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Preference-Defenders React to Your Pain Transferring Powers

A/N: These are the characters I am most familiar with and these are the ones I think I can write best. If in future preferences you want me to include other characters let me know and I will do my best to learn about them. 

Matt Murdock(Daredevil):

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Matt is more concerned with the implications of your powers than the fact that you actually have them. He worries that a lot of people could get killed very easily if they try to confront you. He tries to get you to quit the vigilante life, but you refuse. His insistence get’s very annoying eventually so you have to have a very stern conversation(yelling match) about why he needs to stay out of your business. 

He eventually concedes when you promise over and over again that you’re very careful about which hits you let land. However, despite saying that he’s going to back of, Matt still finds himself in your vigilante territory and awful lot. 

Jessica Jones:

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Jessica isn’t really surprised. She’s seen a lot of crazy stuff and you’re just another person on the list. You’re drinking when she finds out and she’s a little tipsy. She keeps asking you random questions like whether you can get vaccines or get surgery. Half way through the night she insists on toasting your “awesome powers that make you invincible.” The rest of the bar joins along even as you insist that she’s blowing it out of proportion. 

“So can you get drunk? Or does the bartender get drunk?” she asks, leaning a little too close to you. 

“No I can still get drunk. The bartender isn’t trying to hurt me or anything.”

“What about poison? Can you be roofied.” 

“I’m not sure.”

“I hope you don’t find out.” You nudge her drink farther away from her hand. 

“I think you’re done for the night.” 

Luke Cage:

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Luke is actually very interested in your powers. When he sees you fighting for the first time he spends the next couple of days thinking about it. The number one thought in his head is that maybe you’re one of the few people who could actually hurt him without the need for fancy high tech equipment. 

One night he catches sight of you running after some bad guys that are running away clutching their stomachs. 

“Hey you!” he yells across the street, his voice carrying in the still air. 

You whip around and stare back at him as the men you were chasing run farther away. You slowly rotate so that you’re fully facing him. You know who Luke Cage is and you know exactly why he’s calling you out in the middle of the night. There’s some unspoken agreement that the fight that’s about to happen isn’t personal and is more of a game than anything real. 

It turns out that your powers cancel each other out. Him punching you only results in a dull pressure in the places he hits. He can throw you large distances, but you’ve come to expect that as your only weakness. When you punch him it’s like punching a brick wall, but it doesn’t actually hurt. An hour after the fight starts you both stand in front of each other breathing hard. 

“It was nice to meet you Luke Cage.” you say. He nods and the two of you part ways not knowing that you’ll be on the same team soon. 

Danny Rand(Iron Fist):

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Ever since you joined the Defenders Danny has been pestering you about sparring with him. He claims it would be a bonding experience. So that the two of you could become familiar with each other’s fighting technique. You think it’s a little strange that he’d want to spar with you when every hit he lands will only hurt him, but you go along with it. He’s been a Defender longer than you so he must know what he’s doing. 

Only two minutes into the spar Danny is on the ground clutching his chest. 

“Did you seriously not know what my abilities were. You had to agree with everyone else to even let me into your group.” 

You extended a hand and helped the man up. “Matt, Luke and Jessica all loved you so much. I couldn’t just say no. But hey that’s a pretty neat power.” For someone who just received a punch to the chest only Iron Fist could dole out, Danny seemed very excited. 

“Let’s go again. This time I’m ready.” 

Frank Castle(The Punisher):

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Frank is unfortunate enough to find out about your powers the hard way. You try to get in the middle of his newest mob boss hunt and he is not happy about it. He’s been stalking this guy for weeks, waiting for the time to attack and rid the Earth of his kidnapping, smuggling, black mailing ass. Right before he can take the shot, you jump out at the mob boss and scatter his lackeys. 

While you’re tying the mobster up, Frank marches towards you like a bulldozer that is absolutely not going to stop. 

“The hell are you doing?” He yells stepping right up to and grabbing a chunk of your shirt in his hand. 

“Taking down a mob boss and stopping you from killing more people. I think it’s a win-win,” 

“I’ve given you a break the past few times you’ve gotten in my way, but if you don’t cut it out you’re going to get hurt.” 

“You can try.” 

He takes your challenge seriously and you end up pummeling the Punisher. By the end of it he’s lying on the ground chuckling to himself. 

“Didn’t know you were some kinda voodoo person.” 

“Maybe you should have learned a little more about me before going all out.” 

You feel a little bad about beating him so badly so you take him out to dinner afterwards. The two of you continue to subtly threaten each other as you eat pancakes and drink coffee. This is not the end of you and the Punisher butting heads. 

Foggy Nelson:

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You and Foggy are eating dinner at the office in silence. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Foggy glancing at you repeatedly. 

“What’s up?” you ask wiping the food off your fingers. 

“So you’re part of Matt’s super crime fighting force right?”

You chuckle. “The Defenders? Yes I am.”

“So what’s your power?” he asks pointing his plastic knife at you. 

“Basically if someone tried to stab me, they would actually stab themselves.” Foggy stares at you in silence with his mouth slightly open. 

“I thought that the bullet proof guy was the coolest out of you guys, but I think that’s a little better.” 

“Wow. I’m so flattered,” you joke taking another bite. 

Karen Page:

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It takes Karen a long time to process exactly what’re telling her. She was shocked enough to find out that Matt is the feared Daredevil, but now she had to accept the fact that another one of her friends was essentially unkillable. 

She is very appreciative that you told her of your own free will instead of her finding out by accident. She’s very curious about the extend of your powers and she wants to ask a lot of questions, but she restrains herself. She let’s herself ask a few questions every now and then, but those questions only lead to more and more questions. 

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but imagine this. A Modern au where R has a youtube channel where he sings original stuff and covers. And (idk why man) Eponine writes a song (On my own) but is pretending too hard not to show she really cares about it (and about marius lol) so she asks R to sing it w/ saying she wrote it... and he does and les amis watch the video and Enjolras is like WTF? Who's breaking R's heart? and starts pinning and thinking TOO MUCH about the fact R is in love with A RANDOM guy. why didnt he know abt this

ohhhh my god? I love this holy shit god damn thank you?? I wish I had time to write the full fanfiction this prompt deserves but for now please consider the following:

-Enjolras gets suddenly VERY CURIOUS about Grantaire’s activities outside of their meetings. When he leaves Enj is like where are you going? Who with? And when Grantaire doesn’t answer him he asks everyone else because he really just wants to find out who Mystery Man could possibly be when Grantaire spends so much time at the Musain with them

-he’s developing permanent frown lines please someone help the man

-of course the first person to know the real reason Enjolras’ behaviour has changed is Éponine, since she’s the only one who knows who wrote the song AND how Enjolras feels about R, but she decides she’s going to let this all play out naturally because why not

-Everyone else assumes he wrote the song about Enjolras and none of them understand why Enj is getting increasingly agitated about Grantaire’s extra-curricular activities

-until one day Courf is like ‘dude are you going to ask Grantaire out??’ because he knows all about Enj’s feelings and R has been covering sad songs on his channel lately, but Enjolras is like ‘why would I ask him out when clearly he’s interested in someone already’ and Courf Gets It

-Courf is like, please Enjolras just ask Grantaire to introduce you to Mystery Man so you can at least see who Grantaire is so infatuated with

-And Enjolras is like alright alright fine

-so he goes to talk to Grantaire but ends up being like 'let me talk to this man, let me and give him a piece of my mind for not paying attention to you, anyone would be lucky to have you, I know he’s not obligated to return your feelings but seriously who is this guy he’s an idiot’

-Grantaire very weakly says 'you’

-(the same night, the song Grantaire posts on his channel is uncharacteristically sappy. his subscribers are curious. the amis are pleasantly surprised. Eponine knows what’s happened right away.)

If your tits:
•aren’t big (or chest is flat)
•have a gap in between
•aren’t perky
•are narrow
•have stretch marks

If your dick:
•is not long
•is curved (right, left, up, down)
•is uncircumcised
•isn’t thick

If your ass:
•is flat
•isn’t round
•has stretch marks

…then I want you to know that you are a lot more beautiful than the person you wish to be. You’re likable. You’re lovable. You’re admirable. You’re something very rare and don’t wait for someone else to appreciate you before you appreciate and love yourself. Stay away from body shaming others because you find them to be “missing” features like you. Don’t feel insecure when you see people with features you wish you had. Don’t feel ashamed if someone you’re attracted to is not attracted to you. Don’t worry about the person who left you broken cuz you weren’t what they preferred. Stop searching for validation and reassurance so much (ladies, don’t pull the pity card with men; men, don’t brag about something you don’t have). And as for social media, don’t worry about memes or viners/comedians who body shame for double taps. You’ve got something no one else has…your identity. If you love what you see in the mirror, you’ll never hate who you think everyone else sees.

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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Hi, i'm sorry to bother you about this, but as I like your writing very much and didn't find any rec lists with fics i liked, i was wondering if you knew other HP authors who write like you ? (ie : Dramione/Tomione pairings, nice narratives and no bashing ? It's getting increasingly hard to find new fanfics who don't shamelessly bash a canon ship/relationship...) I've already read most of ibuzoo work too and i was browsing your fav page on ff, but there's just to many! Much love to you ! :3

Why are you apologizing when you say such lovely things to me?  So… I’m  not sure anyone writes quite like anyone else, and because bashing doesn’t really bother me (unless someone bashes my dear sweet Draco because back off) I can’t be sure I’d notice it, but I’ll send you to a couple of people whose work you probably know but who I enjoy reccing anyway.

Delancey654 Very dark.  So dark I had to stop reading her work, but an exquisite dramione writer with complex narratives.  ( @delancey654 )

Galfoy  Queen of dramione.  Holy shit, is she amazing.  It’s all incredible.

BonaFake She’s so good.  SO good.  Just gems of stories.  Dramione and tomione. ( @bonafake)

Savva Dramione, theomione, Sevimione. She does it all, and does it all brilliantly. ( @savvyshka)

damnedscribblingwoman So good.  Through the Looking Glass made me cry.  
disillusionist9 I can only read her in spurts because she makes me wallow in inadequacy.  The queen of rare pairs. She’ll shred your heart and make you ask for more. ( @disillusionist9)

dulce.de.leche.go If you want dark, complex tomione stories, she’s your writer.  Persephone is so complicated she has a multi-colored chart.  ( @dulce-de-leche-go)

Riptey  beautiful dramione.  Everyone recs Friend Number Three, and with reason, but Queen of Heaven is my favorite.

shayalonnie It seems ridiculous to rec her, since you surely know her, but if you want long dramione with rich narrative and cathartic delights, you can’t go wrong with Presque Toujours Pur. ( @shayalonnie)

Rizzle Just read her. You’ll be glad you have.  ( @andgladly)

RFA (+V and Saeran) and their first kiss with MC <3

I know that so many people did this already but I wanted to soooo badly >_< also in this HC let´s pretend they didn´t kiss okay?


° he invited you over for a round of LOLOL

° you were together for over a month now and it pissed you off that all you ever did was playing games 。゜(`Д´)゜。

° sure, you loved playing together with him but….

° all in all it felt more like a good friendship than a romantic relationship

° and you didn´t like that (;¬_¬)

° so you made up a plan and today would be the day

° the day of your first kiss with your boyfreind Yoosung

° that meant you had to be extra pretty tonight o(^▽^)o

° when he opened the door for you he was shocked

° but of course in a good way XD

° “Woah, MC you look so pretty. Is something important Happening today?”

° oh you sweet, clueless boy……

° here MC´s masterplan began

° “Does that mean I´m usual not pretty?”

° yeah, it was this exact strategy

° “No you always look pretty MC!”

° “So you want to say I look as always? Yoosung you treat me as a friend and not a girlfriend. I sometimes think you don´t even love me!”

° you took acting lessons from Zen so you even managed to cry a little

° “But MC of course I love you !!! I just don´t want  to rush things.”

° now he cried too…

° “No, you don´t. You didn´t even kissed me yet.”\|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

° so that was the reaseon you were so unhappy …..

° no Yooosung u serious??? what a brain..

° he never knew that you felt this way and he was ashamed

° so he did as asked, kinda….

° it was mostly crushing his nose against yours

° soooo embarassing (*゚ー゚)ゞ

° but hey, you had reached your Goal (he kissing you first) and now you kissed him

° but the right way, as often as you could <3</p>


° we don´t have to pretend much here…only that they´re together

° you were frustrated

° why woulden´t she kiss you ??

° you always brushed your teeth, didn´t look that bad and never ate garlic when you met with her..

° so why?

° you then did the last thing you could think of…..

° asking the one person who knew everything……….Seven (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

° you spoke with him over the phone and agreed to meet up

° his house was messy as always and there were Ph. Pepper cans all over the floor ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

° “Hey Seven, thanks for helping me out.”

° “No Problem MC, you helped the RFA so much why shoulden´t I help you?”

° something was fishy with how he spoke but he was alwys a bit weird

° “So MC, you told me there was something you can´t tell her directly regarding your relationship.”

° you didn´t told him everything, in case Jaehee came back or was eavesdropping

° what she would never do

° “That´s right. You know I really appreciate waht she does for me and she´s alws nice and stuff but-”

° you heard something, or someone fall over and hit the floor

° your first thought was that Saeran tripped beacuse who else should be at Seven´s house?? (・_・ヾ

° but nooo, it was Jaehee ????「(°ヘ°)

° “Jaehee, what are you doing here??!”

° “Seven tolde me you wanted to talk with him about me. And I thought you were going to break up!”

° now you were confused, why would she think that?

° you loved her with all your heart so why would want to break up?

° “ Jaehee why would I want to break up?”

° “You know MC, it really sounded a bit like that..”

° thank you very much Seven

° then she kissed you, out of the blue

° “MC don´t break up with me I love you!!”

° “Jaehee, I won´t break up with you. I just wanted to ask Seven why you woulden´t kiss me. I thought you wanted to break up.”

° and then there was a super cute confessing-scene which almost landed online thanks to Seven

° but Saeran nicely convinced him otherwise… ( ° ʖ °)


° this one will be quick XD

° we all know he will get to the thing as soon as he can ( ° ʖ °)

° but you were a little shy regarding this matter

° since Zen´s praying that all men are beasts he understands and protects you from the beast

° but every patience comes to an end, even Zen´s

° so he worked out a masterplan, as he called it

° doing stuff a couple would do in the publich was off-limit for you

° you didn´t want for Zen to be in a scandal or hurt his carreer

° and Jaehee would probably kill you

° so it had to be at home, where no one saw what you did and you had all the privacy you wanted (ノ^∇^)

° he only could hold back so long because you agreed to move in with him

° moving in without even kissing MC??? SRLY???

° you were away Shopping and he had one of his rare free days

° meaning it was the perfect chance for him to fullfil said plan

°  when you came back home you didn´t expect to see Zen in the livingroom

° a livingroom full of roses and chocolate

° “Zen, what happend to the living room ?”

° don´t get me wrong, you loved what you saw and were really happy but you didn´t quite undertstand why he did that..

° and then you sneezed, loud and then again and again

° allergies suck, right?

° “Zen I-achoo!, really appreciate what you did but plea-achoo, please put them out I have allergies.” 

° okay, maybe his plan didn´t go that well

° he hurried and put all of the flowers away, so his last hope was the chocolate

° “I´m sorry MC, I didn´t knew that. But I also have some chocolate for you.”      (。♥‿♥。)

° felt bad for Zen so you took a bite

° buuuuut it had nuts in there…..

° did I mention how allergies suck?

° it ended with Zen calling the ambulance because of your allergies

° guess the masterplan wasn´t that much of a succes?

° “I´m so sorry princess. I guess you wanna break up now?”

° “No. why should I? It´s been a long time since someone did sucha nice thing for me. But why did you do that in the first place?”

° “Just forget it MC. Nothing important in the end.” sigh

° poor Zenny

° “Well, whatever, I still think your the sweetest boyfriend walking on earth.” <3

° and because the best boyfriend only deserved the best, you kissed him

° RIP Zen ( ≧Д≦)

° no, srly you almost had to call the doctor because of the bloodloss through his nose XD

° maybe the plan failed but in the end he got what he wanted now hide yourself from the beast MC


° I don´t count the kiss infront of Sarah as a real couple-kiss

° so after you moved in with him permanently he still was a bit hesistant

° he already forced himself on you and didn´t want to do it again

° after all he was raised to be a gentelman XD

° you could kind of sense that but in return you didn´t want to push him and express his Feelings

° you knew it was all new and a bit difficult for him

°  but the result was that you both were Holding back for each others sake

° that means both of you were frustrated

° and when Jumin Han was frustrated he got pissed…. like really pissed

° and that means more work for poor Jaehee (⌣_⌣”)

° so she called you to ask if everything is alright betwee you two

° “MC, Mr. Han is very…. tense for a while now. Do you have any idea why that is so?”

° you did, kind of..

° “I think I have an idea why, I will talk to him today, I´m sorry if he caused you trouble.”

° you knew you had to do the second-first-step

° it shouldn´t be that hard right?

° hahaha

° this evening he came home even later than usual

° you made dinner for yuo two and played some nice music in the background

° “Hi Jumin,, Jaehee said you´re stressed lately. Is something wrong?”

° “No, what should be wrong?”

° whenever he was bound short he was stressed or annoyed

° “But you´re bringing home more work than usual these days.”

° “MC, please. I am just busier than normally. It has nothing to do with anything.”

° so he was stressed

° “Hey Juimin, I know what to do when you´re stressed and worn out.”

° he looked up, probably to hear what you had to say or say something himself

° but you were a lot quicker

° you gave him a kiss

° “MC, I think you Need to take responsibility for what you have done.”

° he got up and walked towards you, till you hit the door leading to the bedroom

° I think you can guees what happend next ( ° ʖ °)


° after you became a couple he mostly spend his time at the Hospital with Saeran

° so no time for you :(

° but you understood, if it was your brother you´d likely do the same

° but nevertheless it hurt that he left you alone like that

° he started to build his walls again and left you out

° nooo, don´t go back there  (;へ:)

° you treid you best to help and do all the cleaning Vanderwood once did

° but it didn´t help much

° you decided it was the best to go back to your house for now

° so when Seven came back home he expected you to be on the Couch or wherever in the house

° and you were somewhere, but not somewhere in the house

° so he checked the security cameras, maybe you went Shopping?

° you did leave, but together with all of your belongings

° he panicked

° why did you leave?

° was it because he was busy with ihs brother? Because you had to clean all the time?

° but the most important question: were you planning to come back?

° who knows?

° he wanted you to come back

° being in panik-mode he did the first thing that came to his mind

° hacking into your landlord´s computer andthrowing you out of your flat

° nice ting to do Seven….

° and then, he waited

° the phone rang

° “Hi MC, whats up?”

° “Hey Saeyoung, my landlord threw me out. I don´t know why and I don´t know what to do.” 

° you were crying

° “Keep calm. First you catch your stuff and come back here. I´ll make something to eat and then we can discuss what to do next.”

° “Thanks Seven you´re the best. See you in 10.”

° did he overdo it? probably…

° you arrived at his house and when you stepped inside you could already smellsomething burnt

° “Seven, is your house in fire??”

° “Nah, it´s just the pancake.”

° he looked like he was in a dough-explosion ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

° you laughed, he looked a bit hurt

° “You always know how to cheer me up. I love you Saeyoung!” (。♥‿♥。)

° you kissed him and he decided to spin you around after picking you up

° so cuuuuteeeeee

° it was the best time of your life……until he told you about what he did XD


° it clearly didn´t lack any intention from his side…

° the first time he “wanted to see which eye colour you have”

° but instead of letting him get Close to your face you told him

° MC, please read the mood, would you?

° the second time he accedantly bumped his forhead against yours

° but you told him it was okay and went into the kitchen

° the third time he became desperate he grabbed you by your shoulders and stared at you (he wanted your ok at least)

° but you started to feel embarássed and excused youself to the bathroom

° it wasn´t like you don´t want him to kiss you

° it was more like you being to shy and afraid you were not good enough

°  you saw that he was sad whenever you rejected him like that

° so you made up your mind and decided to not back away next time

° unfortunately that time didn´t come (︶︹︺)

° he was sad, yes, but he respected you and your privacy, so he stopped tryind to push you

° that meant that you had to take the step, next time there was a chance

° that time came around on your next date

° you went to the aquarium and then fetched some dinner in an italian restaurant

° why? because why not!?

°  when he had a piece of pizza left on the corner of his mouth, you saw your chance

° “You have something on your face, mind if I wipe it away?”

° “Yes, that would be very nice of you.”

° imagine the shocked look on his face when you wiped it awya with your tounge XD

° but before he could say anything you shut him up with your lips on his <3

° what a lovely date (♥ω♥*)


° he wasn´t that good with emotions

° still you showerd him with affection

° it took him almost a month to get used to hugging, so kissing was a far away dream to you

° it made you sad but hey, you still had the rest of your life right?

° Saeran often wondered how he deserved you…

° he was afraid of loosing you

° especially after his idiot brother told him that you would if he didn´t kiss you

° shock of his life ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

° “MC, do you want to leave me?”

° “No, why should I?”

° you were confused, did Seven tell him some bullshit again?

° he did that nonstop so it wouldn´t suprise you

° “Saeyoung said you would if I don´t kiss you.”

° you spitted out your drink  (`〇Д〇)

° “He said what!!?”

° yes, you could take this chance and force him to kiss you

° but where was the point in that ?

° “Don´t listen to him. I won´t leave because of that and we can kiss if you fel you can manage it, okay?”

° you were just to nice to him

° he knew you only meant it good but he also saw the sadness in your eyes

° so he went to his last backup-plan

° “Saeyoung, I need your help. I want to kiss MC but I don´t know how to do it.” 

° “If you want I can practise with you.”

° “Ok, bye.”(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

° “NOOOO!! Wait!”

° then things happend that I don´t want to explain

° “Hey Saeran do you know wher I left my-”

° you walked in as Seven kissed his brother, Saeran tried to punch him but failed

° “Ooookay… I´m comming back later then.”¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “No, MC WAIT!!”

° he punched his brother so satisfying and ran after you

° of course you weren´t mad at him if you were then at Seven

° “MC, please don´t be angry at me, it was his fault.”

° he sounded like a kid who´s ice cream got eaten by his brother XD

° I think if someone would do that he would be dead in 3 seconds

° “Saeran, I´m not mad at you that you kissed your brother before me.”

° yes, you were playing with him feeling guilty

° he was afraid

° “No, MC don´t leave me, I´ll do anything …”

° by anything he was referring to kissing and that he did

° result: he felt good kissing you so he didn´t stop you know what follows XD

° but still you punched Seven for kissing your boyfriend

Why did this turn out so long? I have no idea….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry for taking so long though, exams kept me busy so I had not too much time on my Hand

Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you did, leave a like, comment or a repost, which would make me very happy (*^▽^*)

Also if you have any requests or questions just send them nad I´ll do my best    ( ゚▽゚)/

The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants. Chapter 5

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1.940

A/N: I am finalyy done with another part!! Thank you all for loving these series and for supporting me eventho it has been a shitty long time since I updated. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this and that you will continue to love it :). 

Introduction || Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 

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I keep thinking now that the recurrent theme of not talking enough is not him faulting someone else, it's stating an issue that he is himself very much guilty of himself too. When he said he finds it easier to speak through music than in person and what we know from other people who know him, he's quite guarded when it comes to talking about his own problems and feelings. And when you love someone deeply you sometimes forget that even though they know you like no other, they're not in your head.

That’s a really good point. And communication is SO important in a relationship. Sometimes it can be the hardest part of a relationship, having healthy communication. People in general, I think, struggle with that. But some more than others. 

Don’t Leave Part 2/2 (Triple H x Reader)

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

Part 1 

Hello lovelies! 

It’s here! The second and final part to Don’t Leave is here, and it’s really long. 

I do hope you guys enjoy it, I loved writing this story so much, even though it entails some iffy subjects. 

Warnings: Swearing, angist, smut a-coming, a little rough around the edges. Also, be warned, it get fluffy af. 

Word count: 6778

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ID #16103

Name: Domeniqe
Age: 15
Country: Sweden

Hi, my first name is Domeniqe but I prefer being called Dom. The languages I speak are Swedish, English and a bit Spanish. I’m bi and a Sagittarius and love being creative, my hobbies include reading, watching TV-series, listening to music, drawing and writing. I have no preference in books really, I enjoy everything from JK Rowling to Bill Bryson. I also enjoy reading manga and watching anime. I’d say that I’m a very open minded person. I don’t care where you’re from, what you believe in, what gender you identify as or what your sexual orientation is. All that really matters and what I care about is if you’re a good person or not. I’m a huge dork but also kind of an introvert. I get way too invested in series and care way too much about their characters.
I’d like to get in contact with someone who can enjoy light jokingly conversations as well as deep and more meaningful ones.
I don’t know what else to say, I love cats, BL and dark jokes I guess? I’ve never actually had a pen pal before so I hope that this works out well :)

Preferences: Ages 14-16.


1. During Rising Sun period, Yunho gave his single deck bed to Jaejoong because of Jaejoong’s knee injury.

2. During the Rising Sun period, TVXQ won an award, but Jaejoong was not able to turn up because of his injury, so Yunho carried the trophy and said, “This trophy belongs to Jaejoong.”

3. Micky and Changmin once said, “Without Yunho, there would be no TVXQ.”

4. Junsu’s response towards the “changing member incident”: “If one of the members leaves the team, I will not stay in TVXQ anymore.”

5. Changmin’s response towards the “changing member incident”: “If any of us leaves TVXQ, I will surely return to my ordinary high school life.”

6. When TVXQ were asked about “Who is the person of their fate?”, they all answered, “The members”, except for Micky.

7. Jaejoong once wrote in his cyworld: “Our friendship is stronger than most people because we talk and breathe in the same room and we eat and sleep in the same place…”

8. 2004, on Micky’s birthday, Yunho said to all their fans, “Please look after our Micky, I can’t use words to express myself, MICKY, I LOVE YOU!”

9. 10 September 2005, during a fan meeting, Changmin was asked by the reporter about what New Year present he would like to receive next year, and he answered, “The only present that I really want now is Jaejoong hyung’s knee can get well soon.” After Changmin finished, the camera started focusing on

Jaejoong. Jaejoong always doesn’t like crying, but at that very moment, he lowered his head and tried his best not to let his tears run down his cheeks.

10. During a fan meeting, Changmin said, “Only when the five of us are together, are we called TVXQ!”

11. On August 2005, Yunho carried Junsu to the hospital when Junsu had a high fever.

12. When Jaejoong’s knee was injured, Yunho wanted him to rest more, but instead, Jaejoong said to Yunho, “Your stomach is not well, you should be the one hospitalized, not me.”

13. In the X-Man “Of Course” game, Yunho said the Junsu, “Did you know that I love the four of you very much?”

14. Yunho’s reason for why he is always the one to take the initiative of taking care of everything regarding all thorny issues and all the awkward matters is, “Because I’m the leader who loves all my members.”

15. November 2004, there were rumours about LSM replacing Jaejoong with someone else. Micky shed tears in the “I Believe” live performance when he knew about it. *Micky, I cried too when I heard this news…

16. Yunho’s stomach is not well, so Changmin would always write him a reminder note saying, “Don’t always forget to eat just because of work.” and slip it into his pocket. Junsu would also always remind him, “Eat your food on time.”

17. When Yunho is asked which member he likes the most, he answers first with “I like all of them” but when he was forced to answer, he replied “ I like Jaejoong.”

18. At a fan meeting, Micky said, “Not only two years, but even until twenty, two hundred, two thousand years…we always have to be together.”

19. In April of 2004, when Micky was hospitalized, Micky got angry because Junsu didn’t visit him. And Junsu said that he prayed everynight for Yoochoon to recover.

20. one time, Junsu wrote “Dong Bang Shin Gi Big Success” on a piece of paper, and then pasted it on the wall.

21. In 2004, Micky was pranked on some show. A tarot reader gave him a reading and told him that he was going to have very bad luck (of course, it was a lie XD). Jaejoong said, “Your luck is bad, so don’t cause trouble for the rest of TVXQ.” Micky was very upset. After the show, he ran backstage and was feeling miserable, but then Jaejoong went backstage too and gave him a hug.

22. On July 7, 2005, when TVXQ were in Fangshan, Beijing, female reporters were interviewing Jaejoong. He carefully answered the questions and then made eye contact with leader Yunho as if asking him, “Did I answer appropriately?” Yunho smiled at him and gave a little nod as if to tell him, “Yes, you answered very well.”

23. One time, when Junsu was pranked as an experiment, Yunho and Jaejoong acted as if there was some serious internal strife going on within the group. Poor Junsu was so scared, he nearly cried.

24. When Yunho was pranked as an experiment, before his four fellow members carried on with the prank, they turned to the camera and said, “Yunho, we love you!”

25. Jaejoong said that when the five members cannot find their own underwear, they will wear each others’.

26. In 2005, when Micky was celebrating his birthday in Japan, reporters were asking if they prepared any presents for him. Junsu said, “No, we didn’t. There is just our sincerity.” Yunho said, “I think, this is what makes a true partner.”

27. Everybody’s appraisals of Jaejoong: Yunho said, “Although sometimes, he can be rather rough, he is actually the one most like a mother. He is the most gentle member.” Junsu said, “He is the most empathic member who cares most about others when they get sick.” Yoochun said, “He is a reliable person who will always stand by your side. He is a member of members.” Changmin said, “When you compare him to others of the same age, you cannot imagine… Once you look at him, you get an impression of light and nostalgia.”

28. At a fanmeeting, Junsu said, “The members are like my brothers. We are just like a family.”

29. Four of the members all want to raise dogs, but because Yoochun is scared of them, they all discarded their ideas of getting a dog.

30. In 2006, when it was Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays, Jaejoong especially wrote a letter for Yunho *ooohh!! loveletter!! JAEHO!!*. JJ, Micky, and Junsu got two pizzas and JJ lighted candles to put on them.

31. In order to make leader Yunho seem taller, Changmin, the actual tallest member, would tend to bend his knees a bit.

32. After Jaejoong’s injury, at a fanmeeting, Jaejoong said to the members and fans, “I don’t feel any pain. Please do not cry for me! Actually, once I see you guys, I do not feel any pain anymore!”

33. During an interview, Yunho said, “I hope that no matter how many and how great our difficulties may be, we will always overcome them together. Just as long as the five of us are together, we are most happy.”

34. The five of them would throw blankets at each other in their dormitory, play rock paper scissors, and play hide and seek in the park.

35. The members said that the five of them have to find some time in the future to go someplace peaceful and quiet, where they can really have fun together.

36. Micky, whose family is in the US said, “Mom is always worried about me living by myself away from home, but because I have the members, I have never felt lonely.”

37. When Yunho was asked what his continuing power is, he answered, “Encouragement of the members.”

38. Jaejoong said that, “When cooking, salt and sunshine are very important, but Yunho is very important too!”

39. Yunho said that if he was not a member of TVXQ, he would have become a fan of Jaejoong.

40. Yunho said that meeting the four members was the greatest event of his life. He also said that whenever he comes across the word “Promise”, he would think about his members.

41. When TVXQ were asked what they most wanted to continue, Yunho answered, “I hope that the members of TVXQ would always continue. Right now, our friendship is already very strong. But I hope that in the future, it will definitely grow even stronger!” Yoochun said, “I hope that the friendship between the members will always remain.” Junsu said, “The health of the members is what is most important!”

42. Jaejoong said that if he wanted the presents that fans gave to other members, he can secretly take them. He took

someone’s shoes, but forgot who they originally belonged to.

43. At a KBS award ceremony, when Yunho and Jaejoong were speaking, Yunho noticed something in Jaejoong’s hair and helped him pull it out.

44. In the 51st X-Man, when Micky was playing a game with others, it was very awkward. Yunho, who was on a different team from Micky, especially moved over to Micky’s team and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

45. Everyday, Yunho would wake up earlier than the other members and patiently wake them all up.

46.Jaejoong said “I’m the mom and the other members are my children.Yunho corrected him and said, “We are the Dong Bang Family. I am the daddy,

Jaejoong is the mommy, Changmin is the youngest child, and Junsu and Yoochun are the daughters ” at this time, Junsu interrupts with a, “Yoochun is my wife!”

47. During the Rising Sun period, Jaejoong was injured and had to use crutches. Yunho would always be following behind him

and would gently place his hands on JJ’s shoulders to prevent him from falling.

48. During any member’s birthday, the other members would pretend that they do not remember the birthday, but would then hold a surprise party.

49. Sept. 10 2005, at a fanmeeting, because Jaejoong could not stand, they all sat down to sing Hug.

50. During the filming of a Samsung camera commercial, Yunho had a backache, so Jaejoong helped him pound his back.

51. Before a performance, Jaejoong would help Yunho fix his tie.

52. In March 2005, when they were in China, Jaejoong’s tie came off. Yoochun helped him pull it back while Changmin helped him hold the microphone.

53. During March 2005, in China, Yoochun used his hands to help pick off the tissue paper that was covering Junsu’s face.

54. Each time they receive an award, they would always thank “The Members”


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Hello! First of all, I wanted to say that I love your blog! The insight into someone who is like-minded is very interesting. Second, I wanted to ask if you have any advice for INTPs struggling with motivation? Thank you!

Thank you so much! I also appreciate the validation that I’m interestingly weird but not crazy haha.

How to find your motivation

On the question of motivation, I can see 4 different situations:

1. You don’t know what you like

Don’t even get started on becoming motivated if you are in this category. It’d pointless to drift aimlessly on the path that someone else created for you because you don’t have any preference. Perhaps you haven’t been given the chance to explore, or perhaps you were afraid to do so. It’s so easy to self-teach anything these days with online resources that are free. Youtube has tons of tutorials on almost everything. You could even learn something more complicated like programming and psychology on Coursera and Khan Academy. You could explore local classes and activities and try things out.

2. You do know what you like but you’re not following your passion

Think of reasons why this is the case. Are you trying to fit into the expectations of society, your parents, or your friends? Does this really matter in the long run? Or are you the one making up excuses and limiting your own choices? Obviously, it’s hard to be motivated when you’re not doing what you like. Only mediocre-level work will come out of it. You have to make a choice whether you want to live this mediocre life or grow in the direction of your passion.

3. You are doing what you like, but procrastinate anyway

INTPs tend to prefer thinking and planning rather than doing. We can be in a job we absolutely love but procrastinate anyway. I have a little trick for you: appeal to that inferior Fe.

The inferior Fe secretly wants approval. I’m so much more motivated with drawing when someone compliments my work, or when I post it online and get a lot of comments. I’m keeping this blog going because I’m getting so much feedback, especially when people say that they identify with me. Even letting someone you trust know you’re working on something is helpful (and ask them to check back on your progress regularly).

4. You need to be motivated to do something you don’t like because it’s mandatory

In this case, try working in the presence of others who are more focused (xNTJs are good studying/working companions) and minimize distractions. Start with the smallest task. INTPs have a tendency to “go on a roll” once we start something (e.g. picked up a jacket from the floor and ended up cleaning half the house).

This is not exactly INTP-based, but I hope it’s useful anyway.

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Hi! I don't know if someone else requested this already,but could you write a viking! AU Where Tom clan are invading Marcos island ,but when Tom sees Marco he's in love with him?

Sure I can!!!! I loved this so much!!!! I’m not sure how historically accurate this is, so it may not be so viking-ish. Tom’s tribe is very small and they’re voyagers, who pillage and rob villages. Marco is the viking princess of his tribe. I hope you enjoy! I liked writing this a lot!!!!!!

“Marco!” Janna cried. Hearing her call his name in this tone was never good. Jana was the leading warrior of the tribe, and she never rallied up troops like that unless there was immediate danger. Marco ran out of his home and stopped Star, who was grabbing her sword and getting ready to fight with the other girl.

“Star! What’s happening!?” He cried.

“Janna spotted a ship when she was on sentry duty. We thought it could be passing by, or a trader maybe. But it was going too fast and there were weapons. A lot of weapons.” Star stressed. Marco shook his head.

“They could be merchants! They could be coming to sell or-” Star cut Marco off.

“We saw the demon crest on the sail.” Star told him. Marco nodded, understanding. There was tribe referred to as the “Demons”. Nomads who ran from place to place, to steal, murder and cause chaos. They had run-ins with this tribe before, but the warriors of Marco’s tribe had run them off years ago. But now they weren’t going so easy, because now they had a new leader who was here to surprise the viking leader.

“Get all able-bodied people ready to fight!” Marco told Janna. “And have anyone else somewhere safe, ready to supply weapons and aid in battle. But do not attack until my order.” Marco told her.

“What? We just wait?” Janna asked.

“Yes, I want to try and turn them away without a battle.” Marco told her. Janna looked at him like he was insane, and started to protest, but Marco ignored her until Star made her follow orders. Marco made his way to the beach and had his troops rally up behind him. He stared down at the ship that came up fast onto shore. There was jeering and yelling as young nomads came pouring off the boat, wielding axes and spears.

“Oh well look what’s here!” A blonde boy shouted. “Princess Marco grew up! We last saw you when you were a little babe! Do you remember that princess? When we attacked your village!” He laughed.

“We drove you off once and we’ll do it again.” Marco told them threateningly. “Now I demand to speak with Lucifer.” He growled.

“Ya’ hear that, Chet?” A girl hopped out of the boat. “He wants to see the chief!” She howled with laughter. Chet came up next to her and made a look that mimicked mock-sympathy.

“Aww, poor little Marco. Ya’ didn’t hear the news? Luci’s dead! Lucifer’s REAL dead!” Chet laughed sickly.

“Then take me to your chief.” Marco told him. The two nomads exchanged looks and began laughing. Marco looked passed them and saw a figure bring himself up to the deck of the ship, and then jump over the rail to hit the sand.

“Who wants to see the chief?” He growled.

“This kid right here.” Chet scoffed. The boy came closer, he was a great deal smaller and younger that the other nomads, but his threatening demeanor was far beyond theirs. When he reached the boy he whacked him upside the head.

“Show some respect for the viking princess.” He flashed Marco a smile. The princess fell back when he saw the boy had sharp teeth, like that of a monster. “Nice to meet you, I’m Tom. The Demons’ new chief. Took over after my dad had an… unfortunate accident.” Tom got a sick grin and Marco tried not to let his disgust show on his face. “It’s truly a pleasure to meet you, and even more so to take your island.” He grinned and turned to the boat. “Demons!” He called. “Tear this place apart!” Tom raised is fist and the Demon tribe cheered, running into battle.

“STOP!” Marco screamed. The Demons all expected to ignore this plea, but Tom raised his hand up, signalling that he was willing to listen. “Tom, you aren’t stupid. You know very well you’re outnumbered. Turn away now, we don’t want a fight.”

“But we do.” Tom hissed.

“I don’t think that’s true.” Marco countered. Tom narrowed his eyes and grabbed Marco by the wrist, but the viking ripped away and kicked Tom in the gut. The Demon fell to the ground and Marco stood above him.

“Not bad, princess.” Tom smiled a tad. Marco took a step back and reached his hand out, to help his opponent up. “But I’m still gonna take your land, resources, anything I can grab really.” He giggled and Marco seethed.

“We won’t give up so easily.” he growled.

“Then what do you propose, my liege?” Tom asked in a sarcastic tone.

“A gentleman’s war.” Marco offered. “We meet on the beach for battle at sunrise tomorrow. Nobody steps foot on the battle ground before so. And we fight. Winner will take what he desires.” Marco offered.

“Is he insane?” Chet whispered to the other demon.

“No way Tom will agree to this.” The girl mumbled. “We can’t agree to this. We don’t have as many people or weapons… the only way we win our battles is by blind ambush. Tom knows this.” She assured.

“You have a deal.” Tom held his hand out and all the soldiers, from both sides, held still. Marco smiled and shook the demon’s hand.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Marco told him. “Not a minute before. And until that time, get the fuck off my island.” Marco hissed. Tom grinned a tiny bit and turned away. He signalled his troops to get back on the boat. They all did so and Marco walked off, being chased by Star and Janna.

“How could he agree to something so stupid?” Star asked. “He has less than half of the people to fight as us! What was he thinking? He knows he can’t win unless he has some sort of ambush, or trick.” She explained.

Tom walked to the ship and felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a girl, who stood a great deal taller than him. “What were you thinking!?” She exclaimed. Tom looked passed her at Marco, who was walking back into his village.

“I have no clue.”

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headcanons on how eren, armin, jean, mikasa and levi would react if their S/O (whom they're already in an established relationship with) told them they're bisexual and are concerned that they weren't valid in that sexuality? if that's alright for you to write. i often feel that i'm not valid and it would be nice to get some reassurance from my snk babes. thanks in advance, i love your blog and writing so much!

First of all!!! VERY IMPORTANT! No matter who you are or which gender(s) you are attracted to, you indeed are valid and important. You’re a human being and wonderful and if you – or anyone else with a similar burden – need someone to talk, my askbox is always open. I know what it’s like to question yourself because of your identity and it honestly helped me a lot to talk about it, so if any of you wish to do the same, hit me up <3

Eren: Honestly, his biggest concern would be – no matter how silly it might sound – that it would mean more competition for him. He’d say so in a joking way, without thinking too much about it. Nothing else comes to mind that would bother him about it and that alone is really nothing to get upset or angry about. He immediately continues to explain that he means no harm in what he said and that he loves them regardless, why wouldn’t he? If anyone ever gave them shit for it, they can count on him delivering a punch to the face in no second.

Armin: Armin always has an open ear and genuinely cares for them, wanting to help them, even if just through listening. “Okay, thank you for telling me. I’m happy you opened up to me, you can talk to me about anything.” and he keeps the conversation going, if they’re comfortable with talking about it. He wants to get to the bottom of the “issue”, he wants to know what it is that makes them feel upset. For example, if it’s because of something someone else said, he’s determined to cheer them up – though he’s not facing the exact same situation, he does know what it feels like to get picked on – and make them understand that they don’t need someone else’s opinion to actually be valid.

Jean: It could possibly be that he’s overwhelmed or at the very least surprised. He didn’t expect something like that, he didn’t expect them carrying such a weight on their shoulders, all by themselves. He’s not even shocked about the fact that they are bisexual, he’s just upset over the idea that they must’ve had these self loathing thoughts and he’s upset over the realization that he didn’t notice before. It’s his biggest concern in all of this and that’s exactly what he’d say. “You’re perfect, just the way you are. I’ll say it an endless amount of times, if necessary. But please, don’t feel like you have to deal with these thoughts on your own.”

Mikasa: She’d list dozens of things that she loves about them, to make them realize how admirable and amazing they are. She goes on to say that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws, but being yourself certainly is not a flaw. Nothing would hurt her more than witnessing her s/o bashing themselves down so much. The second these words slip their mouth, she’d just wrap her arms around them, pull them closer, hug them tightly and say how it is “I will always love you, no matter what. To me you’re not only valid, but the most important thing in my life.”

Levi: He genuinely can’t think of a single reason their bisexuality would lower their worth or make them less of a valid human being. It’s what he tells them, too, not because he wants to shrug off their concerns, but because he wants them to think of one themselves in hopes of them realizing there really is no reason to think that way. “It’s not like you made a choice or whatever. It is what it is and you should roll with it. You can’t change it and you don’t have to, either.”

Hey @taylorswift
A very good friend of mine once told me that you’re not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you and this same person also once told me that dancing through the rainstorms makes you clean. You’re so so so much better than the stupid fucked up opinions of others who don’t even know the facts or haven’t even experienced things in life to have a right to comment

The truth is what you do is so rare and so beautiful that people are intimidated by it because it’s so uncommon
They simply don’t believe it’s true and then attack
Please remember your worth and remember how much of a difference you make daily with every step you take
You’re the reason that people chose to stay alive
You’re the reason people are still breathing
You’re the reason someone made the decision to cause their dream
You’re the reason someone went to school even though no one else in their family did
You’re the reason someone kept fighting through their treatments
You’re the reason I keep pushing on everyday
Please please please keep your head high and know you’re not the person these people make you out to be
You have a voice and you use it perfectly to create awareness and help others
You use your power to change the world and make it a better place
You’re one of the very few who actually make that decision
That is all YOU
That’s not your team
That’s you and your kind heart
I love you so much and I’m so sorry people suck
I wish I was there to give you a big hug
You know where I am if you need me because that’s what friends are for

Remember your worth and being nice always wins And like you once said… karma is real. LOVE YOU ❤

To the religious lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, pansexual, nonbinary, genderfluid and questioning people out there who are in a household or environment where your parents/guardians or peers/friends are homophobic and/or transphobic please know you are not a sin. Close-minded preachers and religious people are not God and do not know your fate or anyone else’s. Don’t listen to the harmful things they tell you or believe in. God loves us very much and would love nothing more than to see you be happy and do good things for others. You are not burning in hell or a sin for loving someone or for being who you are.

I hope one day you all find safer living places and surround yourself with a loving environment may that be in a church, house, school, or workplace. ❤️

But why do people have a problem with Leta being a big focus of Fantastic Beasts 2? I don’t understand you guys.

1- Are y'all not the least bit curious about this person who is clearly a very important part of Newt’s backstory? Cause I know I’m very curious about the Lestrange that stole Newt’s heart.

2- She’s in it for a very important plot reason, NOT just to distract from Newtina. Fantastic Beasts VERY CLEARLY established that Newt is still very much in love with her. When he’s that in love with someone else, there’s no way he can fully, truly give his heart to Tina. Newt HAS to meet her again, face his feelings, and accept that she is the wrong woman for him before we can get to the Newtina we know will happen.

3- We know for a FACT that Newt and Tina get married and have a family. There are three whole movies after FB 2 in which we can see that happen and watch the Newtina story unfold.

So just calm down people. Let the story run its course. We’re lucky enough as it is that we got one Newt movie, let alone five. Trust JK and Yates and everyone else whose names I don’t know who are involved in making this story happen. They know what they’re doing.

Unless they make Tina’s stance be “You can either ditch her or me. You can’t have both of us.” (This is my only concern about Leta’s presence in FB 2.) Cause Tina would never force that ultimatum on Newt. If it’s a good friendship for Newt, then she would support it. If the Newt and Leta relationship does indeed turn out to be bad for Newt’s health, then Tina would stick by his side and do everything possible to protect him and get him out of the relationship, not abandon him to his fate and wait for him to come crawling back to her. If this happens, THEN we riot. But right now, we know basically nothing, so just calm the heck down and trust that Yates and Queen JK know what they’re doing.

I’m tired of being single but I’m also not ready for a relationship. I love my solitude and space to explore what I truly want and truly love without having to worry about anyone else’s feelings. It’s very freeing and so much of what I need right now. I’m in a space now where commitment isn’t something I think I’m capable of unless it’s with the right person, and idk if I’ve met that right person yet. Or maybe I have and we just haven’t reached that level? I don’t know.

but it is hard. It’s hard not having someone who just … gets you, in a way that only a significant other can get you. and it’s hard not having someone that roots for you as much as they root for themselves, in a way that only someone who is in love with you can root for you. I like being alone but I don’t like being lonely and lately the loneliness has started to consume me. And when I go to sleep at night I just feel so … sad. I’ve been in love before , but I’ve never had anyone be in love with me. I don’t know what that’s like, I don’t know what it really feels like. I miss it and I’ve never even truly had it.

motivation for all of the types

entp: you are smart and amazing and that lil voice in the back of your head saying you aren’t good enough is lying. you will do awesome! also send me all of your memes

entj: people will believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. remember it’s important to chill my fren!

intj: you are smarter then anyone else i know!! very impressive. good job intj. 

infj: it’s okay. you are enough. you will find someone who will understand you as much as you understand them. everything will work out my lil bee

enfp: you are good enough!! if you keep working towards your dream, it will happen, i promise. 

infp: you are so nice?? ily pls love urself you deserve it!! i believe in you!!

esfj: remember to take time for yourself. the people you love are important and so are you.

enfj: so many people love and admire you, no matter what you tell yourself.

estj: you are g9 my pal. people admire and rely off your honesty. do your best!

istj: you are good enough. work hard and it will pay off my bud!

isfj: you matter too!! so many people admire your kindness. remember to do things for yourself too!

esfp: so many people love everything you do! they believe in you, so why not believe in yourself?

estp: you can do it!! don’t push yourself too hard, take breaks from all of your awesomeness and get some rest. it’s important my pal.

isfp: people understand and love you. even if you haven’t found them yet, they will come. i promise

istp: a lot of people care and believe in you. i know you will do your best. 

intp: you are smart, and you are worth it. try your best and you will be rewarded.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for asking anonymously but I don't know how my family would feel about me following ask accounts. I just want to say, these other anonymous people need to calm the frick frack down, they obviously don't like porn, go ask someone else. You're hurting ask-fucking-Bendy just because you want smut. And to be honest, the person who said "they were born for porn" or whatever, they belong in hell. Love you, ask-fucking-Bendy, hope the perverted anons screw off.

//thank you very much (’: