i know the colouring is shite

The criticisms of pastel bloc are a state, most of them are outright just nasty and horrible, yet most people couldn’t use their critical faculties to realise that the comment saying they were anti anti-fascists was completely weird, out of sync and didn’t match up with what could be clearly seen in the image.

Then there’s the ones pointing out the obvious, at least in our niche little circles, that them not going in black defeats the idea of black bloc. Aye sure you’re right in that regard, I nearly reblogged the version of the post that explained who they really were to add that but then I took into consideration that;

1. These people are getting a heap of shite from anonymous strangers online effectively calling them fascist sympathsiers while being ignorant enough to see the anti-fascist symbol on the shields and the fabulously queer colour scheme going on.

2. They probably have friends, comrades, partners etc involved in radical organising closer at home who they’ll discuss this stuff with and sure as hell don’t need some fuckwit on tumblr, like me, pointing out the fucking obvious.

3. The obvious standing out is probably for a reason of their own will, seeing as they’re, ye know, an autonomous group.

There’s no need to be so harsh on people that we don’t even know for absolutely no real reason at all, I’m sure your comments on tumblr aren’t going to help them out much

Making GIFs less grainy. Photoshop Tutorial.

So I got a message asking me how I make GIFs less pixellated  and grainy. I use Photoshop CS5 but I haven’t done anything that can’t be done in any other version. I don’t really do anything special and this isn’t going to be a tutorial on how to actually make GIFs. There are hundreds of tutorials on Tumblr on how to make GIFs with Photoshop, so a quick google should find you one :) This is really image heavy and long as fuck, just a warning. So here we go! :) 

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About me
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B-day: 29th January
Gender: female
relationship status: single ~~

Fave colour: don’t make me pick!!!
pets: Don’t have any!! (Don’t get me wrong - i love animals - just i can barely take care of myself - I’d be shite at having to look after a pet)

wake up time: 6 am
love or lust: love ~~ <3 !! (I don’t really get lust/or any kind of sexual desires/emotions)

fave food: arghh!! Don’t make me pick!!! ( i really suck at fave questions lol )
met a celebrity: i probably have but idk don’t remember really

last song listened to: thank god I’m pretty by emilie autumn (she’s so sarcastic - i love her!!)
first kiss: i haven’t had it yet ~~ (does that sound sad since I’m 17???)

tall or short: about half the people i know think I’m short but the other half think I’m tall, so I’m pretty average i guess

Do you believe in superstitions? : it depends what you mean by superstitions really. I mean like in general - no - but at times i guess it would be nice to.

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Suddenly he flipped on me, his brow furrowed and he narrowed his eyes. He pointed his finger at me, anger on his voice, coloured by resentment and pain. 

“She raised you, she cared more for you than your own other,” he growled. “But you never gave her the deserved respect, you were always ungrateful! You were always hoping for your own mother, a mother that gave jack shite about you! When was the last time she called you?”

I stepped back, feeling my heart sink at every word coming out. I know well I’m not my mother’s family, I know well all that matters to her is Max and Nina, I have known all my life I don’t matter to her, I don’t matter at all, but I didn’t need you throwing at at my face. I knew well he was speaking out of pain, he feels betrayed, for me not being there, for her being gone, but it isn’t my fault.

“Dad… Of course I wanted you and mom to get together,” I sighed. “But I understand it would never work. I know that… I know that she doesn’t care about me, I know it. And yes, you are right, I never treated Cassandra with the respect she deserved, and I am very sorry. But-”

“Exactly, you never gave her the due respect!” He yelled. “You must be rejoicing right now, your stepmother is gone!”

“I’m not rejoicing dad!” I yelped. “This pains me also! I liked Cassandra, I didn’t want her to die! Especially seeing you in this state, heck I wish it had been me if I had know you’d be in this state!”

He froze widening his eyes. Instantly I knew I had said the wrong thing.

“Dad?” I tried. “I am really sorry I wasn’t there. I really am… I am really sorry she’s gone. I know it might not had looked like it, but I did care for Cassandra… You are right she was like a mother to me. But I can’t see you this way, in this pain.”

He narrowed his eyes. “You didn’t care about me being in pain when you called me a freak and disgusting and left. Now you care because it’s Cassandra? She’s not worth me mourning her?”

“That’s not what I am saying!” I yelped exasperated. I felt like I was falling down a cliff, and regardless of how hard I tried to hold on to something, I just kept tumbling down further and further, quicker and quicker. “Of course she’s worth mourning. But-”

“Get out,” he sneered.


“Get out!” He repeated. “Get out of my house. I can’t even look at you! All I see is Elsie mocking me. Why did you have to have her eyes? You’re as bad as your mother. I should have left you with her, I shouldn’t have bothered. You weren’t worth it.”

I widened my eyes.

I think I found the bottom of the cliff… I think it was a river…

I think I am drowning.


Does anyone else notice Khal has been shinning dark blue?

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NAME/NICKNAME: David. People who call me Dave get a broken nose.
HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw (don’t really care that much though)
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Purple, closely followed by deep red.
FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D LIKE AS A SIBLING: No sure I really want any siblings at all… If I had to choose maybe Touka Kirishima (I can’t help but want to protect her and make her life less shite). Souichi Tsujii was in my mind but he’d be a fucking nightmare.
DREAM VACATION: … Hard to decide… Can I have a massive trip to Rome, Milan, The Basque Country, Pripyat, and DPRK/North Korea?
WHAT I AM CURRENTLY WEARING: Dark green trousers, black socks with orange and blue spots, blue shirt with white pinstripes, red paisley cravat, black waistcoat.
WHAT I POST: politics, memes, music, horror stuffs (esp horror manga), my unamusing ramblings, language stuffs
DO I GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS: Sortof… I use them instead of chat because chat doesn’t work for me. But in terms of asks for publishing, aye I get them regularly. Not many but thye are sortof regular. I’d love more though :D
AESTHETIC: Sitting in a dingy pub, writing music, hoping i get a couple of people walking out of the performance, drinking slightly too much stout.
LAST THING GOOGLED: ‘Vergonha” Language politics is fun :D:D:D
FAVOURITE MUSIC ARTIST: Fuck knows tbh. Using the normal definition of artist? Probably disasterpeace. Favourite composer? Birtwistle/Berg tied for top place there.
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: I’m a composer… a serialist specifically… 
FAVOURITE CHARACTER: Inspector Calhoun from “Death Line” (played by Donald Pleasence (this clip doesn’t do justice to how awesome he is))
DREAM JOB: Composer… obviously… I love working with the theatre company but… I’d really want to be doing concert music
FOLLOWING: 162. I like to keep my dash from getting too busy.

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Muke Tour bus threesome- Michael Clifford’Luke Hemmings Imagine (smut)- part 2- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  If you could could you write a follow up to the muke gay threesome where luke and michael dp y/n? Like set a couple of months later

Anon- Fml i just read your gay muke tour bus threesome and omf can you do another part?

Pairing- Luke, Michael & Y/N

Words- 1600+

Summary-  After your previous encounter with Luke and Michael- you want more and are pleased when Luke initiates it during a drunken dip in the hotel pool

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

You had just removed all your clothes apart from your underwear and put on a t-shirt of Michael’s before climbing in to bed when the knock on the door rang around the room. Michael frowned but climbed out and strolled over to the door. He swung it open to find Luke in the doorway. He was in his swimming trunks and had a towel draped over his shoulder.

You tried to divert your gaze but it was impossible. His torso was bare and he had tanned a lot in the last few days. You were in LA at the moment and the boys had been given a few days off before shows. Luke had spent his outside, surfing and swimming and chilling on the beach and now he was stood In your doorway.

“Uh sorry. I couldn’t sleep and I thought you guys would still be up. Sorry,” he muttered.

“It’s cool. Are you going for a swim?” You couldn’t help but ask.

Michael glanced round at you, a knowing look in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Luke replied, “the pool is empty at this time and it’s kind of nice.”

“We’re in,” Michael decided for the pair of you and you scowled at him slightly.

You’d kind of wanted to sleep but the idea of a dip with Luke and Michael did sound rather appealing. Your thoughts wandered back to the last time you had been alone with your boyfriend and Luke. You had to admit you wouldn’t mind a repeat of that night.

Luke patiently waited while you and Michael changed in to your swim stuff and grabbed your towels then he lead the way down the elevator and to the pool. It was an extremely fancy swimming pool. It was made to look like underground caves and one little section was particularly private. You wondered why Luke lead you to that section but didn’t complain. You were completely intrigued.

Michael was watching him suspiciously though and you could tell that your boyfriend wanted to say something. Luke dumped his towel and slipped in to the water and you followed suit, diving in and letting the cool water rush over your warm skin.

The heat out here was insane lately and you had to admit that a cool dip late at night was perfect. Michael jumped in after you and you swam to the surface and gently kissed him. He seemed taken aback but smiled and his hands rested on your hips as he lifted you up and chucked you in to the water again. You gulped as your bikini top loosened and slipped down your stomach.

You choked as you scrabbled to the side of the pool and Luke followed you, concerned. His eyes dropped as he reached you and they narrowed on your bare breast. You fumbled with your top, trying to fix it but you just made the situation more awkward. Michael laughed over at the pair of you from the Middle of the pool then swam over.

“Like what you see Luke?” He teased his friend and Luke instantly looked away.

“Relax pal. I’m messing with you. Besides I’m pretty sure Y/N lost her top on purpose.”

“I did not!” You insist but Michael merely chuckles.

“Come on Luke why don’t you admit the real reason you brought us out here?” Michael grins at his friend and you blush bright red.

“Um to swim?” Luke replies, swallowing loudly.

“Oh really?” Michael replies, smugly, “so it has nothing to do with you wanting to fuck my girlfriend?" 

Luke gulps and shakes his head but his facial expression gives him away and you find yourself feeling very flattered.

"Oh okay then,” Michael replies with a dramatic shrug, “I guess we will just go back to bed.”

He takes your hand and starts to climb out the water when Luke speaks.

“Wait!” He pleads and you both look back at him.

“Yes?” Michael grins.

“I want that,” Luke confesses.

“Want what?” Michael asks.

“You know what,” Luke has turned red and he looks so awkward and embarrassed.

“Maybe but it’s fun to hear you say it,” Michael smirks.

“Ugh fine. I want to fuck the living shite out of Y/N. That last time we were together is all I’ve been thinking about for weeks. I want to fill her pussy while you fill her mouth so that she is stuffed full and unable to walk for months afterwards.” He stops suddenly and flushes a crimson colour as he notices you biting your lip as you look at him.

“Hmm someone’s put a lot of thought in to this,” your boyfriend smiles, “well I’m all for it but it’s not really my choice to make.”

Two sets of hopeful eyes turn to you and you nod. You can’t speak. Your mouth has gone dry from the promise of Luke’s words.

Michael tugs you to him with ease and your wet chests press together as you moan against his lips. He shoves your bikini bottoms right down and helps you step out of them, ducking under the water to remove them fully. For now Luke just watched but you can see the increase in height in his trunks as he slowly becomes more horny.

Michael grips your ass and you moan as he lowers a finger and runs it up your folds before dipping it inside you.

“You are gonna be so nice and tight for Luke,” he grins at you and you blush once again.

“So how do you want to do this?” He asks Luke and you stare round at your boyfriends pal.

“Over here,” Luke nods, leading you to the far end of the pool were the stairs are.

You are forced down in the water on all fours and only moved when Michael lifts your hands from the stairs and nestles between your arms. He has removed his trunks now and he makes sure he is out of the water enough so that you can lower your mouth down his shaft and you do just that.

Meanwhile Luke starts with pleasuring you. He doesn’t just enter like you kind of expected but he lowers his hand around your front, splayed out across your sex then he slides it downwards till his fingers brush against your folds. He finds your clit and rubs it with the pad of his thumb, making you whimper.

You groan over Michaels erection and he shudders slightly at the sensation. Luke is in his element. He knows he can take his own sweet time and you won’t complain because you want him to fill you up just as much as he wants to. He tugs your clit gently and you gasp as he removes one hand and brings it round to your backside, spanking you hard, water swishing around your ass cheeks. He slides a finger across your hole and gently dips it inside, feeling you clench around him.

You whimper as you feel his throbbing head against your entance and you cling to the steps, bracing yourself as he guides his way in to you carefully.

Your breath hitches at this new feeling and Michael lets out a hiss as you blow cool air along his length and fists his hands in your hair. Luke takes it slowly at first but even he can’t resist full on fucking you in the end and his thrusts come hard and fast as time lingers on.

Michael shudders every so often, alerting you to how close he is and Luke becomes increasingly vocal.

“God I could fuck you all day.”

“You are so damn tight.”

“Michael how do you last more than two seconds in her?”

“Ugh this is even better than eating your pretty little pussy.”

Michael comes first and the position you are in leaves you no choice but to swallow.

“Good girl,” he grins at you as you wipe your lips on the back of your hand.

You gulp as he lowers his hand and finds your sweet spot, rubbing it harshly as Luke continues to pound in to you. You feel yourself build and you are so close to your release when Luke comes. He grips your hips, digging his fingers in as your name falls from his lips followed by a string of curses. You groan as he pulls out, partially disappointed that he is finished but also gutted that you didn’t get to reach you climax.

You notice Michael and Luke share a knowing glance and Michael smirks, confusing you for a a second before you are pushed on to the stairs in Michael’s former position. Luke nestles himself under you and Michael sits beside you.

“You did so good Y/N,” Luke grins, wickedly,“I’ve never fucked such a good girl before.”

You gulp. Where is he going with this?

“And good girls get rewarded,” Michael adds, making you tingle.

Before you can ask what thy are talking about the have both lowered their heads. Luke grips your legs and pushes them back so your sex is in line with his lips then he leans in and sucks small hickeys around your folds while Michaels mouth drops down on your nipples.

You cry out and Michael brings a hand up over your lips to silence you. You can help but wriggle around, splashing in the shallow water. They both feel so good and you are so close.

You intend to warn them before you come but it happens so fast and as your walls contracts slightly Luke thrusts his tongue inside you and kitten licks the inside of your hole while Michael sucks on your nipples in turn. You let go against Luke’s mouth, eyes screwing tightly shut and low breaths coming from your mouth.

You can’t describe the feeling but somehow you feel like your soul is alight.

They both wait patiently as you return to them from your high then they smirk at you as you turn red once more.

“You know maybe we should make this a regular thing,” Luke suggests.

“Hmm don’t get greedy Hemmings,” Michael replies with a smirk.

anonymous asked:

OKAY get this ronan like really wants a kitten (don't fight me he wants a little kitten to cuddle) but Adam is allergies but he gets one any ways cause he can't help when he sees a little one all alone, so he's been hiding him from Adam and then Adam gets sick and Roman feels so bad and shows him the car and Adam wants to be mad but Ronan just loves it so much that he's willing to suffer to let him keep it

Are you THE DEVIL? I mean, ronan lynch and kittens… ARE YOU KITTEN ME RIGHT NOW???? This is too much.

  • I don’t make the rules so I should just tell you that it has been decided that the kitten is called pepper bc it’s a little black kitten and ronan thought it looked like the colour of coca cola but he didn’t wanna call it coke bc… well… and everyone knows pepsi is shite and the only place you should drink it is at kfc (when you got no other fucking choice) wait, where was I going with this? oh yeah! so he thought of dr pepper and… pepper was born 
  • now we need to address the elephant in the room first of all… CHAINSAW now tbh pepper just wants to play with her and be her friend but chainsaw wants to rip pepper up and use her fluff to make a nest :) I mean, she aint jealous or possessive over ronan or anything (she is, massively)
  • so ronan tries to keep them separated which means one day when he knows adam’s at work all day, he hangs out at st agnes up in adam’s apartment with pepper. he’s trying to keep her off the bed bc he knows adam has allergies and he doesn’t want there to be cat hair everywhere, although she keeps jumping up there anyway (he’s quietly starting to think that maybe coming here with the kitten was a bad idea)
  • but anyway she finally falls asleep curled up in the dirty laundry and ronan figures it’s fine because adam’s gonna wash it all anyway so why not?
  • but then adam comes home early… or rather, he comes home exactly when he meant to but ronan had his hours wrong
  • and he comes in all pleasantly surprised that ronan’s there and he collapses back on the bed and starts sneezing pretty much straight away and ronan’s like “are you okay? are you getting sick?” and then he realises…. it’s probably the cat hair and he’s sneaking glances at the bathroom door just waiting for pepper to come strolling out on her little fat, fluffy legs
  • “ugh, it’s just my allergies playing up” adam says and he’s rubbing his eyes but they’re getting all red and swollen and ronan doesn’t know what to do bc he feels really bad now 
  • “adam,” he says, “I have to tell you something”
  • “okay… what is it?”
  • “first of all you have to promise you’re not gonna get angry in the presence of a minor”
  • “are you referring to yourself or…?”
  • he disappears into the bathroom and pepper opens her eyes at the sound of his approach and he scoops her up and brings her into the main room
  • adam sits up “is that a cat?”
  • “yeah I found her the other day and she didn’t have a home so I- I just sort of brought her home with me but then I got attached and-”
  • “that’s why I’m sneezing”
  • “yeah and I’m really sorry, I wasn’t thinking when I brought her here. it’s just chainsaw hates her and they needed a bit of a break from each other and I knew you were out so…”
  • “you’ve already named it, haven’t you?” adam says and ronan like rolls his eyes like as if i named the kitten, ha but then he’s like “yeah, her name’s pepper”
  • and adam just starts smiling because ronan is standing there cuddling a tiny little kitten and it’s actually the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • “you can keep it”
  • “but your allergies-”
  • “I’ll live. just do me a favour and maybe shut her in the bathroom for a bit because I’m about to kiss you a lot and I don’t think she’s old enough to be watching.”

(Also requested by an Anon, but I accidentally deleted the ask, because I’m dumb.)

#4 The One With The Handcuffs

2700~ words, Teen, #28 - Knocking on the wrong door AU

UPDATE: This used to be a one-shot. Now it’s the prelude to a multichaptered fic. You can read the rest of it here:

Prelude | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | AO3

Mum had always taught her to play nice with the neighbors, because you never knew when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar or request a helping hand moving heavy furniture. Rose decided to heed this very sound advice and take measures to ensure that she made a good first impression on her fellow residents. She was not a great cook, but she had a nice biscuit recipe or two up her sleeve that she had pulled out especially for the occasion.

The very pregnant housewife who had answered the door to 408 said, “Best not be bothering with number 10. Better not to have anything to do with him at all, I daresay.”

“Why not?” Rose asked, turning her head to look at the door to the flat on the other side of hers.

“Odd sort of chap,” the husband said, munching on a biscuit. “Doesn’t come home much, but-”

“Anyway,” said his wife, “Thanks loads for the treat, Rose-was it? So lovely of you.”

Curiosity had always been her weakness, and so she went over to 410, holding her bowl of biscuit tins, and knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

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