i know that his birthday is in more than a month

He doesnt know why he’s so worked up, honestly.

They’ve been dating for a month, now. Surely that’s more than enough waiting for something so small. And Yuri was always comfortable with being physically close to him, even before they got together.

So why are his palms so sweaty?

“Beka? Are you alright?”

Shit. He spaced out too long and now Yuri’s noticed. “I’m fine, Yura. Are you done?”

“Yeah!” he lifted the leopard print shopping bag to show him, grinning happily. “You still didn’t have to pay for it, though.”

“It’s your birthday, Yura. Whatever wish you have, I’ll grant it.”

Yuri’s face flushed so quickly Otabek was scared he’d combust. “Why- you- god, you’re so fucking sappy and gross. I can’t handle it sometimes.”

“You love me,” Otabek chuckles, prodding Yuri’s forehead lightly.

Yuri scoffs, but his blush doesn’t move. “Whatever. I’m starving.”

“Ah, right. I know a place, it isn’t too far from here.”

“And this time, I’m paying, alright?”

He chuckles. “You wish.”

And this, he realizes, is the perfect time for him to do it. Dinner is their last stop for their date, so this might be his only chance at doing this…

Quickly, before he loses his nerve, he casually slings his arm over Yuri’s shoulders and starts leading them away from the store.

He feels Yuri’s shoulders tense, and suffers through a brief second of panic - oh god, I’ve probably overstepped his boundaries. He probably feels so uncomfortable right now, how do I take this back - before he feels them relax, and Yuri brings his hand to the one Otabek has on his shoulders and entwines them together, as if they’ve done this many times before.

This time it’s Otabek’s cheeks that are burning, and Yuri doesn’t let it go unnoticed. He laughs, poking Otabek’s cheek. “You’re so goddamn cute sometimes.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re talking about yourself, Yura.” Otabek replies, and he leads them through the busy streets with his arm wrapped tightly around Yuri’s shoulders.

Hi all! It’s admin James. I’ve been gone for quite awhile (about 3 months). Thank you to everyone who has checked in to see if I’m doing okay and to wish me a happy birthday.

I’ve been taking some personal time to deal with financial struggles and get some psychiatric assistance. There’s never anything wrong with asking for help. It doesn’t make you weak to know your limits, and I’ve met mine. I’m proud to say that I’m on a healthier road and in a much better living situation than I was before, but still struggling with money.

I miss everyone terribly and am so very proud of what this blog has become and all the wonderful admin and followers. You’re all so gorgeous and perfect, btw.
I hope to be more active on it again and continue fundraising for top surgery soon. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

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I Didn’t Know That I Was Starving ‘Til I Tasted You.

For @warpedchyld. For reasons. I just had to ;)

Warnings: Dom/sub, sexual content (implied) & breath play (kinda?). NSFW.

Steve discovered 21st century music was far more provocative and sexual than anything he’d ever heard. It wasn’t until things had calmed down and he was back at the Avengers Compound, with a lot of free time, that he really had the ability to catch up on everything he hadn’t already learnt.

And that meant pop music.

According to Clint, anyway. Having more time, also meant he could get back to art and illustration, he loved drawing and painting, he was an artist and his fingers craved those inky sets of watercolours and crisp paper that Bucky had bought for his birthday a couple of months ago, and finally he could get down to work. Letting the radio play, he got to it, when a song he hadn’t heard came on. It was called Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, which Steve thought was a really weird title for a song. Maybe, it was about food or something.

I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

By the way, right away you do things to my body

I didn’t know that I was starving 'til I tasted you

It was safe to say it wasn’t. Bright red in the face, Steve almost dropped his paint pallet upon hearing the line ‘I didn’t know that I was staring ‘til I tasted you’ and as songs go, they usually make you feel something. And all Steve could do was gape at nothing in particular at the sheer sexual nature of the song, but also, at how much it reminded him of Bucky. And the first time he’d, quite literally, tasted Bucky. He could never forget that moment. Couldn’t even if he was tortured. It was when they were back home, when the worst thing Steve was worried about was rent and dying of his asthma or another illness he had, they’d been kissing and then one thing led to another…and well.

Steve couldn’t get enough, let’s put it that way.

So, engrossed in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear the door to their floor open and the lift chime, indicating that someone was entering their lobby. Pretty soon, Steve felt arms wrapping around his waist and that thick, muscled body, pressing up against him. And that did make him drop his paint pallet, which Bucky, of course, caught.

“Baby, you all right?” he asked, smirking as he mouthed at Steve’s blushing neck, “you’re all flustered.”

Steve let out something close to a whine and blushed even more. If that was possible. “I’m fine,” Steve replied, voice higher than usual.

Bucky grinned and sucked a hickey into Steve’s neck, gripping his hips tighter so that the blond was pressed against the brunette’s beefy body, with no escape. And fuck, Steve melted at the sensation of being held so tightly. His head fell back against Bucky’s shoulder, parted lips, eyes darkening, glazing over.

“You hungry, baby doll?” Bucky chuckled, somewhat teasingly. And at any other time, Steve would have snapped back with some comment but right then, it wasn’t the moment and Steve was too far gone.

A clumsy nod was all Steve could muster, whimpering when Bucky wrapped his metal hand around his throat, lightly, gently, purring in his ear, “you gonna be good for me? Eh, sweetheart?”

Steve moaned and nodded, blushing all over again. “Yes, sir.”

Bucky growled and kissed Steve fiercely. Painting was the last thing on Steve’s mind at that moment, especially when Bucky picked him up effortlessly and carried him over to their bedroom. Yeah, painting could wait.


Philip Michael Lester, also know as AmazingPhil but more commonly known as Phil, is currently at 3,911,820 subscribers on YouTube. Our goal as the Phandom is to make sure our Philly get’s 4,000,000 on his birthday which is less than a month away. Now, this may seem like an impossible goal to reach, but I know if we stay dedicated, we can do this. So please, inform your friends, acquaintances, cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. Make your grandmother an account and have her subscribe! We can to this.

I have a few questions.

You don’t bring a casual girlfriend all the way over from the States to be your date to something as big as this.  So if she’s more than that to him, then when has he had the time to build this relationship to this level.  And if he has managed to do just that bts, shouldn’t he be happy she’s there with him on this night of nights?  Wouldn’t he at least want to sit with her in the car?  I mean, it might be another three months before date #7.  You’d think they’d want to make the most of it.

Would Steven Cree be so insensitive to the feelings of MM and T to suggest that Cait wanted a Sam Heughan blow up doll for her birthday?

If Cait is his best friend and they’re so close and they have such trust, then shouldn’t he be smiling at her win?

I don’t know.  The whole thing smacks of Monte Carlo to me.  The question I’m wrestling with tonight is not ‘Are they really with these people?’, but ‘Am I really this delusional?’

Gather round me any of you who ship still.  It might be a rough few days.

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“Just tell me what you want.” He says, running his hands through his hair, frustrated.

I glance at the boy who in just a few months of knowing him has become more than my best friend.

“I want you.” I whisper.
“I want you to hug me and protect me and keep me safe.
I want you to laugh with me and at me. I want you to flirt with me and tease me. I want you to annoy the shit out of me.
I want you to make me smile. I want you to be reason for my tears and smiles. I want your voice to be the last before I fall asleep and the first when I wake up.
I want to yell at you and scream at you for being a jerk. I want you to forget my birthday just so I can make you suffer to make it up to me, because I know once you remember it, I’ll never forget the way surprise me. I want you to ignore my messages. I want you to break my heart. I want you to make up with me and promise never to hurt me again.
I want to care for you and look after you. I want make breakfast for you in the morning. I want to cuddle with you and kiss your face. I want to fall asleep in your arms and I want to steal the covers away from you. I want you to tickle me and call me cute names.
I want you to tell me everything is going to be okay.

But, most of all, I want you to love me.”

—  I want it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, the happily ever after. // things I wish I could say to you. (teeexxh)

AU where Kate never left, she forced Seth to clean up his act, and now their reluctant partnership has progressed to a reluctant friendship (with even more larceny).

–You know, my birthday isn’t for another three and a half months.

–Not according to your bogus passport, it isn’t. So guess what, Princess? You’re going to take your new car, and you’re going to drive us to a nice Mexican restaurant, and they’re going to put a big fucking sombrero on your head while they sing you feliz cumpleaños, and I just might even pay for your meal before we go and rob the bank across the street. You game?

–Can’t be any worse than my cousin Bo puking on the cake at my sweet sixteen. Let’s go.

Northbound - Snowbound Part 005

You’re all gems for asking after this, asking questions, and just being lovely to talk to about this/him. I have some quarrels with this chapter, but I hope you enjoy it and what it kicks off nonetheless. (And some of the shameless fluff that’s thrown in.) x.

Part 001

Part 002

Part 002.5 

Part 003

Part 004

Harry’s never spent more time in your flat than he has in the last two months. He’s been by, of course – briefly, for birthdays, and then their following parties mainly, and a few emergencies (of which there have, thankfully, only been a handful) – but now he can walk to the toilet in the middle of the night without tripping and when you ask for a spoon he gets the drawer correct.

There’s a routine now.

It’s not his first, or even his second or third, weekend here, and he’s starting to know where things are enough to not have to sit back on his heels and wait for you to help him. Weekends over the past few months have been consistent for both of you, and you’re afraid you’re starting to get sloppy. You sit near him more now and he touches you unconsciously, and neither one of you even try to pretend you sleep in the guest room at Harry’s flat anymore. It’s casual, and easy, and it leads to mistakes.

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why do you think Dan hasn't been very active on social media lately?

I don’t think we really have enough to go on right now to speculate. We know they had weekend plans (Wirrow’s birthday) and we know last week IRL Digital opened up their irl offices so Dan and Phil might have been a little more hands on with that than normal, that might have taken up some time. But you know, he could still tweet if he wants, and for whatever reason this past week - he doesn’t seem to have wanted. 

(Maybe it’s because it’s now been a month since he’s posted a video and he’s feeling demotivated by his own successful procrastination tactics and inability to commit to an idea and see it through more often? I mean. Just a theory. We really don’t have enough to speculate on.) 

Vincent Van Gogh made this portrait of Eugène Boch on or about September 1, 1888. It could have been a fine birthday present for this fellow painter whom he had been introduced to only two months earlier.
But it wasn’t. It was intended as a decoration for Vincent’s new home, the “Yellow House”. Van Gogh hung it in his bedroom.

“Ah well, thanks to him — at last I have a first sketch of that painting I’ve been dreaming about for a long time — the poet. He posed for it for me. His fine head, with its green gaze, stands out in my portrait against a starry, deep ultramarine sky; his clothing is a little yellow jacket, a collar of unbleached linen, a multicoloured tie.” (Letter 673, September 3, 1888).

In 1891, Theo Van Gogh’s widow gave the portrait to Boch, who was more than happy with the gift:

“I do not know how I can tell you, madam, how much I was touched by your present and how much pleasure it gives me: it is a beautiful work of art, but moreover a souvenir of Vincent, who I knew in Arles. I still remember the good moments which we had together there. Full of enthusiasm for art, for pure art ! This remains my most enduring thought about your brother-in-law.“ (Letter to Jo Van Gogh-Bonger, July 21, 1891)

Eugène Boch, a Belgian impressionist painter, was born on September 1, 1855. His older sister Anna was a founding member of ‘Les XX’, an important group of artists in its days.

Vincent Van Gogh, Eugène Boch or ‘The Poet’, September 1888. Oil on canvas, 60 x 45 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

a little more than a year ago, a boy in my town threw himself in front of a moving train. since this is a very small town, even if you didn’t know him, you knew someone who did. i know a girl who couldn’t leave the house for almost two months because it was too painful. she tried going back to playing basketball, but she had to stop halfway through because she kept breaking down. everywhere, his friends and family were talking about how they missed him. this boy was a hockey player, a good one i might add. he had loads of friends, even though he had some people who teased him. no one thought that he was miserable or sad in any way.

on his birthday this year, everything stopped again. you could see on the faces of his friends how much they missed him. a week later, on his death day, half of the kids in my class went home because all the pain they’d felt when he died suddenly came back. one of his childhood friends posted a picture of them as kids on instagram with the caption “today is your day buddy, i miss you”.

nothing will be the same after a person commits suicide. i didn’t even know the boy, and i still felt sad about it. so if you think that nobody would care if you left, think again. all the people around you will look at your desk or your house or your old locker and think about you and how you’re not here anymore and how they miss you. remember that.

Pass It On

Summary“She grabbed his arm and forced his hand to close around the thornless stem. “Go find someone to give it to. Pass on an act of love, will you?” - For @rivendell101′s birthday. Nalu Modern AU Oneshot.  Found on fanfiction.net here.

AN:  This is the most random AU ever.  SORRY IT’S LATE BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISHA I mean I’m already several months late with other presents so I thought I’d try to get yours more on timeish for once.  :3  

“But I just don’t know what to get her and I mean we’re going out to dinner but is flowers too cliche or is there something that she’d rather have that she’s mentioned to you Mira oh my gosh I’m the worst boyfriend ever I never know what to do for her and she’s so perfect with gifts every time I mean they used to be creepy gifts but she got better and I haven’t-”

Natsu couldn’t stand it anymore.  He slammed his tankard onto the countertop of the Fairy Tail bar.  “Fullbuster, would ya mind shuttin’ your bullshit pourin’ trap for five minutes so that a man can have a drink around here without hearing yammerin’ about Juvia?”

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I’ll Catch You (Calum Chambers Imagine)

Calum had a day off today and was more than happy because he got to spend time with you and Grace. Grace was currently 11 months, her 1st birthday coming closer and closer. As of now you were on the couch on your phone until you heard giggles come from the hallway. Curious, you went to see what was going on. You smiled at the sight you saw. Calum was with Grace while she was walking holding his hands.

“Y/N, we were going to walk to you.” Calum said with disappointment as he sat down. 

You let out a small laugh while sitting in front him. “Sorry, I didn’t know what was going on.”

Grace, still giggling, crawled towards you. You picked her up and put her in your lap.

“Do you want to go to the park?” Calum asked looking at Grace.


“What?” You asked.

“Do you want to go to the park?” He said again laughing.

“Oh, I thought you were asking Grace. Sure.” You replied.

Calum smiled getting up and taking Grace from your lap. You went to get some snacks for her bag and stroller. The park wasn’t far from your home, so you’d always walk. Today was a beautiful day, which was a plus. Once you arrived, there wasn’t a lot of people, only a few. Calum always liked to come at these times where there weren’t many people around. You had found a bench and went to sit down with Calum and Grace. Calum had got a snack out for Grace getting her attention. He kept teasing her with it and she didn’t like that.

“Dada!” Grace cried.

Laughing he gave her the snack. After a while, Grace was out her stroller and was out and about. Holding someone’s hand of course. Grace reminded you of yourself when you were younger. You would always have to hold someone’s hand, too scared to let go. You were currently holding her hand taking her to the swings until she was swooped up by Calum.

“Calum you almost gave me a heart attack.” 

“Y/N, she needs to walk by herself.” He said taking her to where there was grass.

He put her down and stood a couple good steps away from her. You stood in the middle knowing what Calum had said was true. You looked at Calum who was looking at Grace, who was sitting playing in the grass. 

“Grace!”, Calum exclaimed, “Get off your bottom!” 

You laughed at his words while Grace was laughing too. As of now, the two were looking at each other with nothing happening. You had your phone out recording hoping something would happen.

“Gracie, go to dada!” You said trying to get her to stand up.

After a few tries she finally stood up, but did nothing else. All of the claps, chants and what nots couldn’t get her to walk to Calum. Until finally Calum spoke up.

“Grace, it’s okay sweetie. Just come to me, nothing will happen and I’ll catch you if you fall. Okay?” 

The little girl started looking suspicious but soon gave in taking her first step to her father. You started smiling as she was going towards Calum, while he was cheering for her. Once she made it to Calum she took a small tumble and like he said, Calum caught her. 

“You did it baby girl!” He said smiling.

“Yay!” Grace said smiling and clapping.

You sat next to Calum and Grace admiring the wonderful family you have.


I heard it was my son’s birthday!!! Here’s some fluff to cleanse my soul of the angst I’ve been writing.

Sasuke let out a long sigh.

He missed his wife. A lot.

He hadn’t been home in six months, 17 days, 10 hours, and 4 minutes because he was on a mission that only the Hokage trusted him with.

Nine years ago, he would have scoffed at his future self. The teen would have berated him for going soft, becoming weak. Falling in love was not a part of His Grand Revenge Scheme.

Whatever, pubescent Sasuke.

Current Sasuke is in a better place; he has stability.

A slight breeze passed and he caught the faint trace of jasmine in the air.

He must have been delirious from the summer heat, jasmine didn’t grow near these mountains.

‘You know who smells like jasmine?’

Damn. He wanted nothing more than to make a sharp left and take off running back to Konoha. He could technically make it back in four… five days, tops.

Listlessly, he jumped from branch to branch, wishing he was home with Hinata.

They could be cooking, or cuddling, or watching a movie… He would do anything with her.

Thoughts of his wife were interrupted by the snap of a branch.

The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he increased his speed.

Scanning his surroundings, he was trying to pick up on a chakra signature when he was tackled from the side.

They landed on their feet and with her arms linked around Sasuke’s waist, she touched her lips to his.

“You’re getting rusty, Sasuke.”

“I let you do that.” A smirk graced his face and he embraced her tighter, planting his face in the crook of her neck and inhaling deeply.

She smelled like jasmine and home. She was home.

“I missed you…” He closed his eyes briefly before they snapped open again. “Wait how did you find me? My location is confidential.”

She gently pushed him by the shoulders and held his face in her hands. He hadn’t shaved in a while.

“You forget I was an Anbu tracker for six years. And I missed you too… I’m on a mission here myself.”

He cocked his head.

“I have a special message for you, Uchiha Sasuke.” Her eyes were serious and her tone, grave.

Did something happen within the clan? He knew she was in the process of getting rid of the caged bird seal. Did the idiot Hokage get in some kind of trouble? The dobe would…

Seeing the worry in his face, she couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled out of her. She smoothed out the furrow in his brow and kissed his forehead.

“Happy birthday, Sasuke.”

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Thing is, it could be good for Louis to be doing the show with Mums day and Jays birthday coming up. Distractions are healthy and so is living which is what he's doing. Louis sisters went to LA a lot and he likely went to UK more than we know last year. But with Frappe it's like.... Hey! look Ibaza looks good right now.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’m sorry but, I bet you anything that Louis has seen his family way more times than he has seen Frito in the last year. Hands down. I will bet my months rent.


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How old are Lexa and Clarke do you think? #French-girl Romane

HI!! Short Answer: Clarke is 18 and Lexa is probably 20-22. 

Now for more rambling information that you don’t need lol:

We know that Clarke was younger than 18 when she was sent to the ground:

(1x01) Clarke: No. No. It’s not my time. I don’t turn 18 for another month.

We know that season 1 lasted a period of 29 days and that season 2 lasted a period of 23 days. Which equals 52 days total that the delinquents were on the ground from the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 2. The exact date for the end of season 2 is November 3rd, 2149. So, Clarke has turned 18 while she has been on the ground. Her birthday is probably in mid September to mid October. Now with the time jump, it will be around the beginning of February 2150 when the show picks up. Just to give everyone a timeline. (x

Now for Lexa, we know that she is a few years older than Clarke and that she became ‘Heda’ when she was 16. So, with just that info we know that she is 1) older than Clarke (who is 18) by a few years (a few= more than two), 2) has been in command for quite some time. Now, reading Jason’s tweet about this I’m not sure if he was talking about if she became the Leader of Trikru when she was 16 or if she became the Leader of the Coalition when she was 16. All the person asked was: “at what age did Lexa become heda?“  I automatically thought that he was talking about Lexa becoming the Leader of Trikru when she was 16 and became the Leader of the Coalition a few years after that. There are so many things unknown about Lexa or the ascension process and the timeline at which the death of the old commander happens and when a new one is found. Who rules over the Clan between the death and discovery? Any who, here are some previously mentioned things about Lexa or her ascension:

So, at what age DID Lexa pass this test? ‘Child’ makes me think that she was young probably 10-14 years old. However, after the commander spirit is found in her does she automatically take command? Does ‘the old guard’ or others help her while she is still learning how to command? Is passing the test and ascending two different things? Too much is unknown. Hopefully all will be revealed in season 3. (Additionally, I have headcanoned that Lexa became Anya’s second when she was around 7 and Anya was 16 or 17. Making Anya around 30 yrs old when she meet Clarke.) 

Getting back to the “Did she become the Leader of Trikru when she was 16 OR the Leader of the Coalition when she was 16?” To me, this is all dependent on how long ago Costia was killed. We know that Lexa was the Leader of Trikru before she became the Leader of the Coalition – the Coalition was Lexa’s idea. We know that the Ice Nation captured Costia and tortured her because the Ice Nation was at war with the Trikru – Indra in 2x12: “Ice Nation, Last time, they stepped foot here, we were at war with each other.” So, it is possible that Lexa became Leader of Trikru when she was 13-14 and was dating Costia and then Costia was killed when she was 15-16, then she proposed the idea for the Coalition when she was 16 and became the the Coalition Commander when she was 16. However, that would mean that the Coalition has been standing 6+ years and that Costia has been dead for 6 years. 

But, when Lexa was talking about Costia it seemed like it was a more recent wound than happening 6+ years ago. I have headcanoned that it was 2-3 years ago that Costia was killed by the Ice Nation. Therefore, the Coalition is quite new and has only been formed for 1-2 years before the Sky People came. That is why Gustus was so worried about the Sky People joining the Coalition, because they had just recently found peace and was afraid that they were going to jeopardize that. So, going off that headcanon (that Lexa became the Heda of Trikru when she was 16 and NOT the Coalition Commander when she was 16) I think that Costia was killed when she was 18 or 19 then it took around 1 year to form the Coalition (to get everyone on the same page about things, decide who is going to rule over the Coalition, etc.) then Lexa became the Leader of the Coalition and has been ruling for 1-2 years when she meets Clarke. Making her the leader of her own Clan for 5-6 years and ALSO being the Coalition Commander for 1-2 of those 5-6 years. 

On the other hand, we could combine these two theories….it might be possible that Lexa created the Coalition between the 11 Clans when she was 16. At this point in time she was still at war with the Ice Nation and that is when they killed Costia. After that, she offered the Ice Nation a seat on the Coalition. The below tweet would be interpreted as there was ALREADY an Alliance between the 11 Clans and then Lexa brought the Ice Nation into the Coalition after Costia was killed. Therefore, she became the Leader of Trikru when she was quite young (12-14) then she formed the Coalition between the 11 clans when she was 16 – the Ice Nation was not part of this Alliance and was still at war with the Trikru – Costia was taken by the Ice Nation when Lexa was 18-19 and killed. This is when Lexa proposed to the Ice Nation to enter into the Alliance. Therefore, there has only been TRUE PEACE between all grounders for 1-2 years after Lexa brought the Ice Nation into the Alliance. 

Kudos to you if you were able to follow my thought process through this entire thing! lol. 

March 10th. Today marks Steve’s best friend’s birthday. Never has the blond been gifted with the option of being able to reach into his pocket or wallet and pull out a large sum of cash. Which is why Steve Rogers has been spending the last couple months saving his hard earned cash. Sure, the skinny punk may not be able to take Bucky on some miraculous trip across the country or state, even. But he has the makings of the perfect birthday for the brunet. Or so he believes so. Suppose he’ll find out for sure by the end of the day.

And to add to the excitement? It’s all a surprise. Yes, Bucky doesn’t know a thing. Because all the blond has said to his best friend so far is that they’re spending a day inside. Something they do more often than not. Especially after the passing of Steve’s mother. No matter where he turned, Bucky was somewhere close by to ensure that he’s okay.

Birthday wishes have already been said when Bucky first came over around eight in the morning. But the festivities would not be starting until around ten in the morning. That’s the exact time when Steve gets up from the couch. “Get up, Buck. I’m taking you out today.”  

zukes-babe replied to your post:I’m in a one-shot kind of mood. Anybody want to…

Zuko not knowing why Katara is so sad on her birthday till he realizes it’s the year she turned a year older than her mother.

Zuko was pretty sure he’d done everything right - he’d gotten the sweet dumplings she liked and sent his advisors on long and difficult errands, and even the kids had been especially endearing in a more well-behaved version of play than their usual whirlwind - and yet now he came into the royal bedchamber to find Katara staring out the window at the night sky, her shoulders slumped and her arms wrapped around herself. He didn’t even need to see her face to know she was still wearing that distant expression she’d had all day, dampening her smiles, waiting behind the sparkle in her eyes.

Zuko knew what that look meant. He had seen it plenty of times over their years together. The day they married. The day she learned she was pregnant with Kaizu, the whole month after his birth. It wasn’t obvious to everyone who saw her, but to Zuko it was as if half her mind slipped away from her body to visit a terrible, wonderful place. A place that hurt to look at but whose sweetness she couldn’t resist. He wished she wouldn’t go there, but he knew she had no choice.

But today? Katara usually enjoyed her birthdays, and she hadn’t had a day like this in so long… And yet here it was. The carpet felt coarse against Zuko’s bare feet as he crossed the room to stand beside her and followed her gaze up to the southern stars. 

There were no words for this. He had often tried as a younger man to bring the issue out, to deal with it directly. Cauterize the wound so it heals clean. But grief wasn’t so simple as that. Zuko had learned this. It was a broken bone that seemed to mend but ached every time a storm rolled in. There was no rushing grief.

Zuko looked away from the stars to peer at her faintly-illuminated face. Gently, he slid his arm around her waist and, when she leaned into his warmth, he pulled her tight against his side and settled his cheek against her hair. He gazed out at the stars as she did, and for a long time they stayed that way.

“Today,” Katara eventually said, “I turned older than my mom was when she died.”

Zuko opened his mouth and emitted a tiny ‘ah,’ then thought better of speaking at all and slid his hand across her folded arms. She felt cold despite the warm night, but she hardly seemed to notice his touch.

“She was thirty-four, and she never left the South Pole. She missed so much, Zuko.”

Zuko swallowed and shut his eyes. “Some people believe their loved ones watch after them from beyond. Maybe she’s been watching you your whole life, Katara, and because you traveled so far and did so much, in a way your mom got to be there for it, too.”

She turned her face against his chest and he could feel her tears seeping through the silk of his shirt. “I want to believe that,” she whispered. “I want to believe she’s with me, Zuko, but it’s so hard to believe that when I think of her and there’s still this hole.”

Zuko held her tighter, aching for her. He knew what she meant about the hole. Iroh had left a hole in Zuko when he passed. A chasm. A gaping absence where something warm and good had lived, now empty. There were no words to fill the hole. Even the laughter of their children echoed there sometimes. Even the best things in the fine lives they were living could get lost in such a void.

But Zuko pulled Katara to him and breathed the smell of her hair, stroking her back with tender patience. He would wait for her on the edge, just as he had learned to do, and soon she would climb back to him. Soon, her breath would come easier. Her arms would unknot from between their bodies and slide up to enfold him. And then they would stand as they had for so many years now, whole together.

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She likes his cologne.

It’s a new one, one that delivers just enough of a slow burn that shoots from her sinuses to her breasts like forbidden lava. He always smells good, but his scent is usually more natural, more of a blend of parent and professional rather than that of raw man. But tonight, he’s wearing something different, something special, something she knows is just for her. The thought zings her in places she’s all but forgotten.

“I hope the boys are having a good time.”

He chuckles at this, the chocolate texture of his voice rubbing delectably across every nerve she has. She longs to know the taste of him–of his mouth, his skin, to see if it matches the description her other senses have wickedly conjured when she lies alone in the silence of her bedroom, feeling her body come alive in ways it hasn’t for more than a decade.

Being on a real date with Robin Locksley is akin to walking into a bakery and having to wait your turn in line just to get a sample. She’s already salivating, and they’ve just finished dinner.

“They’re hanging out at the house with take-out from Marco’s and a pile of movies and games,” he states, the chair creaking as he leans back into the wood, making a sound deep in his throat that lets her know he’s as full as she is. “I honestly wonder if they’ve even realized we’ve gone.”

She smiles at this–hell, she’s been smiling all evening, so much so that her cheeks are starting to ache. Her face is warm, her skin pink, no doubt, and she only hopes her hair still possesses some semblance of normalcy as often as she’s tucked it behind her ear over the past two hours.

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