i know that i will probably get a lot of it

Of course there’s some value in knowing all the different divisions and philosophical differences of the alt-right.  It’s probably useful sometimes to know the difference between Proud Boys and Identity Evropa, between alt-right and alt-lite, between white supremacy and white nationalism.  Like if you’re a journalist, or a district attorney.

But at the end of the day they’re all just a bunch of dickheads ruining a perfectly good haircut.

And I think it’s important not to get distracted or to buy into some of their principles in order to understand the fine distinctions in their Asshole Taxonomy.  I don’t call them all Nazis because I don’t know that they’re actually ethno-nationalists and that’s like omg totally different; I call them that because I don’t play your fuckin’ racist Pokeymans game so you’re all racist Pikachu to me.

(And if this post sounds rude and dismissive, it’s a lot more rude and dismissive to say that I and the majority of my friends are subhuman and shouldn’t be allowed to exist in this country.  “Oh no, technically my branch of the alt-right doesn’t use ‘subhuman’ terminology but simply feels that Western Civilization…” yeah, whatever, shut up, Pikachu.)

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msr headcanon: Scully takes Mulder to her high school reunion pretending he's her husband bc she's embarrassed that she's one of the only people of her class that isn't already married

by mldrgrl
Rated PG
Summary: This isn’t totally what you wanted, Anon, I’m sorry, but it’s the only way I can see it.

From time to time, mail still arrived at the house for Scully.  Technically, it arrived at the PO Box Mulder maintained where they used to collect their mail, but it had been his alone for two years.  At first, he used the trickle of mail that came through to call her, knowing full well it was mostly junk she’d never want, but it was the only legitimate excuse he had for awhile.  It had been quite awhile since her name showed up in his PO Box, but he didn’t need excuses anymore since he saw her nearly every day at work.

He brought her the Alumni Newsletter she received with a cup of coffee.  She thanked him for both, took a sip of the coffee, and then through the newsletter in the trash after a mere glance.

“You’re not going to read it?” Mulder asked, retrieving the sealed booklet from the trash can.

“A high school newsletter?  I don’t think I’ve ever read one.”

“Hm.”  Mulder ripped the circle of tape holding the pages together and opened it up.  “Rosalee O’Brien hyphen Bingham, senior class president, announces the 35th reunion for the graduates of the class-”

“I know what year I graduated,” she said, reaching across his desk to take the newsletter back.  “No need to remind me.”

“You don’t want to go?  It’s in…” Mulder paused and held the newsletter up and away from Scully’s searching fingers.  “June.”

“We don’t know where we’ll be in June.  A case could come up.”

“Never heard of personal time?”

Unable to grab the newsletter, Scully crossed her arms.  “Mulder, you wouldn’t know personal time if it walked through the door and bit you on the ass.”

“Well, things change.”  He gave her the newsletter which she folded and put in her briefcase.

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Giving Loki Laufeyson The Silent Treatment Would Include...

Authors note: i love loki. i cannot wait for him to get a redemption arc. in the meantime: headcanons. This prompt was given to me by @thechillfangirl sO THANK YOU

enjoy some loki fluff 

update it’s kinda not all fluff it’s more funny than fluff but ya know

  • meaning you’re Asgardian and living in the palace you know the drill right?
  • you probably were friends with the boys growing up so naturally love
  • Loki wasn’t quite sure what he did that was wrong.
  • He plays a lot of jokes, and those were fine with you- what could he have possibly done to make you give him the silent treatment?
  • He was scared, honestly. 
  • But would he let on that he was scared? Not a chance.
  • He was scared that you wouldn’t talk to him because you were trying to drop hints you didn’t want to be with him anymore
  • like he was so worried
  • he tried to find ways to suck up but you would just give him confused, sad, and angry looks
  • which only made him angrier and more scared
  • “Thor! (Y/N) will not speak to me. Can you try?”
    • Yep, Loki went to Thor for help. you know they used to be good brothers before everything went to shit
    • “Uhhhhh, okay?”
    • So Thor goes to you and Loki is sneakily watching over
    • “Why are you ignoring Loki?”
    • “I’m angry with him. I thought me not speaking to him made it pretty obvious.”
    • “Yes, but why? He’s worried.”
    • “Are you serious? Loki sent you to find out what he did wrong? Thor, don’t do his dirty work.”
    • thor exits
  • Lemme tell you how fed up Loki is with this no speaking thing
  • he burned his pillow with his magic
  • you and Loki share a room so he was ready to fight
  • You walked in that night and Loki just looked so confused
  • You only smiled.
  • “Why won’t you speak to me?” Loki asks
  • You shrug, making him angry becAUSE PLEASE SPEAK
  • “Fine. you won’t speak to me- I won’t speak to you. Goodnight.” 
  • Loki used his magic to put a barrier around him when he slept so you couldn’t get near him
  • this was all hilarious to you
  • but he was still pissed
  • not hearing your voice made him sad and not talking to you made him sad too
  • bc he loves you or something
  • I don't make the rules sorry
  • you woke up and he was already dressed and blocking the door with magic
  • you aren’t leaving until you talk to him
  • You sit up with a smile on your face and see Loki sitting in a chair reading a book
  • “Good morning, Loki.” You say.
  • He kinda jumps because he didn’t know you were awake and the sudden sound surprised him
  • he is livid
  • and confused
  • and kinda happy
  • but scared
  • what is going on someone save this boy
  • honestly, you were laughing your booty off at his outburst
  • “Loki, you play so many tricks and I don’t have powers to play tricks on you to get you back so I had to try something.” You tell him. “It worked better than planned.”
  • Loki is so confused still
    • “Yeah and since I’m not an all-powerful god like you I had to try…you know, just being annoying.”
    • “I’m not, just trying to mess around with you.”
  • you just kinda laugh
  • he’s adorable
  • you love this man
  • maybe you should play more tricks on him
  • oh but you bet he got his revenge the next day
  • he kept making things disappear out of your hands
  • you were going to eat something? it’s gone.
  • read a book? oh, where could it have gone?
  • carrying a box? it’s missing.
  • but hey, it’s the price of love.

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So u just read your kuron/Ryou fic and now I can't get this wonderful image of Ryou calling Shiro out on all his "issues" (for lack of a better word) like Shiro says he's fine and Ryou, unashamedly, is like "no you're not, go take a nap" but in a snarky "go eat a snickers you're not u when ur hungry. I would know." kind of way. You get my meaning?

I’m not gunna lie, this is a lot of the fun for me.  Them falling ass backwards into a brotherly relationship is crazy entertaining.  This can mean Ryou calling Shiro out when he needs it (though, unless it’s bad he’s probably not going to call him out on it in front of everyone, that’d only make Shiro more stubborn).  This can also mean them getting into the verbal equivalent of those kiddie slap fights because they know they won’t hurt each other.  They can snap and snarl and prod and be totally unprofessional and never worry it’ll affect the team.

Basically, if I don’t get them to fight like ten year olds then I haven’t done my job.

sometimes i want to like, actually talk about how i have a fairly complicated relationship to being a women in science because, as a fairly butch woman, i don’t get a lot of the flack that more feminine women get. like i’ve seen it happen to people, and i don’t doubt it when people tell me about the stuff they experience, but most of the time i can’t relate, and i think that probably says a lot about how we devalue the feminine and shit 

but like, i’m always afraid that people will either use it to say that sexism in science isn’t a problem (which it very much is) or that like, butch privilege is a thing, which is also something i don’t want to wade into and like, idk

i also just don’t have anything particularly articulate to say about it yet so

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If Dany gets pregnant after BoatSex, doesn't it mean that by the time of their arrival, she would be well into the pregnancy (as it takes a few weeks for traveling North towards Winterfell) and they would know of it before their arrival? It would change a lot of things for their political situation. Thoughts?

Well, not really. We have to remember that there wouldn’t be a pregnancy test or anything hahaha. The voyage is approximately a month based on this really awesome post I saw someone make about timelines in GoT on reddit awhile back. 

So with that knowledge, Dany would need a LITTLE more time to know, I think. She wouldn’t have time to show any symptoms besides missing a cycle and even then she could possibly barely be late lol. 

Soooo I think that Dany finding out and also her telling Jon will be a huge plot point if it happens so it won’t happen on the voyage, which we probably won’t see on screen in season 8 at all, but will take place later when they are already at Winterfell to add to the angst, since they will be surrounded by many people who are going to be initially opposed to their relationship.

And A Doctor

Description: It was only when people actually saw John working as a physician that they began to understand: that it wasn’t just about bullets and IEDs and trauma care under fire. That “doctor” actually covered a pretty wide field. And that John was bloody good at covering ground. 5 times Dr. Watson treated others and 1 time he treated himself.

Review: I really liked this one. Lots of fics focus on the soldier side of John and this one focuses more on the Doctor side. He helps his friends but also people he doesn’t know that well, and even a complete stranger cause he knows something is wrong. Of course, Sherlock gets hurt in one chapter and John does the usual, but I feel like in this fic it was portrayed more…accurately? Or at least it gave more detail into not only the hurt/comfort aspect but everything else as well. I’ll probably read it again sometime.

Rating: Teen


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Your cc is a necessity in my game and I was just wondering why exactly you stopped creating? Was it because of the community or did you personally just not enjoy it? It seems like you brought a lot of joy and innovation to everyone and I'm sad that it left a sour impression on you. I loathe to see really talented people such as yourself give up on something because of other people, you know?

Aww, I’m happy you like my silly creations! I think it was a mix of a couple of different things. I always created cc for my own game and, as you might or might not know, mine has slowly transitioned into being cc and mod free and creating cc just lost its appeal since I wouldn’t be using it in my own game. When you create and share cc it also attracts a lot of attention and with that attention comes demands and entitled attitudes from others. Many will be nice and grateful for getting free content but many of the same people will also spit in your face when you say that you don’t take requests or you don’t want to release unfinished content or when you can’t create content at the rate they’d like. People will treat you like some kind of cc factory instead of a person who’s just making and sharing cc for fun and some will even shame you for playing your game instead of working on finishing that latest wip of yours. It’s exhausting, incredibly disappointing and discouraging. I still like the creative process and I might even make something new at some point, but for now I’m just enjoying the silence. ♥︎

Witch tip

Hey guys,

you probably all know Coke glasses right? The ones you get with the menu?

And how they come in every colour on earth? They are perfect for some little colour magick in the morning (or just whenever). Just pour yourself a drink in a coloured glass corresponding to what you want to achieve that day.E.g if I wanted to be creative I would drink from an orange glass. You can even include sigils, too

Colour Correspondences 

Of course, you can use any other coloured glass but I own lots of different Coke glasses, so I included them.

This would also be perfect for low spoon witches!

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Knowing that there was a new chapter of money shot waiting for me when I got home is what got me through work yesterday. this sounds dumb but thank you for giving me something to look forward to because sometimes it feels like there's no point to life or anything in general but having something like this to look forward to helps a lot! 💕

This answer is probably overly emotional but I don’t care.
Sometimes I get asks like this where I can’t really give words back to say how much what you said means to me.
If I can make just one persons day better or give them something to look forward to then pulling that all nighter makes it worth it. And even though I tell myself not to I’d do it over and over again if it meant making someone’s bad day easier to get through. 💖so thank you for letting me know I’m glad you enjoy my work and I hope the rest of your day/weekend was good!

My Voice

Fandom: Descendants

Pairing: Uma x Reader

Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”

Originally posted by miss-diana-cavendish

You were well aware that you were probably bugging Uma. You were also aware that eventually she would snap and harm would come your way. However, you just couldn’t help but always want to be near her and to know all you could about her. It just wasn’t something you could explain.

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Random question about petcare: do you ever feel like a bad owner? We are taking our 15 year old Siamese to the vet to get her nails done, as they got really ingrown. We didn't notice because she sleeps a lot and we feel absolutely terrible. I'm really scared the vet is going to think we're terrible people. I'd never hurt her on purpose and I feel like an awful owner because we let this happen without noticing.

I feel like a terrible owner quite often. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Bart’s water bottle fell down and I didn’t notice until I got home from work.” Some stuff is easy to overlook unless you really look for it too.

Everyone makes mistakes. I think a truly heinous person probably wouldn’t bring a cat, especially an elderly one, into the vet in the first place. You know to be vigilant for it now so the best thing to do is make sure it doesn’t happen again.

My partner recently told me they’re non-binary, and I want to do my best to support them. I have a lot of questions but I don’t know how or whether I should ask because I want to understand but I also don’t want to make them uncomfortable. Do you have any tips for how to discuss this and just for supporting them in general? Thanks <3 

The best way to get to know how your partner feels and what makes them comfortable is to ask them! If they’re uncomfortable with a question and do not want to talk about it with you, then they can say so. You should go research the basics on your own, but this should be something that you and your partner can discuss together. Just know that it can be hard for those just coming to terms with being nonbinary to answer questions because they are probably as confused and new to this as you.

As for supporting them, mostly just the usual: be there to listen to them, be a shoulder to lean on, make sure you use their correct name/pronouns (whether those are staying the same or changing), and if they’re coming out to others, make sure to help enforce their correct name/pronouns.

~ Mod Sock

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i know this is really personal plus i'm making a lot of assumptions so feel free to ignore this but, are you out as non-straight to anyone irl? i was just curious bc i'm out to certain ppl but probably never will be to my family and i was just wondering abt ur experience with this. BUT i don't mean to make you uncomfortable and totally get if you don't wanna answer!! hope u have a lovely day (and also i can't wait for the next heartstopper update!!!! the kiss killed me in the best way)

ive had this ask in my ask box for a few days bc i really wanna answer it but i wasn’t sure whether i should. the answer is one person, but i don’t see them irl very often. i would talk about this part of myself more if i could express it to the people who know me irl and follow me across all my other social medias (and also if i maybe didn’t… despise that part of myself so much lol)

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I know you're probably getting a lot of asks like this, but have you ever made a fic rec list of good dom/sub fics? With both dom harry/louis and sub harry/louis? I like reading both personally. If you haven't, do you ever plan on making one? thanks!

I have! Here  and here ! also if you want check out my stuff, (it has more undertones than explicitly BDSM stuff though) check out objectlesson on ao3! 

Is it sexist? Ex-Aid

(I’m probably be getting a lot of controversy/hate for this but whatever, I feel like I need to say this (also MASSIVE spoilers ahead))

(also please leave any messages about things you want me to fix since I don’t know about everything I’m covering (but read the entire thing before messaging))

A reason why people don’t like Ex-Aid (at least from what I’ve seen), is that it’s sexist towards its two main female riders, Poppy and Nico, because they don’t fight as much

And to me, that claim is utter bullshit

This is probably the best that Kamen Rider has treated female Kamen Riders right since Marika. Hell, Tackle was treated even better as she was fighting in almost every single episode since she was introduced

If you honestly think that Ex-Aid is sexist towards female riders, you must also think that these series are sexist too

  • Agito (Yukina would transform into Agito, only to commit suicide)
  • Ryuki (Miho/Femme appeared in a movie ONLY and was also killed in that same movie)
  • 555 (Mari failing to transform into 555, and also Rina (i believe) failing in her first fight as Delta)
  • Blade (Natsumi/Larc appearing in a movie ONLY and was also killed in said movie)
  • Hibiki (Akira transforming to only get knocked out in like a few minutes and Shuki only being around for 2 episodes before dying)
  • Kiva (Yuri and Megumi using IXA only for a short while (idk I haven’t seen Kiva yet, just going off what the wiki says)
  • Decade (Natsumi ONLY transforming in one movie)
  • Fourze (Nadeshiko ONLY being used in two movies)
  • Wizard (Rinko/Mage was ONLY used in a movie and Mayu, well at least she was used often (idk I haven’t seen wizard, I’m just going off what here KR appearances were based off the wiki)
  • Gaim (Marika was treated well and used in fights often… however Touka was only used ONCE in a movie and also died in the same movie)
  • Drive (ok I know this is probably a no-brainer, Kiriko should have totally been a rider but wasn’t able to become one. This is also probably the one that is most sexist (imo))
  • Ghost (Jey/Necrom Y was only used ONCE in the movie and also killed in the same one, and also appeared in a mini-series, and Alia/Necrom P was only used ONCE in a single episode (and also from what I’ve heard was only used for less than a minute)

Now looks at Ex-Aid, not only does it have two female riders established in the TV show and not in some movie/mini-series, the two riders appearances combined have appeared in 8 episodes (it’s better than the one and done female riders) and have lived through their series (sure Poppy “dies” in EP 44 but thanks to the True Ending movie she lives, but at least she went out sacrificing herself to save thousands if not millions)

Now, am I saying that the Ex-Aid FEMALES are treated right? No, because there are other female characters that are more developed and better than Poppy and Nico. Hell, even I agree that Nico and Poppy don’t really have that much character development as other female characters. But what I’m saying is that this series has been using female riders more constantly than other series.

So to people that say that Ex-Aid is Sexist for not having the female Kamen Riders fight as much, please note that either you haven’t looked at the past and see how much of an improvement that Ex-Aid has made, or you must think that all the noted above series are sexist and hate them for it.

Let’s talk about Lapis

“I won’t let myself get caught up in another war”.

Those are the words we could hear coming from Lapis Lazuli before images of her flying away were shown, crushing my ship and my heart at the same time XD

Ok, ok I’ll stop with the false drama, we all know even if Lapis does leave Steven, Peridot and everyone else it will probably not be fo rtoo long. (Maybe it will only be for the episode)

The crewniverse tried to make us believe she was leaving  3 times already!

(In the episodes: Mirror gem; Ocean gem and same old world precisely ^^)

So I know Lapis has been through a lot, wich can explain why she would want to escape (at first) instead of helping the Crystal Gems during the upcoming war.

Here is a recap: (sorry it’s long)

“Thousands of years ago”, Lapis was sent to Earth by Homeworld to help terraform the planet. But something nobody expected happened, a war  between the rebelion lead by Rose Quartz, and her army vs Homeworld (after Pink Diamond’s death?).

 Lapis, who was supposed to stay on Earth only for a short amount of time, was cought inbetween  and confused as an ennemy by both sides.

She was first poofed by Bithmut :

And then confused as a member of the rebelion. She was trapped in a mirror by Homeworld to be interrogated on the rebelion’s headquarters but couldn’t give them any indications.

The war continued and that’s were all the Homeworld Gems ran away to flee the corruption song. Lapis couldn’t do anything, she was left behind, her gem cracked during the events. She couldn’t free herself and what was supposed to be a short time on Earth transformed into years, of enprisonment.

She was finaly found by the remaining Crystal Gems who didn’t free her, leading to new ressentment towards them. 

She was later freed by Steven making him really special even if he belonged to the Crystal gems who she despised at that moment for what they could have done but didn’t do, free her.

Steven later healed her with his healing power and she was finally able to return to Homeworld. 

Where she discovered life had changed, less ressources, a more advanced technology, she realised life continued without her, she didn’t fit there anymore.

That’s when she first heard of Peridot, an ingenior gem on Homeworld who seemed to be interested in Steven. She send him a message to prevent him that Peridot was looking for them and that she was not alone.

Peridot somehow found that Lapis knew about Steven and the CG and made Lapis her informant. 

When Jasper and Peridot were send to Earth, Lapis was forced to come along as their informant.

Jasper witnessing Steven’s shield power and believing it was Rose Quartz hiding, decided to bring him to the Diamonds on Homeworld. 

This is were we learn officialy Garnet is a fusion =) 

She fought Jasper and the ship crashed.

To save Steven, and because she was tired of being used, Lapis decided to trapped Jasper into a forced fusion, Malachite,they disapeared in the ocean.

It was month of being abuser and abused with Jasper, forcing her to stay fused. It was a new prison for her, on “this miserable planet”.

She eventually lost her mental fight with Jasper and Malachite fought Alexandrite. In the end the CG succeded and saved Lapis but couldn’t do it with Jasper.

After some events, it was finally decided Lapis would stay in the barn with Peridot who became a crystal gem herself during this time.

She’s finally recovering but she also developped post traumatic stress disorder along with her already axistent depression.

She is recovering slowly but the war, the Diamonds, Jasper, and probably Bithmuth are still sensible subjects to her as we could see in some episodes.

Peridot is attentionate and careful, to not say Jasper’s name for example. When Lapis was confronted with Jasper again later, she nearly fall back into their toxic relationship. 

And guess who were confiremed to come back in the next season? 

That’s right, Bithmuth and Jasper! The 2 Gems who changed her life and were partialy responsible for her prison state.

That’s why, I’m really not surprised to see Lapis wanting to run away. But I would really be surprised if she did stay away and betray the Crystal gems. 

If it had only been Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst, then maybe, probably? But not with everything that Steven has done to save her. 

Remember this little video where she thought Steven was trapped in Peridot’s tablet? “I’ll save you Steven! I’ll save you just like you saved me!” And I think she will stay in the end, for Steven, but not only!

While she was really reluctant before, she finally agreed (again with Steven’s help) to live with Peridot. And they spent month together to do activities like meep morp or whatever. It’s not because we didn’t witness it,that it means it didn’t happen. 

And the fact is, they got pretty close (wether you want to ship them, prefer them to be best pals or barnmates only doesn’t matter).

And finaly recently she also bonded with Connie and even called herseld a New Crystal Gems, then Crystal Temps.

Sorry it was long, but I think it was important to remember than Lapis who was alone before, is not alone anymore. And while her trauma may push her to run away, she will probably realize what’s important to her and eventually come back to help Steven and the others. 

And as Peridot says “Earth is our Home now, isn’t it worth fighting for?” 

I do hope she will realize this and it may also mark the end of an important character developpement she needed.and wich was hinted in recents episode were her “adaptation on Earth” was aborded.

pffffffiou it’s finally over sorry it was so long I tried to be careful but I may have made some mistakes so if I did you can tell me, and thanks for those who could read till  the end ^^

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Hi! I really like your blog a lot. I have just started my own horror blog and I'm curious if you have any tips or advice. Thanks! :)

Thank you.

I guess that I would tell you to create your own content such as gifs and to make your own photo edits.  Just reuploading gifs you find on Tumblr is a quick way to get yourself blocked from content creators who usually go a long way towards getting your blog attention.  You can probably find several tutorials on youtube that cover making gifs if you do not already know how to do so.  

Use tags.  This helps users find the movies you plan on posting.  Tag titles, actresses/actors, directors, etc.    

I cannot speak for specific blogs, but for the most part, it seems that my mutuals who also make their own content, do not mind being tagged in a post.  I am not sure of the exact number of tags that show up in the tag search, but I would advise you to put anyone you tag within the first five tags.  You can also tag me in your original posts if you would like, and I will most likely reblog it if I have seen it.  There are only a few movies that I purposely avoid blogging.

If you have good social skills you can use them to form friendships and possibly join side blogs or networks. This seems to be a good way to generate attention for your blog as well as helping you to find other blogs that you may be interested in.  

If you find a blog that you like, check out the blogs that they reblog from.  You can usually find similar content when doing this.  

Mostly just have fun.  Post what you enjoy and are comfortable with and hopefully, people will find your blog over time.  

Good luck.

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I think a lot of people see Juno as a pro-life movie because while she does make a choice, her choice is influenced by talking with a pro-life protester (who she knows from school); despite said protester being very uninformed, it's enough for Juno to feel like she couldn't have the abortion. Even though the creators said that it wasn't a pro-life movie, a lot of people interpreted that as a pro-life protester actually getting what they want in convincing someone to not have an abortion.

Nah, I didn’t read the scene that way at all. Juno’s decision to abort was made super quickly in the movie. She right away tells Paulie she’s going to “nip it in the bud” and terminate the pregnancy. When she talks to Soo-Chin outside, she’s not swayed by her protesting. It’s only when she’s in the waiting room that she has a moment to sit and think by herself and recognize that this isn’t what she wanted probably even from the beginning. She opted for an abortion right away because, perhaps, it’s the only choice she thought she had. She’s a young unmarried teenager. Society tends to tell people like Juno that abortion is the best and perhaps even only choice, so it makes sense that Juno might immediately think it’s what’s best. Soo-Chin’s talk about fingernails and heartbeats resonates with her because she finds the clinic and abortion wrong for her, or hell. She’s 16. Maybe she really did believe her because she’s a kid and didn’t know better. Doesn’t exactly make anti-choice protesting outside of clinics a rousing success story.

I think the film did a poor job of showing the realities of an abortion clinic, as they showed it as being an unprofessional and alienating place when the vast majority are the opposite. I wish they’d shown it helping her access adoption referral services instead, but the movie is also a comedy. It’s not meant to be super realistic. I think it’s a huge mistake to see Juno as an anti-choice film on that scene alone, as the rest of it makes it extremely clear that Juno is a great example of choice and an empowered one at that. When she picks adoption, she does it all on her own. She doesn’t ask her parents for permission or get bullied into it, she finds the adoptive parents by herself. When antis try to claim this movie as a victory, I also wonder if they even know who Diablo Cody is.

@merlination replied to your post “I’m sad about a lot of my fic ideas not actually turning into fics,…”

What on earth, explain

It was a merthur fic, ofc, but in it Gwaine is a soap-opera star and Will and Merlin were his friends from college before he became popular, and I wrote this scene where Gwaine is being very Dramatic™ and Will was getting very annoyed with him, and for some reason that sort of translated into like… subtext? I don’t know how it happened but I have that scene still and every time I read it, I’m like… ohhh the lost Will/Gwaine ship potential… so sad