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But why do people have a problem with Leta being a big focus of Fantastic Beasts 2? I don’t understand you guys.

1- Are y'all not the least bit curious about this person who is clearly a very important part of Newt’s backstory? Cause I know I’m very curious about the Lestrange that stole Newt’s heart.

2- She’s in it for a very important plot reason, NOT just to distract from Newtina. Fantastic Beasts VERY CLEARLY established that Newt is still very much in love with her. When he’s that in love with someone else, there’s no way he can fully, truly give his heart to Tina. Newt HAS to meet her again, face his feelings, and accept that she is the wrong woman for him before we can get to the Newtina we know will happen.

3- We know for a FACT that Newt and Tina get married and have a family. There are three whole movies after FB 2 in which we can see that happen and watch the Newtina story unfold.

So just calm down people. Let the story run its course. We’re lucky enough as it is that we got one Newt movie, let alone five. Trust JK and Yates and everyone else whose names I don’t know who are involved in making this story happen. They know what they’re doing.

Unless they make Tina’s stance be “You can either ditch her or me. You can’t have both of us.” (This is my only concern about Leta’s presence in FB 2.) Cause Tina would never force that ultimatum on Newt. If it’s a good friendship for Newt, then she would support it. If the Newt and Leta relationship does indeed turn out to be bad for Newt’s health, then Tina would stick by his side and do everything possible to protect him and get him out of the relationship, not abandon him to his fate and wait for him to come crawling back to her. If this happens, THEN we riot. But right now, we know basically nothing, so just calm the heck down and trust that Yates and Queen JK know what they’re doing.

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Hi, i'm sorry to bother you about this, but as I like your writing very much and didn't find any rec lists with fics i liked, i was wondering if you knew other HP authors who write like you ? (ie : Dramione/Tomione pairings, nice narratives and no bashing ? It's getting increasingly hard to find new fanfics who don't shamelessly bash a canon ship/relationship...) I've already read most of ibuzoo work too and i was browsing your fav page on ff, but there's just to many! Much love to you ! :3

Why are you apologizing when you say such lovely things to me?  So… I’m  not sure anyone writes quite like anyone else, and because bashing doesn’t really bother me (unless someone bashes my dear sweet Draco because back off) I can’t be sure I’d notice it, but I’ll send you to a couple of people whose work you probably know but who I enjoy reccing anyway.

Delancey654 Very dark.  So dark I had to stop reading her work, but an exquisite dramione writer with complex narratives.  ( @delancey654 )

Galfoy  Queen of dramione.  Holy shit, is she amazing.  It’s all incredible.

BonaFake She’s so good.  SO good.  Just gems of stories.  Dramione and tomione. ( @bonafake)

Savva Dramione, theomione, Sevimione. She does it all, and does it all brilliantly. ( @savvyshka)

damnedscribblingwoman So good.  Through the Looking Glass made me cry.  
disillusionist9 I can only read her in spurts because she makes me wallow in inadequacy.  The queen of rare pairs. She’ll shred your heart and make you ask for more. ( @disillusionist9)

dulce.de.leche.go If you want dark, complex tomione stories, she’s your writer.  Persephone is so complicated she has a multi-colored chart.  ( @dulce-de-leche-go)

Riptey  beautiful dramione.  Everyone recs Friend Number Three, and with reason, but Queen of Heaven is my favorite.

shayalonnie It seems ridiculous to rec her, since you surely know her, but if you want long dramione with rich narrative and cathartic delights, you can’t go wrong with Presque Toujours Pur. ( @shayalonnie)

Rizzle Just read her. You’ll be glad you have.  ( @andgladly)

Let’s all send our love and support to @starbotdubs, @camilaart and all the other women Ultima has abused. It’s a real shame something so awful has to happen but just know that no matter how bad something is there’s always 100 times more good to battle it. For all the women in this world who have been abused whether it be from Ultima or someone else: we love you and you have our full support. You are very much appreciated in this world and I hope nothing like this ever has to happen to you again

What Dating Shownu Would Be Like

Happy extremely belated birthday to the lovely @thewhoshirt !! I hope you and everyone else who reads this enjoys this! I’m finally back from my very long, unannounced hiatus! Requests are always open, so please feel free to drop by our inbox and request something! I have started working on requests, so expect this blog to be a l o t more active from now on (this time it’s for real lmao).

-Admin Jojo

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  • He would be so shy at first
  • He strikes me as the type to like someone so much he doesn’t even know what to do with himself
  • Get ready for a lot of shy glances from him
  • And him either looking away or pretending to look elsewhere whenever you catch him
  • But rip because the goofy, sheepish smile that starts to tug at his lips always gives him away
  • This boy would honestly be such a smiling and laughing mess with you
  • Whether it be initiating some skinship with you
  • Or just seeing you this boy  just can’t stop himself from going :DDDDDD !!!!
  • Always cooking your favorite meals
  • Constantly checking up on you to see if you’re doing okay
  • Whenever he’s away for a long time he tends to make videos or take pictures of himself to update you on what’s going on
  • Sometimes he tries to take cute pictures for you with the most cheesiest captions that just end turning really dorky and awkward
  • But it’s okay because he’s cute and you love when he’s like that and tries for you
  • Back massages when you’ve had a long day at work
  • Lots of cuddling!!! ft playing with your hair as he hears you talk about your day
  • He’ll probably never admit to it out loud, but having you close to him and listening to your voice is his favorite thing in the world
  • It’s what makes him realize that despite all the bad he could go through, you were worth it all
  • Let’s you take videos and pictures of him
  • Lowkey loves when you tease him
  • Intense eye contact when talking to you at times
  • “You’re giving me that look again’’
  • “What look?’’
  • “You know.. t h a t look”
  • “Oh, sorry, it’s just… I love you so much I can’t help it :D”
  • Gross Hyunwoo go away
  • Expect lots of dancing
  • Whether it be him trying to impress you
  • Wanting an opinion on a choreography
  • Or just wanting to dance with you as a way to not only have fun, but be close with you
  • Dancing is heavily involved in this relationship
  • Lowkey clingy
  • Especially if he hadn’t seen you in a long time
  • Likes when you sit on his lap
  • Tends to step out of his comfort zone for you
  • Sings you to sleep
  • He’s the type to brush your hair to the side and slowly lean in for a kiss
  • Lots of back hugs!
  • It’s one of his favorite ways to show his affection for you
  • Improptu date nights to the city
  • Okay but hold on can we just take a moment to seriously discuss how cheesy this boy would be?
  • He would tell you to put on a really fancy outfit for your date
  • Only to end up going to some arcade 
  • Or maybe play some Walmart Bingo
  • Most likely something really dumb, but fun
  • Bet you it’ll be something he either stumbled upon on the internet or he listened to Minhyuk’s advice because he thought it was a pretty good idea
  • he’s just an overall dork, honestly
  • And constantly looks for ways to make sure you have fun 
  • He always gives you the best gifts!!
  • You don’t know how it’s possible
  • Or how he even does it, but he gives you the best gifts
  • Pays really close attention to your habits and mannerisms
  • Highkey finds them adorable, tbh
  • He’s always able to sense when you’ve had a bad day???
  • How???
  • This pretty much results in him spoiling you
  • If you let him, he would practically make you have a garden by how many flowers he gives you
  • He gives you lots of stuff animals, too, so you can pretend it’s him when he has to leave
  • He’s just really in love with you okay

… Be very careful @slendersummerseve. Very careful. You will open the floodgates. At least for me (Sol) you will. It’s my OTP for RB too. Besides Soriel obviously. I drive Poisond nuts with it constantly. I yelled at Poisond in call caps on skype when I saw this message. That’s how much I love Rivster. Plus look.

These are just two out of many doodles/drawings I have done of these two in my free time. I have waaaaaaay too many and some I can’t even share yet because we haven’t reached that arc in royalblue. I love them. They have such a cute and tragic love story we are dying to share and hopefully will be able to share soon. For now enjoy these nerds. 

~ Sol

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relationship status: taken, and in a relationship with someone i love very much. :)

favourite colour: i like pretty much every color, but green is my favorite

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

last song I listened to: Leave Out All The Rest, Linkin Park

last movie I watched: The Jungle Book (live action)

top three tv shows: I don’t watch much tv, so I don’t really have any favorites.

top three ships: Ereri. I ship a lot of things, but I ship ereri most of all. :)

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motivation for all of the types

entp: you are smart and amazing and that lil voice in the back of your head saying you aren’t good enough is lying. you will do awesome! also send me all of your memes

entj: people will believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. remember it’s important to chill my fren!

intj: you are smarter then anyone else i know!! very impressive. good job intj. 

infj: it’s okay. you are enough. you will find someone who will understand you as much as you understand them. everything will work out my lil bee

enfp: you are good enough!! if you keep working towards your dream, it will happen, i promise. 

infp: you are so nice?? ily pls love urself you deserve it!! i believe in you!!

esfj: remember to take time for yourself. the people you love are important and so are you.

enfj: so many people love and admire you, no matter what you tell yourself.

estj: you are g9 my pal. people admire and rely off your honesty. do your best!

istj: you are good enough. work hard and it will pay off my bud!

isfj: you matter too!! so many people admire your kindness. remember to do things for yourself too!

esfp: so many people love everything you do! they believe in you, so why not believe in yourself?

estp: you can do it!! don’t push yourself too hard, take breaks from all of your awesomeness and get some rest. it’s important my pal.

isfp: people understand and love you. even if you haven’t found them yet, they will come. i promise

istp: a lot of people care and believe in you. i know you will do your best. 

intp: you are smart, and you are worth it. try your best and you will be rewarded.

Name: Daniella 
Age: 16
Location: England
Role: Little
Preferred role of your partner: Caregiver (any gender)
Preferred age of your partner: 16-18
What you’re looking for in a partner: I’m looking for someone I can trust and spend time with, I love talking and getting to know someone. I’d like to meet someone who’s strict with rules as I like to push my boundaries sometimes. To be honest, I’d just like to meet someone I can connect with, everything else is less important 😊
About you: I was dreading this part of the application! 😅Okay, so I’m pretty awkward, and not very good at saying things even though I do like to talk. I’m pansexual and a cisgender girl. I’m super silly and I laugh waaaay too much 🙈 
How to contact you: My Kik is Tani_Fa and my blog is rediscoveredpokeyholes

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Hey Gurl! Y u cryin? (Tears of joy that is?) Jus wanna see some happiness on my dash! Lovin the blog btw


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Hiya x Can i request a fic that's kind of based on she's all that with Jon snow x Reader. Like Jon and his friends are playfully arguing about who is the best with women and they end up betting Jon that he can't seduce the reader. So he sets out to seduce her, they genuinely fall in love but then the reader finds out that she was a bet and is heart broken and Jon feels so guilty. But they manage to resolve it and the angst ends in fluff? Thanks so much lovie!

I normally love stories like this. *fangirls about 10 things I hate about you* However feel like I’m like the only person on the planet who can’t stand Jon… 

I have to say no to that one. I just can’t write Jon, I don’t feel comfortable doing a good job writing him. But maybe you could ask someone else? @meganlpie is my favourite Game of Thrones writer and I know she writes for Jon Try asking her very nicely?.


love, please listen to me very carefully. 

there’s not a single thing weak about giving in, or feeling helpless, or feeling scared. you’ve made it through so much, and the only reason you feel like you can’t count it is because you’re the only one who knows it. imagine someone else watching your life, all your ups and downs, and sees how far you’ve come. i don’t know if anyone could see that and think you’re anything less than truly amazing. 

for those who might hurt you, know that you’re so much more than the shit they can deal you, and know that it’s okay to be admit being hurt. we look at a wound and say that it’s a wound before allowing it to heal. 

for those moments when you don’t think you’re enough, and the world is too much, and nothing is going right; please remember what you’ve been through. i know that a lot of it might make you hurt, and some of it might just prove to you that it isn’t worth it. but please look at how much you’ve done, and how much you’ve battled through. every single moment leading up to the one right now is another one you can be proud of, if you’ll let yourself.

you might fall down sometimes, might make mistakes, and might feel like giving up. hold your ground and see things for what they are; if you’ve made a mistake, admit it. there’s no shame in learning. if you’ve been hurt, treat the wound and know that it will heal. if you feel like there’s no point getting back up, your mind hates you, and everything feels like static;

you’ve made it up until this single moment. i know you can continue beating that record, and every moment ahead, no matter what life throws at you. the sky will clear, and you’ll beat the world one day. i believe in you, and every dream you may hold. you’ve come so far, and there’s still so much sunshine to feel and enjoy. it’s not over yet.

i love you.

I’ve seen some reactions to the CS scenes and I fail to see how someone, anyone who ships Captain Swan and has witnessed their relationship development all through the seasons could look at that moment

and comes to the conclusion that Killian is somewhat disappointed by her lack of love confession?

He very much isn’t disappointed. If anything else, and with the smug little grin he offers her when “I was afraid I would never have the chance to tell you something”, he knows. He knows what she was about to say, knows it even if she can’t see it. And, furthermore, he understands why she couldn’t say it, understands that she’s Emma freaking Swan with walls higher than the tower she was locked in.

He isn’t disappointed she doesn’t say it. Because he’s at this point in their relationship where he doesn’t need to hear it, because he knows. He knows this woman loves him as much as he loves her, and he doesn’t need to hear the words for the feelings to be true. He doesn’t need her to say them, not now, not when she’s still not ready.

Because Killian Jones knows Emma Swan, open book and all, and so he knows better than to push her before she’s ready.

That’s not a disappointed man, that’s the cat who ate the canary.

Here is the truth: It is hard to be in love with someone who is in love someone else. I don’t know how to turn that into poetry.

I said “I love you” when I meant something much more specific, I should have said “Please don’t leave me, I’m afraid to sleep alone.”

Here is what I know: You drink your coffee black and we are afraid of each other. Once you kissed my neck in front of your friends and it made me very shy. Once you kissed my stomach and I started crying. I see the tender way you touch things and want to kiss your nose but I keep my mouth to myself. Your collarbones are craters big enough to fit my fist into. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in months. I was not good to the last person I loved so I punished my heart (I let it break and bleed out then roughly sewed it back together.) It is hard to write poems when I only know how to fuck you. I am always trying. I am thinking of Somedays. I am saying goodbye. You asked why I never write anything honest so I am writing you this.

I know you and I are not about poems or other sentimental bullshit, but I have to tell you even the way you drink your coffee just knocks me the fuck out.

Everyone’s so angry that these fake fans met Taylor before them and let me make point number one very clear, I AGREE AND AM ANGRY AS WELL. But point number two, I’m more sad than angry. I’m sad for Taylor. I’m sad that doing everything for her fans has negative side effects. I’m sad that she tries so hard to make everyone happy when we all know she can’t meet all of us. As much as I would love to meet her (I mean, wouldn’t we all) if I never do I’m okay with that. Because I know if it’s not me she’s meeting, it’s someone else. Whether they’re true fan or not, meeting them probably made Tay very happy. Maybe happier than I could make her. Who knows. And as much as it sucks that these people aren’t always the people you or I would pick to meet her, just imagine how she feels seeing their negative tweets later on and realizing what just happened. Imagine how sad it makes her feel. She never wants to disappoint us and she tries so hard to make us all feel welcome, included, and happy. But we don’t live in a perfect world and there’s not always a way to tell who’s a “true” fan. Yeah we may feel cheated out of meeting Taylor but the thing is, she doesn’t even owe us meet n greets. And as sad as we may feel that we haven’t met her or won’t get to meet her, she’s probably feeling just as used by the “fake” fans. I UNDERSTAND being angry. But I hope you’re angry because the person hurt Tay’s feelings, not because they took away something you feel entitled to.

You taught me how to know when I’m wanted and when I’m not. You taught me that everyone wants something from you no matter how much they love you. You taught me that someone else’s well-being is not my responsibility no matter how much I love them. You taught me that I am very good at acting in nobody’s best interest. You taught me that I cannot make the people I love my therapist. You taught me that I need to take care of myself because no one will do it for me. You taught me that sex is really beautiful with someone who loves you. You taught me that even the best people are capable of doing horrible things. You taught me that the world is really big and that everything will be fine. You taught me how to stop myself from crying in public. You taught me that the things you don’t say rot your insides. You taught me that love doesn’t fix you or fill the holes in your heart. You taught me about space and planets. You taught me how to get my oil changed. You taught me that you should always always tip the waiter if they’re nice. You taught me a few words in greek and how to make a bomb ass pizza. You taught me how to buy a lot of food with $4. You taught me how to open a beer with my shoe and have sex in a car without hitting my head. You taught me how to parallel park (since you always did it for me) and you taught me how to be happy without anyone at all…including yourself.