i know that they're different characters

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i read your tags on the clip with annalise and connor, and i agree with you about their relationship - it's so fascinating. i love their scenes together and the one in 3x14 was no different. they parallel each other almost completely, and it's clear that annalise knows something about connor's past (and i want to know what that is so badly!). no two other characters have a connection quite like they do and i think that's why i like them :)

i know right, their scenes are always so intense and real. she understands him better than he thinks. i thought that line about “since you were a little boy” was so interesting, like what does she know and how does she know bc when did connor open up to her??

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Alright I'm not sure what characters you're looking for for these, so if these don't work let me know and I'll send different ones :) A1 - Reaper76, C3 - Boombox, and B2- Emidot!

these work great, thank you! <3

(young versions because i felt like it)


local 👽 lesbians’ hair so big because it contains all their love for each other <3

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I am new to this UT!Mob au, could you explain the relationships of the characters please?

I’ve gotten enough asks similar to this one. So, basically the UT Mob AUs I consider my “main” are below:

Main Story: Little Pup and the Skelebros.

Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitty-Cat and the Crowbar Rogue

2nd Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitten and the Don

All G!Sans-es above are loosely based off of @junkpilestuff ‘s @stone-faced-asshole so the characters are her’s. I usually handle the different Frisks.

And these are not the only UT Mob AUs I have! Maybe I’ll organize those too another time… XD

This are (re)designs of Sonic and Tails, from my Futuristic Sonic AU; Sonic Deia
;Sonic and Co discovered a new kind of power sourcethat’s called: deia, which lets them open “small portals” and A lot of different kind of stuff…Oh and The “Eggman Kingdom” is a thing in this Au…

whispers… blue arms……

flora was the best part of curious village imo but after that she kind of got shafted by the writers. the only canon facts i know about flora is that she’s bad at cooking and is very naive.

“if she wasn’t there there wouldn’t have been that much of a difference”. exactly. that’s what fans are upset about. she has potential to be a great character but is constantly left behind or kidnapped.

level 5 can do better is all i’m saying

SSO Characters Stuck in Quest Limbo





Thomas Rockwell (I think? Zombie dude)








Sonja (she is still in Hollow Woods though for some reason)


Tin Can




Mr Sands

Kaahn/Khaan (his named is spelled different and I can’t remember how it’s spelled for SSO)



Stalker (if he exists in this game)


Elise’s horse

Add any I missed

Inspired by characters from The Bright Sessions

Sam and Damien are two characters who seem vastly different but when it comes down to it they have a lot of similarities. 

Sam’s a time traveller with special place in her heart for the 1810 or rather someone that she met there. The gloves take inspiration from fashion from that period, particularly vandyke points and marie sleeves, while still being practical for modern tasks like driving or intensive internet research.

Damien chose his own name which speaks to the level of edginess he’s trying to achieve. I tried to channel that as much as one can when making crochet gloves. However, since Damien wants you to think that they are very edgy and cool that’s exactly what you think of them

Pattern below the cut (this is the first pattern I’ve written so please let me know if there’s something that doesn’t work or make sense)

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Tutoring Session - Harry Potter AU for Gravity Falls and OtGW

watercolorsheep introduced me to imaginashon’s AU over the summer, I found it absolutely adorable. I think Mabel and Greg would get along very well. All the mystery elements they included in the plot and character descriptions seem like they could make a very good read.

I don’t know how many times I put this down and picked it back up again, but I couldn’t get the surroundings to match with the characters. Whatever, time to consider it done.


.. Actually, I can kind of see how underswap!soriel would go. 

Tori is just full of self-loathing and shame and grief for not being able to protect her children, and Sans would be the brightness in her life who continues to assure her that no, she did all she could, she is not to blame and that she’s wonderful and caring and he’s happy that he knows her and is her friend, even when she’s sad.