i know that there are a lot of people to love in this show though

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To be honest ,I was more touched by how Hak was willing to put the wind tribe in danger for the sake of the dragons than Yona giving up that hairpin .I know that the hairpin means a lot for yona but Hak is putting his family at risk to save his new family and that's a beautiful thing .Also , fucking SW doesn't miss any opportunity to use other people ,for once I hope his plan gets fucked up !!!

I always forget something when I write my comments!!!

Yessss Anon, I totally agree with this. It definitely shows that Hak would give over the world to save his new dragon family, but I don’t think saying he’s “willing to sacrifice/put at risk” his old family is entirely correct. If anything, I think it shows that though Hak absolutely did not want to take this path, he trusts in the Wind Tribe’s strength and in their loyalty to him.

It’s a two-way feel fest, bring out the tissues.

brendon’s ig stream recap
  • “‘how high are you right now?’ not high enough”
  • someone telling him to dab: “no. imma hold the dab in for a little bit.”
  • about playing his own music: “i don’t sit down and listen to my own stuff. once i’ve done something, i’m done with it. i’ll go back for anniversaries, though.”
  • brendon used to get sleep terrors where he was surrounded by five dark figures and he couldn’t do anything about it
  • “yo doggos for life. doggos af, my friend. puppets, doggers, come on.”
  • “i love seattle. i love all the northweast.”
  • about playing a show in texas at 18: “i remember thinking there’s a lot of pretty girls here. i just hid in the van because i was afraid to talk to people.”
  • about panic’s future: “your guess is as good as mine. i know what’s going to happen in the next few months. after that i don’t know. let’s see how uncomfortable i can make myself.”
  • “‘get the band back together’ oh i’ve got the band. it’s all together.”
  • on embarrassing moments: “i have a lot. walking up the whiteboard with an erection in mr grant’s class. i had this raging boner. just hard as a rock. i tucked it over…and everyone saw…that was seventh grade.”
  • “look at our current president. you can just say stay stuff and nothing sticks.”
  • “‘you’re back’ what about my back? *turns to show back* *singing* my pussy and my crack”
  • “‘pin me, daddy’ alright the ‘pin me’ is new to me”
  • “‘o shit waddup’ yeah i’m dat boy.”
  • about someone watching stream instead of doing homework: “false this is not important. you need to go study. you gotta be responsible .do your homework, and then you can hang out with your friends.”
  • says “you guys this is dad talking” after telling people to stay in school
  • first time he smoked pot: “i was twelve years old. i would never recommend that for everyone else. because everyone else is a fucking pussy.”
  • *brendon refers to himself as ‘dj forehead’* “can we make that my dj name? i think that’s pretty strong.”
Signs based on people I know

Aries: can come off as rude and selfish, but they actually care a lot, they’re just terrible at expressing their feelings. Would go to the moon and back for the people they love and never forgive who does them wrong. The best at flirting, romantic as hell

Taurus: impulsive and relentless, they never stop, and that’s their best and worst characteristic. Even though they’re pretty outgoing it’s difficult for them to socialize and to overcome their insecurities. In the end they turn out to be great friends and lovers

Gemini: great with organization and practical things, you’ll never see them showing their weaknesses. Always busy, but they are in any way able to find a minute to help you and be by your side. A true inspiration for everyone, even though they could come off as intimidating sometimes

Cancer: they seem to have their life figured out, and you never know if it’s the truth or not. Being the definition of commitment, nothing seems to stop them and they make everything seems easy. Very critical and precise, you know you can always trust them and their judgement. Hidden sense of humor, but when it shows, it’s gold

Leo: they have an answer to anything and they are able to convice you without you even noticing. More subtle and less arrogant than you would think, charisma is their middle name and everyone would like them if they wouldn’t react so impulsively saying whatever it comes to their mind

Virgo: very sociable thanks to their great sense of humor and their ability to tell amazing anecdotes. Not as meticulous and in control as you would think; they prefer to complain instead of acting but they’re so clever that they get away with it. Their biggest fear is to be left alone

Libra: loud and full energy, they seem to not have any filters. Could break down in front of you more than once on the same day. Strong as hell but reluctant to share their feelings because they hate to be a burden for their friends. They always have a good comeback and it wouldn’t be a party without their presence

Scorpio: unapologetic and cryptic, either you love them or you think they’re weirdos. Terrible at dealing with their feelings, you can always count on their help dealing with yours. Their mood swings will exhaust you and you’ll never know what they actually think of you. Don’t you dare touch who they love

Sagittarius: their inflexible logic and their intelligence will always prevail on every single argument with them. Genuinely nice and interesting people, their approval is never easy to get and a reason of pride when they give it to you. They need a certain amount of familiarity to express themselves at their fullest

Capricorn: they can come out as shy, but you’ll learn that they have a fire inside once you get to know them. They avoid conflict at all costs and usually are the voice of reason during an argument. Couldn’t be a disappointment even if they tried

Acquarius: those person whose presence is always guaranteed even during tough times. Their reactions will never betray their true feelings and they seem to have their life constantly under control, but their perfectionism is only a reflex of their fear of disappointing who they love

Pisces: constantly living in a bubble, you’ll never know if once it pops they’ll fail or triumph. Very emotional and sensible, it’s very easy to know what’s going on inside their heads. They feel too often misunderstood and underestimated, but their potential is huge and sometimes intimidates others.

Things I liked in Sherlock S4

I know a lot of people did/does the same list but I have to write my own because I want to appreciate this show that has been a part of my life for over three years. I never loved any show this much like Sherlock though I’m pretty much addicted to watching tv shows. It taught me many things and I gained friendships through it, and I’ll be always thankful for the laughter, thrill and tears and many more that Sherlock gave me. I’m being positive here which is a hard thing for me so appreciate it a little, okay?

In general

  • The Soundtrack: it was perfect, as always.
  • The fandom: I love all these crazy, creative people who tried to make sense in these senseless times. The fan arts, the fan fictions, the theories, the edits, everything…
  • SHERMIT!!! it was hell of a ride and I’ll always ship Sherlock and Kermit the frog.
  • The live tweeting event: which gave us Shermit. I couldn’t participate because of my exams but it was such fun as I read about it.
  • The promoting: hell yeah, it was freaking awesome!
  • Something’s fucky *puts on a tiny tinfoil hat*
  • The crack videos: people, you are nuts!!! Nuts, but fucking awesome nuts.
  • The behind-the-scene pictures of tiny Sherlock aka Tom Stroughton. Thank you, @richstoughton for sharing these adorable pictures, they never fail to make me smile.
  • I’m thankful to all the actors and actresses because they did a fantastic job to bring the series to life.

The Six Thatchers

  • Benedict’s voice-over… God, his voice…
  • Toby, the dog: it was adorable how all the characters reacted to this doggo, especially Sherlock. He’s such a dog person that my heart melts.
  • The Gang: I loved watching the interactions between John, Sherlock and Mary. They were working great when they were clueing for looks together.
  • Sherlock and his gignernuts *coughs*
  • Balloonlock
  • We had to learn more about Mary. I like Mary’s character because she’s shady af no matter what others say about her.
  • The aquarium and the sharks and the jellyish. I love jellyfish.
  • The reference to The Lion’s Mane when we are at jellyfish.
  • The scene where Mary gives birth to Rosie. I loved how freaked out every one of them were. I’m looking at you, Dr. John Watson, veteran army doctor.
  • Rosie as the Devil AND the Anti-Christ.
  • “If you want to keep the rattle, do not throw the rattle.” *Rosie throws the rattle into Sherlock’s face*

The Lying Detective

  • The Cinematography Heaven. I drool over the whole bag deduction, window deduction and “Anyone” deduction anytime I think about them. They were such pleasure to my eyes…
  • BAMF Mrs Hudson!!!4!!4! I think we can all agree on that.
  • Sherlock’s finger guns
  • Sherlock quoting Shakespeare while he’s out of his mind on drugs. It was the highlight of the episode for me as a fellow Shakespeare fan. Just give Benedict all the awards, please.
  • “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” monologue: it touched a string in my heart.
  • THE HUG: I cried a little, okay?
  • All of the “a cuppa tea”
  • Molly Hooper: I just simply love her.
  • It was a very emotional episode in general.
  • Sherlock drinking from a vase then complaining that the water is filthy. No shit Sherlock.
  • Sherlock would talk with you all night if he thought you were suicidal.
  • Sherlock sending a message to the Big Brother after leaving Baker Street. Dat cheeky smile, tho…

The Final Problem

  • Adorable, tiny, skippy Sherlock: we all adore how cute he is.
  • Moriarty’s entrance *yelling I Want to Break Free*
  • “Hey, bro.”
  • Pirate Batman Sherlock and John as his Robin
  • Mrs Hudson listening to Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast while vacuuming. MRS H ROCKS!
  • The Redbeard revelation was hurtful but so good.
  • All the ridiculous plotholes which we can fill with laughter.
  • The tiny Sherlock and not-so-tiny Mycroft pictures on the walls.
  • Uncle Rudy filming the Holmes family at the beach: headcanon.
  • You can say whatever you want but tiny Eurus was also cute. On the outside.
  • Mycroft “Iceman” Holmes showing how much he cares about his family. It was hurtful to watch how he tried to make Sherlock shoot him instead of John.
  • Fairytale prince Sherlock running through the night
  • Mycroft’s umbrella revelation: so that’s why he always carries it with him.
  • John lamenting that he had 10 more minutes of the session after Eurus shot him with a tranquilizer
  • All the horror movie references were funny.
  • John in a shock blanket
  • Sherlock in a beanie

It wasn’t all that bad, was it? :)

Thank you for reading it. I love this fandom and I will never leave it.

Feel free to add anything else YOU liked in S4!

So I Got My Mom Interested in Yuri!!! On Ice!

I have been bragging about it for nearly ten weeks and because she loves skating like I do, she said she wanted to watch it with me! 👌👌👌 👏👏👏😎😎😎

We are 3 episodes in and she’s made some comments in response to some people’s remarks at the beginning all those weeks ago.

“I’m a virgin to the show and I could see it easily.” 💗💛💚💙💜

“If that’s straight, it’s the most crooked straight I’ve ever seen!” 💋 🍜

(On Yuuri)“I like him most because reminds me of someone I know, *looks tellingly at me* and he has a lot of talent but his lack of confidence trips him up. He’s a good egg though. I love underdogs.” 🍙🍣🍤


Why Johnlock is such a big deal

When Johnlock becomes canon in January there are probably going to be some people who say that it’s not that big of a deal because they’re just two cis white men and… I mean, they are but it really is so much more.

You could say that 2016 has not been a great year for LGBT representation because many of our favourite queer TV characters (a lot of whom were POC) were killed off, a lot of relationships ended and the word “bisexual” wasn’t said nearly enough times. Despite all this, we’ve been able to enjoy some amazing gay storylines in shows like Yuri on Ice, Supergirl or Skam and right now there’s more diversity than ever, but we still have a really long way to go.

Sherlock is not just a random TV show with a small number of fans. Over 100 million people watched Season 3 and it’s likely that the new series will have even more viewers. It is definitely an international phenomenon. So when the rug is finally pulled and it is revealed to have been a love story since the start, it will shock so many people because they didn’t see it coming. It will be a surprise that the two main male characters of one of the most watched TV shows ever have actually been in love all this time. This will be television history (thanks Amanda).

Something this mainstream almost never features gay couples and if it does it’s usually for like 5 seconds and Sherlock is going to be almost 20 hours of this (because let’s be real, the whole show is about John and Sherlock). This is gonna be a huge “fuck you” to queerbaiting and to anyone who still treats gay ships as a joke. Because even though this story has always been gay, it’s not just about being gay and that’s what’s so great about it. It shows that you can have amazing main characters who happen to be gay or bisexual in a really succesful TV show. It will open so many doors for all the media that’s yet to come.

So that’s already a pretty big deal on its own but we have to remember that this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson we’re talking about. The most famous detective of all time and his loyal companion. The greatest fictional “friendship” to ever exist. Two of the most widely adapted characters in history will be able to kiss in public for the first time in 130 years! They finally get to be who they’ve always been because it’s not 1895 anymore and someone is finally getting this right.

It’s a fact that Sherlock wouldn’t have these many fans if people knew it’s gay so it’s obvious that this wouldn’t have the same effect if Sherlock had literally said he was gay in the first episode (even though he practically did) or if Mark and Steven had said that this is what they’re doing in any random interview ever, which is why they’ve lied so many times and why they’ll keep lying until the new series airs. This is a conspiracy. It’s real and we’re a part of it.

So yeah, Johnlock won’t end homophobia. It won’t end queerbaiting. It won’t end heteronormativity. But it’s a really big step forward and it’s definitely something that’s going to be talked about for decades. Things will never be the same.

And if that wasn’t already enough, just think about how this show and the TJLC community specifically have helped so many people figure out their sexual orientation or make friends or just feel less lonely. This video shows it a lot better than I ever could (thank you @quietlyprim ). And the best part of all this is that it will continue to help even more people when it’s happened. Because, like @marcelock said, queer people get to be people like Sherlock Holmes. We deserve this, all the LGBT people who came before us deserved this and we finally get to see it. This is for us, for them and for everyone who’s ever had to hide like Sherlock and John.

Some arms Genos has used in the series up to this point (Jan -17) :O

I don’t know what (if anything) their official names are, but I personally refer to them as (starting with the top left) the mosquito girl arms, stock arms, combat arms (aka anti-Saitama tactical arms), household arms, sakura arms, red/white arms, rocket arms, Sonic fight arms, G4 arms and our most recent *dazzling* arms
(I’ve never seen official coloured versions of the bottom row except the red/white arms, so the colours used here might be wrong)

Which is your favourite set of Genos arms? :D

(As a couple of people have said, it would be very useful to have a large reference post showing the arms, I totally intend to do one with more detailed shots of the hands etc… Will probably take some time to get done, though!)


@reptile-ruler​ said: i just got the creepiest picture in my head of him getting a really long torso to attach all his arms at once D:

RR why.



bujo spread for this week was a lot more reflective and personal ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ This period of time has been pretty tough for me despite the positive front that I (and most studyblrs) put up, but I think we’re all still human !! and we go though hella lot of rough times, so it’s not embarrassing to show others that side of us too c:

I wrote about little things I should be grateful for, things I shouldn’t take for granted and points of improvement :“”) small things that’ll help me grow as a person c: I’m extremely thankful for this community which has inspired me and for all the lovely people I’ve met and talked to <3

p/s all the best to those taking their O’s/A’s/EOYs! it’ll be over before you know it

okay heres a list of things about deh

can we take a moment please i have things to say:

(some of these are just me so)

1) the way evan moves?? like hes rigid but also not?? like wow relatable

2) evans anxiety is portrayed super accurately?? like i feel his pain in the talking to people and writing letters to yourself and losing your anxiety in love and hope and ahhh

3) the word vomit?? sounds real?? ben lets it spill and it just sounds so good and when a lot of other people do the word vomit it sounds manufactured??? but hes so talented and just

4)evan constantly apologizing like me too babe ily

5) at first i loved connor

6) and 1 minute later i fuckin hated his guts

7) and then in the computer lab i was like “my son?? hes so paranoid?? like chronically?? i hope hes gonna be okay!!” and the show r i p p e d m y h e a r t o u t

8) when evans mom (im blanking on her name) starts yelling at him in act 2 and he just goes blank and shuts his mouth i

9) evan like… compulsively lying about like little things and i love him because i do that!! like when he lies about his dad being lucky to have him and then goes back and is like “actually nvm idk why i said that yikes my dad lives in colorado” im so proud of my son

10) this show hits so close to home in everything it does i was crying within like 5 minutes

11) so many quotable lines ahhhh
-“school shooter chic”
-*monotone* “i know, it was funny cant you see me laughing”


I really, really love All Might / Toshinori being worried over and being able to show some weakness. Mostly because I think it’s canon that Izuku does exactly that.

Think about it: All Might has been a pro hero for years. We don’t know since when he actually acquired the title of Number One for himself, but we do know that his debut has been quite a time ago, judging from the (older?) video little Izuku was watching so many times.

That means All Might has given his all for the society and the people in it for a long, long time. He even went as far as getting himself almost killed in that fight against All for One, losing part of his respiratory system, his stomach, a lot of his stamina and his health – and he still chose to continue to be a hero. Even though it was a huge risk for him, seeing that he was – is – in a dangerous condition considering his time limit and his deteriorating health. He even beat himself up that he could only work as a hero for three hours a day.

Anybody else would probably have retired already at this point, as a veteran who had done enough, who deserved a retirement after what he had been through, but All Might wouldn’t have that. He continued.

Now, hear me out – remember how shocked Izuku had been when he had first seen Toshinori spit blood? Only logically, sure, since people don’t just spit blood all of sudden, that can’t be healthy. But Izuku was probably the first one to witness this from close up for a long time, since Toshinori couldn’t really let other people see how frail All Might had become. It was a secret.

And thus I headcanon that since Izuku and Toshinori met and became mentor and student, there were many times where Izuku fretted over Toshinori – and Toshinori was just, completely flabbergasted and a bit uncomfortable.

It’s not supposed to be like this, he thinks. He is supposed to protect others, not the other way around. He should worry – not make others worry over him.

It starts of easy enough. Izuku squeaking in shock when Toshinori suddenly starts coughing up blood during their ten-month-training together.

That’s when Toshinori is still able to laugh it off, shake his head and wave Izuku back to work. It’s nothing. Just a bit blood. Continue on, boy.

But it doesn’t stop there. It progresses while they spend time together. The closer Toshinori lets the boy come, the more worry there is.

Izuku handing him a tissue when he spits blood. Laying a hand on his bony shoulder when he doubles over, coughing – retracting hastily as if he has overstepped a boundary.

A few times later, the hand stays where it is while Toshinori coughs on, thump rubbing comforting circles.

A bit further down the line, Izuku starts asking how Toshinori is doing when he shows up at the beach. At first, Toshinori – then in All Might-form – wants to laugh, but something about the way Izuku’s gaze takes him in, worry and something knowing there makes him swallow the laugh. He still assures his new student that he is fine, though.

Only later does he realize that Izuku must have read the newsfeed about All Might taking down a villain earlier that day, and must have worried about his mentor’s health after that.

It happens again, and again, and again.

It shouldn’t be like this, Toshinori thinks again and again, feeling slightly guilty for not being strong enough, for making others worry – for being a burden.

But the thought grows quieter and quieter as part of him relishes the fact that there are people that worry about him. People who care.

Perhaps…he is allowed to be a little weak from time to time? A bit tired? Not the strong, unbreakable hero All Might who needs no help – but Toshinori, who could use a break and some support from time to time?

Months pass, and Toshinori opens up to Izuku more and more. He doesn’t only tell him things that Izuku desperately needs to know – he also tells him more personal things. That he once was quirkless, for example.

And more and more, Toshinori can’t help but let Izuku worry. Without guilt, without thinking that he doesn’t deserve it. Of course he doesn’t want to make the boy worry – Izuku cries way too easily and it hurts to see him in tears – but it’s easier to accept it now. After all, Toshinori tries to explain to himself, he also does worry over Izuku constantly. Only logically that his student would worry in return, too.

It all hits the breaking point after the whole disaster at Kamino Ward.

Suddenly, All Might is gone for good, and now there is only Toshinori left. Quirkless, unhealthy, frail Toshinori who can’t help anyone, who will be constantly worried over from now on because he could get hurt in all of this – and who sees Izuku break down and cry because the boy is just so relieved that his mentor has survived this all.

And really, Toshinori feels the same. Izuku could have died back there, trying to save his classmate.

When Toshinori kneels down to hug Izuku, it’s not only to reassure the crying boy. It’s also to make sure that he is really here. He needs to feel the living, breathing, warm body in his arms to make sure that their going to be okay.

Worry and be worried over, Toshinori muses as he cradles Izuku in his arm, letting the boy cling to him like one would to a lifeline, and holding on tight himself. Perhaps that’s not too bad, after all.

When Izuku sniffles and holds him ever tighter, letting Toshinori – whose knees are still a bit wobbly and threaten to let him fall – lean onto him, it’s settled.

Toshinori turns, burying his face in the wild mop of green hair and inhaling deeply. Drawing strength from Izuku much like the boy draws strength from him. And immediately, he feels a bit better, knowing that he can count on and lean on Izuku this if he should need it.

It’s that day that Toshinori finally learns that he is deserving of being worried over – and he tries to convey his gratefulness for that by hugging Izuku just a  little bit tighter, murmuring comfortingly as Izuku cries into his shirt.

Thank you, my boy.

Ya’know, if Peaches n’ creme ever becomes like, an actual show deal then I would make it so that the main like, conflict in the show is that Peaches wants to express and share lotsa things with Creme, but can’t seem to find out how to sign it really (or that it feels as though the sign isnt enough), so she does all these various things to show Creme what she means. basically showing her love thru her actions and having them speak for her. soommmeeettiimmees tho it gets misinterpreted and they go thru some trouble trying to figure everything out but thats okay because they love eachother a whole lot and a language barrier isnt going to stop them from showing they care.

it also brings the lesson of trying!! TRY to better understand people, TRY to show people what you really mean, TRY to give it your all in relationships!! COMMUNICATE!! even if words arent enough, try to express yourself the best you can!!

ALSO!! FIND THE BEAUTY IN THINGS! In peoples passions, in their actions, in their life, it makes things seem that much more special

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hi eggplant!! i'm new to figure skating and i LOVE it so far. i just wanted to know we can do once their season is over? do we get any content from them or do we have to wait until they come back in season :(

hello!!! welcome to skating aka. hell on ice!! during off season we hibernate and die of boredom. jk, actually these are some of the activities you can expect during off season:

  • stress out about your faves’ new programs
  • desperately comb the internet for any news of your faves’ new programs
  • try not to think about the olympics next season. fail. cry. repeat.
  • wait for GP assignments to come out. (usually late june or july.) madly refresh the ISU page and crash the website because there are too many people doing the same thing.
  • watch ice shows, especially japanese ice shows, because there are a lot of them. like, almost every week during the summer. (not all of them are aired though.) mao asada’s “the ice” is usually the best one because they have fun group programs. (i’ll make a list of ice shows in a month or two when they’re announced.) skaters usually debut their new programs at ice shows.
  • ponder the futility of life in this hellscape that is our world
  • rewatch your fave programs from the previous season. analyze every little thing.
  • watch other sports, if you like any. catch up on your favorite tv shows.
  • go outside every once in a while maybe
  • complain that the off season is too long, even though once the season actually starts you just want it to end immediately
  • try, once again in vain, to quell the sense of impending doom that the upcoming olympics bring
Links to playlists of some MX shows

The original, the one that formed MX, No Mercy. Be ready for second hand embarrassment, laughter, and a lot of tears. 

Deokspatch was the next thing they did. Classic moments that should not be missed. Truly shows what dorks they are. 

Right Now they filmed last year. My bestie and I have watched this through twice, and you can learn a lot about these kids.

A few random things I have saved in a playlist for some reason. 

There is a ton on VLive as well, they have shows all the time. Those playlists above are the roots of the group, though. It’s a lot to watch, a lot of hours, but you find out a lot about the boys, so it’s worth your time.

Monsta X is one of THE most hardest working groups out there. I stan a lot of groups (like all the boy groups) but I still feel like MX is at the top of the list of groups dedicated to their fans and busting their asses for their performances. They are talented and worth every effort to get to know. 

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I love/ hate how detailed Hamilton as a musical in a whole. Love, because they put so much thought into it. Hate because most of the Hamilton fandom, the ones to appreciate the show the most, will probably not see the show, and the visuals are more than half of it, including the ensemble, the costumes, and the set, the fact that Angelica has two different dresses in Schuyler Sisters and Satisfied is amazing, but I bet no one will catch that, sorry I needed to tell this to someone.

yea that applies to any broadway show– ya know??? LIKE a whole part of staged performances is the visual and it’s a shame that a lot of people dont get that! but bless animatics though, right? for giving at least a little insight as to what everyone might see

Aigami / Diva headcanons

-Diva is extremely sensitive, he sometimes doesn’t know when people are joking and his feelings can get hurt very easily though he doesn’t show it

-Diva and Sera travel the world. On their travels they help and rescue any orphaned or runaway children/teens. Diva has created an organization that helps all children/teens find their way. It was Sera’s idea but eventually Diva decided it was a wonderful idea

-Diva is somewhat of an artist. He paints, sculpts and sews a bit. He creates his own jewelry and his specialty is pottery

-Diva is very intrigued by the newest advancements in technology and he’s always yearning to learn more

-Traditional music is some of his favorites. He also is a great dancer

-On a date, Diva would be the smooth talker, as he’s full of charismatic charm

-Diva makes all his own outfits so you’ll never find a duplicate. He’s very fashionable and loves creating new styles

-Diva is very neat and clean and cares a lot about his skin and hair

-Sera teases Diva and always knows how to rile him up or embarrass him

-Diva is a very generous and kind man, he will go to the ends of the earth for his sister

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Hi there! I need your help im trying to accept got7 as whole, as my bias group, as a group where i love every single member to the soul but I'm struggling with Bammie?! Like please give me reasons on what makes bambam a lovable guy. Thank u !!

Hi cutie!! sorry for the late reply!!! There’s a lot to love about Bambam, and I think many people don’t show him enough love, because sometimes they misunderstand him like how I explained here.

Firstly, Bambam is a very strong person. He lost his father at only 3 years old, and then left Thailand to train in Korea, leaving his family behind, at only 13 years old. Even though Bambam has a lot of worries and struggles, he always has a happy face for fans and has never cried. He rarely let’s people know he’s struggling. He’s so tough, because he doesn’t want people to worry about him!

Bambam probably loves his fans more than anyone. He’s held mini fanmeetings at airports randomly, just to sit on the side of the airport and talk with fans. He always updates his SNS because he knows fans want to see it. He’s always willing to do whatever makes fans happy (showing off abs, making weird faces, etc.) because he wants us to smile and laugh. He cares about our opinions and worries so much, he checks through many messages and comments, and always tries to consider fans’ views. And he’s so friendly and open with fans!

Bambam takes care of and loves his family. He already bought his mom a house and sister a car, even though GOT7 hasn’t been working that long compared to other groups. That requires a LOT of saving up, and means he put his family above his own wants, and has a really generous heart.

As much as Bambam tries to act cool towards his members and makes jokes to tease them, he really cares about them and listens to them. Whenever he makes a joke, he really quickly apologizes, because he always worries about their feelings :) And if you watch the got2day videos, when members are talking, Bambam always patiently listens to everything they have to say :) I think he’s a very good friend :)

He always tries to make situations fun or lighten the mood, even if he has his own worries, he keeps them in, to be strong for others!

^^ hopefully you will learn to love Bambam! There’s a lot to love!

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Hello professor! I would love to hear your opinion on people calling Shadow "edgy". As a person with PTSD I have the feeling that "edginess" is just PTSD and some bad coping methods. Maybe you can give us a better explanation of this?

In my opinion, a lot of who don’t know Shadow call him edgy just because of his appearance. 

However, if you’re just talking about his personality and how it is harsher than most of the characters, then yes it is possible that PTSD contributes to the “edginess”. He is harsh and pushes people away, but I believe that this is because he doesn’t feel the want or need to get close to anybody after the whole ARC incident. As time goes on though, he is showing more and more support for his friends. I’m completely disregarding Sonic Boom’s timeline by the way, because we don’t know much of that Shadow’s story yet.

Shadow is immortal. He is going to watch all of his friends around him die. If that isn’t enough of an excuse to be what people describe as “edgy”, then I don’t know what is. 

Thank you for asking : ) 

IN THE MIDST OF SHOWING MY FACE XDD ♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve finally hit 500 followers. I just want to personally say how much you guys mean to me. I never thought in a million years that I could say I have 500 followers, although there would be more if I unblocked the porn blogs eue, I just am so blessed to have you all as followers. I really hope you guys continue to enjoy my content even when it’s nerdy shit or I’m streaming or you’re just enjoying my smol beautiful son. I honestly don’t know how you guys enjoy his cracky sinful kingly ass but you do! XD

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Do you think it's significant that Carol referred to ASZ as "home"?

Yeah, a lot. Look, I know haters have a huge boner for “Carol being now part of the kingdom”, but if episode 10 served for something else other than showing how much Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier are in love with each other, it was to show that Carol belongs to her family. She is not going to chose the kingdom over people she loves so deeply that she had to leave them.

The fact that she considers for a brief second to go after Daryl, shows that the kingdom, even though they are good people and kind to her, they are not where her heart is.

Figured I’d write up an official endorsement of Yuri on Ice for anyone following me who doesn’t already watch it– I love it, I am genuinely surprised by how much I love it because I wasn’t expecting much. I do want to add a caveat that I almost quit watching the show at first because of the fatphobia in the first couple of episodes. If that’s a dealbreaker, I don’t blame you! It caught me off guard and I found it upsetting, and it’s the one thing I really wished I’d been warned about before I started watching. I know that’s important to a lot of people who follow me so I’d feel remiss not to mention it before I recommend it to anyone else.

Once it gets past that part though… I’m really enjoying everything it does with language, its relatively adult handling of relationships and complex emotions and misunderstandings, and the focus how depression/anxiety affect creativity. As someone who’s watched some animus and read some mangoes in my day, it subverts my expectations in a lot of ways that I find really appealing. It’s very good! I would be very happy if you’d give it a shot.