i know the art isnt the best


i drew this like 2 months ago and never uploaded it bc i forgot lmao. anyway have some like… modern teenagers doing things. genji had his bf and best friend over for a movie night and kind of coerced hanzo into joining… poor hands just isnt good w ppl even tho he rlly kind of does want to be hanging out w them :/ also i just want u all to know that genjis shirt says whats poppin jimbo and that i thought it was incredibly hilarious

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Hey lizard mom? My dad has always been kind of an angry person but recently its been borderline verbal abuse at me daily. I understand hes stressed out since my family isnt in the best situation right now, and i know he loves me still, but it still hurts and makes my entire day crap. Can i have a hug for some reassurance?

you can get through this
I believe in you

also a couple days ago @taxicabsandcupcakes sent me a delightful ask abt how post s3 aramis and constance practice swordfighting w each other bc constance wants to Get Better and aramis wants a sparring partner who isnt a tiny child (he avows that little louis is the best swordsman in france but ….. u know) and so they do this

it was very pure i have been thinking about it since it makes me ridiculously happy

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Can i ask you how you make the speech bubbles move (in that last klance fanart?) i've been trying to learn how to do that small shaking animation but i don't even know what program to use ;; Sorry if this is bothersome ! ;;

hi!!!! not a bother at all! im still learning myself as the last klance art was the first time i use that lil animation bubbles. I’ll to explain as best as i can. 

I use photoshop cc and did the lil animation in there. 

don’t forget to put the loop setting to forever!! 

hopefully this helps but if not, this website helped me out

have fun!!!!!

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:I your art is so good. And you're 15..*Looks at my art and I'm 21* I'm shit man. You're so much better. Did you sell your soul? Give me your secrets

I MAY NOT KNOW YOU BUT IM HERE TO TELL YOU; age does not define how good you should be in something, art isnt any different!!! im sure your art is great, not the best, but it’s something to be proud of because you MADE it, you did something and thats great as it is!! my art is “”good”” bc ive worked and drew hard to get to this improvement- and even improvement looks different on everyone. don’t compare or sell yourself short, youre great!! and you’ll improve certainly, and you might even be “”better”” than me with enough work!!! my secrets? theyre cheesy af. i kept drawing, even sometimes to the extent my teacher had to confiscate my sketchbook. 

sweetheart, no one skilled didnt go through hell to get where they are now. I BELIEVE IN U, JUST KEEP DRAWING YOUR AMAZING ART!!!!!

I found out that “Bambi Lesbian” is a term used to describe lesbians who prefer cuddly physical affection rather than sexual. So of course this needs to exist?  (ps its transparent)



Which is a place it technically never should have been in, considering that @cold-creature lives in the eastern states of mY OWN COUNTRY :V IT TOOK OVER SEVERAL MONTHS FOR A PARCEL SENT FROM AUSTRALIA TO ESSENTIALLY GET TO AUSTRALIA ISNT THAT AMAZING LMAO.


(I was a bit worried Veron had sent me perishable food or something because she said and i quote “i dont know if it will last such a long trip” and i was like 😱 and was almost scared to open the box XD)


Lapis Lazuli Pre-Mirror Headcanon

No, I don’t think she was a princess, or a messenger or what I’ve seen floating around. Hear me out, I think she could’ve been a homeworld gem warrior (voluntary or involuntary, either way she was good at it). All that fighting just made her so jaded and she got tired of it. But there’s no way the opponent would allow that, after all she’s done. So being trapped in a mirror for thousands of years, she’d do anything to get home. (Like attack the C Gems and almost drown your savior and his friend) And why didn’t she fight back when being held captive by Jasper and Peridot? Well the lack of water is one thing, but maybe she was just holding back. Till the very end.

I don’t think she is a ‘precious cinnamon bun’ but more a tragic character who has done and is capable of some terrifying things. AND I LOVE TRAGEDY. Flawed characters are the best kind.  

You can all kick me out of the fandom now :D If you have any questions, feel free to leave an ask! You don’t have to agree, tis just an opinion

[check the captions for notes]

hey guys just wanted to tell u that whenever any of u follow me, reblog my art trash or send me nice messages i get so embarrassingly hAPPY like srsly it means the world to me and idk i felt i needed to say this bc im worried that i might look ungrateful to all of u but i swear im not, im just rly shit at expressing myself

I think I’m not the best to say this cause I’ve been dragged by this feeling multiple times before but I have the need to say it , if your art doesn’t get much notes doesnt mean you’re a bad artist or your art isnt good enough  , I know the feeling when you put so much time and effort in a work to barely get notes but hang in there your art is amazing and the fact that you spent hours doing it and you put a lot of effort in it , it’s already a good reward for yourself that means you’re constant and don’t give up and that’s the key to be a good artist , most of the time popular artists became popular by the simple fact that some popular blogger reblogged their art and they had a really good oportunity in the spotlight ,so don’t feel bad about the notes or followers , just keep practising and the results will be amazing … from an artist that always bitch about notes to another artist that probably is feeling the same way , keep the good work !

Headcanon time!

Eisuke does a lot of extravagant things for MC. She wants to return his favors, but really, how easy is satisfying a picky billionaire who has everything and makes it rain? So instead, she does all these small things. Coffee art, small notes, little shows of affection. It invokes different reactions from Eisuke, but he always finds it adorable. (and sometimes, you get to see him blush.)

ugh the quality isnt the best but here’s some cute Ass-ke for you!

Also, I feel like i made Eisuke so OOC gdi

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Hey! I'm pretty new to drawing in photoshop and I was wondering if you had any tips on what techniques work best for you? Or do you know a website that has some good pointers when it comes to illustrating? Also your art is goals 👏👏👏

Learn basic photoshop! All the tools, shortcuts and techniques. Look up on how to do some photoshop stuff even if it isnt about illustrations

I’m self-taught and when I have some problems I just google them. Heres a few tips I can give

  • Pressing alt/shift/control can give a tool more options
  • Save your drawing as png. jpg makes the picture blur
  • Remember the filters, some could come in handy
  • Go to Filter>Liquify to fix up parts you cant get right
  • Hold Alt and click between layers to make the top clip to the one below (i use this when shading)

  • Vector mask can be used to show/erase some parts with a brush 

This is all I can think of right now lmao. If you have a problem, send me a message and I’ll help! :D

[sees a negative post abt art] whelp time to spread some positive vibes yo

i know drawing is hard and what u draw isnt quite where u want it to be, but! do u see that last thing u drew?? the thing u didnt like??

i want u to look real hard at it man.

sure! it didnt come out like u wanted, but i bet there’s bits in there u do like. maybe u drew a rly good nose or the best hands u’ve ever drawn. maybe your colours look really damn nice in that piece!

be proud of that, hold onto the little things! learning how to draw is a tough battle which you’ll always be fighting, so take pride in your successes and keep going friend. 

Art isn’t easy and simply by creating something out of nothing you’re doing an amazing job.

I’ve been drawing for a longass time so I know that if I can do it, so can you. If you’re struggling, you can always come to me for help! I believe in you, I really do.