i know that was you zim

so as of late ANIMANIACS just got confirmed for a cartoon reboot - these cartoons are really making their way to present day from our childhoods

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No, robots.

Cuddly robots…

Quirky robots!

Possibly robots?

Empathetic robots

Environmentalist robots

Sarcastic robots

Lazy robots

Incompetent robots

Cute robots

Cuter robots

Even cuter robots


Loving robots–

Hero robots…

no wait…

don’t do that…

don’t be a hero…

I know you can be rebuilt but dON’T DO THAT NOOOOOO

Fuck they did it.





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hey, it's your Samwell bake sales anon! can we get a nhl fundraiser follow-up? I mean, if you're so inspired.

original bake sale fic

“… well, I have to say, Mark, we always say that hockey can be a violent sport but this game is downright– good lord that check was brutal!”

“Yes, Zimmermann is looking to the ref for a call on that one. He’s not going to get it, but some heated words are being exchanged.”

“You know, I think Jack might actually get into a fight this game. He usually avoids it but–”

“It doesn’t really make any sense. The Aces and the Falcs are rivals, to be sure, after facing off in four Stanley Cup finals, but they usually keep it clean. There’s a lot of respect on both sides.”

“Not this game. I thought Zimms and Parse had buried the hatchet after some tense years early on playing against each other but this is vicious.”

“And Tater has just gone after Troy Swoops again. Or no, wait, Troy has gone after Tater. They’ve already fought once but a trip to the bin does not seem to have cooled them down at all.”

“This really isn’t making any sense. Lately, social media would have us believe that these two teams are quite close. Both have been at the forefront of LGBTQ issues and are huge donors to ‘You Can Play’ and– well, now Thirdy is shoving Ethan Vanderbu– Yup, it’s another fight.”

“Thirdy and Vander this time. For the folks just tuning in, this is the third fight between Falcs and Aces this game.”

“And it’s still the first period.”

“And it’s November.”

“No reason at all for this type of animosity.”

“Oh, no, it looks like this is turning into a bit of a brawl. Lots of things being said here. In fact– let’s cut down and see if any of our mics are picking up some of what’s going on. Diana, down to you.”

“Yes, William, so from what I understand, I think the root cause of these issues is something to do with… a fundraiser?”

“There was that NFL/You can Play fundraiser just last night. Both teams were in attendance. You’re saying that’s where the problem started?”

“I think so, Mark. During the first fight between Tater and Lux, I heard something about blueberries? And here, listen in on this:”

Goddamn, Parse, you’ve got to let this go.”


“You didn’t have to pay it! It was a blind auction. You didn’t have to pay anything!”


“Well, obviously, that’s how much the pie is worth, Kenny. I just bid a fair price!”


“Ah, well, let’s cut away from that shall we. Clearly, this fundraiser left some sore feelings on both sides of the teams. I– oh, yes this a brawl now. Tater and Swoops are back at it.”

“And Snowy has left his goal and– it’s a goalie fight.”


“Could you move away from the rink a bit, Diana, your mic is picking up–”

“Well, Mark, it looks like the ref is giving penalties to– everyone.”

“Yes. Everyone is going to the bin. Literally everyone on the ice.”

“It’s going to be a hell of a time fitting in there.”

“Well… this is a bit ridiculous. Entirely unprofessional really, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I actually managed to snag a peach pie at yesterday’s fundraiser and let me just say it was literally the best thing I’ve ever put in my–”


*fight breaks out in announcer’s booth*

More rough zim flash stuff, taking over the world can be stressful sometimes

It’s based on that small comic of Gir giving Zim a thumbs up with some expression changes and in gif form, I would link it here but I can’t find it for the life of me on tumblr for some reason, did the original poster take it down?

Original comic by @drawbauchery, here http://drawbauchery.tumblr.com/search/you+can+do+it+zim

Sorry, I don’t know why that was so hard to find

Suicidally Overconfident Part 2

(This is our second encounter with the giant spider woman, with the full party this time. We’re all pouring on damage, but the inquisitor’s pride is still wounded after his Invader Zim stubbornness…)

Inquisitor: You know, technically, I already hit her once. I just need to hit her one more time.

Rogue: …

Inquisitor: I said I’d kill her in two hits.

Rogue: …You know what? If that comes to pass, I will accept that technicality. That would be awesome.

Summoner: I’m gonna roll seven attacks with all my blades… Aaaaaand I’m only gonna hit it once. It’s [Inquisitor’s] turn.

Inquisitor: Alright, I’m calling it here. Two hits, two hits…

Medium: Fumble fumble fumble fumble fumble…

DM: Fumble fumble fumble fumble fumble…

Inquisitor: Uh, shit! Not a fumble, but, that won’t hit… WAIT! I FORGOT GOOD HOPE! ADD +2!

DM: …Alright, roll damage.

(Damage is rolled…)

DM: …Alright, let me change the music.

(The Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare starts playing.)


Rogue: No, no, I’m high fiving you right now. That was amazing.

Summoner: And now [Inquisitor] has joined [Skald] in penetrating a spider lady with his long, throbbing, sword.

Inquisitor: You can’t take this from me, I fucking won!

About Zim
  • He’s an eager beaver
  • His favorite foods are sandwiches and Irken fundip
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He vents to strangers like he’s known them for years
  • He has the power to hypnotize people with his acne
  • The first thing he did after being born was hug a robot arm
  • His first three words were, “I love you”
  • He promised the moon to Gir
  • He finds technology and quirky gadgets “neat”
  • He likes moose (meese… moosen?)
  • Prisoner 777 made him a small, purple, moose, death machine knowing he’d like it.
  • He can easily become emotionally attached to objects, especially if they show some form of sentience (Ex: Robot arm, Gir, Minimoose, Squidgyblit).
  • There are times when he just wants someone to talk to. While he treats Gir like a companion, he can’t exactly have any real conversations with him.
  • He does NOT like to be ignored. Do not ignore the ZIM!
  • He looks great in hats
  • He’s actually a really good speaker and is great at motivating (manipulating) people to do what he wants (now Voting of the Doomed makes sense… he is a good politician!)
  • While small, he still has a demanding enough presence to immediately assert himself as leader among a group if he has to work with others. In a way, he does have what it takes to be a leader, but his obvious flaws impede him from being successful at most things.
  • His tenacity is derived from his need to constantly prove how great he really is, both to everyone (especially the Tallest), and himself.
  • His speech pattern is rather sophisticated most of the time, and the dramatic use of his lexicon is fairly impressive *sips tea*. He acts formal in front of the Tallests, but he’s more relaxed when hanging out with Gir.
  • He’s really patient with Gir and would do what it takes to keep him from getting upset, even if it means eating soapy waffles. This, however, is dependent on his level of frustration.
  • He’s a really nervous, loud, impulsive, proud, clever, small, tenacious space bug that yearns for positive feedback and attention from a world that could care less about him unless he poses a threat
  • Speaking of which, it is also evident that he craves affection, preferably from the Tallest (which is why he thinks they actually care about him). He wants all of Irk to love and praise him, and he seeks this attention by being the best at destroying stuff.

They’re gonna steal 20 dollars from Lard, who’s probably a rich kid. No worries, Zim’s done this many times, he knows how to get in :> 

I felt bad there wasn’t a lot of Human Zim QwQ All the fanart and such I dug this up and decided to color it!! <3 Thanks again everyone >3< 

//please do not use my human Zim design for any RP blogs or faceclaims. Please ASK if you’d like to use any art at all//

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Hi, I really enjoy looking at your doodles and coloring. I think your coloring is very beautiful,your doodles are very soft,anr that your drawings are very clean. Im currently very new at digital art and I don't know what I'm doing. But I was working beer ngnit you could perhaps show a tutorial on how you draw those boxes behind characters;like for the Mae borowski and Invader Zim with Gir picture.

Sure thing! It’s pretty simple, actually, once I break it down. You just…

Choose a pic

Add a color you want a square to be underneath the lineart/sketch layer

Play with erasing the color until you get the shape you want (you can even erase with certain brushes on paint tool sai by clicking the lil squares underneath your colors in the tool window, that way the erase lines have some texture)

Clean up the sides

Add effects (either clip a new layer onto your square layer or preserve the squares opacity and draw on it like that)

Then erase around your character or thing you want viewers to focus on, you don’t really have to add a white outline like I do but I feel it makes things pop more

And yeah! That’s it :)

  • some kid: man, invader zim is so cool! I heard they're making a movie, when do you think its coming out??
  • me: oh, i'd say in about a year and a half
  • some kid: oh dang thats a really long time to wait
  • me, through gritted teeth with my grip slowly tightening on whatever i'm holding: yeah......... it sure is....a really long time...................
Cartoon Revival

So with Samurai Jack Season 5 and the Hey Arnold! & Invader Zim TV movies happening can anyone else think of some cartoons from Nick, CN, and Disney that didn’t have proper conclusions that should be revived in order to resolve the endings?
Some Ideas:
-Danny Phantom
-Kim Possible
-Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
-Generator Rex (I know it technically had an “ending”, but it was a pretty lame one)
You get what I mean.

Imagine Your Otp Once Again

Person A and B just did the (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and are going to sleep and Person B starts talking to themself like “ ‘Hey B nice job tonight’ 'Thanks me, I know, I’ve been practicing’ 'I especially like that one move you made’ 'oh please you’re too kind’ ” and they think A can’t hear them because they’re asleep but oh no A is very much awake and needs saving