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wingwomen ch1 (trixya, shalaska) - lale

Summary: Trixie was pretty sick of watching her best friend, Alaska, pine over the school weirdo, Sharon Needles. But when Sharon Needles made friends with the new girl from Russia, Trixie decided she was finally going to give Alaska the push she needed into Sharon’s arms – and, hopefully, herself into Katya’s.

A/N: Someone prompted yesterday: “Million dollar idea: high school au where alaska and trixie are cheerleaders+ best friends who get crushes on goth misfit sharon and weird nerdy Russian exchange student katya who also happen to be bffs and they have to wing woman their way into both of them getting gfs” and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!! Expect updates all this week, and Girls Like Dollies will resume at the weekend as planned!

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Saturday Morning [Part 2] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

As soon as I got home, I could no longer suppress the urge to look Grayson up on Google. I didn’t even have to type in his last name. Google immediately suggested ‘Grayson and Ethan Dolan’. I was hesitant. Was this an invasion of privacy? Was it weird because I met him without immediately knowing who he was? Did he like that? Did he hate that? Would he be weirded out if he found out I Googled him? 

My head felt like the inside of a blender as I pressed ‘Enter’ and looked at the search results. There were hundreds upon thousands of pictures of him with an identical looking boy next to him who I assumed was his brother. I scrolled through Google and contemplated clicking on one of their videos when his Twitter account caught my eye. I clicked and my mouth fell open.

“2.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS?!” I practically shouted from thes small bedroom in my apartment. I ran a hand through my hair and put my elbow on my desk, resting my chin in my hand and sighed loudly. I scrolled through the comments and retweets and his own tweets to see what I was dealing with. 

It was rare he got less than 35,000 likes on each tweet, with thousands of replies and retweets on each one. He talked about loving his fans, truly and genuinely, how they were everything to him. I closed my laptop and put my head on the desk, closing my eyes and mentally slapping myself for even bothering to look him up. It only made the situation worse. 

Okay, so let’s assess: he’s pretty famous, girls love him, he’s breathtakingly beautiful, AND the sweetest guy you’ve met in L.A. Of course.

This was just my luck. I meet a guy who takes my breath away and it turns out he’s unattainable. I rolled my eyes and picked up a book from my desk, going to sit on my bed. I pulled my calculus notebook from a drawer and started working on some problems, as I did every day to keep my mind sharp, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Grayson and all his fans and what I should do about it. I must’ve been working for about an hour when my phone buzzed. 

An unrecognized number flashed on my screen and I picked up my phone.

Hey. It’s Grayson. Wanted to make sure you had my number. I had a blast today! Can’t wait to trip over you again 😜

I felt my heart race and I thought for a moment before replying.

I had fun too. Hopefully next time there will be no tripping!

I put my phone down, expecting that to be the end of the exchange, but was surprised when it buzzed for a second time. 

What’re you doing tomorrow?
I have to work in the morning, but I’m free after like, 1. Why?

I put the phone down, but stared at it intently, holding my breath. The pause between this text and his first text was substantially different. There was a long wait before I got a response, but he did respond.

Would you be totally opposed to me taking you to dinner?

I let out the most girlish, unabashedly gleeful giggle I’d ever giggled in my entire life, along with the breath that I had been holding. I had to remind myself to take a deep breath to get enough oxygen to my brain before I responded, so as to make sure I didn’t say anything ENTIRELY stupid. I wrote out three different responses, deleting them all before finally settling on something not entirely stupid.

Not TOTALLY opposed, no. In fact, I think I’d be totally up for it. 😊

Oh, god, that was fuckin’ lame…

Awesome! I’ll pick you up at 7. I can’t wait

Me neither! See you then 

I closed out the messenger app on my phone and looked up to stare at the wall for a minute. I had to say it out loud to confirm that it was true and I wasn’t losing my mind.

“A famous YouTuber…tripped over me in a bookstore…and is taking me on a date tomorrow…” I said, slowly, as if putting together puzzle pieces. I rolled my eyes and flopped back down onto my bed, my head hitting the pillows with a thwack.

So, you’re going on a date with him? Does that mean you’ve decided to go after him? Or let him go after you?

I struggled with the repercussions of going on a date with Grayson for hours, going back and forth with myself. I didn’t want to have a target on my back yet again. His fans would surely be upset if they knew he was seeing someone. I looked up Grayson’s twitter on my own and clicked over to his brother’s page. There were several dozen pictures of him with a beautiful young woman with song lyrics as comments and lots of heart-eyed emojis. His fans seemed to be pretty supportive of their relationship. Her name was Emily. 

I got up to make myself some dinner and continued thinking about the whole thing, scrolling through their social media pages. I watched a few of their videos while I cooked. They WERE funny, and I laughed out loud at a few of them. They were goofy and silly. They reminded me a little of my sister’s husband Kyle. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, my phone rang and his name lit up the screen. I smiled and answered.

“SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! Were your ears burning?!” I said with a laugh. My brother-in-law laughed and put the phone on speaker. I could hear their dog Riley barking in the background.

“Hey, Alyssa! How are you?! Michaela was worried about you, said you hadn’t called in a few days and she asked me to check on you. What’s up?”

This was very typical of my brother-in-law. He and my sister were high school sweethearts. They started dating at 14 and got married at 28 - they’ve literally been together for more of their lives than not. He was always like a sixth brother to me, the one I liked the best. He was always there for me as much as he was for Michaela, and I always appreciated that about him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve been super busy. Working, reading, meeting boys, studying -”


“No, Kyle. Not yet, anyway,” I said, scoffing at the end of my sentence. It wouldn’t be the first time Kyle beat a guy up for me.

“Good. Your mom’s worried about you too. You should call her later.” I let out a loud, elongated groan at the suggestion. I love my mother, I do. But she is the very definition of a helicopter parent. 

“Thank you for the list of people I should call,” I said with a laugh, pulling my dinner together. “How’s the landscaping business getting along?”

I talked to Kyle for another half hour before he told me he had to go. It was already 9 here in L.A. which meant it was midnight back home. I told him I’d call my sister and mother in the morning since they were probably already sleeping and left my phone on the kitchen counter as I ate on the couch and watched Hulu. I’d been hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale, having read it when I was younger and knew I deserved a break from studying, so I finished two episodes.

When I was done, I cleaned my dishes and put them away, going back to my room to do some reading before bed. I pulled the book I had purchased out of my backpack and smiled as I thought about my day with Grayson. If it weren’t for this book, I never would have met him.

Maybe that would’ve been a good thing.

I frowned. The thought had come so clearly from a dark corner of my brain. I sighed and put the book down in my lap, staring at it. Was going on a date with Grayson a good idea? Were we rushing things? WAS IT EVEN A DATE?! 

The thought caught me off guard and I sat up a little straighter, my eyes widening. He hadn’t called it a date and neither had I. I let out an agonized growling sort of noise and flopped down face first onto my bed.

Oh, fuck.

Cleaning Service Part Two

You can read part one here.

Jai scoured your professional and personal Instagram and Facebook pages. He smiled as he looked over your pictures with family and friends. He was coming more intrigued by you as he found out all he could about you. You started your cleaning business out of high school and put yourself through college. Your business was a success for the past six years.  So beauty and brains. Jai saw that you liked white roses like the late singer Selena and wondered if he should send you some. He shook his head no, as that would be too stalkerish. Cyber stalking was bad enough.
“Hey Dan! Come here.” Jai called to his friend who was lounging on his couch. “What do you think of her?” Jai asked moving his laptop so Dan can see your profile pictures.
Dan shrugged his shoulders. “She’s alright. She’s no Ruby Rose though.”
“There is only one Ruby Rose Dan. I think she’s cute. There is something about her.” Jai said lightening up a cigarette as he stared at your photo more.  Maybe he will send you roses with a thank you card for the ride to his car.
“I think you can do better.” Dan said walking back to the couch. Jai shook his head and looked back at your photos thinking of what to put on the card he would send with the flowers.

“Oh my God! Y/N! Who are they from?!” Alyssa sniffed the white roses that were sitting in a gorgeous vase in the middle of your coffee table.
“They are from a client.” You answered frowning to yourself.
“What’s up with the sour face? You should be happy your clients appreciate you.” Alyssa stated sniffing the roses again and being nosy in looking for the card to see which client it was.
“I don’t need attention from this particular client.” You told her. Jai Courtney was not a man you wanted to deal with. He was devastatingly handsome, sexy and a serial womanizer. You knew for a fact, as you always had to clean up after his little conquests. You could open up your own lingerie shop from all the lingerie that was left at his house. A man like him was dangerous for a woman like you. He would just use you and then throw you away when he was done. You could not let him use his charms. However, it seemed his charms were working with little effort as you rented all his movies from Amazon.  You were already disgusted with yourself for fantasizing about him and the flowers he sent only perpetrated the fantasy even more.
“Who is the client?” Alyssa asked finally walking away from the table disappointed she did not locate a card.
“Jai Courtney.”
“Oh My God!! Girl he is fine as fuck!! What the hell did you do to him to get flowers. None of my clients ever sent me flowers. They do leave hefty tips though. I rather have the money….but those flowers though…” Alyssa looked back at the flowers. They were beautiful and a man did not send a woman flowers like that without a reason.
“I gave him a ride to his car so I guess he was just being nice and saying thank you.” You told Alyssa hoping the information you just divulge would satisfy her.
“What is he like in person? How does he smell, look?”
You should have known your friend would continue to ask questions.
“To be honest he is really sexy.”
“I knew it!” Alyssa shrieked. “He must like you to send you flowers.”
You shook your head no.
“He was just being nice Alyssa.”
“Being nice is sending carnations. These are roses….white roses which you love. So he must have found out some information about you.”
“I doubt he would go through all that for the cleaning lady. Can we talk about something else?” You were starting to get uncomfortable with the conversation. You did not need to get your hopes up that someone like Jai would actually take the time to find out anything about you.

“Fuck!” You muttered to yourself as you pulled up next to Jai’s car in the driveway. You had a feeling he would be home during your next visit. You let yourself in and found him at the kitchen table looking at his laptop, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee.
“Good Morning.” You said smiling wider than you wanted too. Jai met your smile with his own.
“Hey!” He shut his laptop and got up to help you carry in your cleaning supplies. He looked stunning in a white tank top and gray lounge pants.
“Thank you very much for the roses. They were beautiful. You know you didn’t have to do that.” You stepped back from his towering figure. You inhaled his cologne and felt your body react. Stop it! You chastised yourself.
“I know I didn’t have too but I wanted too.”
“How did you know I liked white roses?”
Jai’s smile widen. “Would you freak out if I said your Facebook  and Instagram profile?”
You shook your head no. It didn’t freak you out. You were flattered.
“Have you had breakfast?”
Your stomach rumbled at his question. You only had time for coffee that morning.
“No but I need to get started.”
“My place doesn’t need cleaning today.”
You looked around and he was right. The place was spotless.
“I was about to make breakfast. Do you mind using the time you would take to clean and have breakfast with me?” Jai looked at you hopeful. What was this man up too?
“Ok.” You were curious as to what he had up his sleeve.
“You’re not vegan or vegetarian are you?” Jai asked heading to the kitchen. “I saw meat in some of your food posts.”
“I eat meat and dairy.” You answered sitting on a barstool at his kitchen island watching him as he gathered items from his fridge. As you watched him, everything felt surreal. Jai Courtney was just a few feet away from you making you breakfast. The same man you watched in a movie last night. You were not the one to be star struck as you had become use to meeting celebrities in your line of work but there was just something about Jai that sent a steady hum throughout your body. You and Jai made small talk as he efficiently made breakfast. You found yourself getting lost in the sound of his accent and trying with all your might to focus on what he was actually saying.
“Y/N. Come try these eggs to make sure they are too your liking.”
You hopped off the stool and met Jai at the stove. He took a scoop of scrambled eggs out the pan, slowly blew on it to cool it down while not leaving eye contact with you. You found the action erotic.
“Open your mouth.” He instructed his voice becoming husky. You slowly open your mouth as he put the spoonful of eggs in your mouth. The eggs were delicious. As you chewed, swallowed and licked your lips you noticed Jai’s eyes dilate and changed a shade of blue.
“It’s delicious Jai.” You told him. You noticed Jai’s eyes leave your lips to linger on your chest. He wondered how delicious you would taste. You felt heat rise to your cheeks and you stepped away from him and the stove. Jai cut off the burner and removed the pan. You turned around to head back to your stool when you felt him grab your hand and turn you around to face him. Before you realized what was happening Jai’s lips came crashing down on yours. You instinctively open your mouth to him. You heard him let out a small moan as his tongue found yours. Your arms snaked around his neck to pull him in closer and deeper in your mouth. You don’t know what had took over you but you were hungry for him and all of him. As your tongue thrusted deeper in his mouth Jai lifted you up by the butt and placed you on the island. He broke this kiss and traced his lips alongside your jaw to your neck. This time it was your turn to moan as his tongue lapped and nibbled at your neck. He felt so good and you wondered what his tongue would feel like on your throbbing sex. As if reading your mind Jai started to unbutton your jeans and you froze. Your eyes flew open and you pushed him away.
“Don’t! I can’t!” You shouted gathering your wits. How could you have let it get so far? You told yourself you would not fall for a man like him. Were you a glutton for punishment ?
“What’s wrong Y/N?” Jai stepped back confused at the turn of events. You hopped off the island.
“This is not a good idea.” You told him as you headed for the door with Jai right behind you.
“Don’t!” You turned around and pressed your hand against his massive chest to stop him. “Please don’t.” You were practically begging. You quickly grabbed your keys and headed out the door.
Jai looked at his closed door in disbelief. What had just happen? You were literally melting in his arms. He could tell you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. He could not believe you just rushed out.
You left out in such a hurry you forgot your cleaning supplies. What would it take for him to break down your barrier. Jai never met a straight woman he could not have. He was just going to have to pull everything out of his arsenal to get you. He would not rest until he had you in his arms.

Part Three soon.

Just at the Right Time

Rating- General Audiences
Fandom- RuPaul’s Drag Race RPF
Relationship- Trixie Mattel/Katya Zamolodchikova
Characters- Trixie MattelKatya, Zamolodchikova, Detox Icunt, Alyssa Edwards, Ginger Minj, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Additional Tags- Love Confessions, Homesickness

The moment that Katya was sitting in the Golden Lounge, she let out a sigh of relief. Her body was aching from the runway and her head feeling compressed by her tight blonde wig.

Detox moved around the room gathering two drinks (non-alcoholic of course). Smiling quickly at Alyssa she made to sit next to the Russian queen. “We’re in the home stretch mama.” She said with a smile handing Katya her drink.

Katya smiled back appreciating the effort the man in drag was giving. If only it had been someone else giving her such words of encouragement; maybe she would believe them. When she was already halfway done with her drink Ginger had decided to see what was in the pink fuzzy box.

“Oh gurl! Let’s see what they got in store for us tonight!” Alyssa exclaimed.

Alaska laughed softly before speaking in her long drawn out voice. “I’m not drunk enough for this!” She said.

Detox laughed out loud, thinking back when she was in season five. If only she had a good strong drink back then, maybe she would have actually done better. Ru Paul knows how stressed the completion could get.

The Russian queen would have been content just sitting there watching as the other queens either bickered or laughed. That was until Ginger began to read out the pink card.

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Baby, New York City: Chapter Five (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: HELLO WORLD. I HAVE RETURNED. I’m so sorry this took me over a month to get to y'all!! Life got super hectic and I felt so absolutely overwhelmed and unmotivated but I’m here and here is the next chapter! Thank you so much to everyone that’s been keeping this little story in their thoughts. Y'all pushed me to keep going! I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter Five: Workplace Distractions and Stage Time Together

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The City (Part 2)

Dean X Reader 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Opening my eyes, I wish I could freeze time. What I would give to sit here in this moment for hours. Glancing up, I see Dean leaning up against the wall to my right. Watching me. I feel my cheeks heat up as I look back down at my hands, folded on my lap. I hear a chuckle from him.

“Hey! Don’t laugh at me!” I say, snapping my head up to glower at him. “I was just enjoying the moment. You should try it some time.” I can hear the venom seep into my voice. I just can’t help it; his laughing made me feel ashamed.

“Hey, I enjoy plenty of moments thank you!” Walking away from him, I can’t see his face but can hear the very slight amount of hurt in his voice. I flinch a little, immediately regretting what I said. For a moment I consider apologizing and launching into the reason behind my mood. Instead I shrug it off, and return to the task of digging out, what little make up I have.

Clasping my poor excuse for a makeup bag from underneath one of Dean’s Shirts, which yes I did steal from him a while back; Sam walks out of the bathroom.

“Okay, I’m ready to go hit the town!” Sam’s face lit up in such a carefree way as he said it, clearly just as excited to be free for a night as I am. I didn’t even notice I was smiling too, until Dean asked me if I was ready.

“Umm, I just need some time to get ready. But I don’t want to hold you guys up; so why don’t you guys go and I’ll catch up with you.” For a split second, I hope they will say they are going to wait. I don’t like the idea of Dean being in a city of beautiful woman, especially without me.

“Its okay, we can wait.” Dean confidently states. I can’t look at him when I answer.

“No, seriously it’s okay. I’m going take a while. I would rather you guys just go, so I don’t feel rushed.” I would like to imagine Dean didn’t want to go out without me either. That he would wait for me regardless of what I said.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Nodding my head, I duck into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I hear the boys talking; then the door shutting, leaving me in my silence.

I look at myself in the mirror. My blue eyes stare back at me. I bring my hands up and softly rub them, only to open my eyes and see everything is the same. Dropping my hands onto the cool granite counter, I let my head fall as well. I know I do this to myself. I could speak up. I could have said “No, wait for me.” But I love to sabotage my own happiness. Shaking my head, I grab my phone and hit shuffle on my country play list.

Soon I am singing and dancing, fully in the mood to go to the concert and listen to my favorite country band. I finish my foundation and concealer, when I hear a loud knock on the door. Opening it, I let out a small sigh of disappointment; wishing it was Dean.

Alyssa stands in front of me, her suitcase at her heel. Before I could get a word out, she is shoving past me chatting about something her parents did.

“Hi, so not to be rude but what are you doing here?” I said in the nicest way possible. She looked at me like I grew another head.

“Oh, right sorry. I was complaining about my parents so much I forgot to explain.” She motions to her suitcase. “I figured you had nothing to wear, since you had no idea this was happening. So I brought you options!” She looks so cheery, opening up her suitcase and dumping the contents on my bed.

“Alyssa, listen I really appreciate that, but I’m completely fine wearing what I have.” She tilts her head back and laughs.

“Trust me. You’ll feel better dressed up.” I open my mouth to refuse, but she went on before I could. “Also I will not be taking no for an answer. So we can do this the hard way, or you can just accept this and let it be fun.” She is standing there with her hands on her hips, waiting for me to give her an answer. I want to refuse, but instead just say yes in defeat. “Yay!” she jumps up and down while she goes through ever item, talking about how one will work better with the other. “You know what? This would be so much fun if it was a surprise! Why don’t you go back into the bathroom and finish your make up? When your done you’ll have an amazing outfit waiting for you!” I saw no point in going against her, so I just say okay and head back into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I fished my eye shadow, liner and mascara, taking a little extra time to add a wing to my liner on the top. Opening the door I make my way over to Alyssa; who has laid out three outfit choices for me.

“I told you to finish your make up, then come out.” She says rolling her eyes in exasperation.

“I did.” She stops suddenly. Turning slowly she takes a step towards me. Inspecting my face, I wait for her to say something and explain her odd behavior.

“Are you kidding me? That’s it! That’s all of the make up? I mean don’t get me wrong, your pretty and everything but holy shit you would be the hottest girl there if you went full out.” Rolling my eyes I regret letting her in here in the first place.

“Whatever, this is all I have.” My annoyance starts to seep out of my voice.

“I can fix that, come on” She grabs two large makeup bags from her suite case and walks to the bathroom. I follow suite, knowing once again it would be useless to go against her.

Thirty minutes later my face looks like someone I have never seen before. My eyes were covered in a dark smoky shadow; I even had on a pair of fake lashes. She has also contoured my face, and covered every imperfection, with a dark red lip. Inspecting my face I could not believe it, I look like a girl who would have boys fawning after her, and the girl every other girl hated because of jealousy. I was speechless as Alyssa packed up her makeup.

“See, you look amazing!” She is giggling as she walks back into the main room; like she did not just change me into a different looking person. “Hey are you coming out to change or not?” Apparently I was, ready or not.

The wall sized mirror next to the main door, shows a girl I don’t know covered in make up.  This stranger reaches up and adjusts the diamond necklace around her neck. I was subtle enough that it did not look too much with the daisy duke shorts I wore, with a grey tank top cut off, and a red and blue plaid shirt tied around my waist. I wasn’t sure if I liked this new girl, but I guess I could be her for a night.

“Okay I have come to a problem.” My head snaps in Alyssa’s direction. She is sitting on the bed looking at her suitcase in defeat.

“Why? what’s wrong?” She glances up to me, looking like she was about to cry.

“I didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes!” Shrugging I just say I can wear my black combat boots. “Okay put them on, lets see.” She sounds so disappointed.

Taking my shoes out of the closet, I also grab a fresh pair of black ankle socks, very excited to have at least something of my own on.

Standing up, Alyssa looks my now completed outfit up and down. Suddenly she is standing a giant grin on her face. “What?” Her look makes me slightly uneasy.

“Its amazing, the combat boots make the outfit… better! It gives it like a punk country look; I love it! It kind of looks like something on tumblr, or pinterest!” Glancing at my self in the mirror I have to agree with her. The look is starting to grow on me.

Heading out, Alyssa texts her parents who say they are at a bar next to the hotel. We decide to go there first to check in with them. The streets are crowed, but Alyssa moves through them like its second nature.

Finally reaching the bar, after many accounts of me bumping into people and apologizing profusely, the bouncer at the door checks our ids. Deciding they were real, she lets us in.

Its not too crowded but there are very few bar stools left. Walking further in, we see Alyssa’s parents sitting at a table, and much to my surprise Dean and Sam sitting with them. There were two open seats at the table they managed to snag, Sam and Deans coat thrown over the back of them. A smile spreads across my face. They waited for us.
Not seeing us approach, we were behind them, only a few people standing in the way.

My heart stops. Two bottled blonds dressed very skimpy make their way over to the boys. Sam and Dean smile and greet them as they move their jackets off the chairs. They did not save them for us; they saved them for two girls they met.

My feet stop dead in their tracks, unable to take any more steps. Alyssa doesn’t seem to notice though, too engrossed in catching up with her parents.

I watch in horror as Dean and the blond lean in, trying to talk in the loud bar. Alyssa finally reaches the table making her presence known. She suddenly realizes I’m not beside her. Turning around, she looks at me puzzled. Dean looks up from the blond, greeting Alyssa. She gives a halfhearted hello, keeping her eyes trained on me. Dean realizes this, and turns around to see what she is looking at. I turn around and head to the door before he could see me.

I push through the crowed, quickly making my way back to the hotel room. Unlocking the door, I step inside and lock it, including the dead bolt. I don’t want the boys to be able to catch me right now.

Digging even deeper in my bag, I pull out a box of tampons, a place I know the boys would never venture, and pull out the tube sock I put in it. Walking over to my bed, I grab a bottle of water from the mini fridge. Taking a seat, I tip the sock over and let the bright orange bottle fall onto the bed. Popping the cap open, I let a little blue pill fall into my hand. Closing my eyes I place the pill on my tongue, and take a gulp of water. Wanting the pain to end, and knowing these were the means, at least for now.

frikinwhales  asked:

Imma gonna need a fic with aaaall them batboys getting shitfaced drunk and AT SOME POINT during the night they dent a wall by seeing who can throw Tim the farthest. (Please thank you)

First of all, you guys meet my friend Sean. He’s one of my wonderful irl friends who I can always bounce ideas off of without worrying about judgement. He’s great and we actually came up with this idea when we were talking about how we just want a superhero movie where we see them doing normal things. 

I just want to thank you, Sean, for being supportive and for being one of my few irl friends that doesn’t judge me (much) for all the weird shit I write on the internet. 

ALSO the movie Fear (1996) is like a giant inside joke between my friends and I. We watch it all the time, we think about it all the time, I wrote a poem about it for a class (and got 10/10). It’s not just a movie, it’s an experience and I’m making the Batboys watch it because I can. 

This fic is gen.

Movie Night at the Manor

Occasionally, Dick dragged Jason to the manor for a family movie night. They had come to the agreement that Jason would do it under two conditions: Bruce couldn’t be there, and there had to be a lot of alcohol. 

It was that time of year again, when Dick started bothering Jason about how the family missed him and it had been awhile since Jason visited everyone at the manor. It had reached the point where Jason agreed to a movie night so Dick would shut up and Tim would stop calling him about how much Dick was complaining about it. 

That was how he ended up at the manor in the media room piled up on the couch with Dick, Tim, and Damian. The table in front of them was piled up with snacks and there was a drink cart on one end of the couch (the end where Jason chose to sit) loaded with all of their favorite types of alcohol. 

Damian, despite not being of drinking age, insisted on joining them, sipping grape juice out of a wine glass. 

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Unintended Chapter 3


summary: Foreston Academy was the very last resort for angry, lonely Dan Howell. He never could have imagined meeting anyone like Phil Lester, and Phil never could have known that befriending his new roommate would change his life entirely.

Is there such a thing as being too forgiving?

betas: comefeedmyobsession and kaleidanscope

wc: ~4k 

warnings: descriptions of fire

a/n: i am alrEADY so sick of uploading this only another 10 chapters and an epilogue to go((((((:

Even though PJ hadn’t actually mentioned to Phil taking Dan down to Firespot, the thought had still raced through Phil’s head as an extension to their conversation as he headed back down the hallway.

Although this thought made him sad, Phil was ever an optimistic person, and believed that Foreston and his own supportiveness towards Dan together would eventually get Dan to come round. If Phil couldn’t take Dan down to Firespot tonight, maybe he could another night.

When Phil arrived back in the room, Dan and Alyssa unlocked lips to each give Phil an angry scowl.

‘I am not leaving,’ said Phil, stretching his arms with a loud yawn and starting to hum a tune happily as he took out a notepad.

Dan and Alyssa stared in shock.

'I’m just gonna draft out a letter to the family,’ chirped Phil, partly radiating his usual sunshine, but partly enjoying the horrified looks on their faces. Alyssa had been quite the bitch in the past, and even he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on her nerves a bit.

Still humming, he flipped the pages in his notebook noisily, crackling the paper and clicking his pen a few times when he saw Dan’s hand tracing back towards Alyssa’s boob.

He leapt up and smiled widely at the two teenagers.

'Mind if I put some music on?’ He was still happy and smiling, and skipped over to the mini-stereo without waiting for an answer.

He half wasn’t expecting one, he seemed to have shocked them so much, but Dan was clearing his throat and glaring at him.

'Uh? Yeah? I do mind!’

Phil turned up a Blink-182 track before doing a little dance and turning back to Dan, desperately trying not to laugh and to keep his smile genuine.

'What!?’ He shouted, cupping a hand around his ear, 'What did you say?’

'I said,’ screamed back Dan, 'turn the fucking music down!’


/I’ll add some blink lyrics here but I want something really good and couldn’t think of anything appropriate off the top of my head so any suggestions are appreciated!!/

'Turn it down!’ He turned back to Alyssa and Phil saw him tell her to ignore him, before trying to make out with her again. She looked back at him with disgust, clambering off the tiny bed with equal scowls of disdain at both of the boys, turning off the stereo and striding towards the door with her hips rocking.

'Wait! Alyssa! Where’re you going?!’ Dan slid off the bed towards the door but Alyssa turned round sharply.

'Out. I’ll come back when you can be arsed to put me before your loser roommate.’


Alyssa’s eyebrows shot up her high forehead.

'Don’t fucking call me that,’ she hissed, before spitting on the carpeted floor and picking her way out of the room and into the corridor, slamming the door as hard as she was able.

Phil knew Alyssa, and if Dan wanted to keep her, he needed to go after her now. Luckily, Dan was too busy being angry at Phil.

'What the fuck, do you think you’re doing?’

'Ew, gross. She spat on the floor.’

'Hey, wanker! Are you listening to me!?’

'I reckon you should clean this up.’

'What?!’ Dan was stunned. He hadn’t thought that his roommate was quite so… Audacious.

'Yeah, well, you seem happy for her spit to be in your mouth, so it shouldn’t be an issue to clean off the floor, right?’

Dan’s face was filled with such anger that Phil’s courage started to crumble.

This boy had been expelled. For what? What had he done? And what could he do to Phil?

Fury clouded Dan’s face and his chocolate eyes turned to dark stones. Phil started backing up against the other side of the room.

'Who. The. Fuck,’ he hissed, each word thrown as a silver knife slicing through Phil, 'do you think you are?’


'How. Dare. You!’

Dan’s hands had curled into quivering fists of anger. Phil thought of Chris and PJ, locked away in their own cosy room at the other end of the corridor. He didn’t own a mobile phone, and neither did Peej.

'Dan, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise she was… Important..?’ Dan had only met her today! Why was he so furious?! Especially after the way he had treated Phil all day!

Dan’s brain unfogged briefly, just enough for him to respond to Phil’s comment. Of course Alyssa wasn’t important. He didn’t even like her that much. But- But- Phil had-

What exactly had Phil done? Interrupted them? The reason Alyssa had left was because he, Dan, wouldn’t stand up to Phil.

Well, he thought, red flooding his vision again as he remembered Phil’s rude comments about him cleaning up Alyssa’s spit, Dan would stand up to Phil now. That would show him. That would show everyone.

'Dan,’ he heard Phil whimper as he approached the pathetic specimen, and all Dan could do was laugh. He loved it when he was more powerful than another, loved the feeling of someone else being completely helpless right in front of him. It made him feel whole, it made him feel alive.

'Dan, you don’t want to hurt me,’ Phil was sliding down the wall as Dan raised his fists with a cruel glare, 'no, seriously, you can’t get kicked out on your first day! Your parents-’

His parents. His parents. How did Phil know about his parents!? How could he possibly know!?

Dan’s hand slammed into Phil’s shoulder, pinning him against the wall, their noses only inches apart as Dan hissed into Phil’s face.

'What do you know about my parents!?’

'Nothing! Nothing, I just- what would they say if you got expelled again-’

Phil quickly flicked his face to one side to try and protect himself, assuming his comment would only rile Dan up, but it infact had the opposite effect.

Dan took a deep gulp, eyes beading with tears, and crumpled to the floor, letting go of Phil immediately, who ended up crumpled beside him.

To Phil’s utter horror, Dan’s eyes started streaming, his breath coming in thick raspy heaves.


'Why can’t I-’ Dan wailed, ’-do anything right!?’ He thrust his head against the wall and Phil had to dive out of the way to avoid being headbutted.

'Dan-’ Phil grabbed Dan’s shoulders and pulled him back as he attempted to hit his head again, 'Dan- please stop, please,’ the boy was scaring Phil now.

'I’m so useless! I’m just this huge fuck-up, Phil, I- I-’

'Dan, please stop. You’re not a fuck-up, you’re just-’


Dan dissolved into tears so ferocious that his body shook with each sob as he curled up on the carpet, arms wrapped desperately around his body. Phil was shocked to put it mildly; this outburst was worse than any of Dan’s tears he had experienced yesterday.

'You don’t know me,’ Dan muttered, gasping for air between the violent sobs.

'Then, Dan,’ Phil put a gentle hand on Dan’s shoulder, pushing him up into a sitting position, 'let me.’ Phil laughed at how anime he sounded, and Dan stared in confusion, his sobs slowing but the tears still running a river down his cheeks. 'I mean, um, let me get to know you. Tell me about you…’ He broke off as Dan fell into fresh howls of sorrow, this time completely and utterly inconsolable.

For the second time in the two days Dan had been at Foreston, Dan missed his dinner. But this time, Phil did as well. Although Phil could do nothing to help the boy, he stayed there holding his hand until the tears subsided and he collapsed on his bed into a troubled sleep.




'Where is he right now?’

'In our room, wiped out. That’s why I have to be quick- I want to be there when he wakes up. God knows what he could do.’ And plus, thought Phil, he wanted Dan to know Phil was there for him, no matter how much of a 'fuck-up’ Dan thought hewas.

'Ok, I can probably do that. You game, Chris?’

Chris shouted over from the corner, where he was busy tapping away on a laptop, 'Yeah, yeah Phil, you can count on us! I mean, I don’t have a clue what you actually want me to do, I wasn’t listening, So bear that in mind when I say I’m happy to help. If 'help’ means you want to cheer him up by selling my body to him, I’m afraid I may be out…’

'You’re a prat, Chris,’ snorted PJ as Phil laughed.


Dan was awoken by the tinkling of a tune he thought he recognised, but couldn’t place for the life of him.


As Dan’s eyes slowly unglued themselves, he rolled over in his bed (nearly falling out in the process) to watch a tall black-haired figure stumble across the room to turn off the glowing object that was emitting the weirdly familiar music.

Dan’s brain slightly waking up, he realised that it was Phil’s fancy clock, and that the music must be an alarm. A glance at the garish letters told him that it was past midnight on a Monday so, technically, as his sluggish mind pointed out to him, it was Tuesday.

Phil turned round when he heard Dan groan.

'You awake?’

Dan simply grunted, dragging his duvet clumsily over his head with another groan when Phil opened the curtain to let a bright stream of moonlight glow up the room.

'Come on!’ Dan pushed the cover away from his head for a moment to see that Phil was practically skipping with excitement.

Then he remembered.


'Come on come on come on!’ Phil was next to Dan’s bed, positively glowing with excitement, before he grabbed Dan’s hand and yanked him out from his warm cosy den of sleep, pulling him towards the door.

'Phil, I’m in my underwear!’

Phil turned round and looked the boy up and down briefly before the two of the dissolved into giggles.

'Grab a t-shirt and jacket,’ he whispered, pushing him towards the wardrobe before the two of them started giggling again.




When Phil got back from Chris and PJ’s room that evening, he only had to wait another half hour for Dan to wake up.

When he did, Dan was a mess.

'Please don’t make me tell you anything.’


'I don’t want… I mean, I think… You would hate me… More than now… I…’

'Shut up Dan,’ Phil’s voice was soft, and he put an arm around Dan, the two of them now sat on Dan’s bunk with their backs propped up against the wall together, 'I actually don’t hate you, you don’t seem to be able to comprehend-’

'You would,’ Dan’s voice was almost inaudible.

'You’re not following me, Dan, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past, what’s important is-’

'Phil, I’m a fuck-up. You’re not. And I just… I just don’t want to talk about it.’

Phil did want to talk about it. In his experience, nothing helped better than a friend. But he didn’t want to push Dan away, so he decided to let it go for now.

'Can we be friends, Dan?’

Dan was silent as he stared down at his hands. Phil was starting to notice that Dan could never keep his hands still - he was always fidgeting, twitching his fingers or tapping away as though he was perpetually playing a keyboard in his head.

'I don’t know,’

'Why? Am I… Am I doing something wrong?!’

'No, no! I mean… We just, those other guys, David and Patrick and Alyssa,hey’re more like me. Not you… Not you, Phil.’

'How are they more like you? They’re all… Well, to put it bluntly Dan, they’re all kinda dickheads.’

Silence. And then: 'Exactly.’

Phil didn’t know what to say to that.

'You don’t have to be like them.’ Is what he settled for at length, trying desperately to break the silence.

'I am though. I can’t change who I am.’

'You’re not! I was watching you today, Dan, and you looked bored! You’re interesting and funny and creative and you don’t need to hang round with idiots like that because you feel like that’s what you deserve, or whatever it is you think.’

'Shut up waffling. And plus; those “idiots” are my friends.’

Dan’s voice was cold, and Phil panicked. Could he do nothing right with this boy? He had always thought he was good with people - he made friends easily and most people who knew him adored him -yet he didn’t seem to be able to do anything right with Dan.

'I’m sorry,’ he mumbled, also staring at his own pale hands now, 'I… please don’t hate me.’

Dan’s hands were slightly more tanned than Phil’s, his fingers less long and nails less nibbled. Phil watched as he interlaced his fingers agitatedly, giving away some of the emotion his passive face hid so well.

'I don’t hate you,’ Phil heard Dan whisper.

Phil knew what he wanted to say now.

'Come to Firespot with me tonight. It’s fun, you can actually get to know my friends… Maybe we can start afresh, If you want?’


'I told you 'bout it last night - the campfire thing out in the woods.’ Dan’s face was blank. 'Just after I turned the lights out and you were pretending to be asleep…’

Phil wondered if he’d upset Dan or if the boy would just deny it, but to his delight Dan just chuckled a little and looked up at him with a tiny sad smile on his face.

'Yeah… yeah, ok.’ At that moment Phil’s stomach gave a rumble, 'Hh god, you didn’t get anything to eat, did you!?’

'Oh it’s fine, I’ve sorted it,’ Phil flashed a wide smile at Dan, trying desperately and mostly failing to hide how overjoyed he was that Dan was coming to Firespot with him, before jumping off the bed and hopping over to the stereo.

'Help me pick something to listen to, friend.’



'So… What was your alarm song thing? I think I might have recognised it.’

'Oh, um, it’s from the soundtrack to some anime film.’

They spoke in whispers because they were creeping down the grounds together, having gotten out of the building successfully and gone out through the conservatory doors that were left open every Monday night for the students who were in the know about Firespot. Dan had insisted on putting on some proper clothes and shoes; there was no way he was going to a campfire in the middle of the night dressed only in his underwear.

'Which film? I love anime!’

'One of the Ghibli ones, I think? It’s bad, but I can’t actually remember, I’ve had it as my alarm for so long.’

'What’s your favourite anime Phil?’ The grass was soft and springy under Dan’s feet, the moonlight bright and Dan’s excitement was building.

'Film or show?’

'Either. Both. I don’t know!’

‘It has to be Iwatobi Swim Club in terms of show, I mean, all the muscles. I identify with Gou spiritually.’

‘Oh yes! I love that show, how it just,’ Dan clenched his fist, staring at the ground all of a sudden, ‘ended without warning.’

The moon shone brightly in the sky and autumn leaves crunched under their feet as they tiptoed down towards the dark treeline across the grounds.

They talked in hushed voices about things they liked and things they didn’t like, about books and films and shows and games, and because Phil didn’t ask about anything to do with Dan’s past, the conversation was light and easy and enjoyable.

Turns out, thought Dan, maybe he could hold a good conversation. Or maybe it was just Phil.

Soon they were close to the trees, and when he really listened hard during the gaps in conversation, Dan thought he could hear the quiet strains of music coming from somewhere in the woods.

They wandered a little further until they were past the treeline, Phil picking his way through the dark woods easily.

'Listen,’ whispered Phil mid- sentence, pulling one hand to his ear and the other grabbing Dan’s forearm, forcing Dan to stop walking and stand stock-still next to Phil. 'You hear them?’

Dan did hear them. the sound of music, and beneath it laughter and chatter and happiness. It filled him with a buzz, which only increased when he looked over at Phil, who was gazing at him with a strange mix of excitement and anticipation and… pride. He was proud of this school, of Firespot, of everything he had to show his new roommate, Dan realised.

Dan had an overwhelming urge to throw his arms around Phil and pull him into a tight hug, to say thankyou for helping him and understanding him and not hating him, even after the shitty way Dan had behaved over the last couple of days. He wanted to be here in the woods on this cool September night and hold his first ever… friend- since childhood- close under the moonlight streaming through the leaves above them and just… say thankyou.

The emotion was overwhelming when Dan realised that he considered Phil a friend. So much so that he honestly did consider trying to hug him, just for a second.

But of course he didn’t.


(a/n: this next bit is all about the campfire, inc. roasting marshmallows etc)


Just as they approached the clearing, Dan closed his eyes and inhaled the cool night air- it smelt like pine wood and burning and silver moonlight.

Moonlight has a smell, trust me. If you don’t know that then you haven’t been out in the middle of the autumn in a wood at midnight with a raven-haired boy with shining blue eyes staring back at you with excitement and pride, tiny clouds of warm air spiralling out into the darkness every time he takes an excited little puff of breath.

Phil took Dan’s hand in his own cold soft one, and pulled him forwards through the trees. Dan was so taken by surprise by the gentle contact that he for a second froze in Phil’s grasp, staring at their intertwined hands.

Phil followed his gaze, ‘Oh, sorry,’ he said, letting go, a hot pink blush flooding his pale cool cheeks.

Dan instantly felt the warmth leaving his hand. ‘No, no. I… I like it. Friendly. I…’ he wasn’t making any sense, so silently took another deep breath and a step forwards, grasping Phil’s hand tightly in his own. The boy looked at Dan and smiled a happy smile.

They stood there for a second in the shadows, moonlight playing on their hair and skin and faces, before Phil took the first step forward.

‘S’gonna be okay,’ he whispered to Dan, who had not really relaxed ever since the arms of the trees had first surrounded them- he hated trees, and to be right in their midst felt incredibly claustrophobic and intimidating. But with a warm hand squeeze and a smile from Phil, the two boys walked forward together through the dark silhouettes of the trees, taking their steps slowly as their feet crunched on the autumn leaves beneath them.

And with a precipitous blaze of surprise, the trees around them were flickering with golden light, and the laughter and the music and the happiness filled their ears and a radiant beam filled Phil’s face from ear to ear, and Dan dissolved into a dreamlike state as Phil dragged him around the circle and introduced him to everyone, and the music tickled his eardrums and tempted his body and the fire- the huge fire in the centre of the clearing- made everything golden and his eyes stream and his nose smell soot and barbeque food and the flames danced around him expressing every emotion at once.

He was surrounded by beautiful people bathed in golden orange light dancing and twirling and laughing, everyone with huge smiles on their faces and uncaring of what other people would make of them- simply having fun with their friends. There were two boys further back sat on a log, cloaked in shadows, playing guitars, a girl tapping a tambourine, and lots of people singing. Dan could see a few other instruments around- a ukulele lay abandoned, another girl held a flute in her lap- but they weren’t playing. Dan hoped he’d get to hear them later.

Dan was afraid of a lot of things- for example moths and darkness and trees- three things that were all present tonight, in fact- but he wasn’t afraid of fire. He wasn’t afraid of the way fire danced and flickered and shone light upon everything in its vicinity. Dan found fire exquisite and enchanting, and soon was so under the happy friendly dancing spell of Firespot that he found himself understanding why Phil loved it so much. He found himself loving it.

‘Dan,’ whispered Phil in his ear, ‘earth to Dan!’

Dan looked up at Phil, sat on the log next to him, smirking and handing him a stick with a marshmallow speared on the end of it. PJ and Chris were already crouching beside the flames, the fire licking their marshmallows and painting them black. Dan’s mouth started to water- he hadn’t eaten any dinner.

As Dan and Phil got up from the logs and approached the fire, Phil leaned again to Dan and whispered, ‘Peej and Chris went down to the kitchens for us earlier- we have tons of food to eat! To be honest, everyone here usually makes quite an event of the first night back at Firespot- a midnight feast, if you will.’

Dan felt drunk with happiness as he toasted marshmallows over the flickering dancing heat with Phil, Chris and PJ joining them so they could all take their first bites together- and it was all the gooey slimy sugary burn-your-tongue goodness that Dan could ever have dreamed of. It felt like heaven.

‘So… Tell me more about,’ Dan gestured around him, ‘the people here.’

The looks on PJ and Phil’s faces were made simultaneously of sunshine and moonlight, flickering flames and light laughter. Phil’s tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth.

‘We here,’ said Phil, ‘we’re /all/ misfits.’



These people- they liked him. They accepted him.

At least, Dan thought they did. He surely must be wrong- but…

He couldn’t ask- he couldn’t- he would sound so needy, so lame…

But he loved it here. These people were so much more fun than who he had spent time with today. He realised how much rather he would be here, accidentally setting sausages on fire over a bonfire with Phil, than making out with a girl he barely knew- someone who deep down, he didn’t actually really like…

But why would these people like him? Why would anybody actually like Dan? He had been so awful…


Dan even considered that it was all an elaborate set-up, that at some point Phil and Chris and PJ would jump out and go ‘ha! We hate you really! You fell for it! Idiot!’ Dan knew it was stupid, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Dan watched the flames, overwhelmed by the personal conflict, until as if he had heard his thoughts, Dan felt Phil nudge his arm.

‘I’m really glad you’re here Dan,’ he whispered, blue eyes shining bright with honesty.

‘Really?’ Dan’s comment was almost inaudible, but Phil heard it.


Dan had to turn away before Phil saw the tears of happiness that were pooling in his eyes. He had to do it, he thought. A new leaf. A fresh start.

Perhaps…. Perhaps it was possible after all.

Dan lay his head on Phil’s shoulder. The boy looked over, surprised, before relaxing into his side with a smile, their warm bodies pressed together.

It was so late, and Chris’ eyes were so heavy, his senses dulled by the food and the fun and the extraordinariness of the night. But he had never felt more happy than now, as he leant back against the bark of a tree and watched the silhouette of his roommate spiral joyously through the flames, completely unaware of how beautiful a dancer he was. Chris yawned and closed his eyes for a second, the image of PJ burning into his retinas, a feeling of longing sweeping over him along with the powerful wave of tiredness.

PJ was far too perfect- he was kind and funny and ridiculously creative- he danced like a god with a orange halo of light highlighting every loose strand of his wild hair, the flickering flames causing the sweat on his face to shine, his lips an orange-pink.

Chris had only known him two days, so how was it that he felt he had loved him for all his life?

Stop it, Chris he was drifting off, eyes closed, head back against the tree trunk, Stop being stupid, his head was so heavy…. You barely know him

That night, as PJ (with assistance from a tired Phil) carried Chris back to the room, unable to arouse him, they didn’t know that he was deep in a dream containing the very boy who held him.

4. nightmares - masterpost


It’s been almost two months since the Ateneo Lady Eagles won their first ever championship.

It’s been almost two months since Alyssa Valdez won as UAAP S76 MVP.  

It’s been almost two months, too, since I started to mellow down.


A few weeks after the celebration and their much talked about TV guestings, after it has sunk in me that they have already, finally, deservingly won the title, I decided I’d stop. 


For a while or for long, that time, I wasn’t sure.


UAAP Season 76 was a big one for me as a fan. 


I watched their games live, even if I had work.

I roamed around the arena to get good photos even if it wasn’t official.

I didn’t stop even if I was already caught and questioned.

I insisted I am just a fan and I was doing it for the blog even if they didn’t believe me.

I blogged at night even if I had more important things to write.

I posted photos after each game as soon I get home, even without eating dinner. 

I went to their trainings, class play, meet and greet - name it, I was there.


I was in the middle of an island doing work and I found myself by the shore, trying so hard to get a signal just to try the livestream, get score updates from Twitter, or call co-supporters every fifteen minutes.  

I was out of town but my mind was at the arena.

I just got off the plane and ran to Araneta just to catch the fourth set of Game 2.


I exhausted every connection I had to get the best seats every game, especially during the finals, just to get good photos.

And by the way, I sold my old DSLR and bought a new and better one for that.


All of these, I did, because Alyssa Valdez and the Ateneo Lady Eagles were worth it. All of these, I did, because they brought out, I guess, the best in me. There’s nothing better in this world than to do the things you are most passionate about for the people you love the most.  


I swore to write for and take photos of them for as long as I can because that’s the only way I thought I could express my support.


But as they say, everything reaches its peak. 

Its climax.


They are the Champs.

She’s the MVP.

Already had a lot of talks with her. Got tweets and messages from some of them. 

They knew about the blog. They appreciated the photos.

I thought I reached the fangirling peak.


I thought it was time for me to slow down, act my age, focus on the more serious and important things. Honestly, I felt I was already half-hearted with my job. Everything I did at work was half-baked. I lost focus. Of course, it was my fault and no one else’s. It was my inability to manage time and balance priorities.  


So, I decided it was time to mellow down and make up for what I neglected at work. It was pretty tiring, too, and I thought I needed a break.


It was off-season and nothing much was happening, and V-League games are not aired live, their first few games weren’t really that big.  


I have been missing in action. 

I have not been going to the arena.

I haven’t even watched their previous games on TV.

I know nothing about the schedule of their games.

The Twitter account is still logged in and I get notifs but I don’t read much.

I try to tweet sometimes but I think I have nothing new to say since I am not updated.

I try to blog but I am not inspired. 


I asked a co-fan if she wanted to blog, or if she wanted to be the new admin. I asked on Twitter who loves photography and writing. I even thought of asking for a 250-word essay just to check on the writing style, composition, and grammar if ever I’d be asking anybody to take on this blog.   


But as they say, what’s in your heart will remain in your heart. 


No matter how you push them away.

No matter how you try to walk away.


I checked Twitter on Friday night and read about the fuss. 

So, they lost, and the non-believers were rejoicing, and some supporters again were questioning.


They were already there, at the top. 

And now, they are struggling.  


I asked myself, is this it?

Is this over?

Does my fangirling peak when my team is at its peak?

Does my support end with my team, winning the championship? 


I watched the telecast of their previous game and realized how I missed seeing them on the court - their smiles, their laughs, their funny gestures, their spunk and their swag. I missed seeing them frustrated, and their willingness to go back and fight. I missed seeing their digs and dives, their tosses and hits. Their hugs, huddles, and high fives. 


I missed the camera clicks each time they dive, jump, and hit. I missed capturing their every smile, high five, and hug. I missed waiting for funny scenes and the jaw-dropping-Alyssa-Valdez-unconsciously-showing-her-abs moments. 


I missed talking about how good the Lady Eagles are, how willing they are to fight, and how charming all of them are. 


I missed letting the whole world know how talented and humble Alyssa Valdez is, how deserving she is of the love and attention she is getting right now. 




I guess I needed that time to realize how much I love Alyssa Valdez and the Lady Eagles that my life is just incomplete without them.


Hats off to co-supporters who never get tired and never stop showing them how much they love them. 

Being a fan is never easy, and there will always come a time when you would question yourself: FOR HOW LONG? FOR UP TO WHAT?


But then, at the end of the day, everything we do in life needs REAFFIRMATION.

Just always go back to the basic: TO WHOM DO WE DO IT FOR AND WHY?



Because more than anything in this world, THEY DESERVE THE LOVE.


This BLOG turns ONE this MAY. 

And TWO next MAY.

Then THREE on the next.

Then FOUR, FIVE, SIX, for as long as this love remains. 


Because this BLOG has been and always will be an OUTPOUR OF LOVE for the ATENEO LADY EAGLES.


*Thank you for always taking time to read the blog. Much appreciated. :)


For updates on new blog entries, follow @forthephenom on Twitter. 

Back to Life (Biadore) - Taurus

Author’s Note: So this is my first time writing fanfiction and sweet baby Jesus it took an unexpectedly smutty turn. It also turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. Oops. I am Biadore trash. Hope you enjoy! One-shot set after All Stars 2. Any feedback really greatly appreciated! Please use author name Taurus.

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All out, all the way.



Alyssa Valdez will probably be in her late thirties that time.

I will probably be in my mid-forties. 


By that time, volleyball will have been so big in the country it can fill MOA arena everyday.

And by that time, the name Alyssa Valdez will have become bigger than what it is today.

She will have become one of the most popular volleyball veterans whose name is mentioned in every single junior or collegiate volleyball game.

Why not? By that time, she will have been the idol and inspiration of young volleyball aspirants. 

By that time, Alyssa Valdez will have toured not only Asia but the whole world as well, representing the country in different international tournaments.

Why not? By that time, her skills will have reached its peak. 

By that time, Alyssa Valdez will have brought the country pride and honor together with other volleyball veterans.

Why not? The games will be far bigger than just about school pride. Their fights will be all about bringing glory to the nation and to God. 

By that time, Alyssa Valdez will have graced countless sports magazines and will have guested in countless sports and variety shows. 

Why not? By that time, she will have become the looked-up-to expert in the field.

By that time, Alyssa Valdez will have become the face and ambassador of most sports brands.

Why not? By that time, she will have become a household name. 


A few years from now Alyssa Valdez will be visiting Ateneo, checking on the young team she used to be playing for.

She will be sitting from the coaching staff’s bench or from the bleachers at the San Juan Arena, watching the girls donning the blue and white.

She will be staring at the same court where she used to play, at the same arena where she started to build her name through every jump, spike, and dive. 

And yes, she will probably be sitting at the bleachers next to her hubby, beaming with pride as she watches her own daughter build a name of her own in the world of volleyball.  


Fifteen to twenty years from now, Alyssa Valdez will be a VOLLEYBALL LEGEND.

That’s more than enough reason to be written and blogged about.


I’ll be in my forties then. 

Work will be more stressful and demanding.

Family will be my number one priority.


But in my forties, I guess I will still be capable of writing.

I will still be capable of blogging about how humble she is despite her skills and talents. 

I will still be capable of talking about how appreciative she is to those who believe in her.

In my forties, I think I will be having a better camera to capture how breathtaking she flies and how heartwarming she smiles.

In my forties, I think I will still be capable of going to wherever she plays and of shouting and cheering my heart out.


Probably, fifteen to twenty years from now, Alyssa Valdez will finally retire from playing the sport she loves dearly. 


But I’ve got fifteen to twenty years to show my support.

I’ve got fifteen to twenty years to cheer, believe, and blog. 

Who’s with me in this all out love? 


*Thank you, @rj1421. Your question really hit me.

Sure, many things will happen in a span of years but come to think of it, UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT knows no time, distance, and age.

Alyssa Valdez will surely go places. And we will be with her all the way.

After all, she deserves all the love in the world, until we all grow old. :)



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