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1k celebration: “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?” // “Stay awake.”


Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 2.3k

A/N: tell me what you think and don’t mind me i’m just trying to make a comeback but who knows~

and yes i’m still going through those 1k celebrations 

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

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Taehyung knew it had gone on for too long, it was almost the six-month anniversary since the seed of love had first been planted in his heart, and with every day he tried to distract himself from the problem at hand; he was in love with you and you still treated him as if he were your little brother.

Taehyung had quickly found he was good with distractions, buying a huge flower encyclopedia and identifying the various petals that fluttered from his mouth. He hadn’t been surprised when the first petal fell from his mouth instead of thinking about the implications he busied himself with identifying the petal, a curious white thing that looked like cherry blossom.

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prompt: tom sees the reader after three months and can’t help but show pda. at the airport. in front of his fans. in front of his publicist who gave strict instructions not to react when he saw you bc he loves you a lot jsdnjfs

a/n i wrote this before tom cut his hair rip but this one’s really short and it sucks but what can ya do 

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7.06 Thoughts (part 1)

1. “WHINGING”???? Are you trying to tell me “whinging” is now a canon-compliant word??? oh ffs

2. I must be playing too many RPGs because when I see a dead body the first thing Im gonna do is LOOT IT.

3. damn theyre really trying to foreshadow JonxDany here. like way, way too hard. With all the sex talk and children talk.

4. this is what counts for characterization in this whole fucking season. “Sandor freezes when he see fire!”

5. I didnt know GoT had “red shirts”. This is the equivalent of an obvious animation cell when you can SEE the secret door. These guys are only here to die so our heroes dont have to. defeats the point of GRRMs original intent. Arent you going to at least give them dialogue before killing them? Make us like them? Make them talk about their lovely ladies waiting at home for them? Make us feel for them? nope? okay then.

6. Okay, the story Arya tells about Ned is heartbreaking, really good and Maises acting is really good here. I liked this part.


8. Why is Jon the only one angry about the dragon dying? I really expect Dany to just go full angry momma bear and attack full force with blood in her eyes. Its sad but Danys reaction is not enough.

Knights and Dolls

summary: the reader gives Theo a place to stay till he can get back on his feet and they end up falling in love you also get a glims into Y/N’s past

disclaimer: I have not seen any on season 6 so I have taken what I do know and wrote this to the best of my abilities 


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Inspired by this post: http://zoruui.tumblr.com/post/164350678375/i-headcanon-jasper-with-a-terrible-fear-of-bears

So Jasper gets panic attacks frequently. Bears or extreme danger usually trigger them. He’ll freeze and start shaking, usually hyperventilating. David, who knows the symptoms and is always paying at least a sliver of attention to Jasper, is always the first to notice and draws him aside, where he holds Jasper’s hand and tells him to breathe, rubs his back and tells him that he’s safe and that he’s here until Jasper calms down. David is always worried until Jasper shows signs of being ok. The blond is embarrassed by it, but David is more than happy to help and tells him it’s ok and he’ll always be there for him when he needs it.

dear haShem,

i am grateful, i am grateful, i am grateful.

today i can feast on so many beautiful things: from the astrological, the familial, the organic. my body is yours, my heart is yours, this universe is yours. i’m just a tiny little part of this endless network of relationships, and yet you still know me. you are as personal as you are infinite. 

i am filled with joy, anticipation, fear, i tremble and freeze stutter shocked in awe, but it’s your arms that catch me anyway. 

i am grateful, i am grateful, i am grateful. 


asked a 7 grader of junior high boy after being taught about kesehatan reproduksi remaja.

It was a state high school, islamic oriented, most of the girls wear hijab, the boy wear long trousers, and most of them even spontaneously closed their eyes when I displayed an anatomical picture of their very own reproduction organs. They screamed in disgusted when I mentioned the word ‘vagina’, 'penis’, 'darah haid’, EVEN THE WORD 'SEXUAL’ fgs ._.

I was there, freezed, trying hard to paraphrase the best words to explain what happened in wet dream, without sounding too bitchy, too unreligious, too impolite based on their standard, or even too blurred and they don’t get the point. It’s like the hardest question ever. Moreover, I don’t even know how it feels to have a wet dream.

So, anyone, jika kalian yang membaca ini tau bagaimana menjawab pertanyaan tersebut, please kindly tell me through the reply, messages, or anonymous ask. Thank you.

Ice and Fire - Bran Stark

Prompt #1

✔︎ REQUEST : Bran Stark
8.“Take it off” and 14.“Come over here and make me” / reader and Bran crushing on each other

The night was freezing as always. You would have given everyting to get back to Winterfell, next to the fire of the castle. In security. With the Bran you used to know. You and him grown up together, the good old days were you used to climb on the wall of the castle. At the top the view was an absolute marvel.
“Can you imagine one day I will be ruling this place”
“Robb will”
“I will help him and be a soldier! People will call me Lord Stark just like father and you’ll be my lady”
“Disgusting! I will be a soldier too not a lady that’s boring”
But everyone in the castle used to say both of you will be wife and husband. How could you know at the time it was love already? And then everything changed and you had to go north of the wall. No matter if he is a cripple. No matter if you have to die for him.
You looked at him, sitting calmly in the snow. He seamed to be so far away from you now. Maybe you’d lost him already.
“Are you cold?” He asked suddendly
“No” you lied 
“I am”
Worried, you start looking for some furs. He couldn’t move, his body must been so cold. Strangly this though made you blushing. That was stupid. "I don’t need furs Y/N, I need you" More blushing.
“Take it off”
Was it posssible to blush that much. Bran looked so calm.
“Bran what is it ?”
“I saw you. I saw us. Like it must be, body to body in the snow”
The wind almost pushed you in his direction. Not against your wish. All those months walking in the cold, fighting for you and Bran and Meera and Jojen to survive you’d lost your child dream : becoming Lady Stark. And you thought Bran forgot it too. But he didn’t. "Come over here and make me"
You were wrong his body was warm. His touch were soft. Ice and Fire you were. And fate was fate you will be together until the end.

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Happy simming for Autism Acceptance Month <3 


wtf am i doing (ft. Phil)