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Romano as Gordon Ramsay headcanons?

You guys love sassy Romano huh? Me too. I feel ya fam.

  • Insults and curses galore
  • will be nicer to ladies in general
  • but if they f*ck up, he WILL make sure they realize it
  • “WHAT ARE YOU!” “An idiot sandwich?” YES! IDIOTA!”
  • “IF I WANTED BAD FOOD, I WOULD GO TO ENGLAND!” “but sir, England is a country? “I KNOW WHAT I SAID!”
  • he give no mercy
  • very harsh, no nonsense
  • however, that makes when he praised you about your food special
  • you feel like you truly earn it
  • “Finally, something decent to eat!”

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I'm sorry. I meant your favourite male character from books

Hello, darling :) Nothing to be sorry for, it’s just that I would have a really hard time choosing just one, haha. Even now it’s a struggle and I feel like I will cheat again by choosing two xD

Here it goes:

1) Rhysand - ACOTAR series

There are MANY reasons for this but the main one is, basically, I love dark, sassy, suave and morally grey characters who basically stan their ladies like, right from the start. And I don’t know (and don’t care) what that says about me but I was ready to love Rhysand right from the moment he appeared in Spring Court with that head on spike.

Apart from all of this, Rhysand actually reminds me a LOT (and that’s an *cough cough* understatement) of one of my fav TV male characters - Klaus Mikaelson (TVD).

Here’s an awesome post by @maevelin who pretty much nailed all the similarities (x)

Edit: As far as ACOTAR series goes, Rhysand is (VERY) closely followed by Cassian, Azriel and Lucien. Just to clear things up and cheat even more, haha!

2) Warner - Shatter Me series

Okay, so this is my latest fave and this series took a turn for amazing from the moment he appeared, at least to me.

There he was, saying things like:

“At least I’m honest about being a liar.”

And then a little verbal sparring with his future BAE:

“Go to hell.“ 

“I’m working on it.”

When no one sees him, he cuddles stray gods to his chest, then carries on his evil way.

Warner as he expresses feelings for his BAE:

“I want all of you. I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you.” 

“I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with. The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head. I want to be that kind of friend. The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them. I want to know every curve, every freckle, every shiver of your body.“ 


And finally, Warner owning up to the person he is. No remorse, no guilt, no excuses:

“I have never claimed to live by any set of principles. I’ve never claimed to be right, or good, or even justified in my actions. The simple truth is that I do not care. I have been forced to do terrible things in my life, love, and I am seeking neither your forgiveness nor your approval.”


3) Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice (an honourable mention)

Because P&P basically started my obsession with historical romance and I still cannot comprehend how you can be so handsome and rich but so incredibly socially awkward at the same time.

Also, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy doesn’t hurt ;)

Okay, so this is a little bit more than just one, what can I say, I always cheat with those *sorry not sorry*

Hope you have a lovely day :)


Angel III ft. Jongin

Word count - 2071
Summary -  Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting. (‘Why you so jealous?’ edition kinda) 

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) / (6) / (7) / (8) / (9) / (10)

“Ah, my dongsaeng’s girlfriend! Come here, sit!”

You didn’t expect meeting your favourite writer would go quite like this. Meeting him is an honour and even after meeting him you are without a doubt still so inspired by his work, but to be very honest you have never had a talk about post stamps before. And why they are so important but not used anymore, at first you thought it might be a spoiler to what his next book would be in a creative way. Well, after hearing him talk for 20 minutes you thought differently, anyhow it was a pleasure to meet writer Zhang.

But he is really weird.

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A Night That Changed It All Part Two

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary : During your weekend at comic con, your best friend decided to put your name down for a chance to win a date with Sebastian Stan during the red carpet premiere for Civil War. But who would’ve thought that night your life would forever be changed?

Cover - Part One


Warning: Language, and lots of fluff

Tagging : @fandom-queen101 @olicity4ever01 @fandoms4everyone @theerinpage@blacktithe7 @bxbyblossom @seabasstiantheromanian @xiomara-52 @sometimes-iwritee @letsthedogpackandthecats @obsessedwithfandoms-us @hernameiswhatt@thisisseriouss @angela-rm @smexy-levi-waifu @positixe @superwholock36  @angel-allie-winchester @cryloren-enthusiast @nxvakwinchxster @aprofoundbondwithdean@oriona75 @jensensfreckleddick

Sebastian could feel his heart thud with every step he took. Every part of him grew weary as he got closer. This wasn’t like him. He hasn’t felt this nervous about a girl since middle school, and for that, you scared him. 

You laugh became distinct, and soon, he would be beside you. he contemplated his words over and over again. Trying to figure out exactly what the hell he was going to say exactly. But it was too late.

“Hey Seb!” Scarlett smiled, taking him in for a quick hug. 

You glanced at him, your stomach fluttering as your eyes met. Luckily for you, your mind was slightly hazed from all the drinks, which kept you from being a flustering mess. 

“We were just talking about you.” Scarlett chuckled.

Seb swallowed hard, his stomach churned so much, he was beginning to feel nauseas. 

“Yea, we were talking about your gorgeous hair.” You teased. “We were wondering what you use for it, because its on point all the time.” 

He glanced at you, and suddenly he fell at ease. Hearing your sassy tone and sarcastic remark, made him drawn to you even more. “Well you know, not everyone is blessed with perfect hair.” He shrugged. 

You let out a chuckle, along with Scarlett who dramatically rolled her eyes. “I need to use the ladies room.” She muttered. “I’ll be back.” 

As she left to the bathroom, you turned to Sebastian. “I wanted to say you were incredible in the movie.” You exhaled.

He flashed you a soft smirk, turning his body facing you. Giving you his full attention. “Well thank you.” He smiled.”I am happy you enjoyed it.” 

“Enjoyed it? I fucking loved it.” You cackled. “Seriously, the stunts, the angst, and everything else, it was perfect! I was torn between team cap and team iron man.” Once you realized you were babbling, you winced. “Sorry, I’m being a fangirl aren’t I?”

Sebastian was smiling from ear to ear, as he shrugged. “Maybe a little” He muttered, which created your lips to drop. He titled his head, his gaze locked with yours. “But, its cute”

Your stomach fluttered once again, as the blood rushed to your cheeks, making you blush. 

He noticed it right away, and suddenly, he realized now was his chance. “Would you like to get out of here?” He asked, his hands deep into his pocket. “Just go somewhere a little private?” 

For a moment, you thought he was kidding, but the longer you studied his face, you nodded. “Sure.” 

He flashed you a smile, and took your hand into his. “Come on, I saw a little bakery a few blocks away.” 

And just like that, you were both running out of the Hotel and into the crowded streets of London. 

“You’re going to love the red velvet cake they have.” He chuckled. 

“Baked Goods?” You read, looking over the sign that lit up over the store. 

Seb flashed you a soft smirk, and shrugged. “Great name.”

A little chuckle fell from your lips as you followed him into the bakery. An immediate rush of cinnamon scent filled your nose as the warmth of the store made you smile. 

It smelt amazing, and made you hungrier than before. 

There was a small table in the corner, away from everyone. He lead you over, and pulled out your chair, making your stomach flutter. 

“Thanks.” You breathed.

Sebastian took a seat across from you, running a hand through his slick hair, his blue eyes meeting yours. 

He didn’t say a word, just stared endlessly at you, making the heat radiate off your body, giving you a sense of uneasiness. “W-WHat?” You cocked a brow. 

He leaned on his elbows, and smirked. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered. 

And just like that, your cheeks flushed with red and you were a flustering mess. 

The waitress made her way over to you, a smile lingering her lips as she locked her eager eyes on Sebastian. 

“H-Hi, W-What can I-I  get for y-you?” She was obviously nervous. 

Seb looked up at her, and chuckled. “Hi! Can I get the Russian Roulette?” He asked. 

She could only nod, her poor hands shaking as she wrote on her notepad. “I’ll bring t-that right out.” 

Turning on her heels, she hurriedly walked away. You could just imagine what she was feeling, since you were feeling the exact same thing. Luckily for you, you had a couple of hours to adjust to the shock. 

“So-” He muttered, grabbing your attention. “What was your favorite part of the movie?” 

“Um..” You drawled out, puckering your lips as your thought it over for a moment. “I think when Bucky took the bike from that pedestrian. That was so hot!-” You cleared your throat, feeling embarrassment wash over you. “I mean it was cool.” 

His lips curved at the edges, studying every aspect of your face. There was just something about you that drew him more into you. The pull was so strong, he couldn’t tear away no matter how hard he tried. 

“What made you such a big fan of comics?” He asked. 

For a moment, you refrained from opening your mouth. It wasn’t something you talked about, it was personal. But being there with him, and seeing him smile at you the way he did, you somehow felt safe. 

“I moved a lot when I was a kid. I went to so many schools, i lost count. So, I didn’t care to make friends, because I didn’t see the point. I was just going to move again.” You exhaled. “So, I lost myself in the world of Comic books. My dad had a lot of them and one day, while we were unpacking, I came across them and I just fell in love.” 

He listened to every word you spewed, intrigued every second you spoke. You didn’t dare look at him, but you could feel his gaze. 

“Well, I am glad you found them, because they brought you here.” 

As you shot your eyes up and met his, your breath immediately hitched to the back of your throat. Why he was flirting with you, you had no idea. But you definitely did not mind. 

The waitress brought over the plate, and placed it down in front of you. She also had a bottle of wine, with two glasses in her other hand. Flashing a cheeky grin, she looked at Seb. “Complimentary of the Baker.” 

“Oh wow, thank you!” He exclaimed. 

She made her way back, squealing with her other coworkers, and trying to secretly snap photos of him from a distance. Though, you knew what was going on. 

“Okay, are you ready?” He muttered, snapping you out of your daze. 

You furrowed your brows, and tilted your head to the side. “For what?” 

“For the yummiest game in the world.” 

“And whats that?” 

He removed the plastic lid from the plate, exposing little pieces of different types of desserts. 

“Alright, a few years ago, I got lost out here and found this place.” He stated. “And I ordered the Russian Roulette, which is a handful of random dessert treats, but you don’t know what they are. Its kind of-”

“Taking a risk.” You finished. 

A smile formed, as he nodded. “Y-Yea. You don’t know what you will get until you take a bite.” 

This was something you had never seen or experienced in your life. It was different, and it made your stomach flutter with excitement. 

“Sweet! Let’s do this.” 

He motioned to the plate, “Ladies first.” 

As you looked over the desserts, contemplating which on you wanted to try first, he poured wine into both of your glasses. 

You picked up the treat, nervous and hoping it wasn’t bad. You closed your eyes, and slowly you took a small little bite. The cherry flavored filling, dripped on your lip, as you pulled it away from your mouth. It was by far the best thing you ever tasted. 

It was still warm, and the chocolate was moist with a hint of cinnamon. 

Sebastian watched you closely. He couldn’t help but chuckle as you hummed to yourself, taking in the greatness. 

“I’m guessing you liked it?” 

Fluttering your eyes open, you nodded. Licking the filling off your bottom lip. “It’s the greatest thing I ever tasted.” You muffled. 

He tilted his head back and laughed, his hand clutching his chest. 

“Your turn!” You cackled. 

Seb felt confident. Usually, he loved each dessert he had ever tasted in that tiny bakery. But boy, was he regretting his choice. He took a bite into a lemon flavored chocolate truffle that he immediately spat out into a napkin. 

You were bursting into laughter, seeing his face scrunch, it was hard not to chuckle. 

“Man, that was disgusting.” He groaned. 

It went on like that for about an hour. You had spent your time laughing, joking around and talked to him about each others likes and dislikes and what not. There were no awkward silences, no pressure conversations. Everything flowed without any force, and for that, you were falling deeper into him. 

Tonight was more than you could ask for. It was like a dream come true, spending this time With Sebastian, you didn’t want it to end. 

“We should go, I think we are the last people here.” He whispered, his face flushed from all the wine. 

You snorted, throwing your hand to your mouth. “Oops.” You chuckled. 

From drinking the entire bottle of wine, you could say you were both pretty buzzed. Your mouth stained with light red, as well as his. 

Seb helped you up to your feet, and left a great pay on the table. His hand pressed against the small of your back, as you both made your way out of the bakery that you will forever hold dearly in your heart. 

“Do you want to walk back to the hotel with me?” He asked. 

You only nodded, your lips curling. 

Your steps were small and slow. Taking your time so you could spend just a little more time alone with him. 

“Alright, if your house as on fire and you only had ten seconds, what would you take?” He asked, his hands digging deep into his front pockets. 

“What?” You asked.

“If there was a fire happening in your house, and you had Ten seconds to grab the most important thing in your life, the thing you just can’t live without, what would it be?”

Being taken aback, you shrugged your shoulders. “I-I don’t know.” You exhaled. “I never thought about it, what would you take?” 

“Well, that all depends.” 

“On what?” 

He shook his head, meeting your gaze. “That is a secret.” He smiled. 

“What? How is that fair!” You asked. 

Seb didn’t feel this was the moment to tell you. He wasn’t ready, in fear of the truth. So instead, he distracted you by doing the first thing that came to mind. He picked you up off the ground, threw you over his shoulder and sprinted down the sidewalk. 

You were belting out squeals, and hitting his lower back, and ass. Demanding he let you down. Though deep down you were having the time of your life. 

After a block, he finally caved and set you back to your feet. His breathing was heavy as he flashed a cheeky grin at you. 

“That was not cool!” You exclaimed, your cheeks hurting from smiling so much. 

“Oh come on, you loved it.” 

And so you did. More than anything. 

Being with him, getting to know him as an actual person and not what the media shows, you were definitely falling, fast. He was amazing, and sweet and by far the funniest guy you had ever met. 

He wasn’t afraid of being himself, of showing you his goofy, dorky side and you weren’t either. 

You were both coming undone in each others eyes. Breaking down the walls that kept you from exposing too much of yourselves. You felt safe, and comfortable with one another. 

The walk to the hotel lasted another twenty minutes. Which gave you more time to talk. 

In those minutes, you had talked about everything and anything that came to mind. From movies, to aliens, to animals and even traveling. There were no limits, no boundaries. 

And to think Seb couldn’t possibly be more attracted to you before? 

It was a bitter sweet moment as you finally made it to the hotel. 

Neither of you wanted to say goodbye, but the reality was you and your best friend were leaving tomorrow night. So, it was inevitable. 

“I had a great time tonight.” You smiled. 

He ran his fingers through his hair, pushing the strands out of his eyes. “I did too. You are one hell of a girl.” 

A blush crept your cheeks, as you tried to play it off. “You’re not so bad yourself.” 

There it was, that damn smile that hooked Sebastian in the first place. He swallowed hard, glancing at your lips, feeling a pull. He was scared to say the least, but then he remembered Chris’ words and suddenly he found the small little window of courage. 

Seb strode over to you, and in that very second, he crashed his lips against yours. His heart pounded rapidly in his chest, feeling as though it were about to jump out. but the moment your hand clasped to the back of his neck, and you pulled him in closer, he fell at ease. 

Those few seconds of insane courage was all he needed. Those few seconds reminded him what it felt to be alive. 

His lips curved, as he leaned his head against yours. “Goodnight Y/N” He whispered. 

Your breath shook in your throat, as your mind hazed with different emotions coursing through you. 

“G-Goodnight.” You exhaled.  

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Fanfic Recs for fellow KakaSaku shippers

Well, since I did a fanfiction rec for SasuSaku, I thought I could give this one a go too. :) After all, Kakashi is one of my favorite characters. I have a thing for relationships like Kakashi and Sakura’s, so I wanted to give it a whirl. I searched to find some that haven’t been posted on here besides the ones we already know. I hope this suffices. I’ll still post the good ones on here just in case. 

  1. Kiss Me Goodnight by Mayet
  2. Eyes on Fire by terrablaze
  3. All It Takes by Lady Sassy Sas
  4. This is It by: sasukesassthetic
  5. Apparent Sparks by Erika Hearken
  6. House Calls by Spoiled Sweet
  7. Feeling You by cutecrazyice
  8. Unbroken by princezsupastar
  9. Sinch In Time by Blade Redwind
  10. Fated by leafygirl
  11. What the New Year Brings by ShipperTrish
  12. Reflection by Juniper11
  13. Here I Am by LuxaLucifer
  14. Fade In by: hasu86
  15. The Samurai and the Oni Girl by Silberias
  16. Teachers and their Pets by BeforeTheAccident
  17. Will of Fire by Cynchick
  18. Christmas Confessions by Cynchick
  19. Double Edged by nimblnymph
  20. Home by Rusala
  21. Love Child by RaeLee15
  22. Reason by serenity-touched
  23. Playing the Game by Amrun
  24. Stripped Bare by J-Pop Princess
  25. Growing Pangs by The Edgy Bubble
  26. Simple Things by Caitiy
  27. A Lesson in Chemistry by leafygirl
  28. House of Crows by SilverShine
  29. A Pocket of Drabbles by serenity-touched
  30. Winner Takes All by Clearheart
  31. A Poor Imitation by leafygirl
  32. A Marriage Inconvenienced by lulu42
  33. Duty Before Honor by SilverShine
  34. Seven Days of Seduction by PAN TRUNKS LOVER
  35. Dirty Deeds by Serenanna
  36. Hokage sama by SilverShine
  37. Scarlet Scroll by SilverShine
  38. The Window by SilverShine
  39. The Nature of the Game by: leafygirl
  40. His Fault by ronny-of-yore
  41. The Paper Crane Confession by: trufflesque
  42. Welcome Home by Wonderfoal

The best part to this whole thing is that most all of them are M-Rated, and full of…well. You know what I mean. xD

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Hi Ally! First of all I really like your FT New Gen characters and I think your art is amazing! I was wondering if you could tell us a little more about Gale and Nova? I just get the feeling that we know so much more about all the others than we do these two. I really like them (though in Nova's case I may be biased because of my love for Miraxus) and I would love to know more about them.

That’s true because I’m taking my time to develop these characters one by one/pair by pair and it hasn’t reached Nova and Gale yet but here’re some facts about their characters!

Nova Dreyar

Sassy and powerful, she is known as the lady boss of the new gens next to teen!Asuka. She can be as intimidating as both Mira and Laxus and takes pride of maintaining the powerful reputation of the guild. She’s closest with Asuka, Reiki and Gale and keeps an eye out on Rin and Nash, the more destructive members.

She falls for Reiki eventually and it becomes glaringly obvious when her behaviour changes drastically around him. She turns from prideful to gently bashful and it freaks everyone out LOL. Like Reiki, she understands how stressful it is to follow the expectations the public set for her because of how popularly powerful her parents are.

She trains herself intensively to the point of exhaustion often but stopped recently when Laxus and Mira intervened to convince her that she didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations at all.

Gale Redfox

He used to be a lot weaker and timid and constantly got bullied before he got into bad company and turned into a rebel who uses his powers for pranking people and destroying public property. 

He started working out and honing his powers to prove people wrong but the more trouble he got into, the more Gajeel got worried and stepped in to pull him back to fight out each other’s frustrations. Gajeel told him about his Phantom Lord days and how he didn’t want his son falling into his footsteps.

He returns to the guild to make amendments after that and learns tattoo art in his free time. (He has a secret hobby for painting and feels like Levy’s script magic is the prettiest art there is. Also, he’s really good at singing (unlike Gajeel PAHA) and secretly has lessons with Mira backstage.)

GaVa relationship

Nova used to make fun of him a lot and pressures him to become more powerful to prove her wrong. Their feisty relationship soon makes him unknowingly fall for her and her mental strength which boosts him on to become more powerful to win her heart, even when he knew that she fell for Reiki. 

After Reiki breaks the news that Nash and him have been secretly dating, Nova breaks down and reveals her frailty when it came to matters of the heart. Gale comforts her and confesses his feelings, saying that he loved her the sassy, prideful, vulgar and hot headed way she was which she represses in Reiki’s presence, along with her good kinder heart with she shows in more milder ways.

These are what I have for now and I haven’t came up with what abilities they’ll have and I might change some things along the way but I hope you like it!! ^o^

Johnny, taeyong, and Yuta reacting to their daughter having her first period

• he would be calm I feel like
•maybe calm isn’t the word but
• he’s an only child so no sisters but I feel like he’s aware enough to know how to handle the situation
•in terms of basic needs like pads or tampons and medicine and all that jazz
•just because he would try his best to help his gf/wife in the past
•BUT OMG HE WOULD also be freaking out on the inside since it'a his daughter and he wasnt there for your very first period
•she’s turning into a lady which also means dumb af period symptoms
•he’s still dramatic about it too
•like even if you’re daughter knows it was bound to happen sooner or later
•he would make sure to call all his friends later like his daughter is about to graduate from LIFE or something
•and if she suddenly started it in a public place he would use his super dad strength and sprint with her in his arms to the car
•then he’ll go get all the necessities
•ice cream/chocolate included
•(which would result with winwin and taeyong coming over to ‘celebrate’ (aka eat since Johnny told them all your daughter’s business))
•but he’s still so bervous and the only way he will know how to cope is to make reaaaaallly lame dad jokes
•but they’re not just dad jokes
•they somehow turn into period dad jokes
•which makes your daughter even more pissed if possible
•like she might not even be having bad cramps but she will start to feel sick just because of his jokes
•"Hey honey, why is it called pms?“
•"Because mad cow disease was taken!“
•"Johnny…did you just call our daughter a cow??“
•although he would do his best to handle the situation he would still be super scared and feel sick if he sees blood
•like he might be super over dramatic and you would end up having to take care of your daughter while also supporting your giraffe husband who’s about to pass out in the middle of the room
•but he’s still mature and while do his best to make your daughter feel good and eventually after the first time being a disaster he’ll get used to it every month
•And after the first time you make sure to restrain him from calling everyone he knows since it would actually be really weird if he told all his friends how his daughter can bleed every month
•but if he feels anxious about knowing his daughter is growing up again he’ll reverted back to making lame Dad jokes
•and you’ll let him bc why not? It’s apart of growing up for a super broccoli called johnny

•I feel like Yuta would be the same as Johnny in term of being prepared
•but he’s actually really nervous on the inside too
•but he handles it much better because he’s ALWAYS learnt how to handle your period no matter what the circumstance
•so he just helps your daughter in the same way
•he prepares everything and if you’re not around to tell her what to do he’ll take over with shaky hands and just repeat everything you’ve always told him
•plus maybe some more tips from the Internet when she’s in the restroom
•I have a feeling this would be the only time he holds back his sass too
•like his daughter would get super annoyed by her period and make sassy remarks to him
•but he doesn’t care
•ok he does but he’s saving it for the day after her period ends
•"dad, can we go eat some icecream?”
•"Uhm :) remember when I offered you some last week and you yelled at me? Hahaha no.“
•and after he’s 100% sure he knows how to handle his daughters time of the month
•he doesn’t hold back the sass at any time
•but he’d still be really comforting about it
•even though he feels anxious at the thought of his little girl becoming a little lady
•he’d also get super protective after she starts to experience more hormones after the first few months
•but he’s still mature enough to know it’s just a normal part of life
•and it’s OK for his daughter to grow up
•she’d still always be his bb girl
•and as long as he had the Internet and his informed spouse!
•he’ll be one prepared dad!

•we all know taeyong is kind of a super dad
•and he tries his best to understand different things
•but this will have him stumped
•like he probably has experience with his gf or his older sister but his daughter??
•he’d be so confused like
•"What do you mean she has her period…? She’s my??? Daughter??? That’s not possible?????? Stop lyiNG TO ME!“
•but despite his denial and confusion he still pulls through
•well more like he follows your directions and goes through the motions correctly
•but he’s still confused
•like on the outside he looks like a dad that can take on anything
•and his daughter is like "Wow dad. You’re so mature!”
•and you’re laughing on the side like he’s dying please help my husband!
•but with his daughter trying to be calm and his wife laughing at him he completely comes through and does his super dad thing
•he’s actually really proud his daughter is growing up
•and he tells you that excitedly later on
•like he’s whisper yelling with a smile on his face while you’re in bed later
•and he talks about how proud he is of her
•And himself
•and he’s just really sentimental and wants to cry a little
•and you let him if he needs to since he’s so cute
•and he’s back to always being he supportive dad in the future after that
•even though his daughter probably can handle the situation and is fully capable
•he’ll always be ready to jump when she needs him to
•because he now knows his daughter gets her period too

Nice Shirt

Hello! So, this was inspired by @lilaviolet‘s prompt of #23 from this list. An anon also asked for this one, along with a few others, which I’m still pondering. So, I hope you two in particular like what I’ve done. (Oh, and a happy just a bit belated birthday to @bitchy-broken!!!)

This got away from me a bit; I really was trying to dash these prompts off pretty quickly. But this kept going and growing, and I had to keep coming back to it. Since it’s something a bit bigger than I planned on, I’ll tag some lovely folks who have expressed an interest (feel free to let me know if you no longer want to be tagged!)

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* * * * *

“Is that my shirt?” Rae whispers under her breath while the rest of the gang are engrossed in another topic of conversation: Chop’s new-to-him car. They’re all planning day trips and figuring out which festivals they could get tickets to this summer, with Chop as their chauffeur.

Finn’s smiling at their excited chatter when Rae hisses her question in his ear.

He blinks, biting his lip. Because, it is.

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Omg, after that shorter girl gif scenario, I really need one with a taller girl XD I shall wait tho. As a 6ft girl, I'd really like to see it. Also, many loves for your great account <3 like, 10/10 writing

omg thank you so much! - much love from both admins <333

OMG YOU ROCK DAT HEIGHT GIRL. so what’s the world like up there haha no seriously i’m pocket sized like 5′2″

Jin: *feels his masculinity shatter*

Suga: I bet she could beat me at basketball.

Namjoon: Damn girl, you be whisperin’ to God or somethin’?”

J-Hope: *so used to lil ladies* Where did this amazon woman come from?

Jimin: *sassy af* “You know some of us need some height, wanna share?”

V: *bewildered*

Jungkook: *in love* Legs, legs, legs, lEGS, LEGS, LEGGGY LEG LEGS. 

i feel like the fetus loves legs tbh

~ admin ariel

Wentworth 3x10 Rant  Franky + Fridget

This episode had me on a frikken emotional roller coaster! WHERE TO START?!
This was an All Franky episode. Such an amazing job, i don’t think I’ve seen so much character development in a long time! Pete ur brilliant! This is the beginning of Ferguson’s end.

Obviously Ferguson wanted Franky
a) Break down and fold for the murder
b) Make Will loose it - Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

a) Franky moping the hallway where Meg died. Bringing back all those flashbacks and ofc Joan monitoring her like a hawk. Not gonna lie, when I saw Will … oh boy

Bae looked like Jesus with red hair when she was meditating xD

Next up Ferguson office:

Joan: That a problem?
Franky: D-does miss Westfall know?

ME: ………….’fans face cuz feels feels FEELS’

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Joan smiling… that’s not good… that’s NEVER GOOD….. Unless it’s with Vera?

Originally posted by littleanimalgifs


Vera ur not meeting the devil, calm the fuck down.

Bridget walks in………

(Wide eyes has breathing problems’ L-LEATHER….)
‘Plays Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch crazy

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch crazy’

Vera: I owe you an apology…


Bridget’s look SASSY LIONESS ! (LIKE NO SHIT,small smirk and raised brows)  OMG! ‘weak needs wall for support’

Aaaaaand polite/cute Bridget is back :D

Woah, first time I’ve heard Vera JUST SAY Ferguson xD (SHIT IS GETTING REAL)

FINALLY CONNECTING THE DOTS. Bridget u genius you!

Vera: If I find proof, and I go to the board with it… Will you support me? (Awww little Vera :3 u adorable little)

Bridget: Absolutely…. BUT AFTER Franky Doyle’s parole has been granted. (Smile)

(OMFG ‘slides on the wall having a heart attack, tears forming’ I AM NOT OKEY) ( +The way she said Absolutely… LIBBY YOU )

Vera had a small smile and noded! (As if she understood, Bridget cares for Franky and wants her out! omg Vera ships it?!)

Vera: Yo-u are aware that Doyle’s hearing has been put forward?
Bridget: No I wasn’t?! (Bridget seems surprised and confused)
Vera: ‘shakes head -of course Ferguson-’ It’s tomorrow, 10am.
Bridget: Is she ready? (Thinking probably; oh…shit. The way she asked though sounded so anxious :3 )
Vera: ‘Shakes head’ (Probably Idk or How can she in less than 24 hours?!)

OK Sophie… WHAT THE HELL?! To quote Franky; DAFQ?!

Ok Kim ur srsly starting to get on my nerves now.
Ur acting like a little kid.

“Pining after that shrink’ (Franky got piiiiseeeeeeeeeeeeeed)
Franky actually tried to give Kim some reasonable sense ‘Do not screw up your life because of me’ (And warning her about Bea) 

Kim planting drugs on Franky!? KIM YOU…


Bea and Maxine threatening Kim! GOOD! GO BEA! SMASH HER!

Ferguson has tea and biscuits….. ok…… (Shall I be mother… oh the irony)

Franky in the slot, swallowing drugs!? NO!



FRANKY ARRIVES! FRIDGET SMILE OMG OMG !!!!! That smile said it all - I’m here - I’m glad you’re here-  )

Bridget NEVER TOOK HER EYES OFF FRANKY, She smiles at Vera ! Franky looks at Bridget, but Ferguson is staring at her like a snake. Probably to intimidate her. But Bridget’s there. (Would have been awesome if Bridget came in a white suit tho xD just to emphasize u kno)


Notice how the lady at the parole hearing looks at Bridget (Maybe they know each other?!) They exchange a look and Bridget looks at Franky as in ‘go on, calm down’ Shit Franky…. the drugs….

Ferguson has that look….. Bridget seems to be leaning in as in she wants to get up to Franky! She swallows hard.

I’m not gonna lie to ya…

Ferguson smirks (Thinking she will admit)
Bridget looks worried…. deep breath
As Franky goes on, Ferguson keeps a still posture, whilst Bridget rubs her fingers and looks down then at the parole board.

(Franky careful! Oh Ok Good you’re ok!)

Bridget’s statement… omg (How Franky looks at her, Ferguson is pissed)
Bridget u angel <3

Ferguson: No objection to parole your honor.

Bridget’s smile at Franky. <3
Oh Franky… SO CLOSE! Bridget again struggles looks like she is ready to jump in and she looks at Ferguson who is SMIRKING! And Bridget is breathing heavily again to calm herself? because the Governor needs to give the permission?! 
Bridget rubbed her back!


What if Bridget does something…



WILL …… RESPECT (2nd character development)





Such an amazing episode, the last scene had me like. And my Fridget heart. Franky deserves parole now more than ever. I think she will get her happy ending with Bridget…  Fridget is love.

Mad Spaced - Chapter 11 - “Can of Worms”

Oh, hello! I’m not surprised if anyone had given up on me; I had just about given up on myself. This chapter pretty much accomplishes what I intended, and it feels fairly finished, so I’m just going to post it! (There will be more to the story, though, in case that was unclear.) The style is a little odd, there are flashback bits that I’m not sure are 100% clear and effective, but blahblahblah. I know. Too much preamble.

Here are the previous installments, should anyone want to catch up or refresh your memory:

Last bit of business: I merged a couple of tag lists, because a couple of people hadn’t made it onto the last fic I posted. If you don’t want to be informed in future, feel free to opt out (I won’t be sad, I swear!) And if you’re not listed and want to be tagged when I write something (hopefully more frequently than once a month in future), let me know. 

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Without further bloody ado, here’s Chapter 11!

* * * * *

Finn caught his reflection in the supermarket’s sliding glass doors, and started at the blonde shock on his head. He still wasn’t used to being re-bleached. He hurried inside to do a quick shop before heading home. On his way, he reflected that things had quickly gone back to their version of normal after the momentary tension that seemed to surround the hair dyeing evening a couple days ago. Of course, normal also included Rae feeling like crap every day she worked at Flaps.

He pushed the door to the flat open with the hand that had turned the key in the lock, his other hand gripped onto three carrier bags full of shopping. The droning voice of John McCrea filled the flat. Rae was in a duvet cocoon on the sofa, simultaneously singing along to Cake and watching French & Saunders DVDs, telly volume on low. She’d watched them so often, she had most of the sketches memorized. There was a pile of soggy teabags on the plate next to Rae’s favorite mug.

“Oh, dear,” Finn said aloud. “Rough day?” He recognized the signs of over-coping.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to NYC this weekend for Bill's SNL episode. Do you have any places you recommend I visit while I'm there?

If you’re looking for a place with a lot of wrecked men, I have just the place for you. New York’s hottest club is *CHEWBACCA NOISE*.

Opened an hour ago in the backstage of a Toddlers & Tiaras pageant, this ghoulish graveyard gongshow is the pride and joy of sassy Jedi knight Obi Wan Kenobitch Please.

And this place has everything: Tibetan monks, people taking candy from babies, a bag lady who looks like Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olson… And look who just walked in. Is that Weird Al? No, that’s Kenny G after a bad review and a lot of cocaine. And if you come you can drink as much as you want, cause they’ll have human taxis there.

(Seth: … I feel like I don’t really want to know, but what are human taxis?)

It’s that thing of when you get really wasted and a midget piggy-backs you home and you pay by swiping your credit card in his ass crack.

… I’ll see myself out now.

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Hey andy, do you have music to get the blood pumping? I really need that now, thanks!

Andy’s Dance Playlist

  • Shut Up and Dance - Walk the moon
  • Barbra Streisand - Ducksauce 
  • Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
  • Push It - Salt N Pepa
  • Come And Get Your Love - Redbone
  • My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
  • Twist and Shout - The Beatles 
  • Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry 
  • Any song you can think of by Queen
  • America Girl - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  • Come On Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
  • S&M - Rihanna 
  • Born This Way - Lady Gaga (for all you gays *wink*)
  • Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy
  • I Wanna Get Better - The Bleachers
  • Rio - Duran Duran 
  • We Found Love - Rihanna 
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Music - The Beatles 
  • Bad Reputation - Joan Jett (aka the song i get ready to)
  • Primadonna Girl - Marina and the Diamonds (aka the other song, when i feel bitchy and sassy and fem)
  • How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds
  • Oh no! - Marina and the Diamonds

…. let me know if you want more xD

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About a year ago, I decided that I was done with my old fandom, that it was time to start all over. I quit my ridiculously popular blog to start this one and, to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Between stupid wars and that damn e! poll, I’ve met so many nice, talented, amazing people and I love every single nerd that fangirl with me. 

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Feature Presentation

Writer’s Note: HEY GUYS! I wrote some smut! My first one ever! Uh, the first draft took me two hours to write, but 1.5 weeks to edit to my liking. I feel if I try to edit anymore, it’ll never get out. ch1darkcy and slothpaws beta’d this for me during the first edit, AND I THANK YOU LADIES SO FUCKING MUCH! Of course, I’d appreciate any constructive criticism because like I said, first time writing anything sexy, and IT WAS HARD. But I think…I liked it?

Anywho, I’m a huge fan of foreplay. Everyone should be. So this is what this is about. Major foreplay. *cough*

Tagging: sassy-curmudgeon endemictoearth tinychemicals greenangelheart uhhhh. I know other people wanted to be tagged for my other story, but I’ll be on the safe side and not tag you for smut lol.

Okay…well, here it is.

“Finn, you sure you want to do this?”

Finn was dying for this moment. Earlier at the cinema, Rae kept touching his thighs to his knee, smirking when she would catch him shift to get more comfortable. She saw that he would – ahem – grow, but it didn’t stop her from reaching his zipper, fingertips burning a path through material to skin. At the risk of being insufferable, he finally shifted over and kissed her gruffly, catching her bottom lip between his teeth to nibble. Finn moved his left arm to rest across her shoulders, while the other would try to caress a boob that was covered with too many layers. A few moments of kissing left Rae moaning lightly, so Finn moved his head to the shell of her ear, to bite the skin and whisper all his fantasies they had yet to try. He knew words could torture her best and it was his moment to smirk at the predicament she placed herself in.

Fast forward to a few hours later, Rae made sure to grab his hand so they can rush back to his empty. Once in his room, there were gasps, curses, and clothes being ripped off until Finn had Rae exactly where he wanted her. However, before he can make a move, Rae poised her question, the insecurities clearing the fog that was shuffling his brain. Biting back a groan, he gave himself a second for restraint and forced himself to sit on his haunches. He had to adjust himself as his eyes raked over her body, only in bra and panties, on her stomach, head tilted to hear his response. He had to make sure she was comfortable.

“Rae, I wanted to do this for a very long, long time. Are you ok? I promise I’m not going to hurt you, but if you rather not -”

Finn pulled back again as Rae shook her head. “No. It’s just…ya not facing me…”

Moving off the bed, he went to the opposite edge to face Rae. Giving her a few minutes, he calmly looked in to her eyes, hoping his facial expression can say it all. Finn’s fingers trailed from her hair to shoulders, back and forth.

Finally, he turned his finger nails down to her skin softly, trailing from neck to her bra straps. “I want every single part of ya, girl. Every bit. Trust when I say that I will always want to look at you when I make you scream.” Rae twisted her lips to a smirk, that’s his girl. “But there are other things I can do that will make you feel good. I WANT to always make you feel good. Is that ok?”

Rae breathed deeply and nodded. He smiled brightly, happy that she trusted him enough to try this. Finn jumped back up, taking off his shirt and jeans before he was back near her feet on the bed. Funny, he never realized how cute Rae’s toes were, especially when they were trying to curl and hide in his blankets. Hmm.

He grabbed one leg, ignoring the slight pull she gave when he caught her off guard. Rae’s calves were both curvy and muscular; and he knew that he would find biting the skin arousing. Which, okay. He was gone after this girl. But Finn went back to her foot, slowly outlining the arch, the ball, and each toe. Then he moved his hands up from behind her knees, dragging both hands down each leg, feeling the goosebumps follow. Her skin was so delicate here, body responding by squirming as he continued to tickle her. Finn heard the puffs of air she was breathing out. He stored this into his memory bank, knowing that he will always use to his advantage.

He hadn’t even started and already he had enough information to please her.

Finn went back to her knees, his body hovering over legs still a bit flushed from caresses. He gave Rae a second to adjust and get comfortable again, but saw that the tension was back in her shoulders. This wasn’t going to do. Finn tested to see if he could reach high enough, and when finding success, began to knead both of her shoulders. Rae relaxed deeper in to the pillow, letting out soft sighs. It was becoming too much. The sound waves seemed to hit all the way to his dick, but he made sure to hold back from rubbing her ass. Nope, this was all for her and he wasn’t going to ruin it.

Nope. Not going to rub his hard dick on her…shit okay, focus Nelson.

Rae’s hair kept getting in the way of his massage, but he was careful enough not to pull. When she seemed to melt under him, content and giggling, Finn dragged his hands down, back to her bra strap. Then he would take his fingernails and trail against the lines of the bra, watching the goosebumps pop back up. Oh, this was his favorite. The fact that she was letting him have his way, doing all that he wanted. Which, he wanted the bra off. Never say that he never follows through, because finally, her back was naked and exposed to him. So he crawled up higher and began his attack.

Finn went from Rae’s left shoulder to her right, making sure that he grabbed her hair and pushed it all to the side, not one strand in the way. When he placed a kiss on Rae’s shoulder, he felt her stifle a giggle, but he wanted more. He made sure that he held each wrist on either side of her head, making sure to hold down enough where she couldn’t squirm away. He began biting and sucking a path from the left to the right, watching his art bloom, perfect skin turning purple in front of his face. Sweat began to bead on his forehead, each time Rae moaned louder. It’ll never be enough. He tried to lick a line down her spine, but when his tongue dried out not even halfway down her back, he gave up and bit down instead.

When he reached the base of her spine, Finn nipped at her skin from one side to another, right above her underwear. Rae’s skin flushed when he finally let go of her wrists, instead placing this hands on either side of her waist.

“Finn, this is too much…”

“Rae, just…I promise it’ll be good.”

He let his tongue dabble underneath the elastic of her underwear. It was getting hotter and the room began to swirl. He was ready to mash his face in between her legs, but again, restraint. See, Rae had this beautiful ass that he couldn’t help but grab hold off when they were kissing. He didn’t pay enough attention to it, so here was his chance now.

Slowly, his hands traveled, fingers underneath the elastic to drag the material down. Once she was halfway exposed, he began to push both cheeks together and knead. He was delighted to see how red her skin turned when he pinched her, believing that if she loved what he did earlier, she’d love this more. Rae was trembling. When he breathed on her skin, Finn felt her shake – which made him stupid, because he just went and ripped her underwear off. The stupid fabric was getting in the way of his tongue!

Finn saw the trembling but decided to ignore his favorite spot for the moment. He nosed the back of her thighs, nibbling up towards her ass, but never going further. He licked, he bit, he sucked, claimed her skin, making her moan loudly. Finn had to reach down to his boxers and wrapped his hand around his, squeezing, needing the pressure to help him continue. While he moaned, Rae almost lost it and pushed her thighs against his face. Finn smiled and smacked her ass lightly, but it just turned Rae on even more. Rae pushed back again, but this time he held her down a little, smacking a little more against each cheek. Nothing to hurt her with, just another way to see her skin turn red, but it’s affects on Rae had her on edge. This time, he didn’t hesitate to kiss and bite more red marks into her skin.

“Okay, okay.” Finn rested his head against her ass again, trying to breath deeply. Everything was now in bright technicolor, where he didn’t know he could take anymore. This small experiment was working out too well, but if he didn’t get a move on…well, he was sure he’d come in his boxers, untouched. Rae cried out. She needed a release. She needed Finn to get her there.

“Rae, just one more thing.” “I don’t think I can anymore. I need you. If you don’t I swear I will…” Rae had reached down in between her legs, her fingers poised to go in when Finn grabbed her hand.

“STOP! No…I don’t…I don’t think I can watch you…just let me. Ok? I promise we’re almost done.”

Finn decided to better act now before she finished herself. He leaned back more, admiring the sheen of sweat covering her skin and the purple marks he created. He had an idea, but he didn’t know if Rae would feel comfortable. So, he tried talking to her to make sure. “Rae, there is one last thing I always wanted to do, but you might not feel comfortable. I need you to trust that it’s okay. Right?”

Rae seemed fogged up in arousal to give a fuck about his warning. She wanted anything that would put a stop to the throbbing. As delicious as it was to feel this way, she needed a release. “What?”

After sucking another mark into her left cheek, Finn turned Rae over to lay on her back. “I know we haven’t done this before but…just let me.”

Kneeling in between her legs, he watched down to her face to make sure all was okay. When she nodded her head, trusting him, he grabbed her ankles to drag her closer. Rae widened her eyes in shock, but couldn’t even fathom telling him off about that when he dived his face right in to her -


Rae was still gasping for air and staring at the ceiling when she heard Finn laughing. He opened his arms so she can move closer, Finn pulling her tight to his chest. “Was everything ok? Did you like it?”

“I’m not even sure what to say. It was…wow.” She rolled her eyes when he saw his smug look. “How come we didn’t do all of that sooner?”

Smug look turning bashful, he bit his lower lip. “Well…there are a few more things we can try. Also…” She felt him wiggle closer, his hard-on poking her ass. Rae feels her blood rising to her cheeks when he decides to take off his boxers right then and there. “There’s something else I wanted to do. You can watch if it makes you comfortable…”

Rae leaned closer to him, reaching behind her to grab him. “Or…you can let me do the work this time.”  

So this morning I took a selfie before work because I treated myself to some badass new lipstick. MAC Smoked Purple; for my makeup girls *wink* and so I’m feeling pretty fine already. Then I get to work and have a few of the girls comment on my dress, and a few on the lipstick. Then my best work friend says to me ‘You look like a fabulous, sassy as fuck Vampire Queen’ which utterly made my day. All black everything! THEN an old lady who came into the store told me I looked lovely. And I post this selfie on my social media sites and one of my 'women crush friends’ (you know that one you know through someone else, who is then kind of a friend but you don’t know very well but still think they’re like a unicorn and amazing) comments and says that I am 'so fucking fierce’ and that she loves me. GAH! Literally floating on a cloud of women empowering and loving/praising other women. Makes me so happy that I’m not the only one who dishes that kind of thing out. Lovelovelove 💜

Long story short. Best. Day. Ever.

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