i know the colors dont match at all like i know okay but he looks so cute

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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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{ five's company // ch. 17 }

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a/n: hello! i’m trying to get better at updating for this story. the goal is for a new chapter each friday. hope you like it!

t/w: implication of sex

inbox || masterlist


“They’re very affectionate here.” You mumbled, looking around at all the couples who were openly holding hands and sharing sweet kisses. 

Alex managed a little laugh, swinging your intertwined hands gently. “You just noticed?” 

“Where do you think Laf gets his tenacity from?” John teased, making you laugh a little. 

“I never hear any of you complaining.” Laf scoffed, hands intertwined with Hercules’ as you walked down the streets together.

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scarlet night

summary: maybe hyunbin ditching you at a party wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be

cast: vampire! jisung; you

genres: supernatural; romance

word count: 1.65k

a/n: OK FIRST OF ALL HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! honestly this was more for me than anyone else LOLOLOL this was inspired by a message telling me to write vamp! jisung when i was watching “hands on me” with everyong lol

  • when hyunbin told you he was bringing you to a friend’s halloween party, you didn’t think it would be a mixed party aka vampires and humans all mingling
  • not that it was a bad thing, but he usually didn’t bring you to those kinds of things because according to him: “most mixer parties are thrown by the thirsty idiots who are just looking for a meal”
  • he knows that you don’t mind being around other vampires since you’ve spent your whole life with him and nothing bad has happened at parties yet, but your AB- blood says otherwise
  • it just smells
  • so
  • good
  • and the weaker vampires can’t control themselves whenever they’re within a ten foot radius of you
  • thank god hyunbin gave you this necklace that wards off the thirsty hoes
  • wearing it shows that you’re under the protection of his family
  • it also releases a scent that masks the smell of your blood
  • it has a cute little cherry blossom charm (hyunbin’s family crest) embedded with garnet and hanging off a dainty white gold chain
  • you usually have it around your neck, but you forgot to wear it one day when you left the house in a rush
  • a hoard of vampires followed you around campus the whole day, asking if they could feed on you
  • not having the necklace on also meant that it was a lot easier for you to succumb to their mind control
  • and that’s exactly what happened
  • you were a minute away from being fed on by kim seokjin until hyunbin came from his meeting and pried him off you
  • “i’ll have you reported if you feed on her without her consent or if it’s when she’s under your mind control”
  • seokjin left soon after that, but not before smirking at you and flashing a bit of his fangs
  • hyunbin just sighed at you and gave you a look that said “see this is why you need to wear the necklace”
  • back to the present
  • you were standing in a cute angel costume next to hyunbin, who was wearing a suit
  • apparently he was going to be super junior with five others guys
  • you just shrugged and entered the house with him
  • “your necklace is on right?” he asked as the two of you passed by a group of people dressed as vampires
  • “yeah dont worry,” you reassured him, tapping the charm dangling at your collarbones. “i have a fourth dan black belt so if anyone tries anything, i’m gonna whoop their ass”
  • “y/n we have super strength remember?” hyunbin deadpanned
  • “oh yeah”
  • hyunbin left soon after that, but not before reminding you to call him if anything happened
  • you waved him off and headed over to the drink table by yourself
  • an assortment of drinks were set up neatly over the velvet tablecloth
  • at the very end of the table, next to the crystal glasses filled with soda were glasses filled with something that looked like blood
  • “don’t worry it’s just punch with a ton of food coloring” someone said
    you turned around to see who the voice belonged to
  • kim donghan was sipping on the punch with a smile
  • and he looked hot in the vampire costume he was wearing
  • his hair was slicked back and there was a red stain smeared across his face
  • hopefully it was fake blood or lipstick
  • “we wouldn’t put real blood out. that’s what the humans here are for”
  • you felt a shiver go down your spine and you immediately backed away from him
  • donghan laughed at your reaction and set his punch down
  • “it was a joke! most of us have blood tablets on hand so don’t worry about anything and have fun~ just make sure to not take hyunbin’s necklace off” he reminded you
  • you nodded slowly and speed walked out of there as a cool breeze blew past you
  • weird
  • somehow, you went from the living room of the house to the rooms upstairs
  • hyunbin was chatting with his friends that he was matching with, and when he saw you, he waved you over
  • “y/n this is daniel, sungwoo, jaehwan, jonghyun, and minhyun. this is my close friend y/n”
  • you smiled at them and most of them smiled back except minhyun, who was,,,,,,smirking? at you??
  • that was kinda weird
  • he was biting his lips and staring at your collarbones
  • you paid no mind to it at first bc hey you have the necklace and left their side after a while to get a drink downstairs
  • the house was full of people talking and breathing at the same time
  • people were talking off jackets and outer layers because it was stuffy
  • you shouldnt have felt cold
  • hyunbin had promised earlier that day that the vampires at this party all had their cravings in check because they took their blood tablets regularly
  • nope
  • “y/n” someone whispered into your ear
  • you turned around and saw red eyes
  • it was minhyun
  • “did anyone ever tell you that you smell really good?” he asked with a smirk
  • you nodded absentmindedly and smiled at minhyun
  • on the inside, you were screaming at yourself to stop, but it wasn’t going to happen
  • you had already fallen under his control
  • “y/n can i,,,,can i bite you?” he asked, his voice raspy
  • you nodded, your hands slowly reaching out to grab his blazer to brace yourself for the momentary pain you’d feel
  • the tips of his fangs were about to puncture your skin when all of a sudden, minhyun was pulled back away from you
  • “contain yourself. we don’t need anyone getting reported to the council today”
  • you snapped out of the trance and looked up at your savior
  • he was dressed in a cute chick costume and was holding minhyun by the arm
  • chick boy gave you a sorry smile
  • “sorry about him. he’s falls under a blood spell pretty easily. you not wearing hyunbin’s necklace doesn’t help either.“
  • your hand flew to your collarbones
  • he was right
  • the necklace was gone
  • the new guy took a metal container out of his pocket and opened it up before holding it out in front of minhyun
  • minhyun took one with shaky hands and popped it into his mouth
  • the red in his eyes slowly faded away and minhyun reverted to his calmer self
  • "you should stay by hyunbin’s side for the rest of the party. i don’t think you should be wandering around here alone without the necklace”
  • you nodded and walked back upstairs with minhyun and the new guy
  • unfortunately for you, hyunbin had left the upstairs area and went who knows where
  • you were screwed basically
  • jisung scratched his head and took your hand
  • that caught you off guard
  • what made you even more shocked was that his hand was warm
  • you’ve held hyunbin’s hand multiple times, but it was never warm
  • “you should stay with minhyun and i for now. the full moon is coming out soon and people will be out of control if they smelled you”
  • you shot him a confused look and pulled away from him
  • “how do i know you and minhyun won’t try and bite me like some of the vampires here?”
  • jisung smiled
  • “if you’re going to put your life in the hands of any vampire here other than hyunbin, people will tell you that i’m the second best option” he said
  • you were still doubtful of him
  • “y/n, jisung has been on blood tablets for the past four years. he hasn’t fed on anyone in that duration of time. and im fine now because of the tablet” minhyun piped up
  • ok if you were shook bc at the warmth of his hands, you were even more shook now
  • how was it possible that jisung could handle not feeding for four years straight??
  • most vampires can’t even handle one week without real blood, even if they were talking blood tablets to subdue their thirst
  • “okay” you said reluctantly
  • you and jisung never found hyunbin
  • minhyun had left after searching with you guys bc apparently jaehwan was going to do some dumb shit and he didn’t want to be known as the roommate of the guy who tore off the ceiling fan
  • the more it got closer to midnight, the more restless you were beginning to feel
  • the stares you were getting from a few vampires were making you uncomfortable
  • “don’t worry, they’re just teasing you. we wouldn’t go after hyunbin’s girl” jisung reassured you
  • if there was water in your mouth, you would have spit it out
  • jisung was just like wtf??
  • you wiped away a fake tear and composed yourself
  • “we’re just friends. hyunbin and i have known each other since we were kids. there’s nothing going on between us” you said
  • “but a ton of people said they saw hyunbin feeding on you a couple of times. and you’re under his family’s protection, which means that you’re pretty much his partner. doesn’t that mean you’re a thing?” he asked
  • you just laughed again and shook your head
  • “there’s no meaning behind them giving me the necklace. and hyunbin rarely feeds off me; he only does it when blood tablets do nothing for him” you explained
  • “then would you let anyone feed on you if they gave you that excuse?” jisung asked again
  • you shook your head
  • “are you crazy? do you know how much blood i’d lose if i was that naive?” you scoffed. “i’ll only let people i trust to feed off me”
  • jisung nodded at your answered in agreement
  • “good. you’re worth more than your blood. if anyone tries anything on you, tell hyunbin to tell me. my dad is on the council and i can have them banned from any building you’re in.”
  • “nah it’s fine.”
  • “are you sure?”
  • “yeah. and jisung?”
  • “mhm?”
  • “you’re now included in the list of people i trust”

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Lori i'm sorry if this is too personal but can u tell us about your falling-in-love-story with your husband? I ship you both so much lmao

Love? I dont know her. Hes leaving me for 45 days for work and he goes on Wednesday and hes LEAVING for FORTY FIVE DAYS WTFFFFFFF????!!!!

Ugh…alright alright i met him in college in the spring of some semester ages ago, i saw him around. You know how you just see someone around sometimes? I had a very brief interaction with him in which maybe one or two words were exchanged and I NOTICED him, but i wasnt like “omg this guy is so hot i wanna date him,” it was more like “he is so quiet and so mysterious wtf what if he murders me in my sleep?”

He was intimidating, but i wasn’t about to be intimidated by people, i was lori. I’ve always been lori.

Anyway, fast forward to the summer of that year and i was online on one of a social networking site that has messaging capacity and i saw him and recognized him from that one time. So i am lori, right? Im not shy or nervous about talking to people so I messaged him and im like “hey i know you, without actually knowing you knowing you, but i know you, you know”

Anyway we became online friends. We chatted sometimes, but never saw each other again in person but we genuinely got along with each other. The first thing i noticed was that we were intellectually matched, which honestly is rare. Everyone is dumb. People are dumb. The average IQ is 100, people everywhere are DUMB, but this guy wasnt dumb.

I didnt know know his name. He went by some nickname online and too much time had already passed for me to ask him what his name was. He knew my name. Because i am lori and my hair was brightly colored, i spoke out in class, I was loud, i laughed loud, i was lori. He knew i was lori and he called me lori and i was like ‘fuck what is his name? This is terrible he’s a friend and i dont know his name!’

The next spring semester came, and i walked into a new class. It was a Physiological Psychology class and i sat down and kinda half watched the door because new classes are fun….like what if cute people come in that door omg, there are so many possibilities right?


So he came in and sat in the back. I immediately spun around and faced the front.

That night online neither of us mentioned a fucking thing about anything. Just like casual talking, nothing significant at all.

This went on for a long time. Maybe weeks. Until one day i walked in, no longer freaking out about this situation we were in where we were terrified to interact in person yet completely normal and comfortable talking online, i just walked into the class, sat in the seat i always sit in and waited for the professor to show up.

Of course i watched the door because i always watched until he came in and once i saw his long hair (he had long hair and looked like Dave Navarro if you know who that is) and he walked past the seat at the back that he usually sat in, walked to the end of my row and up it to the seat behind me, sat down and said “Hey.”

…..I still dont know his name.

But that kind of started it. It broke the ice and he and i would talk now, before class, after class, he would walk me to my car and make fun of the big dent i had on the side of it and i would call him a jerk for that.

I noticed that he would come earlier too. I was early to this class because i had a class before that, and then a long break and i would just sit in the hallway outside the class doing whatever i did, and he began showing up a little early and we would sit beside each other and talk about things.

It was nice. It felt new and we got along and we could talk easily with each other and it was beginning to bother me now that i didnt know his name.

We had a test in the class and the professor was handing back the scantrons upside down, he would call the persons name and they would raise their hand and he would pass it down the row. He was behind me and i paid extra attention now because i was on a mission and finally i hear a man’s name, i saw movement as he raised his hand and the paper came back. As it passed I flipped it over and looked and he failed the exam AND his name was Nick.

I remember i said “you dont look at all like a nick.” And he laughed and then saw that he failed and frowned with a sigh.

I dont even know how the “love” happened. But it happened quick and we kind of just stuck around each other sort of non stop after that. I also dont know when we started dating for real because we had already been spending so much time together and doing things together and of course i kissed him first because im lori and honestly this guy was quiet because he was an introvert and kinda shy but with this scary look about him that probably just had to do with the long hair and the beard. But it was okay because im outgoing enough for both of us.

God this was long….sorry heheheh

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Oh okay! Making sure! When you do watch both of them, I will request for em! (I'm obsessed with like all the ladies on AoS so yeah ^^") AAAAAAANYWAY, Imma ask for Wanda Maximoff things now Because listen, your headcanons killed me. WANDA MAXIMOFF MARRIAGE HEADCANONS, FROM WHO PROPOSED AND HOW, TO THE WEDDING ITSELF, AND MARRIED LIFE IN GENERAL I DONT GIVE A FUCK I NEEEEEEEEEEED IT. ahem, thank you


I hope you like them and that there’s enough!

@ladieslovingladiesandfics @vote-for-pedro

~ In my head it’s Wanda that proposes to me

~ She’d get more romantic as your relationship progresses, so the proposal is very sweet and intimate- she’s too introverted to do it in front of everyone else, so it happens when you’re tucked away in your shared room, probably in between murmured words of love

~ On the other hand, I don’t think it’s entirely impossible that she would maybe propose after almost losing you in battle. She’d clutch your face in desperation and push her forehead against yours, Sokovian prayers dropping from her lips. Next thing you know she’s wrapped around you and begging you to be with her always and to marry you. It’s only after her tears subside does she realize you’re laughing and saying yes over and over against her neck.

~ However it happens, please PLEASE KEEP IT FROM TONY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN. He will turn your wedding into some overly obnoxious shindig that puts the Kardashians to shame

~ Steve is safe. He offers to escort you both to possible venues to make sure nobody tries to scam you or gets rude to his two favorite ladies. Nat knew beforehand (she noticed Wanda’s repeatedly failed attempts to get your ring size) and her only stipulation as MOH is that the dress color doesn’t clash with her red hair.

~ As for the ring itself, I think Wanda would of course get you something you like, but I do picture a more delicate/thin ring. Maybe even one that has wines wrapped around the vine. It may be a little cliche to get a ruby or another red stone, but I think it would be cute! That, or I could also see her picking a stone based on its magical properties! Like maybe a moonstone, which is meant to promote inspiration and strength.

~ As the wedding gets closer and you start making more wedding party plans, you notice Wanda getting very quiet and withdrawn. Finally you manage to get some one on one time and she admits that she used to imagine Pietro walking down the aisle since her dad had died, but now he was gone too and she realized how much of her life he was missing. There’s no magical fix here- you know Vision or Steve will walk her down without hesitation, but that won’t fix the pain she’s feeling. So you just hold her as she cries and tell her it’ll be okay and that you know somehow Pietro knows how far his twin has come.

~ You’re a little surprised by her deviation from tradition when she asks if you can see each other for the first time in private and walk down together. When you question it, she just smiles and says that she can’t imagine walking with anyone else anymore. You both cry and hug a lot

~ Wanda knows when you get a little overwhelmed and is quick to comfort you and fill your head with lovely images of what she sees for your special day.


~ Wanda’s wedding dress is flowy and simple, looks like something a faerie or wood nymph would wear. You both choose your own style, but make sure they complement each other by forcing Pepper to come with you both on your separate appointments. Tony blames you when she proceeds to force him into a ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ marathon in prepartion!

~ Tony also nearly loses his shit when he finds out that you two have picked a simple and elegant venue in a forest- it’s exactly what Wanda had always pictured for a natural, sweet environment. When he sees you both surrounded by flowers and lanterns, your feet and souls bare to one another, he can’t help but admit that it’s pretty perfect.

~ You pay a ridiculous amount of money to have several kinds of Sokovian flowers imported and planted for the ceremony. Wanda cries for days.

~ She somehow tracks down the band that played at your parent’s wedding. You cry for days.

~ You both write your own vows and go on and on, and you make everybody cry because you’re both so in love with one another. Wanda especially makes you cry when she talks about how many realities she’s seen where she is lost because you aren’t with her.

~ You two totally wind up forgetting everything else and kissing waaaaaaaaaay before you’re told to.

~ Perez Hilton leaked pictures of you kissing in your wedding dresses and Twitter broke

~ You both incorporate your abilities in your wedding, to show that you’re proud of your strength. It’s a big deal for Wanda in particular so you hold her hand as she uses her abilities to light the candles and lanterns that cover your reception tables. She turns to you, the red light flickering across her face and illuminating her ethereal beauty, and she’s not prepared for you to jump and kiss her so enthusiastically 

~ The honeymoon is an entire month on a secluded island that Tony owns. There’s literally no one there, so the two of you have plenty of time together ;) Celebrating your marriage occurs both in water and on land (and even in the air after Wanda manages to suspend you off a cliff)

~ You two fall asleep in the sand several times and poor Wanda experiences her first sunburn and it’s so cute you almost coo over here while rubbing her down with aloe (which leads to very gentle ‘celebrating’)

~ Marriage life with Wanda is pretty much the same, except for this oddly deep feeling that, somehow, the two of you are permanently bonded. It’s hard to explain, but you feel actually tied together, anchored to one another, and it’s wonderful

~ She loves to hold your left hand in hers and see your rings next to one another

~ Tony gives you two your own floor since you’re now a unit, and you soend many nights reclaiming your new space and old furniture as a married couple ;)

~ Wanda keeps referring to you as her wife because she loves reminding herself of the fact

For Who You Are

Gotham One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Edward Nygma + Jim Gordon, Kristen Kringle & Tom Dougherty

Warnings: bullying and a lil bit of fighting

Request: “could I request an Edward Nygma one shot where the reader is new the GCPD and gets teased by the cops for being kind of quirky (like singing to herself and stuff??) and Ed confronts them over the matter and has a small altercation, then the reader feels really bad and invites him over for dinner and they’re both pretty awkward and clumsy throughout?? (sorry if that’s too long or anything, I absolutely love your blog!!)” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,758

A/N: its not too long, i actually prefer one shot requests to be detailed !! and thank you so much for your support !! 💛 i dont know if i made it awkward/clumsy enough, but i hope it’s okay !!!

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Sentence Starter Masterlist


Tim Drake:

“Is there a problem?” “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

“No, nothing’s wrong, I was just fangirling, carry on.”

“You should know by know that if you leave your cape laying around, I don’t care if it’s for ‘superhero business’, I’m going to wrap it around myself like a blanket.”

“You drowned my makeup in water so I used my key to scratch all of your video game discs.” 

“stop it, stop whatever the hell your doing”

'please stop staring at that stupid computer and talk to me’

“You’re not meeting my boyfriend, Tim, because I’d like to date him a while before my brother kills him.”

“This is your twentieth cup of coffee are you trying to break a world record or something?“

Jason Todd:

“I know you liked it when they were hitting on you.” “If you would do it I would like it better” “Wait, what” “What”

“If you’re not there when this baby comes, I’m going to take that gun, and shove it so far up your–" 

"open it” “can you say please?”

“real smooth, tripping over air”

“Alright guys time to play truth or dare”

“well, that was… interesting”

“where have you been" 

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

"I know I said I’d get up with the kid in the morning but I’m hoping you can’t tell I’m fake sleeping and hoping you will do it instead”

“It helps that my competition is attractive." 

“I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

"I bet I could beat you in wrestling match”

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

“Yeah, because fighting crime wearing the colors of a traffic light is soooooo stealthy.”

“I met your parents and your mom was flirting with me. “

"I am not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you what something you can’t have, territorial is protecting what is yours." 

"Get over here, Jason 'Crush Me With Your Thighs’ Todd!”


“Wait, you’re not a virgin? do you even stay awake long enough for sex?”

“you can’t just go around killing people”

“So tell me: do all vigilantes lurk or is this just a part of your unique charm?”

Dick Grayson:

“I did a pregnancy test.”

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“What do you mean I can’t stay up until 4 am reading? You’ve stayed up later risking your life in a ridiculous costume!”

“If you sing that song one more time I will fight you”

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“I swear to god if you don’t get off the chandelier right now”

“love first of all  if you’re wearing that kilt to slag me off for me Irish heritage I’m not one fucking bit impressed and second KILTS ARE FUCKING SCOTTISH ugh but you do look the ride in it , i have to say wait there I’m posting a pic of it this gonna be great craic”


Damian Wayne:

“Damn, when did y/n get hot?”

“We’re camping and you think you lost the kid but they’re napping in the tent and I’m not telling you yet so you watch them better next time" 

"Damian, are you sure your dad is going to be ok with us sneaking a monkey into the Manor?”

“Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

“His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”

“When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

“Do you ever follow directions?”

“dami ..I can’t find my reading glasses have you seen them ?”

“I was trained by the masters of the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghul himself I DO NOT SING”

“we are not going to steal someone’s dog”

“i’m allowed to be obssesed with you, im your husband”

“Why is there a deer in the mansion.”


“Not to point out the elephant in the room, but is that a literal elephant in the room?”


Barry Allen:

“Cisco I don’t need you to hit on them for me.”

“I don’t care how much a speedster needs to eat, you touch my food, and we’re going to have a problem.”

“everyone can tell you lover her, it’s obvious”

“im NOT jealous, but he was flirting with you"

“I’m so sorry to disturb you but….I ran out of toilet paper”

Wally West:

“you like her, don’t you!" 

"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

Oliver Queen:

“are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”


“Are you really jealous of a dog?”

“Mon-El, stop trying to make me blush, you jerk!”

Winn Schott:

“Winslow Schott, you do *not* get to saw I’m 'crabby’ right now. If I seem to be in a bad mood, it’s because *someone* decided to drag all the way to the DEO, first thing in the morning before I had a chance to have breakfast, without actually giving me a reason!”


The Avengers:

“oops they saw it, well surprise I guess!”



“I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”

“You’re so determined to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me?” 


“I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

“Please tell me you aren’t washing a metal, mechanical, slightly magical lion with soap and water?”


“How in the world did I get you to like me back?”

“I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it now occurs to me that I was horribly wrong.”

“Oh my god! You’re in love with them!” “No, Dumb-ass I’m in love with you”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Keith, I love you, you know I do, but *please* tell me you didn’t actually jump out of an airlock to get your lion.”

Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid:

“i need you to breath in and out with me, this anxiety attack will pass, i……”

“I don’t care what you think you know, Spence, I’m *not* ticklish!”

“God, I hate profilers! You can never keep a secret from one.”

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for RFA member and Saeran plus V with their child, talking how much they love Mc? Thank you

such a sweet and fluffy request! WELP TIME TO ADD IN SOME ANGST FOR SOME OF THEM - forgive me for this hahaha. (also i might have gone off track with a couple of the RFA peeps from your question - nevertheless, hope you enjoy this!)


  • babies. are. terrifying.
  • haru, his beloved baby son, sits on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs
  • yoosung is at his wit’s end. he gave his baby everything he could think of! teething toys, his pacifier, his favorite stuffed animal - but haru continues to scream his head off
  • at this point yoosung is balled up into fetal position, contemplating whether he should call you or not and beg you to come home
  • even lisa the cat dashes somewhere else the house, escaping haru’s inhumane crying
  • it’s been fifteen minutes and your baby is bawling his eyes out
  • it’s been like this for only an hour since your absence 
  • yoosung is close to crying himself when he remembers you won’t come back for another three days
  • but he has to strong! he’s a good dad…he has to dependable! 
  • turning back to haru, whose chubby little face is completely wet with snot and tears, yoosung dare approaches the terrifying smol human bean
  • “hey. hey.” yoosung calls out softly, stroking haru’s fluffy hair
  • haru’s big watery purple eyes takes once glance at his dad
  • he quiets down for a moment
  • can yoosung hope?
  • nope
  • the baby scrunches his face up and goes back to crying
  • quickly, yoosung plops haru into his lap
  • “shh, shh, hey hey, please don’t cry! please! i don’t know what im doing wrong…”
  • haru continues to wail
  • yoosung shuts his eyes, racking his throbbing head for any idea
  • “mommy’s gonna come back. you miss her? i miss her too. this house already feels so empty without her.” he admits, burying his face into haru’s soft, wispy hair. 
  • haru squirms, hiccuping
  • yoosung gets up with haru tucked in his arm, and heads to the kitchen to retrieve a sippy cup
  • he continues to talk about you, a wife and loving mother, to baby haru
  • yoosung isn’t quite sure why he’s talking to haru as if he were a grown adult. but it’s soothing to talk and think about you
  • haru’s sobbing eventually quiets into sparse sniffles
  • finally, finally haru falls asleep in yoosung’s arm after he finished saying his thoughts aloud of what he really thinks of you
  • yoosung finally tears up when he sees haru calmed down
  • thank god
  • he collapses on the coach with haru nestled into his chest, and the household is once again peaceful


  • you and zen may not have worked out as a married couple, but you sure as hell made a great divorced couple
  • you thought you could handle it. zen working pretty much 24/7, the media watching you like a hawk waiting for you to slip up so they can profit off of it, zen’s increasingly growing fanbase and career
  • but you broke it off on peaceful terms after you both finally admitted your relationship can’t work out
  • no matter how much the media tried to ruin your image, bring nari into the picture, or spread lies about you both
  • zen still supported you by helping take care of nari and joint custody
  • one night he came home late with nari
  • he smiles sheepishly at you, taking off the shades to reveal his red eyes
  • “sorry for returning her so late. may i tuck her into bed?”
  • you nod, returning a polite smile back. 
  • nari giggles in her father’s arms, looking at him with stars in her eyes. she loved tagging along with zen and watching him rehearse - only at the ripe age of six, and she’s begging you to learn dance “just like her daddy!”
  • you busy yourself, waiting patiently for zen to escort himself out
  • he doesn’t come out of nari’s bedroom and 10 minutes already passed
  • you sigh a bit to yourself. it’s getting late, and you hate being that kind of parent. but you cant let zen over welcome his stay
  • creeping down the hallway, you can hear zen’s soft and soothing voice, speaking to nari
  • “…you and mommy love each other?” nari asks
  • “of course, we’re friends,” zen laughs. you smile a bit, hearing his laughter. it’s sort of nostalgic
  • “if you love each other, why dont you live with mommy and me?”
  • your breath is taken away for a second. your heart aches. of course nari would ask this sort of question.
  • there’s a pause from zen. 
  • you lean against the wall, gripping your arm. you hold your breath in anticipation
  • you should’ve stepped in instead of listening
  • “i…i love your mother. of course i do. but sometimes, things don’t work out between people. but we’re very good friends, i can say that. what matters is your mommy and i care for you, so so much.”
  • okay, now you might really cry. you can hear it in zen’s voice as well, from the way it wobbles at some parts, threatening to fall unravel
  • you walk into the room, as if you didn’t hear anything
  • “time for dad to go, say goodnight nari.” you don’t look at him, because you know you might not be able to hold it together
  • but it was so hard looking at nari. she had her father’s eyes

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anonymous asked:

can I request the RFA + V putting up a Christmas tree with MC?

i want to decorate a christmas tree with the RFA so BADLY OMG


  • all of his ornaments are hand made
  • he has a big box of ornaments he’s made dating back all the way to when he was like 6 years old
  • MC looks through the ornaments with him as they pick which ones to put on the tree
  • they range from poorly painted clay hearts to little felt pieces sown together to make tiny animals
  • “oh! i almost forgot!”
  • Yooung hops up and goes into his room to get something
  • when he comes back out again he has a few ceramic ornaments, a box of paints, and two paint brushes
  • “it wouldnt be a christmas tree unless we made ornaments together!”
  • he sits criss cross on the floor and gives MC a white ceramic dog ornament, smiling brightly
  • they spend the next hour painting together and Yoosung insists the first ornament they put on the tree be MC’s
  • from then they just takes ornaments out of the box and place them on the tree wherever they see fit
  • Yoosung has an angel for the top of the tree that he can just barley reach
  • “okay, now time for the lights!”
  • “lights…?”
  • “of course! no christmas tree is complete without lights!”
  • MC busts into laughter and Yoosung is like hey why are u laughing at me:(
  • “you’re supposed to put the lights on before the ornaments, Yoosung!”
  • Yoosung is so confused
  • he always does it like this???
  • the two struggle to wrap the lights around the tree without disturbing the ornaments, they fall off every once in awhile and either MC or Yoosung will have to put them back up
  • then comes the ribbon, which MC also said they should have started with
  • the last step is tinsel, which Yoosung likes to put on the tree by standing back and just chucking it on
  • its a fun little game to play!
  • when its all said and done Yoosung turns off the lights and lights up the christmas tree and then two stand back to admire their work
  • they reward themselves with hot chocolate and cuddles


  • usually Zen prefers a fake tree but MC insisted they get a real one
  • all of Zens ornaments and decorations are part of a set, its all red and gold
  • gold ribbon, red and gold bulb ornaments, a red tree skirt with gold trim, and white lights
  • Zen loves to watch MC take an ornament and look around the tree for the perfect place to put it
  • “why dont you put it there, sweetheart?”
  • “because it would be close to another gold ornament! the colors have to be spaced evenly”
  • Zen giggles and kisses the top of their head
  • “yea, i guess  you’re right”
  • sometimes MC will request help reaching the top parts of the tree, so Zen will lift them up so they can read the tall branches
  • Zen swears he’s never had so much fun decorating the tree
  • he plays christmas music and when “baby, its cold outside” comes on Zen and MC have a magical duet
  • for the top, a big red bow
  • MC and Zen both stand back, examining their work
  • “it’s missing something….”
  • Zen was rubbing his chin in-between his fingers
  • “oh, i know!”
  • MC runs out of the room, returning moments later with a box of candy canes
  • Zen watches as they carefully place candy canes around the tree, hanging them from branches
  • MC then returns to Zens side, also rubbing their chin in-between their fingers
  • “what do you think?”
  • “hmmmm….”
  • MC looks up at him, anxious to hear his thoughts
  • “i love it!”
  • Zen picks up MC in his arms and twirls them around
  • “this is the most beautiful my tree has every looked!”
  • they reward themselves with a christmas movie marathon


  • when MC sees Jaehee’s lack of christmas supplies they are shocked
  • “Jaehee, what is wrong with you?! you dont even have a tree??”
  • “i’ve just been so busy with work…”
  • MC declares that on Jaehee’s day off they’re going christmas supplies shopping
  • they pick and easily assembled fake tree, tons of cute ornaments, a star for the top, blue fairy lights, and tinsel
  • it was an interesting shopping trip, since the two never really decided on a theme and just grabbed whatever they thought was cute
  • her favorite ornament is a tiny little coffee mug that says “tis the season”
  • when Jaehee and MC return from their shopping trip Jaehee starts to open up the christmas tree
  • “Jaehee, wait! we have to set to mood”
  • what is MC talking about ???
  • they take a big red candle out of one of their shopping bags and light it
  • MC then takes out their phone and puts a christmas music playlist on shuffle
  • “last, but not least…”
  • MC takes two matching christmas sweaters out of their bag
  • “christmas sweaters!”
  • Jaehee laughs, since the idea of wearing sweaters inside seems rather silly, but puts the christmas sweater on anyway
  • Jaehee and MC assemble to christmas tree together, and even after just putting it together they feel like they’ve done enough work
  • but as soon as the tree is set up, even before the put on the lights, Jaehee reaches into their pile of new ornaments and grabs her coffee mug ornament
  • she places it front and center on the tree, so everyone can see it
  • MC giggles at how eager Jaehee is
  • by the end the tree doesnt have all that many ornaments, but still looks beautiful
  • the two reward themselves with a trip to starbucks and peppermint mochas


  • his collection of ornaments is also pathetic
  • he at least has a christmas tree, though
  • MC and Jumin set the christmas tree up, Jumin wearing the new christmas sweater MC bought for them
  • he thought it was rather ugly, but MC says that’s the point…?
  • he really doesn’t get it but MC loves it so
  • when they’re finished decorating the tree Jumin looks at it lovingly
  • “our first christmas tree together. it’s it beautiful, dear?”
  • MC looks at it with their arms crossed
  • “no! you only have like ten ornaments and there arent any lights or a star on top…it’s too empty, Jumin”
  • “hmm…i suppose it is a bit underwhelming…”
  • Jumin offers to take MC out shopping for chistmas tree supplies
  • they get tons of new ornaments and a tree skirt and…
  • MC tried to stop him but….
  • Jumin got a cat for the top of the tree
  • he just thought it was so cute and MC couldnt say no
  • also about half of their ornaments were cats
  • but MC’s never seen Jumin have so much fun
  • when they started decorating he would put two cat ornaments right next to each other
  • “look, MC! it’s like theyre playing on the christmas tree”
  • Jumin has found a new love for christmas
  • it was so much fun when MC was with him
  • he thought they looked so cute, meticulously wrapping ribbon around the tree and stretching on their tippy-toes to reach the top
  • in the end their tree it mostly cats, with a few other things here and there
  • Jumin looks at the tree and MC swears tears start to well up in his eyes
  • “MC, this is the most beautiful christmas tree i have ever seen”
  • he looks at them, smiling more brightly that MC has seen before
  • “i never knew how fun christmas could be!”
  • they reward themselves with a delicious dinner followed by like 6 candy canes for desert


  • Seven sets aside an entire day to decorate the tree
  • he’s been waiting for this day since november 1st, but no one is selling trees in november, and he needs a live one
  • they just smell so good~
  • him and MC go out to pick out a tree
  • he examines each one carefully to find the perfect tree for him and MC
  • “Seven, how about this one?”
  • “not tall enough”
  • “what about this one?”
  • “i dont know, MC…it just isnt us, yknow?”
  • they dont know, but keep suggesting trees until Seven is finally happy
  • they look kind of funny driving down the street with a christmas tree strapped to Sevens sleek sports car
  • Seven sets up the tree and makes hot chocolate for him and MC with candy canes, he lights a christmas candle, puts on some christmas music, and grabs his three big boxes of christmas decorations
  • part of the reason he’s so excited is because it’s been so long since he’s had someone to decorate the tree with
  • two boxes are ornaments, the other is stuffed with ribbon, lights, and an angel for the top of the tree
  • “alright MC, we have to take all this…”
  • Seven gestures to the boxes
  • “and put it on to that tree. are you ready?”
  •  MC nods excitedly
  • “than lets go!”
  • they start with the lights, Seven has two strands of lights the need to go on the tree
  • then they add ribbon, which he has multiple colors of
  • the tree is already looking full and they havent even touched his extensive collection of ornaments
  • Seven’s ornaments are super diverse, ranging from little manger scenes to cheesy gag ornaments
  • when MC spots the angel they try to put it at the top of the tree
  • “no! the angel is for last”
  • while they’re putting ornaments on Seven will often hide of the other side of the tree and then pop out and scare MC
  • when it’s finally time for the angel Seven lifts MC up to help them reach the top
  • they step back to view the pay off of all their hard work
  • the tree was packed full of decorations, no branch was left empty
  • while MC was looking at the tree, Seven surprises them with a peck on the cheek
  • “thanks for all the help, cutie”
  • they reward themselves by turning off all the lights so the whole room was lit only by the tree, and cuddling up on the couch for a showing of how the grinch stole christmas


  • “V, lets get a christmas tree today!”
  • V wakes up to MC smiling at him
  • he thought december 1st might be a little soon, but MC looks so happy he just had to take them out
  • he takes MC shopping, watching them get all excited over all of the trees, the ornaments, and the lights
  • “you can pick out a few new things for our tree if you want, MC”
  • he loves seeing them pick out decorations
  • like, seriously, he cant stop staring at MC they just 
  • he loves them so much
  • he’s the same way when they take the tree home and start decorating it
  • he helps MC twirl the lights around the tree but gets distracted by how cute they look, carefully placing lights in-between the branches
  • “um…V? everything okay?”
  • “yes! dont move, MC!”
  • he runs off, leaving MC to finish the lights themselves
  • when V comes back MC’s greeted by a flash of light
  • they look up to see that V had just snapped a picture of them with his polaroid camera
  • he smiles brightly, waiting for the camera to print the picture
  • he shows MC the picture, which wasnt developed yet, still smiling
  • “our first christmas tree together!”
  • MC smiles back at him
  • for the rest of the time V continues to photograph MC
  • “smile, MC! our first ornament together!
  • “smile! you’re first time putting the star on the christmas tree!”
  • when its all finished, V takes a photo of the final product
  • “i think we did a pretty good job, MC”
  • the grab the camera from him and turn it toward themselves, selfie style
  • they pull V into the frame, the tree in the background, and snap the picture
  • “our first christmas together!”
  • V squeezes MC in a hug
  • he cant remember the last time he’s been so happy decorating a simple christmas tree
  • he hangs a string from the wall next to the tree and uses clothes pins to hang the photos up
  • MC takes a piece of paper and pins it over the photos, then writes “our first christmas!” and doodles a few presents and candy canes
  • the reward themselves with a little cat nap


High School Bucket List

au by me and kanginfucker
pairing: markson 
rating: pg-13 for swearing
word count:14000
warnings: uhhh none i dont think!
summary: Jackson has always wanted to know what it’s like to be an average high school student, and Mark has been an average high school student for four years, so they’re kind of a perfect match.


“Are all high school boys this beautiful?” Mark startles, looking over at the boy who’s staring at him with wide eyes from two feet away. While Mark would normally appreciate and thank the awkward compliment, he is standing in front of a urinal with his dick literally in hand, looking at an awed boy he’s somehow never seen before despite spending almost four years in the small school. Mark gives him a long once over, trying desperately to find something familiar about him. It’s hard to really tell, the boy’s face mostly covered by the snapback pulled down over his eyes and the thick rimmed glasses that are making his barely visible eyes bug out a little. The bottom half of his face is partially covered, not necessarily on purpose, the large hood of his over sized sweatshirt bunched up around his cheeks. He has on nice, expensive shoes and jeans that Mark vaguely recognizes as designer, something even more unusual in his school than being semi-approached in the boys’ bathroom.

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