i know that almost everyone loses their souls

This is the love of my life. The person who knows me better than anyone has taken the time to learn. Who knows how to soften his voice with sincere sincerity to get me to stop crying. Who cradles me and let’s me get his shirt wet with tears even in public.
He knows I’ll like or dislike something before I even try it. Except, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get me to try it.
He laughs at the things I say and responds, “you’re lucky you are hilarious”. He tickles me when I doze off. He smiles at me the times I think I’m losing my mind. If he thinks something is wrong with me, he won’t stop asking until he figures out what it is. Seriously, he asks over and over until I come clean.
He showers me with kisses. He kisses me in public when he’s convinced guys were just checking me out.
He loves me for the way I am and the way my mind works.
He listens to me sing and comments about the way I can hit extremely high notes, which nobody has ever said to me before.
He loves the way I lyrically memorize almost everything.
When he smiles my heart stops. When he stares I lose my breath. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful inside and out before in my life.
He’s my soul mate. My absolute world. Everyone has light bulbs to help them through the dark times, friends & family, but he is like my lantern or even my torch. Burning passion that won’t get dull that follows me through every little thing.

I know I’ll always have a hand to hold and a place that will catch me the times I fall. I’m in love with him and I always will be. He’s who I want from now and until forever.

—  But now you’re gone

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So I had this little headcanon about Mercy getting kidnapped by Talon after Overwatch disbanded and went through the same reconditioning and training as Widowmaker and did alot of several successful assassinations. Then Genji just found out after the Recall and everytime they meet he desperately tries to make her remember who she was. Omg I feel terrible about this and sorry (TT-TT)


Okay, here we go. Angst is up ahead, brace yourselves, dolls.

  • When Genji returned to Overwatch, he was looking forward to seeing Dr. Ziegler again. Now he’s at peace with himself, he hopes to know her better. They did, after all, have something between them before Overwatch disbanded, but he was too angry and bitter to let it go too far. He hopes to change that this time around. When he actually arrives to the watch point, he doesn’t see any sign of the medic, so he asks where she is.
  • Everyone freezes at this question, and Genji immediately knows something is wrong. Everyone’s faces shocked and staring at him with wide eyes. They all know what Genji and Mercy were before the disbandment. 
  • “Genji… luv, she was taken by Talon…”
  • Tracer stays with him that night, Genji doesn’t speak a word until morning. For all the time he was wandering and finding himself, Anegla Ziegler was getting tortured by Talon, then recondition into a cold blooded killer.
  • He trains himself harder then he ever has in his life. He’s preparing to get her back, no matter the cost. Many try to convince him that she’s as gone as Amelie Lacroix, but he never listens. McCree tries to help him by explaining that he faced her once, and that she truly is gone. 
  • Genji refuses to listen to anyone, holding strong to his silent promise to bring her back. 
  • The mission finally comes where he confronts Mercy… or the shell of what she was. The crimson suit is as dark as blood, and the horns are her head are so disturbing, especially since Genji remembers a halo resting on her blonde hair which is now dark as raven’s feathers. 
  • “Mercy? Dr. Ziegler? Please, it’s me.”
  • Her lips pulled into a sinister smile, her violet irises wide and too large. Her laughter striking a dark cord within Genji’s soul as she aims her pistol at his heart. 
  • “Didn’t they tell you? The Devil killed Mercy.”
  • Her demonic wings make her so quick and her once healing staff only brings decay and death. Her pistol is a fast and poisonous end as well. Genji fought, but quickly finds that she truly is a killer that Talon’s trained her to be. He’s forced to use his abilities to the fullest just to avoid getting killed by her.
  • “Angela… please. This isn’t you. You are kind and bright and loving. Stop fighting me.”
  • “I don’t want to hurt you, put down the gun. Please, Angela…”
  • “You know me, please! You wouldn’t hurt me, right? We used to spend nights watching the stars and telling each other stories. I made you origami stars, please, I know you remember.”
  • “Angela, I know its still you. Come back to me.”
  • “Mercy… please.”
  • She almost puts a bullet in his heart, and he takes out his sword with trembling fingers. She smiles at this pathetic stance.
  • “Stupid boy. Your soul belongs to The Devil, and you think Mercy will be with you just because she has your heart.”
  • There fight comes to an end, neither winning nor losing. She slips away, laughing demonically into the night. Genji is breaking down, and McCree is forced to knock him out just to get him back to the watch point. 
  • Everyone is trying to comfort him, especially Tracer. They’re trying to help him cope with that fact that Mercy is just… gone. He refuses to believe this, knowing that there has to be some way to help her, and he leaves the watch point without telling a soul of his plan.
  • He goes to Hanzo, and pleads with him with all he’s worth. Saying that if you won’t do this for me at least do it for the love we brothers share. Hanzo gives in, a part of him hoping to atone for his past crimes. 
  • They begin hunting down The Devil, setting up the perfect trap to lure her to them. Talon takes the bait, and sends her to retrieve a ‘powerful weapon’ and all the Shimada Brothers do is wait. 
  • She comes, and Genji is ready this time. Genji fights her first, keeping her on her toes as they go at it. Her demonic laughter making his body shiver while they dance with swords and guns. The Devil lands a crippling blow on Genji’s leg, and he’s kneeling on the floor when her pale white hand raises his chin to look at her.
  • “You’re still looking for Mercy, aren’t you?…. I’ll make you beg for mercy.”
  • Hanzo’s arrow hits it’s mark right between her shoulders blades, destroying the dark wings. Then the Shimada brother’s are pouncing on her before she realizes its too late. Hanzo finally knocks her out, and Genji is holding her and looking over the face that he once knew so well. 
  • Hanzo and Genji go back to the watch point, The Devil in Genji’s arms. Everyone is losing it, and trying to figure out how to help their dear old medic.
  • Winston explains that the process of rehabiltion takes time and is difficult, but Genji waits everyday on the other side of the window as they try to bring Mercy back. He’s willing to give his very soul just to have his Angela back.

I kind of turned it into Devil!Mercy because duh, Talon’s gonna do that to Overwatch’s angel. Anyways, Bruh! Why you gotta hurt me like this??

I need to call you. I need to remember how your voice sounds like. I am not sure when or how but I am slowly losing it. The very memory of that night when you first sang to me my favorite song is hanging on the branches of my mind, slowly losing grasp and considering letting go. You and I are fading. But I miss you. I don’t usually notice it but I do. Nights like this make me want to pretend I am drunk so that I can have an excuse to dial your number and tell you that you need to talk to me because I need to recall how the only voice who kept me together when I was breaking sounds like. But since when did I feel the need to formulate excuses just so I can have a conversation with you? Since when did the distance made a home inside our hearts? I know that my hands are not too strong to hold and that sometimes I push you away for reasons that you don’t understand but do I really need to lose you this way? Do we really need to prolong the silence and let each other believe that we don’t care? Do we really need to go back to acting like polite strangers when the truth is we know each others’ souls more than anyone who laid hands upon our skins does? 

I don’t want to lose your voice the way I lost almost everyone in my life. I don’t want to say goodbye without taking something that will prove to me that you were real. So answer my call. Sing to me one last time. Tell me everything’s going to be alright And when the morning comes, I will cling to your voice and it will be enough to comfort me on facing solitude for the rest of my life. 

So, Ciel is a Sagitarius

SAGITTARIUS - The Promiscuous One (November 22 to December 21)
Spontaneous. (yeah, it was really spontaneous when he summoned a demon) 

High appeal. Rare to find. (just ask Sebastian. he’s drooling for him, because he’s rare to find)

Great when found. (yeah, I repeat, ask Sebastian.the whole manga is about his happiness because he found him)

Loves being in long relationships. (well, it’s more than three years now, so I guess it’s right. it’s called contract but for God’s sake, it’s more like a marriage now)

So much love to give. (no,not love baby, it’s called soul… which is basically the same. you know, spending a lot of time together, flirting with each other all the time, killing people together,and one eat the another)

A loner most of the time. (yeah, because he kills almost everyone around him)

Loses patience easily and will not take crap.(

External image

If in a bad mood stay FAR away. (^ the picture shows everything. although he’s always in bad mood, so….)

Gets offended easily and remembers the offense forever. (and he even sells his soul just to have revengejust a slight warning, you know, if you happen to offend him with killing his parents and selling him)

Loves deeply but at times will not show it, feels it is a sign of weakness.

External image

Has many fears but will not show it.(nightmares,being without Sebastian, dark, being without Sebastian, past, being without Sebastian….)

VERY private person. (yupp.)

Defends loved ones with all their abilities. (he doesn’t have a lot of people to defend *cough*)

External image

Can be childish often.

Not one to mess with.

Very pretty. (*Doll, Sieglinde, Lizzy and Sebastian can prove it. they all have/had a crush on him)

Very romantic.( i can read the word but i don’t understand)

Nice to everyone they meet. (sure 

External image

Their Love is one of a kind. (their what? sorry, I didn’t quite catch the last part)

Silly, fun and sweet. (of course)

External image

Have own unique appeal. (his right eye is the most unique)

Most caring person you will ever meet! (unless he kills you.which is very possible.)

Amazing in bed!!! 

External image

Not the kind of person you want to mess with- you might end up crying. (or dead. with a bullet or a knife, maybe a fork in your head. or torn apart. crying is the best that can happen to you)

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Please please PLEASE write a fluffy happy ending to your Soul's Goodbye fic because the sadness of it has killed me a little inside. I am BEGGING you!!

You may not remember sending me this message. It, in fact, was a long time ago. Tonight I must inform you, sonicrox , that your prompt was finally filled.

Read the whole thing from beginning to end on FF.NET and AO3. Or just read the finale below!

Based upon “The Last One” from ‘Friends’

Soul’s Goodbye, Finale

She was curled up in her bed smelling the pillow case that smelled of him when she heard a knock. Hoping her eyes weren’t too puffy or bloodshot, Maka ambled out of her room to answer it. Liz and Patty Thompson stood solemnly on the other side of the doorway with a bag of chips and Twix Minis.

They told her that Kid was currently absorbed in some important Lord Death business, and Black Star was moping in his apartment while Tsubaki fed him comfort food. While Maka knew that Soul and Black Star had a special, brotherly bond, she could not help but resent the ninja’s over-the-top grief. He may have lost a bro, but he did not lose his other half.

Even thinking about the reality of Soul being gone chilled her. The apartment felt so empty without her weapon’s wavelength buzzing in the next room.

The events from the night before tumbled out of her mouth. Maka had always envisioned that the day she told her friends about her first sexual experience would be a day of cheering and celebration, but Patty just handed Maka the whole bag Twix Minis and muttered, “What a dick.”

“His flight hasn’t taken off yet, right?” Liz said after Patty popped open some barbecue chips.

“No, he has a while. Security is tight these days and he wanted a cushion,” Maka answered. Her voice was devoid of inflection or emotion. Better to keep it in than to spill it all out.

“Maybe, this is good,” Patty suggested uncertainly. Maka gave her friend a blatantly skeptical look. There was truly no silver lining here. “You’ve never looked at anybody else because you were always hung up on Soul. Maybe now that he’s gone, you can finally move on. Meet new people.”

“She’s right,” Liz said with a nod. “This is your chance to get over him.”

Maka stared forward, entranced by nothing at all. “But I don’t want to get over him,” she said. Maka began to smile as the truth finally revealed itself to her in its full, stubborn form. “I want to be with him!”

The sisters exchanged matching grins. “Hell yeah! You go tell him!”

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