i know the design is from the album but it's perfect

Peter said if Winter Love is going to be released, it’ll be around end of November/December. D&E and Peter are still perfecting it..also he  said Magic album cover was designed by someone from outside SM. Well that person should never be hired by anyone ever again. cos SJ has many members, not everyone can confirm the design beforehand.. they prolly didnt know how ugly Magic was gonna be.. The song Peter is breaking down today is D&E’s Still You^^.. Peter said One Way’s song Would You Be influenced Donghae to write Still You~ Someone asked Peter if the new songs in Magic were rushed cos she/he felt like the quality went down (I assume from Devil) but - cont..Peter said the songs were not rushed, he reckons its the /UGLY/ album cover that made people feel like the quality isnt as good..He also mentioned that this is the 1st time fans expressed such high level of frustration with the cover, so it was surely passed on to SM~Peter spoke to Leeteuk abt “H&L"unit (!!!) and he said its still in the making, it seems to be the plan but SM is one making the call so…