i know the first five only show up


(some of) my favourite modern rock frontwomen

mitski miyawaki - mitski

marissa paternoster - screaming females

alicia bognanno - bully

laura jane grace - against me!

brittany howard - alabama shakes

sadie dupuis - speedy ortiz

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For the other anon earlier, only the first five tags you put on your posts count towards showing up on the tag search. The rest don't count so put the most important tags in first!

oh i didn’t know that, thank you! ♥

at some point i thought it’d be cool to try drawing and then coloring all of the eeveelutions, so yup. that happened.

drawn with ballpoint pen on paper, colored in paint tool sai

I should be excited at the prospect of Paige coming back. I love Paige. I love Lindsey. It’s just that I’ve given up on the show, and I have such low expectations I don’t trust them not to screw things up. 

But whatever happens, I pray to Mona it’s not a damn love triangle. This would be insulting to Paily shippers, to take her away from us only to bring her back for this sort of crap. 

But it would also be insulting to Emison shippers, who have been waiting so long, constantly being baited but never given anything of substance while having to sit through a serious of tedious Emily and Alison love interests literally no one cares about all while watching Alison been drained of her personality and everything that made her interesting.

Honestly, it would like taking two starving fandoms and making them fight over leftovers for ratings.

If Paige comes back, it should only be if they have a solid story which treats Paige as an independent character, while also being related to the overall storyline such as it is. But then that can’t give the main characters decent stories, so what are the chances of that? 

In the meantime, we need to order Paige a bulletproof vest.

Public Service Announcement

If you use Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet as a tag, it will not show up in the tag because there’s a hyphen.

If you use Tsubaki chou Lonely Planet as a tag, it will show up in the tag because there’s no hyphen.

Basically, don’t use hyphens in tags at all because they won’t show up in the tag. Oh and, only the first five tags you write will actually show up in any tag. Thought I’d add this bit since it’s relevant.

In short, Tumblr sucks, but we all know that and we’re still here anyway.