i know the character is an arsehole

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I wasn't around for the Tumblr madness when AKA Jessica Jones came out, but of course I have since watched it. So...Kilgrave. Talk to me about him and his sexiness and evilness. Gimme your opinion.

OMG where do I even begin…

Of course Kilgrave is a despicable piece of human garbage, he’s an abusive arsehole and just THE WORST™. As a character, I really, REALLY hated him - which speaks to DT’s talent as an actor.

Buuuuut, then it IS David, so despite being so horrible, he’s also unfortunately hot. The suits they put him in just made that a hundred times worse (you know me, waistcoat kink etc)

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Ahem, yes, where was I? Oh right. At times, I almost felt sorry for him, too (which then made me feel horrible about myself…damn you DT!). 

In conclusion, Kilgrave is an ovaries confuser, much like Brendan Block was…or maybe I’m just a disturbed person who likes to watch DT play unadulterated bastards  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What did you think about him?

It’s a sleepover! Come and chat :)

Some thoughts...

Alright, I’ve given this a couple of days, mostly because I’ve been upset and angry over the whole thing (and still am) but am more reasonable in moving to talk about it.

This contains Supernatural spoilers, so, just be aware.  It is also quite long (I’m a writer okay?  It’s expected).

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#135 please (the new list)

“Sing to me, please.“

She really didn’t know how she got herself into these things, sometimes.

Well, she did, but she really had to learn to say no to those eyes and that mouth and everything else that was attached to them.  And the bribe in the form of a nice dinner didn’t hurt to grease the wheels, either.

Who needs Yelp when you’ve got Sherlock Holmes? she thought to herself, tossing another handful of bread to the pigeons.

The old man on the other end of the park bench keeled over, clutching his chest dramatically before slumping to the pavements.  It was her cue.

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Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! [9.1.1960]

Writing Autistic - Tropes - The Insufferable Genius

TV Tropes Page.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across an Autistic character who is considered to be on the part of the spectrum commonly referred to as “Asperger’s” who doesn’t embody this trope.

That’s a problem.

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God I hate my interests because I want to draw all the time but my art skills can’t keep up, and not many people enjoy my drawings or support my interests. Most of my irl friends just find my interests annoying and funny. They don’t understand why I get so attached to robots and purple people. They don’t understand why I get so attached to an egotistical bird man who hates this one elf. All that stuff. I wanna draw all the stuff I wanna, but there isn’t enough time. I rarely have a lot of inspiration and i find my own ideas rather boring. I keep feeling like they’re plagiarism if I take inspiration from other characters. Along with that I have no energy for anything and nearly everyone I know are either arseholes or they have their own lives to worry about. I just wanna have my own time, but forever. Life is mcfreaking dumb. I get attached to fansongs because of their content and tunes and I hate that I can’t listen to them every second of the day. It’s so dumb but listening to some of these just make me more at ease, but na, life doesn’t work around one person, ever. *screms**

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-slips my url down here bc like my trash oc, i too am very vain, apparently-

Send me your URL and I’ll tell you… || Closed


My Opinion on;

Character in general: Honestly? Dante’s an vain arsehole – and I love that. He strikes me as a character that is very much driven by his own selfish wants and desires, and seems completely unapologetic with it. I do enjoy villainous characters that have proper layers to them, and there’s definitely more to Dante than what you just see on the surface. Under all that swagger there’s this lurking darkness surrounding what he is and what he has to do, and to me there seems to be this reluctance too. He’s trapped, and he knows it, but being this kind of iteration of demon has its perks. Not being genuinely fearful, for one. And its downsides. Like being unable to get drunk easily. He’s a brilliant OC, and I’d like to get to know more about him.

How they play them: Very well! The mun writes him in such a way as to make him believable and well-rounded, his actions and behaviours don’t feel forced or stereotypical (which would be easy to do with a demon character). The mun has clearly put in a lot of time and effort getting into his head and seeing what makes him tick, and their efforts do pay off. I see lots of development canons crossing my dash and it really shows that this is a well-loved, well-thought out OC.

The Mun: A total sweetling, and Dante’s complete opposite. They deserve amazing things and a wonderful life.

Do I:

RP with them: We do have a thread that I’m already very invested in (Marlo has no idea why demons keep wanting his soul tho, haha), though I wouldn’t say no to a few more (I mean, I have a Zombies AU ‘verse, and you have a TWD ‘verse…)

Want to RP with them: YESSSS

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Excellent muse and excellent mun. If you’re looking for a well written demon character and are a fan of Fassbender’s face, I would highly recommend them!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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Hear hear! Good riddance arsehole. Now I finallly can watch it again, so happy with the new writer and Jodie, can't wait to see what they'll do with the character!!

Me too omg actually being able to watch dr who without feeling lowkey pissed off the entire time???? CANT FRICKEN WAIT also she is an amazing actress she will be phenomenal I know it

You Know I Got You for soundofmybones

word count: 62053

side pairings: liam payne/sophia smith, harry styles/original male character(s)

warnings: sexual content

rating: explicit

“It was awful. I met Zayn.” Liam’s eyes widen and Harry barrels on. “We got into an argument.”
“You got – but it’s Zayn Malik.”
Harry glares at him. “He was an arsehole. I started yelling at him and now I’ve lost my job.“

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Why fuel the hate against Gryffindor ? We did NOTHING to deserve that. Yeah our house is more represented but like, did WE write the books ? We are not all pretentious assholes, just so you know, just like Ravenclaws aren't condescending nerds. We din't "claim" anything it's just one person. That's really hurtfull to see all the other houses shit on Gryffindor like that while most of us defend the other houses. Chivalry, honor, standing for what is right, that's our thing, that's our trait.

is this basically ‘not all gryffindors’ ????

look I know all gryffindors aren’t self centred arseholes. I know. If I made it through 7 books and believed that then I clearly wasn’t paying much attention to any of the central characters. I know what gryffindor values and I know it’s not vanity and being obnoxious, but there are several instances in the books where even the trio exhibit these traits

And yes I KNOW not all gryffindors are like that. Feel free to make a joke about ravenclaws preferring to read than talk to real people if you want, I don’t mind because I know there’s a certain element of truth to it and we need to be able to laugh about it

If it’s got to the point where tumblr is so sensitive that I can’t even make a joke about a fictional school house without receiving backlash then everybody just needs to take a step back and chill. Honestly pick your battles- there are far worse things in the world than me suggesting that gryffindors can sometimes be self centred 

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louis is a fuckin DAD for fucks sake what is he doing he is so childish and out of control. my stomach turns whenever i see him with his baby because he doesn't deserve it and that baby doesn't deserve this life too. i know you will be mad at me im just so angry about that 99 fuckin photos and EVERYTHING HE DOES these days

This was sent to me about a week ago and, no offence, but I almost deleted it because I’m not here to be like, “You’re wrong!” based on my own beliefs. 

However I think this is a pretty important example of the reaction of not only fans but the general public who believe that Louis Tomlinson is a father. A lot of comments from people who know nothing about the situation on articles from The Daily Mail are like “Who cares?? Stop showing us this guy walking around!” But, like in this instance, a lot of people are starting to see Louis as irresponsible in that he has spent every weekend over the past month out of town and away from his supposedly newborn son.  

Not to constantly harp on about my own work, but what’s happening now is exactly what happened in 2015 as outlined here: Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign? During the supposed pregnancy this happened:

“Father to be continues clubbing, taking home various girls, smoking weed, and generally carrying on with his carefree, laddy-lad single life

Why this is weird…

It isn’t strange at all spending your free time partying, smoking weed and driving a Mercedes around a test track…y’know, if you weren’t having a child with a woman in Los Angeles and doing all of this in England. It wouldn’t be weird if you weren’t expecting a child, which was clearly the vibe Louis was giving off given the radio silence on the topic.

That’s just a very minor example from that article about all the things that don’t add up from July 2015 to January 2016 and the patterns have continued. He still has yet to say that girl’s name, he still parties like it’s 1999, aside from Liam’s awkward sidekick role at the BRITs no one in his professional life has publicly congratulated him, and he’s still generally being made to look like at complete arsehole. 

Instead of being like, “Clearly the answer is yes, he is the victim of a character assassination,” people who know nothing like Steve Brookstein are out there shouting that he’s just some talentless idiot who got a one-night stand pregnant and is sucking up to Simon Cowell by appearing by his side at AGT

What has happened since the 21st of January is very confusing, I understand that. However it does not negate what happened before that or the lies about what happened before that, which have been told in hindsight to cover up the shadiness from 2015. Now not only is he a neglectful father but he’s also a cheater since apparently he’d been seeing this girl since January of 2015. 

The image of One Direction is so tightly controlled. I don’t know how many different ways to explain that if a celebrity like Louis Tomlinson knocked up someone who was a private person there is no way that it would be announced as early as it was nor would you ever have early pap photos of someone that literally no one knows. Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of The Chemical Brothers, had a child that was covered up for seventeen YEARS. This story has been told to cover something else up. If you look at Louis’ actions from January of 2015 to today there is absolutely nothing that he has done (disregarding his social media accounts which are literally run by other people at Rye Social) which would indicate that he is the father of that child. No celebrity has every instance they step out in public with their newborn documented by TMZ. They just don’t. There is literally no precedent for that, especially not with someone that isn’t even that well known to the general public in the US.  

So, do I believe that anything from Babygate is real? No. Do I believe that someone is trying to sabotage Louis Tomlinson? Yes. Do I believe that Larry is real? Also yes. 

Maybe take a breather and have a look through these other articles when you have a chance: SAO Deleted Buzzfeed Articles

Things I have discovered by watching SGA:
  1. SGA is fucking crap. Like, I’m not even joking. the aliens ALL TALK ENGLISH and the main characters are like, dammit this needs to be short, just: it’s a little bit sexist, the main characters are kinda arseholes and the plot MAKES LITTLE SENSE.
  2. SGA is fucking awesome. I don’t know. I don’t fucking know. It just is. it works as long as you ignore how utterly, STUPID AND BORING it is. 
  3. The SGA fandom is AMAZING. They make turd polishing into a fucking craft, seriously, all the fandoms who have to deal with pretty fucking shitty content should join the SGA fandom, just to apprentice in the art of shit polishing. (I’m looking at you spn and teen wolf fandoms)
  4. WTF is McShep?
  5. McShep is like the magical fucking diamond that was miraculously fucking polished to perfection by being completely surrounded by garbage, which someone found through SQUINTING REALLY FUCKING HARD through the THICKEST MOTHERFUCKING SHIPPING GOGGLES that ever adorned the face of an absolute crazy person.
Briste | Chapter 7

Briste | Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

A flash of blonde hair and pink scrubs caught the corner of my eye. Nurse MacKenzie. I thought back to my original meeting with Joe and how he said the young nurse knew our soldier and was infatuated with him, yet I didn’t know his name until his sister barged through the door! Why would we have spent the time, money, and hours searching for this man’s identity if Nurse MacKenzie knew him?

I jogged after the nurse, my blood boiling.

“Nurse MacKenzie!” I said, briskly. I felt a myself glare in her direction. She swirled around, the pink scrubs she had on covered from neck to crotch in bodily fluid.

She huffed and rolled her eyes. “I’m sorry Doctor Beauchamp, I’m a wee bit busy at the moment if ye canna see,” she said, pointing to the still wet scrubs. “I have to change before going up to the NICU.”

She began to turn around when I angrily exclaimed. “You knew his name!” She whirled around, her look of exasperation changing to a smirk.

“I dinna take your meaning, Doctor.” she sneered.

“The Scottish soldier. The one no one could find a name on. You knew his name!” I accused crossing my arms. “Why didn’t you tell anyone the man’s name! We could have gotten hold of his family sooner, been able to do more for him with the proper infor-”

“Because ye didn’t ask!” she interrupted, her voice shrill and harsh.

Nurse MacKenzie’s chest was heaving and her hands were clenching in and out of fists. “I’ve known James Fraser my whole life and I’d know the look of him anywhere. The stupid Yank kept me away from his case, away from my lo— away from him. So I kept something from all of you.”

I jerked as if I’d been slapped from her words. “You kept his identity a secret because Doctor Abernathy wouldn’t let you work on the case?”

She nodded, hands now in fists on her hips.

“The Yank said it was against the oath for me to be assigned to him. The asshole; he kept me away from him to make sure Jamie never saw me! I know he was deliberately making sure I couldn’t be there for him!” Her face flushed with anger.

“You love him,” I stated. The nurse nodded curtly. “That’s why Doctor Abernathy wouldn’t let you be on Mr. Fraser’s case. There’s a reason why we don’t allow someone to work on family and friends. You’re too involved.”

She sniffed and stuck her nose up in the air, unsatisfied with my answer. “Doctor Abernathy is an arsehole who can’t see in front of his nose! Oh, I’m banned from seeing my love, but you!” She began to quake in anger. “You, he throws at him! ‘Poor Doctor Beauchamp, old and no one loves her. I know, let’s set her up with the unconscious, hot Scottish patient. That’ll cheer her and her loneliness right up!’”

I took a step back. I felt as though I had just been slapped. “How dare you!” I angrily whispered. “How dare you insult Doctor Abernathy and myself this way! Who are you to judge the character of a person you don’t know?”

“I know enough to know that you are a lonely bitch who can’t be loved. We’ve all noticed how you pine away for something you obviously will never have. It’s pathetic! You were doe-eyed and smitten with a man you didn’t know. You think people wouldn’t notice you always going in my Jamie’s room every chance you got?” She snorted with mirth. “That’ll be the only way you’ll get a man to bed. When he’s sodding drunk and unconscious so he doesn’t have to look at your appalling face!”

My hand tingled and burned.

I had slapped her.

I slapped Nurse MacKenzie right across the cheek. A slap that was so hard that it made her head turn from the force. Tears welled in her eyes, a bright pink mark marred her face.

“You know nothing about me. Do not pretend to know me or think you can judge me.” I was seething. The rush of anger flooded my veins and I could feel my blood pressure rise along with the color that was sure to be staining my skin from chest to ears.

Nurse MacKenzie smirked. “You’ll be fired now, stupid bitch.”

Clutching her cheek, Nurse MacKenzie strode down the hallway, her back straight and head held high. I was going to regret slapping her, but for now I felt the self-satisfaction overwhelm me.

Joe found me still standing in the hall staring aimlessly where Nurse MacKenzie had just been, my fists balled, and jaw clenched. When his hand touched my shoulder, I jumped, prepared to fight again, but relaxed when Joe’s presence registered.

“What are you doing out here, LJ? No patients for you to check on?” He had been joking, but the statement sent a ball of lead plummeting to my gut.

“I had been looking for you, then became distracted. James Fraser, our Scottish Soldier, is awake.” Joe’s face beamed back at me.

“Well what are we waiting for! Let’s go check on the man and you can tell me what had you so…distracted.” He quirked an eyebrow at me while smirking. There was no use in denying what transpired. I’m sure the security team got an eyeful from the cameras.

I stopped Joe when we reached Jamie’s door. “Before we go in, you need to know something.”

He nodded, motioning to continue.

“Nurse MacKenzie knew our soldier’s name and withheld the information. She claimed that you were keeping them apart–well not quite that nicely, she did have some colourful words for you,” And me, I added mentally. “She was my distraction. There’s more to my story, but I believe the heads of the departments need to be present and a trip to the security room to show the tapes of the event. I’m not proud, but I ended up striking her.”

“This isn’t good, LJ,” Joe stated quietly. “They could suspend you for that.”

I nodded solemnly.

“But I’ll try my damnedest to help you get everything sorted out.” I smiled weakly at him and nodded.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“Think nothing of it. Now let’s see how Mr. Fraser is doing, yes?”

watch him as he goes for iwontseecadyagain

Characters/Pairings: Harry/Louis

Rating: Mature 

Wordcount: 14799

Warnings: None used

SummaryIt’s why Harry loves assignments with Louis; they’re thrilling in a way. It’s like he never rests. He’s this animated, gorgeous guy who’s all over the place and Harry actually has to work hard just to catch up to him.

It kind of reminds him of trying to stalk a predator stalking its prey, with his old 70-300 mm lens. Only the predator is a cheeky arsehole. “Come along Harold, I know you usually wait for your zebras to pose for you but here you’ve got to think on your feet,” Louis yelled one time, before disappearing to interview Detective Payne. Never mind the fact Harry was slow in the first place because of Louis’ tight jeans.

Or, the AU where Louis’ the best police reporter in the country, Harry’s the new photographer who is more used to penguins than human subjects, and also there are superheroes.

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Do you ever think a Ravenclaw would be made fun of for not being super smart? Like they screw up on tests and can't quite figure out the riddles to get into their tower but they're really super invested in their art which is why they don't study as much as they should or think about answers to riddles cuz their too busy thinking up characters and worlds in their heads.

I know this probably isn’t the answer you want to hear but yes, I imagine they would be bullied at some point. 

Ravenclaw prides itself on being a very accepting house but, as we’ve seen, there are arseholes in every house. Although she never made a fuss about it, Luna clearly faced some form of bullying in her time in ravenclaw tower so I don’t imagine these characters would be above thinking themselves superior to someone less academically intelligent as themselves

However, at the end of the day these are characters. What matters more is the ravenclaw community we’ve built up within this fandom because we’re real people who can have an actual influence on bullying and someone’s self esteem. So let’s take something from this. We know Luna to be a kind hearted, trusting, and creative individual when others found it easy to dismiss her

Let’s not do that. 

Sometimes ridiculing someone is the easy thing to do but if you ever find yourself in that situation, think about this community and how much it values acceptance. That’s what makes this feel like home and please don’t ever take that away from someone for something as trivial as intelligence 


That’s right. It’s nearly 5am here. I’m casually being assualted by fluff on all sides. I’ve had a fantastic day. Here’s a summary.

“Previously on Grey’s Anatomy”

YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS, sweet baby cheeses, YES. Every week please!

Meredith and…

- Jo: Finally, finally, finally Jo stood up to her boyfriend’s person. Jo is literally Derek in the Twisted Sisters storyline and I really feel for her. I get that Meredith is protecting Alex and that Alex feels the need to show his loyalty to her in return, but it was all getting a little unhealthy. However much I would like Jo to not give a shit about Meredith’s opinion on Jolex’s relationship, I actually think “I am rooting for you to stick” meant the world to her and so that whole scene made me really love both characters.

- Will Thorpe: So, I shipped Merder since day one. But I’m not against Meredith dating again. I know the hardest of the hardcore Merder shippers are literally lighting a fire up their own arseholes about the whole situation (”It’s not even been one season yet”… yeah but in their world it’s been about 2 years by now!) but I think Ellen is playing the role so sweetly and subtly… charming and respectful. But I’m not sure about Willl Thorpe- I don’t trust a man with a jaw that chiselled. I’d rather Riggs!

- Callie and Maggie: Lol. That’s mainly all I have to say. Callie saying “hot” was perfect. Callie and Maggie innuendo-ing the shit out of “ringer” and “vibrate” made me laugh. Out loud.


See this brick Jackson? You do? Oh ok, cool… could you just close your eyes for two seconds? No silly, I promise I won’t throw it at your face. Yes, no, really, I won’t throw it at your face… (It’s at this point in our back and forth that I obviously throw a brick in Jackson’s face for fucking dating the minute after the ink is dry on his divorce.)


“We all hear the dogs, right?” Poor baby is reduced in this show to saying funny one-liners. Legit writers- either give her a storyline or give her a hospital in a foreign country to run. She deserves better. Poor baby.

Alex Karev

Alex and April. I sometimes forget they once kissed. Pah! Anyway, he was great with April, and I love team peds basically ganging up on her. Arizona totally jumped the gun in spilling the beans to Jackson, dick move, but they both clearly have her back and just want the best.


OK, I really enjoyed him being Chief again. Cos let’s face it, that’s what he was today. He was being wise and good and clever and making EVERYONE around him be better at their jobs. Good job Webber… sorry, I mean chief.


All the patients were AMAZING this week. I loved the quads storyline- although the amount they went on about tax made me think of my own which is a bit soul-destroying! I loved the old rich dude and LOVED Rita Moreno! So good, so so good.

Ben and Bailey

Desperately trying to summon up the will to care to be honest…

Amelia and…

Private Practice: For some reason, I saw more PP Amelia in tonight’s episode than I’ve ever seen on Greys. It was SO refreshing. And I have a feeling it had a LOT to do with… 

Riggs: I enjoyed these two WORRYING amounts. I see a lot of chemistry there and I almost died when he called her “Shep”. Amelia has been a tag along in friendship groups since she arrived in Seattle and I seriously hope they make a little side clique, cos they’d blatantly be the cool kids, let’s be honest.

Blake: Everyone called this. Of course Penny was going to be amazing at neuro. It’s Shonda’s predictable “ironic” sense of twisted humour. I really enjoyed the surgery scene, very well acted. I’m gonna miss the Neuro Nerd team a lot though.

Owen: When your OTP is quite literally PUPPY LOVE you know you’re onto a winner. I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of their scenes together. The fact that they just sat on a gurney and TALKED made me so fucking super happy. They talked and actually connected. And then he stood up and they HELD HANDS and just walked through the corridors HOLDING HANDS. And then she said she doesn’t like surprises (like @superheroshepherdess always writes). And then they ROLLED AROUND IN PUPPIES. THEY WERE LITERALLY ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR OWN FLUFF. And then THEY MADE OUT. I quite honestly died and went to heaven. So thanks Omelia… thanks for that.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some MAJOR plot-twisting storyline but quite frankly by the end of the episode my mind was only on one thing: Omelia and their future puppy kingdom.

thoughts on Doctor Who as I watch it (spoilers and moffat hate)
  • I’m not really a fan of Strax and co. I just resent that they got randomly introduced to the show out of nowhere to be the Doctor’s best friends when MARTHA AND JACK HARKNESS EXIST AND GOT IGNORED. I just see it as Moffat unwilling to accept anything that came before him, and the only characters he uses are his own. Mind you I kinda like Jenny. 
  • I wish the Doctor had opened the TARDIS door and told them to fuck off. I just really want 12 to be a grumpy arsehole who swears all the time. 
  • men are monkeys ammirite ladies? wow steven moffat well done that should keep the feminists quiet now you have proof you aren’t sexist because men are monkeys lol
  • strax assigns people the wrong gender all the time hahaha wow such funny amaze jokes
  • also he’s apparently spent years living on earth and STILL doesn’t know what hair is lololol my sides are fucking splitting
  • jokes definitely don’t become annoying and tired when they are used several times every episode 
  • deep conversation about how clara actually like older men so she’s not shallow after all? like I think that’s what that was?
  • aaaand another stupid joke about the doctor talking to an animal 
  • pudding brain will be repeated three million times during capaldi’s run calling it now
  • seriously though that is the laziest fucking joke moffat has used so far I’m almost surprised he went that low
  • nit: continuity error the bucket on the table disappeared between shots
  • none of these jokes about strax not knowing about humans are funny in the slightest jesus fucking christ this is embarrassing now
  • I really liked the scene with the Doctor in the alleyway. Some good dialogue. Also gives me hope that 12 with be a grumpy arsehole.
  • Also the Doctor’s got strong eyebrow game
  • I also really like the restaurant scene. Clara and 12 have great chemistry and I enjoy watching them argue. Also like I genuinely laughed at things that were meant to be funny in this scene well done. 
  • these robot things are like the same as the robots from Girl in the Fireplace, they’re both clockwork and they are both harvesting organs from people
  • was that a comment about how long amy’s legs are because wtf moffat that is creepy. remember that time moffat said he hired karen gillan because of her legs? yeah…
  • I really like how they argue all the time
  • “I don’t I’m just hoping” I like this line yes good
  • “droids harvesting spare parts, that rings a bell” hey moffat just acknowledged the fact that he’s reusing a plot I guess that makes it okay!
  • I really liked the flashback to Clara as a struggling new teacher and hope that is explored more. Though it might have been more effective if we saw this earlier, and that she would say things but would never really follow through on them, which is something that has changed as she develops. Like character development has more impact if you know about the characters flaws more than a few seconds before she improves on them?
  • geronimo how bout geroniNO ammirite guys
  • seriously though stop saying geronimo
  • if the robots are millions of years old who built them originally? will moffat ever answer this question? who knowwwsssssssss
  • more doctor drinking alcohol campaign 2k14
  • ew
  • what is that a skin balloon
  • ew
  • stop referencing girl in the fireplace I’m trying to forget that ever happened
  • hmm yes the mirror thing that’s quite good. 
  • yeahhh boi dark!doctor hope he murders more people
  • yay grumpy!doctor that doesn’t hug people!
  • I really want a grumpy arsehole doctor that occasionally murders the bad people and clara calls him out on it and it eventually leads somewhere character wise?
  • The last scene with 12 and Clara reminded me a lot of the end of End of the World with 9 and Rose I think I liked it and hope the similarities are accidental because I’m not sure if they’re like too many similarities or not?
  • The actual last scene makes me worried. Like is this woman going to be the exact same as River Song, or that eyepatch lady, or that other lady that was at the end of the last season? Is it the same lady? Like I can’t tell because all of Moffat’s villain ladies are exactly the same. They call themselves psychopaths, love the Doctor, and have absolutely no motivations at all they just do evil shit. And like I’m getting that vibe from her. I’m guessing it’s going to become a lol @ the delusional “crazy” woman who has an unrequited love for the Doctor isn’t that funny? 
  • wow they’re going with daleks for episode 2 that’s brave?

overall feeling: shitty plot which is basically reused from Girl in the Fireplace, dozens of reused shitty jokes, but the amazing chemistry between 12 and Clara is maybe not quite enough to save the episode, but enough for me to look forward to the next episode. 

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Clarke griffin is literally a kid who knows nothing beyond floating through space who is trying to find how to survive. She has actual adults looking at her to fix their problems and when she gives them an answer that they don't like (literally she choose peace and instead they choose war) they suddenly act like she is everything wrong in what they have done. Like fuck off

Yes to all that! Piss off ye whiny adults, you know nothing about nothing, you’re even worse than Jon Snow! Clarke is doing the best she can as she’s such a wonderful character, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love her and this show. I mean, and I turn on the telly and am like, “Netflix! The 100! Clarke! Lexa!” But yeah, those arseholes are always looking at her to lead them and then constantly criticise her choices, like wtf mates? It’s easy dealing with all the shit happening in your world when you can constantly wash your hands of any tragedy and just put the blame on a child. Don’t Pontius Pilate my baby, she’s doing what she must and carrying your whiny arses out of difficult situation after difficult situation, only to be constantly dragged down by the same people she saves time and again. Absolute wankers, that’s what I say.


The only explanation for this scene is (to me) that it was all a scheme. A scheme to make Mary feel safe. Because otherwise - if this is how John reacts to his best friend leaving him for good, going to his freaking death, all just to save John and Mary’s happy marriage, I will be hugely disappointed. 

I don’t give two hoots about John Watson anymore after this episode. I don’t care about Mary and I don’t care about the sodding baby. If their friendship’s become something that can be shrugged off like this, with a handshake, a joke and a frown, then I don’t want to watch this show anymore and I truly hope there’s going to be a good explanation and some real character development in the next series, because as things are now, John is but a careless,stupid arsehole that does NOT deserve Sherlock’s love and devotion. (Yes, he might possibly have severe mental problems, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour.) Their goodbye felt so off, and I hope there’s a deeper meaning behind it. I hope they both know Sherlock will come back, because that’s the only thing that would make me forgive John for behaving like SHIT towards Sherlock, although he’s acted like this for basically the whole third series, really. 

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Stop using your damn disability as a crutch. Its pathetic.

You’re wrong.

My disability affects me everyday because, guess what? I have to deal with it every fucking day. It’s not some big nose you grow into or some frizzy hair that you hate you know. It hurts my body and it means I can’t do things my friends can do. I get stared at in the street and have had boys I approached LAUGH and then run from me.

Most days, these days, I’m okay with that. it’s taken a long time but I’ve learned It builds character, it adds layers to my personality and makes for much more humility. It’s part of who I am and I can’t change that.

However, some days, I have low days and, on those days, when vindictive arseholes like you in the world make it hard, I have moments where than I feel like it drags me down and the only place I have to talk about it is here. I write about it on my PERSONAL blog, as is my right.
As YOU probably do on yours when YOU have a shit day.

I have insecurities, just like you do, but MINE are not just in my head. MINE everyone else can SEE. MINE? SOCIETY encourages through its ableist media.

I’m ALLOWED to not be okay some days, and I will not let some venom-tongued coward hiding behind a screen tell me differently, because my GOD I would never do such a thing to you.

You should be ashamed.

Tbh, this just makes me laugh at you, because you know what’s REALLY pathetic? Leaving anon hate, you fucking twat.

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