i know that sounds weird but like

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I saw a picture of all the boys as little kids with mc, and imagining her as their babysitter is the cutest thing to me. Especially if they all end up with those cute, totally innocent little kid crushes on her. (Not in a weird way! Just you know the way kids do sometimes where they're like 'she's pretty and nice so I like her' and it's just really cute?) you know? I hope that doesn't sound weird orz just. Adorable kindergarten rfa running around.

They all claim they’re going to marry you.

Zen and Jumin get in a fight about it

Yoosung brings you daisies he found on the playground

Luciel is constantly sitting next to you even if he has the chance to be somewhere else

Jaehee likes to help you organize things. She also likes watching TV with you.

Zen is always reciting lines from Disney princes

Jumin has his dad pay you triple because he wants you to stay. He even suggests you moving in with his family.

You know what’s a real bitch? When you get soap or shampoo in your eye while taking a shower. It’s the worst pain to ever be felt by your eyeball – now that I think of it, it sounds weird saying that my eyeball can feel pain?? What even. Anyway, but yeah it is so I trying to rinse it out of my eyes as fast as possible in hopes that the pain won’t last long and my eye won’t be hella red. There’s nothing worse than an irritated eye, guys. Like I don’t want to spend the rest of my day or night rubbing my eye cause it burns like a mother fucker. This is what happened to me, obviously, but please tell me this just doesn’t happen to me? Raise your hand if you hate when your eyes are itchy as fuck.

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Ok, so I've been studying Spanish for years now and I think I've reached a b2-c1 level. Like, I have a language exchange app and sometimes native speakers tell me I'm good but I still feel like I don't know anything. I really want to reach c2 level but all of the resources are for total beginners/lower intermediate. How can I learn those little nuances that are the difference between b2/c1 and c2?

The C level is really about trying to sound like a native speaker so it’s a lot of subjunctive, making sure you know the rules to commands, accent marks, syntax, how to add emphasis if you need to…

A lot of what I’ve found being at the C level myself is that I knew grammar but I was a bit lacking when it came to prepositions, por/para weird situations, cases when preterite/imperfect are both viable but mean different things, and really understanding grammar more intuitively.

https://www.bowdoin.edu/~eyepes/newgr/ats/ does a pretty good job of outlining most (if not all) of the major grammar points.

A lot of the resources out there tend to be more along the lines of… like if you were a beginner being introduced to subjunctive rather than “I get how subjunctive works but why can cuando use indicative or subjunctive?”

Even subtle things like dativo ético can be confusing at first but really illuminating because some sources don’t mention it at all, it’s just a weird thing that happens and then you find out there’s a reason why.

I think getting better at C level things really is best done with more advanced grammar books if you can get them or by speaking with native speakers and having them correct your grammar, even if they’re not sure why it sounds wrong just to tell you they’d use a different word or phrase it differently.

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Do you know of any fics where they get into arguments and make up? I know that sounds weird and I dunno if anyone's asked yet but I was just wondering.. thanks.

absolutely! we also have a making up tag tho it doesn’t have much in it currently so here’s some more (: -Madi

for all those sleepless nights by keletiphor (1/1 | 1131 | Teen and Up)

When he and Tyler fight, Josh can’t sleep.

tyler’s thoughts by midnite521 (1/1 | 1883 | Not Rated)

Tyler’s been acting like a jerk and Josh wants to find out why and help him

this love won’t wilt by twentydunpilots (1/1 | 1428 | General)

Request: (I lost the initial request but it was something about making up after a 2 week long fight)

the way you go (thought i told you so) by snitches_get_stitches (1/1 | 2014 | Mature)

Tyler just doesn’t know what to do anymore.

bro I know this probably sounds like bullshit, and I only have a good dream every ten centuries, but last night I dreamt that Kirigiri faked her death, just to go cuddle with Aoi.

She found like??? This giant tarp and lead Aoi to it and they ditched the entire killing game. But it was really weird because Kirigiri sounded so very ooc??? Like, she kept gushing about Aoi and it was really cute, but it was almost like Kirigiri was drunk or something??? Because she kept playing with her hair, giggling and saying things like

‘’You’re so softtt~’’

‘’You look so cute Aoi~’’

Also Naegi was there. He tried to climb inside the tarp fort by they kicked him out. He was very confused.

I Miss Being A Boyfriend

I miss flaunting the fact that I’m in a relationship, flaunting my gf (as she should be), 5+ hr long FT sessions or phone convos, texting all day, chilling at each other’s crib, dressing up and going out on dates, being a gentleman (as if I forgot 🙄) holding doors, holding hands in public, hugs from behind, kissing, slapping ass, massages, cuddling, sex, complimenting, providing emotional support, talking about whatever comes to mind without it being seen as “weird”, revealing my thoughts, revealing the real me, not being embarrassed to smile or show teeth, expressing my feelings, falling in love, feeling whole, being happy.. I know I sound like a sensitive bitch but I really don’t give a fuck. I deserve that shit and yet it seems nearly impossible to achieve.

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I saw under the YouTube comments on the scene with Emma and the oracle and someone said it could be CS future child and I literally burst out laughing, why would their kid go back into the past to show their mom dying?! That would stop them from ever bein born. But you never know ;)

That sounds… weird. It’s not really a theory I’d subscribe to, but you never know! Really, there’s a lot of possibilities at this point, so it’s too soon to count anything out entirely. But I’m with you on this one. It seems like a far reach to me. Also, I hope there isn’t a CS baby anytime too soon. I’m sick of all these damn babies D:

And on second watch, I’m even more convinced that Oracle’s staff looks like Jafar’s serpent staff… I think Henry’s comment about how villains will say anything in order to hurt someone has meaning beyond Hades and Regina’s situation with Robin. I think it applies to this Oracle, as well. She is BAD NEWS.

i forget who tagged me but i got tagged to list 10 random facts abt me so hi!!!

1) sistar is my ult group ever they make me so so happy
2) so many people know me as cass it’s sounds weird to be called cassidy but thts my full first name
3) ive been told tht my voice is rly soft n I sound like a disney princess when i talk fjsbdmdhd
4) i watched 2 of my fave childhood movies today n it made me rly happy
5) i have an anklet that makes cute lil jingly sounds when i walk & i love it a lot
6) my favourite song of all time is Run & Tell That from Hairspray djsbdbshdbf
7) ive been falling more n more in Love with hyuna lately i LOVE HER!!! pls tag me in hyuna..how’s this saved me i listen to it every day
8) russian roulette by red velvet has REALLY been growing on me in the past couple days it’s always in my head !!
9) in my spare time if im not busy im probably watchin vids of hyo gjdbfndh
10) i love caesar salad….LIKE A LOT..id d*e for caesar salad

im tagging these ANGELS @sunshinesungyeol @09sehun @lunasgrl @imjoysgf @1sana @1redvelvet @viahope @leehayuns n @gfhalsey love u

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You look so so good in that photo ohmygosh. Sorry if this sounds weird but, like, I've been leaning toward super feminine clothes as a way to try and ensure my passing but, you've made me want to chuck all that out the window and try a style that isn't super-femme. Any tips on how to pick out clothes like that? You manage to rock yours so so well. - A trans girl nervous about the style she likes.

If you’re worried about passing, just make sure you know what makes you pass. For me, it’s my long ass hair. It just depends. Everyone’s body is different.

I love reading and hearing stories from elementary school teachers like they’re so lovely and i’m sure the kids are fantastic

but it also reminds me that I am 100% incapable of handling children under the age of 12. And that’s pushing it (I prefer 15 or older IN TERMS OF BEING IN CHARGE OF THEM AS A TEACHER, i should clarify bc otherwise the wording sounds weird)

Like people look at me funny when I say “yea I wanna teach high school” like “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TEACH A BUNCH OF TEENAGERS THEY’RE SO BAD” and i”m just

Dude. I know this may not be the case now that I’m a few years older, but I absolutely ROCK with dealing with kids of the 14-18 age group. I feel like we can actually communicate and I can understand them. Kids? Nope.

Please stop judging me for wanting to be a high school teacher. I know they have their problems but I’m much better mentally equipped to deal with high school teenager problems than little kid elementary school problems.

its so fuckin strange that one day, we’re gonna meet someone who falls head over heels in love with us?? isnt that fuckin weird?? theyre gonna see my favourite food in the supermarket and be like “oh ____ would love this!” theyre gonna wake up in the morning next 2 me and thank god for having us meet. theyre gonna look at me as if i’m the sun, moon and stars!! thats so fuckin odd

i want someone to write a musical where the characters (not the actors, the actual characters in the story) realize that they’re fictional and in a show. and they “go off script” trying to get out of the show to be real and make their own stories, but the music and dance cues keep following the “original story,” so they keep getting dragged into musical numbers that don’t make sense in the new context. and they’re just baffled the whole time like what the fuck am i singing what was supposed to happen here?? and their asides are written into the music as they try to break free. and there’s this big dance break in the middle of an angsty scene and they’re all just like oh for fucks sake not again just get it over with.

am i the only one who thinks this would be hilarious?


A bold new V I S I O N for the Marvel universe. [x]


The song is already top level in Korean and Chinese.. But its even a bop in English? WHAT… Give me a version a this song in every language.. You know a song is good when it sounds perfect in any language..

Sometimes some songs sound weird when translated but oh my god.. I don’t know what to say I think you guys.. should listen to it.. Bless yourselves

I’m just…

In some weird way..  unlike any other cover I actually can here EXO singing this.. It sounds like an actual English Version and not just a cover if that makes sense.. A lot of people over sing or not well enough but this is perfect


Sebastian Stan 

“I think why my mom named me Sebastian was after Sebastian Bach…she was a pianist, and then she was like, “I don’t know what else could go with Stan,” which is such a funny name to me: Stan. It just makes me think of, um, like Newman from Seinfeld. … Stan was a very awkward name for me in high school. …I still get a little, like when I get to a hotel and someone’s like, “Mr. Stan,” and I’m like, I dunno, that sounds weird. … I would not change my name, I’m happy with it.”