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On writing
  • Me: Oh I know I'll just write a thing for this trashy pairing haha how fun I'll just make it a straightforward one-shot shippy thing that I don't need to take seriously.
  • Me: *Writes several thousand words of set-up* okay I guess that's fine...
  • Me: *Plans layers of complicated emotional subtext* okay I guess we can have some of that *Writes several more thousand words before getting past the first real shipping scene* uhhhh okay so guess it'll be chaptered...
  • Me: *Plans entire rest of story and realises it's already out of control* goddamit me why are you like this.

the thing about falling in love with your best friend is you think they will never hurt you.  How could someone that you know so well hurt you, right? Thats where it all goes wrong.

We used to spend nights on the phone for hours just laughing and talking about the most pointless things. it seemed like we could never run out of conversation.. Its funny how things change, because now here we are 6 months later, and I can’t even think of a sentence to say to you.
You were always there when I needed it and you were the only one that could ever understand me.
And I thought we crossed the line between friendship and lovers because of all the nicknames and all the flirting and all the hearts and touching under tables and words that you spoke so smoothly. I thought that was all so beyond friendship. but the thing is, just because someone acts like they want more, does not mean they want more. and just because someone seems to be everything you are looking for in a person does not mean that you are also that person for them.
And I used to think that you were so stupid for not seeing what was right there in front of you but the truth is you saw it, you just didn’t want it.
the thing about falling in love with your best friend is, it will destroy you and you won’t even see it coming.
The truth is, you never know anyone. You can, think you know a person but people will always always always surprise you. and you surprised me in all the worse ways.
because you didn’t love me, and you weren’t even a friend to me to start with but I was too blinded to see any of it, even after you continuously proved it.
You never felt a damn thing for me,  you just didn’t want to be alone, you just kept me there for when it was convenient for you.
We haven’t spoken in months and you don’t even care, you don’t even realize any of it.
and I just don’t understand it, I don’t understand how its possible to go from talking to someone day after day, to not even texting them to ask how they’ve been. I don’t understand why you said all these things if you didn’t mean any of them.. and I don’t understand why its been months and I’m still in the same state you left me in, I’m still always thinking about you and you don’t give a damn.

—  its always going to be like this

okay i love gooey marriage shit like okay……. imagine jesse and hanzo are married and one of them goes on a mission and they spend the entire time complaining about being alone

•"i miss hanzoooooo" “jesse dude come on he will be back in a week” “thats too loooooooong”

•*while on the mission* “boy i sure wonder how jesse is doing” “im sure hes fine hanzo” “yeah but like………… how do i know………………”

•"HANZO PLEASE HELP US TALON IS ON OUR ASSES" “jack shut the fuck up im talking to jesse”

•"hanzo i miss you babe :(“ "i miss you too jesse :(” “i love you” “i love you”

and when they get back and meet up again they scoop each other into their arms and smooch and act like married fucking idiots and are just so in love and excited to be married

HAAAH! Done!

While discussing Alex Busybody i come up with an idea of SupermanAU:

Ok, but how about Alex Busybody as Sportacus secret identity? Like Superman!  Also this backstory give us so much material on Robbie and Alex relationships?  Did Robbie liked Alex? Or does Sportacus have a crush on Robbie and still thinks he’s a cool guy?? DOES ROBBIE know it’s Alex or Sportacus costume works as disguise (elven ears and mustache and thats the reason Sportacus sleeps in it)?  God, there are SO MUCH material and ideas for art and fics!

So here goes movie cover for this idea.


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motherfucker is literally mutterficker in german but it can only used as an insult whereas in english it can be an insult or just an exclamation of anger so if u want sth to use in the same context just go with scheiße

anyways i’m gonna do an actual list of all things i sent to the gc ( and a few extras! )so u guys know whats coming in my aunt magda story so more aunt sawyer (magda) headcanons!!

  • her names magdalena sawyer, she is maggie sawyers paternal aunt - and she goes by magda.
  • magda was babysat by maggie’s mom growing up thats how maggies parents met they were very close.
  • maggie was named after magda but due to them living in a very white neighborhood and wanting to fit in they settled with margaret. maggie for short.
  • magda’s fifteen years older than maggie, she was there for her birth and was exactly the 3rd person to hold newborn baby maggie sawyer, and by all technicalities, magda’s is maggies godmother.
  • her favorite picture is of her holding newborn maggie. she carries it with her everywhere.
  • magda’s a chef, when maggie moved in with her aunt she was on a vegan kick, it lasted exactly four months but that’s why now maggies MOSTLY vegan // maggies favorite tiramisu comes from magda
  • magda bought maggie a box, that she let her decorate and write the words “when im ready box” after maggies mom started sending letters and cards behind her husbands back. she said maggie never had to feel obligated to read them but she could, and ones she werent ready for she put into the box.
  • maggie put every letter, and card into that box, until she was 22, and graduating from the academy and college. and magda gave it to her, as her official moving into her own place gift, saying she should have it. maggie opened it that night. and magda held her and tucked her in one last time before they parted because of the emotional wreck it made her. magda was so proud of her.
  • magda has on exactly four occasions outloud said “maggie sawyer is my daughter”.
  • once when a principal tried to say that a fight broken out because of her sexuality was maggies fault for being so open about it.
  • two when maggie was shot as a new cop, and she said the words “you will let me in to see my daughter”
  • at the sanvers wedding “you have made my daughter very happy”
  • the day that sanvers had their baby and she said “my daughter and you have brought something beautiful into this world”
  • maggie has only ever called her mom, that was once, when she broke down, after a particularly bad week, and magda held her close and said no matter what no matter who gets her down she’ll always be there for her.

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Your victuuri drawing was so cute, awww!!!! Sorry if its too much to ask but can you show us your art process?

thank you :) i’m glad you liked it! 

if you mean like, how i draw, it pretty much just goes like this:

i don’t really know how to explain what i did but i hope it helps!! :) 


#honestly i cry periodically dont even#jacob peralta loves so hard and fast and deep#he has such a huge heart#and is so goddamn compassionate and emotionally vulnerable#but his experiences have all left him giving more than he gets#and honestly he doesnt know how NOT to give too much#so in order to pretend like he does you see him put zero effort into like#all of his ‘romantic’ relationships in s1#but thats the thing#if he tried even a little bit hed be in too deep#he tells charles that he goes full boyle and it always ends in heartbreak#but jake? jake goes full boyle just as much as charles does#maybe its a little more subtle#maybe its a little less crazy#but damn does he love people hook line and sinker with his whole being#and you know what? how many times just WITHIN the show has that ended up in heartbreak#(forget pre canon possibilities)#so hes surprised when people care about him as much as he cares about them#i really really REALLY need amy santiago to say ‘i love you’ first and mean it with her whole being (via @phil-the-stone) [x]

the speed of objects in motion
a stony fanfic
chapter 10/?
status: WIP
word count: 18756
summary:  Sometimes Steve forgets that Tony is human underneath all the metal, under all the red and gold. After Tony dies he spends time in Tony’s workshop, goes through his schematics, his unfinished works. It’s there that he discovers binarily augmented retro framing, and there where he decides he’s going to finish the program so maybe, just maybe, he can see Tony again and tell him all the things he should have.

Steve could tell you that it’s true, that your life comes to you in flashes before it ends. The first time was memories of his mother, of Bucky, always Bucky and his sly smile, and more so than anything the feeling of hope, how he wanted nothing more than to be anything than what he was. There were scatterings of Peggy and the overwhelming image of her crying, what she most look like with tears running to her red lips.

The second time was different. Those images had taken a backseat to something burning. He thought of Natasha, of her strength but more importantly the softer side he had recently scene of her, of her ivory hands clutching a towel to her damp hair as she asked him about trust.

A glimpse of Sam running past the reflection pool.

He thought of Tony, and it wasn’t the arguments that he thought of, but instead of the kitchen table.  He thought mostly that he would miss the smell of coffee. He thought of his smile, not the one that the rest of the world saw, that was too tight, too wide and almost blinding. Instead of the smaller one, the one that didn’t show teeth but showed more in his eyes. His eyes, his eyes, his eyes, and the lines around them. With another blow to his face, he was conflicted in the gut wrenching feeling of loss and how he already missed Tony.

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Rhys and Timmy dating but rhys doesnt know tim is tim he thinks hes jack and tim cant say anything bc handsome jack clones are sorta, you know, Top Secret, and if he told anyone he would 100% probably die but it kills him inside that hes duping rhys and what if rhys only likes him bc he thinks hes jack

Tim constantly goes to jack and nisha abt it, and they enjoy watching timmy Suffer, and all they do is give him shit relationship advice and make bets on how long it’ll take for tim to realize that his face wont actually explode if he outs himself as a double.

But like. One day rhys is like “im gonna drop by jacks office as a surprise cause i like seeing him and hes actually a really sweet guy.” He has every intention of gettin dirty. So he buys two coffees and heads over to the actual jacks office bc like its jack everyone knows where his office is, and rhys thinks its silly how jack(tim) wont let him drop by at all. He may or may mot be wearing something scandalous under his clothes

Rhys waltzes in and the Real Jack is like “fuck fuck fuck fuck this is the little twink tims been going crazy over” and he does a three star try at trying to act like tim until rhys starts getting saucy, then he just buzzes timothy right then and there, slams his fist on the intercom button on his desk and “Timothy Fucking Lawrence” needs to report to handsome jacks office immediately. Rhys is confused. Jacks counting out $100s because he lost the bet with nisha. Tim walks in and he mightve felt his heart drop straight past his stomach and out his ass.

“Hey there timtam, introduce yourself to this young man before he tries to stick his hand down my pants again”

What Did Steven Bomb 5 Do For Connverse?

Hey, guys! So the episodes in the Steven Bomb 5 were AMAZING! But I was wondering.. What did Steven Bomb 5 have in it that was connverse related?

Besides Steven telling Connie to “Protect Beach City.” which was the most adorable thing ever, I noticed nothing.. But then it hit me.

“She goes on a quest to find her father after he’s kidnapped by a mysterious one-eyed man.” -Connie Maheswaran

Mysterious one eyed man.. Sound familiar? It’s blue diamond. Blue diamond always covers her eyes with a sheet/blanket. And do you know who blue diamond kidnaps? Greg/Steven’s father. Then Steven goes on a quest to find Greg and he rescues him in the end.
But what does this have to do with Connverse?

“Then her falcon turns into a human and they get married!?” -Connie Maheswaran
Yep, that’s right.

*sniffing noises*
I smell an upcoming connverse episode.


“I’m not as stupid as you think I am”

“And I’m not as smart as I thought I was,” Andrew said. “I know better than to do this again. Perhaps it’s the self-destructive streak in me?”

okay so we know like nothing about peebee but I already have character analysis for her lol

bc like, she’s the first asari we know who doesn’t have “a” at the end of their name and that’s obviously a traditional asari thing. the fact that she has a nickname and goes by it shows that she’s really removed by asari ideology and thats proven by the little we know of her: she’s a wild, lone spirit.

I bet you she goes by peebee as an act of defiance against traditional asari matriarchy and honestly that’s really cool