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I'm not sure if you've written about this before or if you're aware of it, but one of the sanghelli NPCs in halo 5 says "Jul Mdama, Thel Vdam, they're all the same. Nothing more then power hungry despots" I've always wondered about that line since I always considered Thel to be a pretty good leader, and you're one of the only blogs I know thats into Halo character analysis so I was wondering what you made of it, and if it reflects on Thel's character at all.


I think this is less a reflection of Thel’s character and moreso a hint at what the political climate of Sanghelios is. It makes complete sense for Sangheili to distrust someone who seems to have absolute power over a major faction of their people. Just look how things ended with the Prophet-run Covenant.

(As we get into some canon evidence ahead, I unfortunately cannot provide the exact page numbers and exact quotes because I do not have the books with me at the moment. You’ll also have to pardon the excessive linking to my Halo blog about this…)

We’ve seen this distrust play out across several books and at least one comic over the years. 

Ghosts of Onyx: Voro ‘Mantakree expressed this distrust in authoritarian words against Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree, who was essentially trying to establish himself as the undisputed Sangheili leader.

Glasslands: Jul has a similar wariness about Thel as Voro did about Xytan. More comparisons between these two interactions here.

The Thursday War: We see Sangheili civilian farmlands under attack from a Sangheili who may or may not have allied himself with the Vadam Keep simply for the sake of being able to grab land from his Servants of Abiding Truth-supporting neighbor. We never get to hear if Thel has any response to this or was made aware of it at all (things were pretty awful for Vadam Keep right then…)

Halo: Escalation: Though Lydus is not a Sangheili, it’s not as if the Jiralhanae haven’t been hurt by the Covenant (and by the Sangheili specifically) either. So he is very vocal about his distrust towards Thel because mere platitudes mean nothing anymore to practically any of the Covenant species.

So this Sangheili calling Thel a “power hungry despot” really isn’t anything new, even though he didn’t return from the Human-Covenant War, claiming to have authority over the planet - the official Halo site says “he was installed as a leader,” indicating passiveness on his part. That wasn’t a position he gunned for.

What’s important is how Thel has responded to and acted in spite of such accusations.

Referring again to the interaction between him and Jul: Thel tries to back away from the place of authority he might hold as Arbiter, to address the other Sangheili as equals. 

In Halo 5, it’s mentioned that Thel actually gathered a council of Kaidons to govern the Swords of Sanghelios. Buuuut they kinda don’t like each other and Thel’s kinda the one thing keeping them from each others’ throats, (Well, him and the war with the Covenant), and so he remains the “formal, interim leader.”

Speaking of leading the Swords, do you know the significance of Thel choosing this name? Not only is it a pre-Covenant Sangheili brotherhood, and thus a reclamation of their past, but it was a brotherhood that was first formed specifically to take down a tyrannical Arbiter. It’s like he’s trying to build in safeguards into the very fabric of this government in order to take him down if he does become a power-hungry despot.

And then there’s the assassins.

Back in The Cole Protocol, in Thel’s Covenant days, in his days as ‘Vadamee, in his days as an ambitious, arrogant, genocidal racist, he gloated over killing his would-be assassins, showed no mercy.

But now, Post-War, his power has grown beyond what he even dreamed of in The Cole Protocol, and the number of assassins has likewise sky-rocketed.

But what’s his response to them now?

Mercy, if they will accept it. Trust and a second chance, if they will take it. Even those who die - like the assassin in Hunters in the Dark - Thel takes no joy in their death.

Because he’s not rebuilding Sanghelios for himself. He’s rebuilding it for the people.


Favourite AVPM/S/SY Quote

the bummer about any possible future blarke relationship is had it happened in s2, it woulda worked, i woulda probably been into that, i mean i was into finn/clarke which lets be real finn is a pretty trashy average kid like i love him but there’s a billion finns on tv. but its whatever, he made clarke happy and thats why i loved them together and i wouldve felt the exact same way had they made blarke happen in s2.

but with clexa its like. everything’s tainted from here on out cause we Know clarke won’t be as happy. we Know she’s changed forever by lexa, we Know she would be happier with lexa, we Know lexa was “the one for her” and that she could “never love anyone the way she loved lexa, not in our world” because “there’s only one lexa” these are all direct eliza quotes and they bum me out cause the writers have written clarke a story that can only end in tragedy or settling for second third or fourth best in terms of long term romance and i think thats just really shitty of them

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Jeri seems to be frothing at the mouth allot more lately, that's due to heavy hands you know. Every rider knows that. Your hands are very heavy, maybe you should work on that in your lessons?

Foaming at the mouth literally means the exact opposite: Quote:


Before doing my Spring Champs test last year mum got a towel and was about to wipe Jeri’s foam when my instructor stopped her because judges much prefer a frothy mouth because it means the horse is soft, supple and relaxed, the bit can move freely in the froth, not jagged in a dry mouth. 

I also happen to have Jeri in the softest bits possible, a mullen mouth happy ring and a copper and sweet iron mix (the copper and iron are added to make the horse salivate more)

also see:


Multiple times in my career I have had riders of other disciplines or people who have limited experience with horses watch a dressage horse being schooled. After watching they expressed dismay at the fact that the horse had foam on his or her lips within the work, stating that it was cruel and evidence of the horse’s discomfort and anxiety. This came as a surprise to me because when I am riding, having a bit of ‘lipstick’ as Trenna Atkins stated, is used by me as one of the markers of a successful ride. That being said, I do understand the aesthetic when viewed without an idea of what is happening ‘behind the bit’ can be alarming. Rabid dogs and poison victims spring to mind, and outside the dressage arena there are not too many instances of ‘happy foaming’.

But within the dressage arena the concept of foam acting as an indicator to a correct connection is very common. If I finish and my horse is completely dry mouthed, I note in my mind that something in the connection might not be quite right. That is because in true collection when the forehand pulls upward through the thoracic sling, an upward draw is also acted upon through the neck and into the poll. This upward/forward directionality is the mechanism that causes the horse to seek the bit, a staple of correct dressage. The horse should use his or her body out into the contact of the bit, seeking it without pushing through it.

This action of the forehand into the neck cause the salivary glands to stimulate and produce more saliva, which then runs down into the mouth and is foamed by the movement of the lips and jaw. In a relaxed horse this will produce a small amount of foam around closed lips. Notice in this description I have said nothing of the bit. I believe that the presence of foam has nothing to do with the bit, but is actually a product of correct body mechanics and mental state. Take a look at this video of Uta Graef riding her stallion Le Noir in a bitless bridle. You will notice that has the work continues, work that is very correct, so does the presence of the ‘lipstick’ in his mouth. The addition of the bit will merely cause the horse to “chew” at the contact and further encourage foaming.

The more you know :) 

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i dont really get where princess rover is coming from when wilberle is clearly there

i will not deny that wilberle is there. but imo the writing is no where near as good as princess rover. wilberle is like “boy saves girl. girl falls in love with boy.” there was like no build up in their relationship it was literally that?? what’s the fun in shipping something when it happens in 2 episodes? princess rover is, in my opinon, much more realistic & better bc its a slow build & subtle (y’know the way falling in love actually is??) 

ANYWAY you say you can’t see princess rover so let me open ur eyes under a read more

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top 6 things danielle has said l o l

1. “sorry to sound like a sixth grader but you guys fucking rule” she said this at my first haim show right before let me go and it was so precious rip

2. “enough with the chit chat come on lets play some tunes” (i think thats the exact quote but i could be wrong)

3. “thanks agah”

4. when she said i love u in that really weird voice/valley girl accent in that vid where they are sitting on like a stair case and alana is talking about how much she loves them and then d says i love u disgustly sweet

5. “get ready for the funkiest drop” and everything she said that related to the bass face song choice of the vs zane lowe

6. “i dont know these are so fun….theyre so festive..” in the cdm interview when alana takes off the candy necklace