Get out!”

“Hey, y’all.”

“Don’t…don’t let me put enough grease on my hair. “

“He came by.”

“Came to see Dally.”

“Tuff enough.”

“The book—can you get another one?”

“Yeah, it just hurts sometimes. It usually don’t…I can’t feel anything below the middle of my back…”

“I’m pretty bad off, ain’t I, Pony?”

“I won’t be able to walk again. Not even on crutches. Busted my back.”

“You want to know something, Ponyboy? I’m scared stiff. I used to talk about killing myself…I don’t want to die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t long enough. I wouldn’t mind it so much if there wasn’t so much I ain’t done yet and so many things I ain’t seen. It’s not fair. You know what? That time we were in Windrixville was the only time I’ve been away from our neighborhood.”

“I don’t want to see her.”

“I said I don’t want to see her. She’s probably come to tell me about all the trouble I’m causing her and about how glad her and the old man’ll be when I’m dead. Well, tell her to leave me alone. For once—for once just to leave me alone.”


“Useless…fighting’s no good…”


Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”

Mirror For The Sun - Part 5: A Drive

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Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, panic attack/flashback

Word Count: 3392

Author’s Note: I dunno about this one. Lots of ups and downs, lots of sass. Also lots of jumping around in the timeline, so seriously, feedback welcome, let me know if I need to add some section headers to clarify…

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Steve paces the few steps he can take in the cramped hotel bathroom, holding the phone to his ear, waiting for Natasha to pick up. He’s peeked around the door twice to make sure the others are still asleep and turned on the shower for good measure before she finally answers.

“We have a problem,” he confesses before she can finish her groggy greeting. Steve had a habit of waking up at an ungodly hour.

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#260: He Makes You Breakfast


It’s little things in life that makes me very happy. And that also includes having someone to make me breakfast because I find it so sweet and also the reason why my birthday is my fave day of the year because it starts out with the sweetest breakfast ever made by friends and family :-)

Read When We Collide here //  Find my Masterlist here  


“I love this song.” You commented and leaned over to put up the volume of the song playing from the radio, hearing him hum in the background. His long body was leaning over the kitchen counter to reach for a package of strawberries after having rinsed them off in water. He had been cutting more fruits that you could count, the bowl was almost completely filled. The morning sun was streaming in through the blinds in the kitchen and warming the bare skin around your legs. His t-shirt was hanging loosely on your body and he was having a warm smile on his face. “I love you.” He chirped in and laughed quietly, leaning over to grab something from your behind and pressed his forehead against his. “I can tell.” You nodded your head towards the fruits and felt his lips press against your forehead lovingly, preparing the last bit before you were ready to eat.


“You didn’t have to do this…” You mumbled almost a little bit shy by his wonderful effort, looking down at the tray with so many things you weren’t sure if you would be able to eat it alone. “But I wanted to. And trust me, the smile on your face when you saw it was worth the 1,5 hours spent in the kitchen.” He took a seat on the bed and crawled under the covers, his body radiating against yours instantly. You were still pretty surprised, the tray contained everything possible and he had also brought a mini vase with a rose in it. “You know you’re the sweetest guy ever, right?” You asked just to be sure and kissed him on the cheek as he grabbed one of the French toasts and had a little taste of his long work himself. “I do. But it’s only because of you.”


”Hey Y/N, catch!” You barely got the chance to react before your face was connected with a flying pancake, a small giggle appearing afterwards. It was with fast reaction you grabbed it before it fell down to the floor, watching Michael hover over the stove with a not so innocent expression on his face. “I thought you said food wasn’t supposed to be played with.” You hummed and removed a bit of flour that had appeared on your shirt, the pancake quick taken out of your hand and into his mouth. “It’s not… But you know the first pancake is always the taste sample.” He ripped it into one last piece for you to taste, smiling gently and pulled you towards him. The whole kitchen looked like a mess and for once he had woken up before noon but the effort to make you smile already from the morning was worth everything.


“How many do you want? One, ten, I can make as many as you want.” He hummed against the stove and grabbed the package of eggs that was right in his reach, looking over at you with a soft smile. “I want a million.” You giggled and leaned over the counter to watch him properly, the plate in front of you empty but soon it would be filled. “I should take that as a challenge.” He commented and grabbed your plate to place the egg he had just prepared on the pan on top of a piece of roasted bread. You giggled by his words and watched him head back towards you but didn’t place the plate in front of you right away. “I take kisses as payment for breakfast.” He hummed with his forehead pressed against yours and you grabbed his neck to pull him in for a well good morning kiss.

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Your drabbles are my absolute fave! Since that clip this morning I've been trying to imagine Yousef/Sana in any capacity. Could you write a hc about them? Anything about them, really... The first time they met, them praying, when they were lil kids, even an overprotective-Elias-macho-older-bro-hurt-her-and-i-will-end-you type thing. These kids are getting under my skin, man.

Ya know…. I’ve been staring at this one for a bit, trying to choose one to do and then I realized- yo jill this is your blog, do whatever tf you want. So I”M DOING A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING. (also thanks to @imansmeskinis for the nickname help)

  • Sana can distinctly remember the first time Yousef was thrown into her life. 
  • She was ten and commanding a troupe of neighborhood girls on the playground- all of them laughing and playing chase, running fast and hard in order to catch each other. Sana was running them all down, tagging girls left and right, drunk on the knowledge that she was the fastest in the land. 
  • Then a scrawny boy barely starting his growth spurt, with strands of inky-dark hair windswept in all directions and wearing the football uniform, came into view. He was arm in arm with Elias, so Sana thought she had an excuse to stop in the middle of her race to tag-out the last girl. And she just kind of blinked for a few moments, lost in the unfamiliar pinch deep in her stomach.
  • But then Elias catches her eyes and is all what is this shaqiqa? You just going to give up in the middle of your game?
  • And the boy next to him kind of half-grins and his dark eyes meet her and she’s just-
  • She takes off after the last girl like a thunderbolt and has her tagged down within 30 seconds. And the girls are all cheering, but Sana hears none of them and instead looks to her brother and his friend.
  • Elias rolls his eyes, but comes over to sling an arm around her shoulder. And the boy (Yousef, according to her brother’s cheery explanation) smiles.
  • From then on, Yousef is everywhere.
  • He’s there when she gets home from school, playing video games with Elias; he’s there in the mornings when she’s woken up, bleary eyed and sat down at the breakfast table. He’s there when she’s done praying; when she’s relaxed and warm in her peace. He’s there.
  • He’s there when the girls Sana used to get along so perfectly with begin to taper off- startled now by the difference between Sana’s culture and their own. He’s there when Sana rebuilds and makes new friends, better and stronger, at Nissen.
  • He’s there everywhere; in her house, in her head, a constant stream of yousefyousefyousef
  • And he doesn’t seem to notice it. He just smiles at her when she walks into a room and delights in dragging her into the activities of his and Elias’s ever expanding friend group.
  • (truthfully, as clearly as Sana can remember him coming into her life, she can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t in it. It’s like her life is divided into Pre-Yousef and Post-Yousef and everything Pre is just static.)
  • One day, when Yousef comes over, Sana is doing homework in the living room and he just- plops down beside her. and she’s all Elias is in his room and Yousef shrugs and says, yeah and he’ll still be there in ten minutes. I have a bit of time. and then don’t you want to talk to me Sana? I’m hurt.
  • And Sana will roll her eyes and maybe flick her pencil at him or something and he’ll lean down and eye her notes and mention that something or other is wrong. And she’ll just lay her shrewd gaze on him and wait.
  • Then, after a good fifteen minutes, Elias will come down stairs and stop at the entrance of the living room because Yousef and Sana are huddled together- not, like, indecently, but still close- discussing Math. And Elias just bites his lip a bit because he has an idea where this is going.
  • (maybe he’s had an idea for awhile now)
  • So he intercepts Yousef and drags him off to his room, but can’t quite bring himself to warn him off Sana. Not yet. He will, because Yousef isn’t good enough for his baby sister- it’s not personal, no one is good enough for Sana. But not yet.
  • (but he does subtly insist that Yousef get to know Sana’s hot blonde friend a tad better. Noora? That could work.)
  • Only it doesn’t and Sana is suddenly not smiling as much and she can’t meet his or Yousef’s eyes anymore and there is far more here than Elias anticipated.
  • And it’s not like Sana is angry that Yousef likes Noora- everyone does. She’d blonde and beautiful and smart and mostly kind. But it’s Yousef and whether she knew it or not, Sana set her heart on Yousef a long time ago. So Sana right now is struggling to reconcile that with the current situation.
  • (If only Sana knew that Yousef had his heart set on her for just as long.)
broduce maknaes & midnight snacks (in my head)

bae jinyoung: he looks like he doesnt eat a lot but sometimes it just kicks in and he goes to shove fried rice in his mouth

lee daehwi: the type to pour the milk before the cereal… ratio of milk to cereal is 1:4, amount he puts on the bowl depends on how happy he is

lai guan lin: u know,,, the cheetos and lays’ are his. a regular kitchen cabinet-goer

lee euiwoong: this one rarely does bcos he decides to be gentle w/ himself like this, but when he does it’s a neatly done sandwich that looks like him lol or streetfood he bought earlier!

kim dongbin: just shares with whoever else is there for a lil bit

kim samuel: fast food i guess sometimes a burger sometimes that with fries. or fried chicken, etc. sometimes he dissects the burger and smells it first..?

yoo seonho: a king…………..its not like he’s not prepared he has a stash of dry manufactured foods/junkfood somewhere they’re enough to last him 3 months even though he grabs something 15 times a day. its not rare that u find him and guanlin in the kitchen at the same time,but in different corners for some reason

justin: probably just yoghurt. goes to sleep

lee woojin: omg i dont know maybe he’s wilded out some night and another night and counting

10 seconds part 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: I decided to write a second part bc apparently I can’t say no. btw I’ll turn 18 tomorrow (April 1st) so I’m already super excited!

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted.

The eyes that were by now staring at me were burning into my skin like fire. I felt my cheeks heat up and at the same time, I felt unbelievably happy. It was true, I was Dan Howell’s girlfriend and nothing could make me smile wider.

“Good joke, Dan.” Tiffany laughed joylessly while touching my boyfriend’s biceps.

Dan quickly moved further away from her and wiped his lips with the sleeves of his sweater.

“I’m not joking. Y/N and I have been dating for nearly 2 months now.” Dan insisted, dead serious.  

“Sure, and why didn’t you tell anybody about it? Were you embarrassed by her?” Tiffany’s high voice that was drenched with mockery and sarcasm rang in my ear, awakening the desire to slap her grin off her face.

“I didn’t tell you because a) we’re not friends and b) it’s non of your business.” Dan shut her up, his on point come back made the room grow silent.

“Now excuse me while I get my girlfriend a drink.” He said right before he got up.

After Dan had held his hand out for me and I reached for it, he pulled me onto my feet. As we walked to the kitchen together I could still feel curious eyes burn into my back but I really couldn’t care less.

The guy who threw the party stored all of the drinks in the kitchen and Dan was given the permission to get whatever he wanted. The kitchen was completely empty when we walked in, I immediately hopped onto the counter and let my legs dangle in the air while Dan went over to the refrigerator.

“Do you like beer?” Dan asked me, holding up two bottles while raising his eyebrows.

“I don’t know, I have actually never tried it.” I admitted with a shy laugh.

“It’s about time then, right?” He asked me before he opened the bottles.

“Sure, but you have to drink it for me if it tastes disgusting.” I told him before I took the beer he was holding out for me.

I took a little sip of the dark liquid, it tasted a little bit bitter but it wasn’t too bad. Still, I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish the whole bottle.

“Y/N?” Dan suddenly asked me, sounding a bit worried.

“Yes?” I asked, unsure of what he was going to say.

“Are you mad at me?” he then simply asked.

I blinked a few times in confusion.

“Why should I be mad?” I wanted to know, still not understanding what he meant.

“Because of Tiffany. That she kissed me.” He spoke quietly like he was feeling really bad about it.

“Oh that…”

I had nearly forgotten that it had actually happened. Tiffany kissed my boyfriend, sure she didn’t know that we were dating and it was a dare but still. Now that I remembered it, I did feel a little bit down. Dan was with me and I should be the only one who got to kiss him.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I tried to stop her before it happened but she was so fast and then it was too late.” Dan rambled unstoppably. I could really tell how sorry he was.

“It wasn’t your fault. We should have just told everybody in the first place.” I thought out loud. It was true I did feel relieved now that we didn’t have to hide anymore.

“I can’t wait to show you off to all of my friends.” Dan said with a wink, making me smile and blush at the same time.

I pulled his tall body closer to mine before I wrapped my arms around his neck. Since I was still sitting on top of the kitchen counter he was now standing between my legs. ‘He is so beautiful’ I thought to myself as I stared into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Nobody else gets to kiss you.” I whispered right before I connected our lips and felt my heart jump up and down at the same time.

“Just you” Dan smiled into the kiss and everything was alright again.

About 15 minutes later Dan had finished his and the last bit of my beer and we decided to join the people on the dance floor.

Although the music was way too loud the DJ played some good songs from time to time and I just danced and felt free. Both, me and Dan weren’t really the best dancers in the world so we tried our best and mostly just fooled around and invented new ridiculous dance moves.

I was a little bit out of breath when I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

“I’ll miss you.” Dan whined, making me laugh and roll my eyes.

I bumped into Jessica from chemistry class again in the bathroom.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you are dating Dan Howell?!” she squealed and hugged me tightly.

She clearly had a bit of alcohol running through her veins but she looked so excited that I just had to smile at her.

“You are so lucky, Y/N. He is such a gem.” She giggled on her way out of the bathroom, making me grin.

I splashed some cold water on my face, exhausted from all of the dancing me and Dan did. After one last glance at my reflection in the mirror I decided to walk back to my boyfriend who was waiting for me on the dancefloor.

But shortly before I could reach Dan I heard somebody say my name which made me instantly turn around.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?” Drew, a jock I barely knew from school asked me.

“I guess.” I answered brusquely not really interested in talking to him.

“I never realized that you look so hot.” He straight up flirted with me. He got much closer to me than I wanted him to. I was feeling quite uncomfortable and annoyed. The only thought I was able to think was ‘Get away from him’.

“I gotta go find my boyfriend.” I warned him and tried to storm away, but he held me back by my arm.

“I don’t think Howell wants to see you right now.” Drew said with an evil smirk while gesturing to where Dan was waiting for me. He wasn’t alone though, Tiffany was standing right next to him.

She was getting shamelessly close to him and from her body language I could tell that she was obviously flirting with him. Her hand was wandering up and down his chest and although Dan repeatedly tried to push her away she wouldn’t stop.

“She isn’t even here.” I could hear Tiffany purr and I was raging with anger.

“Tiffany, I’m not interested in you at all. I like Y/N!” Dan shouted so loud that a few people turned their heads.

I was about to strut over to her and slap that flirtatious smile off her face. Dan wasn’t able to do that because he would never hit a girl but I surely could. Although I wanted to do it so badly I was still held back by Drew’s firm grip.

I desperately tried to free myself but I wasn’t strong enough. I was sure by now that Tiffany talked Drew into doing this. I was angry and scared at the same time and I felt enormously helpless.  

“Why don’t you let go of her?” A guy behind me bellowed, coming to my rescue.

Drew immediately removed his hands from my arm in surprise and shock.

“Fuck off, asshole.” Jason, Dan’s friend threatened him.

Drew’s eyes sparkled with angst and anger but he did as Jason told him.

“Thank you.” I breathed relieved as soon as he was finally gone.  

“Anything for my best friend’s girlfr-“ Jason was about to say but he got interrupted.

“Are you okay?” Dan nearly shouted at me.

I didn’t really have the time to watch how Dan tried to get rid of Tiffany but it seemed like he had finally managed to do it.

“Drew was just being a dick. I’m alright.” I added and shot Jason a friendly smile.

“Thanks mate.” Dan said bro-hugging his best friend.

 “Let’s get out of here.” The three of us synchronically said at the same time, making us laugh as we walked to the front door and left the party behind us.

EXO Wolf: Reaction to taking their children out running in their wolf form for the first time

Xiumin: “I’ll be right behind you, just enjoy yourself!”

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Luhan: “y/k/n!! You’re stepping on me! I know you’re excited but please I just got my fur done with your mother!” 

Originally posted by ceozhang

Kris: “Fine then… I teach you how to run and hunt and you just run away without me. I see how it is”

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Suho: “Look at my little pups go! they’re growing up so fast” 

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: “Go run for a bit kids! Have fun, but don’t go too far” 

Originally posted by jhoonie

Baekhyun: * one of the pups fell while running* “Told you so, shouldn’t have done that” 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chen: “ AH! You tripped me! Don’t run so fast. I might get hit by a branch”

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Chanyeol: *The babies got scared after hearing a bunnies while going out to run* “Aww my puppies, it’s okay. I won’t let the bunnies hurt you”

Originally posted by jyofanclub

D.O: “Don’t trip! Your mother will kill me”

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Tao:  *Watching them like a hawk*

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Kai: “Fine, I’ll let you pups run, but after its dinner time!”

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Sehun: “Who’s the best dad and teacher? that’s right me”

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Headcanon that Yondu listened to a bit of the music on the Zune when he first bought it, y'know, to make sure the quality was good and worth what he payed for it. He scrolls through the list of songs and decides to click one at random. As the song begins, he finds himself slightly swaying already to the uplifting music and then starts to get into it as the singing begins. Fast forward to a few hours later and crew members could swear they keep hearing their captain yelling something about being a “dancing queen” from his quarters.

Kim Taehyung's ideal type
  • Someone not necessarily introverted and not extroverted  a mix of both
  • Will take care of him
  • Will put up with how stubborn he can be
  • Creative
  • Willing to trust him completely
  • Will let him deal with his emotions on his own but know when to step in and lend a hand
  • Won’t criticize him too much but knows how to without making him feel disrespected
  • Loves animals  and will have a dog
  • ! FAMILY ORIENTED ! They have to want a family ( probably a large one )
  • He would like if his s/o was also close with their parents like he is but would respect if they weren’t
  • but would also expect them to respect him being close and wanting to stay close with his parents
  • Has the same ideals and morals as him
  • Someone who loves skinship and isn’t afraid to be showed off a bit
  • Is willing to go on last minute dates that are a bit out of the ordinary
  • Honestly he seems very, picky isn’t the right word but, selective i guess
  • He is probably very cautious about who he love and let’s close to him so very few people know a lot about him ( He is a capricorn after all )
  • I can really see him marrying one of the first people he falls in love with
  • The relationship would be fast moving once it starts

As promised, we’ve got some videos of the show for all you Adventurekateers old and new! We’ll be starting with just some musical numbers, but I’ll post a video of the full show when I have it. The sound quality is not the best, I’m afraid, but I trust you can see what a great time our performers had. 

Don’t forget, if this almost aggressively amateur video isn’t enough, we have another post here with some excellent professional photos!

First up, there’s the Sparks Nevada theme song. You also get the tail end of On With The Show. 

Then we take you out to the Red Plains (Well, not that red, I have a small stage and a fondness for minimalist sets) for “Written in the Stars”. 

From a happy couple to one not so much, here’s the second verse through the end of “Gettin’ Nowhere Fast”. This little bit contains my favorite joke in the show.

And you know we just HAD to pay tribute to our fictional sponsor, which is why we closed Act 1 with a word from @workjuice Coffee. BOW BEFORE YOUR KING AND HIS CAFFEINE-RICH MAJESTY!

For a little bit of every song in the show, check out The Wedding Medley. Featuring all the Mutantes and killer robots you want. Just like everyone dreams of at their wedding. 

And finally, as any good Adventurekateer knows, the only way to properly send off a performance is with this simple truth: LOVE AIN’T NO BILLY GOAT. 

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker 
Music by Andy Paley
Lyrics by Acker and Blacker & Andy Paley
Sparks Nevada’s Theme by Eban Schletter
Love Ain’t No Billy Goat by Jonathan Coulton 

"I'm here. I got you." (Bucky Barnes Oneshot)

Prompt:  When your normally stoic, tough, emotionally-detached character is so sick or in so much pain that they reach out and grab the other character’s hand and squeeze it tight without even thinking about it. And of course your other character notices, and is surprised, but all they do is squeeze gently back and whisper “I’m here. I’ve got you.”

Warning: Very Very whumpy. Graphic descriptions of pain. And a mediocre choice at titles. Goddamn I’m bad.

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The mission was a success. It was one of HYDRA’s bases that were like the one in Sokovia, where they were experimenting on alien technology and combining it with their weapons. Half of the team was deployed. With ease, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Wanda, Tony and Avery infiltrated the base, destroyed all the weapons, purged the data and burned the place to the ground. They were successful, but not before taking a few hits themselves.

Avery kept her eyes on Bucky as they walked back out of the Quinjet. He had taken a hit by one of those new HYDRA weapons that was being developed but refused to let the med team take a look at it. She huffed at his stubbornness but knew better than to make a fuss. Basically every one of them refused to be treated after a mission and the brooding and silent Winter Soldier was the most notorious at evading check-ups. Besides, the man is a super soldier. His wound would be closed by the time dinner comes around. So, she focused her energy on setting a course home and relaxed in her chair. Another mission settled.

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(FANMADE) vernon solo mini album concept “cataton1c”

01. 무게 (the weight) | 02. one of me (나 하나) | 03. 20:80 (ft. s. coups, wonwoo, and mingyu of SEVENTEEN) | 04. me, you, us, we | 05. sugar in my skull | 06. 시간 (time)

click pictures for HQ. i apologize if the korean is not correct, i’m not fluent, not even close lol {pic credit} if you have corrections/suggestions, feel free to message me!

under the cut there’s an entire analysis track by track lmao

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okay okay i’m finally charging my phone and i think i’ve calmed down a bit


and I swear to god that man must be one of THE most beautiful humans to ever walk this earth, when he walked out of the restaurant my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart first stopped and then started beating SO FUCKING FAST, it was racing so bad and i was just shaking A LOT

he is so pretty tho, it’s legit like a golden glow was surrounding him; he’s also SO SO SO SWEET, like legit a sunshine and you know how they always say “don’t meet your faves, you’ll be disappointed”?

That doesn’t apply to him AT ALL, he is everything i thought he would be and more and, even tho i thought that wouldn’t even be possible, i love him now even more than i did before

as to “how” i met him, obviously i saw his instagram story and there is only one restaurant with THAT view so i immediately knew WHERE he was, but 17 minutes had already passed since he posted the pics so i was so scared i’ll just miss him bc it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, my dad luckily said he’d drive me tho bc with the subway at rush hour i just would not have made it in time

So i was standing before the building for like not even 5 minutes and i thought he might’ve already left but then i saw two men walking out, one with a really fancy dslr camera lmao and the other one just LOOKED like he might have smth to do with schlieri so they caught my eye right away and not even two seconds after HE WALKS OUT AND I IMMEDIATELY JUST STARTED SHAKING SO BAD

I’m a REALLY shy and anxious person so it took EVERYTHING in me to go up and say hi but i did and i am so fucking happy, the conversation wasn’t that long and honestly it’s such a blurr, i was like on more adrenaline than i ever thought was possible, that’s probably how our babies feel when they fly in vikersund or planica LMAO

The guy with the dslr was taking some pics while we were talking but like idk what they’re for so i’ll probably never see them anyway hahaha

I’ll post the selfie in a bit, i just have to find a filter bc i honestly look like SUCH A MESS, i didn’t expect to meet him today, like i was so sure there was no way, BUT I DID

anyway, yes, i fucking met my idol, my boy, my everything, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER


Special encounter II Pt. 1

very first fanfic. please be nice~

It happened how every impossibilty began. As the most beautiful lazy day. Warm weather, lots of people and the most special encounter you ever had inside a changing room. The idol you and your best friend had always dreamed about standing right beside you watching as you just changed into some black lace lingerie. Panic in his eyes as you decided to help him escape.

Originally posted by yoonmin

word count: 3.5k

genre: angst/fluff (???)

“Okay, y/n, this is absolutely horrible! If they see you in this they might just call the security”, Ann, your longest and naughtiest friend told you as you turned around showing her your choice for the upcoming event you were certainly nervous about. You both were running from one shop to the next in finding a matching outfit that would suit your taste. Unfortunately you haven’t found one piece of clothing to wear and with every new turn you took in the shop’s mirror the frustration in you grew. You was looking for new underwear but most importantly for an outfit to wear as you and your best friend was attending a fansign. Well as time flew by hopelessness found its way inside your head, too. Why would you even buy new clothes for such an event? You had plenty acceptable things that matched you even better than everything you had put on all day so why wasting your time?

“Ahh Ann it is impossible for me to fit in those little things you show me!”, your voice was a little gruff as you turned around to see how Ann waved just a small piece of black lingerie in front of her. She wiggled her eyebrows and winked as she pushed you back into the changing room.

“Honey”, she started as she began to close the curtain of your large booth, “If you don’t find anything today I’m going to chop your head off. We ran since this morning and to be honest I’m losing my patience.” You heard the exhausting exhale she took and felt a little sting in your chest.

“I’m sorry”, was all you said as you remembered that she should at least try to be a voluntary help.

You both had been friend for nearly ten years. Through thick and thin was just another level because this saying had other dimensions in your relationship. As you were always a loyal and caring friend of hers she often did things that could have ended your long-lasting relationship years ago. In school you two were inseparable, always looking for a little trouble that most certainly originated from her side. How often you were called in the principals office. You had lost count to be pretty honest. It was a funny time you had before Ann and you hit puberty. As she grew up to be more and more rebellious you tried to be the calm friend who always carried her out of her problems what seemed to be impossible. One night at the age of fifteen Ann forced you to your first party ever. So far so good until Ann told you her plans. She stole weed from her older sister and as she took it right at the party it escalated quickly. Not that you two were the only minors but the guys were way to into Ann especially after she was  baked like a cake. You lost sight of her as you made your way back to were you two had been after a quick call you gave your parents. The state you found her in was one you often had nightmares about. Ann laughing and crying like shit at the same time as she was fucked by a drunk guy on the balcony of the house. Blood ran down her legs but she did not mind. The only choice you had was to overwhelm the pervert so you grabbed an empty bottle that lay on the floor and hit him so hard he tumbled and lastly collapsed at your feet. After this incident Ann spoke no word to you for weeks. She was embarrassed of herself and about what she had done to her holy virginity. This information was presented to you nearly two years after what happened but the shivers never left you because she was so dear to you. Sure thing this was one of your most horrible evenings ever until you two were in your second year of High School. Love was just something you experienced. As you can predict it was Ann who your first boyfriend cheated with and after that your friendship was clearly ruined. Time flew by and after hours of discussions you two were as close as before. Ann´s antics grew with every year and today as you both were now twenty she had half of the boys´population of the college you visited together. But closing your eyes to such things became a habit of yours and right now you did not really care as long as you had your peace. And this is why you chose her to accompany you as you looked for sexy underwear and an outfit for the occasion tomorrow you and Ann would visit.

You inspected the little panties as well as the dessous Ann had chosen to put you in. The last hours you were the one to pick out the clothes. As these were just disappointments Ann took the sails in her own hand. They were beautiful yes but your mind was telling you that all the lace was just not you.

To your surprise it fit really well. From the black lace dessous to the garter belt. You felt quite nice in it and a little smile sneaked to your face. Maybe this was what you could compromise yourself about. Missing was just a cute pullover or top and your day was saved.

“Ann!”, you shouted.

No response. Wasn’t she at her place right in front of your changing room? Your eyebrows pulled up you discovered that she was not were she was a few minutes ago. Had it taken so long for you to put these on?, you thought. Eyes scanning the room you found her at the cashier´s side.

Was she for real?

You gesticulated for her to return but she shook her head. Her mouth formed a ‘Just change’, before she gave her full attention to the tall guy in front of her.

A small laugh escaped your mouth as you shook your head as well. She was unpredictable, seriously, she texted you right as you began to open your bra.

‘Guess it was a success, Honey. Now change and we look for the rest tomorrow. This cutie is buying drinks tonight so I have to go. Love ya, Honey’, was what she send you. One last look outside the booth you saw as she waved seductively at the guy behind the cash out. She was leaving for real. Sometimes you were annoyed but as you had what you wanted it was okay.

A short while you just stood there again contemplating if you would buy those or just leave it as you usually would. But you were torn out of your thoughts as a dark figure slipped into the small room of yours. A shriek got stuck in your throat as the stranger pressed a hand onto your mouth.

“Please just be quiet!”

Panic rushed over you. What was going on? Did nobody see that someone just came in your changing room? What was the guy behind the counter doing?

“Ahh please! I don´t want anything from you. I’m just fucking hiding”, he repeated.

Should you kick him in his weak spots? Or was the desperation in his voice holding you back? Why weren´t you moving?

Just then realisation took over your features as the man turned his head in your direction. Black hair framing a lightly tanned face with almond-shaped, dark eyes that you so knew like your own. Not even the black mask could hide that you knew were plump red lips.

It was not anybody who was holding you right at this moment. No, it was someone you admired for years. Someone who you were supposed to meet tomorrow. Nobody else but Park Jimin was standing next to you. The idol of one of your favourite groups. Park Jimin had his hand around your mouth standing so fucking close to you. Not anybody was just hiding in your changing room, no. It was Park Jimin. Your head started to spin so much that at that time you even forgot that you were only wearing a permissive and light bra and lace panties.

“God, I’m so freaking sorry!”

His voice. In your panic you did not recognize it but as you knew who you were standing next to it hit you again. How could you not hear the melodic tone of his angelic voice? You called yourself his admirer? Pathetic.

“This is so embarrassing. I just don’t want these freaks to find me”, Jimin’s voice trailed off as he looked at you for the first time. Just then he pulled away from you. “Sorry, so sorry!”

A whisper nothing more was heard as he tried to cover his eyes. His cheeks turned a shade darker than usually as he swallowed hard. How was this situation possible? Why was he the one hiding in a changing room with a girl who wore nothing more than underwear and looked so fucking good? He cursed himself for being so stupid to run into the next thing he might have a chance to hide from those ‘fans’ whom chased him for hours already.

Shook you also looked at him. What were you supposed to do in such a situation?

The first thing you thought about was covering yourself with something. The next one was just a quiet whisper. “I-it’s okay. I know who you are so it’s okay.”

In slow motion he lowered his hand and watched as colour flushed your cheeks as well.

“Please just let me hide for a bit. I will be gone in no time, I promise!”, his desperate voice trailed around in the now way too small booth.

A hasty nod was all you could bring yourself to. Flustered was not a word for how fast your heart was beating. You were afraid that he might hear it because of the small distance that separated the two of you. His smell ensnared around you like a bonfire. The sweet but virile fragrance of his cologne filled the booth at no time. You caught yourself getting a little closer to the idol next to you. How could someone smell so intoxicating? Closing your eyes was a good idea because now you had the chance to think straight for a short while.

Wasn’t it better for him if he stayed here and you looked for those ‘fans’? Was that too much? Or would it be better if-

“I’m feeling like a pervert for comig inside your booth”, the man next to you whispered again. He seemed to be even more bothered by this situation than you and at that time your thoughts clouded.

You inhaled deeply before speaking. “Listen. Turn around I will change. Then I’m going to look for a way to get out of here. Just stay put and don´t feel like a pervert.”

To your surprise your voice sounded calm and confident. Proud of yourself you turned around to grab your clothes. As you did Jimin looked in the opposite direction of you.

“If I say you can come out you should ready yourself to run, understand?”, you said now ready to leave. Putting on your shoes you heard as a group of people screamed outside your changing room.

“Fuck..”, Jimin exhaled. You could hear that it was not normal for a celebrity to be afraid of his fans.

Determined you got out of your comfort zone and put your hands on the mans shoulders to turn him around. He was one head taller than you why you had to look up to see that he also looked at you. At this non existing distance you could see that his eyes really had the colour of the darkest brown like the dark chocolate you so loved. His fragrance was surrounding you again and at that point you could not think straight. Had you ever been so attracted to someone? Because at this exact moment you thought about kissing him right then and there if he would have been a normal human. Someone who whose face was not present on TV or on posters everywhere. But then you would not be any better than the crazy freaks he tried to hide from.

He coughed slightly and avoided his gaze as time started to run again. Even more blood rushed to both of your cheeks as you stood there your hands still on the mans shoulders.

“Thank you.” A light shiver ran down your spine at the situation you brought yourself into.

Adjusting your clothes a last time you pushed Park Jimin a little more inside the room. A last short view on the beautiful most stunning man and the guy of your late night sessions you turned around to sneak a glance through an opening of the shop’s curtain.

A small amount of people stood at the entrance of the shop. Maybe eight or nine girls furiously looking around for the man you were hiding behind yourself.

Before you could step out a hand held you back.

“You shouldn’t do this. They are freaks. If they see that you actually helped me they will go wild”, Park Jimin said in a low tone. His furrowed brows showed that he was really worried. No wonder he was told to have one of the hugest hearts on earth.

An encouraging smile appeared on your face. “Just stay in there. I’m doing fine. So no worries and let me handle it.”

With that you stormed out.

The girls seemed not to notice as you walked around them to let out a loud scream: “Oh my god! Isn’t that Park Jimin?”

All heads turned in your direction a girl came rushing to you. Her small hands held your arms harder than you thought.

“Where? Where did you see him? Spit it!”

Inside you were shocked but on the outside you just pointed a finger in the opposite direction of the shop.

“He ran down this alley. We should hurry!” You used the word ‘we’ to seem not as suspicious as the girls watched you. With a final gaze in your way they began to jump and run.

You waited a second until you could not see them any more before you rushed into the store again.

“GO!”, you shouted as you pulled the curtain in one go.

Wide brown eyes starred at you. Just then Park Jimin realized that it was you and not one of these annoying ‘fans’ that stood in front of him. And he could swear he had never seen someone as beautiful as you were. Flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, eyes full of determination and care. Slowly he stood up from the seat he had taken to go to the edge of the booth. He looked around to find nobody else but you and a pretty distracted cashier.

“Park Jimin, if you don’t hurry they might realize that I lied and come back”, you reminded him and pulled his sleeve as he did not move.

But this moment seemed to be going too slow because you could hear them. The running steps of a group of even more furious girls than a while ago. How the hell were they so fast?

“Well you fuc-”

You ran. His hand closing around your own. His trained body in front of you running out of the shop to the right side. Surprised you sped up trying to catch up with his large steps. At a corner you took another turn and another till you heard as the loud steps got quieter until nothing was heard any more.

You looked around exhausted from running to see that you had lost orientation. Jimin was leaning against a brick wall next to you. It seemed to be an alleyway outside of the mass of people. The silence around you was disturbed by both your heavy breathing. Your eyes flew to the idol who had closed his eyes chest heaving fast. A while you just stood there looking at the guy you had just met. Right now you had the chance to see that his face was red and sweaty from all the running you had to do. His expansive clothes were drenched so that the dark long sleeve stuck to his chest. His light blue ripped jeans were tight around his thighs and his black boots completed the simple outfit that looked so fucking amazing on him.

“I couldn’t leave you as the wolves came”, he finally said as he opened his brown eyes to look straight into yours. The heat increased in your cheeks while you tried to hold his gaze.

“At least you are save now”, you answered in a heavy whisper.

If it was not for the jog you just did it had to be the man in front of you who set your heart racing.

The first time since you met his plump lips turned into a smile. His eyes crinkled and a nearly unnoticeable dimple appeared on his fluffy cheek. After all this he could look so stunning, you thought as you nervously adjusted your drenched pullover.

Jimin took a few steps in on you until he stood just a few centimetres away from you. Your head was turned at your shoes because your face heated as he was this close to you. Even now your head was spinning with questions and curses directed to your destiny.

“I should thank you properly so mind if my saviour would tell me her name?”, Jimin’s voice was heard so gentle it melted the last bit of your already damaged sanity around him.

You began to stutter: “Y-y/n..”

“Sounds beautiful, y/n”, he smiled as his left hand got lost inside his pocket. “Then I have to thank you, y/n! Alone I would have been gone crazy to be honest.” Jimin laughed a little nervous as he told you thinking that he was incompetent. He was so flustered and embarrassed not just as he thought about his situation but about the incident how he found you. Half naked looking so damn good. “I have lost sight of my manager and I just did not know what to do.. And I have to apologize that I disturbed you like the biggest pervert on earth.”

A grin sneaked at the corners of your mouth.

“To be honest I was so embarrassed but I totally understand what you meant as you said that they are crazy”, you slightly laughed.

“Yeah, well.. I guess I have to go. Practise and so on..”

Scratching his neck he pulled his hand out of his pocket to give you some money. Confused you stared at him then at the amount of money he offered you.

“Uhm.. I..”, he stuttered, “This is for a cab. We are pretty far from any public transportations so it is fair to give you at least this little money. Not just as thanks but for your safety.”

The slight laugh turned into a more loud one as you looked at his flushed face avoiding your stare.

“Thanks but I only take the money for the cab.”

Panic took over him. “N-no! You have to take it. I feel so bad for ruining your day!”

“I hope you get home save. And no problem for today. It was quiet some fun to be honest. Meeting an idol, escaping and being peeked on. All in one day is pretty awesome.” A sudden adrenalin boost let you say those things while taking a few steps back.

Jimin seemed a little shook but started to grin at you as you took the money for the cab and turned around.

“Guess this is goodbye, y/n. Maybe we see each other some other time and not in a rush like this”, he shouted after you.

“We’ll see”, you turned around before you reached the corner and found a cab that brought you back to your dorm.

This day, and that was for sure, began very slow but in the end you thanked Ann for dragging you in this shop and for forcing you to stay all alone. Because right now all other thoughts were clouded with the image of this ethereal man that you helped to escape from a horde of freaks. And, as you sat in that car back to your house, you were quiet proud that you had not fainted at the sight of Park Jimin.

anonymous asked:

A concept: s/o telling TFA Blurr they love his voice and find listening to him ramble soothing. I mean, I can totally see why it's maybe not some people's cup of tea but I think it's super cute and endearing ysugihgfhd


Blurr TFA

He’s not used to hearing people say that about his voice, he’s used to passive aggressive comments and the occasional eye roll. He never really thought it was hurtful, just incredibly tiring to hear all the time. You were sitting on the edge of his desk one day while one such comment was made, interrupting his mission report. He scoffed and kept on going, albeit more slowly. Even though he shrugged it off the comment made you mad 

Later, when the two of you were alone, you asked if you could tell him something. A bit confused, he listened to you say, “Remember this morning when that bot said you talk too fast? I know those comments don’t bother you, I just want you to know that I find it really soothing to listen to and I love your voice and how you talk.” 

At first he thought you were just saying that to be nice, but when you insisted that no, you really meant it, he was a bit speechless. Very speechless in fact, he opened and closed his mouth at least three times before getting out a weak ‘oh’. Once he got his train of thought back, he barreled right into a lengthy thank you, getting more and more flustered throughout. Somewhere in there he ends up rambling about all the things he likes about you too, he wants you to feel as special as you make him feel 

backwardsandinhighheels  asked:

Hey Rose, aside from Chanukah, what are some other ways to show that Darcy is Jewish? Thank you!

So this depends on a few things, including how religious you think Darcy is.  Everything I’m saying applies to any character, btw, but I’m tailoring my responses to a young unmarried Jewish woman living in NYC with primarily non-Jewish friends, which - hey - I’ve got plenty of experience with!

Options include:


Hanukkah (Chanukah is fine, transliteration from Hebrew is weird) is obviously a big one, but it’s not the only one.  

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