i know that they're different characters

Honestly I’ve played a lot of Harvest Moon and other farming games so I’m used to a lot of the mechanics but sometimes I think your character in Stardew Valley is some kind of terrifying demigod.

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and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

oh my god. just… the ONLY time we see todd and ken interact the entire series, these two characters that have so perfectly fucking mirrored each other at so many different points, and it’s when they both share this look and little shrug like ‘welp guess i should go look after my weird holistic buddy’ and that’s that and it’s like this pure moment of understanding. perf

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i love love love how you write neil and andrew, they are literally so in character it hurts... i'm writing a fanfic for the big bang but i have no idea how to write them, thank god they're mostly background characters. do you have any tips tho??

aw thank you so much! i know i write them a little bit softer than they actually are, but that’s a deliberate choice i made (…after election day hahahahahahahaha) bc i’m a wuss and i just want everyone to be happy lol. in my big bang fic they are like anti-soft. it’s bleak.

full disclaimer, this is all my personal reading of andrew & neil and a lot of people write them differently depending on personal taste and interpretation (i highly recommend @ravenvsfox for what i think is one of the truest-to-the-books portrayals of andrew i’ve seen! also @badacts writes an AMAZING neil)

that said here is my advice (this got long so it’s under a cut):

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You know, Clarke is like a gamer who after being beaten by a boss, instead of reloading the last save and going at it again with a different strategy, just uses a cheat code to move on faster. I know she’s under tons of pressure but she lacks patience when she deals with the people she has to lead, and she doesn’t trust them. Which is a shame because otherwise she’s a kickass leader, smart, cunning, compassionate when she needs to be, harsh when she needs to be too, charismatic, etc. 

Look at the two times she messed up as a leader this season. She was doing a good job in Arkadia, and Monty was actually all team Clarke and even tried to have her back at first and cover for her when Jasper found the list, but it’s when she got Jasper arrested to maintain her secrets that he decided to expose her lies and her failures as a leader. All that because she didn’t trust that the arkadians could deal with the truth.

Roan played a similar role when she got the opportunity to lead the grounders because let’s face it, Roan is team Clarke, he’s been team Clarke a LOT these past few episodes, he acknowledged that Clarke genuinely wanted to save both her people and the grounders, he told her she was born for this just like Lexa once did, and even in the last episode he told her that if anyone could convince the clans to make peace that would be her. He clearly trusts her leadership abilities and I don’t think ultimately he would mind following her (he kinda already did btw). 

What he didn’t like was the way she went at it, using his own culture and religion in a very dismissive way and just manipulating people into making her Commander. That’s when he said no thank you. Again, because Clarke didn’t trust that the grounders could eventually find a compromise and lost patience, and bam, cheat code, bring in the magic chip. 

And it’s not like I want her to be different because I don’t. I actually like her ruthlessness, her use of manipulation and deceit, it’s often what makes her a very clever leader. It’s just that she’s not always wise when she uses these skills and goes straight to bending situations forcefully instead of thinking outside the box. I think that’s a very interesting part of Clarke’s character arc, this impatience and her lack of faith that her people may actually know what’s good for them. That’s why ultimately she fails at inspiring people, because she doesn’t trust/believe in them.

Anyway, Clarke I love you, but don’t use cheat codes bro, you got this.

Perhaps one day I will stop obsessing over people who have been dead for centuries and fictional characters.

Today is not that day.

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helo, i'm sorry if this has been asked before [and if my 'facts' are a little off] but i was just thinking about the phrase 'fallen down'. in monster history book 6 i think it says that monsters who get too old are referred to as 'fallen down' before they turn to dust. 'fallen down' plays when toriel saves frisk from flowey so maybe when frisk fell into the underworld he was so hurt he died. i know the whole 'they're all dead' thing is a massive cliche but i just thought it was interesting

(undertale spoilers)

While the landing must have been uncomfortable, even with the golden flowers cushioning Frisk’s fall, it’s fairly unlikely that they’ve met their end there. Although “fallen down” is indeed a loaded term among monsters, it carries a very different meaning in regards to the humans. 

Toriel and several other characters throughout the game make passing remarks about Frisk’s (and Chara’s) fall. Unlike when referring to monsters, there’s never any quotation marks to suggest an alternate meaning:

I pass through here every day to see if anyone has fallen down.
You are the first human to come here in a long time.

Hee hee hee, I had a feeling.
When a human falls down here, strangely…
I often feel like I already know them.

Every human that falls down here meets the same fate.
I have seen it again and again.

It sounds like it came from over here…
Oh! You’ve fallen down, haven’t you…
Are you okay?

The king decided it was time to end our suffering.
Every human who falls down here must die.
With enough souls, we can shatter the barrier forever.

Young one, when I look at you…
I’m reminded of the human that fell here long ago…

Most of these lines suggest that humans (and by extension Frisk) have merely fallen down the hole in Mt. Ebott, without the additional meaning it carries for monsterkind. Considering how Frisk also proceeds to both act on their own and display a personality along the journey, and the lack of canon evidence, it’s very unlikely that Frisk died.

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Hide canonically likes manga and probably anime so imagine him and Saiko watching things together and getting all excited yelling at the characters. Sometimes even Shao joins them. Also one day Saiko feels a bit down so Hide takes her to a karaoke and from then on they become a singing duo. They sing songs in different languages and everyone's like "wtf are they saying" except Shuu, who teaches them French and Italian songs. Saiko knows a bit of English so they especially enjoy pretending 1/2

2/2 they're​ singing these deep English songs when in reality they’re making fun of Urie in his face. Also I feel like Saiko would totally kick Hide’s ass in video games. Except strategy games, those are his forte.

Oh my god, Hide and Saiko ganging up on Urie without him even knowing is my new favourite thing. They’re probably good at keeping a poker face for maximum effect but sometimes it’s just too funny and they can’t stop giggling and snorting in the middle of the song. Urie probably just ignores them and rolls his eyes anyway.

I imagine they like stuffing their faces with unhealthy food while they’re binge watching some TV series or anime and Haise just walks in and sees Saiko and Hide splayed out on the couch surrounded by empty crisp packets and coke cans and starts scolding them both about their health like he’s their mother.

I definitely see Hide being like an older brother to Saiko. She probably actually looks up to him despite how much they tease eachother. No one’s safe when they’re working together, though; they’re an unstoppable force and spread chaos wherever they go.

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I am new to this UT!Mob au, could you explain the relationships of the characters please?

I’ve gotten enough asks similar to this one. So, basically the UT Mob AUs I consider my “main” are below:

Main Story: Little Pup and the Skelebros.

Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitty-Cat and the Crowbar Rogue

2nd Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitten and the Don

All G!Sans-es above are loosely based off of @junkpilestuff ‘s @stone-faced-asshole so the characters are her’s. I usually handle the different Frisks.

And these are not the only UT Mob AUs I have! Maybe I’ll organize those too another time… XD


Shane Walsh // Joe Teague

“You do it for love.”

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Tbh.. I don't really expect Klance in s3. Maybe subtle hints like before, but it's most likely going to be just that. Hear me out; I absolutely LOVE Klance, but if it would even become canon, it would probably be a slow burn. I'm talking OTI slow.. Well.. maybe not that slow but yeah. In the previous shows with the current animation teams, the ships became canon at the end (Korrasami can be argued but cmon.. they're together). I know this is a different show, but even Jeremy said slow burn

i don’t expect it either but i’m pumped to see some character development and some moments between those two. i’m not gonna get my hopes up on the romantic development but i wanna wait and see :D

all i wanted to do was see if there was any confirmed reasoning for how Sophie’s curse works, why did i have to read a huge ass essay on why she’s a bland character and the movie destroyed her? 

yes the film is different from the book, but if you think movie!Sophie is bland then you’re probably part of the problematic ideology of a woman only being ‘strong’ or ‘relevant’ to the story if she has powers or can physically fight. 

strength comes in many different forms. she is the hero of the story, and if you can’t see that, simply because she has no magic, then i cant help you. 

  • Antis: "Don't ship Yuri x Otabek romantically or sexually because Yuri is only 15!!1!! You guys are disgusting!!!!"
  • Shippers: Age them up appropriately. Have imaginations. Ship them platonically. Ship them as a slow burn relationship where nothing romantic or sexual will happen until years of established friendship has occurred. Understand and value different cultural views on age and maturity and thus avoid being ethnocentric and/or Americentric. Do not assume that relationships equate to sex. Know that it is not in the character of Otabek Altin to behave in a predatorial way.
  • Antis still: Do none of these things. "Don't ship Yuri x Otabek romantically or sexually because Yuri is only 15!!1!! You guys are disgusting!!!!"
  • Shippers: *shrugs* "They don't know how to read, they got no sense I guess idk"
  • Some dingus: I hate how people compare Henry and Peri, they're two totally different characters!
  • Me: Yeah! I agree. While they both enjoy murder and blood, that's about the only thing they have in common, besides having a traumatic childhood. While Henry is aware of what his actions are causing, Peri was traumatized into a state of mental infantilism and doesn't seem to know the difference between right and wrong, and has difficulty empathizing with her victims. That's not to say they're total villains; they're shown to be quite kind to their comrades. Henry's just better at controling his outbursts is all. Peri on the other hand-
  • Some dingus: Is a total psychopath who kills for no reason!! Not at all like my husbando Henry who's deep and had a troubled childhood uwu It's not his fault!
  • Me: Zoinks you know what fuck you

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I know you answered something like this before but I don't actually remember who you chose so let's pick again. We all joke that Katie loves playing characters that suffer a lot. She's really good at it. And I mean, it's kinda true, most of her characters are really sad and emotionally suffer a lot. Alsp they're usually really pure character who don't deserve it! Who do you think has suffered the most though? I think right now it's between Sarah, Lucy, Lena and Morgana?

Hi love! You’re right I did do something like this once. It was a little different because it focused on who was least deserving of their horrible fate. It was between all of her characters that ‘died.’ Lucy was my winner but it was a tough choice.

Going by your question and choices I think it is a difficult toss up. Assumptions about all of them can be made prior to what we see in canon. We also have to consider the reason why they are suffering. While it is all for different reasons, they all share the notion of fear and isolation in their environments despite any privileges or blessings they may have.

Given the circumstances, I think I would have to go with Lena. It is a hard choice but I have to consider the fact that a lot of what she has endured has been since childhood and that is something we know for a fact. Sarah had a difficult childhood having never known her parents and being known strongly because of what happened, but we can assume that the moment baby Lena stepped into Luthor Mansion she was a pariah.

As Lena grew up, very few people would ever view her as more than a Luthor. Toss that in with the fact that she was raised in an abusive home with parents that had horrible ideals and twisted views. Tack on the fact that, like Sarah, she has lost people that are important to her but because of what she has gone through, she continues to battle her own demons and is terrified that she will succumb to them one day.

Lastly, there is the fact that Lena tries to do good in the world. She consistently makes choices that, despite common belief of who she may be, are for the greater good and to help people. However, that doesn’t stop people from continuing to demonize her and/or manipulate her good nature for their own gain. Lena has consistently been used and betrayed by people that she thought loved or cared for her. It is about to happen again. So I think she is the most fair answer at this point.