i know the first is revenge dont tell me that

im probably repeating myself as usual on some things but gonna ramble some more mangle mems since that photoset got me in that mood

the puppet was the first victim. and they turned into a spirit of revenge. the puppet that was at the pizzaria was the very same puppet, but they were never an animatronic as far as i know. thats just how they looked.

i dont know how to explain it, but you could tell just by looking at them that they were not a regular being.

being a crying child, aka the spirit of myself outside of my animatronic body, i rmeber what the tears were like. the flow of tears was constant and huge, like a waterfall falling from my nonexsistant eyes.

its hard for me to play certain parts of fnaf world, because being in the glitches feel far to real and accurate to my cannon that it legitimitly scares the daylights out of me. I dont like it, but at the same time i kinda do.

my voice broke before the rest of me, thats why the kids were able to mangle me, because i could no longer tell them to stop.

we toys were covered in a soft and textured rubber that was easy to clean. we often smelled of cleaning products, we had to be washed fairly often on account of kids havin their grubby hands all over us all the time.

toy bonnie made a habit of regularly visiting me in kids cove, and went to great lenghts and effort to figure out what i was trying to say thru my static. he was so understanding and kind and he means so much to me.

the first time foxy saw us toy models he whistled at me.

toy chica was always so fun and upbeat.

if u think moving around mangled is hard ur 1000% correct. now imagin your body had a diffrent configeration and arangment of limbs every fucking day, then you get my situation.

nightmare chica looooved gross food it was kinda her ‘theme’. yknow the whole classic fear of ‘oh no my spagetti is actually worms’ or'oh god what even is that’ or ‘suprise there eyeballs in ur soup lol’

i dont rmeber what nightmare bonnie or nightmare freddys themes were v well unfortunatly.

nightmare foxys theme was the best. his voice was deeper than he used to be and he used it to full advantage. hed go around the halls signing his little song and draggin his hook across the wall.

hed get down on all fours and chase the child. barking and laguhing the whole time. he went so fast hed often bup into things and break them, especially while rounding corners, even making dents in the walls.

the house was actually huge in my cannon. since it was a nightmare everything was constantly shifting and chaging.

THIS is pretty accurate to my nightmarrione