i know someone's gonna get mad at me so



Him: “What do you mean he dances better than me?”

You: “Just look at him!”

Him: “I rather be blind…” 

I love this gif okay bye


Him: “Better body? WHERE?” 

You: “I don’t know what you mad about. His abs are perfect.”

Him: “You got someone as sexy as me yet you still drool over this douche.”


Him: “Better rapping skills? That was a good one, baby.” 

You: “He is so talented and his mixtape is fire.”

Him: “You need Jesus.” 


Him: “Okay.. so, I’m just gonna sit here and pretend to be offended okay?”


Him: “He can’t even hold a note…” 

You: “You are just jealous.” 


Him: “I don’t get your point.”

You: “Can’t you see how hot he is?”

Him: “I’m way hotter…” 

You: “Whatever you say.” 


You: “His lips are so perfect!” 

Him: “Mines are better. Do you want a proof?” 

Sorry for my English it’s not my native language.


711 speculation

Ok, so you know how in 710, Ian has pretty strong reactions whenever Mickey implies that they won’t ever see each other again?

1. When Mickey walks away from Ian under the bleachers, and Ian immediately asks how he’s gonna find Mickey (he knows he’s gonna have to).

2. After they first kiss and Mickey says, “Tell me goodbye then.”

3. The morning after in the van when Mickey says, “Am I gonna see you again?”

4. Obviously, the last scene when Mickey says, “This goodbye?”

In the second two cases, Ian gets practically mad at the thought that this could be his last time seeing Mickey. He acts kind of defensively almost, and he kisses Mickey passionately, and a little possessively both times. So, to me this indicates that Ian does not want to let go.

Yesterday, someone wrote a great post about how Mickey knows this is the end, and that he and Ian are on borrowed time. He’ll take whatever he can get. Well, I’m here to say that Ian knows that too. They both know it. They are gonna try to stay together, but it’s not under tenable circumstances. They’re just trying to hang onto each other however the fuck they can until it has to be over.

Based on those 711 promo pics, it looks like the two of them in the desert at night drinking beers may just be their last scene together. Look at Mickey’s face in the one frame. They’re gonna get a chance to finally slow down and talk, and Ian’s gonna say something (and I really don’t think Trenever has anything to do with it), and Mickey is going to make the decision to go on without him.

I don’t even think he’ll say it explicitly. I think Ian will wake up the next day, and Mickey will just be gone. They’ll be together one last time, that night, and Mickey will realize Ian needs to go back home to his family, or whatever-the-fuck, and that will be that.

So at least Ian won’t leave Mickey? 

my ex showed me attack on titan but then i got way more into it than he did and then i fell in love with bertholdt and he literally got so jealous he’d get really mad and say “he’s probably gonna die u know. and he’s a fucking murderer” just to make me mad i dumped his ass a year ago and im still in love with bertholdt so basically my ex lost to a figment of someone’s imagination and i think thats beautiful

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My mom left a note saying “we’ll” (as in me her and my dad)talk about my room when she gets home. I know for a fact that’s gonna end in them getting mad at me trying to defend myself and me crying because someone’s yelling. So I just locked the door and I’m refusing to come out until tomorrow morning.

my brother’s playing over//watch as ana and i guess he didn’t heal his team?? he was just shooting bc i heard someone getting mad at him saying like “you’re a healer you’re not supposed to shoot” and he kept saying it over and over and i think he called my brother an idiot?? and i was get really anxious just listening to it and he went into the same next game as my brother and he was like “hey let me know if you’re gonna heal or not” but in a kinda angry tone so my brother just left the game and he’s not taking it seriously but now i can see why i don’t like playing too much since if i go into a game with some guys that take the game too seriously and yell at you if you don’t “do what you’re supposed to do” i get nervous and hand it over to my brother bc he can take criticism and plays better than me

animals that the signs remind me of
  • Aries: Tiger cub (big and strong and cute and i want to give you a hug)
  • Taurus: Octopus (flexible and hugs really fucking hard like damn ur gonna kill me)
  • Gemini: Dachshund (you're small but i'm a bit scared of you when you get mad)
  • Cancer: Turtle (you're super fun when you come out of your shell)
  • Leo: Stray cat (you act all big but you just want someone to love you)
  • Virgo: Raven (idk you'd probably like them, you're such an emo)
  • Libra: Red-winged blackbird (they try to be intimidating and succeed like half the time)
  • Scorpio: Fall Out Boy (every scorpio i know likes them, hell who doesn't)
  • Sagittarius: Giant ass dog (sometimes you're so cute and adorable but sometimes i need a break)
  • Capricorn: Ant (you're so fascinating, why do you keep running away)
  • Aquarius: Platypus (you shouldn't even exist but you do and you're so unique)
  • Pisces: Butterfly (you're cool from a distance but please don't come close)
  • (these are all just my opinions of the signs based on people i know, please don't take anything personally)
Sidemen mad statements masterpost

So as you guys all know, the guys say some mad sexual stuff and yes also to eachother, so I decided to make a masterpost out of it cause why not, if theres so much material why not use it right? Let me know if I should make a part two!

[Will be updated!]

“Simon made me explode in the hottub” - Ethan
“Fuck dick.” - Ethan
“Ethan, suck my dick” - Simon
“Oi, Simons getting big” - Ethan
“I got big and someone else exploded” - Simon
“I’m gonna fucking fuck you so hard” - JJ
“The question is JJ, who fucked you harder, me or Vikk?” - Josh
“JJ knows I fucked him harder” - Josh
“I like willy” - JJ
“I definetly didn’t fuck I’ll tell you that much, if I fucked it was flacid” - Josh
“Josh just doesn’t wanna fuck” - Ethan
“I’ve got a boner” - Josh
“But you’re trying to fuck me” - Ethan
“Actually theres only one sidemen that ever tried to fuck me and it was Harry and he actually tried to fuck me” - Ethan
“Simon we can finish together” - Ethan
“Jide just fucking put it in my asshole” - Ethan
“Get it up zing!” - Ethan
“Josh tried to do me up the bum” - Ethan
“My virginity is being taken, by three sidemen!” - JJ
“Lick that pussy, lick that pussy, stroke that pussy with your tongue” - Simon
“I’m just gonna come” - Ethan
“You need my dick in your mouth” - Ethan
“I’m a dinosaur with an erection” - Simon
“You know what? I’m gonna fuck Vikk” - Josh
“Why is your wet cock always inbound?” - Josh
“Yay we all finished together” - Simon
“Oh just take a dick” - Josh
“Imma finish in your mouth” - Josh
“I got three man trying to fuck me” - Ethan
“Simons coming into me!”- JJ
“Hey guys, my cocks wet” - Ethan
“Oooh I’m so horny” - Ethan
“Oi, I just gave optimus a facial!” - Josh
“Josh is my condom” - Ethan
“Vikk has a banging body” - Ethan
“If you call me a loner, I’ll get a boner” - Josh
“Me and Simon are about that shower life” - Josh
“Fuck me lad” - Josh
“Oi Simon, you’re fucking me!” - Ethan
“Simon, I see why Ethan likes you, you have some serious blowjob lips going on” - Josh
“Nah I’m a slut, I’d let anyone touch it” - Simon
“Yeah I just want you preciousness MHMM” - Ethan
“JJs too big” - Ethan
“Fuck my titties” - Ethan
“Aw you guys are always bumming eachother in a tunnel” - Vikk
“I’ll dominate your tunnel, I mean what?” - Vikk
“Get in the hole Josh” - Ethan
“Get inside you little slag” - Josh
“You fucking dominated eachothers assholes” - Simon
[About Diamante the French waiter] “Yeah I had one of him at the end of my dick” - Ethan
“Chill out daddy” - Simon
“Come onmon I wanna see you ride it” - Josh

godpenis I don’t know why my reply is not posting so I’m gonna publish it as a new post instead of a reblog.

Oh my god, you’re just lengthening this up don’t you? I’ve been really polite and I will still be, but you’re the one who started this and you’re the one telling people about receipts or whatever so just be responsible of what you did kid. Let me point the things out if you don’t remember:

1. Why would you make a joke post (if it’s not serious then what it was?) asking your followers to drag someone and pulling (fake) receipts - telling people I’ve made several posts like that one (when it’s not true) and pulling those fat-phobic and triggering receipts knowing that’s the way people on here get mad at posts. I’ve explained the post, several times and a lot of people get it without me explaining it so I’m not gonna explain it again, but I am not any of those things. I’ve admitted part of the context got lost in translation though (the fat-shaming thing because the text was originally made with Demi Lovato, someone known for being pro all sizes), and that’s my fault. I admit it. But I didn’t mean it.

2. As I know you won’t read a long paragraph I’ll tell you here that people told me to kill myself because of your not serious post asking your followers to drag me. Thank you.

3. Full of mentions? I only made 2 posts about your reply. The one where I told you I was open to talk about the post and your reaction (which is still up by the way) and the one where I saw you were active (I don’t know if you have a queue or not because I don’t follow you - but there were new posts on your blog) and you didn’t reply to my new comment on the post (which I deleted because I didn’t want to start an argument and I was mad I didn’t get a reply considering how much you disliked the post). That’s all from me. Not an email full of mentions as you say.

Anyway, I’ll leave it here because I know I won’t get a proper reply. Good night! x

attn tronnor shippers or any random bitches:

just because you’re happy about your ship DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT to come to other blogs simply to disrespect them or call them idiots. it doesn’t give you the right to come on my blog (or any blog) and be rude when I literally don’t know who you are, nor have done anything wrong. all I’m doing is shipping my ship, and my blog being here makes you uncomfortable? ok so when I get 15 troyler hate asks from tronnor blogs that makes it fair?

I’ve honestly never experienced hate like that. it’s so petty of people to freaking attack other like that. idk if you guys have noticed or care but my anxiety and stress levels have been through the roof and I’ve been getting panic attacks. and now I don’t even feel like I’m safe from hate on MY TUMBLR. I mean I already feel like someone is gonna get mad at me bc I’m speaking out against hate, I already know.

and yes i am tagging tronnor bc that’s the source of all of the hate rn. ik yall are happy and everything but DO NOT go on troyler blogs simply to put them down or to minimize them. we haven’t had a lot of troyler interaction this year, yes we know about tronnor. but ffs, leave us alone.


prettyboyshyflizzy had to show u bc i think its the funniest shit ever. So, first i tweet out that someone should text me and yada yada and he dms me asking for my number and i give it to him bc yaknow im feelin generous.. But then he starts getting cocky like, i bet i can guess ur nationality and im just sittin here KNOWING DAMN WELL AINT NO ONE GONNA GUESS DOMINICAN AND PERSIAN so im like yea okay whatever good luck homie and this happens and i think its mad he tried playing it off and acting cool and when i made it seem like he was right hE GOT COCKY and then got tight idk idk maybe i typed this out for no reason and im just ⛽️⛽️ it up but i wanted to share-