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Danielle Campbell, Debby Ryan and Victoria Justice attend the Harper x Harper’s Bazaar May issue event on April 26, 2017.

Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! If you’ve been doing another boy, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll add it to the list!

Adding my own ones first from the outfits I have, then tacking on extras at the bottom. There are a lot of questions! 

Thanks to @as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed!

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(some of) my favourite modern rock frontwomen

mitski miyawaki - mitski

marissa paternoster - screaming females

alicia bognanno - bully

laura jane grace - against me!

brittany howard - alabama shakes

sadie dupuis - speedy ortiz

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🔥💃👏 pbj

*has to change from holsom playlist to pb&j playlist* *promptly switches to bittyparse playlist because wow pb&j is angst central and I should get a secondary playlist* 

“—I wasn’t even thinking when I turned the fire extinguisher on them, but it freaked ‘em out enough that they left with the drunk guy.”

Kent cackles. The sound of it buzzes through the air. There’s a tension in it, a static charge searching for something to ground it.

Jack blushes. Kent notices, sobering up. He shifts his weight from his right leg to his left.

“Sorry,” Kent rests the lip of his bear bottle between his teeth. “It’s a good story.”

“What’s so funny?” Bitty budges through the crowd of inebriated dancers.

He makes it a point to lean against the wall space between the two, watching them carefully. Kent hadn’t been keen on coming to this kegster. He was still reeling over how the last one ended. But this was different, they kept reminding him. There was no honor to reclaim. No friendship or love to rekindle. There was no objective for tonight other than to have fun.

“Zimms was telling me the fire extinguisher story.” Kent jostles his shoulder casually, amicably.

“Lord,” Bitty crinkle his nose. “Why on earth would you wanna hear about the football team?”

Luckily, someone stops by just then to ask for a selfie with Jack and Kent. Zimmermann and Parse—Zimms and Kenny—the dream team they’ve been calling them all season. People had strong reactions to their reunion (namely relief if you were a Falconers fan, fear if you weren’t). Kent thinks, hopes, Bitty’s forgotten the question. However, the second he looks away from the random party goer (selfie face still plastered tightly on) Bitty’s staring at him expectantly.

Kent sighs, “I wanted to know.”

Eric still doesn’t get it. “Know what?” he persists.

“What made you fall in love with him,” he says softly. The words have a quite resignation. Like a man who knew the ending of a tale before it even started. Like someone who was used to not being enough.

Bitty’s face falls. “Oh honey, he had me long before that.”

Kent nods, “good to know.”

Jack huffs, “I think we need some air.”

Bitty and Kent follow him out back without protest. The music is as loud out there as it is inside of the Haus. There are less bodies and heat, however, so Kent can think a little clearer. He thinks about the song that was playing when he arrived the last time. The lyrics seemed significant yet trivial at the time. Like his body new something about that night that his mind was catching up to.

“When the answer in what you want is in the question you state,” he finds himself murmuring.

Bitty blanches, trying to decode his meaning. Jack snorts. Which means of course, of course, Jack knows what he’s thinking. Jack has a way of reading him like a book.

“We took a class together that semester,” Jack begins without context. “Bits was helping me with a final project.”

“Yea that was it alright,” Bitty hums with a rueful smile.

“Was that it for you?” Kenny asks, excitement fluttering in his gut.

Jack shakes his head, “after we lost the Frozen Four that year.”

“Wow, that’s super romantic,” Kent chirps.

“It was,” Bitty smiles fondly. He leans over to kiss Jack’s cheek. “That was the longest I’d ever held someone before. It was nice.”

Kent feels the tightness of his lips. This is why he came; this is why he sticks around. They’re perfect for each other. And for some reason, they want him too. It’s a relief more than a burden most days. Kent knows today was easier than most, for all of them.

Jack clears his throat, taking Kent’s hand and pulling him into the side of him currently unoccupied by Bitty. Kent doesn’t look up as he feels Jack’s lips hover over his temple. Kent’s eyes flutter shut. For a moment, he’s sixteen again and everything’s momentarily peaceful. He opens them again, realizing that he’s twenty-seven and not everything’s perfect. But it’s gotten a lot easier to say it’s ok.

“It was the memorial cup,” Jack continues. “We were hugging and all I could think was, ‘I love it right here.’”

Kent nods, in understanding. A lot about that time was still muddled in trauma and anxiety. Everything about their lives and emotions were so high. It was ages ago, however. The scars were still visible, but mostly faded.

Bitty nudges Kent, “last winter. You were late to your own game because of me.”

Kent’s brows furrow, “Bits, you broke your arm. How could I not—”

Bitty chuckles, “I know. That’s when I knew.”

A warmth overflows from Kent’s heart. He looks between both of them and wonders how did he end right back here? At some lame party and some dumb college in the middle of the Boston suburbs. Only, it isn’t some lame party. From what he’s been told Epikegsters are legendary. You never know what (or who) will come up.

“We were sixteen,” Kent’s voice catches a little. “Your parents let me stay the night. We snuck out and went to that Arcade Fire show. I remember standing in that crowd and—I grabbed your hand. I thought you were gonna push me away.”

Jack nods, a sad smile gracing his lips.

“He pulled me in Bits,” Kent feels his face radiating. “Our first kiss was around five hundred other sweaty assholes.”

Bitty laughs, wiping a tear from his eye. “Of course, it was.”                

“And you—” Kent takes Eric’s hand, kissing it with all the tenderness he can muster after three beers. (He briefly considers that this must be what adulthood feels like.) “You were in that kitchen, chirping me about an assist.”

Bitty tilts his head in confusion. “When was that?”

Kent squints. “Two months? After that one kegster.”

Bitty’s mouth opens to say something, probably some protest about ‘why didn’t you say something sooner’.” Instead, Jack swoops in to kiss Eric. Kent sighs in relief. Some questions take time. Some answers take even longer to get said. Kent’s fine with postponing this conversation. He’s got all the time in the world to tell them how much he loves them.

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Furry Roommates

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 1,123
Warnings: Fluff. Out of character Ketch. Borderline Crack fic.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @leliannah Prompt: Cats / Quote: “I may have accidently sorta adopted five cats” 

Authors Note: So I had every intention of making this a crack fic with these prompts and this character, but when I was done it came out more fluffy.  So it’s a fluffy/semi-crack fic.  Enjoy !

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Hey! What're your thoughts on Agents of SHIELD moving to Fridays at 9pm? I'm worried about the future of the show...

Hey, anon! So I apologise in advance if this gets really in depth, but I’m actually a television scheduler myself, so I’m really into how other channels put their schedule together and why they do it.

Anyway, without further ado! Here are my thoughts on the matter. Under the cut for length.

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By the way new class fans you might not know this because nothing about this shoe is ever advertised but there are three books about class. I read all three of them in a night so I remember nothing about their quality but I do remember weird odd little moments like:

-The time Charlie didn’t know how crossing guards worked and Matteusz had to carry him onto a round about to explain it all to him

-Quill has this weird romance with this ghost nerd

-April gets possessed and shows up to school shit faced and kisses Charlie

-Charlie and Matteusz sneak of while the gang are ghost busting to snog in the creepy house

-Tanya has this adorable friendship with this Syrian refugee (it was technically a friendship but we all know Tanya is gay)

-For some reason the only things I remember about Ram from these three books is that something really creepy happens to him in the first one but I won’t spoil it and he’s really good at shooting things

-Some amazing Quill and Charlie moments that probably should have been in the show because it adds so much to their already complex relationship

-At some point Charlie draws an anteater snorting ants through a rolled up five pound note, I’m not quite sure why I remember that but I do

Disclaimer: I read these books on like 2 hours of sleep and I was ill so I could have hallucinated a lot of this stuff (especially that last on) so of they didn’t actually happen in the books well now they are my headcanons, deal with it.

If someone else with a better memory wants to add more or correct my forgetful ass, feel free

Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


[Previous part[Next part]

Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 1285

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I think for the first time in so long I actually had few hours of sleep.
This wasn’t a fluffy bed or anything.
It was a cold floor
But you don’t know why or even how, but you actually got some sleep
Your body relaxed, your brain shut down in a very long time
And the loud music ceased to exist.
Suddenly you felt like the old days, the days before the apocalypse, when everything you wanted was the way you wanted.
Well that’s what happens when there is no parents around to tell you what to do and what not to do!

A bucket of cold water was thrown at me and that’s when I jolted up from my sleep
Dwight was standing there with a silly smile on his face a big bucket in his hand
“You wouldn’t wake up, I called your name a lot of times.” He said and for a moment there I thought he smiled softly
“Yeah.” I coughed awkwardly.
“You were sleeping like a baby, not like you are kidnapped and prisoned and tortured or anything. No pressure!” He smirked and I rolled my eyes “Negan wants to see you, apprently he has a gift for you!” Dwight shrugged as he moved a side, waiting for me to get up.

We walked for a while until we stoped in front of a door. Dwight knocked and Negan yelled for him to enter

“Jesus!” Negan said cheerfully as he got up and stood in front of me.

How this man is always this energetic is beyond me

No matter what I would never be as excited as him

“You look awesome!” He laughed “I get it that you are all alone in that cell but that is supposed to be your punishment, sweetheart! Don’t go getting yourself all wet!” He winked at me and my face flushed with color

Did he just imply what I think he just implied?

God he is such an asshole

“Dwight, did you hear any noises coming from her cell?” He asked Dwight but his eyes were fixed on my red face, his tongue was dancing between his teeth

I couldn’t look at the man, he was making me feel wierd

“No I didn’t” Dwight said with a straight face and Negan leaned back before coming back up laughing

“Naughty gurl!” He chuckled “are you blushing?” He said amused and I turned my face away from him

This dude is crazy

“I never thought girls blushed at all, now!” He laughed

“Now listen sweetheart, I have thought about it and I don’t think I can let you work for points, nor do I wanna put you on the spike either and I don’t want you around men serving me. So all the three options I gave you earlier has expired” he grinned

I didn’t like where this was going

“See, you got my attention, and not anyone gets it, hell I don’t give it to anyyyyy one! Which makes you kind of unique and trust me that’s the best compliment you are everrrrr going to get so be proud of yourself!” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes

“I want you to marry me!” He said and I felt his fingers touch my jaw. I tried not to flinch

Damn him
Damn you
Damn me
Damn Dwight
Damn Lori for giving me birth
And damn Rick for not using a proper protection that day

“Amazing!” Negan hummed “you are not afraid of Lucille but you are afraid of me touching you!” He chuckled

“I’m not afraid of shit!” I hissed back

“Oh she speaks!” Negan laughed as he twirled around

“What makes you this I will ever marry a man like you?” I spat and he smirked

“Well you have no other option!” He snickered

“Kill me, I don’t care! But I ain’t marrying you!”

“Why kill you? I could just make people who live here line up, make you watch as I kill them one by one. Their blood will be on your hands, sweetheart!” He laughed, is he fucking serious

I laughed

Truly I laughed

“What’s so funny?” Dwight bosses next to me

“You mistake my care for my people as care for human lives.” I said simply “I don’t care who or how many people you kill. I still won’t marry you.” I shrugged

“Wow!” He said surprised “I don’t take you as the selfish kind!” He hummed

“It’s not selfishness, I just have my priorities sort out!”

“so I thought you would refuse my offer so I brought a convincing card with me!” Megan’s eyes lit with mischief

“Nothing is ever going to change my mind!” I said sternly

“Oh I think I will take my chances!” Negan smiled as he signaled for Dwight to open the door

My breath hitched

Oh crap

Oh no


Just tell me why

Why this shit keeps happening to me

Why me

“We caught Daryl here trying to sneak in, he killed many of my men, he killed fat Joey! And hell I liked fat Joey!” Negan said angrily

I tried to bolt towards Daryl, run towards him, but Negan’s arm came around me.

His arms were wrapped around me from behind, as if he was hugging me, only thing is, he was crushing me in his hold

“Daryl!” I yelled and Daryl’s eyes snapped to me

“Shit, Y/n!” He yelled but Simon hit him on his head knocking him unconscious

“You bastard!” I struggled in his grip

Trying to get away from him

He smelled like whiskey, mint and death

I hated him

“Let me go!” I said as I shoved my elbow in his stomach but he kept laughing

His laugh vibrating his body

I wiggled trying to get away but his grasp was too strong

I ducked my head down and with all force I got I snapped it up, hitting his jaw hardly

He threw me on the bed that was in the room

I hit my head in the headboard, I winced in pain

I tried to get up but Dwight was standing in front of me with two guns

One pointed at me and other on Daryl

Oh you bloody fuckers

“You are a fierce one, I like it that way!” Negan laughed as he stood in the end of the bed

“Let Daryl go!” I hissed and he chuckled

“That’s not how it works, sweetheart!” He smiled

“Let him go and I will marry you!” I said, each word was like a stab to my heart

After almost 7years of crushing over Daryl I marry a fucking psychopath.

How fucking great

“Nope!” He said smirking

“What do you mean, Nope?” I said annoyed

“You marry me and I won’t kill him!” Negan smiled

“You don’t play fair!”

“Not when it comes to you, sweetheart!”

“How do i know you won’t kill him after I marry you?” I asked worried

“I’m a stand up guy Y/n! I keep my word.” He said and I didn’t find and hint of lies in his words

“What will you do with him?” I asked as I looked at Daryl’s unconscious body

“I will do the same as you” he shrugged

“Marry him?” I asked confused, just after the words left my mouth I realized how stupid I sounded

Negan laughed

Of course he did

Bloody smug asshole

“Aren’t you cute!” He laughed “I’m gonna put him in that cell until he works for me”

“you can’t do that to him!” I protested

“Oh I will!” Negan laughed

“Can I at least talk to him one time.” I requested looking anywhere but him

“No!” He said simply

“Please.” I begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes

“Well fuck! I do have a soft spot for you!” He laughed “you will have ten minutes with him when he wakes up, and then we get married!” He laughed and I nodded

“Good! Welcome to your new room!” He whistled “Dwight will get you some clothes, change and then I will come get you then you meet Daryl here!” He smirked

“Okay.” I said looking away

“Now I will leave you, I have a wedding to get to!” He smirked and disappeared

I’m going to marry this lunatic

@jouveriaalam @thewalkingdead178

Headcanon(s): Genderfluid Bucky Barnes

Things I need: Recovering genderfluid Bucky who wears whatever the fuck he wants to wear like really loose sundresses when spring rolls around simply because he loves the freedom they give his body + the fabric is soft as shit + no pants = no problem. (+ he looks and feels hella cute and is comfortable as fuck with it)

When he starts rehabilitation, the team doesn’t bother teaching him about any of the ‘gendernorm’ stuff such as, “thats for girls/for boys” because as Tony puts it, “Genders are way overrated and for the simple minded” and Natasha will put any man or woman through the wringer that says she ‘cant’ simply because of her genitalia.

This gives Bucky true freedom to do what feels best for himself. And Bucky doesn’t cut his hair and lets it grow past his shoulders because he likes it. And because he doesn’t feel like the old James Barnes anymore. He still identifies with he/him/his pronouns… and doesn’t feel weird or wrong when someone uses them even when he’s wearing a dress.

Some days he wakes up and feels a little more masculine and some days he wakes up and feels a little more feminine and it’s 100% okay, because HYDRA’s messed with his brain so bad that this is him trying to find out who he is now and realizing that he’s all of these things and none of the Avengers say shit because they all know what its like to be denied happiness.

Clint brings Lucky to the Tower whenever he gets the chance and the dog absolutely adores Bucky. Clint tells him about his days in the circus and about all the weird shit he’s seen and says, “Barnes, there are photos of me in full on drag- heels bigger than the ones Natasha wears, and riding a white horse… completely shitfaced on a golf course. There is next to nothing that you can wear/identify with that will make me look at you differently.”

Natasha speaks to him in Russian, Romanian, English, and German, sometimes switching through all four languages before they finish a conversation. Bucky’s hesitant in asking for anything so she takes Clint for company and one of Tony’s charge cards and goes to town, buying literally everything from nail polish, sun hats, dresses, scarves, boots, heels, hell even lingerie, and they work out Bucky’s likes and dislikes together. She tells Bucky how proud she is of him and constantly reassures him that, “No, it’s okay. That ‘for girls’ stuff” that he sees in magazines and in stores and online, “is complete bullshit. You can do whatever you want, котенок.” She never fails to defend him during board meetings, spitting, “Yes he is wearing a dress, will this be a problem?” with determined fire in her eyes at whatever ignorant agent/politician that gives Bucky a questioning glare. When his hair reaches past his shoulders she sits behind him and puts it into braids during Avengers movie night. She teaches him how to curl it into soft waves, and how to tie it up and shove it all under a baseball cap for days when he doesn’t want long hair at all.

Tony pulls up article upon article about genderfluidity one night and reads all of them. He even prints some out to give to Bruce, Pepper, Rhodey, and anyone else he can find because suddenly he’s interested. He’s the one who first asks Bucky what his preferred pronouns are because, yes he may be an asshole, but he isn’t that kind of asshole. Sleepless caffeine nights turn into a week long shebang where he runs around the tower making heartfelt and manic speeches about the, “Utter shit that are genderroles. Why not be both? Why the fuck not?” Because Tony of all people knows what it’s like to grow up under such standards. After all, he spent most of his childhood comparing himself to his father’s greatest creation, golden-boy Steve Rogers. Back then, all Tony knew about the soldier was that he seemed to be the epitome of what it means to be a ‘man… and a hero.’  He programs JARVIS to monitor and tag the things that may be harmful to Bucky and his development on news feeds and around the tower, just like he has done for each and every one of the Avengers induvidual triggers.

Sam helps Bucky make sense of it all. He’s the only Avenger who isn’t just saying, “Yo, do whatever the fuck makes you happy,” Because sometimes Bucky doesn’t know what makes him happy. Sam will sit with him and help him figure out the ‘why’ it makes him happy and the ‘why’ he deserves to be happy. Sam is the only one who really, really doesn’t treat Bucky any differently. Never even bat an eyelash the first time Bucky showed up to a meeting with his hair in a long braid with a couple of small lillie flowers sticking out of it. “You let me know if I ever say something that you don’t like, okay? I may not know much about genderfluidity, but I’m willing to learn and I won’t be offended if you teach me a lesson or two… or five-hundred.” Sam is solid

Thor is just as confused as Bucky is at the self-discovery, but for entirely differen’t reasons. It’s the first spring day that has reached over 40 degrees and Bucky walks into the foyer of the Tower wearing a lose charcoal knit cardigan, a gray tank-top dress that ends mid-thigh, skin tight black leather leggings, tall socks, and combat boots. His brown hair is tied in a bun. No one notices Steve drooling in the corner in favor for Thor’s loud exclimation, “This Midgard attire of yours, son of Barnes. It is very nice! I have seen Darcy Lewis wear similar. Is it customary to cloth oneself in such wears here on Earth? If it be okay, I would like to know where you obtained this,” Thor runs a ringer down the edge of Bucky’s oversized cardigan and smiles, “it is very soft!” He frowns at the dress and Bucky is about to protest when Thor continues, “Though I think wearing something like this would not go over well for me. It looks comfortable, but you see, I fear that there is nothing but air to hold my nether regions-,”

“That’s what underwear is for, Thor.” Natasha rolls her eyes.

Tony loudly interjects a whole spiel of education about genderroles to Thor who just looks more confused by the second.

“This…” Thor points to how Bucky is dressed, “Is not consitered… the ‘norm?’” His frown deepens, “But… why not? I do not understand why this would be frowned upon? On Asgard it is normal for warriors and people to dress however they please, whether it be in hard armor like Lady Sif, or in robes of lose silk like my brother finds comfort in. Like how on Asgard… it is also normal for a warrior to lie with another of the same gender as them. The ways of Midgard baffle me sometimes. Are your people so little minded?” He finishes with a shake of his head.

Bruce doesn’t say much, but he is gentle and kind and thats more than Bucky could ask for. He reads the articles that Tony gives him and even looks up some on his own. Every once in a while he will give a small smile to Bucky and say offhandedly, “That color looks good on you.” or, “Your hair looks really nice like this, did Natasha teach you how to do it?” and then they will go back to doing whatever they were doing.  He also understands what it’s like to be afraid of yourself. Part of the reason why he is gentle, and withdrawn, is for the fear that one day he will hurt someone that he’s grown close too. He lets Bucky stay in the lab with him sometimes, and they just talk through their problems together while Bruce tinkers. Not really comparing expierences, but understanding the fear in eachother that no one else really gets. Bruce tells Bucky about how he copes and about how the fear will never really go away, but he’s learning. And what he has learned is that maybe, just maybe, if he builds bridges that are built on trust, love, and respect, those bridges will be strong enough to tell The Other Guy, no, these are your friends; these you protect. When Bucky’s boyfriend of 8 months breaks up with him because he’s done waiting for Bucky to put out sexually, each of The Avengers don’t have time to be pissed off because they’re too preoccupied with containing a very very angry Bruce from Hulking out and ripping the guy to shreds.

Steve can’t even, because Bucky is just… sinfully beautiful to Steve no matter what gender he’s dressing as or wants to be. He quietly declares ‘Take Me to Church’ as the soundtrack of his wrecked life. At first, he silently supports Bucky in his decisions to go on a few dates with various people both male and female. He along with Natasha were in favor of letting Bruce have have his way with Bucky’s selfish ex. But it was hard watching people who were supposed to love Bucky, look at him like they would rather not have a partner that is mixed gender, or watching him have a partner that silently tries to push him to one gender. And one day he tells Bucky this and Bucky confesses that he’s just not good enough for Steve. He says that Steve deserves someone who knows exactly who they are and what they want, not someone who’s fucked up and only has one arm and isn’t comfortable enough to have sex. Steve tells Bucky that if he’s fucked up then Steve is fucked up too because he wants nothing more than to love him unconditionally. He loves Bucky Barnes new and old and all the ‘fucked up’ things that come with him.

Ice, time, death, aliens, bigots, fuckin nazis, and homophobia can’t even keep him away, so Bucky better get used to it, “Jerk, cause I want this… with you. I want you.”

Now adays 80% of their relationship is spent on the couch communicating feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and just talking about nothing specific. Steve thinks that this is more than okay. They aren’t ripping eachother’s clothes off 24/7 like everyone else seems to think they do. If anything, they haven’t gotten that far in the sexual department because of Bucky’s trauma. Steve has read anything and everything there is about PTSD, brain injury, sexual/emotional/physical/mental abuse, to know that these things take a huge amount of time. And if their relationship never gets to that point, Steve has made it perfectly clear that he is 10987657890% okay with that. He thinks that seeing/being the cause of Bucky full belly laughing, throwing his head back and everything, is probably just as good as seeing him naked. If it would make Bucky happy, Steve would follow him to the ends of the Earth; sex or no sex.

Natasha tells him that this is love. He tells her that he knows.

He can’t really help the fact that his boyfriend is sexy as hell and sometimes just looking at him is enough to get Steve’s mind in the gutter, but he would never tocuh without permission. Hell, he rarely even looks without permission, used to blush maddly everytime Bucky caught him staring until one day Bucky told him that he likes when Steve stares, because it makes him feel wanted in a good way.

Of course Steve has his own PTSD from fighting in the war, watching his best friend die, drowning and freezing, and aliens to take into account. And Bucky is just as patient and understanding with Steve as Steve is with him. And they rely on their friends a lot for support and that’s okay.

On the nights that Natasha is gone, Steve will help Bucky with his hair, sometimes he’ll brush it out after Bucky showers. On one particular hot summer day while the team is out enjoying a picnic, Steve will pick some wildflowers and sit behind his boyfriend and gently weave them into Bucky’s braid without having been asked too. Bucky will smile at this and so will every one else. Steve will shyly compliment, “You look really pretty today… but you always look good so…” and Bucky will smirk and chuckle at him.  will let Bucky paint his nails and vice versa and doesn’t give a single shit about what any reporter says because, “I am a man who wears nail polish. Got a problem?”

dear god i have to stop because this is turning into a fanfiction and not a simple headcanon and omg someone stop me or i’ll literally rewrite this entire thing and turn it into a fanfiction i am sorry. It turned into my headcanons for the entire fuckin avengers team, not just one for bucky.

Ivy League; Series (Part 3)

Summary: College is about experiencing life and learning. But when the two mix, it leads to a bit of trouble. Meeting a guy who’s definitely out of your league wasn’t on your uni to-do list.


Genre: smut

Member: Xiumin (appearances by Sehun and Suho)

Words: 2,189

(pt 1(pt 2(pt 4(pt 5(pt 6(pt 7(pt 8(final)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

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Voltron says STOP. (Boy it sure is good they got all the prisoners off first huh?)

Okay. That ruled.

Legendary Defense!

Coran these five absolutely do NOT know what they’re doing. I think it’s time for Paladin Bootcamp.

And that’s a wrap!

Alright, as far as first episodes go that’s a good one. I see the next episode is only 23 minutes and tbh thank god for that. Liveblogging an hour long video is exhausting!

Still I enjoyed this a ton, and I’m excited to watch more. I’ll give this episode an 8/10, enjoyed the whole way through, but nothing quite knocking my socks off. Room to go up. I know this show will.

See you for the next one, and for those finding me now through this, welcome aboard.

salytierra replied to your post “I’m really sorry for bothering you, I know that you’re busy, but if we…”

Huh. I don’t know guys if you’ve seen mine, it has been a couple of days now, I think. Also btw, I often find out that a lot of people don’t know about tumblr’s quirky “only first five tags” thing, specially those that haven’t been on this site for long yet. Maybe it could benefit you to warn your collaborators about it so all the posts they want to show you actually show up in the tag? (and so they know)

Unfortunately, your post was hidden by my blacklist! It’s been queued now, though, and it’ll post tomorrow! Thank you for mentioning it!

That’s a good point about tagging! We have been mentioning it here and there, but it’s definitely something everyone should be aware of! I’ve included it on our help page for Ambassadors and Leaders!

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Andrew telling Betsy about Neil? Either a casual discussion or maybe she's helping accept that he does have feelings for and/or desire to be with him intimately?

k so first of all i’d really like to apologise for making this into a 6k fic idek if you’ll want to read it anymore, but thank you so much for the prompt anyway because i’ve wanted to explore this for so long but didn’t know how to approach and it was a bit challenging, so thank you! i sincerely hope you like it.

ao3 link

“Are you okay with me recording our sessions?” Betsy Dobson had asked the first time she met Andrew for an actual therapy session and not just a talk. The Foxes were complicated, but Andrew was different, it wasn’t about him, it was also about the situation he found himself in when signing a contract with the team.

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yes hello i would like to hear wizard of oz stories

*clears throat* why hello and welcome to this brand new episode of @hamiltonmemes’s theatre adventures. in this episode, i shall tell about my theatrical shenanigans from my last winter play, the Wizard of Oz, where i was the spiciest cowardly lion to ever hit my local community theatre

ok okay let us begin spicy story time forgive me if its long but its one heck of a story *cracks knuckles*

 • I actually didn’t have the role of the lion at first, and I got to take the reins like halfway through the show. My original role was Boq the Munchkin. I had five lines and i still get angry just thinking about it mmmmmmboiiiimmmmmMMMMMM

• so when the directors announced that they needed a new lion, they asked for anyone who wanted the role to speak up; out of a group of 34 kids I was the only one to raise my hand- if that’s not true theatre friends right there I don’t know what is

• there were munchkins that were taller than me; like out of Dorothy and the gang, I was the smallest character; I GUESS ONE COULD CALL ME THE LITTLE LION 

• the lead director was super hesitant to give the role to me, but in the end he didn’t regret it 

• my lion costume had a six pack on it, if you google “macho lion” you’ll see what it looked like (also the costume was super small; I fit in it perfectly and I have no clue how original lion would have fit in it)

• the script we used has stage directions that say “lion sits on ground, on road and DABS at his eyes with the fluffy end of his tail" 

• in this show the witch had 3 evil cats (one of which was Australian) that came on as soon as act 2 started and during intermission we’d chant “pussy power pussy power”

•  ok ok so when I entered for the first time I had to attack the scarecrow, Dorothy, and the tin man. I kept on hesitating on attacking for some reason, AND THEN ONE OF THE ASSISTANT DIRECTORS NAMED SUE WHOS LIKE 67 YEARS OLD IS LIKE “Here lemme show you how it’s done” AND LIKE STRAIGHT UP SLAMS THE 6'3 TIN MAN ON THE STAGE IT WAS INSANE I SWEAR SUE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PRO WRESLTLER 

• my tail fell off during tech rehearsal and I didn’t realize it and as I was leaving the lead director was like “Lion you forgot your tail” and I had to scamper back and retrieve it

•we sang the The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers as a pre show ritual trust me it works to get ya energy up

• i listened to Hamilton for the first time on the way to a rehearsal and as a pre-opening night pump up during this show 

• my “courage” that I got from the wizard was actually an empty bottle of Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon whiskey, and once I drank my “courage” i stood beside the tin man all pompous and started like swinging my tail around and the crowd freakin lost it every time

• someone got me this lion hat and i wore it to all the cast parties 

• I had a dream the week after the show ended that Lin came and watched it and he said he liked it and everyone was great and then he hopped in like this super old n crusty red granny car parked behind a dumpster and drove away, never to be seen again

****BONUS ADDITION: I had to stay in character for a bit after the show ended because each night there were little kids who liked the show and wanted autographs from the characters it felt disneyland af

at some point i thought it’d be cool to try drawing and then coloring all of the eeveelutions, so yup. that happened.

drawn with ballpoint pen on paper, colored in paint tool sai

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Delitoonz they are seeing a movie together and they have all these cute interactions (like a scary movie, scary scene they hold each other's hand) and since it's a date Luke kisses delirious when Luke is about to drop jon off at his house <3 please

This was sent to me forever ago, and I finally got around to it, so sorry about that! This kinda got away from me, but here you go. Also I took your suggestion and I made it a horror movie because Halloween.




Scary Movie

by me

Jonathan sat down, almost spilling the tub of popcorn.

“Careful, dummy. I spent almost ten bucks on that,” Luke said from the seat next to him.

“Sorry,” Jonathan said with a grin. He showed just how sorry he was by flicking a particularly buttery piece at him.

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Do you have any advice on starting a book blog? I want to start one and write reviews but I really don't know how to start.

  • Be yourself.
  • Make sure your blog URL is unique and clearly book-related. It’ll attract more people to your blog.
  • Pick a good theme. Something clean and easy to browse. Make sure your colour scheme is easy on the eyes.
  • Speaking of themes, no autoplay music. Please. I beg.
  • Create an about me section where we can get to know you, likes/dislikes, book preferences, etc.
  • Be yourself.
  • Post original content. Book reviews, photos, memes, fanmixes, fanart, discussion posts, live-blogging, recommendations, etc.
  • Tag your original content so people can find you. As a rule make sure to tag the book title, series title and author. Also only the first five tags show up on the tracked tags, so make sure they’re your first ones.
  • How to review:
    • The most important thing about a book review is to be clear about your thoughts. Don’t just regurgitate what happened; talk about what you liked, disliked, felt, etc.
    • Be honest. Don’t say what you think people want to hear, say what you really think.
    • You can check out reviews on goodreads and tumblr for review structures. Don’t be afraid to play around with them until you find one you’re comfortable with.
    • If you hated the book, do not bash the author. Talk about what it was you didn’t like. Try to include at least one thing you did like.
  • Don’t repost other people’s pictures. If you post a picture from flickr, etc., make sure you credit it. As a rule, keep away from weheartit, google images.
  • Be yourself.
  • Follow other booklr accounts.
  • Talk to others, engage in the community. If someone makes a post about a book you’ve read, reply. If someone reblogs one of those ask games, send them an ask. Strike up a conversation via ask. It might seem daunting at first but the more you do it the easier it is.
    • I found it easier to engage in the community after I transferred to a primary blog. So consider making your book blog your primary blog.
  • Participate in community things - book photo challenges, readathons, readalongs, giveaways, ask games, etc.
  • Take advantage of book blog memes. Click here for a comprehensive list.
  • Be active. Personally, a queue is what works best for me, that way I have things being posted all day. I also try to post original content at least once a week. The more active you are, the more people will notice you.
  • Post links to other social media accounts - Goodreads, Twitter, Booktube, WordPress, etc.
  • Be passionate. Don’t give up.
  • There is more to booklr than your follower count. That being said, hosting a giveaway is always a good way to get a head start on your follower count. But make sure to follow through. Fake giveaways really piss people off.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. There is no such thing as perfect. Do what you can, when you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to post non-bookish things. It’s your blog, post what makes you happy.
  • Be yourself.
  • Turn your ask on. You can turn off anonymous, but make sure you’re open to your followers.
    • Don’t freak out about answering everyone immediately. Take your time.
  • I’d think twice about asking people to promo you. It usually just annoys people.