i know that they're different characters


and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

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Holy smoke I saw your shimada brothers paint brush skins and they're amazing! I know it's been some time so i understand if requests are closed, but if they're not could I see Lucio in Eventide paintbrush?

Thank you ! I’m really enjoying doing these designs :D and i’m glad you’re enjoying them to :D 

i cant say it was easiest color pallete i had chance to work with .. and also y’all horny for this paint brush huh? ( I’ve received so far 8 request for this brush with different characters, some got doubled but still)

and also look at me! painting without blending!

Lucio face is so pleasant to draw, I’m surprised that i haven’t drawn him before :0


i spent too much time doing this tbh

(EDIT: Added reversed colors as @irabelasfenharel advised)

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Hi there Bri!! So I'm writing a story and the main character is from England and I wanted to know, what are some ordinary words in England that are different than what's said in America? Like in America we call the elevator an elevator but in England, they're called lifts. Do you understand? Sorry if this is a weird ask

So it sorta depends where in England they’re from. For example, nowhere calls a drink soda, but if they’re from the north they’d call it pop, but if they’re from the south they’d call it a fizzy drink. But more common than that is to just use the brand name, coke, sprite, fanta etc. But general ones, there’s a lot:

- We don’t call it a sidewalk, we call it a pavement.
- We don’t say Math, we say Maths.
- We say biscuits for what you refer to as a cookie, and a cookie is just a type of biscuit.
- We don’t say trunk of the car, we say boot of the car.
- We don’t say emergency room/ER, we say accident and emergency/A&E.
- We don’t say parking lot, we say car park.
- Cotton Candy we call Candy floss.
- What you call suspenders we call braces.
- We don’t call it a movie theatre, we call it a cinema.
- What you call chips, we call crisps. We do have chips, but they’re just chunks of potato that get fried. Sometimes chunky, sometimes French fries, sometimes potato wedges.
- A council estate is what we call a housing project.
- You call it a pacifier, we call it a dummy, but that’s something I think has another name up north too. I think they call it a soother?
- You say Fire Department, we say Fire Brigade.
- You say apartment, we say flat.
- What you call a switch blade, we call a flick knife.
- You say bangs, we say fringe.
- We say full stop where you say period. So like “That’s it, end of conversation, I’m done, period”, we’d say full stop.
- Obvs we use the correct term of Football when talking about the sport you incorrectly refer to as Soccer.
- Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are called Stag Nights and Hen Do’s.
- You say vacation, we say holiday.
- What you call a turn signal/blinker, we call an indicator.
- Schools are a big one, we have a Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, College, University. Primary and Secondary can sometimes be called Junior and Senior school, but that’s generally only if the schools are linked. So like, there’s a school near me called Claremont, and it goes from 5-18, so it’s Claremont Juniors, Claremont Seniors and Claremont Sixth Form. Sixth Form is another word for college, but it’s generally only used if it’s attached to a school, rather than independent.
- Grade crossings are called level crossings.
- Cell Phones are Mobile Phones.
- Highways/Expressways are motorways.
- When you say Mom/Mommy/Momma, we say Mum/Mummy/Mumma. Unless they’re from the midlands in which case they say it like you say it.
- Diapers are called nappies.
- Tic Tac Toe is called Noughts and Crosses.
- Chutes and ladders is snakes and ladders.
- School yard is called the playground.
- License plate is called number plate.
- Cross walk is a pedestrian crossing.
- Oven Mitt is an Oven Glove.
- Liquor Stores are called Off Licenses.
- Gas Stations are Petrol Stations.
- Mail box is a post box.
- Zip Codes are postcodes
- A stroller is called a pram, a pushchair or a buggy.
- Also, on the school thing, what you call a public school, we call a state school. So a school that is free to go to. Schools you have to pay to go to, we call public schools. But they can also be called private schools, and independent schools.
- Shopping carts are called trolleys.
- Jump rope is called skipping rope.
- Lawyers are generally called solicitors, but they can also be called Lawyers??? Tbh idk the difference, I think one is more civil law and liability cases (solicitors) and one is more to do with criminal law. But idk.
- Appetizers are called starters.
- What you call candy, we call sweets. So a candy store would be a sweets shop.
- Also we don’t say store, we say shop. And a superstore would be a supermarket.
- Check mark is a tick ✅.
- Takeout food is takeaway.
- Lumber (as in like, wood and stuff) is called timber.
- Scalpers are called ticket touts.
- labour unions are called trade unions.
- The Subway is called The Underground.
- Sneakers are called Trainers
- Candy Apples/Caramel Apples are Toffee Apples.
- Thermos bottles are vacuum flasks.
- Closets are called Wardrobes.
- Wholewheat is wholemeal
- Windshield of a car is the windscreen.

I’m sure there’s loads and loads more, but that’s what I got rn ☺️

oh my god. just… the ONLY time we see todd and ken interact the entire series, these two characters that have so perfectly fucking mirrored each other at so many different points, and it’s when they both share this look and little shrug like ‘welp guess i should go look after my weird holistic buddy’ and that’s that and it’s like this pure moment of understanding. perf

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Hey, just wondering if the characters have like switched personalities completely with the person they're replacing or if they just act a bit like them since they're suddenly in a completely different place in their life? This au is wonderful either way I just wanted to know! 😊

((mkay to answer this we came up with the following: the original character takes on the role of another character. The now swapped character still possesses the initial physical traits of the original character, like Rich’s lisp will not be transferred to Jenna and it’ll still be Rich who has a lisp.

But the behavior, personality, and interests of these swap!characters are prone to change. For example, Jeremy Heere likes video games and Christine Canigula likes theater so in this swap!au, Jeremy Canigula likes to play video games BUT with strong storytelling or musical driven basics/elements. Hopefully that answers your question and just know that we’re happy to answer questions like these!))

Some things I learned today while drawing

  1. Drift swords are held in little scabbards connected with one little rod of metal and they move around allowing him to bend his legs while still remaining attached
  2. They look like they’re attached to little clamps as opposed to him making it questionable how much hip he actually has…
  3. There’s no such thing as symmetry
  4. Drifts chestplate doesn’t actually seem that attached to him, it looks like it could easily be taken off, why? I don’t know

Some progress photos under the cut (tell me if the cut doesn’t work though pretty please!)

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Can I request a scenario where Bakugou starts dreaming about s/o and by dream I mean have nightmares and they're getting worse so he decides he has to save them in real life to end it to get back sleep so he starts hanging around them until he inevitably does but he grew to like them and when he finally sleeps, he realizes he's screwed now because they're still in his dreams but not dying but they're not stuck on his mind because he's in love with them?

Oh goodness… so this somehow turned into an 8 page fic. In all truth I’ve wanted to write a BNHA and Kagerou Project crossover for a while and this prompt gave me the chance to do one. Maybe I’ll do different songs with different characters in the future. But until then enjoy the Bakugou x S/O version of Kagerou Days If you guys want a continuation of something like this PLEASE let me know! I love combining fandoms! :D

Bakugou Katsuki:

The sun beat down harshly, the cicadas echoing their cries as the evening grew closer and closer by the seconds. The sounds of a two pairs of feet thumping along the pavement alerting other creatures near of the two figures coming out of the beating distance.

His bag was over his shoulder, a glare ever present and shooting anyone who looked at him one nasty look back. Aside him was a girl, her arms cradling a cat she had found abandoned on the street a few blocks back.

“It’s getting warmer out, guess summer’s coming closer.”

She mumbled out, glancing at a pair of children sitting on the swings at a park across the road. Her company grunted, his response to her statement. He paused at the stoplight with ehr, waiting for the light to change for them to cross.

“It’s nearly July, or course it’s getting warmer.” Came his gruff reply and harsh tone directed to who knows who.

“I’ve never been fond of the summer time…” She mumbled and sighed as his red eyes could be felt on her person.

He didn’t respond, not knowing what exactly to say to such a statement. He for one enjoyed the summer, sure it got hot, but it was still much better than winter in his own opinion.

The cat in her arms squirmed out of her arms and landing in front of the pair. It wasted no time in spiriting across the road. He watched as the girl suddenly chased after it, ignoring the beating red sign and the sounds of the truck coming forward.

He watched in terror as the girl ran forward and turned around enough in time to give him one last smile before the truck slammed into. He screamed out in despair as the truck, pavement and parts of his school uniform were stained red. The sounds of tires screeching and the sight of the girl mangled and torn alerted him to what had just happened.

He collapsed onto his knees and held his stomach, the smell of death thick in the air and making his stomach churn. The body burned against the hot pavement and the cicadas were louder than ever. He turned to look for help, as he needed to do something. He saw a figure close by, a blurred image of a man with a small sadistic smile chuckling at the scene

He turned to scream at the person who had stood by and taken the death of this girl with such little concern. But when he did he saw himself looking back at him. But this wasn’t him as the color palette was of. Black where it should have blond, blue where it should have been red.

‘It was bound to happen. But is this a dream or reality? Try to find out Bakugou Katsuki…’

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I am new to this UT!Mob au, could you explain the relationships of the characters please?

I’ve gotten enough asks similar to this one. So, basically the UT Mob AUs I consider my “main” are below:

Main Story: Little Pup and the Skelebros.

Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitty-Cat and the Crowbar Rogue

2nd Collab work with @junkpilestuff : Kitten and the Don

All G!Sans-es above are loosely based off of @junkpilestuff ‘s @stone-faced-asshole so the characters are her’s. I usually handle the different Frisks.

And these are not the only UT Mob AUs I have! Maybe I’ll organize those too another time… XD


Who Killed Markiplier is an AU. Not a prequel or a sequel to ADWM, a straight AU. 

Hear me out.

The differences in these personalities are huge in comparison to what we know is true canon with these characters/people. I think we legitimately have an opposite universe on our hands. Here’re the major differences:

-Mark’s an asshole 

-Damien/Dark is good

-The Colonel/Wilford is evil

-Tyler is subservient

-The Chef is… well, he’s the same (more or less)

-And you, the viewer, have no choices to make

So even if these characters are who we suspect they are, they aren’t the same ones we know. It explains a whole helluva lot in my opinion. 

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yo yo! I was wondering if you could do some hcs with the rfa+v+saeran with an MC (they/them) who has a panic attack when they're about to do the nasty for the first time? Thank you~

I put the characters into a random generator, so I’m doing Jumin, V, and Saeyoung. Just message me if you’d like different ones! I’d happily do so! These might also be quite repetitive.

I’m sorry if any of this is false information. I based it off my own personal panic attacks, but I know that there are many types of panic attacks that differ to mine.



  • It was yours and Jumin’s wedding night
  • He was very insistent on waiting until then
  • Which didn’t bother you much at all
  • You weren’t really all that excited to be having sex
  • You were terrified
  • Were you ready for this? God, no
  • You didn’t want to disappoint him
  • Things started to heat up fairly fast
  • You were about half naked when you really started to freak out
  • Just calm down, MC, things are going to be okay. Jumin loves you, he would never hurt you
  • You started to cry and shake uncontrollably
  • Jumin immediately stopped his ministrations along your body and sat up on the bed
  • “Hey, MC, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
  • You couldn’t answer, you were shaking too much
  • “Can I hold you?”
  • You nodded slightly, and Jumin pulled you into his arms
  • He started to go through some breathing exercises with you
  • “It’s going to be alright, my love”
  • You slowly started to calm down, matching your breathing to Jumin’s
  • “S-Sorry. I-I’m n-not r-ready for s-sex…”
  • Jumin nodded and stroked your head softly
  • “It’s alright, my love. I didn’t marry you for sex, I married you for you. Not your body.”


  • You two were currently in an intense, but sweet, makeout session with Jihyun
  • Jihyun and you both how this was going to end
  • You were scared, you didn’t think you wanted to do this
  • But you wanted Jihyun to be happy
  • You would do anything to make your precious boyfriend happy
  • Jihyun tugged on your shirt lightly, asking permission to remove it
  • You shook your head, tears blurring your vision as your entire body shut down
  • Jihyun knew that you were having a panic attack it looked similar to the ones RIka would have
  • He didn’t touch you, but he went through some things that would help Rika calm down
  • The whole name 5 things you see
  • You calmed down after a bit, apologizing to him
  • “It’s okay, I understand that you weren’t ready. It is completely okay, MC. I love you so much”


  • “I want to leave evidence on you that I existed”
  • You didn’t realize what he meant until he started sucking and kissing along your neck and jawline
  • Saeyoung was kissing lower and lower until you had to physically push him away
  • “N-No!”
  • You sat up and backed against the headboard on the bed, tears streaming down your face as you held onto the sheets on the bed
  • “Hey, it’s okay, MC. I’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want to do”
  • Saeyoung gently placed a hand on your arm, rubbing small circles on your arm
  • “Follow my breathing, honey”
  • He placed your hand over his heart
  • You copied his breathing and calmed down quickly
  • “T-thank you, Saeyoung”
  • He smiled at you
  • “I understand that you aren’t ready. We practically just met. Maybe I should have been more considerate towards you and your feelings.”
  • You shook your head softly
  • “No, It’s okay. You couldn’t have known that I’d have a panic attack because of it”
  • Saeyoung hugged you to his chest, kissing the top of your head
  • “How about we cuddle instead?”

i love this lil millions of years old family of celestial bodies

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i love love love how you write neil and andrew, they are literally so in character it hurts... i'm writing a fanfic for the big bang but i have no idea how to write them, thank god they're mostly background characters. do you have any tips tho??

aw thank you so much! i know i write them a little bit softer than they actually are, but that’s a deliberate choice i made (…after election day hahahahahahahaha) bc i’m a wuss and i just want everyone to be happy lol. in my big bang fic they are like anti-soft. it’s bleak.

full disclaimer, this is all my personal reading of andrew & neil and a lot of people write them differently depending on personal taste and interpretation (i highly recommend @ravenvsfox for what i think is one of the truest-to-the-books portrayals of andrew i’ve seen! also @badacts writes an AMAZING neil)

that said here is my advice (this got long so it’s under a cut):

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I wish I could express the shame and disappointment I have in their reaction to fans, who for probably EVERY single day of their lives, have wished for their favorite character to end up in love with the girl. That's human. But we're vilified for it. You think this would be half as funny to them if it were Lena and a man? Is it so laughable that a girl can have a happy ending with another girl? They're making fun of my life. For the first time in a long time, I fucking wish I wasn't gay.

I agree 100% it’s not even the fact he said ‘they’ll never be together’ I think we all know that by now but seeing things in a different way and making it into what we want is comforting, it makes the shitty show more tolerable so if anything they should be thanking us. It’s also something to just enjoy the concept of. Like for me personally I’m not particularly motivated about life so I have a ton of free time and just wasting it reading supercorp fanfics and watching scenes just makes it all more fun, and to just be made fun of for liking something is really shitty, I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point, someone poking fun at us for liking something, coming from the cast themselves? Feels even shittier. It’s perfectly okay for someone to see something that isn’t shoved in the face of the audience, it’s perfectly okay to read between the lines, it’s perfectly okay to like something that makes you happy.